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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 12, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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sizzling on the red carpet. >> golden globes. >> we will recap golden globes we were just drawing over and the ones we would like to forget. >> i like that little will ana ferris. >> same person. >> this is why i'm doing the segment and not you. >> who is that. >> helen miren. >> she looks great. >> i have have never seen her. >> michael keaton. >> he is in boyhood. >> bird man he won for that. >> that is why i'm in the doing that segment. >> i believe, who is that. >> orange is the new black. i cannot remember her name. >> that is julia marguiles. >> is that her son. >> no. >> oh, my gosh. >> that looks good. >> is that robin wright. >> that sure is. >> yes. >> house of cards. >> you got a haircut for the the show, didn't he.
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>> yes. >> i believe beyonce is pregnant. >> oh, really. >> well, she posted a picture over the weekend, and i'm just delaying so we can get to this one part there it is. she posted a picture and she's should willly trying to tell us she's pregnant once again. so, from that, to steve keeley. steve, is in king of prussia. >> is it getting any better out there. >> it is more miserable because rain is heavier. >> were. >> so, i guess, if you are worried about icy road you can say it is getting better but in terms of visibility which always causes problems. i think it is getting worse. we have all of the salt on the road getting kicked up with water on the road right now and that will kick up and that has everybody's wipers on full blast here. the it looks like traffic is busier than ever. maybe these are people just getting in their cars, right
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new because they have that freedom of being two hours late and i wonder if anybody will be late after they are being told to come in two hours later and then if you are still late what happens at work. just curious. next time you talk to heather redfern get a septa sweaters those navy blue bus driver sweaters with the septa patch. you would look like a real dude in one of them. that would be good. >> that would be a turn on for heather. >> heather can hook you up. >> i think that would be a good get. >> we have seen puddles. sue likes to say ponding i say pud also. you look to the shoulder. those are getting better. we will have a hydro plane problem. we will go from the ice problem to the hydro plane problem on local highways and roads as well. the the one dangerous spot that we saw today, chris fox, man behind the camera didn't slip on any ice but nearly broke his neck on the piles of salt here. each parking spot here has more salt then every road in south philadelphia. look at how thick this stuff
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is. so we didn't have have an accumulation of snow today. >> look at that. >> yes. >> that is a lot of salt. >> everybody in south philadelphia would like to have this much salt in this one spot on their road. they take care of their employees here. nobody will slip and fall on ice but may trip over the piles of salt here. >> we have a giant margarita a going there. >> all right. >> thanks, steve. so ponding, hydroplaning, all that lets see if that is what is going on with our a is a bean a you be careful out there. are you in wayne right now. >> reporter: we just left rain heading to radnor and about to get on the blue route north. it is super tricky, tricky. greg will kill me. >> that is okay. >> i have been asking singing run dmc. he will kill me that i put him on tv. >> you can see, wet, wet wet. it is pouring rain just like steve was saying out here. we are not too worried about the ice except on the parkaing
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lots and sidewalks. those are sheets of ice. we have pulled over and this entire parking lot was just ice. when pulling in and getting out of your car is when you want to be careful. driving on the road what you are worried about is these wet, slick road. we have snow melt adding to the water on the road coming down from the rain right now. we're seeing people week of taking it, not as easy as they are worried about the ice now but you have to be careful. mike, you talked about hydroplaning. that is definitely a concern with all this water on the road. we have not seen any salt trucks out here for quite sometime. it looks like they are out of the area right now. it is all about the the water and wet road back to you. >> you careful too. >> what is kuriakose, what nationality is that. >> indian, south indian. >> okay. >> beautiful woman. >> thank you very accomplished too. >> very intelligent, report. >> i used to love it doing
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inside and warm roving reports. >> that is right. >> we have mentioned this. we have been taking you up to our news room in the third floor because it is national clean up your desk day. ready for this. >> there is a woman name trudy. she lives in south philadelphia but she retired about five months ago. >> your desk has gone to pot. >> she used to help me clean my desk. >> i have a problem. we will punch up my desk right the now. it had has gotten so bad well, that is seal. she has been stuck on my desk. you are from call to organize. let's pan over to my desk. my problem here is it is now spreading. >> zoom out. >> there is stuff on the floor. >> get a wide shot here. we can see it. >> trash baggies filled with stuff. >> i don't know why that one is moved.
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a wooden chair that was spreading my stuff. >> is there so much stuff on my desk i had to move to the wooden chair. >> is there the chair. >> yes. >> i have spillage over here. >> there is food. >> there is a nice shot. >> now widen out tell me what your company do call to organize. >> good morning. so what we do is we help organize from and expecting a move when movers drop off boxes we open everything and organize your entire house down to maybe arts and craft room a garage an entire house or we will organization your entire room from beginning to end. >> what do you think you can get done in less say before 10:00 o'clock. could you clean up that. >> before 10:00 o'clock it would be perfect. >> hey jessica is our camera guy on stick or it looks like a stick. he is going over off stick.
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go over to jen fred, on the opposite side of me. >> look at how bad that is. >> now she cleaned up. she knew that was happening. oh, that rat. she cleaned up this morning. is there alex holley's desk. >> that is nicey haven't been here in a while. >> is that george on camera. >> yes. >> hey george, go back to alex desk real quickly. she got roses last week. somebody sent her roses. >> very nice of a viewer to send that for the whole news room to enjoy. >> you didn't put water in it. >> i'm terrible. i can never keep flowers alive. i love getting them. >> here's a key i work in the florist for seven years. >> yeah. >> you want to water them. >> i had to go away for the weekend. >> is that glass underneath the roses you fill that with
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water, yeah. >> it is called a vase. >> that was wet, that green thing it was wet so i just left tonight there. >> keep it wet. >> was it from a man. >> it was on twitter with. >> i digress because we're supposed to clean up this mess. >> we are taking attention off of you and you are the one who needs help. >> how do we get a hold on you. >> go to or call (215)880-2726. >> we will put that on our web site too. >> what nationality are you, that is a great accent. >> it is from south jersey. i'm just kidding french. >> you are french. >> i am i love the way you say garage. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> a garage. >> i don't know. >> well, nice to have you here. get started. we will check back with you. >> thank you. we will see new a little bit. >> be careful, i would wear gloves. >> you never know. >> and plenty of sanitizer,
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yikes. the stars certainly shined brightly, everybody was dressed up. we have upper darby's tina fey and amy poehler they did ten minutes right off the top. it was pretty darn funny. the topic here everything was -- nothing was off limits to these two. here's a bit of it. >> tonight we will celebrate all of the great television shows that we know and love as well as all of the move that is north korea was okay with. >> that is right, the biggest story in hollywood this year was when north korea threatened an attack if sony pictures released the interview forcing us all to pretend we wanted to see it. >> north korea referred to the interview as absolutely intolerable and a wanton act of terror. even more amazing not the worst review the movie got.
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>> fantastic. >> it was just a good nine and a half minutes, really tightly written, and so, they went there they brought up bill cosby. listen. >> and into the wood cinderella runs from her prince she's thrown from the tower for her prince and a sleeping beauty just thought she was getting coffee with bill cost bye. >> i don't know if you guys saw this on the news today but bill cosby has finally spoken out about the allegations against him. cosby admitted to a reporter i put the the pills in the people, the people did not want the pills in them. >> no, tina hey that is not right, that is not right, it is more like i got the pills in the bathroom and i put them in the people.
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>> you are right. >> amy's bill cosby is better than tina. >> it is why it was such a good great. >> people were like do we laugh or not. >> boy, did george clooney look good in that tuxedo but then he goes up and gets a life time achievement award and he has to go up, and make his remarks. he starts to break down. starts to cry a little bit because he was mad because they screwed up his drink order. >> no that wasn't it what was it. >> he is so in love. >> okay, listen. >> i have had a pretty good year myself and i'm not just referring to the fabulous reviews of the monuments men. i'll get you book back it is a rumbling thing when you find someone to love.
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when your whole life is 53 years, you know, amy she started the joke. amal, whatever it is that brought us together i could not be more proud to be your husband. >> i love this, every time i hear it, it is so sweet. my gosh now that is love. that is love. >> is that what you wanty think every single woman, even all married woman seeing that. >> to have your husband's voice break with emotion when he speaks of you. it happens to me every day, of course. >> when you get home and billy meets you at the door and does his voice crack. >> mostly. >> oh, you came home in. >> in shock. >> he weeps. >> my gosh.
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>> she walks if in the door. >> he is ever the bachelor, and finally found love and just to see him show that open emotion. it was nice to see. she was tearing up. they had a moment across the roomy don't necessity if we still have the shot of the woman working on my desk but think of those pathetic roses that are sitting on your desk. that could be, that could be your guy. you know what i mean. >> it looks better already on my desk i didn't know she had help she's cheating. >> she has her company. >> that is how it works. >> the guy that sent you rose that he is you have already killed in three days. >> the the roses not the guy. >> give him a chance. >> you discarded roses. >> i didn't discard them i put them in my desk and box. >> you took them out of the box that was it.
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>> i appreciate when viewers send me nice things and a card. >> they really appreciate it. you don't water the roses. >> his voice could be cracking about you. >> this could be the one. >> it could be anyone. >> that is whole thing about love. you spent your whole life dating a and going from this person and that person until you find that one you meet and then your voice cracks. >> that is right. >> okay. >> water those roses please. >> this boyhood i have not seen this movie. boyhood one, grand budapest hotel, that is a comedy. >> that was an upset. nobody expected that movie to win. >> what is an eddie redmayne. >> he played steven hawk nothing that movie. >> i heard that was good. >> he played in the they are irv everything. >> yes steven hawking movie. >> julianne more won for big eyes. >> they made a big eyes joke last night. >> that was another one where she played an alzheimer's victim julianne.
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>> amy adams got best supporting actress because she won for big eyes. it is all mixed up. >> who? >> still a alice. >> amy adams won something. >> it was in the comedy department. >> for big eyes. >> okay. >> i didn't realize big eyes was a comedy but that is another story. >> all right. here are moments that had folks laughing. christine teagan the wife of john legend so watch this. >> wow. >> i'm so honored to be part of this amazing film to did great work and so connect to is what happening right now. we still have solidarity with those out there fighting for justice right now and so grateful to write this song as an inspiration to them. thank you so much. >> yes. >> well, she's trying to hold back tears. >> is that what that was. >> she looked like she was in pain.
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>> she said that was what she was upset b she felt so great for her husband that he won for such an important film that she was crying but she didn't want to ruin her make up. >> yes. >> one of my favorite lines in steel magnolias, laughter through tears is my favorite emotion. >> that is good. >> that is what was happening. >> yes. >> so people went back took a picture of it off their tv and now it is all over the the internet. >> she looks like she's in pain. >> she looks like she's passing a gall stone. >> or she need to go to the dentist. >> you got the novacare shot. >> that is what it looks like. >> there is a million captions under this picture over twitter. >> and facebooky hope she keeps her sense of humor about it the because there is nothing she can do. >> she's a good sport about these kind of things. >> did you notice that i have used this joke for years on
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the the show. every time we do golden globes. they say golden globes. so jeremy render got distracted when j lo, j lo was presenting the award for best mini series or drama so watch jeremy. >> okay. >> do you want me to do it. >> yes. >> you got the the globes too. >> he stole your joke. >> yes. such an easy laugh. >> well she laughed about it anyway. >> i don't think anybody in the audience knew that this dude was going to walk out on stage because their reaction was like a pope walk in or something. >> prince. >> how about that.
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>> that is prince. >> he has the sunglasses on. >> maybe that is a new fashion statement. >> he was there. >> he walk in and said prince. >> yes. >> it was so great to see him. >> he looks good. he is smiling. he doesn't smile very much. >> with the dark glasses on he thought he was at mtv award. >> he went to the wrong place. >> yes. >> jill, that was a pretty good joke. >> eighteen minutes past 9:00 o'clock here. do i believe beyonce is pregnant and she's trying to get this across in the instagram picture. >> she posted this picture. the she's under the sand. but look if we can take down that lower third. look at her belly. >> yeah. >> it looks like it is a little bigger. >> everything looks bigger when you make a sand mound on top of yourself. >> i know. >> maybe she is or maybe she has a couple pieces of pizza
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before the the beach. >> maybe. >> i guess we will find out though she had to go out of her war way to build that big mound for her belly. >> she's very particular with photos of her a and is what out there she knew what she was doing. >> blue ivy, you never see her face, you just see the back of blue ivy so she engineered that pretty carefully. >> maybe she's just bloated. >> that is what i'm saying, couple pieces of pizza before you go to the beach and that is what you look like. >> beyonce would never post a bloated picture. >> maybe that was christie's problem. maybe that is just gas. >> don't come out. >> well, that is just fantastic, alex. >> i'm just saying. >> even looking like that it still looks good. >> they have bodily functions like the the rest of us. >> that is true, everybody does it. >> i don't pooh.
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>> ask the omni about that. >> they will have to replace that rest room. >> you blew it up. >> do you need coffee on this monday morning. regular caffeine won't do the the trick. >> well, i'm trying something called performance coffee this morning. the it is performance coffee, that is a food and juice truck, at fourth and market right now if you you are working in the area living in the area come true this performance coffee lets see if my
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at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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imported chicken's been in the news a lot lately. for chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean look for perdue. we're the first company to have the usda verify that our chickens are raised in the usa. to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. welcome back. still raining out here as you can tell. you see that truck right there? isn't that cool looking. the it is called robeck's fresh smooth i and juices. i have seen these in california when out visiting my caughter jessica and my granddaughter, teddy.
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we have them here now. hi burgers. thinks matt and kimberly. >> hi matt and kimberly. >> nice to meet you. >> lou so cute today. >> is what a robeck. >> it is a franchise out of california that we became familiar with in connecticut. we moved here three years ago. we didn't find anything equivalent to it which offers smooth i juices, wheat grass and place convenient to us. we decided to bring it to philadelphia. >> we're panning down to all of the stuff you get what kind of juice do we talk about. >> we do fresh juicing. in the store we have great recipes made up. we use seasonal fruits and vegetables. we are doing pairs, grapes. but then we also make whatever you want. we offer fresh wheat grass in the store. >> ginger. >> ginger. >> which we heard is all of the rage and we have a lemon ginger shot. >> who is that dude up there. >> this is david, our drug manager and he oversees our truck. you'll fine him at love park and oval. >> is that where you are.
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>> love park, oval offer philly food truck initiative. we are all over the city what time of the day. >> we are there at least once a week during this season and then we are also at, the the store. our stories at 11th and chestnut right across from jefferson hospital. >> right by my place. >> you have to visit us. >> our second store will be opened in suburban square in art more in may. >> i understand you why married her. good talker. >> good talker beautiful, and makes great juicy will have you hold this. >> you interview your early. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> thinks wheat grass, two ounces wheat grass is equivalent to 5-pound of fruits and vegetables. this is two and a half pound of greenleafy vegetables here. it will add years tour age. >> this is a lemon shot. >> take years off. >> so lemon ginger shot. really good for this time of the year when you are having stomach issues or you need a post weekend recovery. >> i have learn over the last
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year i love ginger juice. it does give you a burst of energy. >> that haslem on and good for pepper as well which is good for you. >> hey, yes, sir contact in the control room are those roses coming out here. we need those roses. i said you had perform answer coffee what is that. >> it is all the rage coming out of california and really popular among cross fitters. what it is organic coffee less toxins, better for you. >> better performance in what. >> well, performance because it has coconut oil in it which is a type of triglyceride easily digestible. >> that is coffee and what. >> coconut oil in the hard form. >> is that butter. >> and butter, yes, organic butter in the coffee. >> is that it. >> that is it. >> one of your colleagues says that he drinks it every day makes it at home. >> that is chris. >> that is good. >> that is good. >> and last thing we are also making cider tea. so this one apple ginger
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lemon cider tea. apple, lemon ginger, raw honey, green tea and cinnamon. >> all that is in this. >> yes, nice warm way. >> it is also hot. >> sorry. >> that taste good. i like. that i will see you at love park. >> come see us at chestnut 11th and chestnut right by you. >> we will have all sorts of performance. >> it does. >> it does. >> hundred percent natural. >> give me some performance coffee. >> okay good take one with you. >> that is good. >> alex, i will put them on your roses and see fit comes back to life. >> i feel so bad about my roses. naig will help. let's try it, when we come right back. >> all right. so fall fashion from j lo to kate hudson the the stars they were just sizzling on the red carpet look at j lo and amal, we will recap golden globe looks that we loved and ones we hated. we are bringing in2xh@s!
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. >> you know the golden globes, just one of the biggest nights in hollywood. news why the about the winners, everyone had their eyes on the red carpet to see what the stars were wearing so we'll breakdown some of the best and worse looks of the night. i love looking at fax, but i really don't know what i'm talk about so of course i have to bring in our fashion expert hello! >> so overall do we like a lot whatever we saw? >> we did. >> okay. >> beautiful looks. >> so i'll bring up the person. i want your take on t first j-lo, what do we think? >> you can't go wrong with j-lo will look gorgeous, any time she steps on the red card, but it is done, she
9:32 am
needs a few look. >> i was thinking the same thing, always a little bit everying. >> we expect it, we want it from j-lo. i like. >> i'm ready for her to change up her look. she is amazing, her body fit she can't do any wrong in my eyes, but always looking for a supplies from her and i don't get it. >> so what about this? kate hudson, boom. >> gorgeous. >> wow. >> gorgeous, again her body, looked amazing the fit was beautiful. the color was great. her hair pulled back, so beautifully. i think she looked amazing. >> definitely wearing the sparkle and the trend of the night which was like, you know the color of white. >> yes everyone was white and red. >> so hot. >> i love the plunging v. she just has a sick body and this dress shows it. >> i also love hershey is a member of the it i bitty -- >> you agree? >> you wouldn't be able to know that in this dress. >> so true. >> very true. >> so, emma stone, she witched it up a little bit. did it work is the question. >> it work. but we were talking about this, we love our dis
9:33 am
ruptures, people who go against the grain, but other celebrities who have worn pants. i think she looked few less, her eye make up, her hair, everything pulled together, that bo and how it draped in the back, looked beautiful. >> but it wasn't big enough. >> wasn't big snuff. >> wasn't big enough for the red carpet. >> it had a train though, that was different. >> anybody can have a train. >> okay? >> the opening of just regular party, this is the golden globes, so you have to go a little bigger. >> she didn't bring it. >> but fit her style. >> she always like to be able to be a little different. what about allison williams? to me this looked like glorified prom dress? >> it was very classic red carpet golden globe award dress. but you know what, she looked beautiful. area marlie, you know, that the erring to her, to her look to show shoe she is. >> little trom dressy. >> red dress of the night. i agree. >> beautiful, stunning, you know, she casino of the hollywood it girl right now. >> ann of lot a symmetrical hair she had on her. >> what about guiliani?
9:34 am
>> oh, she is -- >> love it. >> the goddess of god. she is just amazing, i love her. she looked amazing, in this couture, i mean, stunning, what's great about this dress she was actually, helped design this dress. it is beautiful. it is a.m. bring feathered everything you want in the golden globe, just stunning. >> hollywood grit. she hollywood glam. >> the fit was little different. >> i liked the fit. >> look at her common. >> and i love she was able to incorporate all of these trends but still very age appropriate and glamorous. >> so here is my favorite. jessica, to me, it was like hollywood glam. >> oh, that color was awful. >> looked like an oil slick. >> oh, she is so beautiful. but she is it just didn't do her justice. >> i know i don't know what i am talking about. >> she is a red hit. if you're a red head, you can go with jewel tones brighter
9:35 am
tones, and she operated for such a muted gown color. it just didn't do anything for her. >> i agree. >> i guess. all right so -- >> we all agree. >> the clooney's arrived all coming out. really first time major red carpet. did she, was it hit or miss? >> oh, it was a hit. >> great hit with those white gloves. >> oh, the gloves. >> classic. >> i felt like i was watching an episode of falcon crest, it was delicious. it was fantastic. >> okay. >> beautiful. >> so classic, so beautiful together. they pair well. >> people were wondering is she going to out shine george or want to sit back because this is his big night? >> she did both. she didn't come in right bright color to out shine him but sophisticated to grab the attention with the white gloves, she did it. >> talk about the worst dressed. first up, claire. >> oh, gosh claire. >> you have to explain some of this to me watch are they thinking? they have to see this before they step out and think -- >> well, they are working with their stylist who they trust
9:36 am
sometime bring in something that's real big trend. that's really big trend. >> girl, i'm saying, she should have some trust issues, hopefully show is tune. >> and just saying i feel like she could have done something more beautiful too. >> and -- make sure you have taylor on site. she no tayloring, that can make or break something. >> what about tiara nightly maybe we can -- >> well, kira nightly she was wearing sheinelle. and i'm sorry i understand that she is pregnant. but if you're wearing sheinelle, you need to bring t she didn't bring t she looked like an old house mate in that dress. >> i want to like t i love cure a i love butterflies, i love sheinelle but not this. >> didn't do her anything. >> what did you think? the designers i mean? >> i think -- i don't go with the designers, i think it was her stylist. >> her stylist. >> her stylist, i mean, i would fire my style us. >> and didn't know what to do with a newly pregnant woman so trying to dot umpire waist, give her that would have been flattering, didn't look for her.
9:37 am
>> she looks sheik she in a period phil graham we hope that dress will get up and fly away. well, thank you so much, guys, we appreciate t i need more tips. >> we are happy to give you those tips. >> we're here. >> we'll give you the tips. >> so that concludes fox fashion, is what we will call t let he is get back to national clean off your desk day, we show you what mike's desk looked like earlier this morning, we'll check back in, see if they made some progress, so see what it look like now after the break.
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. ♪ the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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>> we're back up here in the news room, the third floor. look, they're having a big meeting. hey george look, they're having a big meeting. >> that's the news director and all of the big managers,
9:41 am
having manager's meeting. that's lee talking right there. and we're probably in trouble. >> yes. >> you think that's what nerve ' talking about? so we're nearing my desk. here is a picture whatever my desk looked like at about 8:00 well, about 9:00 this morning, right? absolutely, just mayhem. >> you took messy monday to another level. >> and it's been this way for about six months. soap, zest eel started cleaning it, and look what she has done. >> wow. >> looks good. >> i don't even recognize it. >> everything is like gone. i'm glad she kept my face on your desk, that's good. >> yes. >> didn't put that away. >> and teddie, of course. >> even organized his pens, always asking me for a pen and personment marker. so thank you for that. >> so zest eel, what's the name of your company? >> couture organized. in philadelphia. so what have you done?
9:42 am
>> we basically sorted everything by type. so if we had mugs, all the mugs went together bottles went together, glasses went together papers, books, ties. >> look at this. >> where did all of the stuff go? you built -- >> a book shelf. >> yes, i got to show. >> that's the rule. if you want to be organized start with a stylish organization system, that you will like for a long time. plan ahead. and start sorting. mugs with mugs bottles with bottles, books with books and system. >> can we look at those bottles? i mean, you have loft boles -- bottles there. >> we all nia few bottle after we work, don't agree. >> notice they're not opened. >> absolutely. >> i vouch for you. >> so you have little container down here with some of my t-shirts. >> yes nicely folded. >> they've been folded. what happens is people do it, they have little space so we use techniques working working in small space. >> with a little teddy bear. look that the. >> sweet. >> we've kept your mummers umbrella and we have taken all
9:43 am
of your ties out of your drawers, now you know do you have ties, don't buy another one. >> i have not seen some of these ties in two years. >> i can tell. >> be honest, because do you have to throw anything away? >> very little. we removed a few then i wanted to ask awe question. >> put you in this -- >> see, there was something that i was kind of puzzled. you know is this something that you wear often? >> oh! >> or can we let go of this one? >> only on the weekends, i'm sure. >> okay. >> so, when you organize, make sure that what you have not worn in a while you take out. >> gosh. >> hi, i'm back. torrey? >> oh, hi, good morning how are you guys? we're doing some yoga. chloe, show us, we'll talk about kids yoga, all kinds of things, making sure that everyone feels healthy happy in the new year.
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. ♪ the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
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>> yoga for kids, yoga program for children, in january good morning to you. >> good morning and so, chloe, and ducre he's fine, you guys already noah little
9:47 am
bit about yoga so show everyone if you will your warrier two. this is obviously your son you can teach him so yoga for kids. >> great for kids, to learn the mind-body connection at this age. and it de-stresses them, too. good for de-stress. >> and they don't have to be expert at it, obviously. >> no, all about games and fun and -- >> i love. >> things like that. >> one of the things that you said here, you want this to be more like a school. you can go ahead and lead them through some of this stuff. but i think a loft people are like i'm not flexible, i'm not ready for yoga you say that's the opposite? >> yes, a whole lot we can talk about yoga, i'm not negligence recall, for a long time my story i can't be like this for a long time. and that, you know, you come to yoga to deepen yourself and do those things, so you come to yoga to expands the body, to have the full mind-body connection. more than anything i find that people who come here no that the err what their background is, they leave and i feel so good. >> that feels good, goes
9:48 am
deeper into like now my body healthy, i can sit up straight, i i now can breathe better so infiltrates your whole lot. >> i so start the new year, a lot of people want to feel better, like i have to first get up, get the cheats owes out of the couch, and then where you again -- where you begin, and you say great place to start. >> exercise with a meaning. really exercising all of the muscles of your body being and weaver all levels, all shapes, sizes. this is a spot for everyone to come and practice. >> one of the things you guys said you want it to be more like a school than a gym. what do you mean bike that? >> a lot of people are intimidated because it is a new thing. you come, you don't know, names you have to learn you don't know what the poses are but a lot of learning that comes in. like i said because it was such a challenge for me in the beginning, i became very technical, and i had to learn as these guys are doing here, a lot in this pose. so we work to really make people understand what they're doing so that they can use their body most effectively. and it really help anyone. my mom actually came to yoga
9:49 am
in her 60s and it has really changed her made her overall feel great so healthy and become her mode of exercise. so whether or not you have experience, or you're just starting out, this is a place where you can come and make sure -- >> i have to say, i do something different at the beginning, like little baby exercises, but they're going just through it like the adults were. our kids program, two age groups, four to seven, eight to 12, both of those will start january. so for kids, it is more every game. now, here right there because of the incentive, just mirroring, parents, what we do is actually make yoga into games, so they're having this experience every getting the benefits of these techniques, and they have cool things to manage emotions, manage stress, feel good about themselves and develop that way. but it is wrapped into games so that it is not as technical, yes. >> and they love to play. >> yes, so for them it is like coming to play and come to be
9:50 am
part after community that feels good to them, but they're also really learning these practice that is will help them as they grow and develop. >> it is cool. i love it. i agree i think it is a good place to start. you guys are right in the haverford square. >> right on the main line, yep. >> again i have to say happy birthday because real quick happy birthday, ooh ' five, and you look amazing. you know who you share your birthday with? quincy, it is quincy's birthday's today and ducre's and he is like i am not talking to you i'll just be doing my birthday yoga. >> happy birthday yoga that's cute. >> and a big shout out birthday shout out to quincy hear us. >> yes i was ticking him this morning. he says he's doing great. >> he took the day off. >> tonight we'll go to the hockey game. >> all right, we'll take some time two minutes after the commercial break, i have an update on the pink bike, yes the pink bike. an update.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> miserable monday. >> really is. i almost see a pink hue to the sky though. yes, it is time again, for another edition of the pink bike. >> let's bring in the music because i need to bring you up-to-date. >> ♪ ♪ >> i found the pink bike on my walk into work down market street 5:00 o'clock on monday morning. it was on its side. sitting lonely there on its sides. twos morning 5:00 o'clock in the morning i walked by, it was on just kinds of tilted. wednesday morning 5:00 o'clock, i walk by, it had been set up straight. my belief is that it is
9:55 am
somebody walk over, so sorry pink bike, now at a rest at sixth and market street, on thursday morning 5:00 o'clock another angle of the same bike. still sitting there. friday morning the pink bike still sitting there. so i wondered, i pondered all weekend long. what happened to the pink bike over the weekend? well this morning as i walked by it is still sitting there. and it had a lonely weekends, the pink bike, now met with monday morning covered in wet horrible rain. so chris murphy has taken live trick down there yes sending live truck to near sixth and market. it is devastating, it makes you feel bad for the bike. how is it doing? have you touched it? is it just wet and cold? chris? are you overcome? >> reporter: i can't even look, i can't even look at it. >> no, you must, turn and look. >> yes. >> talk to it, chris. talk to the pink bike.
9:56 am
>> you need to bling here or something? >> it is a girls bike. >> mostly pink. little bit white. little tan. >> tis a nice bike, beautiful bike. >> someone took the trouble though to double lock it here. >> all right. if you know the story of this bike please, go and find chris near sixth and market. tell us, who is the girl that left her bike? why did she leave the bike? >> well, she met a man named mike. who was walking down market street about 4:00 in the afternoon friday, and his buddy murphy. >> that's right. >> we paid a visit. >> and the girl said i'll go with you mike, anywhere. >> on your bike. >> and my bike named lewes is he going to have to wait here. >> you believe you have given the bike a name, that makes me happy. >> lewes. >> i lucy the bike. >> maybe not lucy. >> i know you'll come up with
9:57 am
something. >> george? >> all right now, pan around, if you would give me a 360 of your location, so that people can know where to go. >> by the liberty bell. >> national jewish museum, you got that is correct you have seen that before. >> i've seen that building. >> independence mall national constitution center, all these historic places, has seen a lot of trist at this. >> thank you for the update, chris. other news. >> the latest champer. >> thanks, chris. >> can these roses be saved? >> i just want it say, not like a girl gets flowers every day, so i feel terrible, i really do. people have been tweeting me, so we'll try and bring these back to life. it was so nice. >> okay. you can leave that in there? >> yes, you can leave that in there. >> okay, okay. >> clearly you can telly get flowers all the time because i don't know what i am doing. >> put little bleach in there. >> don't splash that on your dress, aling. >> true. mike you hand it will.
9:58 am
>> put a pen any there. >> penny? you guys have any tips for me? i love these flowers, if you can just let me know. >> i don't want these to go to
9:59 am
skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! @
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today it's a hot monday. and we're breaking down the red carpet looks from last night's golden globes. plus, tv guide brings their picks of the new shows you're not going to want to miss. all of today's juiciest hot topics. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: yes! welcome to mond


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