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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  January 21, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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♪. >> ready or not snow is coming today. what you can expect to deal with during your ride home from work or school this afternoon.
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>> two philadelphia police officers injured overnight after they were involved in a car accident why they were already headed to the hospital when the crash happened. >> waiting for a decision the jury you have ever wondered how much did i have to drink last night. a new bracelet could give you the answer would you wear it? there's a track where you were fantastic. you really do. and we had a good time last night. hi, alex.
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>> imaginary. >> imaginary traffic guy. >> bob kelly is on an island somewhere with coconuts and palm industries and stuff picked a good time to go away. wind chills in the teens and 20s. satellite and radar shows clouds rolling in advance of precipitation and there it is storms in western part of the state right now and take a few
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hours to get there and seeing peaks of sun shrine in advance of 7:18 sunrise team and favorite number 29 degrees we don't like it this cold. fields like 20 outside rights now. today expect high of 35 and the storm tapers off tonight and should be gone by midnight at the latest and overnight low of 27 that is wednesday fox cast. we'll get into more details of timing of storm in a few minute and with bob kelly away let's take care of traffic right now we have accident we show you earlier route 413 the accident at the top of the screen. you see it's on the side of the road there. so everybody is being forced to merge to left-hand lane. and three lanes go to one. and i-95 southbound past walt
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whitman bridge packer avenue exit there's reports of accident there. now we go to atlantic city expressway westbound. out of atlantic city. just past garden state parkway there's an accident that has left lane blocked. there finally north philadelphia the place where the police involved accident happened lehigh avenue between 4 and 25 and investigation still continuing we expect road to be closed for a while. you have to take huntingdon or somerset to get around that part of lehigh avenue and because of that, the septa bus route 54 will be infected and they'll have to detour around it as well and because it travels along that part of lehigh avenue. so be prepared if you take the 54 bus this morning alex and mike. >> all right. the scene looks terrible but it could have been worse. we're talking about the early morning accident north philly involving two police officers and shooting victim and two civilians. >> looks like head on crash. >> it does if you look at that
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camaro. >> yeah. >> smashed in the front. >> hi steve. >> like two head on crashes simultaneously in daylight makes it look worse. little daylight now but at maiszing part and lead of this story is nobody was hurt seriously worst hurt was driver of the police car an you can not see worst of damming it's on the other side. but the driver has a bad cut. maybe a concussion. and he's the worst hurt this lexus here with the front end damage was first car that hit the police car. and the lexus is coming from where we are standing on 25 street and there's buildings here three stories high and it doesn't see the police lights or hear the sirens evidently the way everybody has music blairing nowadays. lexus smashes into police car and you heard anchors mention shooting victim what they do is have a scoop and save policy in the philly police department we talk about it endlessly on this show they save hundreds of lives by not waiting for mrapss
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anymore. and into the back of the police car they get into the hospital as soon as possible and that's how they save lives. in this case the dpi that is shooting victim shot three times in leg and has another life saving situation because he's in thised about accident. so after the police car hits the lexus then scenes into this oncoming camaro coming up lehigh the other way. and that's the second crash. you can see the damage to the lexus. by the way the driver of both lexus and camaro should have not been on the road in the first place 3:00 this morning since they don't have driver's license and that's inspector scott small that picks it up from there. when they come on contact with lexus.
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>> a chevy camaro traveling west lehigh avenue and we have a three car hit. wire lucky due to the extreme damage to the police vehicle as well as other vehicles that and the injuries are not more severe. everyone is in stable condition including the shooting victim who is really fortunate because he was in the police car that came into contact with two other vehicles and that shooting victim although shot three times is in stable condition at temple hospital. hopefully the 24-year-old guy shot twice in one leg and once in the other leg and then involved in these two accidents second apart point have anything more happen to him he start the day getting robbed then shot and then getting into these accident and coincidentally the name of the street he was on where this all began was hollywood street.
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as we look at what looks like a scene out of one of the many fast and furious movies hollywood cranked out latey here at 25 and lehigh in north philly. >> maybe he could play the lottery when he comes out of the hospital. that's a bad morning. >> there's got to be good luck coming his way. >> you mentioned shot and then two wrecks. >> you mentioned that after that rent a boy present or whatever how about app for this somebody can invent this whenever a police car activates lights and sirens or fire truck has its lights and sirens going it sends a beacon to all mobile devices to say watch out if you're on the road pull over. even though you cannot see it or hear it yet there's a fire truck from or emergency vehicle or ambulance heading your way watch out. how that -- about that for application. you now have things warnings come on phone right away for amber alerts and somebody else and that may save livrz just an idea. >> yeah, yeah. >> it may help sometimes you
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hear sirens and you're look around where is it coming from which way. >> of course you should not be looking at phone while in the car so when the app goes up -- i don't know. >> we'll look into it. >> yeah. 7:09 a juror write will enter second day of deliberation this morning in the trial of former sportscaster don tollefson. >> for the jury it will be another possibly long dale. yesterday they were deliberating how long five hours. >> for about five hours yes alex they left here at bucks county courthouse 9:30 last night. hour shawnette wilson talked to him as he was leaving asking how he felt about the jury calling it a night and he said he could not really talk and on the advice of council but he was going to go home and focus on getting a full night's rest. these closing arguments in the case against former sports broad catser and former fox 29 employee don tollefson wrapped up yesterday afternoon. so now the juror write is tapped with deciding whether or not tollefson is guilty of defrauding about 200 people out of money they thoughts they were spending on sports charity games
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and trips and the pack alleges never came to be and victims never got their money back tollefson is accused of pocketing 300,000 dollars. last night the jury returned to the courtroom a couple times to ask specific questions they wanted dates of eagles' games and asked for transcripts of testimony and in sop instances the judge asked the jury to rely on recollection and in other cases allowed the question to be answered and now dop sol ton was initially offered a plea deal and he had initially accept today we thought it would go down that route and at the last mind he decided to take this down that route and at the last mind he decided to take this case to trial
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president president we don't just want everyone to share in america's success we want everyone to contribute our success. >> he also promised to use vets owe power to strike down gop
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signature accomplishments in gop response freshman senator went after the healthcare law. >> we'll also keep fighting to repeal and replace a healthcare law that's hurt so many hard working families. we'll work to correct executive over reach. we'll propose ideas that aim to cut wasteful spending and balance the budget. with meaning full reforms not higher taxes like the president has proposed. >> reps and ma'amty now senate and house likely the president's proposals will become law but political analysts say the speech was about president cement be legacy and set ago agenda for democrats in the 2016 election. you know at about just after 10:00 last night watching the speech, i think it was just after 10 i was waiting for 10:00 news to come on. he said this. and we'll try to play this clip i want to read it to you did you
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notice i know -- he was talking about i'm not running any more campaigns because he's never going to have to run for political office again i'm not going to have any more campaigns i know because i won both. now, what do you think of that. >> it was because of the reaction he said i'm not going to do any more campaigns he was excited and he said i know because i won sgloj are you happy that i am not going to run well i won the last two. >> people were doing a screen shot because vice-president in the back was like yeah take that. >> it was interesting things to say. >> it was ad lib. >> had to be ad lib. had to. >> too smirky i don't know. democrat tom sredenschek wolf begins first full day of governor of pennsylvania. you see the swearing in. >> i will discharge of duties of my office with fidelity. >> what i heard today was
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expectations on us are really, really high. tonight, we're celebrating the fact that most pennsylvania yaps seem to really like that promise. and that's what we're celebrating tonight. tomorrow we have to get to work. >> and well, tom wolf was sworn in yesterday and had a big crowd. his wife and two daughters were there and of course in harrisburg open the east wing other goalsen include creating jobs, have better schools and government that works. lawmakers say he's right man for the job. >> she a businessman knows how to give and take. he's done it with suppliers and vendors and can do it with republicans and he's got a great temperament for that too. >> as you know, he made a lot of money as a businessman. family company. he rap his family's business for nearly 30 years as a matter of fact. he's the only democrat nationally to unsood a sitting
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republican governor in last november's election. >> governor tom wolf second in command also took office. he was sworn in my his mother retired philadelphia municipal judge. he relinquished his duties in philadelphia for this new title served 14 years before being sworn in yesterday. >> how about that? >> it was cold but accident weather sue because they had a big, big, big, big, big, big, big. >> sglech he's not there yet. >> big, big, big, big, big, it's 7:15. >> big. big. big. big turnout. >> nice save mike. >> it's a good thing it was not the weather we'll have this afternoon. it's a good thing it was not one year ago today january 21 of 2014 when we had 13 1/2 inchess of snow here in philadelphia and
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further north you went it was even more. it was a big showy day. today's forecasts were 2 to 3" in most places maybe a little less in some. so far this season we had a wimpy 1.6" of snow for this season. it was over 33" last season we were open our way to 68 at the end of the season. here's leading edge of this clipper system coming through. it's going to displace the high and give us some precipitation and any time after lunchtime we're seeing it move into the western suburbs around 2:00. by 5:00 in the afternoon it's pretty messy throughout the area. so, hopefully this advanced warning you can make your plans to maybe not be on the road at 5:00 this afternoon. and to 6 and 7:00 even as late as 8:00 we see accumulating snow. in the areas where we had winter weather advisory in effect we see everything getting out by midnight and by tomorrow morning when we're together again it will be a memory.
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that snowfall. look ahead to the norp easter on saturday. it looks like a prob aly 2 to 3" snowfall total for this area and norm and south of that maybe an inch or so potential snowfall amounts when all is said and done. these are winter weather advisory counties. now the advisory doesn't kick in until 11:00 goes until 10:00 tonight temples in the 0s this morning, 29 in philadelphia, many wind chills are in the teens. so of course it's cold enough for it to be snow now. we expect temperatures to get into the mid 30s which is why at some point we can see wintry mix, mixing in. now by noon on saturday, when chris o'connell is taking the polar plunge looks like low pressure system is hugging coast dreaded nor'easter spreading rain and/or snow into the area. still depends on the track and temperature at the time. and we'll get a better handle on that tomorrow. in the meantime get ready for a
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mess this afternoon. 35, dry days on thursday and friday. that nor'easter is scheduled to arrive on saturday with snow probably changing over to rain with that high of 36 degrees. and it's dry again on sunday. we could get another winter mess on monday. we'll see what happens. that's your 7 day forecast from the water authority. let's start traffic this time with lute 309 northbound five points road we have an accident. you can see it in the upper part the top of your screen there the accident is slowing everybody down and you have to detour around that 309 at five points road and also i-95 southbound past walt whitman bridge accident there's an accident that moved to shoulder. traffic is moving along long okay there. family atlantic city expressway westbound just past the garden state parkway a vehicle has not slowed traffic down much open the ac expressway, alex. >> thank you, sue.
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>> update on tom brady's deflated balls. >> we do. >> it's another scandal. >> yes. >> yesterday we were calling it de nature gate and espn reports 11 of 12 game balls used by patriots sunday afc championship game were under inflated by two pounds of air. >> seriously. >> new england won that game by 32 points they know it was 11 out of twelve sglel they may loss a draft pick. >> that's a big deal, because they got taught videotaping and other things and their coach lost half a million in fines. >> we're talking about cheater cheaters. >> and in fact they have not won since 2007. >> we'll see what happens week from sunday. >> what we were talking about yesterday when it comes to eagles we could go to the super bowl but we had to cheat.
7:20 am
would you want that to happen to eagles. >> would you de nature eagles balls for a super bowl victory. >> if that is what it takes. >> tweet us we want to know. my fox 29. would you do it? >> no, well -- >> he's thinking about it. >> if never found out he did it. >> wow have to know. >> look see that's a nodding for yes. >> we have not had a championship in football since 1960. >> we're hungry and want it. >> it's the only way to get a pump. jennifer and i stone is on our show today. >> tweet us your favorite jeep i per and i stone role. horrible bosses? breakup? friends? >> whoa. [ leguizamo ] hey, i'm john leguizamo, and i love new york.
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why? i'll tell you why... 'cause every winter,
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my favorite thing to do is ski upstate. and in new york, you can ski more and drive less. with over 50 ski resorts throughout the state, great skiing is always nearby. and with some of the highest snowfall in the u.s., it's always a perfect day on the slopes. day or night, green circle or black diamond... for the experts, like me... there's something for everyone. so plan your next new york ski trip at >> would you be okay if philadelphia eagles de plated balls to goat super bowl.
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>> maryann says no we're collarier than that. >> zeo says she never wins and winners never cheat. >> i would not want eagles to win but i want to win it the right way. we have classy fans. >> i have not found anybody onit twitter that said they would cheat that's good i would not want to cheat. apparently bill belichick has no problem with it. >> facebook is doing something about all those fake news stories that drive me nuts ! >> so lauren, what can they really do. is there a way we won't see them at all anymore. >> you don't want a lifetime supply of coffee. >> i would. >> or anything like that. >> no. >> these are misleading fake news stories and what facebook is doing is trying to reduce the number of them that pop up in the news field. it's anoiseing. click on this story. there's an option.
7:25 am
this story is annoying and this story is pornography or this is false news fore. you post on that and your -- it will not be aremoved app a lot of people fall for this stuff. nancy's dinosaur in utah it comes with a warping and therefore you know. >> somebody messaged me the other day saying something about lottery and is this real. >> people want us to investigate these stories they're seeing. >> i know they're headlines and sometimes they're g sometimes they're obvious. other times they get you if you're not sure and you're investigating something. >> it can be constantly there's people they say are dead on facebook celeb ebbties they're not, i think i died 20 times over the last year. i'm glad facebook it doing something about. it we'll watch you tonight
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lauren. >> thanks. >> have a great day. >> i love that dresh too. >> she dressed in orgami outfit. >> when the dryer cleaner cuts off half my dress. >> so sorry about that. >> that's how we know lauren is getting us well. >> oh, good. >> she gets the jokes before you get to them. >> she'll cancel this egg segment i know it. >> we'll see you tomorrow maybe. >> oh, my how things change since the first state of the union address. this was president's sixing last night. unemployment rate has gone way down. more people have healthcare whether they wants it or not and not everybody sees same rossy picture the president does. let's go over some of the maip statements in state of union last night including the one that everybody is talking about. >> and you know today is wednesday which for some means hump day and for others means new episode of "empire" after
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idol. a lot of people refer to the show as raw, gritty, really raw. a lot of people refer to the show as raw, gritty, really raw. what does hiiiii. hi. sorry, we're closed. what? i need help with my deposit. the bank has rules. it's really quick. i can't hear you.
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for when you run late.
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>> winter weather advisory starts at 11:00 this morning and goes until 10:00 tonight and bulk of to storm is happening between the evening rush hour and bus stop buddy fine and temperatures in the 20s and it is wind chills in the teens this morning. we'll give you four out of ten because of the snow that is on the way. let's break it down for you. we'll have fog and slippery spots this morning and otherwise dry morning commute and we will even see a little bit of sunshine. by lunchtime the snow moves in west to east. some sleet and rain could mix in. depends open temperature where you are. it's afternoon an even it's worst and messest and said itest snow falls between 4 and 9 p.m. we expect several inches of accumulation when all is said and done. that takes care of wintry wednesday from the weather authority let's talk traffic right now. bob kelly on vacation this week. we go back to route 1 northbound at route 114 that accident
7:31 am
taking outright lane of route 1 and everybody has to merge over to the left. and it's very slow going there. you can see there just stopped on that part of route 1. so avoid it if you can. >> also until nnl turn pike northbound after hightstown that has right lane blocked and vorts of injury there. avoid that areaa ar leave early if you can. >> sue, president obama expect us to rise from the recession during the state of the union last night president president for all we have endured, for all the grit and hard work required to come back, for all the tasks that lie ahead. know this. the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong [ applause ]. >> bringing in our favorite lady republican strategist renee and eleanor, do you have agree the state of the union is strong.
7:32 am
>> absolutely not. please, give me a break. >> unemployment rate had gone from double digits down to five. >> people aren't working and don't have job and still talking about the middle class still have issues with that and healthcare has gone up so high. i can't take it talking about troops and military and not -- you know still sending 2,000 troops and everything is fine as far as terrorism. >> he didn't say everything is fine. >> that's what he eludeded to. >> he knows we have a long road to hoe. >> really? >> number two economy is strong. he admitted it's not perfect. we have a long way to go with jobs and with get back to the states and some issues but what he said is he is creating a legacy and looking to the newt tour and set ago agenda for the
7:33 am
16th. this is more about the future than past. >> please eleanor here's the future i want to work with republicans but i'm going to veto every that comes across my desk. >> 99% of elector rat want them to work together. when you mentioned reestablishing relationships with tube aall the represents were like this. if you look at your home state of kansas the two republican senators there are jumping up and down. they want that because they can ship the grape to cuba. they're looking for markets. there's a lot of things in the weeds. >> and kansas. >> exactly. >> republicans are not all against obama policy. >> i'm not saying that i said -- -- all i'm saying pot m line don't show this picture everything is rosie. >> he deposit say that. >> i'm not saying he said it that is what he he ludz to. this is about him and how he's
7:34 am
going and how he'll get there. >> it was wrong priorities and policies. >> correct. you're talking about health care people are still paing for healthcare. i'm a business owner my insurance has con up. >> and then they have to wait forever to get an appointment. >> can i see my doctor, not for six months. >>. >> not everybody is waiting. >> no but people are what. >> they're still waiting come on eleanor. >> or they cannot afford it foxt did you see the motion almost an end. he was wrapping things up. he said this about i don't ever havep to run for political cam pain.
7:35 am
>> i have no nope. >> i have no more campaigns coming up. my only agenda -- [ laughter ]. >> i know because i won both of them [ laughter ]. >> so the rite hand side of the room republicans were applauding good he'll never be in office again. >> isn't that right? is. >> we'll try to take it back. >> that was good ad lib. >> i love it, i love. it bottom line look where we are as country so okay, next, he did not even look -- you have to look at what the people voted for which he did not deal with. >> let's be honest come on now guys. >> i've never seen anything like that in state of union with ad lib. if you're against him it's snarky because his party got trounced in november. >> that's what we were dealing with. bottom line he's talking about i'm here because of the people that didn't vote. >> but what he is saying is i know i have a republican because
7:36 am
i'm going to use power of veto. come on how will you hold captain let's focus on other issues. that's what he sea. >> exactly. >> he said he was going -- he never said that obama said it. >> they have all the beer and lupchs they want together and not working to the and 90 -- 91% ever the people say we want to see cooperations between branches of government. >> they made that the way they voted. >> thank you. >> 16 is coming. >> all right. >> when will be president. >> i'm looking at a lot of choices. >> time for women hillary will
7:37 am
be back. >> clip ton. >> we'll be back. >> i don't know. >> it makes my chat hang. >> okay. hey it's a different kind of bracelet and bling. it say bracelet. bracelet how it's helping college students track how much they had to drink last night. would you wear it. >> and what about this jeep per and i stone is on good day later. what is your favorite jennifer aniston role. hit us on twitter, facebook,
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> students at the university of washington came up with this for your wrist. >> you wear it on right armor on
7:41 am
your arm it has centers that measure how intoxicated or dehydrated you might be. it also helps you keep track of people you're with >> ending sexual assault and ending teen age drinking is about ending culture where it makes it okay. >> these bracelets are not for sale yet but they're getting a lot of interest already. >> i kind of like it. >> i like it a lot. people with know what they're doing and be aware. sometimes i think they keep going and don't realize the damage being done. >> you're right and especially
7:42 am
if you get to a point where an alarm would go off. >> uh-huh. >> you had too much. >> well it's like fitness trackers vibrate when you reach a certain goal vibrate hey slow down. >> might get you to slow down would it get you to slow down that's the question. >> put one around my neck. all right. so what do you think most popular toy of 2014 was? i know exactly what it was. it has to be elsa right? >> they're saying it is not. who de throwned the ice queen. >> not elsa. >> what was the most popular for brody and what is the other kid's name. >> glandry. >> she loves karaoke. >> bright and early. >> it feels -- we'll talk to director of empire why he >> it feels -- we'll talk to director of empire why he doesn't lik
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so plan your next new york ski trip snrvr i'll tell you look that graphic. if you want to register to do it get out there 9:30 chris o'connell will jump into the river at noon. >> neshimany state park. for special olympics. press ton and steve will be there, too. if you want to donate or be part
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of the plunge go to the web site >> freezing for a reason. >> in 15 minutes we'll talk to press ton and steve, sue, by the way, saturday, what will the warm be at noon. >> a mess. >> oh, no. >> two words. >> it could be snow, could be rain. but it's dreaded word. nor'easter. >> oh, >> moving in on saturday right around noon when the plunge is taking place is when we could be seeing a lot of i'mer snow or rain or both. oh, my goodness. we'll have more on that as soon as be get that out of the way yes michael. >> teacher. >> yes. >> do we have clipper coming in this afternoon. >> yes, we do. >> why do they call it a clipper because it moves at a certain clip. >> fast clip, quick clip. >> it's a fast moving system yes they call it all bert acliper most originate around alberta
7:47 am
canada. >> that is one of the five provinces or six, of canada. >> okay teacher pet. >> now we know the history. let's see what's happening. precipitation not yet. still about five, six hours away from entering our area. here we are werp part of the state where we see stala around pittsburgh and quintry mix south of that. storm extending to cleveland and chicago. so here's the future cast. with the clouds rolling in ahead of the storm any time after lunchtime but more like 2, 3:00 we start to see the snow entering western suburbs. it's here for the afternoon and evening rush hour. and there may be sleep mixed in. you could have wintry mix it could be slippery no matter what you get. so about 7, 8:00 and that's when accumulation happens by 10, 11:00 looks like most it out of here. that's the break down of the storm. and by tomorrow it is gone. how much accumulation a couple
7:48 am
inches for most of us. couple of three inches for some. maybe more like 1 to 2 if further north or south it's this in the center that cuts through the viewing area where we see the most accumulation. winter weather advisory starts 11 and continues until 10 p.m.. here's 7 day forecast. after today's storm out of the way we have to be concerned about saturday and then again about monday. so winter continues. we'll talk about more about that coming up. let's check traffic right now and go to schuylkill expressway westbound at city avenue. we are not moving quickly here. there's a lot of volume and it's moving very, very slowly on the schuylkill. also open the new jersey turnpike northbound just after hightstown headed up say towards new york there's an accident that has right lane blocked. not slowing you down too much though thankfully. i-95 southbound past watt whitman around packer an accident moved to the right
7:49 am
shoulder. it's still slow-going there alex. >> thank you. all right. it's time for "empire" on again tonight when it comes to the show you don't know what to expect. about you, turns out that's exactly how the director likes it. >> i can expect a number of time the characters will use the b word. >> that's probably true. >> cookie. >> director waps us to breathe and cry and flip out with the character like you do everything time they use the b word because of his own experience growing up he says there's something in each one of these character that every family can relate to. >> it's perceived as raw it's not raw it's real. >> every family has stuff. i have stuff. you have stuff. >> i have stuff. >> i don't need to tell people about my stuff on tv but we all have stuff. >> we do. >> that's what makes the human connection perfectly flawed that's what you bring to this. >> i do that to all my work, film and theater and now it's
7:50 am
just in a different made yum. it's now on television. you can believe fox was crazy enough to let me on tv it's crazy right. i'm having the time of my life. >> i ended up where i ended up for you and where you are brother. >> you want a medal. >> i want respect. >> i see you met your mama. >> your two brothers wept to work. >> if you work with her -- ♪ ♪. >> the show is really cool and
7:51 am
it's again on tonight after idol. so most of the people that have seen it are shocked by some of it or most of it and they say that's what's getting them to watch week after week. coming up 8 a.m. lee daniels said he has not gone all hollywood. we'll put him to the test and you'll be surprised to learn what oprah's pal says is the place to eat in philly. >> where did he go to high school. >> radnor high school. >> man he's successful. >> you know what's cool about him people walk into a room and say it's lee daniels righten constantly you tell him you're from philadelphia and he's your best friend. >> it was great having him here last week. >> he's proud of being from philly. >> have you noticed ratings on the show. >> i have not noticed. >> oh, man. >> through the roof. >> they're going up. some shows after first airings slip. >> i think the word of mouth is this, it's freakishly good right so people are like it can't be that good. it will be interesting to see how it is during the snowstorm
7:52 am
tonight. >> you're right it's pulling up ratings for "american idol" too and plus the way they're shooting "american idol" this year is so much better than past. >> i was watching it. >> everybody gettinging -- >> when you hate american idol you tell everyone not that you do because mike loves "american idol". >> i like the judges getting involved makes it more exciting. >> four, five years ago it was not good it was stale now it's fresh again. jen thanks a lot. >> i know this is always your situation sorry about this you have ever wanted to avoid someone badly you made up a ridiculous lie. >> every day. >> how about telling someone you died. we'll have press ton and steve about it. >> what? >> yes. >> plus there's one thing about "american sniper" that has critics and viewers buzzing this morning. you can spot what's wrong what everyone is talking about in this video? >> she's died her hair.
7:53 am
>> no. >> bradley cooper. >> no. >> bradley cooper. >> and why do we do it?
7:54 am
why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with efficiency? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you, it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details.
7:55 am
7:56 am
visit your local volvo >> there was a woman who faked her own deej get out of dating someone on explain creative but hard to pull off. >> what do you mean. >> i would think so. >> you build a story that eventually you know if you're discovered it really -- if you walk around it undermines that i died story. it's hard. i think there's more definitive ways to get out of a date that you can just anything
7:57 am
gastrointestinal don't ask questions. >> if you have to sell it you can say i had diarrhea because i was nechb uing about telling my wife i'm gay. >> oh, >> oh, >> then you're good. >> then there's good. >> right would you agree with that. >> i would absolutely agree with that. >> what's definitive method. >> you're not dating now i hope. >> no in case you need to know there was one evening i had liaison with a young lady i met at drinking establishment i went back to hear place and realized after the deed was done i did not want to be there in more so i went into the booth ram and pretended to leave and i even splashed in the toilet a little and said i have to go i don't feel well. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm pretty low point in my
7:58 am
life. >> is that true though. >> no questions asked if they think you're spewing some things. >> good to go. >> speaking of spewing after a night of drinking is marissl, marisa. >> she will be out of the room. >> she's in litter box right now mike. i bike up with somebody because he got a haircut and i didn't like it. >> it grows back. >> i don't know maybe that was my excuse on the inside well this the was end of it. the hairy don't like it. >> that's an episode of "seinfeld"sponge worthy episode where she cut the side burns. >> i totally understand i broke one a guy he turned his head too
7:59 am
fast. >> what. >> he was not smooth at all. >> wow. >> jerky movement. >> i feel less shallow now that is incredibly shallow now hair doesn't seem back. >> it freaked me out he was always jerking. >> wow. >> wow. >> that i think that takes the cake for most shallow tron dump out on somebody. marissa is on now. >> you're mean. >> there she is. >> you have mean people. >> what's your best excuse you came up with to get out of a date. >> i really don't have anything good i need a date. anyone out there? >> everything is up for grabs. >> you do like fade away don't you. >> fade away is you know maybe necessity i wear heels on sglaits you're adorable. >> thanks. >> you're sweet. >> i love you guys. >> can't imagine why you don't
8:00 am
have a boyfriend. >> guys thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> take care, mike. >> i'm using press ton. that was classic. pretending to throw up. who wants to be around someone throwing out. >> i don't want to clean that up. >> please. >> get out of my house. >> 8:00, wednesday, january 21. >> live from the fox 29 studio this is good day philadelphia. >> wintry weather on the way this wednesday. yeah you see it on ultimate doppler radar but we're a few hours from first flakes hitting our area. we'll give timing of the storm and tell you how much we'll get mike coming up. >> okay. and tragedy at a pennsylvania college. basketball star, there she is. dies in her dorm room. what police think she choked on. she choked to death. dr. mike is here. >> this "american sniper" scene is stirring up controversy. can you spot why?
8:01 am
the fake cast member critics are calling out. i mean everyone is talking about this. >> is that the sie. na miller. >> and bradley cooper. >> and something else in the scene is fake. >> this is a big two hours we have two major stars on this particular program we call good day philadelphia anne hathaway is here and jennifer and i stone is here. >> those are big stores. >> part of jennifer aniston's ties to delaware county. >> she has a plaque at the great orthodox church. >> i was reading she spent part of her elementary school years in eddystone. >> that's right. >> he may get married in mediaia in that church. >> that's a big fat greek
8:02 am
wedding. >> or a big fat greek rumor. >> lets get sut for snow. >> winter weather add viery 12:00 to 10:00 tonight and that's for all the counties you see highlighted there. unlike most snow storms north an west suburbs won't get as much as we will here and folks south and east. so it's just a little different. four out of ten is weather by the numbers. bus stop buddy is ready. hopefully he'll be home from school before the mess really begins. alphilly public schools we understand have a half day anyway. for morning commute there may be a slippery spot or two. otherwise dry. not until lunchtime snow moves in. sleet and rain could mix in. it's a slippery time for you this afternoon and evening. steadyest snow seems like it will fall between 4 and 9 p.m.. that gets you ready for wintry wednesday. and we'll have more details coming up. right now let's get to the traffic. bob kelly on vacation this week.
8:03 am
we start off i-95 northbound approaching commodore barry bridge we're jamo we have to say that once. traffic very, very slow. and also bellmar, new jersey, route 42 freeway accident there left lane blocked and in north philadelphia lehigh avenue between 24 and 25 overnight accident that involved police car is still be be being investigated. that part is closed. take somerset or huntingdon to get around it and 54 bus will have to detour because it goes down that part of lehigh avenue. be prepared for that eventuality this morning. >> okay. sue an accident involving five people and it looks like horrific one. those people involved escaped without serious injury. this happened around 3:00 when police were transporting a shooting and robbery victim to
8:04 am
temple hospital when the officers got into accident involving lexus and camaro. driver of police vehicle suffered serious cut and possible concussion. shooting victim did not sustain any additional injuries. >> he gets robbed, shot, and gets into two accident on way to hospital. >> yeah. >> bad day. >> bad, bad day. >> all right. coming up the jury in don tollefson trial started deliberating tomorrow afternoon for five hours and they'll be back at it this morning. don tollefson is accused of cheating people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for travel pack amounts sold in name of charities. don tollefson used to work here. and as promised, president obama delivered state of union address last night steepd in priorities. talked about last year accomplishments and not failures and what's forward for 2015. >> policies to help middle class
8:05 am
including education and childcare health and economic agenda to reduce tax breaks for richest americans. >> president promises to use veto power to strike down gop efforts to dismantle signature accomplishment such as healthcare law. meanwhile political analysts say the speech was about president dismissing legacy and set ago agenda for democrats in new 20 16 election. >> that was 6th time for state of the union address. >> first time he did it on the left that job ages you after six years in office his age is showing a little like on every president. so the first one -- yeah january of 2009 and the one now. yeah. well. >> 53. >> 53 years old. >> first lady just had a birthday last week didn't she. >> i think so. >> she same age.
8:06 am
>> i don't know. >> sue? >> thank you sue will know that i should know that. >> i'm going with sue. >> watching state of union in air of social media makes it more interesting of course she's 51, he's 53. and a lot of times when there's big peach speeches like this it is great to the go to twitter. several topics became popular with folks. >> here are three topics trending on twitter. >> one of them was in the response to the address that senator joni enter shoes as giving rebuttal speech she wore camouflage shoes she's a combat vet. but it's shoes that were the big buzz instead of what she was saying people on twitter were talking about her shoes. >> they're typed of neat. >> what about this though.
8:07 am
brief shot of energy secretary sparked interesting comment and observations like this one. talking about his hair being compared to quaker oates man really was anyone watching or listening to what president obama was saying. >> that's our energy secretary. >> he has energy because he eats oat meal every morning. >> and grammar police could not avoid pointing out governor bobby jendel mistakes he was slamming president and then said you're welcome up stayed of you're welcome he said your welcome. boy, everybody keeps an ion things don't they. they watch everything so closely. that does kind of you know when somebody does that to me. >> is it pet peeve. >> little bit when you get a text from somebody you think is cool. >> yeah. >> and they use the your in the wrong way. >> sometimes it's auto correct though you write something and it fix it's up because it doesn't know where you're going
8:08 am
with it. >> i blame everything on auto correct. >> yeah. >> sometimes it's just you. >> you know alex i never do miing anything wrong i'm mr. mr. perfect. >> of course. >> tom wolf is now governor of pennsylvania. >> he was sworn in yesterday in front of huge crowd of 4,000 outside the crowd in harrisburg. he says his other goals include creating jobs, good schools, and government that works. lawmakers say that he's the right man for the job. >> yeah. you know i was looking at a poll yesterday. and the poll said that 70% of those people they ask in poll were optimistic about the man for the john. a year from now we'll see what the poll says what are you doing. >> putting together this graphic for this next semingt we're about to do. >> lonely. >> okay. >> all right. >> the producer said it would
8:09 am
happen at noon he said nobu it would not happen so this was mike's spot so this is at 12/12, 12 minutes later getting board he has not been sworn in let's see what people are saying on twitter nobu no, i don't tweet i
8:10 am
just retweet what people are saying eight hours ago let me scroll, then, 1:22, u z-h how did i get stuck doing this didn't they ask alex to do it? whatever i don't want to do it? how did this happen? and then 12:32 for the love of god. i'm still here. maybefy look bored they'll let me go home. maybe. i don't know. i'm still here. 12:4 goodness still here. just put the man on stage and have him swear in. i cannot take it. oh, my gosh i need a drink. what is happening? just go ahead and do it. and 12:52 done time to go to the bar now i can go home. next up i'm making alex do it. this is rendition of loany anchor also known as mike jerrick yesterday afternoon. >> what happened to you? >> thank you, thank you.
8:11 am
>> thank you. >> and that was really well done. >> thank you i learned from the best here. >> you know you used to be so nice. >> and then you started working on me and now it went out the window. >> i'm nice sometimes. >> who would sxblingt a place for you. >> you trying to get rid of me. >> no that was good. >> thank you. >> all right. labor pains i believe i have them now. >> lady as apparently the people in the delivery room with make the pain even worse. well you better -- you may be better off without your man next you to in the delivery room. >> so mike you know what the day is it. >> i know what it is. >> what is it. >> i'm not kidding you it's squirrel appreciation day and national hugle day at the same time. >> look that very large squirrel it is very happy. in rittenhouse square now. >> if you're close to rittenhouse square combine two national holidays or why don't
8:12 am
you hug a squirrel today. >> somebody has to give him a hug. we'll do this and 9:30 reveal who is the squirrel who is inside the squirre
8:13 am
8:14 am
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8:15 am
. >> this is the clipper system headed our way. not here yet. and the first precipitation from it is still western part of state. so we have a few more hours to go before we start seeing snowflakes. 3:00 it start to move in west to east and we'll start seeing some messy roadways and slipperiness and there are some places we could see sleet mixed in wintry mix to the south and as the air cools at night we'll see all snow in the places that get snow
8:16 am
it may not be northern and western suburbs that see highest totals all is out by midnight. for today high temperature 35 de agrees and that means we could have sleet mixed in and maybe rain. >> surprised up to 33 and another chance of snow perhaps sunday to monday. that's a look at weather authority forecast. let's check traffic real quick and we'll tell you about a problem on route 30 eastbound just before route 100 outta in chester county you see flashing light there route 30 a vehicle fire there that will slow you down in travels. way out in chester county there mike jerrick. >> all right. >> sue. >> thank you for that. >> 8:16. this is tragic. a pennsylvania college basketball star found dead in her apartment and police think she may have died after she fell
8:17 am
asleep with gum in her mouth she choked to death. >> 21-year-old shanise clark student at california university found unresponsive in her off campus apartment sunday morning and a preliminary property medical personnel think she choked on chewing gum while she slept. the core owe under is perform an autopsy to explain how she died. a lot of reports are saying aspirate the chewing gum. what does that mean. >> i brought some okay so what happens is and what i think happened in this case, she was chewing chewing gum and fell asleep and she choked on the chewing gum leading to her death. >> where would it have lodged. >> i'll show what probable ali happened. what we have here you have chewing gum. and it's in your mouth. let's see if we can do that here. here we are. chewing gum in mouth. now there's two pipes it can go
8:18 am
into esophagus or trachea. if it goes into the trachea right there. >> that's down low. >> that will go into your lungs. this is where it ends up. this is a lung and what happens it ends up right there we go right in there and if it gets stuck right in there. >> problems it off. >> it can block it off. >> i did a literature search on this it's unusual occurrence but does happen. several things can happen. one if you are over tired, if you had too much alcohol or if you just have something in your mouth whether chewing gum or even lozenger because of dry mouth don't do it you should not have anything in your mouth at night when you go to sleep. there's also cases of people in car accidents where the impact makes them khoing on whatever was in their mouth. i'm not a fan of having anything
8:19 am
in your mouth while driving. >> okay what about this? a lot of times i know she was sleeping don't swallow your gum as a kid your mom would tell you this if you were awake would this happen only because she was asleep and couldn't do anything about it. >> unlikely if you're awake unless you have a problem with swallowing mechanism. if you had a stroke or some cancer and they had to do surgery that could be deadly and you could be wide awake. the problem here is that i think this helmy young woman had gum in her mouth. fell asleep and unfortunately, expired for this reason. >> so it could have gone into her stomach but gum fwheent her trachea. >> and caused obstruction leading to her not being able to breathe what we call hypoxia and after four minutes if you don't get oxygen you die. >> you think the poor woman woke up. >> maybe who knows maybe. but it's tragic. and it's one of those things.
8:20 am
i have a 6-year-old and 3-year-old and i have to tell you it's one of those things that you need to teach your kids. you don't put your fingers in between a door where behindths are you don't put anything in your mouth especially chewing gum before you go to bed. you don't fall asleep with that. you're out in college having a good time how many times do you math iminpeople go to a party, had a few drinks. gum in houj, out of it and fall asleep. it's not the way you want to go out. i certainly don't want to go out by dying from chewing gum. >> it's horrible story. >> my inness. >> be careful life is precious and fragile you have to be so careful. >> just 21 years old. >> i know oh, my gosh. >> dr. mike good to see you. >> love you. >> you heard about the two storms this afternoon we're watching one this afternoon and then a nor'easter on the weekend. >> yes. >> this is kind of annoying winter so farah no, iing and a
8:21 am
year ago today we had 14" on the ground alex. >> new oreo in time for valentine's day. lot of people are drooling over it this morning. >> let me guess red in the middle instead of white. >> got to be strawberry, raspberry. >> we're have to wait and see. >> good news for you elsa was not most popular toy of 2014. it's from another movie. any guesses. >> it's got to be the most any guesses. >> it's got to be the most
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> oreos playing cupid for lovers. filled with red velvet. >> cookie is red not cream. >> yeah look at that. >> you know i would like that i would like to try that. >> limited edition. when it comes out you better get. it you can go to the web site until thursday to have the early
8:25 am
taste before hitting the shelves february 2. other limited edition flavors are cookie doe and marshmallow crispyes. >> how do you eat it i pop it in half and lick the cream. >> forgive me i'm not a huge oreo fan however i know terrible when i was younger i opened them up eat the inside and then throw it away i would not eat the cookie i deposit like it. >> i -- i can relate. >> and then you drop them into the milk. >> yeah? >> and it gets soft. so those are not on the market yet. >> no. >> speaking of valentine's day do you think you'll have a valentine. >> here you go. >> you have three or four weeks. >> i don't i'm fine with. it i'll take myself on a date. i'll have a candlelight dinner. >> no, no, no, that dover police department guy that came in yesterday. >> what about him. >> he joined twitter after he met her to follow her. >> i don't know if that is true.
8:26 am
>> he's following you and sue he wanted to show fox the love. >> we wanted to talk about you. >> yesterday we had this thing if you tie your stockings together and take it to bed with you you'll have a dream and in that dream your husband will appear. >> it's not mike making it up it is st. ago us in day. >> did do you it. >> yes i tide knot and said a poem and hi a dream i did. >> will you tell us about it some point today. >> i will. >> people on twitter want to know. >> you want to know who my future husband will be. >> fantastic. >> go jump in river quinncy. >> cold one. >> i have to. it's for a good cause. okay neshimany state park it's freezing out here. i'll jump into delaware river because we're freezing for a reason. polar mrupth is saturday. reason. polar mrupth is saturday. i'll be doing i
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> 8:30 wednesday morning nothing falling from the sky yet. we're getting cloud cover in advance of winter storm coming. winter storm wednesday how convene it comes wednesday to get ill late ration there is winter weather advisory starts 11:00 and goes until 10:00 tonight that's when we expect bulk of snow to fall. it won't add up to a whole lot. we have a 4 out of 10. accumulating snow in the afternoon. as you seen all morning we're dry. it's okay for bus stop buddy at the bus stop this morning and hopefully kids are home from school by the time the snow really gets cranked up. for the morning commute cloudy skies and below freezing temperatures. stage is set. and then we move to lunchtime. snow moves to from west to east sleet and rain could mix in.
8:31 am
slippery conditions as we head to afternoon and evening commute. slippery around and said itest snow falling 4 to 9 p.m. adding up to several inches and that is what it will look like for the rest of the day today. high temperature will be about 35 degrees afternoon snow 2 to 3" and tonight we're down to 28 degrees as snow tapers off and is gone by midnight. that take care of weather authority forecast 8:31. now let's look at traffic and we start with a look at route 30 eastbound we told about you this before. theres with a vehicle fire that was slowing everybody down. let's go to burlington bristol bridge which is open at this time for a river crossing. so you cannot go across right now. route 1 southbound before wissahickon avenue an accident, a car was hit by a tire that came off another vehicle.
8:32 am
and it is very slow going on that part of city line avenue. and you try to get on the schuylkill right around there and it's jamo. >> jmo and oh, my. >> it doesn't sound good. >> get more gut ral. >> jamo. >> chasing. >> how many days until the boss comes back. >> he'll be back monday. >> we love you too, though, you're doing well. >> listen to this, i there's no way this survey is right elsa has to be number one toy of 2013. >> they're saying something different. >> what is it. >> let's see number two teenage mute aunt ninja turtle. >> little green guys are not so little in this picture. look at that. 2014 top seller thanks to the movie release last summer and both barbie and leggos not in
8:33 am
the top five. >> i can understand barbie. >> legos but legos are always big. i'm surprised by that one. >> it was turtles and elsa. >> uh-huh. >> okay. >> well it's almost time to take that plunge. yes, it's that time of the year for folks to jump into the river even though we're going to have a nor'easter on at noon on saturday when chris o'connell will jump into the delaware river. >> so good idea then he'll do a prejump today. >> okay. >> i am not wearing that. >> you might wear that. >> i'm breaking -- >> you want to wear that? >> i'm breaking up the ice because it's freezing out here and i have -- as you can see i'm really excited to do season bp of special olympics in pennsylvania we're doing polar plunge saturday. i'm going to jump in. why do you do the polar plunge. >> it's our signature fundraiser
8:34 am
across the state really across special olympics across the country 7 of them including this one saturday and they raise a million dollars. >> this saturday, anybody can just come and jump into the water. >> yeah, let us put it out there. we want as many people as are willing to be freezing for a reason. plunge you can sign up on-line through tomorrow morning or you can come day of and sign up day off. we love signup in advance if at all possible. >> it will be a lot of people out here. and tomorrow they'll be here. and nick from the press ton and steve show will be here. >> so i'm going to plunge next hour. >> can i say it's really cold right now. >> if i put my toe in is that considered a plunge? >> we do not make rules other than get people out of the water
8:35 am
quickly. so toe count full submertion is okay we have river rescue and ambulance here today q is in good hands if panic sets in we'll get him out of water and administer any emergency personnel we need. >> that's my mother i told her yesterday i was doing this and it's for special olympics you can raise money, how do i do it if i don't want to plunge. >> too chick tone plunge you sign up but not going no in the water you get a $50 donation and shirt that says too chick tone plunge. >> are you plunging with me. >> i'm not plunging today. >> i'm going to plunge in the delaware river next hour guys okay? >> i'll take my clothes off. >> okay. >> get excited ladies. >> it's getting cold in here. >> take off all your colleges . >> you know what a lot of people were saying oh, the thing i deposit like a lot of people say
8:36 am
oh, you kind of people don't mrunth. i'm like what kind of people, we plunge. >> you, you being exactly -- yeah, we plunge. >> next hour i'm jumping in. >> okay. at least go waist deep to be official. >> 8:36 "american sniper" movie there's a scene in it all "the buzz" on the internet. so there's something fake about this scene. it's easy to spot. i mean my gosh. >> plus we have two official days. >> right squirrel apreciation day and national hugging day for this poor little girl at 9:30 we'll reveal who is the squirrel. >> oh, look at that. ♪one time .
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> you've been asking for it your friend, your homey. >> the tool. >> comedy central network is preparing to roost justin bieber and bieber says, i like it bring it on. it was his idea. responding on twitter the biebs says he's been working hard to make enough material for tractor-trailer roost. >> working over time. >> like egging people's houses and getting in fights with the cops and taking his shirt off every possibility on and off relationship with selena gomez and recent photo shop controversy with calvin kline ad there will be plenty of material. what will be difficult at end of roost the roost he has to go up
8:41 am
and give a speech that is funny. remember the situation mike sorentino he bombed. >> i cannot picture bieber being funny. >> it's a risk. >> it's a risk. >> i'm sure you'll tune in and watch. >> i might. >> did you see this on instagram yesterday. here's a little proof of fresh prince reunion earlier this monthal fan do rivera and dancing partner played will smith a visit onset of his new movie and the pick is will and carl thon week. >> who is that look at will smith. >> he looks likes president obama there. >> he has the ears that stick out. >> what's the movie he's filming i wonder if this is a clue. >> he would not do a fresh prince reunion. >> i don't know. >> his too -- >> this is not official i'm saying he's filming a movie here i wonder if that is a hypothetical the way will smith looks, he looks different. what's going on he looks different than he normally looks. >> is that karen par sons.
8:42 am
>> and castiano. >> jeff could you put that picture up. >> i did not notice it was will smith i was looking at the size of the head of the kid. >> let's not talk about kids. >> i know it's probably a great, healthy child you know what i mean. >> oh, >> the box office blockbuster american sniper is getting a ton of buzz. not reviews or anything like that not about bradley cooper or woman who plays wife sienna miller it's about the on couple screen baby. >> here's bradley picking up his baby. watch. it watch it. watch bradley cooper's fingers. >> i hate it i do you're my husband. you're the father of my children. they're the one that pull you back. >> wait for. it wait for it. >> watch. >> watch the thumb. >> he moves his thumb to make the kid look like the arm is
8:43 am
moving on the baby. >> that's a fake baby. >> a plastic one. >> it's such an emotional scene everybody was talking about this the scene writer there we go it's moving the scene writer executive producer is talking about this because everyone you you know is talking about it. so apparently baby number one had a fever. baby number two was a no-show. >> real babies. >> so they went with plastic baby. >> couldn't they wait a day until they got another baby? >> with all the money, millions spent on making a movie you get one plastic baby where you have to move your thumb. >> nobody on the shet had a child, baby. >> nope not at all. >> this is our good day baby this baby has been here 6, 7 years [ crying ]. >> watch. baby arm is moving. >> oh, my goodness [ crying ]. >> i've been working hard. calm down baby. >> you're the next bradley cooper. >> okay, baby. >> oh, my gosh.
8:44 am
jen we have to get -- he dropped the baby. >> don't cry. >> i refuse to follow that. i'm a journalist. every once in a while. hey, we're still talking to lee daniels of radnor high school and director of "empire" we'll not let him go. pass. that had to hurt.why does
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> she just queed us and then hit the table. >> i hope you're okay really though. >> she'll be fine. >> three, two, one. >> you're terrible. >> tonight is "empire" i have to say a lot of people of course will be watching. it we love the character. but one of the major character on "empire" is following me on dwiter. >> excuse me. >> to tell you how big it is he has 32.9 followers and he's following me. >> what do you think about that. >> it's the greatest guy that
8:48 am
plays the son that is rapper. >> mike has more than 32,000 followers. >> i have nine. >> and if it is good or bad it doesn't matter. >> next time you're in philly and you're on the show come talk to us. >> lee daniels is in the philadelphia area radnor high school. you get to know him. he's your buty. i call him captain hollywood. no he hangs with opera and has a team of publy signatures who let's him know his shirt is civrping wrinkles but he's team philly. >> your dentist is in philadelphia. >> who is your dentist. >> i can't say. i can't say. he's 19th and chestnut -- i mean 19 and walnut. thank you very much. i'm. >> where do you neat philly. >> larrys 54 and -- line avenue
8:49 am
city line avenue cheesesteaks. >> do you buy flowers for people. >> i do. my assistant gets them i don't know where. it's true. she gets them from great florist across the street from rittenhouse. i forget. >> crazy guy? you don't know him but all right thank you for bringing us television and thank you for being nice. >> and you can talk about my outfit. >> it's pleather pink and honest enough to say it's leather. >> you're lying again. >> i like you for that. >> i'm not lying. >> enough to mack a major motion picture. >> no. >> am i lying about that? >> you don't needed to lie about that. >> guys isn't that insane. the dude is like mr. oprah like oprah is in his phone.
8:50 am
i begged him to call oprah he would not he is not stupid. >> they're bestyes. >> they're best friends right where does he -- forgive me steven star you have great places but we have so many -- he goes to larrys on city line avenue near st. joe's that's where he gets his food and you heard him he still is getting you know his teeth taken care of here. he still comes to philly even though he's hollywood. >> jen. >> we'll see you next hour you have something great for us next hour. >> a quiz? >> you'll fail. >> empire quiz. >> you won't fail. >> it must be something intelligent. >> study national squirrel day. apparently this kid knows it's national squirrel day look at that sdmru rarely see that. >> happy squirrel apreciation day from esa. >> i don't know i would encourage that actually. >> i guess since they took the pictures and showed it.
8:51 am
>> cookie picture. >> another picture yes look at this the squirrel cookies for skirl appreciation day that's a guy on twitter that tweet today out to me. >> pretty cool. >> squirrels just born. >> it's from daniel. >> let's get to our large squirrel rittenhouse square. >> that's a large shot rittenhouse square and national hug day. rittenhouse square and national hug day. who is inside the
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> all right this wintry wednesday it's already cold. you've seen precip spread into western part of the state and ultimate doppler showing few flurries initially in lancaster county and bulk of what is coming will take a couple hours to get here. future cast proves that as we go towards 10:00. we see mostly cloud cover and
8:55 am
then snow starts moving in west to east any time after lunchtime and looks like by 2, 3:00 it's in metro area. meanwhile, we got this offshore storm with rain. energy gets and just in time for the afternoon and evening rush hour and enough to make a mess and not a whole lot of communication accumulation i was thinking about last year when he had 13 1/2" of snow on this very date january 2 1. compared to that no big deal all out of here 10:00 in the morning. today's high 35. we have a couple dry days thursday and friday. nor easter set to visit us on saturday. and that's new as of yesterday. and then smop next chance of wintry weather. so a lot of action in that 7 day forecast. let's see what is going on on roads on this wednesday morning. we start off route 30 eastbound just before route 100 we were showing you earlier that vehicle
8:56 am
fire. we still have only one lane getting by as a result of that. while they continue to clean that up. that's again route 30 before route 100 out in chester county and now we look at schuylkill westbound just past gladwyne you see the accident there on the shoulder and the picture is not very clear. and it does not look like it's blocking any of the lanes of traffic on route 1 southbound before wissahickon avenue an accident and a car was hit by a tire that came off another vehicle and that means a lot of jam jp os around city line area and springfield bethlehem pike jam jp os around city line area and springfield bethlehem pike springfield aven
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> we can hear you . >> we got arms out stretched. no one will give him a hug. so many people look by him and look like yeah, right, it's national hug day right? >> well, wow, >> aw look at that. >> we're combining two days lauren. >> national squirrel appreciation day because some people don't like squirrels i like squirrels to watch them. >> roomp around. >> national hug day. >> go auto head to a park and hug a squirrel if you want. >> we'll have pea there in a second. >> oh, well got one. >> so nice. >> that's what it's all about. >> and the guy had an umbrella. >> look at that. >> and who do you think -- we have a special guest inside -- that's not even a squirrel that's a chip muvrping isn't it. >> for our sake it's a squirrel. >> what we're doing


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