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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  March 4, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. oh, my goodness, here we go again right? it is raining right now expect on and off showers today, tomorrow, a big storm headed our way. sue in to tell us when things will finally clear up, lauren? >> plus, bye bye shady, one. most talents dollars running backs in eagles history, being traded? and this isn't the only big move coming from the eagles longer room. more on that coming up. >> head today court trial for the boston marathon bombing suspect begins today preview that far case straight ahead. good day everybody it is wednesday hump day march 4th 2015. it is raining, but it is melting some of the snow out there so you can casino of park normally on market street now, flight. >> here is the deal about sue serio, right? she not only gives us like 8,000 weather hits in the
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course of six hours, one in the hallways, news room, sue how is the weather just watch my forecast. so here is our chance. >> it is okay. hey, this is how we roll. we're here for awhile. but we have all the information you need to get you through not only this day but tomorrow, as well. so you see, there is rain in our area. you also see as you look back toward the wigs that there is lots of precipitation yet to come. we're colder temperatures are in the northwestern part of pennsylvania, there still is some snow. and there could be some dicey spots to the north and west every us, we'll look at that a little more in depth. for the philadelphia area temperatures have gotten to the point where it is pretty much rain. we're above freezing, little above freezing, but above freezing at 34 degrees. now, we have windchill of 27. we have sunrise exactly at 30:00, casino of milestone. as these days are getting longer. spring is getting closer, believe me, although with the
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forecast, you may not. so, that's a look at the ultimate doppler radar. i promise you we'll get into little more depth next time. bob kelly here to tell you how the roads are doing, i can tell you bob kelly my street couple of hours ago was impossible. >> i had dispatched the fox 29 plow truck to your driveway. >> no, i had my tom lowden. >> from the last storm here, accounts receivable will be calling you. 40:00 it, i begin with the camera i ended with last night, when i joined you during the 5:00 and the 6:00 news. this is route 309 again we had the sleet almost as if mother nature just took the slurpee and spilled it out across all of our major roadways secondary roads side streets this morning. not only are we going to be dealing with the slush but we will be dealing with the puddles, as sue had mentioned the temperatures go on up. >> this stuff will start to melt. and we're going have some puddle jumping you have to do to get across the street. i opened up my front door, car door here, in center city,
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only to step into a big puddle. so, don't wear your good shoes. lauren, you didn't wear your high heels today, did you? >> , no i have on my ran boots today. >> they are very nice. >> here is a example of the intersections, still slushy, even though the temperatures on the rise, the grounds temperature could still be cold enough to leave us with some slippery spots in the form of black ice. 35 miles across all of our area bridges this morning. and then speed limits, across the board up and down i495 through wilmington, chris lauren, back to you. >> we keep saying. >> this chris is over it already. he's like here we go again another round of snow. >> but at least you came prepared. i'm wearing nice shoes, you have the goloshes on. what's jenny joyce wearing she's in camden where they are dealing with this, high? >> unpleasant rainy weather. rain is all we are dealing with at this point in time. think i that's what we'll expect for most of the day. yesterday what we saw was the ugly mix of ice snow, and
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rain, that wintery mix and people needed both the shovels and the scrapers. they saw in gridlock traffic trying to make it home from work. one person told it is took 45 minutes to go 2 miles freezing rain; one of the worse driving conditions, as the temperature fluctuates, roads can become icy quickly without warning. people tell us that they've had enough of winter so far. we expect this system to continue to change throughout the next couple every days, snow is expected tomorrow. so we will expect to see people at stores like this picking up all of the storm gear shovels salt, milk, bread. it is unclear at this point in time how much snow we could get. chris, lauren? >> jennifer joyce, we'll see thank you. >> remember, you can get the latest forecast and travel conditions at our website just click on the weather tab. so, word on the streets eagles have trade lesean mccoy. >> reportedly going to the buffalo bills. fox 29's steve keeley now live
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at 94wip where the eagles nation is sounding off. steve? >> reporter: the mccoy story was the big story in town last night until i watched our news, and i saw a new lead story. for the first time in history bob kelly in a sport coat. and i don't know if you caught that but that was -- i fell off my chair. and i'm just sure he was ordered to wear a sport coat. we'll get the inside exclusive i hope since he works for us, but that was the big story to me. anyway, we are talking about football in the rain and the ice. it is treacherous out here. so we will get killed doing a sports story. but lesean mccoy likely no long area eagle. he'll be walking on icy snowy covered streets like this in buffalo a whole lot won't he? he better get a nice new car he's got in miami working out withdrew rosen house who philadelphians have come to know as the agent of the disgruntled eagles stars from his time with terrell owens.
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but let's look at last night's video at the cats jewish community center in cherry hill incident lip eagles head coach everybody says is now the wizard of oz for this team, since they don't have a gm any longer, is pulling the strings and pulling all of the deals. and he did not talk about this at all. and if you were listening to howards eskin last night he said he went to this thing tried to get a comment from the head coach and he said, quote, his security goons wouldn't let any of the reporters near him. so, we had to get our comments from the listeners and from the hoses of the show's here at wip. and here is big daddy graham talking with us earlier today about how the whole world is changed in sports, since he and bring kids, and players stayed with teams for a whole career. >> since december, like, tenth, no jimmy rollins no michael carter williams, no shady mccoy no todd herremans, no trent cole, no braydon coburn, who was the
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longest tenured flyer here in town no kimmo continue man all in less than three months. yep, if you're saying you remember the way it used to be when players stayed here for awhile, i think they are making a mistake, big daddy's big rule of thumb you never trade for players who just missed an entire season like alonso did to look like shady might have lost his stuff last year? ya maybe but that's one year, he is only 26. i was too long rose the dice he would still have something left in the tank for at least couple of more years left to go. so shady you gave us a lot of good time here, as did herremans, as did trent cole. i got to throw those names into the mix here, too, they were great eagles. >> reporter: kerry williams, by the way so in 24 hours four veteran players out of here. the eagles kind of looking like the sixers. i tweeted last night the eagles let the sixers gm be eagles gm for the day. we saw more wheeling and
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dealing, if i can go back to my childhood again that i saw watching let's make a deal on tv in the 60s and 70s, with the then host monte hall. few people might age will get that joke. >> i remember jean rayburn too, had the super long skinny microphone. remember that thing stief? >> that was match game. that will was match game. game shows yes. >> i don't think anyone will miss kerry williams back to football, but some of the other guys, trent cole specially and shady. we'll see what chip's doing. thanks so much. >> chris, the only thing more wide open than kerry williams' mouth were the receivers he covered. so you're right nobody will miss him. >> very good. 4:08 is the time. happening today, a judge will rule on whether to approve the sale of the revel florida developer, for $82 million. >> but a 11th bid enters by los angeles velcro complicate matters two. previous deals to sell the casino fell through. revel, which cost $2.4 billion to build, clogs in the
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september after little more than two years of operation. >> and later this morning groups supporting hired minimum wage will ask the philadelphia city council to support increased wages. activist want it to be increased to $15 an hour in the city in the last several months, few other large sit advice passed plans for significant increases in minimum wage including in see at hole did pass a 15-dollar minimum wage but it is facing a court challenge. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in our area today, elvis it stem academy high school in chester county talk about his budget, how it relates to education. >> we're still die jetting everything, all the money where it all goes. yesterday in his first budget address, asked law makers to approve $4 billion in higher state income in sales taxes. he says that will help shift education funding away from local property taxes. >> there is no reason why we can't have the best schools. there is no reason why we can't have the most dynamic economy. there is no reason why we can't have the strongest
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middle class. the idea of pennsylvania is the idea that all things are possible. and if we work together, there is nothing we can't accomplish. >> governor wolf says under his plan, the tax burden on the average middle class home own we are drop by about 13%. >> police in reading are investigating several reported attempted child lurings including four in just the last two days. investigators say in the most recent case, it happened yesterday, when a 13 year old was walking along spring street, heading to reading high school. authorities say a man asked a girl to get into his pick-up truck. she ran away. police say they've had about 15 cases reported since january, and find it hard to build a pattern. >> un for the lip, you could say that they're all connected and one person, i can't say that. the descriptions have varied from the number of suspects, the vehicles driven what's being said. >> detectives released an image after man wanted for one of many attempted lurings in the suburbs.
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you see it there. police say kids should report suspicious activity to any adult immediately. >> new charges this morning in connection with the stabbings of two of nicky minaj's tour members. philadelphia police have now charged 31 year old peers boykin with murder, attempted aggravated assault charges against him. he stabbed 27 year old inside the che bar and grill, two weeks ago. minaj's tour manager picket was stabbed and died. all started when an argument was sparked over, yes a woman. 4:11, the time, police in new jersey charged pick up driver who drove over a river and plunged through the ice last weekends with criminal miss chief, may also face animal cruelty charges because his dog was found dead inside that truck which sang. authorities say another man who was in the truck will not face charges because he got out of the truck just before the driver took it out on to
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the ice. coming up: nearly two years after the boston marathon bombing, one of the men accused in the attack goes on trial what to expect. his testimony begins straight ahead. >> here is another live look outside. temperatures are warming up, so to speak and expecting just rain today. but sue will have mor
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>> it is 4:15, we're grooving this morning you know why? chris is out of the studio. sue, just you and i and earth wind and fire. you had some trouble getting out of your driveway this morning? >> couple of hours ago it, wasn't quite above freezing yet. so my entire street was a sheet of ice. ended up having to meet our dear wonderful executive producer at the bottom of my street. he came to pick me up. my husband and i we had to ride on our butt, basically you could get traction on the grass, but the driveway, forget about it, the street, forget about it. that was then, this is now. you still could be dealing with this in carbon monroe county. still have the winter weather advisory in effect until 6:00 a.m. in those northern and western places, where temperatures are still not
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quite above freezing, just now, issued winter storm warning for tonight through tomorrow night for the chance of accumulating snow. and it is a pretty good chance, because once the warning goes out yes pretty sure. than is, let's get right to it 5208 inches possible tomorrow in the philadelphia area. if you're north and west of philadelphia, three to 5 inches so, this is a case where the further south you go the more snow you will see. and the question now is when are we going to change this rain over to snow? and when the change happens how long it will last. we still need couple of factors to come into play for all of this to play out the way we're thinking. but as we look right now we do see pretty much just rain in our area. as we look at the future cast, we look ahead we see throughout the rest of the day, it is on and off rain. combined with warmer temperatures melting snow corks see areas of flooding, promise you ponding. after 10:00 tonight we start
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to watch for the change over from rain back to snow, then accumulating snow throughout the morning on thursday, that would be tomorrow so we had the chance to get to either the low end or the high end of that five to 8 inches. temperatures right now have finally gone above freezing, in a lot of places, still at freezing, in mount pocono, but now we're at 35 in philadelphia. windchills in the 20's. that will get bert. won't be talking about windchills for the rest of the morning. so our foxcast for today has rain high of around 40 degrees, and then tonight we're down into the 20's, as the rain changes over to snow, probably in the middle of the night say any time after midnight. that's a look at your weather authority forecast for today. would do promise a better weekend. between now and then, bob kelly, we'll have a lot of adventures. hope nobody is going do what i did this morning. >> i think we have video being fed in of sue sliding in on the grass we'll get to that in the next half hour.
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good morning everybody. , slush hour, that's what we call it this morning, it is slush hour slushy everywhere, the roads are slick and the sidewalks could be even slicker. soap, just make sure you take your time this morning. specially for the little ones, have to get out there later on on the bus stop. and the big old puddles are starting to form, as the temperature goes up, this is all going to melt this morning, and create some huge puddles, and ponding last night there was a huge puddle on i-95, the drain was clogged. so we start to see that issue pop up throughout our morning rush hour. and we're the trailblazers, the first ones out of the gate the first ones to find l big puddles like a log flume coming in on 95. no problems on 422 coming in from the suburbs on a ride from the schuylkill, again expect slower than normal speeds, and watch it, again the temperature just now started to pop up. so any of the on and the off-ramps where they still -- where the slush, there could
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still be slippery. it will take couple of hours before we can really say whew, we don't have to worry about any potential black ice problems out there. talcony palmyra bridge, the met a.m. great, how the bridge rises, they got a speed restriction in play at 25 on both the talcony palmyra and the burlington bristol bridge. we had huge delays last night in and out of philadelphia international airport. we'll reset the clock. i wouldn't be surprised with rain today that we don't have some delays at the airport so do check with the airline before you head down to the airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. a report from the justice department on racial bias in the ferguson missouri police department could be released as early as today. the justice department started the investigation after the shooting death of 18 year old michael brown. the report reveals officers disproportionately used excessive force against african-americans, too often charged them with petty offenses. >> president obama saidel signed a bill funding homeland security department as soon as
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it reaches his desk. it cleared the house yesterday without action funding for the department would have expired friday midnight. it provides money for the entire fiscal year, without overturning the president's immigration policies. former cia director david petraeus has agreed plead guilty to charges of mishandling classified information. federal prosecutors say he shared classified material with his biographer and former mistress, while she was working on the book. in court papers prosecutors recommended two years every probation and a $40,000 fine. but the judge who hears the plea is not bound by that and could still impose a prison sentence. former ns a and list turned fugitive snowden wants to return to the united states. has been living in russia since 2013 after the us revoked his passport. a russian lawyer representing snowden says there is an international effort to get him back on us soil, but he only wants to return if he's guaranteed a fair trial.
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the white house says he needs to face the consequences. >> he absolutely can and should return to the united states to face the justice system that will be fair in its judgement of him but if he didn't want to be subject to these kind of charges then he shouldn't have done what he did. >> if snowed send to return, he face as wide variety of charges including treason f convicted he could get the death penalty. opening statements today in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect tsarnaev dzhokhar. that will will begin in boston as we said today. tsarnaev faces 30 federal charges corks receive the death penalty if convicted two bombs went off at the boston marathon april 13th, 2013, 264 hurts some lost limbs, others killed. also charged in the death of mit officer during the manhunt. the defense plans to argue his brother, tam tam. lynn who died, was the masterminds of the attack. trial expected to last four
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full months. coming up: block buster trade lesean shady mccoy will be wearing a new uniform next season. more on the changes facing the
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> this may be the most memorable off season, though not official until next week, when the trades can become official. there is a trade the eagles have traded lesean mccoy to
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buffalo. yes, that lesean mccoy. his contract called for $12 million this season, and that could have been one of the factors but chip kelly doesn't wait for players to get to the end. mccoy did not have as good a season this year, this year third in the nfl in rushing. i asked his agent drew rosenhouse for comment. his response, a lot of moving parts, trade official next week. >> trent cole will be released after ten seasons safer $8 million in salary space quarterback kerry williams released, as well, he, too saves the eagles $6 million in salary cap spares. flyers need a win. didn't get it last night. economy to over time. hudler for calgary shoots, scores, it is over, flyers lose it three-two, that's right sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> bear hunting season could be expands in the new jersey. >> so the state fish and game council has approved adding an october hunt. the proposal would also expand the hunting area, increase the number of bears hunters can claimant the policy still has
4:26 am
to be approved beaten vier on mental protection department and the agency says human bear interactions increase 60% last year. and that is something that is scary. you don't want to come up close to one of those they may look cute, but affair. >> when we left florida we saw one almost every day. >> wow, how close did you get? >> very close, they're everywhere. >> still ahead in the final hours before judge makes a decision about the sale of atlantic city's revel casino another potential buyer throws their hat in the ring. >> let's take live look outside. we're do you have a rainy start today. that is going to change. when to expect snow and a video of sue serio sliding down to catch a ride this morning.
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this is not going to be fun. here is a live look at the radar. we're tracking rain today even bigger mess tomorrow. >> and another chapter in the ongoing sale of atlantic city's revel casino today. judge will consider another attempt to sell it. will the third time be the charm? and digital confessions. one priest new way of hearing confession is causing controversy, while it is angers some catholics. good day everyone, it is wednesday, march 4th 2015. we are just couple of weeks away from spring. >> but before that, we have a lot more that will happen. you snow. >> sue?
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we're in the thick of it right now it sounds like this week? >> this is going to be an adventure us couple every weather days. actually today to up 40 degrees. but, thanks to our friend, decoy 43 on twitter lots of ice in the hills outside of boyerstown. so plenty every icy spots still around. and you can see looking out to the west, we have a lot of precipitation to come. but there is pink to the north of us. we mostly have rain throughout the philadelphia area. now, we're to up 35 degrees, the temperature rising as we said it would overnight. but, combine that with 11 miles an hour it, feels like 27. 6:30 is our sunrise time. what to expect? most of the sleet from last night has changed over to rain except for north and west every philadelphia. we will detail that for you coming up. milder today with on and off rain all day and then tonight into tomorrow is when the rain changes back over to snow and it starts to accumulate. we'll have our best estimate of how much we're going to get coming up in just a few minutes. so, bob kelly, there is some
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roads that are fine, and some, not so much. >> yes, and you mentioned it, north and west of the city, still seeing the freezing rain. so depending where you begin and end your trip, again temperatures are just now starting to rise. so again, you have to go with the notion, if it looks wet still could be icy. live look cherry hill new jersey, route 70, you got the mall there in the background, it is slushy, slippery, i-95, coming out of northeast philadelphia, the problem we're going see here on the majors is the drains will get clogged. we haven't had to deal with that for awhile. we haven't had any melting. so all of this yucky messy ice melting last night puddles start today pop up along i-95, and that's going to be a problem for the morning rush hour. not just on the majors, but also, at the street corners and in the neighborhoods. 25 miles an hour over the talcony palmyra and the burlington bristol bridges. speed limits in place there. a fire location, lower moreland, with some local detours, manner and locust
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drive. call it a slush hour. everything is just slushy out there specially on those on and off ramps. they were less traveled on the overnight. so they could still be slippery. trying to stop on slush is almost the same as trying to stop on some ice. septa running night owl bus service until 5:00 a.m. then just a cautionary note, the slippery platforms, when we get into the regional rails all of the trolleys are running without a problem. and we'll check in with the airport for the next time around chris lauren, back to you. >> i like that bob not rush hour but slush hour. >> you get that? >> good one, bob kelly. >> i don't get much, but that kind of hit me. >> somebody's paying attention. >> thanks, another round of snow is head our way. >> that's right. >> fox 29's jenny joyce live in berlin, new jersey? >> reporter: yep berlin, ismail with you on the slush hour, i like that phrase. we are standing in puddles however, right now, in berlin, new jersey, just rain still falling, which is pretty much what we're expecting throughout the day.
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how much, yesterday was the driving conditions that were really really terrible, when we had the mix of this snow, the sleet and the ice. chris o'connell was out there talking to people on their way home, who said it took them 45 minutes to travel just two hours, people had the shovels out, people had scrapers out as well. people told thaws they're just ready for winter to be over. >> i was ready for winter to be over at christmas time. it's been a long winter. >> i would rather have 10 degrees and snow than 34 degrees and ice. >> i could probably do one more storm and i'm done. >> reporter: and i'm done, too. officially i'm done. and we are waiting for this system to develop over the next couple of days. we know that the rain will last today then it is supposed to switch back over to snow. yesterday with the freezing rain though, that's just the worse, because with the temperature fluctuating up and
4:34 am
down, the conditions fluctuate, and it becomes icy pretty quickly. so we're at a store here, wal-mart, 24 hours we're going to expect to see people back here again, prepping for the storm not sure how much snow we could get. so, we expect, you know, the milk, the bread the eggs, the prep the shovels the aisles, get it all in early. back to you guys. >> that one guy said it right: i'm done. i think we're all just sick of it at this point well into march. jen, thanks so much. closing the school district every philadelphia's budget gap pennsylvania state senator anthony williams says he knows exactly thousand do it. >> he'll present his recommendations today to educators, parents and community leaders. williams says he's identified $200 million in potential funding. where's been hiding? >> rival pennsylvania senator bob castly unveil a bill today that aims to expand pre k across the us, and senators also pushing a measure aimed at strengthening relationships between early childhood
4:35 am
programs, and elementary schools. >> and this afternoon a judge will rule on whether to approve the sale of the revel to a developer for $82 million. but a 11th bid entered by los angeles developer could complicate matters. two previous deals to sell the casino fell through. revel, which cost $2.4 billion to build closed in september after being open for only about two years. trouble for new jersey governor chris christie, in the wake every his budget proposal. >> so, 14 unions representing new jersey public sector employees say they plan to sue the governor over planned contributions to governor -- government employee pension funds, last week, christy presented, calling for the state to crib $1.3 billion to pension funds in the next fiscal year. women, last week a judge ruled christy and lawmakers must put $1.6 billion more into pensions for the current fiscal year. christy's office is appealing that order. of. coming up: former congress woman gabrielle giffords, will be back on
4:36 am
capitol hill today. she is taking aim at new gun control legislation. >> plus, hillary clinton's steers clear everyone controversy, but she wades right into
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♪ ♪ >> in is a great albumn. i saw this tour, octoon babe. >> i i don't know. i can't add anything. >> alabama let's head there if we must. the supreme court has ordered its probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. they said the u.s. constitution does not alter the judge's duty to administer state law. well state law defines marriage as between a man and a woman. the nation's high court will hear oral arguments? april whether same sex couples nationwide have fundamental right to marry, and if states can ban such unions, they're expected to rule by june. federal officials say the homeless man killed on skid row was living under assumed name wanted for violating probation. charlie was shot by police sunday after attempt to go grab an officer's weapon doug during a struggle. officials say he stole the identity of french citizen and was living in the u.s. under that name. he was released in may after serving 14 years in prison for robbing a bank.
4:40 am
more than 70 passengers aboard an airline flight that crash landed in san francisco two years ago have reached a settlement in their lawsuits against the airline. the survivors filed personal injury claims against boeing, and a new jersey company that made the aircraft evacuation slides. the filing does not include the statement about dozen of additional case that is are still pending. three people were killed, nearly 200 were hurt. former congress woman gabrielle giffords, will be back on capitol hill today. >> will launch campaign to expands criminal backgrounds checks for sales. given order and other supporters want background checks for all commercial sales, under the currencies tell, checks only conducted at stores but not gun shows or for sales through the internet. but the success of the proposal is pretty slim, with republicans controlling congress. give orders has been increasingly active player in the gun control movement since being shot at a political event four years ago. hillary clinton speaking at a democratic gala yesterday, asked attendees
4:41 am
want to see a woman president? the presumptive democratic presidential candidate however, avoided talking about inquire my why she used her personal e-mail account during her tenure at secretary of state. the findings macons taught a violation of the federal records act. >> the fact is the state department cannot certify they have produced all of former secretary clinton's emails because they do not have all of former secretary clinton's emails, nor do they control access to them. >> clinton's office says nothing illegal or improper was ever done. four have 41 the time. coming up: a priest now hearing confessions on snap chat? would you do this? why some are skeptical. >> plus, here's a live look at radar. we're tracking rain today live look outside, we have snow coming tomorrow. we have a video of sue serio trying to get out of her house and get to work. we have it all coming up after the break.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> goo-goo dolls with slide. >> the reason we're talking about slip, slip, sliding this morning, sue serio had a tough time getting out of her house and into the car this morning. >> well, let's take a look at this. >> okay. >> all right, so we've walked on the grass this far.
4:45 am
the neighbor's driveway so i can get to more grass. here we go. just like christmas eve 2008. here we go. >> cousin billy says see you later, sue, slid down the hill. >> it is authorities see, so dark. explain what's going on here? >> i have no street lights. i enough this cull de sacks one of bob kelly's roads less traveled, so there wasn't any traction. here comes tom loud tone save me. he came -- >> our executive producer tom lowden came to pick you up? >> my favorite part of the video when you reach bag and -- you reach back and grab your purse. >> i know, now as i try walk walk across the street, walking like the hundred year old woman. >> i just realized, so did billy slide down with you? >> yes yes so right after this, you see the video go
4:46 am
boom, there he goes. >> back to bed? >> wow. >> you want billy to shoot this video? >> good for you sue serio. such an adventure just to get to work? >> as mike jerrick says, if it doesn't happen on tv it, doesn't happen. so that was urachal think morning, and you could be having the same challenge in your neighborhood, winter weather advisory in effect for the pocono mountains, for lehigh northampton counties, and lancaster county, as well. soap that's until 6:00 a.m. now, we have the watches and warnings up for tomorrow, tonight into tomorrow, i should say and that's a winter storm watch to the north of us. then winter storm warning to the south of us, as we look ahead to the possibilities of five to 8 inches of snow in the philadelphia area, three to 5 inches to the north of us, this will be a case where we get more accumulation, the further south you go, because of the nature of this storm.
4:47 am
so there you see on radar, we have all this rain yet to come and it will change over tonight to snow. but, for right now, we're dealing with rain unless you're north and west every us. that's where we see little pink mixed in. that's where it could be specially dicey as you try to get out of here this morning. so today we get up to 47 degrees possibly, and then into the 40's, throughout the evening. it is when we get to tonight that we see the change-over probably after about 10:00 tonight, you see the colder air moving down, and the rain changing over to snow, so by 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning we could be having the snowy situation, and then lasting throughout a good portion of the day possibly tomorrow. so we're above freezing, just about everywhere right now. 35 degrees in philadelphia. already 40 in millville. and we have windchills that are in the 20's. here's the seven day forecast.
4:48 am
you know what happened this weekend, guys? spring forward. we change our time. >> oh, great. >> lose an hour? i hate this time. >> so anyway, ya. that's when we lose an hour of sleep over the weekend? oh great. >> but things, at least it is another sign of spring. >> one reason, you saw that video, you saw that video. i want to show you. come here, come here, the reason that sue slid down the hill and she grabbed the purse? >> it is a woman's purse! >> we have vallet service now that's great. we just call tom louden. >> exact lurks i'll call for pick up tomorrow. do we have to call the night before? >> it is the lowden shuttle. >> oh, the lowden shuttle good morning everybody, it is the slush hour. here is a live look at route 309. an example whatever we're dealing with this morning again, yes temperatures are on the rise, grabbing a maybe an extra agree an hour. but everything is still slushy, and slippery, and as
4:49 am
we get into that melting mode, we are going to have to deal with the puddles and the ponding on the roadways. so we will clean out some of this stuff before we get the next round of snow. but it will be slippery this morning. here is a example of one of the intersections, this is 202, up near the limekiln pike. so again even though the road may look wet go to make that left or right lane, and you're -- your tires are trying to grip on the slippery surfaces here. for a ride on the blue route 476, i know it is early but are you eddie for some penndot trivia? twenty-fourth storm of the season? what? >> and the 20th storm since january the third. >> wow. >> all these little pain in the neck storms have been coming since january the third. just enough to make things a little slippery, and treacherous, and this storm last night was really not a plowing operation. it was more a salting operation. so they didn't want to plow off the slush because then all of that salt would have gone off to the side of the roadway, as well. going to be different story of course for tomorrow morning.
4:50 am
speed restrictions up and across the walt whitman bridge, as well as the talcony palmyra and the burlington brings tomorrow bridges have speed restrictions in play. a fire location lower moreland manor road at locust drive. i just talked to septa. they said so far so good. everybody's getting out of the gaeton time. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you, 4:50 is the time. priest in texas is offering to on solve sends digitally by using confessions using snap chat? >> but the entire thing has some people pretty skeptical. lauren lee has the story. >> reporter: instead of turning a church to confess your sins, could you instead turn to your phone? local ordaned breeze said he's offering confessions digitally for the first time through snap chat. some fateful believe remembers skeptic. >> it is not confessions, it is not what the sacrament is all about. >> farther tony hears confessions in person daily at san fernando cathedral downtown. and he questions who could be behind the on-line confessions. >> he is not a catholic priest
4:51 am
because the church teaches that you know, when go to confession, you should go to the priest either behind a divider or face-to-face. >> the priest wants to stay anonymous, but you can reach him through at priest david. he's making himself available through the app through march 16th. >> doing snap chat, i mean, downing snap chat through the internet and just list everything you have done. there is no humility in there. there is no ownership of the sends that you've ate examined. >> just last month, san fernando expanded its hours to hear confessions every day. and we asked people what they think about connecting on line to make a confession. >> ridiculous, absurd, that's what the catholic church is for, internet is not reality you want confession go see a priest. the only real confession you could actually make is through a priest. >> in san antonio lauren lee reporting. coming up: country superstar carrie underwood is a new mother.
4:52 am
the name she and her husband chose for their next baby.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
♪ ♪ baby for carrie underwood and husband mike fisher. >> the country singer shared the news with her fans via twit nerve this picture tiny hands and tiny feet got blessed with amazing gift, born february 27th. this is the couple's first child. they were married knack 2010. >> the cute he is part of the newborn, the tiny little feet the tiny little hands. >> and the smell. >> so a door job until they have their first episode with a deeper. >> actor vince vaughn using comical which new way to present his mover. >> i he and the cast of un fish i shall business, stock photos you have to see here.
4:56 am
so 20th century fox has teamed up with the gag, 12 images featuring vaughn and his co-host will be made available for download for free. might be perfect to spice up your power point presentation action, look at vaughn's expression that's great. >> justin timberlake posts sweet message to his pregnant wife to his pregnant wife for his birthday. >> posted this, calling her the sweetest, goofiest most gorgeous chick he knows. quote, you make me smile until it hurts. i love you like crazy and signed it your hus their first child due next month. >> all these love stories. okay coming up: mccoy is out. the eagles star running back reportedly heading to the bill. who is going to replace him? >> what about trent cole? he's gone too after ten years with the team. he was great. let's take live look at the radar, tracking big weather changes, expect rain today and then snow tomorrow, and
4:57 am
lots of it. sue has your full for
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> it is raining outside live look outside expect rain and on off. tomorrow, we'll tell when you the snow starts, just ahead. >> shady, see ya, man. one of the most talented running backs in eagles history being traded.
5:00 am
and this isn't the only big move. the eagles made yesterday. >> oh, it sounds so bad. >> i mean, the heart of the team in many ways. >> i know. another chapter in the ongoing sale of atlantic city revel casino today. the judge will consider another attempt to sell. it will the third time be the charm? >> head today court nearly two years after the boston marathon bombing, one of the men accused in the attack goes on trial what we can expect out of court today. and good day everyone, it is wednesday march 4th 2015. if you listen to sports talk, you heard them talk about potentially losing shady. now he's gone. kinds of stingser. >> one is talking about it on twitter. people are saying maybe the team isn't thinking. it was business move. hate to see him go. patty jackson saying hashtag who is the smartest in the room? >> we'll see. this is chip's kind of make or break, third year as eagle. so we'll see. we have to turn to weather. soup serio, a lot going on. because we might get a lot of snow here. >> we have the potential forgetting the biggest


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