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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 4, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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live from fourth and market. this is good day philadelphia, at 9:00. >> that's right, 9:00 good day, it is wednesday march 4th, 2015. good morning,. >> good morning. >> i was listening to pandora at my desk, i heard ten commercials for fearing negatives your earl 30th, a i was like are they talking to me. >> something you'ring? >> why my pandora. >> do you listen to the ads? >> no see i i do itunes,. >> oh, that's good idea. >> over $2 a month to get pandora's out commercials? >> all right so, sports have very important of course in philadelphia. but, when it comes to relationships, there is one thing couples care about more than anything else. yes. more than having a common favorite sports team, you may be having bad dreams there is a hint, about this one. >> plus, she's got the
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attitude and the style. aa lot of women are looking to kinding. look how she put that together. we're going to tell you how you can copy your hot empire look. >> al innings, can you imagine monique -- >> i saw that. >> have been thinking about that all week. >> oh, stop. wedding flowers can cost a fortune, no worries, you can cut those costs by doing it yourself. how you can create stunning looks, for a lot less money. >> turns out winter weather is causing new yorkers to seek help for what some may call the winter blues. writer says residents are so fed up with all of this cold, that they're headed to their therapist. here's someone who might need therapy. from all of the snow and freezing rain, that we have been getting.
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>> walking so i can get to the neighbor over's grass. just like 2008. oh get my purse. >> goes back to get the purse! oh sue serio about 145 this morning. a sheet of ice. got with two neighbors' driver way, no footing at all so we just slid on your butts. >> back up for a minute. take me through this serio household. so you get up around one time? >> one-er? >> normally get up 13 but i got up earlier because my husband woke me up and said it is terrible out there. we can't get out of the neighborhood. >> well, that's where i was going. so billy was already up. you didn't have to wake him up? >> was trying to walk the dog but neither one every them could really stand up. >> you live on hill, an
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incline? >> a hill, and a cul-de-sac, so not one of the traveled roads, and just that time of the morning when the change-over was happening. we thought that temperatures would go up little bit sooner than they did. but they were still just below freezing ann thought it would be more slush and it was just that build up of ice from the night before. even though raining at that time, it was craze. >> i and you had a double whammie, you go up to get to your house the driveway goes down little bit. >> just enough. so that is what happened. so we were -- we did one driveway, oops, so i thought we better turn on the video camera. >> do you need therapy like the new yorkers, do you need therapy after this winter. >> then getting snow tonight. >> what a winter. >> it is winter, it is the way it is supposed to be. i mean, last winter it was snowstorm after snowstorm. and big snowstorms. this winter it has been a loft
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cold. and a loft ice. we haven't had one snowstorm above 4.8 inches,. >> and this winter started later. last winter we kind of got hit in november, december, and ya this year it started after january. >> so you see why people are going to look to bus stop buddy a lot of stress. when you children, do you have figure out childcare when they're out of school. and you still have to go to work trying get to work in bad weather, it is very stressful, white knuckle driving. if you have an isn't, that's stressful. so a loft stress trying to get what you need to get done in the wintertime. >> at least it is not boston. >> so true. >> spring is coming eventually. >> thank you, sue. >> thank you. for letting me vent. >> good they are. >> i are you a creature of lab whitt go to bed? new study shows most every us are by always sleeping on the same side of the bed.
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>> most americans 54%, prefer to sleep on the right side of the bed. this can be a dilema if you are in a relationship almost half of couples say they prefer the same side every single night. according to the survey, having certain side of the bed was actually more important than common fairly sports team. >> trying to figure it out of the i saw you doing this. >> on the right or the left? >> here is the deal. dow like the right. but so does my wife. >> and unless she can just push you over, i guess get her side back? >> so you always sleep on the ride side, al next. >> obviously i sleep alone. but sometimes like i start out, casino of doing the x thing, stretching out, then i'm always over, ya, right side because it is so cold. i curl up. >> left side of the bed. >> really? >> ya. >> you are just a little
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different. >> i know. >> so for me, my phone is on the right side of the bed and the lamp to turnoff. >> oh, both sides. >> and everything's on the left side, my phone my ipad, magazines, the remote. >> are you left handed? >> no, so strange. i think it started because i live with myself all the time. i used to be scared to sleep close to the door. i wanted to be on the side of the bed farther ers from the door. >> yes. >> so it in my old house it used to be that side. >> well, whenever i go, like my family goes on trips, even with friends you have the double beds, i'm always like i want the one that is close to the window, far away from the door if somebody comes in i won't be going first run call the police or something. >> or the slob sharing the room with you gets axe murdered first. >> the worse part specially in the cold? my wife does the tuck and roll. she'll take the blanket. >> oh? >> grab it, tuck, and roll. soso you wake up 3:00 in the
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morning, freezing, shivering i'm blanketless. >> i'm single so you know, we can rollback and for the all over and that not happen. >> middle of the night, yank it back! >> not fair. >> fair play. >> really authorities sleep with someone else, though, there are cup that's like don't sleep together, they have separate rooms because one person snores. >> do you that on this shift. and sometimes me? admits it is better for her because dow snore. >> oh, do you? >> bad snorer. >> oh,. >> it is not healthy i should probably get checked out. >> you should. >> nasal -- >> do you have sleep apnea? >> i think i do. and doctor mike has talk about that. can lead to heart problems. >> serious. >> okay. >> all right, sue, plan to visit the smithsonian just about two hour drive from here, washington d.c. well, you will have to leave your selfie stick at home. >> alex holley. >> oh, i know. let me go get mine. >> now pro him the from the using selfie sticks tripods monopods, in the smithsonian museums and guard fence washington, d.c. museum says
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they're implementing the measure because they want to protect visitors and objects specially when things get really busy. soap, a loft new york museums including metropolitan museum of art already have the ban in place, ban not in effect at any philly museums jest yet, but it can always change. so alex scott wanted -- she has been walking around the news room. >> i had never seen one before. >> remember the picture in the meeting last week. >> yes. here then when you stretch it out, and then it is like can real dow some damage. >> look, i can probably reach all the way over to lauren? you said in mexico taking pictures people giving you dirty looks. >> yea, banning, going up and down and everything ducking and moving and stuff. >> put your phone in there. see how it contraption works why you might be distracted, because you're focused on this what is doing right? and you have no idea about the other --
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>> true. and you're focused on this. >> i could do some damage here. >> so she in a museum, imagine, she just turns around. >> someone behind me, yeah, wow. >> oh, there goes the due go. >> i can see why it makes sense. lord knows i knock something over in the schmidt -- smithsonian, i can't buy it. not taking it to the museum any time soon. >> i dropped my ten year olan seven year old over here to the philadelphia museum of art, if you have never been, only run the rocky stems go inside, the best museum in the world, phenominal. so we're looking at a dagat, i always think of the art ills, and she reaches up and touches it punk up. >> no. >> i'm like are you kidding me? so i got mad at her my wife gets mad at me forgetting mad at her. she touched a priceless piece of art we can't afford, baby. now the new see sum like he's never coming back. >> and now go back and look at
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the surveillance, there he is. fingerprinting the little scanner there, they'll finds thatted. >> well, a bar in chicago going stepfather from the museums, visit ores focusing on the butte any front of them. patrons who don't follow the rules, they have to get out. >> name of the bar harry's velvet room. requires cell phones be silenced and left in your pocket or in your purse no series allowed. so alex can't go in with her purse, herself ' sting, can't go in with her wallet. so the rule might be easier tone force than one of the other rules, no obnoxious us pick up lines. >> it is true, sometimes go into a rest flaunt now or airport, or any like busy setting, starbucks everyone is like face planted into their phones. and there is no, like, human to human interaction any more.
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>> just talking about this at the commercial break, how hard it is to date a loft times with guys, they don't know when to comb over so my friend coming to visit she told me this theory, 32nd room, have you heard of this one in it is where if you see a guy who is cute, he sees you, you have to look at him and smile for three seconds. and then that should be the okay that he is supposed to come over. i haven't tried it out yet so i don't know. >> i want to see how long three seconds is. >> i know. look at the camera and do it. >> do you have a stop watch. >> i have timer. >> it seems like eternity. >> so catch it make sure they're looking at you. >> you catch each other's eyes and look back. >> okay, this is a guy i'll tell when you to smile. >> one two, three. >> (laughing). >> that's 32nd. >> that's so long. so long. >> see, sixers game, every time it works. so cute guy smile at him look down, look up. thirty-second. >> if you think the girl's cute and it is locked on for
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that long she loves me! >> i was going say she's going home with you or something? >> come over. >> ready to get married? are you kidding me? >> do you have let them know something. they won't just -- >> that's true. i think men -- be bold, just be bold. that will was long 32nd, though. >> it was long! >> smile, maybe wing, or something? >> again let's turn the table here. if you're a guy and the girl there at starbucks is just like this the whole time, and has ear phones in, how -- >> like when that is high school, a guy would come up (are you on your phone little ma'am, a you snow. >> little mama? >> if you want to -- >> , no i was going say that i go to the gym with ear buds in, and even if it is nothing in there just to present the idea that i'm very busy, you snow. >> you don't want to be approached? >> i'm very busy. but i'll go in the gym. someone still talking and i kind of pull it out just a little to let you know what? because i'll put this back in. and they keep talking.
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they never get the cues. >> look down at the screen. >> of the treadmill, nil, just lever my alone. doesn't work. >> now here, if you lever the ear budd out then he knows it is on. >> so for the guys that go there in lauren's jim? >> and if you put the piece back in you're out. >> meanwhile looking at everyone for three seconds for the next couple of of weeks. >> i'll lockdown. empire starts here, made appearance on the tonight show this week. he explains really awkward moment he had while presenting at the oscars. do you remember this? apparently blaming it all on oprah. >> weighing happening smear. >> young musician see ted together here. >> thrilling symphony -- >> here is where i forgot what i was going say.
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>> minds blowing! >> you blank, blank, completely blank. >> i'm blown away right now. >> of. >> yes, improvise there but then but what happens after? sound like you got mugged on stage. >> no, no, no. >> what happened? >> i thought ted together, then i hit the microphone and i was like maybe nobody noticed? >> the loudest noise of the night. >> i know. i thought it was like under the influence or something. what's happening? because it was awkward. >> said he was making fun every people to his wife for reading the teleprompter. this is so easy. why are they making it such a big deal. then he had to do it. but had he a rough day. forgot his belt. hoping his pants would stay up. just rough day for him. so funny. terrence howard, always little different whenever he does
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interviews. >> oh, terrence being terrence. we can watch terrence, lucious line on, i like to call him line lucious, will air tonight fox 29, followed by "fox 29 news" at 10:00. >> didn't someone invite to you hang snout. >> got to be home to watch empire. sue likes to watch it, too. >> i do. i think there will be another real good song, last week's song you're so beautiful. pretty. weather not so beautiful. not today. specially not tomorrow. today, dealing with on and offer rain. there you see it coming through the at, ultimate doppler radar. temperatures risen above freezing everywhere including the mountains, where it is 36 degrees, in mount pocono. 37 degrees here in the city. 42 degrees atlantic city right now. with the milder air moving, in slightly milder, visibilities are dropping, getting lots of reports of fog in the area, so slow it down, less than 2 miles visibilities in lancaster, reading pottstown trenton, 3 miles philadelphia,
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two and half miles visibility in wilmington. so for tonight into tomorrow evening that's right tomorrow evening, winter storm warning kicks in about 11:00 for most of the area, but north and west may not get enough snow to meet the criteria warning, three to five in the northwest, pocono mountains allentown, reading but five to 8 inches is our general estimate for the philadelphia area could get little more to the south. after tomorrow, though, the sun comes out and it looks like we'll see descent amount of sunshine through the weekend have, cold friday, but much milder on saturday and sunday with tell first in the 40, a don't forget guys, it is spring forward weekend. have to change the clocks saturday night. >> thanks, sue. 9:16. the average cost after wed something over $30,000. about 15% is spent on flowers. but, brides, you're not. that is new do it yourself kit throughout that can save you money on those centerpiece. >> that's right, joining us now, sisters and creators of it's by you.
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com. chris teen caroline, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for being here. best invention comes from frustrated people who can't find a way to get something done. that will kind of what happens heard? >> kind of. i'm flour ills. my brides were coming to me and saying we want to do things ourselves. it is too expensive. >> how do we get things down to size. that's where we came up with this by you. great way to try to diy your own flowers, save half off of a traditional florist if you do it on your own. >> zero. >> so we have the kits here watch comes in a kit? >> kit will usually come with all of the flesh flowers you need come with the actuals you need, as well. so you get here for example have florist tape, your ribbons, you have your pins, anything else that would you possibly need to make any type of design that you want from our site. >> let's start doing this while asking you more questions. >> so how did you get your sisters to buy in? how did you get your sister to say let's do it? >> okay. so we want to take the flowers. >> so i work in digital media. and christine works in a flour
9:18 am
ills. i was anything how do we make a person learn to you to make their own flames. so we side to do streaming videos. >> oh, behind the video. >> yes videos are the key. >> so grab one every your rose, put it in your thumb take another one. >> okay. >> cross it over like. exactly how tough in your hands. >> okay. >> take another one and we will -- >> wait a minute. right? >> yes. >> like that? >> okay. >> then you grab a third one. like that. >> okay. >> making little tripod. >> okay. perfect. >> for $40, how many kids? >> this is 1i right, this is our just say yes kit. >> just one kit? >> oh,. >> just say yes bouquet. and it is $40.
9:19 am
and you keep twisting it around. >> you make a ball shape. so what you are doing right here, help you there. >> clearly messing up. >> no, perfect so you just keep on turning it around. adding new rose. >> like can you do weddings, mothers day? you can? >> downing weddings, mothers day, it can be for prom. make corsages, make buy inch ears, make centerpieces, it works for any occasion. >> there go. >> and the thing is you're saving money because getting so many roses, so many centerpieces, and some people bucaramanga case for $40. >> is that the me? >> exactly. bouquet, average bouquet that i would sell at my old florist shop would be start at $125. with this you can do something for $40 something of the appropriate for bridesmaid in this case. >> cool. >> so what you want to do right now pick up your roses little bit. keep them in ball shape. >> knock. >> all right? >> perfect. >> then you use -- we come, this particular kit, comes with dozen roses per design, right? so then you take them. you will have a piece of
9:20 am
floral tape. i think we have enough floral tape coming around here there. is one for you. >> and just tape it around? >> what you do, you take your thumb, take that little piece of tape, started out for you and this is floral tape that comes with the kit. you start wrapping it around. >> okay? >> yup. pull it as you wrap it. >> so the good news, weaver these videos where we can go look at it over and over. >> we suggest you watch it couple of times before do you it. >> it is like a five minute video. >> yes? >> and so it takes no time at all. by the time you get -- by the time you're ready to do it, take you five minutes to make. >> hopefully chris will look at this this weekend for his wife. >> fantastic. >> thank you so much. appreciate t where can we find you us. >> it is by you. com. >> and just come to the website. if you sign up for newsletter there is bouquet, which is $40, yours for 20. >> love it! >> thank you so much. >> all right 9:20.
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it is the 65th anniversary of the release of center role. so we are celebrating the fill nam pretty big magical way. stay tuned for the magic liver on tv, that's next. ♪ ♪ at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh.
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but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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q imported chicken's been in the news a lot lately. for chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean
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look for perdue. we're the first company to have the usda verify that our chickens are raised in the usa. to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. ♪ ♪ >> oh, look at. that will so the 65th anniversary of the release of the disney classic cinderella. this is a favorite for many of course. but you know what? on a day like today only one wish that we really want granted. so let's bring in our fairy godmother to helpfully help us with this one. >> magic wands, we want to get rid of this not only the cold, foggy, and there is snow in the forecast, are you ready?
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>> yes we're red. >> i bipbop boop. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ahh. >> now, that's more like it. >> thanks, sue. >> i brought more alavera. >> and make sure about the sunscreen, were you orange the other day. >> okay at him. >> the hat was good, that way you block the up.
9:26 am
>> yes. >> no more orange. >> thank you fair i godmother, sue for. that will a lot of people looking outside like really? is the sun really snout no, no. >> not really going to the beach. >> these ankles ores, they're nuts. >> well, you know, some people think cookie, she's, you know, nuts. but you know what? she just has attitude. and of course the style so, ladies, a loft people are looking for that cookie fashion inspiration these days. so how you can copy her hot empire looks. next. >> look at
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well, it ace big night, it is wednesday we are ready for fox ease show empire.
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a and as always cookie lion is looking and acting fierce. >> now you cannot speak english. >> so, we love the sayings, as you say them cookie by the but we like the fact that she has attitude and style. beside music, fashion is another big part of the show and everyone is talking about what we're calling the cookie look. so stylist stephanie cain is here to show thousands get that look. you also love the show too don't you. >> i cannot wait for wednesday night. my daughter and i look forward to it. >> it is important to sit in front of the tv and make a night out of it. >> that is correct. >> what do you think cookie loves so much. >> cookie is a statement maker. cookie from the very beginning from when she came home she was wearing things, back in the day from when she first went a away 17 years ago. but she has evolved, because back in the the day she gave
9:31 am
you that, mary j. blige, little kim a combination of those ladies making a statement, in the industry, and that music industry but you can look and see right now i'm telling you classy, in the trashy. >> that is true. >> what do you think key thing is before we bring in the models what are key things you need to have to get that cookie invation. >> you have to have the cookie look, first of all, you have to have attitude. >> of course. >> i always tell people fashions are on the pages of the magazine, style is something you are born with. >> okay good cookie definitely makes a statement. she has her own style but she just has to go with the ge nre of what looks good on you. not everything looks good on everyone. >> she does have friend. >> she knows how to bring it. >> cooking making her signature leopard, matching hat and remember, you have seen this look on that show.
9:32 am
>> yes, you have. and, hats. >> yes, is there a clip of it the right here, that look right there. but, those boots, i love cut out on the side. >> yes spices it up a little bit. >> that is for sure. lets bring in this next look. and, that is what i am thinking of when i see he this. >> that is what i'm going for. kenyata has something shimmering cocktail she's giving you sexy every time she walks in the room. she doesn't have to have say anything. >> that is so true. >> i love when you move the dress is moving too. >> yes yes, yes. >> just a little twirl over the shoulder just enough to give thaw little flare. >> yes. >> i like what you do with the shoulder. >> there you go. >> so for our final look now, this one is really something.
9:33 am
>> and a i got this, this is a statement by itself but she's giving it to you, with the boots, cut out boots, the purse, the glasses, and that cookie look, all the way. >> you know what i think a lot of people what we love about her is the the fact that she wears this to work she walks in the office and like i'm's here. >> when she walks in she doesn't have to have say anything. it is like i have arrived. >> i feel like a clutch with this one too. >> yes. >> and now sometimes i wonder when trying to make animal print is that okay, we are doing too much sometimes to have a clutch. >> no, not at all, but one thing you will notice too, with the clutch, cookie has a signature, and watching tonight, she always wears a hoop earrings. >> that is true. >> so true. >> everyone of our models say they have on some form of a hoop. >> that is true. >> and that is a great thing that people like to have. >> that is it. >> so is that a classic thing because it doesn't make up too
9:34 am
much. >> even lauren is wearing hoops. >> thanks very much. >> i love that. what are you looking for tonight, i know with cookie there is a lot going on with her and as i like to call them lying luke. >> but guess what lying is still in love with hot cookie. >> that is true we can fall in love with her. it is hard to fall back out. >> that is so true but we will see a twist or two in this. i have a mine set on what i think is going on in the background. i don't think he is sick. i think somebody who was a doctor might have something else going on. >> okay. >> just tune in tonight and you make a good point though. of course, new episodes airs tonight at 9:00 right here at fox 29. make sure you watch them all because we will talk about them of course tomorrow on the show but also, after the the show episode, empire episode at ten we will talk to cookie's stylist who works with her on the show but thank you so much stephanie for coming in. >> thank you of for having me. >> it was great. >> i enjoyed this. >> we have another layer of
9:35 am
the show that has attitude and style and that is jen fred right, jen? >> that is right i got a little attitude and style here you know is what cool here thinks amazing rest tur rant in chad forward they encourage the kid to pick us a plant, we will talk about some of the cool things we will do for children here when we (clucking noises) everyone wants
9:36 am
9:37 am
to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
9:38 am
it looks like it is going down tomorrow morning and guess what time alex holley. >> 3:00 a.m. >> where is jerrick. >> he miss aid great week to be off. >> he knew what he was doing. >> i will do seven hours straight. >> bring it on, mother nature
9:39 am
good do you remember yesterday when you saw told and bobby will do eight hours if they need me to. >> come on. >> we will start at 3:00 and we will go off the air, late at 11:00. >> you will get eight hours. >> yes. >> look at you we appreciate all you do, chris. >> make sure you eat your hearty healthy breakfast tomorrow. >> we are in march, so that means spring is coming. some people are starting their gardens and kitchens. the question is what do you do with all of this. >> jen, hanging out with people who have the answer to that question. >> it is cool we all want to do something with the herbs we are growing in our garden. >> good morning. >> you have found not only a way for grown ups to do something with the herbs and garden but the kid. so lets begin with this it is a flat bread. >> yes it is a thin pet a, healthy flatbed, and, to farmers road and take
9:40 am
different herbs and lots of vitamins nutrients and top it, any herbs they want and make their own flat bread and herbs are so great, because it adds so much flavor to any dish without adding the the extra calories. >> i know with my kid if they do it themselves, they will want to eat healthier. >> yes. >> they don't know it is healthy. >> there is young children these days that are adults gluten free, anything here is gluten free. >> we have gluten free wraps bread, sliced bread, bagels and even right here in our kid meal our chicken tenders we have gluten free options. >> they are not just your average chicken tenders. >> exactly good they come in raw, and we cut them fresh and we bake them as well. we don't have any friars here. >> in friars at all. >> no, not at all. >> we have stuff for kid to have on the side dehydrated bananas. >> with nutela with house made humus and pita as well.
9:41 am
we have animal cinnamon bake granny smith apples with cinnamon and sugar. >> when ryan was here these look too good to be true. peta chips are easy to make. >> very easy. >> nice option, so you just take a whole wheat wrap or whatever you prefer gluten free or regular cut it up, olive oil, salt, bake it on low and when you see it crispy after a few minutes we have peta chips. >> is what low. >> i would say around 250. >> cool. >> and so you guys have been opened for a long time, a year and a half almost right. and, it is not only telling parents, but they help with the kid. and, something special about the day core as well. >> all of the work that you see is actually from a local milk, it is all falling trees. we don't cut down any trees for our lumber. is there lots of barn doors reused refurbish, bar seating, and that is actually
9:42 am
from a hundred yard old barn. >> that is insane. >> all of the tables and chairs everything is reused. >> good for you you are recycling, growing stuff better eating healthy. perfect citizen. there has got to be something naughty about you. >> no. >> thank you so much. >> thank you you are working on staying opened tomorrow during the snow right. >> yes, yes we are good we will be here. >> and on snow days kids get a free hot chocolate with every kid meal. so come in and get warm. >> i love it. >> so i'm coming to chad forward all the time, that is what i'm doing. >> yeah, really. >> we want to come too. >> thanks, jen. >> time for kelly's count down, we are bringing irish cheer to good day these adorable dancers will show us something, they will perform for us next.
9:43 am
dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice.
9:44 am
after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
9:45 am
2xh@s! >> continuing our count down here's what we need to you do, go to and click on county's count down link and vote for your favorite irish pubs or restaurant. philly is famous for, and, ireland. and we will pick one of her favorites to load up the news van and take the whole crew on st. patrick's day, and
9:46 am
broadcast live from one of the pubs that is, select by the list there. welcome back. we are joined by irish stars, parker school of irish dance. we will get down the line here and ask everybody their name and how old they are. >> sandra and i'm 13 years old. >> i'm kara, i'm 13. >> i'm andy, ten years old. >> lucy, i'm ten years old. >> hand, i'm 18 years old. >> i will not ask you your age. >> now, tell us about the will school and you just want some great award recently. >> we are from the lehigh valley. we're here. but yes, our school, we just actually some students got back from our national championships where several of them, won the at award. >> and, looking very nice. >> our nationals was in las vegas this year. >> cool. >> now how many hours a week, and that is to be commended from all of you.
9:47 am
>> do you get the day off from school today. >> yes yes yes. >> i have to ask you what is up with the curls are they real can i touch. >> yes. >> are they real. >> no. >> they are not real. >> they are not real. >> no good real tight there you have to sleep with the curlers in your hair last night. >> not anymore. >> how come teachers have curls. >> she wanted to wear them. >> yes, big parade coming up tell us bit. >> we are right here, in the lehigh valley and we will h ve bethlehem and allentown st. patrick's day parade we will be in and we are very excited. we are getting ready for performances, and schools restaurants. great to see it. >> thank you so much for coming down here. we will make you work for your money. we will scuff up the studio floor. >> we're lucky enough that this is celtic snowstorm. >> okay. >> hopefully it snows. >> yes. >> let's do it. >> come on, let's do it, girls. cue the the music. wait until the boss gets the new studio floor that will get
9:48 am
all scuffed up here in a minute. >> ♪
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! taking a good look at penns landing tomorrow because when that weather comes in it will be different. >> can't see much of pens landing right new fog has rolled in. we have a variety of issues with the weather right now, it is rain and pretty much only rain throughout the area on and off throughout the day our temperatures have gonna above freezing not far, but we're in the 40's in south jersey, 37 in philadelphia, look at these poor visability only 3 miles at philly international, lot worse north and west of the city. be careful out there. winter storm warning is in effect for tonight into tomorrow evening, and since this storm will last for a while we can get five to 8 inches, in the city there
9:54 am
is a chance that southern area could get more than that. but this would be the biggest snowfall of the season so far, 4.8 inches february 21st was our biggest up until now. >> are the kidding to go school tomorrow. >> well, that would not be my decision. >> but is it your prediction. >> well, i think there will be some schools that decide to close but sometimes you just need to see it. >> that is true. >> before you make the decision. >> we will update everyone. >> change over really early in the morning, either side of midnight, rain will change over to snow. >> we are coming on earlier, 3:00 a.m. >> slide into work earlier tomorrow. >> yes. >> set your alarm clocks chris murphy. >> you will be fine. >> thanks, sue. >> of course is a father according to tmz. >> this is big news. >> what? >> when did this happen. >> brown had a a nine month-old baby girl, the girl's mother and 31 year-old
9:55 am
former model. the two are happily parenting together, although they are in longer romantically linked. >> hold on. >> we have been needing a time line because he was with rihanna, she went to jail. he has been dating caruchi and now nia comes in there sometime. >> the the baby is nine months. she was pregnant for nine months. that is a year and a half. >> are you think a visit. >> i mean, i mean. >> when i woke up and saw that i said wait what. >> yes. >> he just went on the radio last week. i was just talking about this. he is on the radio in new york. the reason he had all these girls that are loyal and this person party drink party, then you go home. you went home with one of them. >> unless maybe he was on a break, that is all i can think of. he was with caruchi. >> a break from what. >> from girls. >> from one of the girls.
9:56 am
>> it happened with gabriel union, they went on a break, he had a baby. >> but they are still together. >> yes. >> i wondering if that can happen. >> i wand fur his girl friend will stand by him. she broke up with him. but he is going back to rehand a cheating. and so wow. >> you keep this all straight. >> it is hard to. >> in the word of madonna it is a beautiful mess. >> a beautiful mess. >> justin timberlake isn't shy about his feelings for his expectant wife. >> yes, it will make you melt. >> because i need a break good no, he did not need a break. >> yes, sir contact beal's page. he said sweetest, most goofy gorgeous chicky know. you make me smile until it hurts. i love you like crazy. signed your husband. >> if you take any section from this show justin timberlake not chris brown. >> leave messages tour wife. >> sweet gorgeous, that is a great combination.
9:57 am
>> yes. >> just add smart, we would be good. >> sweet, goofy, gorgeous intelligent. >> yep, perfect combination. >> she's smart. >> he knows how to do it. >> so, next month. >> and carry under wood. >> yeah, she had a baby. she shared the news with her fans, and caption read tiny hand and tiny feet, god has blessed us with an amazing gift isaiah michael fish are born february 27th. this is their first child. >> all this dating news today. >> my goodness. >> you know, four or five years to have a baby. >> in 2010. >> you need time. >> yes. >> get to know each other. >> just to have fun together go to dinner do whatever you got to do because baby adds a whole different dynamic to the relationship. >> everyone says it. >> live your life before you have that baby. >> no doubt. >> you better live your life today because you wake up with this weather coming in. we will have updates throughout the the day and we will be back in at 3:00a in m, because we're getting the
9:58 am
storm. >> we've got you covered as the snow covers everything, yet again.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city this the wendy williams show. today from her battles in the board room to the kenya controversy, vivica fox sounds off on her exit from last night. wendy has one of her favorites dr. phil take your questions and tackle the hottest headlines. plus all of today's super juicy hot topics. now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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