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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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rain. however, all we need is more than 4.8-inches for philadelphia to see the biggest snowstorm of the season. and that is what i expect out of this system. as we look at ultimate doppler right now you can see the green that is rain but to the western part of the state that white that is snow showing up around pittsburgh as well as columbus, ohio. but take a look at this system. it is covering a lot of territory into parts of the deep south as well and then eventually that system had head in our direct. millions will be impacted over the next 24 to 48 hours. you can see all of the pink, those are winter storm warnings in purple those are the advisories. let's zoom in to our area. and you can see pretty much the entire viewing area looking at a winter storm warning beginning at 7:00 o'clock tonight continue continuing through much of the day on thursday. but look at the sharp temperature contrast. low 40s in philadelphia. but look at minneapolis single digits. 8 degrees. and then look at the balmy 70s right now.
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74 birmingham. 71 in columbia. so that front it will continue to move in our direction. that rain will change over to wet snow especially north and west after about 11:00 o'clock and then aft midnight progressing toward the south continuing into south jersey and delaware during the day on thursday. so here's the call for snowfall expected. trenton, philadelphia, wilmington five to 8-inches. likewise in south jersey, some locations could achieve over 8-inches of snow. so once again now through 11:00 mainly rain and then after midnight we start to see the bulk of that snow moving in by day break on your thursday. guys, back to you. >> all right. scott thank you. penndot watching this forecast closely it's got crews on call and ready to go hoping to stay one step ahead of this stop. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in norristown with more on the conditions. chris? >> reporter: well, first of all you may be surprised iain to learn that penndot plow drivers are not preparing for tonight's
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storm. that's because they're all home right now sleeping preparing -- getting rest for tomorrow's storm. you see here behind me there's one that just showed up filling his truck with salt. hundreds of drivers will hit the roads late tonight as the snow begins to fall. it's going to be a long 24 hours for these guys. salt supplies that's the big question tonight. they are running low. penndot tells us it's had enough for this storm but being this winter the second highest on record for salt usage compared to last year's being the first. now tonight will most be a plowing event. penndot says staying on top of this storm will be a challenge here is what drivers can in the morning. >> our trucks one on a cycle two to three hours per cycle. which means till they get around back to that spot where they were two to three hours. at inch per hour you can expect to see two to 3-inches on the
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roadway until they hit it again. >> reporter: take look at some numbers. this is the 25th snow or ice event for penndot so far this winter season. hitting the roads to night 444 snowplow trucks. they'll be hitting 13,000 -- almost 14,000 lane miles in the region and look at how much salt has been used so far this season season. 151,000 tons of road salt. again the second highest on record. now, let's bring you live out here again. one of these massive snow trucks, one of 400 trucks that are going to be on the highways starting just after midnight. another travel concern we've once again heard from the philadelphia airport. lots of flights already being canceled tonight and of course through tomorrow if you are flying you might want to check your arrival and departure perhaps change flight departure if you're flying tonight or tomorrow. so it's going to be long night for these guys, of course, we'll
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be right here with you guys, back to you. >> long night all the way around. chris. >> you just heard him talk about the road crews have used a whole bunch of salt and with more snow on the way people are trying to stock up trying is the key word here. fox 29's dawn timmeney live in philadelphia's chestnut hill neighbor. dawn, so what's the rush been like at stores today? >> reporter: well, a lot of people are out trying to find salt. salt is a hot commodity on a very cold and rainy night but because it's late in the season, it's in short supply unless you happen to know about this little neighborhood hardware store and it was hopping to say the least today, lucy. customers leaving this home depot in cherry hill, new jersey jersey, empty handed today in search of salt with no luck. this store like many is all sold out for the season with a snowstorm on the way. >> early bare get the worm. >> reporter: how many places have you checked.
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>> well, this the third place i checked. nobody has the salt. >> reporter: the nearby wal*mart on route 38 same story. no salt to be had. glimmer of hope check out this sign in front of penn florist in pennsauken. but alas the only bag left is open and it's the flor shops. inside a couple dozen containers of ice melt, that's it. >> been searching for it for two days now g carolyn parker hearing this mom and pop hardware store killian's in chestnut hill has what she and everyone else is after. but not so fast. >> when i got here i seen the sign on the door and salesperson told me it would be here at 1:15 so i waited. >> reporter: along with plenty of others for delivery number three of the day. the salt unloaded off a forklift right on to the sidewalk where customers quickly swoop it up. >> did you think on march 4th you'd still be buying salt? >> no i did not. i thought it would be done. >> it's nuts. it's nuts. this is almost as bad as last year. last year we had like every week
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was like this. >> reporter: the salt selling out in a matter of minutes. and no i didn't miss the opportunity to grab a bag myself myself. >> shovels do good job. if you have ice we've got ice choppers. people want salt. we'll sell them saul. >> reporter: at 5:00 tonight delivery number five. more and more bags of salt unloaded from this van and right into the arms of anxious customers. >> people are desperate. >> reporter: they are. we just had a couple of guys walk up and say no! because guess what the store closed about half hour ago. closed at 5:30 but take look. you can see the salt in here on the noor all stacked up. killian's opens tomorrow morning at 8:30. so if you can get out in the snow they'll be here i talk to the guys they said they're doors will be open. they don't care about the snow. they don't miss a day of opening even if there's a storm iain. >> good for them. thanks dawn. of course we're prepared to make sure you are prepared fox 29 morning news will start early
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tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m. to make sure you're up to date on the forecast and any problems out there on the roads. >> developing right now in radnor township delaware county caught on camera police say they think a serial peeper in our area has many more victims who may not even know what happened. sean moses already faces 86 counts 86, of invasion of privacy and one count of child pornography. but police say that's all from just one mall. they've now learned he video taped in women dressing rooms at other malls as well and posted his footage on porn web sites. fox 29's dave kinchen is live outside the radnor police department with a latest. dave, this is a nightmare. >> reporter: it really is. especially more so now police say that they believe sean moses taped women in dressing rooms without them knowing it at five malls throughout the delaware valley. worse yet, police say the videos could be several years old. at one time that video existed was deleted every over written.
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>> digital evidence pointing radnor township detectives to more hidden camera dressing room videos targeting women. shot by 37-year-old sean moses of penn valley. it specialist now jailed on 86 counts of invasion of privacy charges. >> we did uncover there are deleted file index what is that means where video once existed on his computers which are giving up other locate where he may have filmed. >> reporter: investigators say those locations include express in and forever 21 stores in the philadelphia premium outlets in limerick, cherry hill mall, the springfield mall in delaware county and willow grove mall. union any sex dressing rooms like these at king of prussia stores occupied by underaged women changing clothes. police say moses not only ran the camera but had one woman give him the middle finger and another take her own picture of him but those crimes were never reported. >> we know for a fact aft christmas on december 30 a mom and daughter were in forever 21 king of prussia mall saw this guy, thought he was suspicious complained to the store made a
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complaint to the manager. never left their name. >> reporter: detectives are interviewing women who believe they may have been in those videos which moses allegedly shared on porn web sites. >> there are pretty much appalled by what they see and relieved when when we don't find them on the tapes. >> reporter: investigators say moses also secretly recorded his sexual encounters radnor police interviewed three of his ex girlfriends but have yet to identify those victims. moses said nothing to fox 29 after leaving court on monday. he's being held on half a million dollars bail while the investigation continues. >> i'm actually surprised how big it's gotten. the amount of calls we've had. >> reporter: radnor police are working so hard on this. they moved two detectives off of their regular duties. they have dedicated them to this case. if you believe you may be a victim or you may know of potential victim radnor police ask to you e-mail them at detectives at detectives at iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. former pennsylvania congressman joe sestak kicking off his campaign to capture the
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us senate seat currently occupied by republican pat toomey. sestak announcing his candidacy in philadelphia today. the 63-year-old democrat from delaware county was lecked twice to the us house of representatives before pursuing the senate post. and the search is on for a burglar tonight and talk about bad timing. >> stole peace of equipment at the worst possible time. the crime caught on tape of course what police say he ran off with. >> you want to work out? tell out this gym in cherry hill. why is this all this equipment just sitting in the parking parking lot in this weather? we've got the answer. howard? >> i can't wait. when you say traded bigger than life over the last 24 hours, what do others in the game think of the trading of
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♪ police are look, for the guy who swiped thousands of dollars in power tools from a home in fishtown. video from valentine's day shows this guy casually strolling in through an open garage door on west jefferson street.
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moments later he walk out pushing an expensive snowblower he grabbed a power washer, tool kit an couple of heaters with prone pone. the total 1600 bucks. he's responsible for several other burglaries in the area. >> that snowblower owner will be sad right now. >> montgomery county fugitive i was off that list behind bars. police in arizona caught ashley burgoon. she face as lune laundry list of drug related charges in pennsylvania. montgomery county put her on its most wanted list in december. the school district of philadelphia is coming up with ways to keep the future of its children bright. superintendent william hite releasing an action plan today. he says the focus remains on student's success college career readiness and financial stability. he also touched on charter schools saying there's a lot of thought that needs to go behind where they'reed. >> there are areas in the city that actually need attention
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and need different options and opportunities for students. and so we think that could be selective and purposeful. not just a bunch of new applications for center city. >> under the new state budget the school system could get $159 million. hite says the district is excited now possibility and says first it's $80 million deficit will be paid off. any additional funding will go towards his financial plan. >> a local parking lot looks a lot like the newest hot gym but none of us are invited. this work out equipment arrived by truck from in order last week what was supposed to be a new state of the art fitness center in cherry hill. 700 block of cuthbert road what you're looking at here. however plans for the gym that was two years in the making fell apart monday stranding all of that expensive stuff out in the rain. won't be out there very long. it will be under snow soon. the owner is shipping all that equipment to a buyer in vietnam. >> all right. let's get a check on your fox 29
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winter wet authority now. rain out there but we're bracing for lot of snow coming later. >> you're talking about a lot of snow. >> yeah, lucy and iain, it's a plowable event. we're looking at cancellations delays as that rain eventually changes over to snow overnight and during the day on thursday but no snow right now. in fact, take a look at the streets outside of our studios at fourth and market. they are wet. they are slick. windshield wipers getting a work out and also those umbrellas they are up. 40 degrees is the current temperature. the wind direction right now it's calm but look at that visibility only at two. so we are dealing with fog out there so just be mindful of that. look at ultimate doppler with the temperatures area wide we're above freezing. we have low 40s right now in atlantic city as well as millville. 41 right now in wilmington. um per 30s once you move north and west. 36 degrees right now above freezing in the pocono mountains mountains. but move toward the western part of the state moving toward ohio and also as you move toward louisville kentucky heavy wet snow has gun as that arctic air
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continues to change that rain over to snow. winter storm warnings posted pretty much area wide for our area in pink they kick in late tonight. north and west as you move toward the lehigh valley and the poconos not anticipating as much snow here under winter weather advisories in purple but look at the dynamics with this system as you move out ahead of this system, look at those temperatures in atlanta upper 60s low 70s in columbia south carolina and then teens for chicago, single digits right now minneapolis and six in business mark. so this arctic air will continue to head in to the direction of philadelphia and change that rain over to snow. so let's watch what happens with that front late tonight. it continues to move through an area of low pressure will rotate along it overnight and during the day tomorrow. once again we're looking at that wet snow. let's walk you through the forecast this evening. by 10:00 o'clock tonight you can see still above freezing area wide we're looking at mainly rain. but we start to change over to some snow and sleet toward the pocono mountains by
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10:00 o'clock. by midnight, look at the clock. look at the temperatures. still above freezing in philadelphia. north and west pottstown changing over to sleet. reading allentown snow and then continuing after midnight one 2:00 o'clock three, 4:00 a.m. we're looking at snowfall around the philadelphia area. moving into south jersey and delaware. by 7:00 a.m. it's a bonafide snowstorm heavy wet snow reducing visibility. i expect cancellations and delays as we move toward 10:00 o'clock still looking at some snow around i-95. but south and east we're looking at some of that moderate to heavy snow continuing into the balance of afternoon thursday for south jersey and delaware. so how much snow to expect? >> for philadelphia trenton five to 8-inches. likewise all of south jersey and delaware. some locations could over achieve a little bit once you move through kent county maybe cumberland county and also burlington and ocean countyies. lesser amounts three to five for the lehigh val and the poconos. so now through 11:00 o'clock mostly rain. 11:00 o'clock tonight through
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3:00 a.m. on thursday that rain mixes in with sleet and some snow then the bulk of the accumulateing snow 3am until 11am on thursday. 43 degrees was the high today. low temperatures to night drop below freezing and we drop continuously with those temperatures tomorrow as that wet snow continues to move in, and then take a look at the seven day forecast. because by the weekend we're back into the 40s as we springford even 50 degrees by wednesday of neck week. all right. looking forward that. >> thank you scott. >> i'm glad it's going to over achieve. >> all right. lesean mccoy is moving on and what is it that makes this a good trade for the eagles? >> and what do the experts in the nfl think where the eagles stand of what they got back with
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♪ this town is still buzzing over lesean mccoy trade. i worked the morning show at wip this morning and every caller had an opinion about the trading of arguably best player the eagles had on offense. now it's a good trade getting linebacker kik alonso from buffalo. i talk to former team 98 quarterback kevin kolb he thinks alonso is a stud. what surprised me it comes to the trade that more people were in favor of the move by the eagles. that to me is a little bit of a surprise.
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not by a large percentage but still they were ready to move on from lesean mccoy. i was told by sources in the eagles facility that chip kelly was so happy this morning and this is the term they used he was giddy. i'm told he already knows who he will sign in free agency and who his running back will be to row place mccoy. the inform fl networks brian dam baldinger had his reasons why chip traded mccoy. >> he took him off the field on goal line and gave it to chris polk that's mentality he wants and so it's not about what he's done it's not about what he's capable of doing. it's not about his talent. it's about what he wants guys to do. so this didn't surprise me. they need to clear cap space because it's evident that they're going to try to get marcus marriota. the only way that can happen if the eagles give up a lot of draft choices. if they do, how do they get players to fill their roster? they have to do it through free agency. >> i hate to break the news there's almost no chance they can get marcus marry oat at a.
6:25 pm
>> alonso can play. he's only 24 years old and this is oddly enough was suspended by chip kelly for one year at oregon after an arrest for burglary. obviously chip kelly realizes it was a kid thing but as a player he can play. >> special. special player. you know i mean there's not many guys in this league that are truly every down linebacker that is play the run that understand the passing game, that can blitz. if you look at the natural michael hendricks that might rifle what we saw with patrick willis and bowman. >> phillies are playing preseason baseball. they played the yankees again today. two tom pa. miguel franco who probably won't make the team at the start of the season will be up at sometime gets single in the fifth inning. now, herrara scores but dom brown -- there's an error at third base. and you stay there. hey, hey genius, you stay
6:26 pm
there. and he's out at the plate. phillies however won the game flee-one. two-zero. it means absolutely -- wait a minute. wait a minute. phillies won. that's right. they tied yesterday. excuse me. they tied yesterday. so it was a tie. so they're still undefeated. not that it means anything. >> you know what numbers that do mean things the numbers this man has. >> all about the temperature as we go throughout the remain of the evening. by 10:00 o'clock when you're watching the fox 29 news at 10:00 after empire temperatures still above freezing except in the pocono mountains and then as we move toward midnight, we really start to see things changing over north and west but look at what happens area wide by 4am into south jersey, sections of delaware, so by 7:00 a.m. it's really going to be some heavy snow out there across the area. of course, i'll have new computer model information on the news at 10:00 and online we'll post some updates throughout the evening too. >> lots to watch. thank you. that will do it for us here at 6:00.
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>> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ welcome to our sales event. [crowd] thanks jan. you're the best jan. oh! nice. 0% apr financing on select models... hey, on top. you're welcome. and that's my typical day. [kids cheering] you're up. you wanna... nope. at our 1 for everyone sales event, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2015 prius. offer ends march 31st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit this is out of this world. you bet your asteroid. toyota. let's go places.
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we're all going to die. >> heart stopping video. please save my dogs. then -- >> deborah: snow rage. >> it's happening everywhere. >> do not put more snow on my property! >> neighbor verses neighbor. >> i'm telling you again, don't touch my sidewalk. and -- >> wow. >> just revealed, he crashed the oscars. assumed a fake oscar. they even gave him a car. >> they gave you somebody's car? >> yes. then miracle on 34th street. her precious necklace lost in new york city. >> what are the chances someone would find the lost necklace? >>


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