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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 6, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. right now we are tracking two major storms. a monster winter storm started with snow and now the bitter cold. philadelphia public and philadelphia archdiocese schools are already closed tomorrow. we're also following the murder of a philadelphia police officer officer. police say gunned down by brothers killed inside local store. >> tonight a solemn procession from temple university hospital moving the body of officer robert wilson iii. eight year veteran on the force and called the best the city has to offer. a sad day for the city of philadelphia. good evening, i'm iain page.
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>> i'm lucy lucy noland. >> chris o'connell is live at the scene where it start the at 4:44 with the call officer down. >> shawnette wilson is life. >> dave schratwieser is live outside the hospital. >> sad day for the philadelphia police department and a sad day for the city of philadelphia. 30-year-old police officer robert wilson iii eight year veteran of the force gunned down this afternoon during a fierce gun battle inside that game stop store at 21st and lehigh. his body was taken to the medical examiner's tonight with a full police corsage in front of it at about an hour ago. >> the announcement came at 7:45. the philadelphia police department mourning the death of veteran officer robert wilson who died after being wounded in a gun battle with two suspects. >> unfortunately i have to
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report that police officer robert wilson iii, eight year veteran of the philadelphia police department died not too long ago at 6:25 p.m. >> obviously the entire department is in shock and is in mourning. >> reporter: wilson work in the 22nd police district he was inside a game stop store when two suspects entered and announcedannounced a robbery. they opened fire, wilson was shot multiple times. he returned fire. he leaves behind two children, a nine-year-old and a one-year-old one-year-old. >> his nine-year-old boy that now will grow up without a father because of what happened here today. a one-year-old is going to grow up without a dad because of what happened today. >> reporter: wilson was hailed as a brave and valiant officer who served his city every day. and was greatly admired by the men and women who work along him. >> officer wilson was an outstanding officer. he was a leader of his squad. >> reporter: commissioner
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ramsay said officer wilson died protecting his city. >> i knew him, had met him. he was one of the best police officers this city has to offer period. a very very brave heroic individual. >> this is again one more example of the danger police officers and law enforcement personnel face on a regular basis. people who mean to do them harm. >> this is a sad day for the officersofficers in the 22nd district. this is a sad day for the philadelphia police department much it's a sad day for the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: now quite a scene as the officer's body was being removed. more than 250 police officers leaving temple hospital here headed book their police cars and headed home tonight. a very sad night. a little bit of information about the suspects i'm told they are related one is 30 years old. one is 25.
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the older of the two has three -- excuse me five prior arrests and got off parole in september. the younger suspect at 25 years old has one prior arrest. i'm told tonight both of them are giving statements to detectives. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. from the hospital to where unfold the these images from earlier show the scene just after the shooting at a game stop on 21st street and lehigh avenue. police say a robbery turned into a gun battle that ultimately killed officer wilson. chris o'connell has been at that scene throughout the evening. chris? >> reporter: well, lucy that game stop store you were talking about is still very much an active crime scene here at 21st and lehigh here in north philadelphia. many detectives investigators have the very tough task tonight of investigating the murder of one of their own. what started as a robbery ended in the murder of philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. police say wilson and his partner were at this game stop
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at 21st and lehigh about 4:45. that's when two men armed with a 9-millimeter and 45 caliber hand guns walked in and announced robbery and started shooting. that led to an exchange of gunfire in the store. officer wilson was shot multiple times. one of the suspects shot in the leg. >> both suspects who were i'm told on either side of officer wilson firing at him at very close range even though he was being struck multiple times he continued to fire until the fatal wound was fired. >> reporter: police and fire raced to the scene. the frantic moments were heard over police radio officers plead pleading with dispatchers get a medic get a medic! >> the call avenue police officer down came in at 4:44 p.m. and as the mayor mentioned officer wilson was pronounceed at 6:25 p.m. this evening. >> reporter: sources tell fox 29 that wilson may have stopped
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at the game stop to make a purchase during a break. we're also told cameras inside the store captured the entire crime. >> there was video recovered from the store itself. that much i do know. that video has been viewed by homicide investigators. >> reporter: now the last officer to die in the line of duty was back in 2012 officer moses walker. you also remember he was also with the between district. coincidentally his funeral happened just across the street where i stand now at a church across the street from where officer wilson was gunned down earlier tonight. iain. >> chris, thank you. our cameras were there police driving one of the suspects in that police van into police headquarters a little earlier tonight while the police department is working on this investigation. they're also working on paying the proper respects to their fallen comrade inform light of recent officer -- pennsylvania
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governor tom wolf actually issuing a statement tonight extending his deep condolences to officer wilson's family. he lease add statement saying in part this senseless act is devastating and a stark reminder of the danger faced every day by our brave men and women in uniform across pennsylvania. members of law enforcement and our first responders put their lives on the line to protect our families and our communities. we can never forget their selfless service and sacrifice. in light of those recently involved officer shootings i told you about many officials have called for officers to wear body cameras. this is something that officer wilson felt strongly about and in that 22nd district chief ramsay told you about there had been pilot program in that district and officer wilson was one of those people trying to wear those body cameras. fox 29's shawnette wilson continues our team coverage now live outside the 22nd district in north philadelphia. shawnette. >> reporter: iain tonight the flag here outside the 22nd district behind me is lowered at half staff. this was officer robert wilson's district. also the district to test those
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body cameras for philadelphia police. police commissioner charles ramsay tonight during a news conference did not say whether officer wilson was wearing one but we know 30 officers out of the 22nd district are wearing them as part of a six-month pilot program before expanding them citywide. now the cameras are actually a transparency school tool for people to see what police do and what they encounter every single day on the streets as well as what people do when they end count police. fox 29 was there when the 22nd got the body cameras last december. showing some residents during a community meeting how they worked. we're told officer wilson actually volunteered to wear those cameras but again it is unclear whether he was wearing it today. so out here live again a look outside the 22nd district. that flag again lowered at half staff tonight. also very soon bunting will hang outside the building in memory and honor of this fallen officer. lucy? >> thank you shawnette. you can see that flag flying at half staff behind her as she mentioned. the city of philadelphia feels this pain all too often.
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in nearly the past 10 years, 10 officers have died in the line of duty. officer wilson being the tenth. tonight we are looking babb at those who gave their life to protect our city. monday may eighth, 2006, officer gary skerski was shot and killed while responding to a robbery at a bar. wednesday, october 31st 2007, officer charles cassidy was shot in the head as he walked in on a donut shop rob breach saturday, may third 2008, sergeant steven liz liz was shot and killed chasing bank robbers. tuesday, september 23rd 2008, sergeant patrick mcdonald was shot and killed while chasing a man wanted for assaulting an officer. friday february 13th 2009, officer john palowski killed after responding to a dispute between a man and a cab driver. saturday august 18th 2012,
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officer moses walker, jr. just got off his shift and was walking to a bus stop when two men robbed him and shot him. three other officers have died in the line of duty killed in car crashes. officer isabel in a sarey yo friday september 5th 2008. sergeant timothy simpson monday, november 17th 2008. officer brian lorenzo sunday july 8th 2012. shooting comes days aft commissioner charles ramsay hand add report to the white house about building better relationships between officers and the communities they serve. the report called on after several high profile police involved shootings nationwide. our coverage of officer wilson's shoot does not end here. you can see pictures of the scene and tonight's emotional news conference at our other big story. the massive snowstorm that covered our whole region for
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hours. a live look this is route 73 near the at a tacony-palmyra bridge tonight. you can see the snow has tapered off but the streets they're still very slick. after hours and hours of heavy snow drivers were stuck along roads across our area. scott, the storm moving out the cold that is moving on in. >> bitterly cold air lucy and iain. we're looking at temperatures dropping into the teens and single digits for the overnight setting new records but take live look at the philadelphia international airport. it's 22 degrees but look at the crews here they're clearing the runways trying to make up for lost time as far as the conditions we saw today a lot of flight cancellations and delays so tomorrow a lot of flights are going try and make it out as far as the visibility, that is good. at 10 miles right now. but look at ultimate doppler. it is quiet across our area. what's left of today's snow well out to sea but take a look at the loop over the last several hours. you can see it dumped a lot of
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snow across our area and in fact take a look at some of the totals. king of prussia 10.4-inches. wayne delaware county 10-inches. exton chester county 8.5 and philadelphia international airport officially 7.5-inches making it the biggest snowstorm of the season for philadelphia as predicted. mt. holly at the weather forecast office there 8.3-inches. haddon heights 8-inches. atlantic city international airport 7-inches. fishing creek in cape may 6-inches. what about delaware? pike creek 8.2-inches. wood side 7.3-inches. glasgow area 6.5-inches. as we look at those temperatures right now, single digits in the pocono mountains. 18 degrees currently in allentown. 20 in atlantic city. but look at the record low temperatures expected. nine in philadelphia. the record is tepp from 1978. wilmington your record is 11 from 1926. the forecast is eight.
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and look at allentown. the record low is seven from 1960. the forecast is zero. not only will we see records but with temperatures that cold, any of the treated roadways the chemicals really aren't going to work that well. so we are looking at major problems on the roadways tomorrow morning as far as black ice and just a solid sheet of ice in many locations with temperatures that cold. as we watch the clock, you can see that cold air continues to rush in. by 1:00 a.m. it will be 18 degrees in philadelphia. as we continue to march on in time by 7am, yeah it will be five in trenton. it will be nine in millville. 11 by 7am in atlantic city. and we're looking at single digits low single digits north and west perhaps even two below by 7am in the lancaster area. if you don't like the cold air stick around because coming coming up i'll talk about pattern change as well as milder temperatures for our area. guys, back to you. >> all right. scott, thank you. cumberland county new jersey was one of those areas hard hit with snow. residents there have been
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digging out for most of the day and desperately looking for an end to winter. schools in most businesses were shut down today. and for good reason. it was dangerous out there for drivers on a lot of local roads. >> yes indeed. fox 29's dave kinchen life in vineland tonight. dave i'm just guessing folks probably had enough of the snow. >> reporter: yeah, pretty safe opinion there. absolutely. they're tired of it and they're tired of the danger it poses as well. here we are in vineland at orchard and college drive actually a gentleman doing some nowing right there. still see a lot of snow on the roads and there's ice underneath it's still a hazard. at several inches of snow on the ground across south jersey and it's just the thing that will turn millville into a ghost town. restaurants and other businesses closed up for the day. >> i got more than i expected, yeah. kind of hoping we get over this already. >> reporter: james, spends the day shoveling outside of his business the before and after hair center. >> front, back, front back all day long. every 15, 20 minutes.
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trying to beat the big impact. >> i'm 70 years old. i figure if i can stay ahead of it this way a lot easier than heart attack. >> reporter: it's not exactly the kind of work he planned on. >> i came in 7:00 this morning with a full book and i ended up having three clients show up. so that's it. out of 15, three showed up. >> reporter: yes the snow is bad for business and bad for driving if you go too fast on covered roads with patches of ice underneath. >> my way up here from cape may county a couple of cars slid off the road on 55. >> reporter: so jason james sits along route 47 waiting for that inevitable call in his nat bed tow truck. >> busy part you have to come for you today. tonight. if it gets colder freezing up devil ice start sliding. can't see black ice. >> reporter: plow trucks have made a day and night of the big storm, too. actually i was surprised the way it started i didn't think we were going to get as much. it came out. >> reporter: par for the course this time of year but
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millville residents say it's march for crying outloud. >> i've had enough of this. >> reporter: i think he said everything that we have have been feeling. by the way those single digit temps overnight not going to help thing out when it comes to freezing and that sort of thing. we did see a handful of spin outs on the highways. but a lot of people just staying inside probably a really good idea. luce glee dave, time for to you get on in as well. thank you very much live in cumberland county. there's this passengers on the delta plane that skidded off a new york city runway and almost into the flushing bay say it was nerve racking completely understandable. the nose of that plane literally hanging above the water when it came to a stop at laguardia airport this morning. medics took several people to the hospital. many who stayed at the airport had a lot to say. >> i know once we landed we was going pretty fast. i knew we was going too fast to be landing. >> i'm feeling okay. i'm just grateful. i know there's a higher power
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that was holding the plane from doing whatever that it could have done. so i'm just grateful right now. >> indeed. the runway involved in the crash remains closed tonight. the weather likely played a role but the ntsb is still investigating. here's life look tonight at philadelphia international airport. the runways have been coated with a chemical solution all day and planes that were scheduled to take off deiced to keep them moving in this snow. but the overwhelming majority of flights were canceled. that left it looking like a ghost town and we did find a handful of people stranded dealing with rerouted luggage booking hotels and hoping to get home as soon as they can. >> in delaware most people listen to the warnings and staying inside but bruce gordon caught up with some people who did have to get out. >> reporter: a parade of salt and plow trucks came and went deldot's maintenance yard. 400 plus pieces of equipment doing battle to clear 13,000 lane miles of first state roads. mechanics spent the day working
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to keep these trucks on the road. many of them arrived in the wee hours and stayed up overnight. governor jack markell was on hand urging motorists to give transportation workers some help help. >> we do encourage drivers do not need to travel to refrain from going on the roads to give deldot plows the time and ability to work efficiently. >> reporter: in claymont schools can closed as they were around the state. that meant kids home and moms trying their best to keep them occupied. >> crazy. stir crazy. they're going crazy. >> reporter: they're already bored? >> yup. yup. they were bored at 10:00 o'clock this morning. >> reporter: by storm's end northern delaware is expected to get about 8-inches of snow. the steady rain from wednesday made for a soggy base for those trying to shovel. >> how tough is this snow to shovel. >> right now, it's pretty wet on the bottom. so it could be pretty tough. >> reporter: thaw rain from yesterday. >> yes. >> reporter: a winter full of frigid temperatures and now a significant march snowstorm?
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lots of folks are fed up. others, well, they're putting it in couldn't tech. >> i spent two years in alaska when i was in the air force. that was back in the '50's. >> this is nothing for you. >> i've seen some snow. live with it, you know. >> reporter: the snow at this hour has begun to taper off but roads are still snow covered even the most major roads have some ice and snow on them and with very cold temperatures due tonight in the teens maybe even lower, it could be a dangerous drive for those who do venture out of their households. in claymont, delaware, bruce gordon fox 29 news. you've seen the closures already coming in for tomorrow. sue serio and bob kell vol got you covered tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. breaking news now involving a plain crash. golf course an actor harrison ford. ford is conscious and breathing to night with moderate injuries. ness a los angeles hospital. >> the actor was piloting a small plane when it crashed on a golf course. ford reported engine failure just after take off and told air traffic controllers he was
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returning to the santa monica airport then he crash landed on nearby golf course. the 72-year-old actor was the only person on the plane and no one was hurt on the ground. an ambulance rushed ford to the hospital. people who were playing golf at the time described what they saw saw. >> we were playing golf and we were on the fifth hole. sixth tee when we saw a plane taking off like we always do at airport and always looking. and then all of a sudden the power went off. and didn't quite make it to lincoln and turn around and just came back coasting and very low and then hurt it hit. >> ford is app aviation enthusiast who's flies out of the santa monica airport. the golf course where he crashed is just west of a runway there. so far no word yet on what caused the crash but a little while ago ford's son ben tweeting these update at the hospital dad is okay. battered but okay. he is every bit the man you would think he is. he is an incredibly strong man. >> the roof of a local building
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crashes down right in the middle of today's snowstorm. what the owners tried to do just yesterday. and we showed this video earlier in the week a pitbull puppy swiped right off the sidewalk. tonight, chaos is back home. where police found the pup. >> chaos the pup. close call for one driver. see that? a chunk of ice crashed through this windshield. where that ball of ice came from as he was driving down the highway. and here's a live look at the 22nd police district headquarters where the flag a at half staff to honor an officer gunned down in the line of duty. officer robert wilson gunned
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♪ tonight a city in mourning 4:44 p.m. a philadelphia police officer went down in north philadelphia. at 6:25 p.m. officer robert wilson was pronounced dead. police say he was inside a game stop store when two men came in and announced robbery. he was hit from both directions by the suspects but he never gave up and right now one suspect is charged officer wilson was on the force for eight years and leaves behind two young children. heavy snow was to blame for a partial building collapse in north philadelphia. take a look at the damage at this converted warehouse at the
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corner of turner and north second streets. fire officials say the weight of all of today's snow on the roof just caved it in. dumping bricks and debris on to the street. one person inside did manage to get out of the building okay. no one was hurt. the group that owns the building says it supplied for a grant to fix the roof just yesterday. >> the snowstorm that hit us also slammed kentucky leaving hundreds of drivers stranded. jackknifed trucks turned roads no parking lots and some drivers say they were stuck for more than 12 hour. national guard swooped in to help those stranded digging them out of the snow. in south carolina tonight police released intense dash camera video of a high speed chase. police say the man they were after drove in reverse and on to medians to try to get away. it happened monday and he didn't get away by the way. police eventually caught 24 year odd adam martin many they were aft him because he robbed a home where he was doing yard work. police say he took 500 bucks. the homeowner's cell phones and jewelry. tonight though, he is in jail.
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a chain of amazeing generosity even heroism that will now save six lives. how one woman started the string of organ don't nations. >> scott. >> lucy the snow is moving out but the real danger might be moving in overnight. details on just how it gets next next. >> all right. scott, here's a live look tonight at temple hospital where the 22nd police officer robert wilson died at 6:25 tonight. the eight year v
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♪ >> i knew him had met him. he was one of the best police officers this city has to offer period. >> this is a sad day for the officer that is i command in the 22nd district. this sad day for the philadelphia police depth. this is a sad day for the city of philadelphia. a city in mourning. a philadelphia police officer gunned down in the line of duty. police say officer robert wilson iii died in a local store. actually shot in a local store and police also say two robbers brothers killed robert wilson the third it happened in this north philly store. both now in custody. one is in the hospital hurt in that gun fight. we've got live team coverage tonight. shawnette wilson live outside the 22nd district headquarters where wilson was called the leader by his fellow officers. let's -- >> win with dave schratwieser live at temple university
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hospital where officer wilson did die. the call was at 6:25. dave? >> reporter: lucy the body of officer robert wilson ii. 30-year-old officer robert wilson ii. was removed from temple hospital about an hour ago taken to the medical examiner's office with a large group of highway patrol officers escorting the city ambulance to the me's office. officer wilson was shot this afternoon around 4:40 in the afternoon. inside a game stop store at 21st lean high. two suspects entered that store announced a robbery, pulled out weapons a 40 caliber glock an minute mill neither handgun with an extended clip and opened fire on the officer. he returned fire multiple times he was struck multiple times. then he was raceed to temple. doctors tried to save him. he passed away around 6:00 25 this evening. his body was removed to the me's office about an hour ago.
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the suspects two suspects we're told are related one is 30, one is 25. one was wounded in the gun battle. he was taken to einstein. the second person the suspect is at the homicide unit tonight along with some witnesses. i am being told by police sources that both of them have given statements to police about this shooting much police commissioner ramsay toll us tonight that there is surveillance video inside that game stop store. i am told by high-ranking officers that that video shows the entire shooting the entire gun battle is now on tape, guys. >> that's incredible stuff dave dave. we heard commissioner ramsay talking earlier he knew this particular officer. he talk about his family and the two young kids that will be left behind. he also talked about the body cameras, 22nd district of course is a district that was a pilot program for some of these officers wearing body cameras. as you just told us we don't know whether or not he was wearing the body camera. but there's video of this and it does show the the entire
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encounter you're saying. >> , yes it does. he volunteered for that body camera program. he was prayed to night by his captain captain robert glenn said, much respected valiant brave officer everybody in the 22 and district look up to, a real top cop if you would here in the city of philadelphia. you heard commissioner ramsay say tonight a brave guy one of the most heroic guys he's seen and i got to tell from you what i understand, from folks who have seen that video tape inside the game stop store this was an unbelievable gun battle at close range with two suspects armed with some serious weapons. >> commissioner ramsay was saying, dave. you heard him in that news conference saying that the bullets were flying from both sides of officer wilson but he didn't give up. he kept on fighting and trying to protect the people around him. dave schratwieser live there at temple university hospital. thank you very much tonight dave. now flying at half staff the flag outside the 22nd district where officer wilson work. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from there tonight
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tonight. shawnette, i know it's emotional scene out there tonight. >> reporter: it is. you know i walked inside about an hour or so ago. a lot of sorrowful emotion on the face of the officers and staff here inside the 22nd district as they struggle to cope with this loss and behind me as you mentioned the nag has been lowered at half staff tonight. this, of course, in honor and memory of officer wilson. this is his district the 22nd where he worked out of. we just heard dave talk briefly about this. this was the district that is being used to test body cameras for philadelphia police. now police commissioner charles ramsay tonight during a news conference did not say whether officer wilson was wearing one but we do know that 30 officers out of the 22 and here where he worked are wearing them as part of a six-month pilot program. fox 29 was there when the 22nd got those body cameras last december showing residents during a community meeting how they work. we're told officer wilson volunteered. he volunteered to wear one of those body cameras but again tonight it is unclear as to
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whether he was actually wearing one when he was killed tonight. but again a live look at that flag lowered to half staff tonight we expect tomorrow bunting will be placed outside the building in memory of honor of fallen officer. back to you. >> thank you very much shawnette. of course we're staying on top this breaking story 24/7 you'll find what's happening on our website of course now let's get a check of the weather. we had plenty of snow today and now we got cold weather coming in, scott. >> it real sal one-two punch iain. biggest snowstorm of the season for philadelphia. 7.5-inches and those temperatures will be dropping to record levels tonight. look at the numbers right now at the philadelphia international airport. it is cold 22 degrees. visibility though, much improved now at 10. earlier it was around zero and 1 mile visible. as we talk a little bit about ultimate doppler right now, you can see scanning the area, the system it's history. what's left of it right now is in the open waters of the
3:34 am
atlantic. but we saw a lot of snow move through the area first thing this morning with sue and caitlin they were tracking it and right now you can see we are done with the snow, but what to expect right now. clearing skies those temperatures are dropping rapid rapidly for the overnight and early tomorrow morning. dangerous roads out there with hard freeze as those temperatures drop to record levels pretty much area wide by tomorrow morning as old man winter continues to draw in that cold arctic air. what about pennsylvania snowfall totals? king of prussia almost 10.5-inches. wayne 10-inches. exton and chester county seven and a half inches and philadelphia officially 7.5-inches a lot of folks were sending in those twitter picks today using the #fox29snow. take a look at jesse a picture of her daughter lilly loving the snow there in norristown pennsylvania. so it was a snow day for all. temperatures right now 20 degrees in atlantic city. we have 19 right now in
3:35 am
pottstown. nine current until the poconos. you factor in that wind it feels like eight below in the pocono mountains it feels like 10 in philadelphia. so the record territory the record for philadelphia is 10. the forecast is nip with that snow pack. atlantic city look at your record. 10 from 1888. the forecast low is nine. so as we watch how temperatures play out in the future, by 1am 18 degrees in philadelphia. as we roll the clock ahead you can see single digit lows pretty much area wide. so that is the concern with temperatures this cold. the chemicals on the roads really don't work that well at all. however, there is going to be a pattern change as we move into the second half of the weekend. by next week temperatures will rebound into the 50s. as we look at the seven day forecast, you can see tomorrow bitterly cold start. 27 for the high. not as harsh by saturday but a cold start of 11 degrees. don't forget to springford sunday. and temperatures sunday
3:36 am
afternoon low 40s. 47 for the high by tuesday. and iain and lucy take look at wednesday and thursday of next week. it will be cloudy but mild. temperatures top out in the low 50s. it's going to be a heat wave. >> it's about time. you know what, 40 is a heat wave at this point in time. 52 51 that's wonderful. >> i'm telling you i can't remember the last time i saw 50s. we showed you this video early this morning pitbull pup poe swiped right off the sidewalk. tonight, chaos is back home. where police found the pup. chunks of ice come crashing by a windshield. what sent that sheet of ice flying. here's live look from north philadelphia tonight the site where philadelphia police officer was gunned down started 84:44 this afternoon when the call came energy officer down
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>> very popular internet shopping sight is going public.
3:40 am
you'll soon see et cetera see on the new york stocks exchange. it let's you buy hasn't made goods, antiques and arts. it generated one nick million dollars last year. a man a painter and a carpenter founded that company 10 years ago because at the time he was struggling to find a place to sell his crafts now he sold whole website much he's not doing bad. century old circus tradition coming to an end. you'll no longer see elephants at the ringling brother and barnum bailey circus. the move comes because growing concerns over the treatment of the animals. the circus says instead they'll spend their days on a 200-acre center for elephant conservation in central florida. >> they can just be elephants. welcomeed news big news for a port richmond family dog was snatched from outside a rite aid. >> that dog is safely back home. surveillance video showing a man grabbing the pitbull named chaos on monday from the rite aid on the 2500 block of aramingo avenue. chaos was tied up while her
3:41 am
owner was inside. the man drove off with the dog in a blue suv. chaos' family tells us tonight police were able to enhance that surveillance video and track the car down. chaos is now safe back where she belongs and we're working to learn about any charge that is might have been filed. a chain of amazeing jenn ross even heroism that will now save six lives. how one woman started spring of organ donations. >> nasty storm shut down travel across a wide swath of the country. how drivers banded together to dig out a tractor trailer. >> a live look tonight at the 22nd police district headquarters where the flag is at half staff to on nor an officer gunned down in the line of duty. officer robert wilson ambushe
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♪ a live look at radar after today's monster storm. now possibly record breaking cold setting in. as we've told you philadelphia public and catholic schools are closed tomorrow. and the rest you'll find at the bottom of your screen. make sure you're set for the day ahead with fox morning news and "good day philadelphia". bob kelly and sue serio have you covered starting at 4am. meanwhile city mourns the loss of one of its finest tonight. a philadelphia police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. >> officer robert wilson ii. gunned down trying to stop a robbery today in north philadelphia. >> fox 29's chris oh o'connell is live at that scene of the fatal shooting to night for us. chris. >> reporter: iain lucy, good evening. the philadelphia police crime scene unit still remains here on the scene. they are -- looks like they're getting ready to clear the scene fairly soon. they've been here since 4:45
3:45 am
ever since officer robert wilson was gunned down inside that game stop. take a look right now what is going on behind me. still dozens of officers here on seen in what police believe was a robbery gone awry. wilson was shot three times inside that game stop store. the police crime scene unit spent most of the night inside. you see the truck now leaving. they were pouring over every inch of that store. they were pulling video. we understand pretty much the entire crime was caught on surveillance video. we can also tell you both suspects are in custody. dave schratwieser telling us they are 30 and 25 years old. we are told those men may be related and both giveing police statements. now police say there was a fierce gun battle when officer wilson got shot in the head of course we've been seeing all night rushed to temple university hospital where he passed away at 6:25 tonight.
3:46 am
he leaves behind two children a nine-year-old an one-year-old. now, i did get a chance to meet officer wilson back in december when we went to the 22nd district as they began their pilot program for body cameras. he was one of the 30 officers in the 22 and district who volunteered to wear those body cameras and it was just that kind of volunteerism police commissioner charles ramsay says was one of the reasons why officer wilson was one of the best this city has to offer. whether or not he was wearing that body camera and it was active during this attack today remains to be seen. that's the story from here, of course, we will be following this as the hours and days progress on this story. iain lucy. >> chris o'connell live in north philadelphia and our coverage of officer wilson's shooting does not end here. breaking news images from the scene and tonight emotional news conference all on
3:47 am
today's winter blast wreaking havoc across the country. check out this snow and ice in north texas brought traffic to a stander standstill a tractor trailer stuck on the highway. five cars hitched together to help tow it away. most of the dallas fort worth area got between two and 7-inches of sleet and snow. close call for a minnesota driver when a sheet ice fell off a tractor trailer and came crashing through his windshield. fox's rob olsen has the details. >> i think it's incredibly fortunate that this incident did not result in serious injuries. >> reporter: take a good look at these picture snapped by a trooper on tuesday because that is a chunk of ice sticking right through a windshield. >> the ice shattered the window and actually broke through the wimped shield and came to rest on the driver's lap and on the floor report roar the driver john mclaughlin did not want to be interviewed but shared this video they took on his phone right after it happened. documenting the damage from ice that slid from a semi. and how close it came to killing
3:48 am
him. john was going east on highway 36 getting ready to exit at snelling in the semi was ahead of him in the left lane. >> study the sheet of ice came off. node ability to avoid it came right at his windshield and as soon as it struck he immediately took the exit ramp and called 911. >> reporter: it is state law to clean off your vehicle of snow and ice. it's also state law to make sure nothing comes loose from anything that you're hauling because it doesn't take much. >> the mass and the weight and the momentum that's the on the thing that drivers have to keep in mine at 60 miles an hour those objects are traveling at 60 miles an hour as well. >> reporter: in john's case the semi kept going perhaps unaware of the damage he inadvertently left behind him but the pictures make us all well aware how close a call it was. >> in this case it was probably just fractions of an inch that made this not a serious injury crash. >> amazing looking at those images. my goodness. six kidney transplants in two days part of a rare medical
3:49 am
event on the west coast. doctors performed three transplant surgeries today a san francisco hospital. the operations for the other three recipients and donors are tomorrow. the six donors in this particular transplant chain gave and are giving their kidneys to strangers all found through a matching program. about 98% of transplant recipients are normally fundsing kidneys within year. >> spring training the phillies finally put one of their big boys on the mound and the flyers definitely trying to get into the playoffs. 18 games left. a third period comomom
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
the flyers just 18 games left trying to climb back into the playoff race. st. louis blues in town. third period, one-zero michael dell sad dough with the rocket. that ties the game up. just a minute 50 later off the shot. wayne simmons scores putting flyers up. that is a huge huge win. three-one. the bruins lost but it was in overtime so they a point. the flyers are four points back. spring training cliff lee taking on the houston astros in the second inning, he gets a double play.
3:53 am
pretty good day for lee. he went two scoreless innings giving up two hits and this guy codey ash she has been having a really good spring training. there he is with the rbi double. he went two for three on the day. phillies lose six-three. but that's okay. the main guys looked good and it's spring training that's all that counts. >> and the green grass makes you go ah ! >> i know. >> kind of far
3:54 am
3:55 am
3:56 am
♪ welcome back. we had a busy weather day today. >> we did. >> we got cold weather coming in in. >> yeah, it's really really one-two punch. thankfully that snow has moved out. of course we saw 7.5-inches for philadelphia making it the biggest one yet. >> school closings of course too. see surveillance yo bob kelly got you covered. "good day philadelphia" fox 29 morning news starting at 4:00 a.m.
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we begin with sad news a philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty, falling temperatures, boy, we could feel record cold this morning, how much more can we take sue serio with hopefully some relief in the forecast. mayor nutter talks about his plans to raise property


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