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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  March 6, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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we begin with sad news a philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty, falling temperatures, boy, we could feel record cold this morning, how much more can we take sue serio with hopefully some relief in the forecast. mayor nutter talks about his plans to raise property taxes
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how this could help the cash strapped philadelphia school district. good day it is friday march 6th, 2015. >> finally. >> however, there is weather relate issues to get around including all philadelphia public schools and archdiocesean are closed to day. >> that is right still cold outside. >> you don't know if we will break that record. >> if we are going to be this cold let's break the record for pete's sake but we will get close the record is 10 degrees set in 1978. so far today at least before at least last hour was 15 degrees. we will check it right now. we have below zero wind chills. now we are down to 14 with the wind chill of two. that is what you have to be aware of single digit and below zero wind chills. sunrise 6:27. earlier sunrise time we may not make it to ten but reading is ten. eight in pottstown. lancaster nine. eighteen in wildwood.
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these are single digit and below zero wind chills this morning. keep that in mind. we will get to a high of only 26 degrees. and that is with sunshine. and then you'll get the the sun glaring off that snow pack, that is down the eight to 10 inches of snow that so many of us got yesterday. we will check with your snowfall totals coming up in just a few minutes. so bob kelly i think challenge, of course like many of us is just getting out of the neighborhood and your driveway this morning with all that snow. >> exactly. >> that is most rough part. 4:02. good friday morning, everybody. it is hit and miss. you could be driving along for 80 percent of the time and then you'll hit that patch of snow which, of course with the temperatures could be ice. lets give you a tour of route 70 in cherry hill, new jersey where again as you come to that stop sign or traffic light your tires will try to stop on that packed down snow.
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i know crews were out in full force all night on the overnight. here's a live look. you think you are having a bad start? this fellow tried to make a u turn underneath the snow is one of those concrete dividers. he is stuck. this is torresdale and harbison avenue in northeast philadelphia a. where we typically have two lanes of traffic the the far right one is still pack down with the snow. this is a live look down in delaware where again, still partially covered roadways, as you make your way out of the neighborhoods and on to the major roads this morning. some good news the market frankford and broad street subway they are not running the shuttle bus services tonight. they have been using the trains all through the overnight and heading down toward the airport today just remember they are playing catch up check with your airline and allow extra time to get down to the airport if you are traveling out of philadelphia this morning. chris and lauren, good morning. >> thanks so much bob. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says the the department is in
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shock and complete mourning after an officer was shot and kill. >> this attack happened at a officer was responding to a murder. fox 29's steve keeley live outside philadelphia police headquarters, steve. >> reporter: he well you can add in tears as well. it will be hard not to choke up when you had hear story behind the story just told by a between the second district officer. the here's how it went down. everybody is wondering why wasn't his partner with him when they were checking on this place. that is not the the story. maybe officials who were talking didn't know it yet. this isn't the official story but from the guys on the street. he is the father of a nine year-old. his nine year-old got good grade. while on duty his partner drops him off in the game stop, waits in the the car he initial to buy his son a reward forget gooding grade. here's a picture of both officer wilson and his partner officer wilson damon stevenson on the read. stevenson stays in the the car. officer wilson goes in the store. these guys that come in quarter of 5:00 want to hold up the place and as you can
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see in these uniforms maybe he was in line wait to go buy something and these guys didn't see it was a police officer. they take their hats off when they go indoors. officer wilson instead of putting his hand uptakes his gun up and tries to stop the robbery in progress. >> both suspect who i'm's told are on either side of officer wilson firing at him at very close range. even though he was being struck multiple times he continued to fire until fatal wound was fire. >> this is again, one more example of the danger police officer and law enforcement personnel face on a regular basis, people who mean to do them harm. >> reporter: philadelphia a it is the city of brotherly love. here's the the other awful identify of brotherly. both of these guys that held up this place, brother, 30 and 25 and here's something you heard me saying before the older one and badder one with
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five priors just paroled, in recent weeks before this happened. his little brother, 25, also with the prior and one of them just shot in the leg. both of them apparently confessing already and that wasn't even necessary because all of this is captured on the game stop store surveillance system which homicide detectives had already watched before that news conference last night from the mayor and police commissioner. the here's one other thing chris and lauren. believe it or not and a crazy coincidence moses walker the last officer kill in the line of duty also in the 22nd district out there, officer stevenson and wilson went to his funeral just on that very block where the churches where connie mack stadium used to be. rafael jones is in court today to be sentenced and that place will be packed with police officers over at the criminal justice center. >> such a sad day. all right, steve, thank you. we're learning more about officer robert wilson, the third. >> by all account he was a
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model police officer. fox 29's jennifer joyce live at 22nd police district that steve keeley just mentioned in north philadelphia where he was assigned, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we're live outside. we can see that the flags are flying at half staff here as the police department and the entire sit is i mourns the loss of 30 year-old robert wilson the third. wilson was an eight year veteran of the force who was currently assigned to this between the second district. commissioner ramsey spoke about the officer last night. he said he he knew him personally. he was surely one of philadelphia's finest he was well respected by his peers. wilson had two children and nine year-old boy and a one year-old babe hoy will learn that their father died as a philadelphia hero. >> officer wilson was an outstanding officer. he was a leader of his squad. i knew him i met him, he was one of the best police officers this city has had to offer, period.
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a very very brave heroic individual. >> reporter: officer wilson's body has arrived at francis funeral home in cobbs creek, this video came in earlier this morning and governor tom wolf released a, statement saying this senseless act is devastating and a reminder of the danger faced every day by our brave men and women in uniform across pennsylvania pennsylvania, members of the the law enforcement and our first responders put their lives on the line to protect our families and our communities. we can never forget their selfless service and sacrifice. the last night reporters were saying that the officers hearing the news had tears in their eyes just knowing that one of their brothers in blue was in such bad shape and now, of course learning of his passing it will be a tough time for not only the 22nd district, the the entire department, the the entire it the i of philadelphia chris and lauren. the the toughest for those two little kid who just lost
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their dad. all right. jennifer, thank you. >> the the city of philadelphia feels this pain all too often. over past ten years officers died in the live of duty. >> lucy noland looks who gave their lives. >> reporter: monday, may eighth, 2006 officer gary skerski was shot ape killed while responding to a robbery at a bar. wednesday, october 31st, 2007 officer charles cassidy was shot in the head as he walked in on a doughnut shop robbery. saturday may third 2008, sergeant stephen liczbinski was shot and killed chasing bank robbers. tuesday, september 23rd, 2008 sergeant patrick mcdonald was shot and killed chasing a man wanting for assaulting an officer. friday february 13th 2009 officer john pawlowski killed after responding to a dispute
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between a man and a cabdriver. saturday august 18th, 2012, officer moses walker junior just got off his shift and was walking to a bus stop when two men robbed him and then shot him. three other officers have died, in the line of duty, killed in car crashes. officer isabel nazario friday december 5th, 2008. sergeant timothy simpson monday november 17th, 2008. officer brian lorenzo sunday, july 8th 2012. >> as this story continues to develop we will bring you updates. you can find complete coverage of the murder of officer wilson on line at our web site at my fox switching gears, delaware resident will need to take it the slow. >> i mean snow every where. road are covered w that snow and ice, yesterday, a parade of delldot crews armed were 400 pieces of equipment work to clear those road but with
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the schools and many businesses were closed. crews were able to get the job done. residents took this latest storm in stride. >> i spent two years in alaska when i was in the air force. of course that was back in the 50's. >> reporter: this is nothing for you. >> i have seen some snow. you live with it. >> many schools canceled classes as the first state continues to dig out. and here's a look the at the bucks county, plow trucks out in full force while many people there were using shovels and snowblowers a few drivers decided to navigate those icy streets. neighborhood covered in snow covered everything from wires trees, mailboxes. that is the scene from all over the the delaware valley. >> in north philadelphia, officials are blaming this partial building collapse on the the snow. look at the damage at this converted warehouse at the corner of north second street turner. officials say weight of the snow on the roof caused to it cave-in. one person did manage to get out safely.
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so that is good news. group that owns the building said just this week they a applied for a galant to fix the roof. coming up, harrison ford is recovering this morning after a plane crash, what his son tweeted overnight about his dad's condition. lets take a live look outside before we get the the big melt, we have plunging temperatures to deal with this morning. sue serio has the weekend forecast next.
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coming up on 4:15. recapping our top story for you a philadelphia police officer is dead after being shot in the line of duty. police say officer robert wilson the third tied while he and his partner why inside a game stop store in north philadelphia yesterday a afternoon. two suspects came in and tried to rob it when the deadly violence erupted. two suspects are in custody. one of the suspects was injured as gunfire was exchange with police. such a sad day here in philadelphia. >> he leaves behind two small children. coming up on 4:16. sue serio, the weather, will in the let go of the grip with us with this winter here. in fact we may set a record for cold. >> it could happen probably not in philadelphia but maybe some other places. we did actually get a record daily snowfall for yesterday's date in atlantic city which that 7 inches but we got, in some cases, more than predict as far as know fall was concern. we did say there were places that could get more than
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8 inches of snow. in philadelphia we were right within the prediction of 7.5. king of prussia a 10.4. 8.2 in pike creek. new castle county delaware. mount holly, new jersey got 8.3. 7 inches in atlantic city. daily record for that date. everybody got their share but it is all gone. the is there nothing to show you on ultimate doppler radar. and there may in the be for quite a while. so the forecast i think you will a's like the seven day forecast but it is only 14 degrees right the now. record or no record. that is very cold. we've got inning will digits to the north of us. thirteen in million will. twelve in atlantic city. eighteen in wildwood. ten we did reach it in wilmington. factoring in the wind speed of nine or 10 miles an hour and we have wind chills that are colder. feels like two in the city. sixteen below in mount pocono. two is wind chill in wildwood and million will. so, this is your reminder for the weekend saturday night into sunday you have to turn
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your clock ahead an hour lose that hour of sleep, and then be messed up for a couple days after that changing your watches and everything after that. but we have got a seven day forecast with milder temperatures, not today high of only 27 degrees, but by tomorrow we're up to 38 with a decent amount of unshine. it is not as harsh. 44 degrees on sunday. temperatures keep going up. by machine we're up to 46. by wednesday in the the 50's. high of 53. even milder on thursday. so, things will get better. we will melt a lot of the snow that fell yesterday but first we have to get through this morning, bob kelly and that may in the be easy. >> it will not be easy. i know crew where is out all day yesterday and all last night but you will be driving along and then we will go wow did a you mr. train even come through here. there is that packed down snow that is just rock solid and ice. getting out of the neighborhoods will be the
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toughest part as we look live at northeast philadelphia torresdale avenue. make sure you clear all of the snow off the car. not just windshield. get it off the hood of the car what we saw the heat from the engine loses that snow or ice that is on your hood and that is what will fly backward onto the car behind you. this is a a live here. this is ramps from i-95 to the walt whitman bridge. a disable tractor trailer. again on the on and off ramps you will see patches of snow still out there, again although plow trains were out all day yesterday and all last night you are driving along and then out of no where you'll hit a a patch of snow that could send you sliding. there is an accident north, on the new jersey turnpike at exit number six patco they are running that construction schedule today, single tracking, you don't want to get stuck in the 26 minute gaps in service and there is in express trains for the rush hour, chris and lauren, back to you.
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governor tom wolf plans to raise taxes to fund public schools across pennsylvania. meanwhile the mayor says, other funds in the budget proposal would aid departments such as licenses and inspections. the fire department and parks and recreation. crews work late in the night to remove a plane that skid off the runway a at new york's laguardia airport. officials say delta a flight 1086 from atlanta did not make contact with the bay but landed on the embankment after skidding off the runway yesterday during the snowstorm. two people were treated for minor injuries. at one point a gallon of fuel was leaking every minute. that has been cleaned up and the investigation ongoing. actor harrison ford is recovering in a california hospital following a plane crash. >> patricia starks has that story. >> reporter: harrison ford is expect to make a full recovery, after the plane he was piloting, crash landed at a golf course in southern california. according to investigators the 72 year old reported engine
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problems shortly after taking off from the santa a monica airport thursday afternoon. he then tried to return to the airport but failed to reach the runway. moments later witnesses report seeing a small vintage aircraft plunge to the ground. >> we were playing golf on the fifth hole, and we saw the plane taking off and then the power went off, and didn't quite make it to lincoln to turnaround and just came back coast and very low and had a hit. >> reporter: the actor was alert and talking when they arrived on the scene. they transported him to a los angeles hospital where he is being treated for moderate injuries. aviation experts say that ford's actions kept the incident from being much worse. >> if you do a 360 view around that golf course there is houses just yards away like a couple hundred feet. he really had his act together. i think he to an outstanding job. something that could have been a catastrophe not just for him
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but people living in the neighborhood. >> reporter: national transportation safety board is now at the crash site trying to determine exactly what caused the plane to go down. >> at this point in time it is the very beginning of the investigation. it takes us a long time because we want to get it right. we will will look at it all weather, man, machine. >> reporter: hours after the crash ford's son ben tweeted that his dad was quote battered but good and incredibly strong man. patricia starks, "fox news". coming up greatest show on earth is making a major change to the line up why wrinkling brothers are getting rid of their iconic elephants.
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good morning, 18 games left, five-point back of the final playoff spot flyers had some work to do. they have lost three out of the last four games despite out shooting their opponents. they would need to score against the blues. third period town by one, and michael dellzotto ties it up with the rocket shot and new we're just a 1:15 later wayne simmonds scores off a deflecting, flyers get a big win three-one. they are four points back of the final playoff spot. spring training cliff lee taking on the houston astros, in the second inning he gets
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this double play, pretty good day for lee. he went two scoreless innings giving up two hits. phillies lose six-three but that is okay the the main guys looked good. temple trying to break the ncaa bubble. will cummings get it dop, they win 70-56. that is it, that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. wrinkling brothers and barn um bailey circus is getting rid of the iconic elephants. the decision comes amid growing concerns about how elephants are being treated but you still got time to catch them. thirteen elephants will continue to tour with the circus before they are retired, in 2018. so still ahead philadelphia police are in mourning after the loss of one of their own robert wilson, gunned down in the line of duty, a live report on the investigation into his death coming up. plus here's a live look outside what people are dealing with as they dig out from underneath that snow and get ready for work on this friday morning.
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philadelphia police department is in mourning a veteran officer is gunned down killed inside of a local store. his collogues calling him the best the city had to offer. plus snow is over, now we're dealing with bone chilling cold but is is it a taste of spring that is on the way? i hope so. what to expect this weekend.
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look at this close call a chunk of ice crashes through a car windshield? where that ball of ice came from. i hope my windshield is stronger than that because there is ice every where. good day everyone it is friday march 6th, 2015. >> we want to let you know he all philadelphia public schools and catholic schools are close todd take. >> because of the weather, sue serio. >> let me tell you while i'm thinking of it. i was driving in on i-95 northbound and there was a knuckle head that came up next to me and passed me which was fine because the the road were okay but had not cleaned off the windshield. couldn't not even see out of the back window. snow was still piled up on the top of the car. well, of course, i yelled at him, he couldn't hear me getaway from me. just stay away from me because that stuff can fly back. bob kelly can just talk bit. once it is airborne fit is a chunk of ice. clean off your car, please take the time, before you
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venture out. okay, i vented. now, 10 degrees is the record low for this date, march the sixth, it was setback in 1978. i have a feeling it will be still standing by the end on have of the day because we are 14 degrees. sunrise is 6:27. it will be a tough thing to get to the record but it is still, really cold with single digits for the north of us, teens to the south of us and these wind chills many of them below zero this morning. it feels like 16 below in mount pocono, two is wind chill in philadelphia, three below in wilmington. we will get to a high later on of 26 27 degrees, that is all we will manage with a bunch of sunshine today because of the cold air that is already in place but things will improve in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, i promise. >> we will hold you to it. >> 4:30. tgif. as you venture out this morning even though the crew where is out cleaning up, and plowing, all night long, they are getting out of the neighborhood. the secondary road, the side
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streets, that is the the toughest part. here's a live look down in delaware again, coming down through the intersections the left or right turning lanes again, that packed down snow is frozen over, at 14 degrees this morning. there was no melting at all. you could be traveling along and it looks clear and then all of a sudden you hit that patch where the plow train pulled off on to a exit and you will hit that pile of snow. it will will take a couple of days, for all of this to move off of the majors and the on and off ramps an accident north at exit number six. patco running the construction schedule which means single tracking, 26 minute gaps in services and no express services. market frankford broad street subway they have park buses and they are running trains on the overnight. another half an hour there. typically head out the front door. there are a number of suspended bus routes on mass transit, and septa also has
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about 30 or 40 bus still on the detour. your best bet go to and click on the system status for your bus route and 101 trolley is running with delays this morning because of equipment problems. chris and lauren, back over to you. 4:32 is the time. fill will a police are morning loss of robert wilson the third, killed during a shoot-out with two robbery suspect in the north philadelphia video game store yesterday. the suspects are now in custody. >> body of officer brian wilson the third has been brought to the funeral home in cobbs creek. >> formal arrangements have yet to be announced. jennifer joyce is at the 22nd police district in north philadelphia where he was assigned jennifer good morning. >> reporter: it is quiet here right now. we see flags flying at half staff as the district and the entire department, mourn the the loss of robert wilson the third. wilson was an eight year veteran of the force assigned
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to the 22nd district. commissioner ramsey spoke about the officer last night. he said he knew him personally. he wases surely one of philadelphia's best. he was well respected by his peers. wilson had two children a nine year-old boy and a one year-old babe hoy will learn that their father died as a philadelphia hero. >> and officer wilson was an outstanding officer. he was a leader of the squad. >> i knew him i met him. he was one of the best police officers this city had to offer, period. a very, very brave, heroic individual. >> officer wilson's body had has arrived at the the francis funeral home on cobbs creek, this video came in earlier this morning. governor tom wolf release aid statement saying this senseless act is devastating and reminder of the danger faced every day by our brave men and women in uniform across pennsylvania, members of the law enforcement and our
4:34 am
first responders put their lives on the line to protect our families and an hour communities, we can never forget their selfless service and sacrifice. the last night we were saying that there were reporters out there, just taking a look at these officers, they could see tears in their eyes as they were learning this devastating news. certainly going to be a tough time for the the the philadelphia fire department, or excuse me police department and the entire city, back to you guys. >> all right jenny thanks so much for that update. as this story develops, we will bring you updates. you can find complete coverage on line at our web site at my fox 4:34. other big story digging out all of the snow of course. some parts of the new jersey got more than 8 inches yesterday. >> that shut down schools and businessness millville cumberland county. dave kinchin has that story. >> reporter: several inches of snow across south jersey will turn millville in the ghost town. restaurants and other businesses closed up for the
4:35 am
day. >> i got more than i expect yeah. i was kind of hoping we would get over this all right. >> reporter: james durham spent the day shoveling outside his business the the before and after hair center. >> front and back, front and back all will day long, every 15 or 20 minutes trying to beat the big impact. i'm 07 years old. if i can stay ahead this way it is a lot easier then a heart attack. >> reporter: it is not exactly the kind of work he plan on. >> i came in 7:00 with the full book and a i had three clients show up. so that is it. out of 15, three showed up. >> reporter: yesterday snow was bad for business and driving. if you go too fast on covered road with patches of roads underneath. >> way up there from cape may county a couple car slid off the the road on 55. >> reporter: yah on james sit on route 47 waiting for that inevitable call in his flatbed tow truck. >> busy day for you today. >> fit gets cold freezes up,
4:36 am
ice, start sliding can't see, black ice. >> reporter: plow trucks made a day and night of the big storm too. >> i was actually surprised way it started i didn't think we were going to get as much. it came out. >> reporter: powerful but millville residents say it is march for crying out loud. >> i have had enough of this, you know. >> reporter: dave kinchin, fox 29 news. >> well, that last interview, we had enough of this. >> yes, enough already. >> coming up a check of ice comes crashing through this windshield on a busy highway, the driver missed by just inches what sent that sheet of ice flying in the first place. plus a deserved the death penalty but what it means for her victims coming up next. >> a lot of tears in the courtroo
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you know what, they are the cars. we don't see many though. >> i don't think you will it is rough on the road out there. i could not figure out if it was ice snow salt a mixture if they have been plowed. >> bob kelly has been a busy man this week. >> yes, he has. >> 4:39. u.s. ambassador to south korea says he will be doing well and back to work. the ambassador is recovering from the knife attack, he is
4:40 am
expect to be released from the hospital early next week. the man police named as the assailant has a long history of anti u.s. protests north korea's state controlled media is praising the attack saying knife slashes was a deserved punishment. prosecution and defense go head to head over emotional testimony in the boston marathon bombing trial. yesterday, the the father of an eight year-old boy killed in the bombings testified. describing seeing his son dying. the prosecutors are using stories of damage and heart break to try to secure the death penalty for defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev. the the defense admitted their client is guilty but they are trying to convince the guilt that i tsarnaev was just a confused teenager. now also a judge sentenced convicted killer jody arias jurors dead locked on whether to execute her or send her to life or i hud say to prison for life. arias was quick in the murder of have her lover travissal sand inner 2008.
4:41 am
family members of alexander cried when judge announced jurors could not reach a decision. >> i don't think that this verdict will change anything but we hope it can begin the close another process. >> the judge will sentaria on april 13th to life in prison or life without the possibility of parole. i should say with the possibility of parole after 25 years. she had been retried finally some closure to this case. >> the parents of the michael brown plan to file wrongful death lawsuit after learning justice department will not pursue charge's against the office's against their son. suit will be filed begins darren wilson and the city of ferguson this week the justice department cleared wilson of federal civil rights charges but released a a report that shows patterns of racial profiling and discrimination, practiced by that police department. brown who was unarmed, was killed last august during a confrontation with wilson. catholics are mourning
4:42 am
loss of retired new york archbishop cardinal edward egan. >> he died of cardiac arrest. he was archbishop of new york during the september 11th terror attacks. he retired in 2009 in which's cyst ted archdiocese with also serving a various offices in the vatican. he was 82 years old. coming up, a close call for one driver, a chunk of ice, crashes right through his windshield. where it came from as he was driving down the highway.
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our top story this morning so sad a philadelphia police officer dead after being shot in the line of duty police say officer robert wilson the third died while he was inside a game stop in north philadelphia yesterday afternoon. two suspects came in and tried to rob it when the deadly violence erupted. two suspects now in custody, one of those suspects was injured and as gunfire was exchanged with police. coming up on 4:45 on this friday morning? sue serio, king of prussia mall, of course typically very busy, one of the biggest malls in the country from all of the snow they got yesterday. >> i'm thinking fewer parking spaces because plows have to push the the snow into those giant, giant piles. happens in every mall this time of the year when we get decent snowfall and in king of prussia at measurement was 10.4 inches. 7.5 officially at philly
4:46 am
interest nal. pike creek delaware got 8.2. little over eight in mount holly, new jersey. atlantic city set a new daily snowfall record yesterday with 7 inches. our record was 8.8. so we didn't make it the but we still got a lot of snow. happily there is nothing to show you on ultimate doppler. not only nothing here in the area, but nothing on the way for the weekend. so we don't have anything in the offing for weekend storms. after the last two weekend, we will welcome that. 4 degrees is our current temperature. you will hear me say the record for this date is ten. we will not make it because sunrise is coming up at 6:30. 10 degrees in dover. ten in wilmington. somebody got a ten. we have wind speeds as much as 14 miles an hour 9 miles an hour, 8 miles an hour depending where you are and that takes wind chill down to inning is will digits or below zero. it is a 2 degrees wind chill in philadelphia if you have to venture out make sure you
4:47 am
dress for 2 degrees or below zero where wind chills are right now. it is happening this weekend, sunday march 8th at 2:00 a.m. we will change today light savings time, and remember, it is daylight saving time. we went through this, there is no s on the day light. or the saving. turn your clock ahead, one hour saturday night before you go to bed because time changes on sunday morning. so happily, there is a gradual warming trend but not to day, still need parka and all of the layers, today with that high of 27 degrees, and still pretty chilly tomorrow with the high in the 30's. the average high in the upper 40's and we will finally make split by early next week and zoom up for wednesday and thursday. so something to look forward to bob kelly as you may be dreading walking out there this morning. >> if you do not clean your car off last night before you wednesday to bend you will be sorry because this morning, first of all, i want to you
4:48 am
clean all of the snow off of the roof the hood, get all of the junk off the back of the trunk there but everything froze. the it is easy. you will to have scrape the windshield again. but what happens here we awe this the last time any snow that is left on the hood of the vehicle gets warmed up from the engine and once you hit i-95 that is snow that was flying back. sue said she saw somebody coming today didn't even have rear windshield cleaned off. no little hole that sometimes you see the folks driving along w so make sure you get all that snow off. major roadways are in good shape but you will come up on a patch like this here, like route 309 where it the is just packed down snow, even though the plow moved 10 inches of snow off the side of the shoulder, one or one and a half of those travel lanes are still snow covered and in 14 degrees, it is ice. same deal on the ramps from 202 to the schuylkill expressway where we typically would have two lanes, within
4:49 am
lane is clean and green the other one is still snow covered. so it will be still an obstacle course out there this morning even though we had a full day and overnight to clean it all up. northbound on the new jersey turnpike an accident northbound right at exit number six philly international, playing the catch up game. check with the airlines. keep in mind all of the flights canceled yesterday lauren and i were talking about this if the planes didn't come into philly or to new york they are not there this morning, to take that return trip back. so it is a catch up game repositioning they have to do with all of the airplanes. so, check with the a airline before you head down to the airport this morning. market frankford broad street subway they are running trains, in the buses tonight they still have suspended bus routes. there is 20 or so on a detour, because of the weather so check with amtrak, running a maryland fight schedule today and patco running their construction schedule with those dreaded 26
4:50 am
minutes gap in services during the rush hour, chris and lauren, back to you. you talk about passengers stranded, how about being stranded here in kentucky. yes, hundreds of drivers stranded. trucks jackknifed turned roads into parking lot. some drivers say they were stuck for more than two hours. the the kentucky national guard swooped into help these stranded digging them out of the snow. some parts of the state saw more than 20 inches on have have snow. the snow made driving a nightmare. today they are dealing with extremely cold conditions like we are here. the coldest temperature on record in memphis on this date is 20 degrees. the forecast today is calling for a le of 11. >> yikes. a close call for a driver in minnesota when a sheet of ice fell off a tractor trailer, came crashing through his windshield. fox's rob wilson has the details. >> i think it is fortunate that this incident did not result in serious injury. >> take a good look at these pictures snapped by a troop are on tuesday because that is a chunk of ice sticking right
4:51 am
through a windshield. >> the ice shattered the window and broke through the windshield and came to rest on the driver's lap ape floor. >> reporter: the the driver did in the want to be interest rude but he shared this video that he took on his phone right after it happened documenting the damage from ice that slid from a semi and how came it close it came to killing him. john was going east on highway 36 getting ready to exit, and semi was just ahead of him in the left lane. >> then the sheet of ice came off. he it came right in his windshield. he took the exit ramp and park and called 911. >> reporter: what the state patrol wants is this it is state law to clean off your vehicle of snow and ice. it is state law to make sure nothing comes loose from anything you are hauling because it doesn't take much. >> the mass, weight momentum that is other thing drivers to have keep in mind. at 60 miles an hour those objects are traveling at 60 miles an hour as well.
4:52 am
>> reporter: in john's case the semi kept going perhaps unaware of the damage he inadvertently left behind him but pictures make us all aware of how close a call it was. >> in this case it was just fractions of an inch that made this not a serious injury and crash. we will tell but a new study that surveyed more than 2,000 dairy farms to find out what could be in that tall glass of milk. do you like milk. >> yes, does a body good. >> i'm annal monday milk kind of a girl.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
all right. 4:55 is the time. just 14 degrees right now. it dips down to 9 degrees, we could set a record. >> i know sue said 9 degrees. if it thinks cold it might as well be record breaking cold. who want to be cold for no reason. >> do you like peeps. >> no, do you like peeps, right around easter timey love them. if you do like them you'll like the latest creation. it is peeps flavored milk. >> um. >> there will be three flavors marshmallow, check late and easter eggnog. the it will be hitting store shelves the first week of
4:56 am
march. i don't know about that but i will stick with peeps. >> my mom would never let us drink that stuff. maybe once as a treat, check late millioning. >> but never just. >> strawberry quick, do you remember that. >> too much sugar. >> 4:56. antibiotics can reza shourd that is there hardly any in there. >> little evidence of antibiotic contamination. the the results are from a 2012 survey of 2,000 dairy farms. researchers say they have tested raw milk samples from those farms for 31 drugs and less than 1 percent of them showed evidence the of illegal drug residue. the antibiotics and other drugs can end up in milk when they are used on dairy cow toss keep them healthy. still ahead a philadelphia police officer is gun down in the line of duty. we will will look at how he is being remembered by his brothers in blue this morning. lets get back to the weather and cold temperatures we could see record cold today, just 6 degrees in
4:57 am
pottstown. sue's forecast straight ahead.
4:58 am
4:59 am
this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at a philadelphia police office are killed in the line of duty. the officer robert wilson shot and killed this morning. two people in custody. how police caught up with both suspects coming up in a live report. plus this...
5:00 am
>> officer wilson was an outstanding officer. he was a leader, of his squad. >> officer wilson's department and city mourning his death, family he leaves behind and a look at his time with the force. from falling snow to falling temperatures we could be feeling record cold this morning. how much more can we take though, sue serio, with when we will get relief. hollywood icon and actor harrison ford rushed to the hospital after crashing his small plane. yes, we have the call that went out and how he was rescued by some people on that golf course. >> that is right. >> if you going to crash land a plane, pick a golf course because typically every afternoon on the golf course there is a bunch of doctors. the evidently he will be okay. he is in serious condition in the critical condition. >> okay sue serio it is freezing outside. weekend is looking better. >> we have a lot of improvement with the seven day forecast but first we have to get through a very brutally


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