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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  March 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> officer wilson was an outstanding officer. he was a leader, of his squad. >> officer wilson's department and city mourning his death, family he leaves behind and a look at his time with the force. from falling snow to falling temperatures we could be feeling record cold this morning. how much more can we take though, sue serio, with when we will get relief. hollywood icon and actor harrison ford rushed to the hospital after crashing his small plane. yes, we have the call that went out and how he was rescued by some people on that golf course. >> that is right. >> if you going to crash land a plane, pick a golf course because typically every afternoon on the golf course there is a bunch of doctors. the evidently he will be okay. he is in serious condition in the critical condition. >> okay sue serio it is freezing outside. weekend is looking better. >> we have a lot of improvement with the seven day forecast but first we have to get through a very brutally cold morning plus dealing with
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all of the snow. we had a lot of snow yesterday. four is our number out of one to ten because of the challenges you will to have day weather-wise in the aftermath of yesterday's snowstorm. we are on record watch here in philadelphia. 10 degrees is the record from 1978. thirteen is as low as we have gotten so far but our wind chillies zero. keep that in mind. you don't have to be out very long shoveling snow before you start to feel the effects of frostbite. so pace yourself if you are going to go out once the sun comes up because it is really cold. 6:27 is our sunrise time. 27 degrees is all we will get even with all that sun. our normal high is 48 or 49 degrees. that is your daytime temperature. the tonight we will get down to ready, 12 degrees. so hopefully you will sleep through that 12 degrees because it is saturday bob kelly. >> we cannot wait until
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saturday. >> can't wait until saturday. >> 5:01. getting out of the neighborhood will be the toughest part about your morning commute, and make sure you clear all of the snow off your car. clear the the snow off, get over that snow hump that was created by plow trains if even they came down side streets but with 14 degrees anything that was pack down last night is frozen over. you will go from the snow covered roadways, to a nice clean schuylkill expressway. but don't get that false sense of security because somewhere along the way i guarantee you, you will be in one of the lanes and you will hit a patch of snow maybe with a you mr. train pulled off on 202 and blue route and left a patch of snow, packed down and that could send the cars slipping. here's an example 309 toward the turnpike, left lane totally clean down to the pavement. the right lane though, still snow covered. it will take a couple days until we get everything
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manicured and back to normal. north on the new jersey turnpike an accident at exit number six bridges have speed restrictions in play this morning. if you are intend to go travel in philadelphia a international, check with your airline and allow extra time throughout the day. >> real quickly, all philadelphia public schools and archdiocesean schools are closed to day. the lets get to our developing story. such sad news. >> it is. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says the department is in shock and mourning after the officer was shot and killed. >> this happened at a north philadelphia video game store. steve keeley is now live outside philadelphia police headquarters with the very latest steve, good morning. >> reporter: if you didn't love officer robert wilson by what you heard already you will love him now. we have the story behind the story about why he was in that store. let's show you a picture of officer wilson. he is on the left. the his partner damon stevenson are on the right. here's why they were not together in the store. thirty year-old wilson didn't get killed being a good cop
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but a great dad too. his fellow officers tell fox 29 news the reason why he was in that game stop store and his partner damon stevenson outside in the patrol car still was because while in a quick break while on duty they pull in the strip mall where connie mack stadium and phillies used to play. the officer wilson father of the nine year-old son and one year-old baby was going in to buy a new video game forgetting good grade in school. >> i think incidents like this put in context a lot of what has been discussed over the past few months. people lose sight of the dangers inherent in being a police officer, the kind of individual they come across on the street and they have to contend with, they have to deal with. sometimes as a result they are seriously injured or murdered as a result of trying to protect every single person in this city. in that community. >> reporter: two guys in custody one shot in the leg he will be okay. other guy in custody are
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brothers coincidently in the city of brotherly love. older 130 year-old just paroled recently if that doesn't make you angry. the younger 125 years old also with a history of arrest but the older one a bad dude according to one cop, five prior that is they know of for sure and already confessing to, according to investigators, here at headquarters where they brought the one guy who was not shot immediately after. here is a strange coincidence officer wilson was one of the first people on call and at the the hospital when moses walker was killed in the 22nd district. soon after he got off-duty because they work the same shift. we got that from the the 22nd officer. officer walker the the last officer killed on duty, before him, well, one of his two killers, coincidently in court today to be sentenced to life without parole how is that. >> steve such a sad, sad story there with how he was going to buy a gift for his son doing well in school. it is not only child officer
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wilson left behind. >> reporter: yeah, you have a nine year-old son and one year old. that was what you heard from commissioner ramsey last night. commissioner ramsey probably didn't hear this story. he was breaking up too. everybody you talk to breaks up. it is heart to even report that right now. >> officer robert wilson the third was dedicated to the department and his family as steve just said. >> lets talk more about the family with jennifer joyce. jennifer, what are you learning. >> reporter: we're live outside the between the second police district. we know it has been a tough 12 hours for the the between the second as well as the entire philadelphia police department and this city. you could see the flags flying at half staff as they mourn the loss of their fellow officer robert wilson the third. wilson was an eight year veteran of the force currently assigned to the between the second. the officer wilson's body has arrived at frances funeral home on wigbee avenue on cobbs creek. wilson was transported to
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temple hospital where he would later succumb to his injuries. there was a major police presence to support their fallen brother. commissioner ramsey spoke about the officer last night. said he knew him personally. he was surely one of the best. he was well respected by his peers. wilson had two games a nine year-old boy, one year-old baby, who will learn their father died a philadelphia hero. >> officer wilson was an outstanding officer. he was a leader of his squad. he never took the opportunity to train younger officers. everything i asked of officer wilson and his partner they gladly took it upon the opportunity to serve the the citizens of the 22nd district. this is a sad day for the officers that i command in the 22nd district. it is a sad day for the philadelphia police department. it is a sad day for the the city of philadelphia i just hope we all say a prayer for officer wilson's family in mind thank you.
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>> reporter: governor tom wolf released a statement calling this a senseless act. it is devastating a a reminder of the danger faced every day by our brave men a and women across pennsylvania, law enforcement and our first responders, put their lives on the line to protect our families and an hour communities. we can never forget their selfless service an sacrifice. philadelphia police officer michael duffy tweeted out a picture of officer robert wilson on the motorcycle will said he has been a rider who has attended philly fallen heroes memorials. he will be one of the officers honored during that ride, lauren and chris. >> jennifer joyce, live thank you. city of philadelphia feels its pain all too often. over past decade ten officers including officer wilson has died in the line of duty. >> fox 29's lucy noland looks back at those who gave their lives to protect our city. >> reporter: monday, may eighth, 2006 officer gary skerski was shot and killed responding to a robbery at a
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bar. west october 31st, 2007 officer charles cassidy was shot in the head as he walked in on a doughnut shop robbery. the at day, may third, 2008, sergeant stephen liczbinski was shot and killed chasing bank robbers. tuesday, september 23rd, 2008 sergeant patrick mcdonald was shot and killed while chasing a man wanted for assaulting an officer. friday, february the 13th 2009 officer john pawlowski killed after responding to a dispute between a man and a cabdriver. saturday august 18th, 2012, officer moses walker, junior just got off his shift and was walking to a bus stop when two men robbed him, and then shot him. three other officers have died in the line of duty killed in car crashes. the officer isabel nazario friday september 5th, 2008.
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sergeant timothy simpson monday november 17th, 2008. the officer brian lorenzo sunday july 8th, 2012. as the story continues to develop, we will bring you updates. you can find complete coverage of the murder of murder of officer wilson on line at our web site the at my fox philadelphia's mayor michael nutter is calling for a property tax hike. >> so he says it will help aid the financially strapped school district. the mayor proposing, raising property taxes 9 percent. average residential tax bill will climb about 100 to just over $1,200. it is all part of the $4 billion budget the proposal that would be presented to the city council. >> we have to make a choice between raising revenue or educating our children i'm going to choose our kid, every time. >> no deal. we will in the the go for this. >> in the for 9 percent real
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estate tax. >> i think, good governing will look at other ways to raise revenue. >> members of the general assembly. >> governor tom wolf plans to raise tax toes fund public schools across pennsylvania. the mayor says, other fund in the budget proposal will aid departments such as licenses and inspections and the fire department, and parks and recreation. people all over the area are digging out from yesterday's snow storm. >> difficult this morning just getting to work. the front end load are tried to get a leg of the storm at this local shopping center on route 70, thanks to his efforts because shoppers weren't going to let the snow keep them from grabbing last minute groceries to help them ride out remainder of the storm. >> right now, we make open lanes so people can come and shop without falling obviously. keep the drains cleared. >> just stopped and got a couple things for lunch. >> all right. so everyone is just saying yeah, we are ready for spring. consensus here in delaware valley. >> already, please.
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coming up near disaster a plane skids off a runway at laguardia airport almost plunge necessary to a river we will tell you exactly what happened. lets take a live look outside, before we get the the big melt and it will in the happen this morning as we look at 14 degrees and plunging down to ten, 9 degrees, oh, boy, sue serio has your weekend forecast when that melting will begin
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recapping our top story this morning a philadelphia police officer is dead after being shot, in the line of duty. police say officer robert wilson the third died while he was inside a game stop store in north philadelphia yesterday afternoon. two suspects came in and tried to rob it when the deadly violence erupted. the two suspects are in custody. one of the suspects was injured as gunfire was exchanged with police. this story is so heart breaking and everyone is torn a apart by it too. >> right. of course we're getting new information. steve keeley is talking with police and getting really sad back stories about just what a nice man this officer was and the the family he leaves behind. we have to switch gears because today weather-wise, sue, could set a record. >> right. the it is a low temperature record not the kind of record we like to set. we are looking at some snow totals okay from new jersey and here they come. we start off with new jersey
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8.3 inches in mount holly, some other new jersey snowfall totals including fishing creek where there was in fishing going on 6 inches there, atlantic city international airport official tote aal of 7 inches. that is a new record. we will go down to delaware pike creek 8.2 inches. wood side 7.3. prices corner was 6.3. in new castle, historic olde new castle 6.2 inches. now we're in pennsylvania, we're checking here in philadelphia 7.5 inches. exton got eight in a half. in wayne, 10 inches. 10.4 in king of prussia look at the ultimate doppler nothing. a whole lot of nothing. nothing on the way, with precipitation but we have these cold temperatures. 13 degrees in philadelphia but record is ten. we don't have too much time to go down 3 degrees to tie the record. i don't think it will happen here. we may set a couple other low temperature record.
5:17 am
we will show you list next time. wind speed at ten. that factors into make it feel colder as those cold temperatures weren't enough it feels like zero in philadelphia right now. seven below in reading. three below is wind chill in lancaster and feels like 4b low in dover. so cold out there. only going to get to 27 degrees which why is we are giving you four out of ten but up to a seven tomorrow with 38 degrees. still ten below average but not as harsh. on sunday we are at 44. we are at normal as tuesday we are up to 48 and then the the fabulous 50's bob kelly on wednesday and thursday. >> poodle skirts for wednesday and thursday, in the 50's. >> good morning. here's a live look at what the major look like, i-95 in northeast philadelphia, probably 80 percent of your trip on the major roadways this morning will be snow free but i guarantee you somewhere along the line whether in that
5:18 am
far left or right lane where plow trains pulled off to one of the off ramps you will see patches of snow. everything is pack down and frozen over. do give yourself extra time. couple tips this morning the snow emergency that was in effect yesterday has been lifted. you can park on the snow emergency routes. load it up on the washer fluid because that spray off the cars from the wet road surface i probably went through a gallon my way home yesterday clean off the whole entire car. the windshields, the roof the the hood and the trunk. if you are driving a delivery truck today, or maybe one of the tractor trailer drivers watching us clean off the top of that truck because all that snow will be falling backwards on the cars behind you. as we go for a ride on the schuylkill in the bad at all. watch it around that curve and that straight away. it noticed it this morning. some have the on snow in the
5:19 am
theresa above falling down on to the the road surface. driving along thinking wow this is great road is clear and then all of a sudden you hit a big patch of snow that fell from that tree above and that could cause some accidents this morning. all of the bridges, speed restrictions at the 25 miles an hour coming in the city here's the latest from september, four bus routes are suspended, there are 32 that are on a detour still through city and 101 trolley running with delays. get to click systems status and they will have the whole deal based upon whatever bus route you are using today. amtrak running a maryland fight schedule today the on the northeast corridor, chris and lauren back to you. >> you made it to the flyers game last night. >> lets go flyers. >> you brought them on is luck. good luck, mr. kelly. >> stocks broke a two day losing streak. dow jones rose 38 points s and p500 gained two points nasdaq rose 15 points. you'll soon see etsy, the
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new york based company lets you buy and sell hand made goods, antiques and art. do you know this. >> yes. >> i love it. >> do i too. >> what did you get her. >> it was a personalized poster of everything that happened in the year she was born. >> it was lots of great gift ideas. >> i'm going on right now, >> bob kelly right new will help the numbers. in fact speaking of numbers they generated 196 million-dollar. a man was a painter and carpenter founded this company ten years ago because at the time he was struggling to find a place to sell his crafts. >> i didn't know it was a man that founded it, did you sue serio. >> i know know. >> only in america. >> i love it. >> how about this, pampered pets, they are in. just ask lauren john on about diamond her dog. americans shelled out nearly
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$60 billion on their pets last year. sue, how much did roofus get. >> 1.50. >> it included food, vet bills, grooming and spa treatments. >> yes good pets get massages. >> what? >> give me a break. >> if you will have a pet you are supposed to get on the the floor, play with them, rub them down yourself. you get the a massage for your dog. it does diamond get massages. >> diamond has gotten a massage. >> there she is, first class on a airplane. >> are you kid mag he. >> you why. >> she gets to go underneath the seat but she still cost a pretty penny. >> when you first started on this show you brought diamond in. we had her on the desk here. diamond is only about 8 inches long. >> yes good 4-pound. >> so cute. >> hbo reportedly set to launch a new stand alone serve that is will allow to you get rid of your cable and still
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get hbo. hwo now will cost, $15 a month. the company reportedly will be working with apple and google on this new service but will partner with microsoft x box, roku and amazon prime. coming up, actor harrison ford recovering after a plane crash what his son tweeted overnight about his tad's condition.
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white house counsel's office says it was unaware that secretary of state hillary clinton was using a personal e-mail account during her tenure. we will get to that story in just a moment. but first we want to tell but our big story to day, officer wilson was shot ape killed yesterday in the line of duty. he was in a game stop store in north philadelphia a, during an attempted robbery there. gunfire was exchanged. our steve keeley jennifer joyce both covering that story for you this morning and will bring you a live report in just s a moment. u.s. ambassador in south korea says he is doing well and will be back to work as soon as possible. he recovering from the knife attack in sewell. he is expect to be released early next week. the man police... >> little technical will
5:26 am
difficulty, and evidently he will be owe kay. >> these pictures look awful. he recovered from the knife attack. the man police named asiana salient has a history of anti u.s. protest. the state control media says knife slashes were a deserved punishment. new to new york crews work late in the night to remove a plane that skid off the runway at insuring's laguardia airport. officials say delta flight 1086 from atlanta did not make contact with the bay but instead landed on the embankment after skidding off the runway yesterday during the snowstorms. two people were treated for minor injuries. a at one point a gallon of fuel was leaking every minute. that has been cleaned up and the investigation is ongoing. still ahead, philadelphia police are in mourning after a looks of one of their own, officer robert wilson gun down in the line of duty. live report on the investigation into his death is coming up. and at 5:26 here's a live
5:27 am
look outside with what people are dealing with, a at least over the platt bridge right by the airport. we will let you know if there are any weather related delays at philly international
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plus, snow is over and new we are dealing with bone chilling cold but is it a taste of spring that is on the way what to expect this weekend. mayor nutter talks about his plan to raise property taxes, how he says this will help the cash strapped philadelphia school district. good day, everyone it is friday march 6th 2015. >> we have to tell you all philadelphia public schools and catholic schools are closed to day, like we do, to the weather. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> but with that said bus stop buddy, well, he is ready to role. >> yes, even though there is no school he will want to be outside, sledding, playing in the snow and it is bitter bitter cold out there. you better make sure that the kid take frequent breaks and come in and have hot chocolate because it will knock it out of the 20's today. it will not get out of the 20's. you know what i mean. frigid start today. it is a four out of ten in weather by the numbers. our record low from 1978, 10 degrees. so far we have been down to
5:31 am
13. we don't have that much time left before sunrise happens at 6:27. we may not tie the record here but we have tied and broken record in other places. we will show you that next time. high temperature today only 27 degrees. talk about deceiving sunshine that will be today, and it will be to 12 as we get, mostly clear skies but improvement on the way in the seven day forecast. we will detail that coming up for you with you bob kelly, someplace west ten 11 inches of snow, it will not be easy getting around this morning. >> it will not be easy for a couple days. 10 inches just doesn't disappear, it is piled up, on the side of the roadway, piled up in and around your car before you pull out of the parking spot. make sure you clear autopsy of the snow off your car. not just windshield, get the roof hood trunk, whole 9-yard and leave it in the parking spot. the as we roll from the neighborhood to the major roadways, it will be in good shape. once you get to the majors
5:32 am
they have done a fine job, but there are going to be spots. i will guarantee you you will necessity what i'm talking about on your way this morning that will look like the plow train just totally missed, that is a combination of the plow trains pulled off on to the off ramp or where that snow fell off the back of somebody's truck along the way. don't get that false sense of security, couple tips, snow emergency has been lifted it is okay to park on the snow emergency routes. we will need a full reservoir. i used a gallon my way home yesterday. all that spray and gook coming up off the cars trucks in front have of you. i mentioned cleaning off the car, driving a pickup truck, a delivery truck, a tractor trailer drivers get all that snow off the top of the truck. as we go eastbound on that schuylkill expressway, a as soon as we come around the curve, some of the snow has fallen from the trees down off the plowed road surface below and that is an example, where
5:33 am
road are cleared. all of a should is even out of no where we hit that packed down snow patch at 13 degrees. that snow patch is now ice. chris and lauren back over to you. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says the the department is in shock and mourning after a officer was shot and killed last night. >> this happened at a north philadelphia video game store. steve keeley live outside police headquarters getting more information about this officer who lost his life in the line of duty. >> old picture that is a a new picture for our viewer. we can show i two officers involved on both end here. it is officer damon wilson, officer robert wilson on the left, his partner day machine stevenson on the right. they were together when these two were among the 30 chosen to test police body cameras for the the first time in philadelphia the police department put this picture of the two with the third officer in between just december 11th on twitter. officer wilson again both together again last night with
5:34 am
his partner stevenson and officer wilson just 30, a cop since he was 22 a dad since he was 21, wanted to pull in that strip mall where connie mack stadium once stood and phillies played until 197o they go in the game stop store to buy his son a video game, get him a gift reward to get him good grades in school. that is why he was inside in line at the cash register and his partner still outside when two armed robbers came into the store at quarter of 5:00 to hold up the place. each with a gun. each using the the gun at the same time, two against one on wilson. >> both suspects, who were i'm told on either side of officer wilson firing at him at very close range. even though he was being struck multiple times he continue to fire until the fatal wound was fired. >> this is again within more example of the danger police officers and law enforcement personnel face on a regular
5:35 am
basis, and people who mean to do them harm. >> while the two men that were caught, one shot in the leg the other one not shot happen to be brothers. 130 years old, 125 years old. the 30 year-old is a bigger, longer history of previous arrests and convictions and just paroled recently. in recent weeks before this. his younger brother, 25 at least one arrest that police know of f that isn't bad enough officer wilson was one of the first officers to go to the hospital when the the last officer was killed in the line of duty, moses walker, was shot in killed in 2012. well coincidently one of his two killers being sentenced to mandatory life without parole today in court. you can bet that courtroom will be packed in blue with officers both mourning and wanting to see justice fulfilled for one of their own. >> yes, no doubt but with that as a backdrop. steve, thank you.
5:36 am
as this story continues to develop we will bring you updates. you can find complete coverage of the murder of officer wilson on line at our web site at my fox 5:35. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter is proposing a 9 percent property tax hike. money would help fund the financially strapped school district. the average residential bill will climb $100 to just a little more than $1,200 per year. it is all part of the $4 billion budget proposal that would be presented to the city council. governor tom wolf plans to raise tax toes fund public schools across pennsylvania. people all over the area, are digging out this morning. >> cumberland county, new jersey snow was enough to turn millville into a ghost town, restaurants, other businesses closed up for the day as plows breaded on down the empty street. plow crews shoveled to get a lot of the roads completely cleared due to the sheer volume of snow coming down several dozen accidents and spin outs were report add cross cumberland county. delaware residents will need to take it slowly this
5:37 am
morning, roads covered with snow and ice, slippery driving conditions, of course yesterday a parade of dell dot crews armed were 400 plus pieces of equipment work to clear those road with schools and businesses close crews were able to get the the job done. and in north philadelphia officials are blaming a partial building collapse on the snow, take a look at the damage as a converted warehouse, the at the corner of north second and turner streets. officials say weight of the snow on the the roof caused to it cave-in. one person inside did manage to get out safely. the group that owns the the building said they have just applied for a grant this week to get that roof fixed. >> well, too late now. >> timing. more than a hundred dogs rescued from an illegal breeding operation but they are not out of the woods just yet, why the center they are being kept at need to start adoptions right away. the greatest show on earth is making a major change to the line up why the wrinkling brothers are getting rid of the iconic
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
flyers lost three of four losing even when out shooting their opponents. the is there only 18 games left so they need to start converting. that was start against st. louis blues. third period down one, michael dellzotto ties the game up with the rocket shot. now we're in business.
5:41 am
the just 1:15 later wayne simmonds with the go ahead goal, scores off the deflects. flyers get a big win three-one. they are four points back of the final playoff spot. temple trying to break the ncaa bubble behind will cummings. he is a super deep three, late to put the game away. he had 16 points, seven board. owls win 70-56. to the phillies codey asche having a really good spring training taking on the astros. there he is with the rbi double. he went two for three on the take. phillies lose six-three. the main gays looked good. that is a look at sports. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. wrinkling brothers and barnum bailey circus is getting rid of the iconic elephants. >> the decision coming, after growing concerns about how elephants are treated, but you still have time to catch them if you want to see them. thirteen elephants will continue to tour with the circus before they are retired, in 2018.
5:42 am
coming up actor harrison ford rush to the hospital after his plane crashes, we have got his calls for help. >> only one on board. >> i didn't know he was a avid pilot at that. eleven jurors said jody arias deserved the death penalty, one held out, what that means for her sentence next. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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coming up at 5:45. lets get to our developing
5:45 am
story for you this morning. a philadelphia a police officer dead after being shot. police say officer robert wilson a third died while he was inside a game stop store in north philadelphia yesterday afternoon buying a video game with his son. two suspects came in and tried to rob it when the deadly violence erupted. the two suspects are in police custody, one of the suspects was injured as gunshots was changed with police. such a sad story. >> steve keeley is gathering new information and we will join him in a few minutes good sue serio, let's switch gears and talk about the snow. we are snowed in. cold outside. the better weather is coming. >> it will be coming. you know what else is coming this weekend? the time change. >> yes. >> spring ahead, it is daylight saving time. >> singular. >> yes, grammar police just sent out an e-mail, annoying but true. but sunday morning. for most of us, while we go to bed saturday night we will hopefully remember to set the
5:46 am
the clock ahead. sadly that mens we lose an hour of sleep we hate it but it does mean that spring is almost here and look at all of the snow we got yesterday. 7.5 at philly international, over 10 inches in king of prussia, pike creek delaware in new castle county pretty typical and in mount holly 8.3 inches. the atlantic city 7 inches of snow, broke a record for march the the fifth for how much snow they have ever gotten on march the fifth. now we're at today and we don't have any precipitation to show you onment doppler radar, but we have low numbers to show you when we talk about temperatures. here we were 5 degrees in wrightstown. ten in trenton. thirteen in fill a. the record is ten. we have tied record or broken record in reading. in wilmington and maybe a few other places when all is said and done. we will wait until after sunrise and then we will give you official numbers. wind speed you have to factor
5:47 am
that in. we have a 10-mile an hour win speed here in philadelphia that makes it feel like zero outside right now. all that snow will keep things cold throughout the morning and throughout the day, even though we are going to get plenty of sunshine. wind chill of 14 below in mount pocono and three below zero in wilmington delaware. here is your seven day forecast, something to look forward to. we will get sunshine today. we have a first dry weekend in three that we haven't had any storm of any kind and we will see temperatures start to rise a little bit. still cold tomorrow with a normal high of 48. we are only going to get to 38. it the is better to day in the upper 20's and by middle of next week we are in the upper 40's and by wednesday and thursday, in the fabulous 50's bob kelly. >> hopefully that will melt all of the yuck out there this morning. good morning everybody. on your way to work major
5:48 am
roadways in pretty good shape but look ought for those patches of snow that will pop up out of in where and here in the cop trucks zone like i-95 at girard avenue what is the left lane there. there is no shoulder. so any snow that was plowed is kind of like rolling up on to that concrete barrier. you don't have a full left lane here coming south on i-95, in toward the city. you'll know exactly what i'm talking about when you drive that stretch. here's a live look from behind the dash. fellow hearsays this is what it looks like on the way to the lindenwald high speed line station in south jersey. so again neighborhood untreated surfaces maybe streets that weren't as traveled as major roadways overnight, this is what it looks like as you step out the front door this morning. north bound lanes of the new jersey turnpike and another accident number two this morning this one is northbound right here near exit number five. we had another one at exit number six. couple tips for this morning, the the snow emergency has been lifted you can park your car on the snow emergency
5:49 am
routes, make sure you are loaded up with that windshield washer fluid. you will need it. i probably went through a gallon yesterday just heading home. clean off the car. clean off the top of the truck. your delivery driver, driving those big rigs, all that snow has to come off, get a broom and push it off in the lot before you pull out the on the streets. 25 miles an hour across the bridges. here's the latest from september, they have five bus routes suspended. thirty other routes on the detour. go to and click on the system status and see your bus route and detour it is taking today. delays on the 101 trolley. amtrak is running a modified schedule today. rough go he for patco, yep, they are running the construction schedule which means single, single tracking and 26 minute gaps in service. make sure you know schedule. you don't want to get stuck on the platform in 13 degrees
5:50 am
weather near 26 minute gap chris and lauren, back over to you. absolutely not. actor harrison ford, hospitalized right now in los angeles, after crash landing his vintage plane in santa monica when it lost engine power. actor, who is a pilot brought the plane down on the golf course near the the airport and avoided nearby home. tm-z has audio of the distress call. >> 178 engine failure immediate return. >> 178 21, clear to land. >> you can hear the pan nick his voice, right. at the hospital daddies okay daddies okay but battered but okay. he is every bit the man you think he he is. he is an incredibly strong man. thanks for your thoughts and good vibes for my dad. wow.
5:51 am
ford was taken to ronald reagan ucla medical center. he had lacerations on his face but as you read his back story here harrison ford has been flying since 1960's. he has crash before too in 1999, he was involved in the helicopter crash. he evidently keeps a small plane in los angeles and flies back and forth to wyoming quite a bit f you crash an airplane or crash land it do in a golf course where there would be a bunch of doctors. five people including three children hospitalized following a pile up on a alabama highway. officials say icy road conditions likely to blame they believe a group of vehicles lost control along the the interstate causing a 20 car pile up. in northern illinois a freight train derails and burst into flames this happened yesterday. authorities had to evacuate all areas within a 1 mile radius of the crash. there were no reported injuries and an investigation in the cause of the derailment
5:52 am
is underway. it is up to a judge to sentence jody areas. yesterday jurors dead lock as to whether to execute her or send her to prison for life. arias was quick in the murder on have her lover travissal sand inner 2008. rs cried when the judge announced that the jurors could not reach a decision. >> i don't think today will change anything but we hope it can begin the close another process is. >> the judge will sentence arias april 13th to the other life in prison or life with the possibility of parole have after 25 years. describing seeing his son dying. the prosecutors are using stories of damage and heart breaking loss to try to secure
5:53 am
the death penalty for defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev. the defense admitted their client took part in the bombings but argues he was a confused teenager trying to please his older brother. >> they are doing everything they can to try to sort of balance this but prosecution is coming at them and pointing out the fact that he came there to kill people because of what they have done to muslims. >> three people were killed in the bombs, more than 260 others were injured, with many victims, having limbs amputated. more than a hundred dog rescued, but they are in the out of the woods just yet why they being september at need to start adoptions right
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:56. 13 degrees. animal control rescues a hundred dogs from a puppy mill. 123 puppies were saved from an illegal breeding operation on highway 6o dogs were taken to the animal care center where they were vaccinated. officials say the dogs are scared. you know they don't understand what is going on. they were bread and in captivity and held in cagees just to breed more.
5:57 am
>> look at those cute faces. >> suspect who was running the puppy mill was charge with the same crime almost exactly one year ago. 5:56. coming up a philadelphia police officer shot and killed in the line of duty, we are live with the latest on his death. as we begin to dig out from yesterday's snow now a new concern record cold but the big melt is on the way, sue serio with is what to come this weekend, alex and chris coming up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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i knew him, met him and he was one of the best police officers this city has had to offer, per. >> city of philadelphia is in mourning, mourning the death of officer robert wilson the third who was gunned down inside a video game store during a hole up. the two accused shooters are in custody this morning we are looking back at what he did for the the the department. harrison ford, hurt in a plane crash. he was flying a world war two vintage plane when the engine failed crashing down on a golf course. how the the action star is doing right now. we will check in on his condition. we have a wallup of the winter storm yesterday. some people saw 10 inches of snow and the cold weather isn't going anywhere. so we have to ask sue, when will it warm up. we're in march right.


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