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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 6, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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that is right 9:00 o'clock, it good day it is friday, march 6th, 2015. hi lauren. >> it is friday. >> i'm filling in for mike all week. i have to tell you, he is back from his tropical vacation because we all went out, it was a very long day with the breaking news at laguardia airport, snow coverage and everything else. after the show lets go grab a sandwich and a beer. so alex you went sue came caitlin roth was there. >> we invited lauren but she elect to get her hair done. >> so i texted mike and he came over and met us. i said where is mike. come on mike where are you? it took him like 40 minutes to get six blocks. he took a cab. evidently the cab hit a pot hell in the way over and he walk the last three or four blocks. he looked like the the abdominal snow man when he showed up. >> he does president wear appropriate coats.
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>> never. >> mike will be back on monday, that you had out, hopefully and stars will be on the show this morning on good day. vivica a fox and vince vaughn. >> yes, i can the not even say it, the the beautiful vivica a fox was here in our studio in just minute and, we have hilarious photos out this week. >> plus, love has no labels. we are getting a little emotional over this new campaign, can you spot the philly connection. >> and in sickness and in health not so much. >> wow. >> but who is more likely to jump ship when something happens, like break it off and not remember how important that vow is. we will tell you the sex that is more likely to leave and who will stand by their partners until the even. >> it has got to be the men. >> we will to have see. >> okay. >> you have heard of wedding registries, we have talk about it, best buy has a wedding registry. we talk about that. this baby registries but now children are the ones who are
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registering. >> yes, so parents are setting up registries before big events like birthday parties local holidays communion graduations, toys-r-us, just a few they are offering kid services a according to the new york post some moms are saying it is absolutely ridiculous. one mother was quoted assaying it is presumption us making gifting more of a business transaction. she explain this puts pressure on people buy a gift when it really should be a personal choice. >> i can kind of see both side. here's why. i have an aunt to two, ten years old. whenever it comes to their birthday and christmas i'm like what do i get them. i don't have kid. i don't know what to get them. i wish i had a list of things that i knew they loved that i could pick off that list and say here we go. >> it is like when they say it is more pressure when you have a list. part of the pressure is trying to figure out what do i get this person w my little will cousins. she likes hello kitty. then she goes i don't like
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hello kitty anymore. how about jewelry. now we're on to jewelry. the it is hard to keep up with what they like. >> you are a father. you hear clues about what your kid like. >> but i cannot even keep up. it is a moving target truly. my wife makes the kid and commercials because she doesn't want the kid bombarded, with all this input from the advertisers and especially around the holidays making the wish list for santa so, i don't know. the idea of the kid, clicking on their wish list. >> it takes away spirit of giving. >> it is not only that. >> explain it to them first. >> here's the deal. >> aunt alex has a tough time buying you things because she doesn't know what you want so we will point out. and we will just point out with helping them giving them a gift. maybe they will understand it is not just point what you want, you will get everything on your list. >> so do you then reach out then to the parents of your nieces and nephews. >> yes, i a always do.
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>> yes, it is a reason to have a conversation and pick up the phone. >> when you have those list you want them to think that they will get everything that they put on their registry. another thing you have to be worried b they will think i will get this, i will get that. we will put that on the list too. >> it is a conversation that has to be had and then they will understand the premise behind it. for people like me who are completely lost that is having no clue what to get you. >> i just think the kid will still feel too entitled. >> i can understand that. >> yes. >> hit us on us on twitter, i would like your prim eggses whether you have kid or not. new survey find in sickness and health is taking more seriously for women then men. according to he researchers, men are more likely to leave their sick wife's. study which can be found in the journal of health and social behavior found that divorce ratings up by six percent when a wife was diagnosed with a serious illness. researchers say that there is no impact when husband became
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ill. news isn't getting any better. another study find men are more narcissist particular and they were rated in three categories with men scoring significantly higher. >> yes. >> well, beating up on men. >> i know plastic surgery rates are way up for men. more and more men are doing that. you know, by the way, when you talk with a man sticking around with his wife is diagnosed, think of john edward. >> i think why that she did this tudy john edward case. >> john edward, a a democrat, running for well, president at the time. his wife was diagnosis. now she's passed away from cancer. he goes off and has a big torrid affair which came to light. he was disgraced and out of politics. >> yeah, i don't know what to say about this one. >> it is case by case basis. i don't know fit is a gender issue. cancer is hard for anyone to deal with, married or single.
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so, i think it can overwhelmed some people. they don't know what to do. they cheat, they drink. whatever your vice might be at the time. i don't know fit is a truly a againer issue good when you hear chris, it is tough, it has reward but it is something for sickness and health richer or for peerer. serious commitment. >> especially when kids come it just complicates everything. >> yes. >> it is easier prekids because it is just fun. it is like dating. you are best friend. you are doing trips where do you wanting to? we will go to dinner. lets go out of town at the drop of the hat. >> homework, after school care. >> you don't think about that. >> organizing everything. >> sue and i were talking about this when nia came along 18 years old. >> almost 18. >> yes. >> it is true your relationship toss change. >> people say you have to get married for quite sometime before you have kid to really enjoy.
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>> it was five years that we were before jack was born and we always look back on those five years. >> with fondness. >> back in the day. >> remember, we will always have belize, not paris, belize good what happened in belize. >> what happened in belize stays in belize. >> we will let it stay there. >> we will talk about marriage. how about this new campaign that end that love has no labels. a celebrity fashion stylist from philadelphia, who has been on our show several times. >> um-hmm. >> is part of this psa. let's check this out. >> love is love. >> our family noise less than any other family.
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>> this is something, i have watched this all the way through, yesterday and you see people, they come up and theye this x-ray, skeleton people hugging and showing signs of emotion and love and then they come out and you see so many different forms of love. >> yes. >> i almost started crying when i watched it because it is like young people, older people, different races, different ages. i think it is fantastic. >> great idea. >> yes. >> you look at that and say how come someone didn't think of that sooner. phenomenal. >> it makes you realize because you when you see skeleton is it is like you love with your heart but judge with your eyes. >> yes. >> once you see who the people are. >> that is when you start saying oh, or whatever you say when you see who they are. >> it get down to the essence of love. >> stylist, who was part of the jason strong, who appeared in that psa. >> wasn't he here for fashion week. >> yes. >> fashion. >> um-hmm. >> yes. >> beautiful son.
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whenever he talks about his son his face just lights up. so sweet. >> as well he should, that is neat. >> very cool. so it is something every reporter doesn't want to deal with a a lot of times. >> what is that. >> talking about severe weather and you are talking about a marathon show. >> like yesterday. >> yes. >> and then being caught on camera doing something you shouldn't be. >> lets watch what happens to this traffic reporter, the roving reporter here. >> been every where from pennsylvania, now down there tow theson is what the latest. >> hello, please move forward to the next speaker. >> is it too early to get a sandwich. >> okay, sweet hard, i have been in the car since 4:00 i'm just getting something real quick. >> too early to get a fish sandwich. >> can i get a fish sandwich. >> we're on breakfast right now. >> all right. give me a egg mcmuffin and a black coffee thank you. >> what size. >> medium.
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>> i'll tell you folks stay put, it is bad out here. i have been out since four. i didn't know we were coming live i'm sorry. >> so this is fox 45 traffic jam jimmy. not our bob kelly. he was going through drive through at mcdonald's. he wanted a a fish sandwich but they are telling him, you heard the guy on the speakers say we are only serving breakfast right now and he changes a and gets a egg mcmuffin instead of the fish sandwich. this whole time the the traffic reporter is like laughing inside because she's listening, when we listened to bob. >> yes. >> we react. >> that is what she did she list toned him order. >> was his beard orange. >> it was just the the camera. >> okay. >> it looked like my face on monday, it was the camera. it was your monitor at home. >> he keeps bringing it up. >> it is really interesting. >> punch off of that shot. >> it had to be a stunt.
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>> she says at the very end you heard me say we will just talk to you. so i don't know if it was playing. >> it was perfect timing. >> is there plenty of times we come to you on this show when you are not ready. >> went to go get some bagels. >> where did chris go. >> it wasn't at mcdonald's where they advertised in that segment. >> he just didn't care. >> he just didn't care. >> he was hungry. >> he was in the line. he didn't air whether they were coming to him or not. >> it is too early for me to talk but not really. >> we are going to you now. >> that is mize hometown of baltimore, maryland. can i have a fish sandwich. all i needed was ho in there can i have a fish sandwich, hon. lets talk about weather. we don't have anything to show you on ultimate doppler radar. it is all about the temperature this morning. yesterday was all about the the snow and by now, that we have got 7.5 inches in
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philadelphia of snow but in many other places we got more like ten, 10.5 inches in king of prussia now we are left with cold temperatures, with you sunny 15 degrees in the city, eight in mount pocono seven in lancaster, 14 in wilmington and 16 in wildwood we have tied or broke temperatures in wilmington will allentown and redding this morning but not in philadelphia, it feels like 3 degrees, record or no record it is just bitter cold send the kid out to play in the snow, you may need to shovel some snow, make sure you take frequent breaks inside because it is cold out there. even with all that sunshine. we will only get to 27 degrees today. thirty-eight tomorrow, not quite as harsh and then on sunday we're up to 44. mid 40's by monday. finally on tuesday we will get to where we are supposed to be for this time in march which is 48 degrees and then temperatures in the 50's for
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wednesday and thursday. looking forward to that. there is your seven day. >> i made it this far. >> you did a fantastic job. >> vivica, you are fired. >> great job vivica. >> that was vivica fox being fired on celebrity apprentice after making it to the final three and vivica is now focused on bigger and better. she's here for philly for an exclusive event showing off her hair care line and joining us is vivica a fox. a a fox on fox because you looked good. >> thank you sweetheart. >> good morning to you. we are so happy to have you here. we have to talk about apprentice. you made it very far. >> out of 16, i made it to the final three, and you know, we had a couple people ask me why did you bail out. i knew the the last competition was going to be about fund raising. i had raised $50,000 for my
9:14 am
charity best buddies which why we were always supposed to be there. that was the main goal to raise money and awareness but baby, did it take a left turn. it was insane a. out of 16 contestants i made it to the final three and then i was part of the final show. i was thrilled. i'm glad it is over. >> i think she would call it a twirl, right. can we talk about that. >> everyone is just talking about that. >> foam gate. >> yeah,. >> and all of the hash tags and everything and the things that came out of it was just hilarious. >> good you can laugh about it. >> well, it got very serious never knew people would stoop so low. i have known her for a are long time. i said wow to hear you wanted to throw the bus on my a couple times run over me and backup over me again. i said for real. so needless to say it made the finally a little tension fill.
9:15 am
>> i have to say you guys have known each other. >> yes. >> she still has not apologized still to this day. >> no, and after she got fired she went on a campaign to assassinate my career and saying i built my career off of being ghetto and mean things. that is mean girl tactics. and cream rises to the top. that is why i'm here with you this morning good look at you. >> yes. >> we will see her next week, isn't there a live show. >> we did it. >> and lisa givens, girl power, is the second female to win it, and, celebrity apprentice has been on for 14 seasons. >> i love that. >> joan rivers the late joan rivers was on there twice. it was kind of wonderful that a female won it this year. i was really proud to be part of it. ratings were up 40 percent. it has been pick up for another season. mission accomplish. >> you did your thing. >> i did my thing.
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>> let's talk about rising to the top bigger and better. first they say we know when we think you, we think fabulous hair. >> thank you you are sharing your secrets with us then. >> we are having a competition on sunday here in philadelphia. >> i love the name, queen of the closure. >> yes. >> i love that. >> so wonderful thing is we're giving local artists a chance to compete for prizes. we are giving a thousand dollars a way. my gosh, fashion queen the the co hosting with me. >> so this is all happening here in philadelphia. we love that. >> yeah good for some people tell us i necessity you have been doing this for a while but tell us about smart west and why it is so great. >> smart west is wonderful because it is a new extension line that doesn't shed. easier to put on. you can color it and it last longer and i'm rocking some this morning. >> let's see it.
9:17 am
>> yes, yes, yes. >> get it, ride. >> you know how to work this camera. >> i see it over there. >> i think when people get extensions and stuff, as it grows out it sticks up. >> it can get a little bit of a curl were you not with smart west. it is very thin. it is affordable as well too we always make sure with my line we make things affordable for every day working girl. i'm so proud i have been working with emma core industries based here in philadelphia for five years now. >> yeah. >> so it is just growing bigger and better every year. we have our stylist hoist also from philadelphia, camera mckenzie, she styles all of our new wigs. we usually come out every year with about 80 new looks. >> wow. >> we have been growing and doing so well. i'm so glad i beat all of the other girls to the punch because everyone is trying to get in the hairline industry and vivica fox is leading the way. >> that is right. >> some people have been tweeting how do i get in is this just for stylist or for
9:18 am
what. >> it is for stylist but other people can come. 6:00 to 10:00 on sunday at crystal tea room. to have a chance to meet me, and take pictures have a good time, we have pop up booths and we have one of the local dj's from power 99. >> power 99. >> yes. >> they will be on with me. you cannot forget her. >> no, no. >> it will be a chain reaction stylist come in and then secrets and hair stores beauty shops. >> well, i'm just so glad that everyone has just embraced the hair care industry. it used to be so tab you to say were you wearing pensions and whatever. now i go and people asking me what is the name of that place. where do i get it at. this is how we work. we want to change our hair colors without damaging your own hair, pop it on red, purple, blonde, whatever you want to do. >> i loved having you here. i feel like we are having a girl chat.
9:19 am
>> absolutely good let's talk love and dating. >> it is tough to say though. >> my godfather. i'm a single will. my godfather loves, and tells me you need to keep watching that move bye learning about love. i want to play this clip. >> here we go, thanks uncle. >> early summer man ready, they don't have to in the wintertime they want to get that indoor activity, going on um-hmm. with you as soon as the the season breaks girl they show... >> it happens every year around spring the break up season. the time of the year when women start wearing those mini skirts. >> we had to bleep some of that. >> yeah it is the morning. >> but do women still come up and saying you were just freaking. >> they do i'm so glad two can play that game. it the became kind of like a cross over hit for me. is there all nationality that come up white black asian
9:20 am
everyone says i learn something from watching two dan play that game. it is a classic. it never goes out of style. >> do you still use your tricks, from that movie. come on we want to know. >> i'm taking applications, let's put it that way. >> men in philly watching right nowy just want to make sure you got a job. >> he is a provider honey don't get that one twisted. >> he was the love of your life, did he change your life. >> yes definitely. he will have a special place but you have to necessity when someone is not the for you. >> it doesn't have to be so hard. heart wants what it wants. >> i want to talk about something it chocolate city. i play a mom. i'm not stripping. >> unaudible. >> and magic mike,
9:21 am
african-american version of magic mike starring robert rashard, michael white, so we have it all. >> a lot of chocolate up in there. >> these boys drop it like it is hot, is there also a new guy, the the entertainer, that is wonderful. >> okay good i play the the mom y'all, i got my clothes on the whole time. it is coming out in june. >> chocolate version of magic mike. >> yes. >> yes. >> okay. >> also just sign up to do a new lingerie line. >> yes. >> by vivica a use fox. just got pick up and vivica a use fox hair collection got extended for three more years. i'm blessed. i have been able to wonderfully move on from celebrity apprentice. i'm glad what it did. it showed me in a new light. i wanted people to see i didn't need an assistant manager or people that helped me we come who i am. i have a goodbyes sense. >> we are so glad to hear you are doing well. you are beautiful. have a great event. we can't wait to hear more
9:22 am
about this. >> thank you we will take a quick break because after we have vivica hear what else can you do, alfonso salpingdis can appreciate a simple name. that's why he likes pick 4 from the pennsylvania lottery,
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easy to play. simple to say. well, you know what, we have so much fun, it was like girl chat we had to bring miss vivica fox back here so we can talk a little bit. >> i love it. thank you you for asking me to stay longer no problem. so earlier we were talking about, wedding registries and then you have, when it comes to babies and stuff. now they are having children come on the scene and they can pick out what they want what do you think of that. >> children register for what. >> their birthday party. >> i kind of of like that because i would rather i give gift card. you go get what you want and
9:26 am
you tell me that is what you got you. that way, sometimes you give them stuff and face they make when they don't like something can be so heart breaking. the kid have no filter. >> no, not at all good i don't like that. >> yes. >> yes. >> so, i think that is good. it gets right to the point and you you know what they want. >> yes. >> it is affordable good another good thing yesterday we talk about the the 32nd rule or was it the other day. we were talking about men. when you see a guy and you are interested, always cute my friend told me about 32nd rule. look at a guy for 32nd, that is key he necessary to come over. do you think that might work. >> three seconds. >> three seconds. >> no, i need longer than that. >> we time alex doing it. >> how long do you do it. >> if i like someone. >> yes. >> you have to try it now good we will do 32nd. >> this camera. >> ready, set, smile. >> if i like someone. >> yes. >> you want him to come over. >> i go like this.
9:27 am
>> eyes are raised. >> now you are at 32nd. >> wow. >> love that. >> come on over. >> that is so great. >> you are like come on over. >> absolutely lets get right to it. >> i don't have a lot of time. >> you got to keep it moving. >> but wow 32nd, i didn't realize 32nd was that long. >> yes. >> but my friend does it, it works every time. >> i love it. >> okay, so it is season for prom dress shopping. you saw dresses. >> gorgeous, that is why i did a u turn and came back down. >> solange, get your girls out, we will
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>> well, spring is around the corn, and that means it is prom season. >> this weekend, lauren taylor at the king of prussia mall, with this fun event girls joining me now the mc of the event, fashion blogger jesse good morning hope you don't mind, we have have i did a fox here too! >> how flu . >> take over here. >> big event lord and taylor this weekend a fashion show 2:00 to 4:00. i'm be mc, see all of the fashions beauty tutorials of course lots and lots of prom dresses, at king of prussia mall. and in their personal shopper so if you need help, i can help you. >> do you mine if i call you viv? >> not all all the. >> she is our fashion expert here always a big deal, prom. so what do you have here for us for this first look? >> first look, ball gown
9:32 am
statement, beautiful model lauren and as you can see beautiful shear detail on the top, where it gives you the plunge v that elongate your frame, we've got some beautiful sequin details there and clutch to match. how preppy? >> it is gorgeous now, can i ask, a loft these fashions inspired by like what's happening now on the red carpet? >> seeing a loft red carpet trends on that prom really, so we're seeing. >> i love the plunging neck line mama almost like it too much? >> i like it is kind of camouflage, bead that happens, there so it is not too much. >> let's see the blacks. >> yes. >> thank you, laurenment next look talking repled carpet. we saw a lot of this detail -- >> yerkes the blush colors, exactly, neck one feminine soft touch our model and now look don't you just love this dress? it is so -- >> oh, gorgeous. >> beautiful detail on the top, shows off her amazing
9:33 am
figure got the peach really peach color, she just works it looks great on her skin tone. >> this one us a under 200 from lord and taylor. >> right. >> beautiful. absolutely beautiful. >> very red carpet inspired. >> looks great. >> i like, i like to groove little bit flight. >> ya, you want to have fun exactly. >> got clutch to match. >> okay, well, thank you so much. and this next one now, this is real a pop of color. >> yes, so this is all about the bright colors. this is katrina, check her out, she is wearing bright pink modern mermaid gown. she has got the accessories to match. pretty bag to go with . >> so glad the mermaid style is n my prom dressy wore a mermaid prom dress. >> you did? >> oh! >> ya. >> look at it that way your prom dress, what did you wear? >> gosh, wow.
9:34 am
>> yellow trimmed in gold. i love these now hugging their curves more modern. my prom dress, don't put it back there. right. >> but i love this color. >> and great color on you and mermaid shows off her figure. >> and still movement at the bottom too so she can shake her thang. >> oh, how gorgeous. so black but really anything but boring, so all about the back interest. got a lot of pretty details on the front, on the sides then give us little spin. you can see you know. >> oh, wow. >> look at that, right? >> wow. >> and the slit, but the color, i love that. >> color on the inside? >> i didn't even notice. that will so look at that, little bit. >> perfect. >> so do you that angelina like stick out the leg thing boom. >> right. >> pop it out. >> so red carpet inspired, and the beautiful stiletto heals to go with. check out the pillbox glitch. >> love it.
9:35 am
the clutch is so cute! >> all about the accessories. >> absolutely, wonderful. >> remind us real quickly about this event? >> it is at lord and taylor 2:00 to 4:00 prom showings show beauty tutorials, give aways, lots of fun fashion. >> thank you, you lock loverly. love the prom dresses. >> gorgeous so coming up, vince vaughn on good day. and he's had a huge week, he's a new movie hollywood walk of fame. and now, he's talking to us. so vince is coming up next.
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>> oh, that looks good. clip from vince vaughn's movie. vince vaughn joining us now, good morning welcome to philly. >> good morning, guys, good to be with you. >> so, here's my uncle jimmy aunt jeannie lived there in the philadelphia area. >> oh, they do? when is the last time you have been to visit uncle and aunt in. >> oh, it's been little while. i have been there but been little while since i've been out there i've been -- got two little kids now i so i don't get away as much. >> well now vince, i know you probably can't see us, satellite interview but we have vi very much. icak fox. >> how are you good morning. >> i'm good, i'm good. congratulations on the family and the new film.
9:40 am
>> thank you so much. so here's the deal. before we started talking with you in the commercial break i said have you ever worked with vince vaughn before? she said no, i would like to though because he's tall. >> there is no arguing that, i'm circus tall. >> and vince, you just got your star on the walk of fame. and hollywood the other day what was that like? >> well, it was actually i got my hand and footprints of the chinese theater. ya, a lot of fun to be include in the. that will i enjoyed it. >> wonderful so tell us about this movie that's out today. >> it is an adult comedy rated r. about a bunch of guys who go on business trip. and there are some casino of funny and crazy stuff, funny scenes. >> we love the funny scenes with you especially the stock photos coming out what was it, earlier this week. they were hilarious. >> ya, it was hilarious. the movie is, you know, like any kind of business situation, work situation different personalities, and i was surprised, i didn't know they were doing the stock
9:41 am
photo thing. but, you know it, made me laugh. >> well, you had no idea? i thought it was planned? >> , no they just took kind of photos, someone's idea to come up with this, sort of like make yourself like you were at the office with me and franko and wilkinson. i got a kick out of it. >> we all did. >> here is the deal. i think you're absolutely nuts. how do you jump into that water there in chicago for this polar plunge? it is unbelievable. look at this. you got your black jersey on, backward in. >> ya, it was cold. >> oh, do you know how cold it was? >> i was excited -- soree? >> do you know how cold it was, the water was? >> ya, well, 26 degrees outside, they had to break the ice so we could get into the water. >> oh,. >> i knew it would be cold, but i didn't realize it would be that cold. >> wow. >> you know? it was like, when i first -- i new people would be taking pictures, so my point of view was i want to come up looking real easy come easy go, look, see, i'm still in a lot of
9:42 am
pain. so i wasn't able to hide how cold it was. >> are you still shif they are morning? i know i would be. >> ya, i warm up since then. it was a bit of a extreme like casino of spa day, you know? kind of like a cold plunge, and then this is the extreme side that far. >> did you know lady gaga would be there doing this, too? >> i had heard that lady gaga was going to dip it, that she was going to dip it, as well. she was very nice, i liked her very much. >> vince, what are you going to talk about vivica, vince when you get together, do you talk move ills director, producers, or just talk about starbucks versus coffee. >> we get together talk about family kids, other things, probably ten years ago the conversation would have been a lot different. but now it is like he has two kids family man maybe like this up upcoming project watch about you vince? >> ya, i agree. you kind of get together and you know, just whatever. i think it is the same with anyone, you know, different subject, or you know, make
9:43 am
each other laugh. so ya, there is no -- i think most people, whatever your job; it is casino of nice to talk about something else sometimes. >> exactly. >> okay, vince vaughn, we'll go check out the movie unfinished business. how money you are. >> your money baby. >> money and you don't even know. >> thank you. >> keep doing you. >> take care bye, vince. >> having a great morning. look who we have here, right? >> who knew i was going to turn into the co-host today. i love. >> we're not going to let you leave. you know this. >> in fact, let's get some coffee this morning. >> not just any coffee. >> yes, this coffee more than caffeine here. how about you can make an irish coffee for saint patrick's day? >> oh, is that coming up? we have holiday after holiday. >> i tell you.
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go to, right now, and vote on your favorite irish pub and restaurant, and all do you have do, click on the kelly's countdown link on the home page and your votes help you decide which public and restaurant to take. good day live from on saint patrick's day morning. >> we're ready to go, do you like my shirt? >> dow. >> isn't it cool? >> in the spirit already. >> exactly, and i'm here with one of phillies best irish pubs tearnan with my, say hello, get that irish. >> hello, how are you doing? >> here to have some coffee. >> that's where i stayed.
9:47 am
>> irish coffee time. first tell us about the name of the public and what does it mean? >> it means an old irish name means land every use land of eternal use. and basically brought the story over in ireland, you can go find ton of them there. one in baltimore. >> and you're located where here in filly? >> 1600 arch street. >> does that mean if we drink this it would be useful? sign me up. >> good chance. after this, be running away. >> we won't know the difference. >> so what's the origin of it? >> if there is an old story couple of old stories story i'm telling you bob today is couple of american tourists came over to ireland, flew into shannon airport and it was a cold winter's december morning, and to warm them up having cup of coffee, they said they would the bartender said you know what, throw little whiskey in there just to make you, you know, feel good. >> and then, yes. and then turn into irish
9:48 am
coffee. >> love it. >> tell you what, it is a cold march morning. >> yes, it is. >> how about we warm ourselves up little bit? >> let's do it. >> show us thousand goes. >> two free-made ones there. so what do you nut there? >> little irish white can i. >> we have an early -- >> this will warm you up for sure. >> okay. >> and put in basically spoon every brown sugar. >> okay? >> then we are putting in fresh coffee, i'm not telling you where it is from, okay? >> okay. >> off to about, you know, little to up about there. >> i love it. >> vivca, can't drink alone. >> cheers, yes. >> and do you have top it off right? >> with little bit of cream. >> oh, i would. >> tell me how you put the
9:49 am
cream? person expect. tell us what's going on at your public for saint patrick's day? >> leave it up, express on saturday sunday we have the parade, goes right past the front door, then saint patrick's day, we have papers -- >> oh, so fun. >> yes. >> and you guys posting this. >> vote, we go to one of your favorite irish pubs and celebrate saint patrick's day, the whole show. >> i made irish whiskey. >> so in dublin ireland yes the nicest people, i did there, and just really, really nice. to my driver, i had one of the nicest drivers. >> did you drink a lot of irish cough me?
9:50 am
>> they kept trying to give me guiness beer all the time. so nice to have a little coffee this morning little irish cough glee thanks guys for coming in. the coffee is great. all women and we stop just a little bit here, and if you love this irish pub or any of the irish pubs out there go to our website. >> and let's give a toast. >> thank you so much. >> absolute salute! >> all right so kim kardashian does not look like this any more. intact, we can barely recognize, we show you her new look next.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
will the 53, a look at penn's landing, if you're fan
9:54 am
of kim kardashian, probably seen her new platinum blonde die job. >> have you seen this? this picture of herself and her hairstylist. what do youy? >> you just went blah. >> not. i don't like t of course there is a lot on this, do you have talk about the mean. her new look sparks of series every means first one compares kim to the them cyst in harry potter. look at. that will my gosh. >> what about this one? kim is compared to a muppet. >> i'll take the muppet. >> and this one bridges us, kanye west, into the mix putting the of two them on promotional poster for the he man and sell he tore. >> just not flattering look on her, and then it looked to me, a lot of the photos, just looks really oily and slick back and shorter. >> whole different look. >> completely different look. i didn't like it. shocking. >> you got to be careful when you put on your face or head. >> yes, it washes her out. not a fan. >> how much do you want to bet it was kanye's idea, snow.
9:55 am
>> i'm sure it was. >> well, hall and oats have filed a lawsuit. >> from philadelphia. >> i know it is because of some cereal. nothing to do with music. they say the company, hall and oats is the real name, but they say if you casino of playing off, you know, their name. so they're mad. they're filing a lou suit. they it up in new york somewhere, brooklyn based company. so whatever. >> i mean, dow like their music. >> hallin oats. >> ♪ ♪ >> look at up, putting together an ad? >> okay, well, that's fine as long as hall and oats gets a cut. >> that's the problem. >> yes you're right. >> definitely need a loft cut from this day yesterday with all of the snow coverage. >> right, all of the snow yesterday. now we got to clean it up. but it is cold. we did set some records just not here in philadelphia, but atlantic city, wilmington, allentown, reading and trenton, all set new low temperature records, and the one in atlantic sit had i been
9:56 am
standing since 1888. so if you hadn't gone outside yet, since before it start today snow yesterday, it is really cold out there. and it is only going to get to about 27 degrees today. then over the weekend it will be our first weekend in a while, that we have not hedda storm, so it will be dry both days, of the weekend. 38 degrees on saturday, finally getting into the 40's, on sunday, and the normal high for this time of year, 48. we get thereby tuesday, into the 50's, on wednesday and thursday, so it, looks like we'll stay largely snow, rain, storm free for the next seven days. >> so excited about the 50's. >> yes. >> finally welcome change. >> feel like spring, right. >> exactly, and of course caitlin roth, tomorrow, will have the latest, very latest on fox 29 weekend. starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning, with bill and karen as well. >> of course to get back to one of the top stories of the morning, the philadelphia police officer killed in the line every duty. we're going to have continuing coverage of that all throughout the day of course and also on fox 29 weekend.
9:57 am
so as we say good bay this morning, we are all thinking and praying for officer robert wilson and his family, and the entire philadelphia police department. >> we're thinking of you. >> i knew him met him he was one of the best police officers this city has to offer, period. >> this nine year old boy now will grow up without a father. a one year old will grow up without a dad. >> again one more example of the danger police officers and law enforcement personnel face on a regular basis. >> the entire department is in shock and is in mourning. this is a sad day for the philadelphia police department, it is a sad day for the city of philadelphia.
9:58 am
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