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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  March 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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tonight we're learning more about fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii and what happened inside a store as he tried to stop a bob brie. >> he was taking rounds. he was actually being hit during the exchange of gunfire but he continued to fight continued to shoot. >> while many thought officer wilson as a man of the law those who knew him well say he was much more than that. he was a good person it's a great loss for this city. >> as the city prepares to say goodbye officer wilson's legacy won't soon be forgotten. >> he was a hero and an absolute warrior the way he did his job. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. ton night we are remembering a fallen philadelphia police officer. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. we're learning more about officer robert wilson iii and
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the fierce gun fight that took his life. we have live team coverage to the investigation and reaction to the this young officer with a bright future. we begin with dave schratwieser live at police headquarters. dave a very tough day for this department. >> reporter: chris tough days to come. today investigators told us more than 50 rounds were fired during that gun battle between the two suspects and the slain officer. to night both suspects are in custody charged with first degree murder. one of the suspect social security behind bars. the other is locked up at the hospital with officer wilson's handcuffs. >> i think he redefined what a hero is all about. >> reporter: that's the way commissioner charles ramsay described officer robert wilson friday as police announceed first degree murder charges against brothers carlton hipps and ramon william. >> the officer was out and out hero and a warrior. he fought to the very very end firing at both of them. >> reporter: investigators say the 30-year-old officer and father of two sons was inside the game stop store at 21st
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and lehigh when hipps and williams entered around 4:40 and announced robbery. >> officer wilson drew his service weapon and became engaged in a fierce and violent gun battle. >> reporter: commissioner also disclosed that officer wilson was inside the store to buy his eight year old son a gift. >> he was getting a video game for his son who had done well in school but monday is also the son's birthday. >> reporter: crime scene investigators returned to the scene friday searching for evidence. investigators say the entire shootout was caught on surveillance video. >> he's moving back and forth firing at both suspects that were both firing at him. he was taking rounds. he was actually being hit. >> reporter: clark says william gave a complete confession, hipps has been arrestedarrested five times williams twice. police recovered two semi-automatic guns at the store and found an ak47 assault rival in the suspect's home. >> both of the guns were bought as they put it on the street.
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we want to remember this officer, how they lived and we can worry about what happened with these scum bags later. >> reporter: police continue to investigate how the suspects got their hands on those weapons weapons. they are convicted felons, should not have a gun. they will be arraigned on those murder charges sometime tonight and held without bail. coming up at 6:00 vest gathers tell us how officer wilson saved more than a half a dozen lives with his heroic actions. dawn? >> all right. thank you, dave. colleagues of officer wilson are struggling with this tragedy tragedy. it is certainly a loss the department is takeing veryy hard this evening. fox 29's bruce gordon is live at the crime seen with this part of the story. bruce? >> reporter: dawn, the crime scene here has finally been cleared and if you didn't know any better you might think life was back to normal here at the shopping center at 21st and lehigh but for those who worked alongside officer robert wilson iii normal may never return.
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you could be forgiven for mistaken the melting snow that dripped from the 22nd district station house for the tears of comrades in mourning. >> we're hurting. we're hurting as between district family because we lost a good one. way too long. >> reporter: robert wilson ii just 30 years old and an eight year veteran of the force was killed in a gun battle with a pair of would be robbers that a north philadelphia video game store thursday. police officials who have seen surveillance video of the battle say wilson acted heroically to save innocent customers. no surprise to those who knew and respected him. >> he had a nose for it. he was a street cop. he was smart too. >> reporter: colleagues say wilson's sons ages eight and one were the loves of his life. and that he was a joy to be around. >> he was one of the officers that stood out. his personality is one that's larger than the room. always jokeing. every time you see him smile on his face. >> reporter: small make shift memorial has been growing near
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the crime scene. as shoppers came and went from the stores surrounding game stop it was not hard to find folks familiar with wilson. they'd seen him making his daily rounds. one of those shoppers reminded me of the mural on the wall back at the 22nd. one featuring a police officer like wilson consoling a small boy. >> i pray for him every day because they got a heck of a job. looking out for me, my family and the rest of the people. i always have him in my prayers. let's all protect all of them, bless them. key them safe. >> reporter: memorial fund has been set up through the fraternal order of police. the support wilson's young sons. to go to we will link to you information on how you can donate. dawn? >> all right, thank you bruce. meantime actor dan akroid expressing his support to the family of slain officer robert wilson ii. he's in town for the flour should show and while there he announced that he will be making a donation to officer wilson's
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family. it was senseless, you know, there's just, you know, you got guns in the hands of the wrong people. that's the bottom line. >> akroid was at the flower shop to promote this vodka line called crystal head sod a for continuing coverage and how he's being remembered, go to you'll find a story on our home page. >> developing now a new jersey senator may be in trouble with the us justice department. according to published reports federal prosecutors are preparing corruption charges against senator robert menendez. the democrat is accused of of using his office to boost of the business interests of solomon mel gin a front and party contributor. reportedreportedly look at several plain trips menendez took to the dominican remember lick on his private jet in 2010. his actions have been quote appropriate and lawful.
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okay. on to your fox 29 weather authority. more than a half a foot of snowfalls in philadelphia. we gotten inches out in delaware county and now it is time to clean it all up. streets still in bad shape but they could get worse tonight. fox 29 meteorologist dave warren here. i'm assuming we can see a refreeze tonight. >> in fact that sunshine helped today. but we're already below freezing. temperatures are in the 20's about as warm as we will get tonight. it's when that sun goes down, that's the big issue. we're easily dropping down into the teens couldn't see single digits by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. visible satellite it is dark but look at the snowfall here. it actually looks and sees the snow from memphis all the way up through philadelphia made it as far south as about central virginia. that's a good six 7-inches of snow on the ground at least. little higher in some of the surrounding suburbs had close to 10-inches to the north. now, all of that snow on the ground even leads to colder temperatures and it started to melt with that sunshine but we're losing that just before 6:00 o'clock tonight. look at the temperatures by
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11:00 o'clock. you step outside tonight teens already in philadelphia. 19 in millville. little warmer to the south. already at single digits though in the north and western suburbs much anything slushy without that sunshine will freeze overnight tonight. sidewalks intersections, driveways, be careful that first step as you head outside this evening and if you head outside tomorrow morning a lot of times that fresh coating of snow on the ground you see temperatures colder than what the computer forecast can predict. we can see near record or record setting temperatures by tomorrow morning. a lot of single digits out there there. could see tying a record in philadelphia. look at allentown down to 2 degrees. and we have wilmington at 9:00. they could see a record. old record is 11 could. record temperatures tomorrow that's about as cold as we get. warmer weather is in the seven day forecast. we could see weather we should see this time of this year about 50 degrees. i'll have the days when you can see that coming up a little bit later. >> that would be nice. thank you, dave. well the sunshine has dave mentioned today helped melt a lot of snow that fell during yesterday's storm but some roads
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still need a little extra help to put it mildly. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson joining us outside our old city studios with more on the big clean up effort here in the city city. bill. >> dawn, we're about a week into march. we're coming off the largest snowfall of the season and everybody just wants more warm weather. but we'll have to wait a little bit longer as we deal with the hopefully last cleanup the final cleanup of the season. countdown is on. as of today 14 days until spring. looking at our streets after this week's snowfall you'd never know it. record breaking allow temperatures coupled with the largest snowfall this season left neighborhood covered and even the area that is were plowed are now dealing with the constant threat of freezing. road crews have been out plowing and salting the streets and they tell us that they'll continue the process to make sure streets are clear and the roads are safe. although the bitter cold has many frustrated, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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beginning this weekend temperatures will reach the 40s and next week we can see 50s so relief is on the way. say it with me just 14 days. 14 days until spring. this cold doesn't mean anything to us. we're philly strong. we can handle a cold for a little while longer or at least a week because i believe dave that 50 degrees is coming soon. bill, 14 days. say it. 14 days. all right. thanks bill. a woman is hospitalized after escaping a house fire in burlington township. crews were called out to heavy fire in cinnaminson in the garage of this home around 10:00 this morning the the fire was contained and all three people inside were able to escape. one person, however, was taken to the hospital for injuries. no word on what starter the fire. the investigation is underway. delaware state police arrest a man who they say stabbed another man in the head. authorities say the victim tried to break up a fight between 19-year-old highland and
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highland's girlfriend when highland grabbed a steak 95 and allegedly stabbed the victim in the head. highland was arrested on the goldy beak ham college campus in wilmington. the stabbing victim was taken to the hospital is and is expected to be okay. on to developing story here in philadelphia. the fate of the woman known as the black madam now in the hands of a jury. the defense rested in the third degree murder trial of page winds low. she's accuseed in the cosmetic surgery death of a london dancer back in 2011. 20-year-old claudia died after receiving illegal butt injections from winds low at a hotel airport. the case will now go to a jury. still ahead on fox 29, the wall street shift that att s loss and apple's game. >> a shoot one movie star never planned. harrison ford'ss real live drama caught on tape. the video you don't want to miss miss.
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>> the app that calls you name and shames in you public. why are so many people signing up for this abuse? >> the way you buy beer in pennsylvania is changing just in time for your weekend. what your distributor is now allowed to coming up. >> dave? >> we have a weekend without a winter storm. nothing looks to be coming in on ultimate doppler. wider views shows maybe a little snow around the great lakes that could have an impact on our temperature but not mu
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huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? ♪ we have new video tonight of the moments after a tanker burst
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into flames along a new jersey road. the delaware river port authority just released this dash cam video of the officer -- from an officer' cruiser. you'll remember that tapping consider carrying about 8,000 gallons of fuel tipped over last month and caught fire along route 30 -- 130 in pennsauken. the driver was able to escape with minor injuries. police have not filed any charges in the crash. new video today from those who captured the moments when actor harrison ford's plain crash landed on a golf course. >> dude, his engine died. didn't it? >> sounded like it. dude his engine -- dude he landed on the course. >> reporter: these guys were on the eighth hole when they saw ford's vintage world war ii plane disappear behind the trees and crash in the distance. this video shows first responders working on ford
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shortly after the crash. it's from tmz. the actor was taken to los angeles hospital. hospital officials say he is expected to make full recovery. ford is known for piloting planes and helicopters and yes he has crashed before. >> was this pilot lucky? absolutely pilot in any time a human being involved in an accident is a lucky individual. officials with the national transportation safety board are investigating exactly what caused that crash. in new york, cranes worked through the night to remove the delta jetliner that skidded and smashed through a fence at laguardia airport. airport officials reopened that affected runway late this morning. that jet crashed through a chain linked fence during yesterday's driving snowstorm. its nose come to go rest just feet from an icy bay. six people were hurt. the national transportation safety board plans to retrieve the flight data and cockpit voice recorders and document damage to the air post. the landing is raising questions about when airports should close
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runways due snow and ice much the port authority director says the runway has been plowed minutes before and two other pilots reported in good braking condition. the fbi and department of homeland security are issuing new warnings to law enforcement about americans wanting to fight with isis. this comes as a new report shows that isis has significantly increased its recruiting in countries like morocco and tunisia. leland vittert is in washington with more tonight. >> reporter: ominous new warning from the intelligence community raising new concerns about an up tick in isis recruit many efforts aimed at young americans and other westerners. >> obviously the terrorist groups and organizations are using 21st century communication techniques for what are really medieval tactics. >> reporter: authorities say they're not able to find a clear pattern for why americans are being inspired to join the terrorist group. but experts say groups like isis prey on young people, struggling to find an identity like the 17-year-old virginia teen
5:18 pm
charged last week with recruiting for isis. >> he tried to make connections. he tried to find societal connections for him. and he failed. >> reporter: the us isn't alone. isis recruiters are targeting young people in europe and north of a forty three casm new report shows tunisia the biggest exporter of foreign fighters to isis. with thousands leaving every month to join the fight in iraq and syria. >> the group structure was very strong. everything was calculateed. when one group went to fight other with pray and swap. even the food was rationed. >> reporter: the obama administration says it's concerned about the up tick in recruit many but still committing to ending isis threat once and for all. >> we're standing up for a continuation of the decade long miracle of development and progress under written by the united states. >> reporter: the intelligence community says more than 20,000 foreigners have gone to fight for isis including at least 180 american citizens.
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in washington, leland vittert, fox news. a sign of the times apple is in and at&t out. at least in the dow jones industrial average. the world's most valuable company will give at&t the boot on march 19th. the switch likely won't mean much for the fortunes of either company but could it go a long way toward branding apple as the gold standard of technology. unlike other stock markets the dow has just 30 members and weighed by share price not company value. amazon taking another step toward expansion in china. reuters reports the company has opened online store on alibaba group online marketplace. t mall offers virtual storefronts and payment portals to merchants. and still ahead on fox 29 a terrifying scene on a ski slope. >> hundreds of skiers and snowboarders left dangling. the dramatic rescue next. plus veterinarians race to
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save a pelican that was slashed and left for dead. the bizarre against the bird the rescuers say they've seep before before. skin lightening, dark spots the hidden dangers changing your skin color at home. ♪
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>> a gas line ruptured at an oil facility causes an explosion in texas. police say no one was hurt during the blast. it happened early this morning just outside of houston. workers shut off the gas to let that fire burn itself out. officials are still investigate investigating what caused the gas line to break. a dramatic rescue on a ski slope in italy take a look skiers getting stuck in gone sole las after a tree blown over by high winds lands right on the cable. rescuers were lowered from a helicopter. they then used cables to carry the skiers to the ground. according to reports 184 skiers were saved. fortunately no one was hur. liberia discharges its last ebola patient pushing the country one step closer to being declared ebola free. >> the country tracked all of
5:24 pm
its noncontacts of ebola cases celebration was held outside of ebola treatment unit yesterday as a 58-year-old woman was dischargeed. liberia, sierra leone and guinea have been the hardest hit by the outbreak. it has left over nine to us sand people dead. ohio man calls 911 to report that his wife stole his cocaine and ends up getting arrested himself. when police showed up at the man's house on wednesday night they found him with marijuana pipe. he's charged with improper use of 911 and drug charges. there's no word on whether police found his reported stolen cocaine or the man's wife. ferguson city leaders will meet with justice department in two weeks. the officials say they will provide a plan for ways to improve the police department. this coming after a report released by the justice department earlier this week that stated that former officer darren wilson will not face federal charges in the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. ferguson mayor says the goal is
5:25 pm
to work out an agreement with the federal government. in arizona mistrial in the sentencing for convicted murderer jodi arias. now the lone juror voting against the death penalty is getting death threats. arias was convicted in 2013 for the murder of her lover travis alexander. she will now spend the rest of her life in prison. phoenix jury voted 11-one in favor of the death penalty. now, that single undecided juror is facing death threats on social media. their personal information is also being released. now police are set up outside that juror's home for security. >> the very fact that people are making death threats and trying to out her is not a proud day for any single one of those people and they should be ashamed. >> the lone juror isn't speaking publicly about their decision. the other jurors say the person eventually refuseed to deliberate deliberate. still ahead on fox 29, why
5:26 pm
philadelphia's police commissioner says fallen officer robert wilson redefines the word hero. >> plus, one dad is calling it live changing the video game that's taking therapy for children with autism to a whole new level. dave? we're talking about record levels with our temperatures. it will be tomorrow morning but hey, there's some warmer weather in the seven day forecast. i'll tell when you coming up. >> tomorrow on fox 29 weekend this mom let her two young kids walk a mile to a park all alone. now, she's charged with neglect. she says she's just trying to teach them how to be independent. what do you think? join bill and karen tomorrow morning at caring for you and your eyes... ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. ♪ remembering a fallen hero tonight. an and tire city mourning officer robert wilson iii who was killed in the line of duty yesterday. fox 29's dave schratwieser live outside of police headquarters tonight, dave, how is the department holding up? >> reporter: well, this was a tough day. several more tough days. funeral for officer wilson has not been scheduled yet. today officer wilson was remembered at a news conference as being brave heroic arc real warrior who literally fought off two gunmen in a gun battle all the way till the end till he lost his life. now, again those two suspects tonight carlton hipps and his brother ramon williams have been charged with first degree murder for the murder of officer wilson wilson. they will be ordered held
5:30 pm
without bail when they arraigned on those charges. today crime scene investigators were back at the scene looking for evidence in this case. they did recover two hand guns at the scene yesterday. and an ak47 from the suspect's home overnight. they continue to investigate that but at the news conference today, commissioner ramsay and other police officials spoke out about how officer wilson saved more than half a dozen lives inside that game stop store yesterday afternoon. >> when you look at the actions of the officer, i think he redefined what a hero is all about. i mean, one he stepped away from the counter. there were civilians there. i counseled four behind the counter, a couple in line. he stepped away so that there was no -- the shots weren't going directly at them. they were going toward him. >> the officer was out and out hero and a warrior. he fought to the very very end firing at both of them. unfortunately, it matily lost
5:31 pm
this life during the gun fight. >> reporter: now captain clark told us more than 50 shots were fired during the gun battle between the two suspects and officer wilson. his partner by the way we're told is being talked to by city officials tonight about, you know, trying to help him out dealing with this. he has spoken to the commissioner. the commissioner says he's doing as best he can at this point. officers in the 22nd district are being relieved by officers from other districts so they don't have to come to work if they don't want to after this terrible tragedy again the funeral has not been scheduled at this point but commissioner ramsay said today this was a brave warrior heroic man who fought all the way till the end. back to you. >> our thoughts and prayers out to the entire department tonight. dave, thanks. memorial fund has been set up in officer wilson's name. the police and fire federal credit union will accept donations at anyone of their barges, of course, we have more information on our website
5:32 pm
and now to your fox 29 winter weather authority. a lot of people still digging out. it's cold out there. >> it's cold and it could be one of the coldest nights so far. we could see record lows. >> great. >> after the biggest snowstorm. >> all that snow is piled up. now you're getting that nice snow falling out of the trees. >> spring is on the way. >> it's coming. >> 14 days. right? >> i'll try to get it to normal in the seven day forecast. first we have to talk about the record low temperatures. we're headed that tonight. >> just not look at the temperatures. they're down below freezing so roads are still pretty wet. that nice march sun. melting a lot of the snow and the ice on the roadways. but now that will freeze as soon as the sun goes down. down below freezing head add lot lower. could wake up to single digit temperatures by tomorrow morning. there's that sunshine today. it is going down though because we are looking at temperatures which will be dropping down, down to about the freezing mark overnight tonight. so -- down below freezing and then down to single digits tonight. so that is the big issue here
5:33 pm
that we will be talking about. the sun here setting just before 6:00 o'clock. so the big problem here will be the fact that these temperatures will drop down below -- down into the single digits and every wet area could easily refreeze tonight. we could easeily see record low temperatures down by tomorrow morning. maybe single digits around the philadelphia area. a lot of times when you have snow on the ground you can see these numbers get even colder. down to nine in philadelphia. that could be a record low temperature. not the ultimate doppler all clear tonight but we will watch this area. there's some clouds and some slight snow here across the great lakes and this could swing south and push to the east tomorrow. so that could lead to what we're having just a few flurries around tomorrow. so the temperatures could easily be dropping down to record lows tonight and the snow showers they could be swinging through the area tomorrow so that could be the big issue here tomorrow. so let's look at these temperatures first off.
5:34 pm
i'll show that you we are down into the 20s now in philadelphia. 22 degrees in allentown. but the big problem tomorrow will be those flurries. temperatures will get a little warmer here in the seven day forecast. 35 tomorrow. nine that's how we start the day day. those clouds around the great lakes they'll swing by tomorrow. that could pick up the breeze a bit. warm the temperatures up to 35. still looking for that 50-degree temperature. it's still pretty warm on monday starting week on tuesday we could have a few showers. up to 48 degrees. here comes the warmer weather though. by tuesday to wednesday. temperatures are climbing up into the upper 40s. there's a few showers that could just be in the form of rain on tuesday. wednesday we're close. and then we finally see that 50-degree temperature on thursday. up to 50. lows at or right about freezing in the morning. it could be a nice afternoon. now thursday into friday there is a chance that we could see a few showers dropping by just to our south. there's some rain in the forecast but there's 50's there.
5:35 pm
they look pretty nice by the end of the week. of course, remember saturday to sunday you springford. so don't let that 9-degree fool you. a cold start things will change by the end of the weekend. >> we like that five-zero in the forecast. >> pretty nice finally. that's where we should be so it's nice. >> we like it. thanks dave. >> still ahead on fox 29 the app that will make you feel bad. >> yeah, it's true. it beer rates you and shames in you public. why the developer says it's exactly what you might need. >> coming up new at 6:00 say it ain't so. phillies own hall and oats are suing. why the duo is demanding money
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♪ glutton is human. >> yes she's snarky but she wants to you lose weight a new app will yell at you for over indulging it's called carrot hunger a calorie counter that shames you if you go over your limit. if you cheat it humiliates by tweeting it to all of your followers. the creator says it's working
5:39 pm
but experts aren't so sure. >> i've got a lot of great feedback from users who say it's a great deterrent to overeating. >> shame is not the biggest -- my biggest motivator. with patients a lot of times your biggest enemy. >> probably best if users look at the app as kind of a joke and don't take it too seriously. in your health tonight a warning about daylight savings time. this sunday of course when we turn the clocks ahead an hour spring forward but the extra hour of daylight it's a welcomed sign of spring but that lost hour of sleep may leave you feeling groggy and irritable according to doctors. they say you might want to shift your activity as little bit earlier in the day to order -- in order to adjust to that time. >> some are going bed 15 to 30 minutes earlier than usual bedtime. and try to expose yourself to bright light in the morning. >> if you missed the opportunity
5:40 pm
to adjust your sleep routine for daylight savings time, doctors say short 15 to 20 minute nap might help you feel refreshed on monday. well i don't know about this but men may be the narcissist of our species. >> it is according to new study. university of buffalo researchers analyzed studies from the past three decades. men scored consistently higher than women regardless of age. study authors say narcissism associated with both the inability to maintain healthy long-term relationships and unth think wal behave i don't know and aggression. who wrote that story? that wasn't me. >> it wasn't you. all right. you might like this story chris. the way you buy beer is about to change in pennsylvania. what your favorite distributor is allowed to start dag. >> plus a winter storm being blamed for exploding manhole covers. how the harsh weather is causing these to blow. and skin lightening, dark spots, scars. the hidden dangers in changing
5:41 pm
your skin color at home. sean? >> cole hamels wanted to be traded but if he keeps throwing like did he today he isn't g
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>> the snow and ice aren't the only things making the roads in new york city dangerous this winter. several firefighters are hurt after being hit by flying manhole covers. officials say a mix of snow and salt on the road seeping into some underground electrical wires started several fires and led to two explosions. that sent two different manhole
5:45 pm
covers flying into the air. more than dozen underground fires reported last night in brooklyn alone. building a snowman isn't unusual thing to do in minnesota minnesota. no it's not but what one man designed on his front lawn is now getting a lot of attention. jim is in desperate need of a kidney. that's why for the third time he scuttled out the organ he's hoping for made entirely out of snow. last winter he carved out his first snow kidney, built another one by plywood in the summertime summertime. the one on his front lawn twice as big as the others he's getting a lot of attention jim says the movement is not just about him. >> i'm hoping it will attention to the fact that people need organ donors, you know, i'm not the only one who needs a kidney transplant so i hope that this benefits everybody. >> despite hundreds of kidneys offers, none of the potential donors have been a match for jim jim. well the market for creams,
5:46 pm
gels and injectables to treat dark spots or scars or simply lighten your skin is exploding but with that explosion comes a warning about what you're actually putting on your skin. fox 29's lauren john looks into the hidden dangers. ♪ >> reporter: exit lightening or bleaching has been around for years it's advertised as a way too get rid of dark spots and blemishes much its popularity seems to be sky rocketing more recently dance to celebs like nicky minaj and little kill kim who appear to have gotten lighter over the course of their careers. african pop star dencia. ♪ >> reporter: this is what she looked like a few years ago. this is what she looks like now. >> yes, die. >> reporter: in recent interviews she defended whitening her skin and her skin lightening products she sells online. >> what i sell y, i do. am i selling a skin breaching cream new york i'm not. >> dark spot remover or skin lightening cream could have the
5:47 pm
opposite affect on consumers searching for the perfect look if not used proper will the help of a medical professional. that's according to dermatologists charlene. >> she says many skin lighten lighting products sold over the counter contain poe at the present time doses of hydroquinone. they're only supposed to be prescribed by a medical professional. we wanted to see for ourselves so we took our cameras inside several stores. we found shelves and shelves of skin lightenerss fade creams bleaching bath milks and lighten lightening soaps. >> we think they're safe because they're over the count. >> hydroquinone slows the product of melanin in the skin. the doctor says products with 2% or less or relatively safe. >> but look what we found. boxes and boxes of skin lighteners with doses the doctor says should be prescription only
5:48 pm
only. >> some manufacturers even add mercury and steroids which speeds up the light tepping process. but comes with even greater risks. >> it's modeled plot chi pigmentation that some people may have. you get steroid acne and stretch marks all over your body. >> reporter: more recently people are skipping the over the counter products altogether and questing an injectable lightner. >> it's in our body naturally. >> reporter: it was originally used to treat some cancers and parkinson's disease. doctors noticed when they treated patients intravenously their patients started glowing or getting lighting. >> it was never meant to be used for skin lightening. but it is now. and it happens faster and one can choose what shade they want to go to. >> reporter: just like topical creams using it the wrong way could at the very least increase sun sensitivity and more serious
5:49 pm
seriously cause your heart to rest. whether your request for the perfect skin color leads to you creams or injectable. if something is able to be solved over the counter in another country where they have their own regulations that's fine and dandy but the thing is, it's not our regulation. it should have never made it in or it should never have made it into the store or over the counter. >> that was lauren john reporting. the doctor says no matter how people choose to lighten their skin, you can do it safely with the help of a medical professional. all right. exercise at work for dispatchers and in santa clara california are getting in shape and taking calls all at the same time. doesn't sound too bad. the treadmill is designed to only move up to 4 miles per hour there's no incline no jogging. just walking. and then talking to people who need emergency services. some employees say it's really a great workout. >> we've had dispatchers do a full marathon on here during their shift. put in 26 miles. >> research has shown that
5:50 pm
people who don't move a lot at their jobs are at a-risk for health problems. good news for beer lovers. it seems you'll be able to walk in a beer contributor noun buy a 12 pack. pennsylvania liquor control board is giving the green light to beer distributors allowing them to sell 12 packs of beer. this ruling clears up any previous rules in place for beer distributors in the past who are only allowed to sell beer strictly by the case or by the keg. we have a major car recall to tell you about now. hyundai is recalling more than 26,000 of its 2015 genesis luxury cars. the recalls are here in the us and canada. it's to fix a water leak that can cause a transmission gear shifter to malfunction. it could lead to a car crash. hyundai says the dealers will install pads to stop the water leak at no cost to owners. and this is a great idea. have you ever heard of evo video gap developers created the therapeutic video game geared towards helping children with adolescents with autism.
5:51 pm
>> part of on-going study into weather game based therapy helps improve brain function and motor skills. fox's linda schmidt is in new york with more on exactly how it works. >> reporter: 16-year-old alex has autism and he's non vernal. his dad ken says the i pad changed their lives eighty two using digital technology to help alex communicate. >> kids seem to picket up and can use it from day one. >> reporter: well now a boston company has developed a therapeutic video game called. vo to help improve brain function and motor skills. in children and teens with autism. >> we're trying to tap into attention so for instance the ability to hold attention when someone is talking to them or to focus on reading or educational tasks like that. it's quite possible that it enables them to do high functions like for instance complex planning. >> reporter: video game is not available yet the the company is
5:52 pm
testing out the game in clinical trials later this year. the international advocacy organization autism speaks is funding the trials. the results will then be given to the fda which could ultimately give the video game the green light as a medical device. if so,. vo would be the first main stream therapeutic video game on the market. >> if you think about when you go to the gym, you can work out specific muscle groups much this game works out specific types of muscles or path ways in your brain. >> the impact the video game has on the brain may eventually also be able to replace some medications. >> it's something that seems like it would be very easy to use. you know again it's non invasive invasive, and hopefully if there's some sort of clinical benefit to it, um, i don't see any, you know -- it's one of these things where it sounds like severing great. no downside. >> it's a near era. a new wave. a nice compliment to traditional medicine. >> reporter: linda schmidt fox news. >> pelican left for dead gets a
5:53 pm
second chance thanks to some dedicateed veterinarians. pelican was found outside the florida keys wildlife rescue center in a bloody cage. its pouch slashed open and its wings clipped off. leaving the bird unable to eat or fly. according to one vet from the rescue center this is not the first time a pelican has been found in this condition. >> i guess that's what's so disturb bowing the mentality of whoever is doing this. i think they realize we can fix the pouches. but i can't put a wing back on. >> pelicans have been found this way. six other pelicans have been found this way and while the good news is that the pelican is recovering and alive the sad part is doctors say it will never be able to night again. sunday mark the 50th anniversary of the marches in alabama between selma and montgomery. >> pivotal movement for the civil rights movement.
5:54 pm
jonathan serrie is in selma with the history and progress made today. >> reporter: emotions are still raw for linda black man lowry as she gazes at the edmund bridge. this is where she and 600 other civil rights demonstrators were beaten and tear gassed by state and local police half a century ago. >> i was 14 years old. i wasn't a threat to anyone yet somebody beat me and in that beating i received seven stitches over my right eye and 28 stitches in the back of my head. >> reporter: out of fear lowry nearly dropped out of a subsequent march but was encouraged to press on by a white military veteran who had lost a leg in combat. >> before he let anybody else harm another hair on my head he would lay down and die for me. and i said, i can't let him do more for me than i was willing to do for myself. >> reporter: lowry who turned
5:55 pm
15 on that historic march from selma to montgomery would become the youngest person to complete the entire route. she writes about her experiences in a book geared toward young readers. >> i'm that children are our history makers and they have the potential to change things and i just want them to recognize that they can even start at an early age. report roar the marches that began on this bridge here in selma led to sweeping reforms protecting americans right to vote regardless of race. linda lowry says she just wishes more americans would exercise that right for which so many people risk their lives 50 years ago. in selma alabama jonathan serrie fox news. ♪ >> next at 6:00 remembering a fallen officer who died a hero. >> the officer was out and out hero and a warrior. >> how officer robert wilson iii managed to protect innocent
5:56 pm
bystanders during a fierce fire fight. plus dangerous refreeze. when local streets already in bad shape
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fox 29 news hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ right now at 6:00, he redefine the word hero. that's how a fallen philadelphia police officer is being described tonight. department leaders say officer robert wilson iii saved lives just before losing his own live in a fierce fire fight with two gunmen. good evening i'm dawn timmeney.
6:00 pm
i'm chris o'connell. to night we're learning more about how officer wilson died and the men accused of killing him. fox 29's dave schratwieser live outside of police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: chris i asked police commissioner charles ramsay at a news conference today if he thought this was a death penalty case. he said i'm not the jury but i would say yes. tonight the two suspects are charged with first degree murder. they are in custody. but the main crux of that news conference today was all the efforts that officer wilson went through to save lives. the officer was out and out her row and a warrior. he fought to the very very end firing at both of them. >> reporter: that's the way police described officer robert wilson's valiant efforts during a vicious gun battle inside a game stop store thursday with two suspects who have now been charged with first degree murder. police say officer wilson saved many lives. >> there were civilians there. i counted four behind the


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