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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  March 8, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> and good morning we begin with breaking news right now. we know there has been a shooting. it happened in delaware. you can see that there is a cloth draped over that mini van. one paern died and another injured very severely. we see there's front end damage to the vehicle and believe another vehicle is involved with this one. we are live on the scene of this situation now which is still developing and being investigated. you can see all of the medical examiner right there. we'll pull back from the shot there and give you more on this developing story.
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sunday, march 8, thank you for waking up early. it's 8:00. it's now eastern standard time. we switched the clocks if you have not done it please do it now. i'm >> karen: >> i'm >> bill: and the time change was rough. and everybody is up and starting the day with us. >> we want to talk about a lot of stories. so many in our community will be gathering today to remember the life of our philadelphia police officer that lost his. >> but, of course we'll start things off with check of our interactive weather. looking outside, it's not that bad. it looks kind of sunny. here's a look at center city. we'll find out exactly what is going on.
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first we'll start with the question. >> fox 9 weekend this is jared. when will it be warm enough for these kids to play outside. >> we want those kids to play outside. >> get outside. happy to tell you, jared, perfect day to be outdoors. we have sunshine and temperatures milder than yesterday. yesterday was not bad. doppler showing clear skies across the original east. maybe you're still in bed watching from the comfort of your own house. you can probably see the sun coming in through the shades because we have a lot of unshine expected today. there's a beautiful picture behind me of center city philadelphia waking up to 29. surprise occurred 7:24 a.m. an hour later than yesterday but will not set until 7 p.m.. temperatures are at 34 poconos, 26 reading, 23 pottstown, 29 philadelphia and 25 millville. look well into the 30s down towards south. dover, wildwood, atlantic city. where you guys have the best
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shot to hit 50 later this afternoon. 4 hour temperature change. big difference where we were yesterday. temperatures in the single digits and teens. friday morning widespread record lows. it's 20 to 25 to close to 30 warmer areaser to the south. we're seeing improvement already when it comes to temperatures. fox future cast shows a lot of sunshine today. clouds drifting through this afternoon. it will become breezy with gusts over 20 miles an hour later on this afternoon. otherwise, it's overall a really nice day in middle of very quiet weekend which has been a welcomed change. predicted temperatures, upper 40s for most of us. dover making a run and briefly hitting 50. better chance of seeing 50s tomorrow afternoon in south jersey and delaware. for us in philadelphia we'll have plenty of sunshine today, 48 for the high temperature. tonight, 33. we'll have more on this nice warming trend and midweek issues also ahead in the 7-day forecast. bill. >> thank you, i love getting good weather news to start the day off.
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new this morning, in the news. a couple of hours a neighborhood will come together to honor the life of philadelphia police officer robert wilson who of course was shot and killed in the line of duty. >> jennifer joyce is live at the church in north philadelphia where so many will be praying today for him and also for his family. jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, guys, we're live at 24 and lehigh. this service is expected to get started at 10:00 this morning to pray and honor life of officer robert wilson iii. he was shot and killed on thursday while trying to stop a robbery at a gamestop store down the street 21 and lehigh. yesterday, fox 29 news was there as the community came together in prayer for officer wilson outside of the 22nd police district where he worked. people who lived in the neighborhood and police officers of the 22 bowed their heads and pastor leonard green led the group in prayer. among the people there was wayne
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lipscomb mother of slain philadelphia police officer moses walker junior the previous officer killed two and a half years ago and also worked out of the 22nd district. >> got respect the 22nd district and philadelphia police department. we have your back. >> we want police officers to know there's citizens that care and actually do embrace them and love them. >> reporter: and the community is coming together today to show that there are man question people here that support and respect our police officers. we expect to see more of the same at the unofficial memorial here at the st. martin church 24 and lehigh and this service will begin at 10 a.m. back to you, bill. >> thanks, jennifer. it's nice to see so many in the community are stepping up and showing support. later today there will be a rally for peace held in han or of officer wilsonch the community group operation save our city was organizing the rally and will take place at
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noon 22 and lehigh the same location where officer wilson was shot and killed. and a memorial trust fund was set up in officer wilson's name. police and fire, federal credit union will accept donations at any of their branches. we have information on seen on tv section of my fox web site. >> it's 8:06 we're learning about the death of unarmed teenager at the hands of police. this happened out west. 19-year-old tony robinson was shot and killed by a police officer in wisconsin on friday. and investigators say officers were restoppeding to a report that robinson was jumping in and out of traffic. they say an officer foe followed him into an apartment and the officer said they heard a disturbance inside. the officer was assaulted and suffered a head injury before shooting that teenager. robinson died at a hospital. police say he was unarmed at the time of the shooting and his mother is trying to make sense of the death of her child.
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>> my son has never been a violent person, never. and to die in such a violent, violent way is baffles me. >> crowds of angry protesters gathered at the scream of that shooting. and also at the police station and they are calling for change. this is another big debate on-line. lots of people are tweeting about it. comments, some of them are emotional. many harsh comments. anthony said the cop that shot tony robinson did a favor and anyone whop commits a home invasion is a cancer and needs to be removed. >> maybe victims are preselected but some day some cop will kill the wrong person's kid #black jp livesmt matter. >> lots of strong opinions, bill. >> clearly emotion in these cases. crews are stepping up their search from missing boy from newtown square.
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cayman was missing since wednesday evening. hes with upset about a homework assignment. that may be part of the reason he left home and was not heard from since. hundreds reds of volunteers will be back at it to help them find their son. civil air patrol will be deployed to start sarching from the air. there's a huge social media push to help in the search and show support for the teen's familiar limit some of the comments you may have noticed with #find ca wr man open twitter and facebook. i can't imagine ho how terrifying it would be to lose your child. i'm praying hard for your safe return. >> no more she was flirting with him. >> still ahead "fox29" weekend. time to say no more. coming up the new campaign kicking off to help protect victims of domestic violence. >> just wanted to dance and have fun at a party and a bully did
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something to poke fun at him. who is wraelly getting last lawv. how a internet post used to demean is turning into something good. ♪. >> i'm jim ripping with this week's look at silly things scientists are studying, eyelashes, what perfect accessory for a wake. for centuries they spent time and money on making them look longer. group of researchers from georgia tech figured out lengthth of lashes serves a purpose. after looking at all types they noticed a pattern. turns out lashes are almost always one third as long as an eye is wide. and this they discovered is protective for those peepers. here's our dr. make. >> new data indicates that eye lash lengthth is directly related to keeping your eyes moist. how? it keeps the wind from
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lopez-rivasing into your eyes. they're not just to make you look sexy. >> dr. mike always helps us see things clearly. even if this study sound
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>> it's time to get a check of your forecast and the weather. we have a check of clouds and it looks like fair weather clouds. it feels down right balmy
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outside. we have this question first. >> my name is dale mccall and hopefully it gets warm soon. it's supposed to be in the 40s and 50s next week i'm happy about that. >> and you're totally right. i'm happy about that too. thanks for viewer videos. we love them. sends them to #fox29weekend29weekend i recognize market street behind that gentleman. near or far let us know where are you and what forecast you feed or what you're looking for and theme this weekend is obviously warmth. we can all agree on that. luckily we'll see that this afternoon and for the next few days. we have fair weather clouds as karen mentioned but it's just that. fair weather clouds that drift through this afternoon. fox future cast shows plenty of sunshine through tuesday, maybe monday morning. clouds to status off 8 a.m. monday morning and hazy. it will burn off. we'll see a good amount of
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sunshine. by tuesday we'll see the next system come through with showers. right now that looks like just rain showers for everyone. areas towards north will still have to watch out for frozen stuff. temperatures this morning, 34 in poconos, 26 reading, 23 pottstown, 29 philadelphia. and 7 in atlantic city. and 39 dover. still chilly. not that bracing cold we've become acustomed to that brought record lows lows to the area over the last couple weeks. breezy and mild today, 48, sunshine. that will feel balmy. it's all about perspective this time of year. we should hit 50 today or tomorrow if the philadelphia area. showers will keep us slightly cooler tuesday and they mae carry to wednesday where we can mack a run at 60. that's according to one model. we'll go with it. why not. 52 thursday. we keep this stretch of mild weather through thursday before a chance of rain on friday and knocking temperatures down to 40s. 50s is arm this time of year and we'll get there and then some
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through the rest of the 7-day forecast. >> we'll take a look at news trending right now. here's a story trending all across this country and also in our area. it's #selma 50 which refers to 50 year app versey of historic day in civil right movement. you can see all these tweetsw sent out right now. back in 1965 hundreds of protesters marched across ed monday bridge from selma, alabama to state capitol in montgomery and in an effort to end discriminatory voting practices all around that route they faced fear fierce betings and tier gas from local police after marching across the bridge yesterday president obama called on americans to carry forward the spirit of the civil right movement. >> if we want to honor the courage of those that marched that day then all of us are called to possess a moral imagination. all of us will need to feel the fierce urgency of men. >> descendents on civil rights
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movement say it's far from over and everyone has their edmonday pettis bridge. >> this morning's cover story tomorrow kicks offer no more weak. it's a public awareness campaign that puts a stop to sexual violence. >> you may have seen ads of celebrities to take the no more pledge. joining us now for the no more campaign surprise scott sterling with the sterling house. >> how are you. >> good. >> domestic violence and abuse is something universally accept as wrong and 12 million people a year afalling victim to this. how is this no more campaign and ads going to change that. >> gain education for the public. whole idea is if we educate the public and educate our children to watch for signs of domestic violence and sexual assault and abuse we can help change the cycle and break the cycle of domestic violence.
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that's what the no more campaign will hopefully educate people to science and causes and help us prevent domestic violence going forward. >> part of this is just getting out there and seeing that so many celebrities and individuals across the board are on board and calling people out open their behavior. is that how the ads work. >> yes, absolutely. domestic violence is pervasive in our society. people see public figures speaking out about it they'll learn more about it and hopefully follow in the footsteps to prevent sexual assault and have a lens lens and abuse. >> salvation army got involved. that dress everybody was talking about. they put together their own ad that has a caption that says why is it so hard to see black and blue. of course, that is sparinging a lot of reaction. julie tweetsw outstanding use of social media to drive a campaign message blil yantly and quickly conceived and executed. stacey writes big ups all women
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who will are have survived domestic violence. tell me who are these ads ultimately for. is it for abuseers or women in need of assistance? who do you hope the ads reach. >> the oodz rehope reach women abused. domestic violence is pervasive in our society. it crosses all gender, socioeconomic and gepder lines in our xhoupty and if women and children can be educated to whatever medium they're looking at. television, social media, it gets the word out and they can help prevent it going forward and help themselves to seek help from a place like laurel house. >> situations you mentioned laurel house obviously you're associated with. tell us about the resources that you guys offer the support that you offer and are women and in some cases some men finally realizing those sources are out there. >> i represent laurel house copresident of the board. montgomery county's comprehensive domestic violence
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agency. and we offer a myriad of services. we is a shelter, sh 24 hour domestic violence hot line stand by train volunteers. counseling, we offer legal assistance. you know, anything to really help the woman and men and we help men anything to help the women and their children to really seek shelter teen seek help and break the silence of domestic violence. >> what about the rest of us. people often talk about families, friends, others who may witness this type of thing. yes, be 134-g, say something campaign. what should people seeing this or are concerned do. do you get involved? do you call laurel house? how do you ipt is veen. >> you can visit our web site for more information on how to get involved. it's there's many ways to get involved. volunteer, educate yourself on the causes and symptoms of
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domestic violence to help someone you know seek help when they're in crisis. >> we appreciate you spending time with us and everything that laurel house provides. we'll continue to share this information. this is happening way too often and people need that help. thank you for spending time with us. folks we want to hear from you and know what you think about this and how can you get involved and have you seen the no more campaigns and you can tweet us leave comments on our facebook page. make sure you use the #fox29weekend9weekend. >> we'll put that lincoln our web site >> you may have seen on go fund me you can help me with mortgage and a lot with sports teams. now you see a lot of kids going on-line. because they need money for some of the basics. equipment, travel cost. we'll talk about that and also taking a look at pictures rye now this is one of our favorites, brian, #thank you
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brian for sending this one. beautiful sunrise from his neck of the woods in saucon, new jersey. let us know what is happening your neck of the woods and what your #would be. >> it is easy like a sinned morning and timely no more storms on sunday ♪ it's a sunday
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maybe you have a nice church choir and you want to give us a shout out of your song showing us your pipes tweet it or #hash tag it. e-mail us directly >> and this is one of everyone's favorite segments junior reporter segment. because only at fox 29 do we
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have the best junior reporters from the area. they come in and share stories with us. todays is is samantha crawford from rider university. >> welcome back. >> thanks for having me again you. >> wept out and found a cool, unique way of teaching people how to cook. >> i met people from nook and hungry organization centered in camden new jersey during this visit and taught little children how to cook nutrition us meals on a budget to bring home to mom and dad. >> 16,000 households struggle to put food open the table. that would fill over 8 45 basketball arenas. and the food bank of south jersey in effort to protect children's health, education and future. it teaches them how to cook nutrition us and affordable meals. >> they learn about vit mipz, minerals, sugar, they learn how to good. >> i learned to put the proper
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and classes offered by cooking matters here for camden, new jersey here they learn not only to klip, cook and cook food nutrition usually but deliciously. what do you want to say to mom at home? >> within the budget to buy something frozen and just as nutrition us. >> i learned how to make it g i have a great time here with my friends cooking.
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>> and the food bank of south jersey is always looking for donations. and another way families and the communities can support the food bank and sevrts by volunteering. teachers for this class are volunteers and they love teaching kids important less y s yns. >>. >> i need to learn something like that. i'm not great with cooking. >> me either rming, i have to take notes. >> while you were there clearly a lot of young people wanted to be on camera. one little boy it was his birth day. he told me this is the best brm day present ever given. >> we will give you the information on our facebook page. another great story. we appreciate you coming. >> thank you for having me. >> always great segments with junior reportsers if you have suggestions you would like us or them to follow up send to
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facebook page or tweet us at fox29philly use the #fox29weekend9weekend. >>. >> still ahead fox 9 weekend who can forget the dragones they were hometown little league heros this morning another team with same name needs your help top play the sport they've grown to love. >> and some of the pictures you were treating in. my #would be cook a lot. were treating in. my #would be cook a lot. i love to cook.
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>> let's get another check of weather. beautiful day down the shore.
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catlin earlier said some of the highs would be there in that region. that's atlantic city. we have younger viewers catlin a little boy max. he would like to know when it is beached weather let's list. >> hi, fox, 29 i'm max and i want to see if it's good to go to the beach. >> thank i so much for your video. you're too cute. and i know you want to go to the beach. do i too. it looks like we'll get there in a couple months with beach weather and nice day down the shore today. even to take the dog for a walk out. there beautiful. sunshineing and temperatures close to 50 down the shore. clear skies through new york state and back home in philadelphia sunshine wints out of the west 7 miles an hour. breezy as we head to the afternoon temperatures, 29
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philadelphia and already 39 in dover and 27 in atlantic city and 39 wildwood and this is a good 15 to 20 to 25 warmer than this time yesterday. upward motion we're looking good. sunday fox future cast showing sunshine around. few clouds coming and going. really a nice day on tap. same can be said for monday. we should see a lot of melting and snow packs on the goupd. today, tomorrow and tuesday, 4 at 3:00 this afternoon and close to 50 down south and if we don't do it today south jersey and delaware we'll do it tomorrow. high temperatures in low 50s. close to that in philadelphia and still suck in 30s in the mountains. takes a while longer for them to warm-up too. your fox cast for today, 48, sunshine, more melting expected and 32 the low temperature. staying above freezing the next 24 hours for the most part-day,
8:34 am
breezy a. mild. and showers arivering late on tuesday. that looks to bring rain for now and notice wednesday we're warm once showers move out. close to 60 we'll see 60 and delaware and south jersey and friday looks to spread rain in for the weekend. >> phil and karen. >> i'm pretty sure we heard 60. thank you. new this morning, folks, we're up dpaiting you on breaking story we told you about top of hour. a death investigation underway in newcastle, delaware. it happened just after 5:00 this morning at intersection of us 13 and memorial drive. police say a man and woman were found inside a car. that may have driven off the road and into a ditch. the man was killed. the woman is being treated at the hospital. but police are not saying how the man died. we'll keep you posted as we find out information we'll share it with you immediately.
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a man are recovering after being shot in a home up vacation it happened 800 block of east tioga street in feltonville. police are searching for three suspects. sometimes it can be a struggle to get our kids to play outside. we've got tv, video games, texting, so many distractions that keep them inside especially teenagers. what about the kids that want to go out and play and play sports and join a team and win games a lot of times times there is not enough money and some teams now are turning to crowd sourcing sites like go fund me to raise money for equipment, transportation, and a whole lot more. and they're getting a lot of support for these campaigns and people writing in saying they're looking forward to another season. we're talking about the taney team. this is older team thanks again, rick, for stepping up to coach for all these years. and another one person tweeting in saying thank you for all you do. kid love you. and you are an absolutely great coach. so this is one team.
8:36 am
there's so many ones all over our delaware valley where they need the money so the kids can get out and have the equipment they need and to play joining us this morning one of the coaches and oliver katalde cam pain creator for his theme and a son who is a player on the team. oliver thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having snrus thank you. >> we think about the taney dragones and they had an apaysing year you're part of the league not team. >> it was exciting it gave us a lot of prompt as older players mo'ne davis and 12 years really got a focus back on this inner city recreation league team. >> what happens your steam under six teams playing and it's hard for hem to understand you don't have enough money. what do you not have enough money for what do you need the money for. >> we need it for our mrairdz -- a lot of players cannot afford to be on the team. it's tough because they're inner city kids. we have to play for travel
8:37 am
expenses for equipment and even for us going to these tournaments and playing like we want to do you. >> create aid facebook web page. >> yes go fund me. we were sit ago around one day and i was thinking for baseball team. it was tough like i'm trying to think how do we raise this money to provide for our whole team. so, i heard about this web site go fund me. i decided to try it. i got on the web site it looked cool. i decided to start it up and post on facebook. we had 7 shares now and raised about 1155 dollars. >> that's great. >> what's your goal what do you need. >> we really need for the web site 12,000. so, it's a long way to go. but, it's really what we need. >> i used to sell candy bars for my kids teams back in the day. times have changed and it's really a struggle to raise the money. what do you think about the quhol idea. >> go fund me -- it's a great idea. i thought it would catch fire i
8:38 am
would share with friend and say give us $10. i have 1,000 plus friends, $10. and when i said that several people donated $10. right? which made sense. i thought it would catch fire. but it doesn't. it just doesn't. it is not like -- i heard of go fund me sites someone who has cancer or lost their parents or someone has a transplant necessary heir say and need to raise money they raised $175,000 on a week. we've been on a month and raised $1100 which is great but it doesn't get steam. but there's other ways to do it. we'll do other things. we raffle tickets. baskets of cheer he tickets. it's hard. it's hard. every tournament, 00, $1500 -- 750. >> we raised last year the kids raised $3,000 on their own. i raised $3,000 on my own and the league they don't donate they have to recommendster which race about another $3,000. so you have some money.
8:39 am
but you never have enough. there's never enough. >> there's never enough. we wish you welcome tore your team and leagues. if you see this on your friend's web site, try to donate money if you can. people have ability. thank you so much for your time. we 3r50erbiate it hope you have a good season. >> thank you, gentleman. it's interesting to learn about the go fund me sites. i'm sure you're seal them on twitter feeds. if you're so inclined and feel like donating to a charity think about it use our #fox29weekend29weekend. >> thank you. >> trying to bring attention to something in need. you have one day to get to taste of spring. last day of philadelphia flower show at the convention center. if you look for something to do with your family this afternoon it may be time to stop and smell the roses. and still ahead on "fox" 9 weekend, this guy wanted to dance and have fun at a party and then a bully i did the unthinkable to poke purpose at
8:40 am
him. how app internet post for bad turned into something really good. >> and we always like to see what he is trending now one of the hash tags is maclin, for jeremy maclin. what do you think will happen. will they trade him. big pauly says mack lip wants $11 million and he they want to pay him $9 go to the middle and pay him $10 million. >> and playing a special song? >> yes foo fighters it was requested by p.j. who wanted to send it out, hero, in honor of fallen officer robert wilson. we're happy to accommodate. we certainly join us in showing that respect. d.j. thank you any requets or khepts you want to accepted, accepted them twitter, facebook, khepts you want to accepted, accepted them twitter, facebook, use the
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thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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>> welcome back. we want to update i on a story we brought yesterday morning. the guy with the sign. he is 36 years old rob crozer looking for a job and found a creative way toy do it. 30th street station holding up a seen and hoping it leads to career opportunities. he already has ba from kutztown
8:44 am
university and masters from holy family university. and he has not had a full time job since 2008 and he has not given up hope so. many of you responded. >> patricia wrote good for anymore he can stand throughout 4 hours a day and not ab shaimd someone out there could hire him. he has a good work ethic he's porch that every day and susan says prayers for this guy to get an opportunity. he's out there getting exposure. hopefully it works out for him. >> we hope he gets a job. fingers crossed on that one. also, comments from people that want to help him find work. we'll contact some of those people and see if we can get him a job. we're trying to get results bruce gordon always says. we have another story trending it has a happy ending. it's easy to make fun of people and not something we should be doing it happened. this has a nice turn at the end. explain what happens in this one. >> there was a british man
8:45 am
mocked by internet trolz he was dancing and he inspired on-line movement and possible star-studded celebration in his honor. >> so there he s this is the picture posted and someone saw that and put it on social media site this bully did and there was all kind of negative things out there and they had another picture he was hanging his head in shame they ar all laughing at him and someone else saw it on another site cassandra and she started a campaign #find -- dancingman to show the guy love. there they is. they found him. he said here i am. they raised $0,000 on go fund me page to have a huge party out in la. and here's one of the neatest things about this thing. huge stars saw this one.who said they'll come n and help out. >> couple people saw this pharrell saw this big star said he's eager to get down and wants to participate in the party as
8:46 am
well keep him informed he wrote hey keep me posted about your dance party, dancing man should never be ashamed of yourself you are truly an inspir traition and tweet from mobe. >> he volunteered to d.j. the party they'll have for this guy. he said i offer my d.j. services for free no one should ever be ashamed of dance sfwling karen dances in the studio. >> you should be ashamed of that. >> we'll post that to facebook or social media and start our own move movement. >> let's see what they're doing on test tank today. >> i'm anthony mongaluso this is tech byte from tech task. you may have seen half speed, full speed, internet xhesh shalz typically two numbers on internet connection. 50 down and 10 up. down means how fast you can download things and you use that number more.
8:47 am
your up button which could be slower on some service providers is how fast you can upload visit questions. to face book. your up loads as ravrm person doesn't matter you won't see it as much but equal bandwidth is always better. speaking of bandwidth let's talk about net neutrality. you may have heard about it. it's you having freed come to of choice and downloading what you want with bandwidth. isp providers, internet proyters don't like that and they may slow down certain services such as netflix because they feel it interest fierce with their services. let me buy bandwidth and use it if you want to talk more net neutrality. fuel speed, half speed, any
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here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who didn't settle for just one opinion on their diagnosis or recommended treatment plan they explored their options. and discovered a new level of empowerment. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, that's what we do-empower our patients with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence, we do it a single one day. explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn more at
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>> welcome back, 8:50 a.m. there's old city with sunshine reanythinging off the pavement and reflecting off the dirty piles of snow. we'll see melting over the next couple days. should be done with snow pack, monday, tuesday, north and west longer. we've been getting tweetsw all morning. we certainly appreciate them. #fox29weekend 29 weekend g spirit in the air with warmer warm and quiet weekend. in fact now she said games with the kids go sally it's basketball playoffs in delaware or what about just 520 us on
8:51 am
twitter taking the dog out for a walk. our pets appreciate the warmer weather outside too. outside now, temperatures are mainly in the 30s and 20s. 34 poconos actually and read ski day. 9 in philadelphia and of course they're coming off a lot of fresh poud are is it milder not so cold. >> 25 millville. temperatures are all over the place due to local effects who has know on the ground, who doesn't. who is by the water. we should start to rebound to 40s by the time we hit afternoon. it's a marked change from yesterday. 24 hour temperature difference, 15, 20, 25 warmer than this time yesterday. and your 7-day forecast. 48 the high temperature today. areas in south jersey and delaware making a run at 50 for sure. breedsy this afternoon with gusts over 20 miles an hour. monday we should hit 50 here and certainly down south, 49 on tuesday. just a shade cooler because of
8:52 am
showers and clouds moving in late in the day. and showers give way to sewn ship wednesday mildest day in months. 57. we saw 50 back in early february. it's been a while upper 50s. still, 5en mild and chance of rain friday and that extends to second half of the week. that's a look at your 7 day forecast. that's a look at your 7 day forecast. back to you. hi frame girls hardware surprise roof got screws come loose. >> if you have ep largeed hole easiest thing to do is stick your dowell in the hole and cut it off with a pair of cutters. and grab wood filler. this works well. it has little form. squeeze it in hole. if you don't have that product you have regular wood filler
8:53 am
scoop it output it in the hole leave it set up you can drill it and you're done. there's also a product you can use that comes in package of metal strips and same idea as opposed to do you well. it's the same process. if you have any questions tweet it's the same process. if you have any questions tweet us at #fox29weekend29weekend. we're getting so many comments because we had important stories to talk about this morning. this one from rick who says okay i'll agree not all cops are perfect if you don't commit crimes chances are cops won't shoot you. >> bill says can i relate to dancey man it said our society looks at the outside and not what's in inside, #dispointed. >> men you september us wept in karen no one lord my eagles. we're talking about maclin being treated and the money in my bird
8:54 am
house gop. let us know. you can weigh in. let us know. you can weigh in. use the #fox29weekend9weekend
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>> welcome back we're getting so many tweetsw all the things we've been discussing all morning long. all the millions filiallies make shouldn't they contribute to
8:57 am
youth baseball. that's crowd funding the kids are doing instead of selling candy bars and stuff. it's a good question. step up. there's a lot of leagues in our area. let's look at other tweetsw we also have. bill uh-huh something you wanted to discuss no -- actually this one there's a tattoo convention going on today. they're raising money for charity. you can see up on the screen all the details and we retweeted it. you may want to check that out adds well. >> this one, scott notices. love bill and love your mr. roomers look from pittsburgh, mr. rogers, mr. rogers was the man just like bill is. >> that's a different tv look. no suit jacket. >> casual. >> and it's sunday morning. >> sure. >> someone else, is disagreed. >> local tv news is all about what you weather. >> someone said bill don't do it. >> they'll all comment on kloms.
8:58 am
girls get it all the time. you're officially part of the team. >> have a wonderful day be
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. hillary clinton on her way to the democratic presidential nomination. or is she? >> don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> a new firestorm over clinton using a private e-mail account while she was secretary of state. >> it was only last week that we discovered they can't produce all of her e-mails to us because they don't have all of her e-mails. >> we'll discuss the fallout with mike huckabee. a clinton critic since his days as governor of arkansas. and former white house special counsel during the clinton years, lanny davis. then the u.s. moves forward with iran nuclear talks. despite warnings from israeli prime minister netanyahu. >> this


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