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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  March 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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quarterback flop. chip kelly's latest bombshell. new quarterback, nick foles has been traded to the st. louis ramsment fans are having tough time believing this was the right move. what is chip's master plan? we're going to ask big daddy graham. >> hopefully the plan is to win. plus brutal attacks, did you see this, a man pummels a total stranger, right in the middle of a take-out restaurant now police are trying to find him of course. live report on this violent assault straight ahead. >> and take live look outside. if you're headed out the door, could you run into little bit of fog this morning. but this afternoon some big improvements. sue serio will have your full forecast. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, march 11, 2015. we're going to see some warm weather today. >> we are. and the 60s? >> sixty-three for high today sue serio?
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>> something like that, ya. so, we just have to make sure the sun comes out. woe might have some stubborn clouds later on, but got our fingers crossed. six out of ten, in your weather by the numbers, and this morning, we have some problems with fog. mostly north and west, and south and east, and that's where our advisory is in effect. but could you see reduced visibility, no matter where you're driving this morning especially, if it is in an area with snow, still on the ground. and we have some showers down in delaware, and in southern new jersey, and few up to our north, but mostly it is just mist, fog out there 45 degrees, is the current temperature, and we'll get into the six 60s a little later on today. so we'll possibly get the mildest day of 2015 so far by the end of the afternoon, bob kelly. good morning. >> good morning, back at you 5:01. good morning everybody wednesday, mother nature mixing it up little bit. wet roads dense fog on the breakfast menu this morning here is a live look at the roosevelt boulevard. again, the roads are still
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wet, we don't have any reports of any black ice this morning. as those temps whoever in the mid 40's there but again the wed roads watch for sod puddles, the big problem we start today see yesterday of course the potholes. some of those potholes now filled up, not with asphalt but with weighter. so they're virtually invisible until go to hit themment so that's something we'll have to dodge today live look at i-95 where the fog real dense along that i95 corridor, and the lights are out traffic lights out, at the airport circle, where the busy route 30 130 and 38 all come together. so that will be a hot mess for the morning rush hour. then northbound lanes of 95, off ramp to exit ten blocked all part of the two-week project along route 291. otherwise, so far so good on mass transit. and no delays at the airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, shaping up to be quite a season for the philadelphia eagles. >> yes, birds haven't even hit the field yet. chip kelly in return for their quarterback, sam bradford now bradford came
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out of the university of oklahoma, it was the first overall pick in the 2010 draft. but he missed last season, with a torn acl. >> as you can imagine those who bleed green have a lot to say about this. >> philadelphia fans aren't known for keeping their emotions to themselves. >> steve keeley, he's never been known to do that, either. so what do you think of this, steve? >> reporter: well, at least it is interesting, and i am role always happy doing this than some crazy crime story. for that good distraction from the real world, for awhile, you know, across the street where the phillie play, have the banners you see chase utley, ryan howard, they identify the players, you clearly see the pictures. there is a reason why the eagles don't do that on their banners. they kind of like make it a fuzzy out of focus shot. they rub the names out of the back of the players. even if you can make out the numbers. because they would be replacing these banners constantly. so, when bob kelly's older brother, chip, got to town here you wondered what is he going to do, you know, this big offensive mind, does he like the offensive players he inherited?
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clearly he didn't. the fans are wondering what's up? >> the trade makes me sick. just hurts me to the core, my heart, and it hurt a lot. did it hurt you all? i hope it d because from my point of view, chip kelly is -- my first team, now i am a little skeptical these days with chip kelly and the coaches. >> i think it is good for the eagles. i think sam bradford is better bargaining trip on draft day. be able to move up better with him than they would with nick foles. >> i like nick foles. nothing against him. but i don't think he proved himself 100% yet. he was great while i was here, but we didn't win. why not try something new? >> all right so here is the thing to look out for. you are hearing all of this speculation; bradford going to be the quarterback using him to trade him later? no welcome to philadelphia news conference today like lesean mccoy had in yesterday that should tell you something. maybe the eagles told bradford don't pack your boxes don't
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hire a real estate agent to look foreplays to live. this is just a temporary deal in writing only. so if we don't see sam bradford in philadelphia, in the next couple of days, with one every these big news conferences like lesean mccoy had yesterday in buffalo, that should tell you bradford is not here from long. fifty days from draft day. maybe a lot more moves to be maybe and braid forward may be moving out before he moves in. >> but who wants him? you know, he missed all last season, a bunch of injuries. 'd great rookie season. but that was years ago. >> the problem is you have all every these quarterbacks in college football. apparently none good enough to make it to the nfl. all of these nfl teams still need a quarterback. so maybe somebody does want to take a chance on him because they say how mccoy is all run down. well, when you miss a season because you have an acl no wear and tear on your shoulders and the rest of your body. so maybe they think hey he is still like fresh because he didn't play last year, he didn't get beaten up last year besides the acl and the pre-season. maybe that's a positive?
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>> jeremy maclin had a great season last season, oh, ya, then we traded him away. >> there is the thank you get from maclin, i'm loyal play for a year, and the thank is well we won't pay you what another team will pay you. >> good move for him. boy, did he cash in going to kansas city. we'll talk to big daddy graham coming in about a half hour. >> firebombing investigation is underway this morning firefighters responding to a basement fire in juanita park, discover a device, and called police. 3900 block of palmetto street, was called in just before 1:30 this morning quickly put out. investigators say they new who they were looking for, they arrest that person, and an hour later not far from the home, charges are expected to include arson, and attempted firebombing. >> happening today pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cain said she'll be in the courtroom first-hand to see if the judge has the authority to hire a special prosecute tears investigate her. investigating thomas car
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louvreio headed she be charged with pushy and other crimes. >> meanwhile, two current and one former pennsylvania state representative are in trouble with the law. state reps louise bishop and michelle brownly along with former state rep, harold james, turned themselves into state police in harrisburg yesterday. prosecutors say they took bribes from a person who they thought was a lobbiest. amounts range from $750 to 2,000. >> i will not and cannot look the other way. just because you are my friends, or a member of my political party or my race. >> the arrests come from controversial under congress sting openings at the state attorney general called flood, but phillie's da reopened the probe, aside from yesterday's charges, three more people also face charges in excepting cash or gift from the undercover lobbyist. >> 5:07 the time. local father under arrest this morning, accused of leaving had his son in the car while he went into a casino and gambled. police say, 32 year old brian
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bold was inside parx casino last night playing blackjack for three hours while seven year old was out there in the car. person walking by heard the boy crying, yelling for his dad. police took the boy to headquarters, then went back and arrested bold, who was still sitting there playing blackjack. >> twenty year old montgomery county woman who went missing friday after abandoning her car on a highway has now been found, and she's evidently okay. authorities say deidra magolon was found unharmed in philadelphia's kensington section yesterday. police say she hitch hiked her way there and then investigators were able to track her down after she used her credit card. >> police hoping surveillance video that captured this violent attack inside hunting park chinese restaurant will lead them to a suspect. >> jennifer joyce live outside police headquarters with the story. the guy in the video it, looks like he's been trained as a boxer, jennifer. >> reporter: yes, that's what police were saying, too, that he does know exactly what he's
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doing, he looks like professional, because these punches are strong, they're fierce, they're constant. the video is disturbing. now philadelphia police are investigating, they hope that you have some information for them. while, just before 3:00 last friday afternoon broad daylight when a 25 year old man, walked into goal end city chinese take out on north broad street in hunting park to pick up some food, according to police, when he turned around to leave he was confronted by a man who had been standing in the back corner of the restaurant, words were exchanged and then boom the man unleashed several powerful punches viciously knocking the victim to the grounds and continuing to kick him. police say the man was wearing brass knuckles. he's seen dropping them, picking them up, and taking off. >> looks like i has some type of conversation with him. and then he just begins to brutally assault this guy. from the way that he's throwing those blows, he looks like he has some experience of either boxing or working out in that fashion of boxing. the punches aren't enough. once the guy goes to the grounds, the victim, he begins to just stomp him and kick
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him. to even treat another humanning in that way is just something that should not be done. >> and there is a shot of the suspect's face caught on camera. police think that the distinctive clothing should help someone recognize him. they think he might live in the neighborhood. so police want to hear from if you have any information for them. you can also send them a text, and anonymous text, to ppd tips. back to you giles. >> hard to watch that poor victim. >> i know. jen, thank if you. >> funeral arrangements for officer robert wilson the thirds are still being work out evidently. prisoner any said the service would be saturday at the university of pennsylvania. then they said they spoke too soon. wilson was shot thursday, during a robbery at a game stop where he had stopped to buy a gift for his son. the suspect seen her brothers, ramon williams and carlton hips, were arrested at the scene. >> coming up. more fall out at the university of oklahoma as member of fraternity apologizes for taking part in a racist chant that has gone viral. let's head outside live.
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last night's rain gives way to some fog this morning but will clear up this afternoon. sue serio has your full forecast and a high in the six 60s for you today. here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who didn't settle for just one opinion on their diagnosis or recommended treatment plan they explored their options. and discovered a new level of empowerment. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, that's what we do-empower our patients
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>> breaking news out every florida seven marine soldiers missing this morning after army helicopter crashed on routine training mission. >> the helicopter was reported missing around 8:00 last night, in search crews found debris from the crash around
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2:00 this morning just few hours ago. >> of course we'll stay on top of this, bring you the latest, but it says at this time all are missing, names are being withheld pending notification of next of kin. >> all right sue serio let's switch gears, talk about weather quickly. >> we are going to talk about weather, and how mild it may get today. you know, the mildest day of the year so far now only in march, but it was 58 degrees, believe it or not on january the fourth, but more interesting, two days later it was 24 the high temperature. today's forecast is 62, if we get there we'll get above 58. we'll have the mile he is day of the year so far. so here are your temperatures, 39 degrees in mount pocono, and allentown at 41 pottstown, 45 in trenton and 45 in the city right now. with all of that fog and the rain out there 44 degrees, in wilmington close to 50 in wildwood already. so, that's unusual for this time in march. but, the problem is the warm air moving over that snow pack caused these poor visibilities
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in many areas, a mile is all we can see in mount pocono, allentown, trenton pottstown reading, lancaster and down in millville, atlantic city, as well. some places aren't dealing with as much fog. we do have, for some of our counties a dense fog advisory, and it is not only in effect for this morning but for tomorrow morning as well. because we expect the same kind of a situation with all of that moisture in the air so so a look atmore moisture will be moving from north to south. still lingering showers around probably will be for the next couple of hours this morning. so remember, the fog could slow you down, wet roadways can slow you down, as well. if you're in berks county, you might be seeing some light showers. down in southern delaware, around cumberland county, and cape may county, as well. soap that's where our problem spots are this morning. and we do expect stubborn clouds to linger for awhile, even after the rain ends, and we may see the rain kind of hanging around in sussex county delaware, for awhile
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this afternoon. but, eventually, we get enough sunshine, and enough milder air, in here, that we could see 62 degrees, by the end of the day, so that will be exciting. we're thinking 62, 63, for a high after the showers leave 37 tonight, with the fog forming once again and here's the rest of your seven day forecast, and we gave you a six for today because of improving conditions. showers, to sunshine, a great day tomorrow, little cooler, but still 53 degrees, with sunshine we'll take that. we've got increasing clouds on friday and maybe a late afternoon shower, the rain continues, at least the way it looks right now into saturday, maybe even lingering into sunday morning. so we really need to improve this forecast because we have two saint patrick's day parades in delaware county saturday right, bob kelly then the philly parade sunday in yes springfield saturday, philadelphia parade on sunday. so we have to work on those irish showers there over the weekend.
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but otherwise, you know, mother nature serving up wet roads this morning maybe clean off some of all of that road salt, and that brine spruce it up, take the hose, got to spruce it up a little bit on the overnight. roads are wet this morning dealing with some dense fog. live look at the schuylkill expressway near 476 coming in from south jersey, some fog along the freeway, it is hit and miss, depending upon where you begin and end your trip, but no major delays coming out every south jersey. lights are out here, at the airport circle. hopefully we get crew out there, and hit that reset button but all three majors come together, 30, 130 38, the traffic lights are out at that airport circle, so watch for delays there. coming in from, say the suburbs, collegeville, royersford portions of fog on the northeast extension of the otherwise good shape on the schuylkill expressway. no problems on 95, as you work your way through the construction zone. then north on 95, just watch
5:18 am
it, off ramp to exit ten letter, 291 is the new project that began yesterday. that is closed, that's like the short cut into the airport there. so you have to stick with 95, and exit for the airport off-ramps. chris, lauren, back to you. >> one of the members of the university of oklahoma fraternity at the center of racial controversy speaking out. >> fox news correspondent jacky ibanez has more on this. >> an university of oklahoma fraternity member, who was shown in a video chanting a racial slur, is now apologizing. in a statement parker rice says quote i'm deeply sorry for what i did saturday night. it was wrong and wreckless, i made a horrible mistake by joining into the singing and encouraging others to do the same. rice attended catholic school in texas before moving to oklahoma. the head that far school also speaking out appalled by rice's actions. >> i'm sad ends by it, i think it hurts everybody nice young man, but that doesn't excuse his behavior for what happened on the bus. >> the chant reference the
5:19 am
lynching of black student indicated they would never be admitted admit to the chapter of sigma alpha epsilon. >> university immediately cut ties with the fraternity, and on tuesday the school's president expelled two student who appeared to be leading the chant. he also gave the remaining frat members until the end of the day to move out. >> a number of ou student rent supporting the president's decision. >> he's a really great speaker, and great role model to usment and i believe that he -- we should continue the investigation on this matter. >> meantime, student continue to express their outrage to the video. with members of the greek community, seen marching across campus, tuesday night chanting: not on our campus. >> so right now we have laid out this. show their support and their unity in the situation. >> the university's work to go identify other student who took part in the video saying, they too will face disciplinary action.
5:20 am
jacky ibanez, fox news. former secretary of state hillary clinton is finally talking about using her personal e-mail account while in office. clinton told reporters yesterday, she didn't break any laws or try to hide any emails. she says she only used her personal e-mail because it was convenient. and that she never shared any sensitive information on that account. but, she probably should have just used her government e-mail as secretary of state according to clinton. the new york daily news cover reads: traders. after 47 republicans send open letter to iran's leaders warning, any nuclear deal signed with president obama could be overturned, and unless the senate vote. the president's close political advise or david axelrod tweet in the on this, republicans fired back, the interferance, foreign policy, not unprecedented by the way. >> a jury in los angeles issues a guilty verdict, two of the biggest names in music thick and williams must pay
5:21 am
marvin gay ace children $7.4 million for plagiarize g gay's hit song got to give it up. pharrell and robin thicke testified that their song blurred lines was in tribute to the soul full singer. after the verdict came down, pharrell said the ruling sets horrible precedent for music going forward. >> we know in our hearts that blurred lines is an independent creation from the heart and soul of pharrell williams and no one else. >> marvin gay's children say they are relieved that robin and pharrell's attorneys say they're reviewing the court's decision and considering a possible appeal. >> coming up: bringing back the firing squad. utah lawmakers vote to make it an option for prisoners n death row. why they say they want
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>> do you s&p moving into negative territory for the year, do you down 333 points, s&p down 35 points, the nasdaq down a full 82 points. target laying off 1700 workers, and permanently closing another 1400 open positions. the announcement putting a number, our last week's announcement that the company would eliminate several thousand jobs, this is part of the restructuring, aimed at saving $2 billion in costs over the next two years. target's spokeswoman says the cuts will come primarily at headquarters locations in the minneapoliser. >> good news for the ladies, taxi service uber promising to put more women behind the year.
5:25 am
announced via blog posting it plans to create 1 million driver jobs for women by 2020. more than 22,000 of uber's $160,000 of the drivers are women. >> speaking of jokes quitting your job is becoming more common again. that will could mean pay raises are coming for more americans. the trend emerge in the the restaurant and retail industries where pay is rising faster than in the overall economy. so workers in those industries appear to be taking advantage of rising consumer demand to seek better pay elsewhere. comes down to supply and demand. >> always. imotican tells you how you are feeling when you are texting. >> little bubble thing comes up. >> one made people so upset that facebook just eliminate philadelphia altogether. soap let's take a look. >> apparently it is the feeling fat no long area option. critics say the blushing
5:26 am
pudgey cheek-faced imodicon equivalent to body shaming they say removing it is a step forward to self acceptance. you know what's really funny? i think totally how you interpret that. because on my phone that one to me is like blushing, it doesn't say fat next to like it does on facebook. like when someone says something to you your cheeks are all rosey, smiling. >> think of it this way. now, pc on your pc. stupid. coming up: what's chip kelly doing that said? he swaps quarterbacks and traded some of the best players on the team. does he have a plan or is there something else going on here? we're going have big daddy graham from wip coming in, weighing in in just a bit. plus, philadelphia police want to get this man off the streets. ya. he's wanted for violent assault inside a chain east take out. what happened just before the punches started flying.
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>> eagles, chip kelly making a move with quarterbacks. what's going on with the birds? >> plus there is video is tough to watch a man violently assaults a stranger, at a chain east restaurant, now police need your help to get him off the streets. >> and utah lawmakers want to
5:30 am
bring back the firing squad? why they want it an option for prisoners on death row? >> good day everyone, march 11 wednesday 2015. bus stop buddy is a big eagles fan, so, is he wearing the shady mccoy jersey today? journey maclin, how about nick foles, number nine jerry? >> oh, jerseys out-dated now so we just put them in the fox 29 gear. if you can see him because as you can see, there is plenty of fog out there this morning, and some showers as well. so, keep that in mine. it gets bet they are afternoon. now, national weather service has lifted just now almost all of our dense fog advisories except, for out in lancaster county, the visibilities not quite meeting the cry tear y but it doesn't mean you're not going to run into fog. there still will be some fog that cloud on the ground out there, all this moisture still in the air some occasional showers, and snow still on the ground in some places. we did have 10 inches in some
5:31 am
places on thursday. so it will still be hanging around for little while. anyway, 45 degrees right now. sunrise at 7:19. eventually we do get some sunshine, areas every fog scattered showers this morning, it could end up being the mildest day of 2015 so far. so that is your wednesday outlook. and featured on this wednesday morning, bob kelly wet roadways. >> wet roadways, you got it, good morning everybody. 5:31, live look northeast philadelphia, good morning to bridesburg. a live look at i95 right near the betsy ross bridge ramps. mother nature mixing it up little bit. no ice. no snow. dealing with rain, from the overnight, and we're dealing with some fog and although they lifted some of the advisories, it is patchy it, will come up on you fast, it will be thick then that quickly, bamm, it is gone. so be ready for that this morning. coming over the ben franklin, no delays. everything is wet, and you'll find those potholes, the hard way, because all of the rain from the overnight basically
5:32 am
filled up the pothole first two, three people to hit it and splash the water out. virtually invisible the lights out at the airport circle, busy section where 30, 38 all column together as we head northbound lanes of i59. no problems getting to the airport, remember that short cut, 291 closed, between stewart and bartrum and so far so good at philly international. but, keep our fingers crossed we don't have any fog delays there through the morning. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, following breaking news out of florida seven marines, four soldiers missing this morning after army helicopter crashed during a training routine mission. >> you say they're missing after all of these hours t does not sounds good. what we've learned so far, is that the helicopters reported missing around 8:00 last night, and search crews found debris from the crash around 2:00 this morning. but they continue to follow this story and cross our fink's we get update coming in here on fox 29 morning news. >> switching gears, to sports back here at home, eagles coach chip kelly has a plan,
5:33 am
we just have no idea what it is. >> so tweeted, and they said, steve keeley either he's a genius or an idiot. i mean, really. he says he's walk ago fine line between the two. >> i think both sides will agree he's exciting. >> we want a field with wins. >> the problem is you can be excite in the march washington redskins they win march every year. the problem is you can win march. remember how excited clever cleveland was to get johnny man sell. thousand that work out? >> not so great. >> the nfl year around sport but you're right, the seeks i am that comes the one on the feel usually the end of the season, everybody like throws in the towel after like two weeks of the season beginning of the year, remember the greenbay packers look how great tended up. maybe that's what we node to do here. hey, little different like we like to be on the show, let me say. >> this look at this. let's go back to my youth and
5:34 am
show you another trade. notice the nicaragua foles resemblance. one of the favorite people in the world, ron jaworski, favorite good day when we started out being look how he went onto bigger and better. so sometimes, rams quarterbacks, traded to the eagles, work out. roman gabrielle, another rams quarterback came to the philadelphia eagles, not bad either. gave him some respectability, before ron jaworski, so we've seen this before. the question is, is sam bradford actually going to stick around and stay here, and that is a question that we're not going to get an answer to for couple every month maybe because there are 50 days until draft day. but the fans at least have something to talk about. >> with all due respect, nick got injured couple of games. you got to give him a chance. so if he can play or not. talk about some of the nfl players, they're not going to do that with tom brady. i mean, came back from a neck injury, and got what, $09 million? you know? so where the love in the.
5:35 am
>> i think great trade. use it to mover up to get mariota. trade bradford, i'm okay with it, still looks good, still looks like he has a plan. >> a page from hinge i's book. hopefully get mariota that will be good trade for me. i don't opportunity see bradford, but if we get mariota that would be a good trade. >> st. louis sports trade route is a common thing i go back to the 70s long before bradford was born. rick wise, star player of the phillies through no-hitter hit two homeruns in the game. off season they trade him to a guy who lost 20 games for the st. louis cardinals name steve carlton. that worked out pretty good. so philadelphia's history in sports, trading with teams in st. louis has work out pretty good for the philadelphia side. >> wait it out cross your fingers? i like the baseball knowledge
5:36 am
weaver never, too, that's impressive. >> all right buddy thank so much. >> all right. >> new overnight suspect facing arson and attempted firebombing charges after a device is discovered by firefighters and basements fire in juniata park. fire on 3900 block of palmetto street was called in just before 1:30 this morning quickly put out. investigators say they new who they were looking for they arrested the individual an hour later not far from the home. >> rat loan cane said she'll be in the courtroom to hear first-hand whether a judge had the authority to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her. cain is challenging the appointment of thomas, he headed up the grand jury that i recommended she be charged with perjury, and other crimes. police searching for suspect who brutally attack a man, okay there is happened friday afternoon inside the golden city chinese restaurant in hunting park, and all caught on surveillance video. here it is, it is hard to watch. the guy looks like professional boxer once the punches are thrown.
5:37 am
my goodness, confront add guy just standing there, words exchanged, then the man does this unleashing all kind of punches. >> looks like he has some type of conversation with him then he just begins to brutally assault this guy, from the bay that's throwing those blows, he looks like he had some experience, either boxing or working out in that fashion of boxing. the punches aren't enough once the guy goes to the grounds victim, he begins to just stomp him kick him. to even treat another humanning in that way just something that should not be done. >> police were told the suspect rifles nearby and has been in prison before. any information on there is of course call police. >> coming up federal authorities in washington state finds hidden bunker, who they think it belonged to straight ahead. >> utah lawmakers want to bring back the firing squad. why they want to make it an
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
welcome back, 5:40, jurors in the boston bombing trial were shown a hand written note prosecutors say was inside the boat where tsarnaev dzhokhar was captured n3 photos showed the blood stained note which was also dotted with bullet holes prosecutors are pushing for jurors to see the boat, as well. yesterday the judge went to see it to decide whether to let the jury advice at this time. >> awe toe lawmakers come up with what they believe is a shortage of lethal drugs used for execution firing squads.
5:41 am
lawmakers approved a bill yesterday requiring the state to use the firing squad if lethal injections drugs are not on hand, 30 days before an execution. the measure now goes to the governor's desk who has not said if he will sign the bill. >> authorities have found an underground bunker near seattle that's believed to have been used by a bank robber investigators say the bunker belongs to bradley robinet who spent five years on the run before he was arrested last summer. inside the bunker authorities found a could the cot blast i can bags, shells with bottles. they believe he may have built other bunkers while he was on the run. coming up: nick foles is out, the new guy didn't even play last season, we'll break down the birds' big trade move. boy, there have been so many this week alone. big daddy graham is up next.
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>> sue serio tracking radar. >> playing six's music because we do expect it to get
5:45 am
to 60, maybe even more, by the end of the day today. now, if you look out to the west of us, see, there is more rain on the way so we may have couple of more hours to deal with this, this morning. a little bit of rain to our south. little bit to our northwest. we checkup in berks county, some really light scattered showers there. and then, down in south jersey some showers just clearing the coast there. so, they are the organized showers. we do have the cloud on the ground and that mist out there, out there this morning. that could slow you down. so we expect this to casino of linger through about 7:00, maybe 7:30 this morning the organized showers and then, lingering clouds through about lunchtime so, as long as the sun comes out we will make it to that 60 degrees. down in southern delaware, you may not see the sun at all today. and you may still get those showers, as everything moves from south to north and kind of stalls there. so that's the deal for today. temperatures 45 degrees in the city, 37 allentown, 39 in mount pocono, and 48 degrees in wildwood. so, it is a mild morning out
5:46 am
there compared to a week ago when everything was ice we'll still take the fog and reduced visibility, even though many of our advisories have been lifted, it still is going to be something that you will run into in your travels this morning especially in places where there is still snow pack on the gown. so over the past seven days, ya we've had our ups and downs. the down was friday, when we only got to high of 26 degrees. but we have been as ending ever since and yesterday we managed to get to 59 degrees. today, 62, 53 on thursday, and on friday, and then over the weekend it looks like saturday might be you're going to the movies day because we do have that rain in the forecast sorry about that, could linger into sunday morning but certainly hope not, philadelphia's big saint patrick's day parade is own a sunday. then the big day itself bob kelly as you know is tuesday. >> actually, some later today. give you some tips on the ways
5:47 am
to celebrate saint patrick's day at home. all right later on, then of course doing the kelly's countdown to saint patrick's day, all of that through the rest of the morning. rain and fog live look at route 309, right near paper mill road. again, even though that fog advisory lifted, still going to find it here and there live look at i-95, as you work your way northbound, up toward the airport some patches of fog. and then as we go for a ride, west on 422 that construction zone, out near route 100 slowing us down, the lights are out, at the airport circle where 30, 130 38, all come together there. that's going to be a mess for the morning rush hour. and although we had the fog no problems coming over the bridges, at the moment. and mass transit looking good with no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. just when you thought chip kelly was done surprising all of us, i he pulled another stunt yesterday. the eagles have traded nick foles and draft picks to the st. louis rams, in exchange for injury-prone quarterback sam bradford and some other picks. >> he missed all last season. big daddy graham now here to
5:48 am
talk about this. my goodness. you think he is crazy right? >> i'm crazy. who cares about chip kelly at this point? i'm an eagles fan. i lived in this town my entire life. former season ticket holder. i don't care if chip kelsey crazy, i'm going crazy, so did all of my callers last night. you couldn't get into my program. >> this has been going on to for three days, nobody has any stinking idea what he's doing. none. saint patrick's day couldn't be coming up at a better time, because eagles fans will be staying home drinking in record numbers. it is insane. and i know look, i know you're not a nick foles guy but common. i would rather, tell you who if you will work out. get used to it, you're starting car he back will be sanchez, back up barkley there is guy won't last. there is no running backs to hand off to. who is his number one really
5:49 am
couper? is his number one? >> matthews. >> hehe had a good rookie year, i'll give. that will he is really your number one guy now. i can't make heads nor tails of. >> this i came on last night after joani -- jody mcdonald, jody mc donald has forgotten more about sports than he ever know and he threw his hands up in the air. he threw his hands up and said i don't know, i don't get it, i have no idea what he's doing. it is a complete mystery. and we better start hearing from somebody down there i mean, come on we're fans, this town -- >> chip doesn't say anything. so we don't know if he's brilliant orest's just horribly misguided. >> oh, he's not brilliant. that's done. okay? he may be a brilliant offensive coordinator. that's all i'm giving him right now. i'm not ready to call him a brilliant head coach. granted his offense puts up a lot of points.
5:50 am
he does. and if he is of the belief he doesn't need players your man tommy lowden just said, well, let's just field temple's football team next year then? okay? let's see how that works out all right? i'm really, really outraged and i don't get outraged all that much. i don't. i watch sports for fun. i do. that's why i love sports. there is so much fun to watch. >> big daddy, a lot of people are saying chip kelly is treating this like fantasy football, just making all of these moves that no one ends stands. >> boy, i don't know what fantasy he's going through. because i'm not get that either. you're right. this is a mystery. i wish aid answer for t i tell you, there is only one guy let me see if either one every you can guess only guy connected with the e-a-g-l-e-s holes might be waking up with a smile on his face today. that would be one howie roseman. okay? who, you know, when this all went down, everybody was so thrilled and, you know, and
5:51 am
i'll put myself in the same category, you know what? now we got a football guy in charge, not somebody who work his way up as an intern, or whatnot. boy, he's not looking too bad today, is he? howie roseman? >> let me play definitely's advocate. let me take the unpopular view for just a minute, okay? foles did not like the world -- light the world on fire before he broke his collarbone, all of those critisisms right? bradford was the best player, he won the heist man trophy, then he was the best rookie by far, in a long, long time, won rookie of the year. evidently chip went after him hard sam bradford, because real when he is on, he is healthy, he throws pinpoint passes and works perfectly within chip's offense. so there is the definitely's advocate here. >> that's if he stays healthy. i have a standing rule, the reason why i didn't like the shady deal, is because the lines missed all last year, i know you recover from that injury. >> jay mack recovered from it. >> he did.
5:52 am
he did. but we'll see. one year does not make a total recovery. and i like the definitely's advocate position you are playing there. if bradford can recapture all that but he has to stay healthy. i would have stuck with foles. other than this, i would have. >> i know you like foles. >> what's your special -- >> hold on a second, wait a minute. i got a phonecall here. >> oh? >> oh, it is from chip kelly. what's that? hold on. i have just been traded to the packers. oh. this could be my last appearance with you guys in a while. other than my big comedy show saturday march 28 with joe cock lynn at the colonial theater in phoenixville go to big daddy graham. com. i'm head today wisconsin. >> oh, great quarterback in aaron rogers. all right. big dade, we love you. thank you. >> all right, still to come. from football to the problem
5:53 am
local church, needs help making promise special night for some teenagers who might not be able to afford t how you can make sure they don't miss
5:54 am
14 irresistible flavors. one for the mood. one for the moment. each one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys. the experience could only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one. discover
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brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. >> 1964, playing six's music on good day philadelphia because for the first time in time of year we'll have
5:56 am
temperatures in the 60s. sue serio her full forecast coming up in just a minute. meantime student at strawberry mansion get a chance to use a new recording studio courtesy of rapper drake. the grammy winning rapper gave the struggling school $75,000 in 2013, to create a recording studio for the student. the holdup had been planning a teacher, at long last, they found an instructor. now the kids are ready to create some tunes. how cool is that? i love drake's new song, how about now. >> a norristown church is asking for donations to help with a three prom -- free prom dress drive. first baptist church wants to help struggling families afford their daughters to go to the prom. sponsored the drive for the past six years now. the church says they need more dresses, shoes and jewelry. >> we spend hours sorting and sizing and putting things out on racks, so you walk in, we're better than macy's, more dresses than they do have
5:57 am
everything from the pat earnings -- >> jones from -- teens from any area school can pick address, no identification required. hopes to have the donations by march 16th. the dates are march 20 and 21. for more information go to our website then click on the seen on tv cap. philadelphia man under arrest for leaving his son in a car. while he went inside a casino to play blackjack? who found the child and called police? plus a man pummels a total stranger, right in the middle of a restaurant. now, police are trying to find him, of course. live report on this violent
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> qb for qb. nick for sam. the eagles trade nick foles to st. louis what is chip kelly's master plan? we'll try to figure it out. father accused of locking his son in a car for three hours while he went to the parx casino and gambled. who found his kid and called police. bring on the firing squad. make option for prisoners on death row. why they say they want it. good day everybody, it is wednesday, march the 11, already, 2015. hi everybody. >> good morning. >> good morning everybody. >> it is empire wednesday. >> oh, it is. >> that's right. >> big win tonight. marry jay b


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