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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  March 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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birds. ♪ in just one week we go from snow to 60s. have we finally turned a corner? the answers in your fox 29 weather authority. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. those stories in a few moments but first a developing story tonight. a military helicopter crashes during a training mission in florida. tonight all 11 service members on board are presumed dead. >> and we have heartbreaking confirmation of the worst case scenario. human remains and helicopter parts are in fact washing ashore. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. this morning's weather made things for difficult for search crews. our steve harrington is in miami with the latest. >> reporter: black hawk helicopter was on routine night training mission off the florida panhandle when it was reported missing at 8:30 p.m. the first debris washed ashore
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at 2:00 a.m. small boats from the coast guard and other state and federal agencies joining in the search. their mission complicateed by fog in the area this morning. >> we have found some debris from the aircraft. the fog is obviously hampering the recovery efforts and that's where we're the right now. >> reporter: defense secretary ashton carter confirming there were four soldiers and seven marines on board. >> our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families as the search and rescue continues. >>continues. report reminder to us that those who serve put themselves at risk both in training and in combat. >> reporter: there was no sign of any mid air collision. a second black hawk helicopter on the training mission returned safely. the seven marines all stationed at camp lejeune in north carolina. the four crew members were louisiana national guard veterans every multiple combat tours in iraq and highly trained. >> the president reassure the commanders of the nation's deep appreciation for the many
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sacrifices that our men and women and uniform and their families make to protect and defend our cun treatment the the president expressed confidence that there would be a detailed and thorough investigation into this incident want caused it. >> reporter: no word yet on what may have called the crash but pentagon officials say the fog may have played a role. in miami steve harrigan, fox news. >> right now let's take a closer look at that helicopter those troops were on it's uh60 black hawk similar to the one you see here. taking a look at the dimensions this sling length 64 feet 8-inches. in height 16 feet and it inches. most cases it's designed to carry about 14 people includeing a pilot a co-pilot a crew chief 11 fully equipped troops. how about its top speed it's going to go 184 miles an hour and this thing will go 504 miles before needing to refuel. one other note for you. this is the same helicopter model that was shot down in so mole ya back in 1993. those events were the basis for the movie black hawk down.
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of course we continue to follow this developing story for you on our website on you can look for the latest information right on the home page. happening right now, confusion and a lot of questions from eagles fans. whirl whipped of moves in the past week and the man behind all of them finally broke his silence today. howard he is skin live at the eagles novacare complex. howard you know it this is the talk of the town. it's been the talk of the town since lesean mccoy last week and it just continues with the eagles. yes, chip kelly did speak for the first time since the end of the season because chip it was a surprise for lot of media people. he has to answer a lot of questions, and the latest move is a question to many fans and that would be sam bradford. and sam bradford here today and just spoke and he setter he's kind of heard about this trade possibly happening for weeks so this was in the works. fans concern it really comes down to health, sam bradford is not ready yet to participate in
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any kind of workouts. but it's about his two acl injuries. >> we've done our due diligence in terms of talking about,, what items of what we're getting. we feel confident where sam is. >> why healthy sam bradford the right guy for this football team. >> he's a big tall prong physical quarterback. over 6-foot four, 240 pounds. he's smart he's one of the most accurate throwers when you see him through the football. he's smart. he's wired right. >> the other name in this whole quarterback equation is oregon marius mariota. could bradford be just a chip to move up in the draft? let's dispel that right now. i think that's crazy. you guys have been going with that a stuff all along. marcus is the best quarterback in the draft. we'll never mortgage our future to get somebody like that too many on the holes we'll take care of. >> i'm actually glad that chip kelly finally ended up a this marcus mariota nonsense and eagles chances of moving up as
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he said it's not happening. but sam bradford and the eagles together is -- it's going to be a long time. how about this. the eagles actually got a call from a team and offered a first round draft pick for sam bradford. he's the eagles quarterback. will be another guess quarterback and we'll hear from sam bradford coming up later in the news. back to you guys. >> all right. we'll see you at 6:00. thank you very much howard. soaring temperatures in your fox 29 winter wet authority. actually thought howard might have broke out his linen suit out there. what a difference a week makes ago. seven days ago we were preparing fort worst winter storm of the season and now we're soaking in temperatures in the 60s. chief meteorologist scott williams says we have turned that proverbial corner and look at that smile on his face in old city. scott? >> that's right, lucy. beautiful weather out here. what snow? if you take a look behind me you can see folks count and about. some of them have their jackets in their hands and we're not looking at any snow on the ground left here in old city.
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but let's talk about those temperatures. 61 degrees. that was the high so far today. the last time it's been this mild was 60s you have to head back to christmas and of course right now looking pretty good. 60 degrees in center city. visibility is perfect at 10 miles. it is 62 degrees right now in atlantic city. we have 60 in dover. mid 50s in pottstown. low 50s in allentown. so mild conditions early on this evening. looking pretty good. dry and cool. mid 40s by 11:00 o'clock tonight tonight. ultimate doppler is showing dry conditions for now. but when i come indoors we're timing more rain moving in as well as some temperature changes that some of you might not like. iain and lucy back to you. >> talk to you then scott. the word has just come in. ferguson missouri's police chief is stepping down. chief tom jackson is resigning. something a lot of residents have been calling for for long time. ferguson has been in turmoil since a white officer shot and killed a black teen michael brown.
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a grand jury and the us dement of justice completely cleared that officer of any wrongdoing. but the doj just released a scathing report about racial bias at the police department itself. police swarm the mansion of rapper little wayne after they get a call that shots were fired inside. police say the 911 call came from someone not at the scene. so they set up a perimeter around the prom. the swat team was called. police found no evidence of a shooting at this point they say it may have been a hoax. they are looking into the possibility of a swatting prank. police need your help finding two men wanted for robbery it happened friday night at the popey's chicken on the 5100 block of wood land avenue in southwest philadelphia. the video you're seeing shows guy pulling a gun on the cashier and then he reaches over the counter to steal the money right out of the register. police say another man waiting in the parking lot acting as look out. if you've got any information please call philadelphia police. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane attends a state supreme court hearing here in philadelphia today. for her the stakes are high and
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they could affect her career. fox 29's jeff cole joins us now explain. jeff, i know in your opinion court today. >> reporter: certainly was. over there at city hall. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has been in a courtroom in her career. but never like this. followed nearly engulfed by a crowd of tv cameras and reporters locked on her every word. the em balanced attorney general stepped out of a black suv and went into city hall all smiles. just beyond the courtroom door kane was upbeat. >> i'm very confident in the judge. >> reporter: she had come to witness her lawyer joseph dell sole a former superior court judge himself argue in front of the supreme court that kane should not be charged with a crime. it comes down to this. a judge has no authority argue dell sole to appoint a special prosecutor to use a grand jury to probe whether kane had leaked
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confidential grand jury information to the philadelphia daily news and later lied to the grand jury about it. why would cane do it? according to critics to embarrass a former state prosecutor frank cena who was critical kane's decision to pass on a corruption probe he led of philadelphia politicians. montgomery county kim cal defense attorney thomas car lou she yo was the special prosecutor. he told the five justices he had the legal authority to do the investigation, followed with the evidence led and later made a presentment to a grand jury which voted to recommend to criminally charge kane. the arguments lasted about an hour with justices peppering questions at both sides. kane emerged from the court facing a wall of cameras with a smile. >> i will tell you that i'm very cautiously hopeful about today and i'm very grateful that the court took the time to listen to this important case for me and for pennsylvania. >> reporter: while car lucci spoke and moved on. >> the motivation was to find
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the truth and that's all this investigation was about. it was not motivated by anything else but the truth. >> reporter: the case now sits in the office of the montgomery county district attorney who will make the decision whether to charge kane. kane has denied any wrongdoing but nothing nothing will happen before the pennsylvania supreme court rules whether this probe should have ever taken place. in the newsroom i'm jeff cole. lucy, back to you. >> thank you jeff. in the middle of their grief some help tonight for the family of a fallen philadelphia police officer. game stop corporate executives visited the fraternal order of police headquarters in northeast philadelphia today and they brought a sizeable check with them for the family of officer robert wilson. this -- the fop set up this memorial in honor of officer wilson. he was shopping in game stop in north philadelphia last week when two armed robbers showed up. he died while trying to stop them. and also protect other customers customers. today's visit and donation by the game stop execs touched the
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fop potions's president. >> they came through in a big way and in in a big time. nothing they do will bring back officer wilson this donation will be able to help for quite sometime for the family. >> vigil for officer wilson will begin within an hour the 6:00 p.m. on the 5400 block of locust street in west philadelphia. his family is still planning his funeral a range many. local family is keeping hope alive tonight that a missing man will be found safe. >> it has been three months and only his car has turned up. tonight his family is talking to fox 29. and surveillance video shows a man trying to sneak a new boy newborn baby out of the hospital. the baby is safe tonight. >> making prom a special night for local teens who night the be able to afford it. one local church needs your help. how you can make sure these teens don't miss a high school tradition.
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♪ what a way wake up. in man in philadelphia' overbrook neighborhood found his car partly sunk in a giant hole. he says the street must have buckled overnight. it certainly didn't did not look like this when he park it. neighbors used a u-haul truck to help him pull it out. good old end jenn knew were the. police blocked blocked off the road the streets department is look nothing what happened. heartbreak for a kensington family after their son is shot and killed. >> police say the teen's friend
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shot him. his family is trying to figure out how all of this could have happened. our dave kinchen has been talking with him. he's outside philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, it's absolutely heartbreaking. police say these two teens and classmates were playing with a gun when it was over one of them is dead. now we talked with the victim's heart broken father tonight. >> i remember him saying good night, love you. something we did every night when he went to bed. >> james becker remembers the last covering he had with his son james becker iii. shot and killed by a friend last thursday. police say they were playing with a gun on the 2100 block of east susquehanna in kensington. >> in two hours he was supposed to eat meet ball dinners. i got a phone call from a friend's sister i grew up with. i don't know how to tell you but your son has been shot in the stomach and he's in hahnemann hospital. >> reporter: that's where james was pronounced dead. police say james was at ivan's
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house playing with a gun ivan found a couple days before. >> i can only tell from you his statement he's saying he found the gun loaded. he took the clip out. he thought that there were no more bullets. there was one obviously still in the chamber that kill his friend. >> surrounded by family and friends. i don't know where i'd be without -- the past three or 45 days without high my family. >> he said james loved being around his friends who maiden's cole latch for him. >> basketball was his main thing. he loved oklahoma city thunder. he loved splash brothers from golden state. when he wasn't playing sports he was playing sports video games. >> reporter: james and the shooter were school mates at kensington high school. now ivan will be charged an adult with his friend's murder. >> they're home from school on a day off playing around with a gun and ultimately one of them ends up dead and one ends up in prison. very very tragic. >> reporter: police say they're in the process of trying
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to fine owner of that gun. the opener of the gun could face charges as well. lucy? >> cannot imagine the grief. all right. thank you, dave. philadelphia police are investigateing several attempted fire bombings. they happened today in north philadelphia. a fire on the 2500 block of north 27th street broke out just after 2:30 this morning. police say they found what they call a fire bomb in the home. and that's what may have started it no one is hurt there and so far no arrests in that case. in jail tonight though, a man police say set off another fire bomb in the city's juniata park area. investigators say he planted the bomb at the basement of a house on the 3900 block of palmetto street. now the house caught fire right around 1:00 a.m. police say he is facing arson and attempted fire bombing charges. some state lawmakers trying to put some money in your pocket. a public meeting on temple university's campus today over the minimum wage. state rhett tiff lesley acosta
5:18 pm
behind the discussion. she and other officials are hoping it could go up. it would not just help workers but those unemployed, too and here's how. >> if i got a raise to 10.10 an hour i could work 40 hours a week and spend my evenings helping my kids with their homework. which then freeze up another part-time job for someone whose currently unemployed. >> governor tom wolf already calling on the state legislature to raise the minimum wage during his budget address for 2015-16. some businesses argue a wage hike could hurt growth and could lead to layoffs. another step toward pope francis' visit to philadelphia. planners of the world meeting of families announced their putting together 15 committees it will focus from everything marketing and fundraiseing and where everyone will stay. the city expects enormous number of people will head to philly for the pope's visit. but planners say they are ready.
5:19 pm
>> and i am in awe of thinking that up to 2 million people will come to philadelphia will be crammed into the parkway for mass to see the pontiff to hear his words and to really celebrate the true ecumenical nature of this pappas see. >> this is the first time the world meeting of families will be in the united states and, yes, indeed it is right here in philly. things get rowdy at a new york city school but the students aren't the ones acting out. >> parents fighting mad over something that didn't happen on campus. they're still blaming school leaders. high school student tried a new do and gets sent home. the school says her hair color broke school rules and tonight they're stand buying their decision. >> a kentucky waiter gets the tip of a lifetime. $25,000 and the tip mr. wants him to do something very specific with it. why do we do it?
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firing squad executions are returning to utah. state lawmakers officially brought back the execution
5:23 pm
method. the new measure states firing squad will be used only if "the state is unable to lawfully obtain the substance or substances necessary to conduct an execution by lethal intravenous inject for 30 or more days" the state had used this method of execution for decades before deciding to go with lethal injections back in 2004. caught on camera the father of a newborn baby trying to sneak her out of the hospital. arizona police say 33-year-old jason bristol wrapped her up punt her in the bag that you can see him holding there. he left through a fire escape when no one was looking and here's why. social workers were on their way to take custody of her. police say she was born with meth marijuana and morphine in her bloodstream. they caught up to bristol and the baby. he now faces child abuse and drug charges. police say he had meth on him at the time of his arrest. a university of oklahoma fraternity member who was shown in a video chanting a racial slur is now apologizing. in a statement parker rice says
5:24 pm
he's deeply sorry and that he made mistake by joining in to sing the chant. the chant references the lynching of black students. rice attended a catholic school in texas before moving to oklahoma. the head of that school also talking tonight saying he's appalled by rice's actions. >> i'm saddened by it because i think it hurts everybody. nice young man. but that doesn't excuse his behavior for what happened on the bus. >> the university immediately cut ties with the fraternity and on tuesday the school's president rice and another student who appeared to be leading the captain. they're working to identify other students who took part in the video saying they, too will face disciplinary act. meeting at a long island high school turned rowdy but it's not the students making making the scene. check it out. parents argued with school officials and with each other over a student fight that broke out off campus. the kids involved in that fight had baseball bats, knives, brass knuckles.
5:25 pm
parents say tensions have been rising at that school since september and they say school administrators have done nothing to stop it. since the off campus fight the school has now tight tendon security and students have to have their bags checked before they can head to class. it's that physical imperfection that no amount of dieting or exercise can seem to fix. a double chin. >> you know there's new hope. fda is close to approving that drug that can get rid of that extra chin if you so desire. robbers storm a local business. two men were after cash and police say these guys are doing the same terrifying thing across the city. scott? >> lucy, temperatures in the 60s today. but find out when temperatures could go back into the 40s for highs and what about the weekend making plans. i'll tell when you rain could impact them. and some sad news to report tonight. former fox 29 anchor lee mc arthur has died he was the original actor at the 10:00 p.m. news here at the station he passed away op sunday from complications after cancer surgery. his funeral is set for this
5:26 pm
friday at saint peters and paul church in west chester. lee mc arthur was 71 years
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♪ police want to catch the guys robbed several businesses throughout the city including the popular jim's steaks in west philly much this is video from that robbery and you can see one of the men pull out gun and point it at employees. police say the other guy stole money from the register. cops think these same two men are behind robberies in
5:29 pm
haddington and overbrook as well. a family pleading for your help in finding their loved one. 69-year-old vita mag leo missing for several months now last cena popular restaurant in his neighbor. the police and his family are looking for any information or clues. fox 29's karen hepp talked to his family and joins us live in bustleton. karen. >> we just left their living room many speaking with them there's been high profile cases of missing people out l it's been three months this weekend that are dad was missing and they want everyone to know about their dad. simply broken hearted that he has disappeared and they really need some answers. >> three months, you know not having him here. it's this empty hole. you know you walk in and it's like you expect him right there. and he's not. >> 69-year-old veto maglio of father of six grandfather of nine disappeared days before christmas. he simply gone out to dinner at
5:30 pm
nephew's restaurant mack crone knees and just vanish. >> friends family and ask every so often a few days week did you hear anything? um, how can this happen? how can he disappear and we don't know? >> reporter: all investigators do know is that it look like something very bad happened. mr. maglio's car was found burn out on beach street street in east germantown. days later detectives found blood and shell casing but not a single sign of the missing grandfather. it's not even that revenge at this point. i could careless about what you did or who you are. just tell us where our dad is so we can bring him home. >> daughter lucia considered postponing her wedding. she can't walking down the aisle without her hero. >> being the little girl that you always think about but, you know we're -- i know wherever he is, you know, he's thinking about he got the buy my wedding dress before so this all happened. >> whole family is broken hearted.
5:31 pm
he's granddaughter schuyler covers her face and sobs. his bride of 40 years has a simple prayer as the mitri arc of the family. >> just bring him home. >> reporter: so the family is begging you through their tears. they know that someone out there must know something in connection with this case. you can always call 911 with information or call specifically the northeast detectives are working this one. back to you guys. >> karen. let's hope someone finds him. thank you. let's get a check on your fox 29 winter wet authority. you can't be saying that much longer. >> i'm not saying any more. i drop it. >> i'm moving on. >> we can say spring for now. >> okay. >> but there will be some temperature changes. some colder air is going to make its way back into the forecast not so quickly though as we talk a little bit about what's going to happen over the neck several days. includeed in that tonight it
5:32 pm
turns a little chilly temperatures bottom out in the low 30s but hey we'll take it. lots of sunshine, dry for your thursday. breezy and cooler so if you'll wash your cars, today will be dry. tomorrow will be dry and friday is going to be dry for the most part those clouds roll in friday and then that rain overnight friday into much of the day on saturday. it looks like a a pretty much a wash out out there but look at the temperatures right now we are enjoying. 60 degrees. humidity pretty comfortable at 47%. visibility looking good at tepp miles. area wide low 60s right now. atlantic city. 61 in millville. upper 50s in wilmington. we have 56 in pottstown and 54 degrees right now in reading. but take look at all of the mild air across the country. mid execs in charlotte. 80s in columbia. 70 in mobile, alabama even into the 60s for indianapolis as well as desmoines. mild for now as we move toward next week especially the middle part of next week, some of that colder air will try and make a come back across parts of our
5:33 pm
area bringing below average temperatures again into the 40s perhaps. ultimate doppler right now scanning the area. it's dry. the rain far to the south. and then we have to head all the way to the gulf of mexico take a look at all of this moisture moving toward houston moving toward the big easy. that will impact us during the day on friday night. so as we watch the clock friday afternoon and evening it's cloudy and dry. but as we go in time by 10:00 o'clock watching some of that rainfall approach from the south and west overnight friday, saturday morning we are looking at widespread rain. some of that rain could be heavy at times. yellow and orange that you see continuing pretty much for the balance of the day on saturday although lighter rain expected fort second half of the day on saturday. it's going to be a pretty good soaker as well. you can see as we roll the clock, we're looking at on average about an inch perhaps an inch and a half. this is by 1:00 o'clock atlantic city an inch and a half there on your saturday. so just keep that in mind if you're making weekend plans
5:34 pm
saturday will be pretty wet. sunday a little drier. but temperatures tonight 32 in the burbs. 36 in the city and then moving ahead to tomorrow, high temperatures top out in the low 50s. mostly sunny, a little breezy but cooler then our high temperatures today in the low 60s. the seven day forecast showing you those temperatures stay in the low 50s for friday clouds increase rain at night and look at saturday. damp and teary. we're looking at about an inch maybe more of rainfall on saturday. clouds linger into sunday a little breezy. 53 degrees for the high and then as we move toward next week temperatures low to mid 50s by the middle and latter part of next week some of that colder perhaps even arctic air returns for some. especially far north and west. don't put away those winter coats just yet. >> i'm looking at the 20th. march 20th. march 20th. >> equinox. >> spring is around the corner. doctors say that's the pefect time to clean out the expired medicine from your cabinet. >> there's one drug you should save and not just for medical reasons. we'll explain and a kentucky
5:35 pm
waiter gets the tip of a lifetime. $25,000. and the tipper wants him to do something specific with it. >> and coming up at six popular teacher gets a new kidney after a huge social media push. a new kidney. she and her donor are sharing their story with fox 29. >> we're waiting on the new episode of fox's mega hit empire tonight right before fox 29 news at 10:00. here's a taste of one of the new songs you'll hear tonight at 9:00 called "lola". longhorn's
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bites. ant inflammatory properties apply the as princial paste for few minutes and here's one thing that surprised me. if you do it that way you'll have less pain. by the way works for sweat stains. dissolve two tablets in water and apply your clothing for a couple hours before you watch them. >> you can catch dr. oz weekdays at 1:00 p.m. >> paying it forward new jersey boy was asked by his teacher to find a way to help others and his inspiration came from his own brother. >> he is helping children in the hospital with books. 11-year-old dakota williams says his brother ended up in the hospital not long ago and while he was there he got a little bored. not a lot to do. so dakota decided to collect books to bring to hospitals. today he dropped off hundreds of them at the children's regional hospital at cooper. >> decided to get books since it can trap you inside the story and then the kids cannot focus they're in the hospital. >> we drove him.
5:41 pm
we drove him. we walked the miles. we put the flyers out and we contacted everybody on multi media as well as our facebook pages we went all out for him. he believed in the project and we decided to go with it. >> it's awesome. he started collecting books for children in the hospital in february as part of a book drive drive. so far he has rounded up more than 2,000 books. >> go for him. >> not done yet. dakota wants to collect even more. a high school student tries a new do and gets sent home. >> the school says her hair color broke school rules ton night they are standing by their decision. and making prom a special night for local teens that might not be able to afford to go. one local church needs your help to do this. how you can make sure these teens don't miss major high school tradition. >> howard? >> the eagles new quarterback is in town. that would be sam bradford. he talked about his health which might surprise i was little bit and he talked about what it's going to be like to play for the philadelphia eagles
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topping entertainment headlines another celebrity the victim of swatting. police were called out to the home of lil wane on the report of four people shot. it appears to be a hoax. joining us now the host of dish nation head crack and head crack this is a huge problem already in los angeles as you know for celebrities. lil wayne the latest target. what are you hearing? i'm hearing he was like yeah the latest in a long list of celebrities that have pretty much swatted. for those who don't know swatting is it's a prank when you call like whether it be the local fire department, police department ambulance, say something terrible has happened at someone's house all these people show up and come to find out lil wayne was nowhere near
5:46 pm
his miami home at the time. so long story short lil wayne is fine. >> that's good news there. some other news tonight head crack a ruling that could impact the big -- big impact on the music industry. the jury deciding yesterday the hit 2013 song blurred lines inn fringed on the copy of marvin gay's 1977 hit got to give it up. what are you hearing about all of this? >> well, they got to gift up all right. $7.4 million what they're saying robin thick and pharrell have to turn over to the estate of marvin gay and i don't think it's fair. when you listen to the two records, yes, they're similar and yes, it is obvious that mayoral and robin thick were inspired by marvin gay's hit. at the end of the day they're different. the note changes the base lines a little bit different. similar groove but not the second record. the cool thing about the fact they did this blur lines record it actually made got to give it up sell a lot more than previous years it's not only that the family won this settlement but they also won on the back end too, because they'll get paid from all the recent influx of
5:47 pm
sales they've gotten on the record. hopefully they can do a retrial and some justice can be served because this is going scare a lot of artists out of either sampling or making records that were inspired by other popular records. >> that was a big hit in the summer of 2013. all right. head crack always a pleasure. >> oh yeah. >> all right. after fox 29 news at 10, we've got two hours of new end faux taken many for you. catch tmz and inside edition followed by dish nation at midnight and chasing news at 12:30. >> after year long legal battle condolence written by president lyndon johnson to the widow of martin luther king, jr. is headed to the auction block. coretta scott king received the letter shortly after her husbands to assassination in 1968. in 2003 a few years before her death, she gave it to singer and social activist harry bell will he ton thai. he tried to auction it off in 2008 but king's children stopped that from happening. but just last year both sides reached an agreement and the bidding will start tomorrow at
5:48 pm
an auction house in virginia. >> wow. it's quite fascinating. we do sell high value items all the time. rarely do we get a piece of history it's been humbling. >> opening bid for the document is slated at $60,000. the letter has an estimated value of 120 to $180,000 but auctioneers say it could end up going for far more. kentucky man cannot stop smiling after getting the gift of a lifetime. for the longest time the witch cha waiter brine was in desperate need of dental care but it never let him put a damper on her spirit or stop him from cracking a smile. a lawyer visiting from out of town noticed the waiter's teeth were pretty bad shape. he left him a $25,000 to be used toward his much needed dental work. >> i tried to smile through it and just show people still good to people no matter how bad they look. appearances aren't always everything but they are.
5:49 pm
so --ing. >> brian says he'll pay the man's jenn ross forward by showing kindness to strangers just like it was showed to him. >> everybody happy l you go. >> hair die that you can buy pretty much at any grocery store got a missouri teenager kick out of school. the principal told savannah casey her hair is not a natural color and therefore violates school p.m. see. she's now in the middle of serving her several day suspension. the school's principal calls her hair orange. savannah says it's auburn. her mother says, you know, savannah just want add change. never meant to stir up any controversy. >> we had a bunch of snow days and we did some girl stuff and died our hair. >> he goes your hair is really bright. you need to call your mom and have her come pick you up. i tried to go back and he said i couldn't stay because my hair was still the same color. i want to go back to school. i want to get all my grades and stuff. >> kind of crazy. >> yeah. >> savannah has taken her case to the school district hoping it will work with her. she says the color will fade
5:50 pm
overtime. the superintendent would not comment and savannah's zig but the grooming code has been in place for years which in her case seems to be matter of interpretation. here's a shocking research number for you. 50 to to 75% of people walking around right now with a blinding eye disease don't even know they have it. it's a story our joyce evans working on tonight. joyce this is scary. >> it is. and it gets even worse when you break it down by ethnic groups. there's no cure. the damage cannot be fixed. and if you're a person of color you really don't even have to be over 60 years old to be diagnosed with glaucoma. she was in her 20s and did not take the treatment seriously. now, in her early 40s doctors at wills eye are fighting to save her site. and she is not alone. >> african-americans tend to get glaucoma at an earlier age maybe a decade earlier on average. they're six to eight fold higher chances of getting glaucoma than whites.
5:51 pm
and they're more likely to have significant vision loss from their glaucoma. >> now my glaucoma is at the point where there has been some visual loss that's noticeable. >> well tonight at 10:00 how you could be walking around with 20/20 vision according to the eye chart but legally blind from glaucoma and the tremendous local effort to get people treated before it's too late. it's all tonight at 10:00. iain and lucy. >> all right. thank you very much, joyce. joyce' story is part of the hottest line up tonight. >> mary j. blige talk to mike and alex this morning on good day. >> so will you be singing to night? ♪ >> yes. i'm singing a duet with terrence howard. >> and you're kind of like a blast from the past in this episode, right? >> yes i play lucius' girlfriend in the '90's her name is angie. she's a singer.
5:52 pm
a lot going on. you have to watch it tonight. >> so are there love scenes mary j.? >> no. >> darn it. >> there aren't any love scenes. there aren't any love scenes but what there is is terrence trying to get angie to move in with him him. >> why did you choose to be on empire and why do you think the show is so big? >> my girlfriend taraji asked me did i want to be on the show but i was over in london working the london sessions album. after that lee dan gels himself personally asked me to be on the show and lee daniels writes something great for her so i took, you know, i mean, i would have never turn it down not with lee daniels ever. >> don't miss fox 29 starting with american idol at 8:00 then see mary on empire tonight at 9:00 and full wrap up of your days news, weather and sports right here on the fox 29 news at 10.
5:53 pm
>> prom season is right around the corner and high schoolers are picking out their dresses and tucks but for many families the price of a prom is just out of reach. >> but you may be a toil help girls get to prom in style for free. here's fox 29's shawnette wilson wilson. >> you got to get your corsage and boutonniere and then you have to get shoes and make sure your makeup and hair is right. >> reporter: 17-year-old naomi campbell notice the price tag going to prom. >> the dress will be from 100 to $500 much that's a big beauty pageant show. a lot of self he is steal going on. >> reporter: it's a big expense for many families. mikayla says last year a church prom dress drive saved her family anxiety and money. >> originally i had one that i liked but then i saw like this on the one and then they were encouraging me to look more. >> reporter: her church first baptist of norristown for the past six years host add free prom dress drive. they asked the community to donate new or used formal dresses to help struggling families send that are daughters to prom.
5:54 pm
>> we spend hours sorting and sizeing and putt putting thing out on racks so when you walk up we're better than macy's more dresses than they do. we've got everything from the patterns -- isn't pastor shows us what's in stock now but they need more donations. they also need shoes and jewelry jewelry. the church serves kids from any school in the area. >> we'll have a parent every single year come with tears in their eyes and saying, there was sickness in my family this year, somebody lost a job. for the following reason we're not easily going to be able to send our daughter to prom, and this just made that happen. >> reporter: familiar can you tell us choose a dress on march 20th and 21st at the church. it's a big relief to teens who won't have to miss out on a high school tradition. >> it's a big financial stretch and some times it's either groceries or prom. >> reporter: for information on where and how you can donate prom dress to help go to and click on seen on tv. the church hopes to have donations in by march 16th.
5:55 pm
in norristown, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. straight ahead at 6:00 a birds bombshell. chip kelly take us all by surprise when he take the mike at a news conference. >> we didn't bring sam in here to be a chip -- my only chip. what he had to say about this week's big shake up. ♪ and a beloved local teacher gets a life-saving transplant and renewed love for life. >> so happy to be alive and realize that this like works report tonight s
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity future of awesome. right now a family is dealing with tragedy. what started out as friends hanging out together ended with a teenager shot and killed. good evening i'm lucy noland noland. >> i'm iain page. police are calling james becker's death an accident. family members are still coming to terms with their loss. fox 29's dave ken chen live outside police headquarters in center city tonight. dave, i know you spoke to that family today. >> reporter: right. it's absolutely devastating. police say this all started two teens playing with a gun. we spoke with the victim's heart broken father. >> i remember saying good night love you. something we did every night when he went to bed. >> james becker remembers a conversation with his son james becker iii a cheerful 17-year-old boy shot and killed last thursday while playing with a gun found by his friend ivan. >> i got phone call from
6:00 pm
friend's sister i grew up with and said i don't know how to tell you this but your son has been shot in the stomach and he's at hahnemann hospital. >> reporter: that's where james was pronounced dead. police say he was at i've van's house on the 2100 block of east susquehanna in kensington playing with a semi automatic that ivan found a couple of days before. >> from his statement he's saying he found the gun loaded. he took the clip out. he thought that there were no bullets in it but one obviously still in the chamber. ultimately killed his friend. >> reporter: investigator investigators say he will be charged an adult with the murder of his friend. >> they're home from school on a day off. playing around with a gun and ultimately one of them ends up dead and one ends up in prison. very very tragic. >> reporter: friend mace cole latch in honor of james and head a vigil at a neighborhood park where he would play basketball. >> just like any other teenager sports he watched to be out as often as he could play basketball and football no matter what the weather was. >> reporter: neighbors remember james for his giving spirit. >> i heard somebody chopping the ice when we that ice storm.


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