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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  March 12, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, at 4:00 let's get some breaking news right away from ferguson, missouri two police offers verse been shot outside a ferguson police department. we're told they are conscious their injuries described as, quote, very serious. >> this happened on the heals after protest that was organized in the wake of the resignation of embattled police chief thomas jackson. according to the st. louis county police chief, one officer was shot in the face. >> the other officer evidently shot in the shoulder. let's get right to jen for joyce for the latest. >> reporter: two police officers were shot one is the st. louis county officer the other is a webster roads police officer. st. louis county police chief john set the scene for news press conference short time ago. he said there was a protest going on roughly 60 people had
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gathered in the streets following the resignation of ferguson police chief thomas jackson. it was peaceful there. were no problems. but there were police officers from multiple departments on scene just to keep tabs on things. and as the protest was wrapping up, multiple shots were fired at least three according to police, and two police officers who were standing in front of the ferguson police department were struck by bullets. they are now being treated at the hospital. that's where the press conference was held a short time ago. >> i don't have an official status on what their condition is right now. they are conscious. however, those are very, very serious gunshot injuries to be able to sustained in your upper torso certainly in your face. so they're being treated right now. family is with them. >> and taking a look right now, this is some video of the protest that is occurred prior to the shooting. according to police, the webster groves police office here was shot is 32 years old shot in the face. a st. louis county police
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officer was shot in the shoulder torso area. he's 41 years old has been a member of law enforcement for about 14 years police say they don't know who fired these shots. they do believe it was an intentional hit on the ferguson police department. all of the information is extremely preliminary at this point, again, two officers shot outside the ferguson police department, happened around midnight, we don't know the he can act conditions of these officers. we know they're conscious. but we also know they are dealing with some pretty serious gunshot wounds. chris, lauren? >> jennifer joyce thank you so much. we have to stop the violence around here. >> all across the world. 4:03 the time. going to sue serio looking at your weather, 47 degrees is that correct? >> that's correct. current temperature, the projected high or anything. it is actually 47 degrees in philadelphia right now. northwesterly breezes are at 15 miles an hour, we've seen some gusts in the 25-mile an hour range, so we've got some wind kicking up we haven't had over the past couple of days sunrise doesn't happen until 7:18 this morning so let's
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breakdown what to expect weather wise, dry, quiet this morning. it is chilly, but not cold. some temperatures are in the 30's. most are in the 40's this morning. lots of sunshine today breezy colder. but we are not colder, just cooler, it is really nothing compared to what we've been having all winter long. so clouds roll in on friday. rain arrives for saturday. we'll break it all down for you, give you the seven day forecast which of course includes saint patrick's day and beyond. good morning bob kelly. >> today and beyond. >> that's right. >> morning everybody what is it, 4:03 this thursday morning. looking live, in the tunnels under 30th street station. some left over construction, the crews they got day or two to catch up here. going to see a lot of construction over the next couple of weeks here, as these new project start to kick into gear. eastbound down to one lane, on the schuylkill expressway. otherwise good shape coming in from chester county, no fog to
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deal with today. we do have water main break this one lansdale, sounds like it will be with us for the rest of the day cannon avenue blocked between second street and main. that is just a block eye way from the septa station. no problems getting to the septa station main street is that main drag, through town, and that's open. it is cannon avenue which is just one of those side streets. so use either michelle or towamenson through the morning rush hour. of course watch for construction crews they'll be there throughout the rest of the day making repairs up and down 29, a the new jersey turnpike, we're in good shape this morning no problems into or out of north jersey, the rest of the jersey roadways, like route 73, for the shaders, who are headed through evesham we're in good shape. septa says using shuttle buses until 5:00 on both the market frankford and the brought street subway. airport looking good. no problems on the bridges. back to you. >> thank you 4:04 is the time. developing for you right now prisoner escapes police custody in barnegat, new
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jersey reportedly got out of the back after police car on raven wood boulevard near garden state parkway around 10:30 last night. police advise residents to lock their doors and put their outside lights on, as they search on the grounds and from above in a police helicopter. his name is not being released, only being described as white male with a face tatoo. no word on what police arrested him for. also developing, firefighters are called to the china taste take-out on broad street in north philly. the apartment upstairs it, evacuated just before 1:00 this morning as crews work to extinguish the flames. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. another vigil will be held tonight to honor one of philadelphia's finest, pennsylvania state senator anthony williams and other community members plan to play homage to police officer wilson. crowds gathered outside the home of the fallen officer last night. candles were lit. people shared stories of the 30 year old officer described as a family man. even those who admitted to not
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knowing wilson came to pay theirs cents who was shot and killed at a game stop last thursday night. >> to do what he did just goes beyond understanding. but it takes a brave man, and i think it takes a very spiritual prayer full man. >> tonight candles light vigil for police officer robert wilson the third will be held test basketball courts 61st and to it scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. police trying to determine if the accused killers of officer wilson are behind the trunk of robberies in north philadelphia. >> let's go to steve keeley for, that liver outside police headquarters. good morning steve. >> reporter: well, a week to the day today since officer wilson was killed, and one of the confessed killers was here in the homicide unit at headquarters, soon after while he admitted he and his brother shot the officer he said that they had not robbed any other places or people beforehand, before going into that game stop with guns ablaze, while
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homicide robbery detectives were to put it mildly and nicely highly skeptical of that statement. and since they are seeing similarities, in a series of unsolved retail robberies since november in philly, since last thursday night. nine and counting so far very similar, two men, two guns, and in one, a gun stolen, same kind, glock, same caliber, 40 as one of the guns used in the game stop cop killing. and you see in the surveillance, from those unsolved crimes, that the heads down and hoods up approach to the stores to hide their faces again same as the game stop killing, and that's why the confessed killers say they never saw the police car out in the parking lot of the game stop, and never saw officer wilson at the counter and cash register paying for his son's video game when they came in and announce add robbery. they were looking down, heads bought, no peripheral vision, with those hoods up. >> they're out there terrorizing north central division where good people in
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the live in the community and they turn around and do there is absolutely, death penalty page. wilson and robert the fourth will never see their father again. the cops at the 22nd will never see their co-worker again. our detective will be on homicide central detective but the bottom line is what kind of sentence are they going to get? >> here is another similarity. detectives also test that ak47 assault rifle the morning after, other close by robison shoes action where the gun was used like that, an ak47 assault rifle. and if it is not that one wow, there is two of those being used out on the road, and that is even more scary. you think. >> yes coincidental. steve, thank you. and police say two men firing at each other along the 6,000 block of elmwood avenue in southwest philadelphia last night. investigators tell us bullets went into a home, where a four and six year old were playing. they were not hurt. no one else on the street, on
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the street at the time. detective say the gunmen got away before police arrived. >> a missing ten year old boy from the frankford section of philadelphia has been found safe. septa police found james jones, jr. just before 11:00 last night on trolley at 75th and lansdowne. jones went missing after school yesterday. he is now back home with his family. >> 4:09 the time. by the end of this morning atlantic city former revel hotel could have new owners, camden bankruptcy court judge is set to decide if $82 million sale should be accepted. that may sound like a lot of money, but sources say that the casino's actually worth $2.4 billion. if the proposed deal does not get approved, the judge could give revel ac more time to seek other others. revel closed in september as you know after just two years in operation. >> the second trial of a philadelphia priest charged with sexual abuse ends in a hung jury. according to the philadelphia inquirer. jurors were not able to reach an agreement on the charges
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against the reverend andrew mccormick. the suspended priest was accused of assaulting a 11 year old alter boy in 1997. prosecutors have up until april 10th whether to try mccormick for third time. kathleen cane under pressure in a pennsylvania supreme court case accused every leaking controversial information to the philadelphia daily news and flying a grand jury bye t fox 29 was there as she entered the courtroom in philadelphia city hall yesterday. the special prosecute nerve this case says kane didn't like the findings hisser probe, and she broke the law. her attorney argued the judge had no authorities to appoint the special prosecutor. >> i'm very cautiously hopeful about today, and i'm very grateful that the court took the time to listen to this important case for me and for pennsylvania. >> if the court rules the prosecutor should not have been appointed her troubles could likely just go an away. if the case does move forward the montgomery county da will decide if kane will face
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criminal charges. >> massive search continues for 11 military members off the coast of florida. >> and let's take another live look outside. how did you like that weather yesterday? >> oh, it was nice. >> tracking some cooler temps today, and maybe some rain for the weekend. sue's standing by with your full
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>> ♪ ♪ >> 4:13 is the time. live look at the airport. great day for flying. we can see the cameras bouncing around, wind gutses in. >> winds have pick up in the wake of the system that came through yesterday. the rain was gone by morning but, we do have some rain inbetween us and the next system that's on the way. so let's go over this way. and show you yesterday's high temperature, tada 61 degrees, we made it into the 60s, so all of the music we were playing yesterday was indeed worth t last time we had been this mild was actually christmas day. do you remember it being 65 degrees christmas day of 2014? i don't either. but that's probably because of all of the eggnog. anyway, here is a look at ultimate doppler. >> at least you're honest? right. that's what it is for. anyway so this is our next storm system, low pressure system down by the gulf of mexico. that will be coming our way probably tomorrow night into friday, since the balance of
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the day on friday should be dry. but friday night into saturday, that might be your going to the movies time. because it is not going to be great outside with some rain, but at lows it is only rain. so temperatures right now chill any mount pocono, 34 degrees, 38 in reading lancaster, but we are at the mild i shall 47 in philadelphia, 42 in wilmington, and dover 38 degrees in millville. and these are your sustained wind speeds. look at mount pocono, 31-mile per hour wind speed, and then the wind gusts are even hire. 15 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia. 48-mile per hour wind gusts in mount pocono, is really windy, in the higher elevations, so the winds will be gusting up every now and again. first look at the seven day forecast, and we start with today, which is going to be in the lower 50's, same as tomorrow but we have the increasing clouds on friday. so today is definitely going to be the prettier of the two. and then saturday, i think we're going to have to break that one off as a rainy day,
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and then sunday we should clear up in time for the philadelphia saint patrick's day parade. it not looking real good for the springfield delaware county run, i have to be honest, but little cooler, but should be dry for saint patrick's day itself on tuesday. so bob kelly we've got another feature in the 9:00 hour, right? >> yes, we do. the kill dare's irish pub coming in with some food samples. jump sample, we mitt get some shepherd's pie type stuff? >> that cottage pie. good morning everybody, 4:16 getting you started no problems at all on the schuylkill expressway. looking good as we look live from our camera there at montgomery drive. nice and quiet also up and down i-95, right near philly international. one of the intersections that we constantly were showing the black ice over the past week or so up here, 202 and county line, no problems or delays at all. our temps well above that
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freezing mark, so i don't think we have to worry about anything there. no fog coming out of downingtown, looking good on the turnpike, but we have this water main break in lansdale. cannon avenue between second over to main, is what was blocked. main street your main drag here through down, just a block above the septa train station. so, if you're trying to get to that septa train station probably detour, going to go around the block using mitchell or towamenson, but expect the water crews to be out there for most of the day. no problems up and down 295 or the new jersey turnpike, i know they were doing some construction along the mt. laurel interchange along by route 73. otherwise good shape as you roll down the 42 freeway and head up and over the brennan the walt whitman bridge. looking fine, chris lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so. the us military has not said he can actually what caused helicopter crash that killed 11 service members off the coast of florida yesterday. >> as that investigation gets underway the search for those
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on board does continue. fox's jack ibanez continues. >> the service members presumed dead in a helicopter crash, incident happening tuesday night not far from the air for the base in florida seven marines, four soldiers, were on board, an uh60 blackhawk, as part of a training exercise, when the chopper ran into heavy fog and crashed. a second helicopter taking part in the exercise turned back because of the bad weather. >> they are very cognizant of weather conditions before they depart on a mission. but you can depart from one station and hit werth at another. >> they recovered debris and human remains despite the discovery the military says it is not giving up hope. >> there is always hope and o miami. we're still in search and rescue mode.
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>> releasing owes picture every president obama, a spokesperson says the president also expressed his condolances to the families, promising them there will be a thorough investigation. people who live nearby also expressing their sympathy. >> this is unbelievable. i just can't believe it that that many people could die you know. >> when you are training all the time, doing the things they do to be that good at what they do, somebody's going to get hurt. unfortunately in this case, a whole lot of guys at the same time. you just have to casino of get through it. >> the military says the veteran crew from louisianna was on the helicopter that crashed. they served multiple tours in iraq, and hemmed with humanitarian missions following gulf coast hurricanes and the bp oil spill. jacky ibanez, fox news. >> 4:19 the time. two senior secret service agent are accused of crabbing a cash into -- car into the security barrier. homeland security department investigating the march 4 incident. according to the washington post, the agent slammed the
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government vehicle into a barrier, after a night of drinking, the two agent have been re-assigned to none supervisory jobs. 420:67:89 demonstrators peacefully protest dollars outside the dallas home of former student. parker rice seen leading racist chant in the video. last night protesters marched and chanted: racism is taught, and racism is a choice. parker has since apologized for the whole ordeal. coming up for the first time since he began re-shaping the eagles roster, chip kelly finally stepping out in front of the cameras. his explanation for these recent trades, plus what he thinks of new quarterback, sam bradford.
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>> the eagles have been the most active football team in the nfl chip kelly made the two biggest deals with the latest quarterback sam bradford coming from st. louis. running back demarco murray will be coming to meet with the eagles today see if the money's right. sam bradford is the eagles quarterback of the future, big news, was the head coach finally speaking. and he did say what he likes about bradford. >> you are think -- i think out standing skill set.
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he's over 640 240 pounds, smart, intelligent, one of the most accurate throwers when you see him throw the football. i think smart, wired right. >> and he is the quarterback. the sixers lost in over time the to the wells fargo center, end, mike donleavy of the chicago bulls, up the glass and in. sixers go to over time, but they still lose it, 104 to 95. and this afternoon at noon, villanova plays their first biggies game of that tournament. that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. >> favorite thing happening on twit is her this new hashtag called eagles movies. people coming one creative titles of what it could be called. >> based on all of the drama happening right now okay, good night and good duck. >> the mighty ducks. >> right. >> the departed. we have a lot of people away. ii now pronounce you chip and how i. i know. >> and a picture every them hugging there.
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>> was another funny one dude where's my acl. >> oh, my goodness. >> let's hope sam bradford has found his acl and is healthy. another step toward pope francis' visit to philadelphia. >> planners of the world meeting of families have announced they're putting together 15 different committees, everything from marketing to fundraising to wherever one will stay when here overall experience. city expect enormous number of people will head to philly for the pope's visit but planners say they're ready for it all. i am awe in thinking up to 2 million people will come to philadelphia will be crammed into the parkway for mass, to see the pontiff to hear his words, and to really celebrate the true nature of this pap as i. >> the world meeting of families -- >> traffic now? bob kelly will be all over. that will hey, this is first time the world meeting of
4:26 am
families will be in the united state and here if philadelphia. >> 2 million people will come in in addition to the 1.5 million, just within philadelphia city limits. >> is bob kelly going to be on the traffic committee? fifteen committees. >> i'm on vacation that week. >> jammo. >> right? get through it all. still ahead police trying to determine if the accused killers of officer wilson are behind string of robberies, in north philadelphia. our steve keeley is looking into this. >> plus, we continue to follow breaking news this morning out of ferguson, miss urine, two officers shot there after a protest, the latest on the violence coming up after the break.
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4:29 the time. breaking news, violence erupts overnight in ferguson, missouri after the city's police chief resigned, two office verse been shot, all the details straight ahead. >> plus, are the men accused of killing philadelphia police officer, behind another crime spree? why police think they are responsible for even more robberies. >> let's take live look outside. >> let's do it. >> it is 47 degrees right now. >> i'll take that. >> this is a beach day head to ac, don't even go inside the casinos. well no, do that, they need your business. but then head to the beach. good day everyone, it is
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thursday march 12th, 2015. >> i'm loving this wetter. >> yes finally right? very mild for this time of year. sue serio is tracking it. we hit what 61 degrees yesterday? more of the same today, sue serio? >> it was the mildest day of the year so far. we won't get that mild today. but it will still be very pleasant, when we're starting off with 47 degrees. and we have sunshine. the thing is the breezes have pick up. we switched from southerly winds to northwesterly wind. so slightly cooler air will be moving in. breaking it down, we've got dry, quiet conditions this morning. temperatures, 30's to the north and west of us, 40's for everybody else. and then, lots of sunshine today, it will be breezier than it has been, cooler than it has been, but still lovely day for thursday. now, friday doesn't look bad. but do get ready for some rain to start the weekend. it will probably begin after midnight friday night and move in and kind of be with us most of the day on saturday. that's what we're expecting
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over the next couple of days. we'll have some numbers for you, some temperature numbers coming up in the seven day forecast. here's number one traffic guy, bob kelly. >> thanks, sue. 4:31, good morning everybody construction crews are out the cones are down, the cone zone. this is i-95 northbound, the off ramp, to bartrum avenue. it is all part of that pothole reconstruction of that ramp, that caused so many flat tires few weeks ago. so as you head north on i-95, again, that bartrum avenue ramp is blocked you just go to the next one. which will give you access to the airport. and also, part of this construction, comes along with the ramp, 291 itself is closed from stewart up to bartrum avenue. so some construction there as you head up toward the airport. water main break in lansdale, your water pressure not what it should be up there. here you go. cannon avenue, closed, from second to main. most likely through the morning rush hour. and that's just a block away
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from lansdowne doylestown train station. no problems getting to the strain station. may have to go around the block using mitchell or towamenson through the morning rush hour. then northbound on the northeast extension an accident right near the q town interchange. and then in willingboro, new jersey, crash along route 130 and beverly rancocas road. otherwise the jersey roadways look fine, no problems on mass transit. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, now learning more about the shooting of two police officers in ferguson, miss your. >> i shot outside the department building during a protest, fox 29's jennifer joyce live in the news room gathering new information for us jennifer? >> reporter: chris, st. louis county police chief says he doesn't have conditions on these officers. we know they're conscious. we also know that they're battling some tough wounds. police say multiple shots were fired around midnight. bullet struck 41 year old st. louis county police offer err in the torso and a 32 year old webster groves police officer in the face. the officers were standing in front of the ferguson police department officers from
4:33 am
multiple departments were in the area to help keep tabs on a protest. police say about 60 people had gathered to protest the resignation of ferguson police chief, thomas jackson, officials say the protest was peaceful, there were no problems, and then, at the clogs of the event these shots were fired. police say they don't know who fired the gun. but the shooter was likely embedded in the crowd somewhere, and it appears that police were targeted. >> i would have to make an assumption based on the fact these officers were standing together, and there were several officers standing right there together, when this happened, these were shots parallel to the grounds not up in the air they weren't stiff shots, i would have to make assumption these shots were directed exactly at my police officers. >> this happened just about midnight here, looking at video now of protest and it took place prior to the
4:34 am
shooting, again police say there were no problems until all of the shots were fired. all of the information extremely preliminary at this point. again, two officers shot outside the ferguson police department. we don't know the exact conditions of these officers, we know that they're conscious, but we know that these injuries are pretty severe. chris, lauren? >> all right jennifer joyce thank you. >> and this morning police continue to search for escaped prisoner in barnegat, new jersey he reportedly got out of the back after police car in raven wood boulevard near garden state parkway at 10:30 last night. people who live in the area were advise today lock their doors, put on their outside light, as police search on the ground and in the air his name not being released, only being identified as a white mail with a face tatoo. no why word on why police took him into custody. >> firefighters work to go determine the cause of overnight choir at the china taste take out in northeast philly. apartments upstairs were evaculated just before 1:00 this morning as crew work to extinguish the flames. good news here, no one was hurt. >> the city of philadelphia
4:35 am
continues to honor one of its fallen officers. candlelight vigil will be held tonight for robert wilson iii. that service will be held at the basketball courts on 61st and baltimore avenue in west philadelphia, starting at 7:00 tonight. officer wilson was shot and killed thursday at lehigh avenue at the game stop there. police are trying to determine if the accused killers of officer wilson are behind a string of robberies in north philly. from november to mid december, two armed robbers entered mostly hispanic-owned businesses and then held them at gunpoint. police believe ramon williams, and carlton hips, were charged in the shooting deaths of officer wilson iii inside that north philly game stop. may be responsible for this crime spree. coming up, babe haste survived deadly crash in ooh tower is released from the hospital. >> days after dramatic video police make arrest, charges he is now facing this morning.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> 4:38 the time. okay so, a 15 year old boy is under arrest, in washington state. charged with attempted abduction.
4:39 am
surveillance video caught him as they chase and screaming for help. they caught up with the suspect and he let the toddler go. the 15 year old was booked in a juvenile detention formal charging decision, a little later. >> so it seems the associated press set up after years of unanswered requests in a state department. now, it is suing for the release of hillary clinton's emails. news organization says it spent five years requesting information now plans to challenge the state department in court for emails regarding the take down every osama bin laden, views on nsa surveillance, sources have found, many department employees are not safing emails, which is required by law attempt topped explain why she deleted over 30,000 emails. >> we went through a thorough process to identify all of my
4:40 am
work-related emails and deliver them to the state department. i have no doubt that we've done exactly what we should have done. an internal investigation revealed back in 20,111,000,000,000 emails, only 61,000 were kept for public record. hillary clinton was the secretary of state at that time. >> 4:40 the time. new surveillance individual joe released in the boston bombing marathon trial. it is not of a marathon. jurors in the boston marathon bombing case were shown mit surveillance video. the prosecutors say show the murder of officer sean -- no, tsarnaev dzhokhar's attorneys claim it was his dead brother tamerlan who killed him. three people were killed, 264 others injured. in may of 2013. >> hotel security director testified yesterday, he saw former new england patriots player aaron hernandez and his black suv at the hotel also testified, the black item seen
4:41 am
in hernandez's hands on video was a glock, the same weapon that killed owed end lloyd. hernandez's team is under the object could have been tv remote. faces life in prison. lloyd was dating the sister of hernandez's fiancee. >> good news for the utah baby found floating live in a car at least 12 hours friday. >> baby lilly released from the salt lake city hospital where she was being treated. her father says the 18 month old is recovering, better than expected, baby lilly was rescued following a car wreck which killed her mother last week. investigators of that crash say a small bag of marijuana and an unmarked pill bottle, were found at the scene. >> 4:41, coming up, young boy in new jersey paying it forward. how his brother is inspiring him to help other. >> plus, parking at the airport can be a real pain. and it is pretty expensive. but what if you could park your car for free and even earn some cash? how new business is saving dozen of people money simply
4:42 am
by parking their cars.
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>> it says we'll either win the superbowl or this. picture of three stooges. >> yes, could go either way. >> con down to spring, now, it is eight days away, getting closer, certainly yesterday felt like spring, and it is the vernal equinox. that's when day and night are almost equal in lent. so then after that, the days get longer, the nights get shorter. so that's a week from tomorrow. ultimate doppler right now nothing there. looking ahead to the next system down in louisianna, texas right now it is a gulf system that will be moving toward the northeast, and it should be hereby friday night. with some rain, with temperatures mild enough it, will only be rain. 47 degrees, in philadelphia right now. as you are walking out the
4:46 am
door, a lot colder in the poconos, not only with 34 degrees, but the winds have pick up quite a bit as well. 43 degrees in wildwood, 42 in dover, delaware, and in wilmington. and these are your sustained winds speeds, 20 miles an hour in pottstown, 31 mount pocono, 15 miles an hour in philadelphia and 8 miles an hour at the shore. but 48-mile per hour wind gust, up in the mountains that's crazy. that's really windy up there. so making it feel like it is in the 20's. that's our cold spot for sure this morning. this is our seven day forecast, high of 52 today cooler than yesterday but certainly, more like it is supposed to be for this mid-middle of march time. then we're also in the 50's on friday with sun giving way to clouds, as we get ready for the rain on saturday, hoping to change that forecast for saturday. but it still looks like it will be a rainy day. but it now looks like it will be out of here by sunday. monday pretty nice, 55 degrees, a bit cooler for saint patrick's day and then
4:47 am
wednesday we have got some chillier air moving in for the middle of next week. back to highs in the 40's, by then. there is your seven day forecast, so bob kelly anything going snob. >> what are the irish dancers going to do with the corms in the rain saturday? have to check in with the gang from the springfield saint patrick's day parade, scheduled for saturday. trying to hook up with them see what their game plan s live look at i95 if you are coming northbound headed up toward the airport off ram top bartrum avenue closed all part of two week construction project. septa says they're running shuttle buses until 5:00 on both the market frankford and broad street subway. headed down to the airport lucky you getting out of town maybe little quick little four day weekend. no problems at all at philadelphia international airport. >> rain coming our way no problems on 422 going for ride.
4:48 am
>> far from quiet lansdale, cannon avenue block second street over to main, because of water main break main street where the train station is located for the lansdale-doylestown line. you'll be okay getting there. however, you may want to use mitch he will or towamencin with local detour throughout the rest of the morning. then, keep in mind, rolling up through delaware county, here route 291. >> and a an accident northbound northeast ex at any shock, right near the quakertown interchange. police are on the scene there. and the bridges all looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob atlanta bound american airlines flight that originated from philadelphia on tuesday night made unscheduled landing in north carolina reason pregnant pass end err's water broke. ambulance met her at the airport, headed to the hospital but the babe did i not want to wait.
4:49 am
she said she could not believe what was happening. >> i was embarrased. and we were asleep, hey wake up i'm having a baby. >> the baby and mom are in good health. look at that baby just sleeping the day away. >> here is the thing. they sleep like 18 hours a day. >> yes? >> but the other six hours they scream and cry, and they don't just scream and cry like in the middle of the day when you're awake t starts at like 2:00 in the morning they scream for like 20 minutes go back to bed. 3:00 in the morning oh, ya. all right so, a new business in san diego will make you money while you're on vacation right? all you need is a car. this sounds too good to be true. >> i know, fox's alina with the details. >> it is the usual airport parking protocol. grab the ticket, look for parking spot, pay the daily rate. but a new company aims to change all that. called flank
4:50 am
car, instead of airport parking you hand your car and keys off to these guys, who are temporarily operating out of the consolate hotel just 2 miles away from limerick field. they wash your car and drive you to the airport free of charge. then, they rent your car out to someone else. not only do you save on the daily parking costs but you can also make a few bucks. >> if you have a nicer car like, you know, new something like that, actually pay more. >> for average cars, 10 cents per mile depending on car model and year. so while away travel your car is earning you money. >> couple hundred dollars on top of free parking. >> because they don't have to buy the cars they rent like usual car rental services, flight car offers rates better than the competition says the company representative. but local kim says she's not yet sold. >> it might make me little nervous. >> why is that? >> well, all the liability. >> whether it comes to insurance, they insure the vehicle for up to $1 million.
4:51 am
but, there are some other factors to consider when renting someone else's car she says. >> it would have to be a non-smoking car, that bothers me, and very clean i'm a clean person, yes. >> fox5 news. >> all right, 4:51 is the time. coming up: young boy in new jersey paying it forward. how his brother is inspiring him to help other.
4:52 am
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4:54 am
>> so paying it forward, a new jersey boy was asked by his teacher to help other. his inspiration came from his own brother. >> helping children in the hospital with books. eleven year old dakota williams said his brother ended up in the hospital not long as, he got a little board, so he decided to collect books to hospitals. he dropped offer hundreds every them to the regional hospital at couper. >> decided to get books and they can tell you a story and
4:55 am
then the kids can focus not that they're in the hospital, and instead they're reading. >> we drove him, we walked the miles, we put the flyers out we went, we contacted everybody on multimedia, as well as facebook pages and we went all out for him. he believed in the project and we decided to go with it. >> dakota said he started collecting those books for hospitalized children back in february as part of book drive. so far rounded up more than 2,000, and he's not done just yet. dakota wants to collect even more. >> okay, coming up. police want to know if the two men accused of killing a philadelphia police office remember responsible for string every robberies. we'll have a live report. >> plus, we continue to follow the breaking news out of ferguson missouri, where two officers have been shot, it happened while protesters were outside around midnight. how those officers are doing now.
4:56 am
4:57 am
4:58 am
>> we continue to follow breaking news in ferguson, missouri. two police officers shot outside the ferguson police department following a protest, they've quote very serious injuries, shots were fired, and protest organize the in the wake of the resignation of resigned police chief.
4:59 am
>> one officer shot in the face the other struck in the shoulder. >> jennifer joyce in the news room gathering new information. >> reporter: two office presser two different departments were shot as they were helping the ferguson police department keep tabs on protest that was happening. police say as the protest was wrapping up, multiple shots were fired it happened around midnight, bullets struck a 41 year old st. louis county police officer, in the torso and 32 year old webster grove police officer, in the face. the officers were standing in front of the ferguson police department, same way with county police chief john bellmawr, set the scene for us. he said while 60 people had gathered in the streets following the resignation of ferguson police chief thomas jackson, it was peaceful, there were no problems, but there were police officers from multiple didn't on scene to help keep watch. and as that protest was wrapping up, someone opened fire striking two police officers they were rushed from a local hospital. their conditions are not known. while we heard the st. louis county police chief say last
5:00 am
night's protest was peaceful in general it has been a volatile crime. there has been violence. there have been several protests, he said he's not surprised things escalated. >> i think we've been very fortunate as we moved forward not to have some more incidences like this happen to us. i've said all along we cannot sus thin this forever without problems. not indictment on everybody that's out there certainly expressing their first amendment right but we've seen? blew enforcement this is very, very very dangerous environment, for the officers to work in regarding the amount of gunfire that we have experienced up there. >> and this is a look at the protest that was happening earlier, in the evening and again it was around midnight when someone opened fire, on the st. louis county police chief. it does appear that the person took aim at police officers specifically police say they don't know who fired the gun but the shooter was likely embedded in the crowd


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