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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  March 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> dozens of people without homes after fire burned down an apartment building in northeast philadelphia. live report coming up. plus, a crime that shook an entire neighborhood. a man shot dead as he walked his dog and now nearly a week later police say they have a big break in the case, the new information about the deadly shooting straight ahead. >> and let's go outside chris, it is chilly, brr is back. but sue's tracking some snow for spring? does that even make sense? >> first day every spring friday. we see snow perhaps. okay and how about this? fraternity fall-out. a penn state fraternity
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suspended after members used social media to post offensive photos of women why police are now getting involved with this. good day, it is wednesday march 18th, 2015. >> cold in here and cold outside. >> so sue, what kind of day would today be number wise? >> here is the thing. we go with a four because of how cold it is, but we will have sunshine today. so we went with a five. it is a shock to the system after we got to 68 degrees yesterday. high temperature today not nearly as high. so, 34 degrees right now in philadelphia. but you factor in those 13-mile per hour wind it, feels like 25 out there. 7:08 the sunrise officially, no clouds at all temperatures able to plunge to the 30's with windchills in the two's sunny and cold by lunch time, high temperature this blustery day only 43.
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so that is what we have in store, wintery wednesday, so that's the way it will feel, but how long is it going to hang around? that's the question. we'll answer that coming up in the seven day forecast. hey, bob kelly. >> hey sue good morning 5:02 this wednesday morning, a left over from last night going to cause delays for folks in and out of northeast philly this morning. a live look at i9, a the off ramp to academy road still closed as a result of yesterday's four alarm fire. details on the fire coming up in a second. >> this will throw monkey wrench into our plans for the morning. north and southbound, i-95, the off-ramps to academy road are closed as well as academy between frankford and home. now, that's the main drag out of the northeast to give folks access to 95. your best bet this morning right out of the house from the get go use woodhaven road. use wood half tone get to 9a if you are trying get into the neighborhood again woodhaven
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road to academy road so woodhaven's the way to go instead of academy this morning. route 70 westbound watch for construction right lane right near cuthbert boulevard. no parking in south philly, along the italian market, they'll shoot the rocky movie today. the no parking signs go into effect at 12:00 noon today portions every ninth washington and carpenter police signs are up, make sure your car is off the street by 12:00 noon or the tow trucks will be happy to move it for you, chris lauren. >> my can oldy? >> delivery. >> there go. >> a fire at apartment complex, northeast philadelphia, last night quickly grew to four alarm. >> firefighters still on scent right now. let's check in with jennifer joyce who is there. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris, lauren, the red cross is estimating about 100 people affected by this fire. they opened the saint david's church next-door for a shelter, some people went there to get warm, as they
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watch the rita grace manor apartments on academy road burn firefighters, first arrived on scene before 5:00 o'clock yesterday. at first they couldn't see any of a fire from the street, walked in, noticed small fire in the utility room. they put it out. but then saw that it had already spread through the walls. quickly escalated to four alarm, crews had to withdraw and fight the fire from the street. people we talked to yesterday were understandably emotional watching this fire go from zero to 60, in just minutes. >> me and the kids, and i was smelling smoke but i didn't know, you know, and then a neighbor knocked on the door, we could see like smoke down the hallway. >> three hours of smoke and then people being displaced and just, you know, unfortunate situation, but you know, the red cross is here, we are helping and it is a situation that nobody wants to see anybody go through.
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>> and five people were taken to torresdale hospital with minor injuries. the red cross again assisting those displaced in addition to 100 people. there were several animals affected by this fire, and also, red paw relief was tweeting that 11 cats and one dog are missing. the fire marshall is now investigating at this point we have no word on a cause of this fire. lauren chris? >> all right jennifer joyce we'll keep an eye on that, thank you. >> philadelphia police narrowing in on suspects who killed a man last week in overbrook. >> last thursday night, the victim was shot dead while walking his dog. police are calling this now a random act. fox 29's steve keeley live now at police headquarters. steve, good morning. >> reporter: we now know it wasn't just one gunman, because only one shot was fired, it was three killers all out wearing hoods and back packs, just out stalking people. thursday night randomly just looking for the next person to hole up right after sundown at 7:00 and among the people that came forward as witnesses another person, just like the
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victim, 51 year old james tull man just out a block from his home walking his lab-doodle, short walk from mayor nutter's home in the overbrook area, one every philly's finest and nicest neighborhoods. detective learn the three guys that they also now have surveillance video of first tried to holdup another man walking his dog too. went across the street seeing what they per selfed as more lucrative and more easy target. >> i've had detective working around the clock since this tragic murder happened, as a result, we did receive some information that the do ers are three black males in the area around 18 to 20 years every age while wearing hoodies with back paxson. it appears that these three unidentified males saw our victim walk up to him attempt topped rob him and somewhere along the lines it went tragically wrong and he was shot and killed. watch him still has money on him, we don't believe they got anything. we think it is an attempt robbery, probably some sort of
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struggle ensued, ultimately shot one time in the chest. >> so, all of it was still on him. his watch his jewelry, his wallet and his cash, so three teens likely ended up all they took his life, their lives now about to be spent in prison likely as soon as they're caught, which detective hope to do real soon as they gather more surveillance from the path that these three walked before and after even passing septa buses with surveillance cameras on them, that they may have actually taken to the neighborhood or at least stood near. detective would also like to be able to give a little comfort to the grammar school age daughter, family and frenal, bike making three arrests today because today chris and lauren, his funeral his little girl who often walked the dog with dad, didn't thursday night, it was getting late around 8:30, a school night. what a waste of life if they're behind bars the rest of their lives. >> that's right, four lives
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affected. >> steve, thank you. coming up on 5:08 this wednesday morning happening today, a new jersey air force veteran facing federal charges for traveling to syria to join isis we'll be in court, grand jury don't in the guy neptune, new jersey, on charges of attempt to go provide support to terrorist group. prosecutors say, he tried to travel from egypt to turk toy ultimately cross the board near sewer y they also say he had information about us air crafts on a laptop with him. >> he had technical information as to the design, repairs, potentials of army air force planes, air force coordinants, and could potentially lead to our military being come pro miles dollars by this information through ice us. >> his attorney says his client will plead not guilty. >> a final case review today for a woman who was once a baltimore ravens cheerleader molly shad okay, accused of
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having sex with a 15 year old boy, and supplying alcohol to other minors. the boy told police their inapropriate relationship started near baltimore they engaged in sexual activity at a rented home in bethany beach over labor day weekendment alleged victim was reportedly one of her children's classmates. and jury selection begins today in the case against six former philadelphia narcotics officers charged with robbing and beating drug dealers. defense attorneys were hoping to stop it over claims that accuser lied to the grand jury opening statements are set for march 30th. >> 5:09 the time. father of nine month old girl in trenton has been charged in connection with the baby's death, child pronounced dead after police responded to 911 call saying the girl was in distress. police say 21 year old gentlemanon thomas was high on marijuana, neglect today feed or care for his daughter. he has been charged with endangering the welfare of the child. >> police in state college are looking for potential victims after finding secret facebook page by a penn state
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fraternity. police say members of cap a delta row used a page to post pictures every naked women some of the pictures it appears the women are sleeping or completely passed out. authorities say their investigations far from over. >> any potential victims that come forward and contact state college police department, and come for the so we do one of two things, aid in identification of any perpetrators that want to aid us in the investigation and prosecution of anybody responsible for these despicable acts. >> also posted about hazing and drug deals the university and the national fraternity are also looking into that case. >> fire officials say they've not been able to determine the cause of a fire that killed philadelphia firefighter joyce craig. craig died fighting a house fire in west oaklane back in december. she became trapped in the basement. fire commercial nerve said the fire started in the recreation room. unable to determine a point of
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origin or ignition source. >> craig was the first female firefighter in the city to die in the line of duty. >> the montgomery county department health department confirms outbreak of whooping cough at local high school. >> five student event tested positive for pertussis. >> happening at souderton high school. the health department recommends any student with a cough stay home until you have been examined by a doctor, and tested. parents are being advised to check their children's vaccination records. student, though, are pretty concerned. >> i feel like it spread from the same friends group. a lot of kids make fun every them they put their shirts like this, you know, cough. >> scary because i have little brother and little sister at home. so i'm just watching out for everybody, trying to make sure that everybody is doing good. >> symptoms sneezing, nasal congestion been reportedly home for the recommended five days on antibiotics have now been cleared. >> coming up on 5:29.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu predicted victory in chloe elections. >> it is 34 degrees outside right now it, will get even colder, perhaps snow in the forecast for friday, i thought spring was coming friday? >> i did too. so no
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adam levin, 36 years old today, maroon five. >> this wednesday morning. >> i know, i wish it was sunday morning. >> are we even colder sunday morning, sue than we are this morning? >> you know? probably. but probably just as cold, but maybe get to sleep in lit baytown sunday morning. >> ♪ ♪ easy like sunday morning ♪ ♪ >> little older than the adam levin song. you know what i like? ♪ ♪ >> is that adam -- >> how is the weather. >> i don't know! (laughter). >> i'm so excited about spring starting everything, them the forecast now it is snow for friday. so, two days away, whether we like it or not from the vernal equinox friday evening. by friday evening it could be
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snowing around here. the system that we're watching down in texas right now so it will take a little while to get this way not sunday morning but friday. 34 degrees right now, so much colder than it was yesterday it is colder than that to the north of us. few degrees milder to the south. but check it out. if you're in philadelphia, it is 11 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time. our wind, chills, in the teens in allentown reading single digits in mount pocono feels like 25 in the city. and windchills are also in the 20's throughout the rest of the area. >> winds picking up yesterday lauren johnson, if you didn't hear her door blowing open story, yes just got to hold on to the steering wheel especially driving over bridges today. because in a small car it can
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real below you around, so 31-mile per hour wind gust in mount pocono, 17-mile per hour gust in wildwood this hour. optimistic at times with six's here and there especially yesterday, we got to 68 degrees, it was delightful for saint patrick's day. >> so be prepared for the chilly change, and to wear that winter coat today tomorrow, snow boots possible, snow mixed when and/or changing to rain, on friday, and then it does dry out at least over the weekend, in fact saturday looks pretty good high in the 50's, cold air comes back on sunday, and stays with us, at least through the middle of next week. there is our seven day forecast, and what casino every news do you have, bob kelly? >> these kids, putting coat back on after the last couple of days. ventured out without it. so good morning everybody.
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>> on and off-ramps to academy road closed as a result of that fire from yesterday, so you want to use the woodhaven road on and off ramps as you work your way in toward northeast philadelphia. woodhaven the way to go, will get you into and out of the neighborhood also academy road blocked frandford to home, even the school buses are going to have to go for the detour. speaking of school buses guess what today is? >> you know what? so three cheers to the bus driver. >> specially to the bus driver has to deal with my son jack. >> yes. >> exactly. >> he asks for a raise every friday. >> yes. >> i think i better grease -- >> maybe little apple, maybe little treat, maybe just a hello, maybe even a thank you to the bus driver. septa, new jersey transit, the dart bus drivers out there today, route 70, westbound, a sewer great kind of collapsed yesterday, right there, by
5:19 am
camden catholic high school. watch yourself, the right lane taken out then yo adrian, no parking, from 12:00 noon on around the italian market. they'll be filming portions of the rocky movie the new one creed, no parking along ninth washington carpenter. parking in south philly is tough to begin with. but on top of the no parking here there is also the movie trucks, the big tractor-trailers, that are taking up a loft extra extra spots. so a loft double parkingment grab your canoli early before noon in south philly today. chris, lauren? >> so neat the original so 1976 and ninth street just looks the same way as it does -- >> remember when you ran through that there? even the trash can fire, yes the barrels burning. >> good heads up there, don't
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park in south philly today or avoid that area. >> let's turn our attention to this tight race, but netanyahu has won another term. >> now hat -- now has to get to work. >> appears benjamin netanyahu will spend fourth term in office. after his conservative party earns the most vote in tuesday's parliamentary elections. >> against all odds, we achieved a great victory great victory for the nationalist camp led by the lacud. >> undies rail's political system, netanyahu are have to reach out to other parties to form coalition government which he says he will do right away. >> the two parties are now sort of agreed, not enemies but they're no longer friendly. nights a lot of repair. >> focused on secure issues, main challenger herzog, focus on economic challenges.
5:21 am
just before the election prime minister reversed course saying palestinian state hood would not happen if he's re-elected. >> jerusalem will stay united, and that all of the options for the negotiation. >> election comes two weeks after netanyahu made a controversial speech to congress go washington. president obama opposed the address in which netanyahu expressed his concerns about a nuclear deal with iran. but the white house says the president is ready to move forward with its ray he will. >> president has no doubt that the strong ties between the ooh into the the states and israel will endure far beyond this election. and that's been true for generations now. >> will make him the longest running prime minister in their history. >> secret service says envelope addressed to the white house has tested positive for cyanide. letter received in off site main screening fast till.
5:22 am
initial testing was negative, but additional test it is come back positive. sample has been taken to another facility for further testing. >> us representative aaron shock is stepping down from congress. why? well, the illinois lawmakers announced his resignation yesterday what many considered over the top spending. in a statement the republican said quote i do this with a heavy heart. but the constant questions over the last six weeks have proven a great distraction that's made it too difficult for me to serve the people of the 18th district. >> accused of using taxpayers and claiming questionable reimbursements. >> no one is watching. no one enforces low level election laws, as a are the likelihood every getting call through some of the stuff is almost nil. >> last month public watchdog group filed an ethics complaint against shock for reportedly using congressional
5:23 am
money to redecorate his office downtown and any that scene. the governor of illinois is expected to schedule a special election when shocks resignation takes effect march 31st. >> the fbi now involved in the murder investigation against real estate air robert durst fbi agent, los angeles police and officers from houston all took part in a search is the at durst's condo yesterday. no word on what they took out of there. but monday he was charged with first degree murder the connection to the 15 year old california shooting death of his friend, susan burr man -- berman. linked to the case, disappearance every his first wife and acquittal in another texas murder, were all detailed in the hbo documentary, jinx, and at the end of it all heard off camera that he killed them all. >> be interesting to see. we had ken rotweiler legal analyst on good day philadelphia. he thinks all of that in the documentary, the evidence can be used in the criminal case against him. interesting. >> coming up: facebook wants
5:24 am
to you share the wealth. new way to send funds to friends using the social network. hey, are we friends on facebook. >> we're friends in person. >> i need monday. >> i
5:25 am
dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already
5:26 am
showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids? >> health insurer could affect 11 million people. non-profit division of blue cross learned back in february, i should say january, hackers gained access to sensitive customer information last may.
5:27 am
could have exposed name, other personal information, and premiera said they found no information that data was removed from the system. careful if you like the crack mac and cheese in the box. recalling cases because some cases contain raw pieces every metal. 240,000 boxes can be affected have, best when used by dates ranking from september 18th through october 11th of this year. if you have any of those hiding in the pantry, make sure to take toast back to the store where you purchased them. >> i have them in my pantry right now with kids ages ten and seven, definately check the dates. the information is on our website. >> new way to send your friends money thanks to facebook. >> this is dangerous using debit card, social networking site will allow you to send cash without a service fee. they say it will work on apple and andrew devices as well as desk top composer.
5:28 am
>> did you ever friends someone because they're wealthy? >> no. i barely even go on my facebook page any more. but if people might sends me some money, maybe i should log in? >> she will be logging in during the break we'll take a break and be right back.
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>> four alarm fire rips through an apartment complex in northeast philadelphia, now dozens of families have no place it call home. >> 5:30, new information for you right now, on shoot that left a man walking his dog dead. we'll have a live report on the very latest from steve keel. >> i and a new jersey air force veteran will be in court today to face charges of attempting to join isis. the information he had that officials now think he was trying to hand over to them. >> wow. okay, good day everyone, it is wednesday, march 18, 2015. the day after saint patrick's day. bus stop budd had i the best outfit of the year on yesterday. >> yes. >> fairly mundane as we line down winter. >> mundane but warm. do you have make sure you're bundled at the bus stop with buddy, today because we're back to wintery temperatures it is much colder than it was outside yesterday, and some cases 20 degrees colder. so, keep that in mind. here are your weather by the numbers, or here is your weather by the numbers anyway.
5:32 am
five out of ten today. because it is so cold, even tow we will see some sunshine. 34 degrees factor in the 13-mile per hour winds it, feels like 25, sunrise 7:08. high temperature on this blustery day 43 degrees, you know what it got to yesterday? sixty-eight. so what a drop. welcome to winter, it is still here, what will happen on the first day every spring coming up in just a few minutes, you may now want to their. >> after 68 yesterday, it will be like pulling teeth to get the kids to put the jacket back on, today yes it will be rough. so good luck with that. i-95 though north and southbound, the off-ramps to academy road are blocked. as a result of yesterday's fire. more on the fire and where we stand with that right now but here's where we stand as far as road closures. academy road blocked between frankford and home, the main drag right by conto the err.
5:33 am
as soon as you come off i95 at academy, boom, there is the closure. from the neighborhood work your way to woodhaven. that will will give you access to the 95 ramps same deal trying to get into the great northeast. use woodhaven road off of i-95 . route three it, going there route 70 westbound, the right lane block as you work your way into cuthbert boulevard. so, watch for delays. otherwise, south jersey looking good. no problems on the freeway or 295, no parking in south philly today. shooting the rocky movie today. portions every ninth washington carpenter, they have the white police signs up. now, it says 12:00 noon on there. so just be careful if you park there this morning you got to have your car out of there by noon from noon until midnight tonight is when they are shooting the movie. no park along italian market during the day chris lauren, back to you.
5:34 am
>> not so good news this morning, 100 people left without a home but red cross is assisting there is happened after a fire at the rita grace manor apartments broke out on academy road yesterday. five people were taken to the hospital after the blaze started just before 5:00 p.m. the fire department says the flames started in a utility room but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> philadelphia police believe three teens killed a man who was out walking his dog in overbrook last week. >> crime happened woodcrest after thursday night. investigators say those young men seen running from the scene. fox 29's steve keeley live now at police headquarters with the latest on this, steve good morning. >> well, detective would like nothing better than to arrest those three guys, before 51 year old james stillman's family has to bury him today which they're doing this morning, his grade school daughter, who walked the family dog with her dad every day, will be walking next to his casket this morning. and she was not with her dad thursday night just past 8:00 in the same neighborhood mayor michael nutter lives in overbrook wynnefield where it
5:35 am
is now seven days later and finally known that it was not one but three killers probably teens wearing back packs and hooded shirts who tried to rob him. likely, got nothing, shot him right in the chest taking good man's life and ruining their lives for good too. >> actually followed another woman, then saw victim across the street and they attack him. >> my message be careful walk in pairs if you consideration try and get out there, do your walk before it gets dark. but at the end of the day we will identify these three individuals and we will arrest them very shortly. >> detectives got the witness from the other person walking the dog came forward and said hey i live across the street when this happened, they tried to rob me, as women. detective also started getting surveillance video which they have, and they'll try to make it clear and closer up where we can see these three guys better and they're also hoping to get new surveillance from things like septa buses even,
5:36 am
maybe these guys took septa to this nice neighborhood looking for wealthier people to rob this their minds, just tells when you this happens in the mayor's neighborhood, walkable from mayor nutter's house no neighborhood, no one is safe no matter what time of day it is, no matter where they are. >> that's the scariest thing these three guys are still out there. all right, thank if you. 5:36 the time. happening today, new jersey air force veteran facing federal charges for trying to join isis, going to be in court, grand jury indict in the guy, 47 year old tierod wilson cue of neptune new jersey on charge of attempt to go provide support to a terrorist group. prosecutors say he tried to travel from egypt to turk toy ultimately cross the board near syria. >> us aircraft on laptop with him, his attorney says recalling he plans to plead not guilty. coming up, devon still and his daughter lea celebrating
5:37 am
big this morning, the good news from doctors about her cancer fight. >> look at her smile there. and his smile. plus, police in north carolina say this is one of the strange he is bank robberies they've ever seen. looking for suspect mo dressed as dark vatted err.
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brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters. >> phillies playing their way to the start of the season
5:40 am
april 7 -- 6. going to clearwater, same pitcher, phillies dressed in a green. >> saint patty's day yesterday, but philip, same guy, who gives up big time hits. the homerun the phillies lose to tampa, the score there five to three in clearwater. villanova started the journey yesterday, to the ncaa tournament, the head coach and the team had many fans for the send-off at nova. one thing that sometimes is tough for a good team, like villanova, to avoid distractions. >> understand this is one part of it, go through there is you enjoy this, then you get to your site and then down to business. i want to make sure they enjoy this part of it. >> tonight they play at home. that's it for sports, i'm howard eskin. >> the flyers, fat chance they'll make the playoffs. yep, they lost last night there is time to vancouver
5:41 am
canucks, mike ravel had the loan goal, vancouver went onto win the game four to one so at this point with ten games to play in the season, they are ten points behind the bruins or any hope of making the playoffs. >> lea still the daughter of the cincinnati bengles player, devon stills, may be on her way to beating cancer? still made that announcement on instagram yesterday after doctors toll him lea's scan showed no signs of cancer in her body. now, they have to wait for results from an additional tests, but things are definitely looking up for little lee a receiving treatment at the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> such relief, i'm sure, elation and relief. >> more fall out following the fraternity video out of the university of oklahoma. >> plus, chris talked us through this one high speed chase ends with a crazy crash.
5:42 am
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>> we might get some snow in the low-lying areas of the delaware val. >> i cold enough to make snow this morning, up there in the pocono mountains.
5:45 am
just the way it is. so let's talk about the wild weather we have coming as we anticipate the start of spring on friday. blustery winds of change have arrived this morning. you'll notice how windy it is. if you haven't been out say since yesterday afternoon now, after yesterday's high of 68 degrees, prepare to be 15 to 20 degrees colder today. rain snow, mix expected on friday let's look into that situation. as we anticipate the first day of spring, in the evening, probably when we get the snow. this is a system we're watching. low pressure system down in texas, and it will take a couple of days for it to move northeastward, far enough to affect us, so right now it is looking like friday afternoon precipitation moving southwest to northeast. cold enough here, for some snow probably, down if delaware, at the jersey shore you will only see rainout of this system, again, this is
5:46 am
really early call. >> this isn't until friday evening that we have this happening. but you see the blue, the white there as 5:00 p.m., and that could make for a very messy rush hour. it will be a wet snow, kind of slushy for most of us, but it could accumulate a little bit on friday, how much, maybe a slushy inch or so on the i95 corridor, as we said just rain to the south may be one to 2 inches in the higher elevations especially, up toward the mountains where they would like to extend the ski season little bit. we would like to be rid of it. 34 degrees, right now in philadelphia, 21 mount pocono, 30 in reading, 31 in trenton 31 in millville. these are actual temperatures, though about 1115, 18 degrees colder than yesterday, at this time we just get those teases every nice temperatures but we don't get enough time to really enjoy them. in the two's to the south of us be prepared for 13-mile per hour winds and wind gusts as high as 28, 31 miles an
5:47 am
hour throughout the area, even today. so, 43 today after that 68 yesterday, mid 40's tomorrow, colder friday, the wet snow and rain mix arrives for many of us, again this looks right now to be afternoon event. >> as our predictions come into clearer focus there it is, seven day forecast, first day. >> timing everything about that friday morning could be one scenario, friday afternoon, nighttime, could be a different one. >> southbound right at the kelly drive off ramp here an accident all taken out the right lane; so anyone headed down toward the schuylkill we're tied up with the brake lights then north and south on 95 off ramp's academy road as a result of yesterday's fire, comes with the closure of academy between i-95, and holme avenue.
5:48 am
so detours galor here in northeast philly. the best bet use woodhaven road will give you the best access to and from i-95. until they open up the roadway, schuylkill expressway look willing g good. guess whose birthday it is today? >> queen latifa? >> pills borough dough boy. >> oh, woo-ho. >> fifty years old the big five-o. >> no, no, no. listen up. do it again. ready? >> hoo-hoo-ho. >> perfect. >> one more time? >> (laughing). >> yo adrian speaking of dough, canoli's, south philly, all coming together. the italian market will be shooting the rocky movie today. no park interesting 12 noon all the way to the evening along portions of ninth washington and carpenter. also the big movie tractor-trailers down there
5:49 am
double park comes with the territory, but bringing different casino of name to it today. make sure your cars are off of the streets that have the police signs, otherwise the tow trucks will move them for you beginning at 12 noon. >> six weeks of filming. >> they are wrapping up. next couple of weeks they'll be done. >> 5:49. california where at least three people are dead following shooting at market there. comes overnight in stockton, just outside of acrement owe. four other people were also injured. police think this was a drive-by shooting, they're investigate to go see if there was gang activity. a lot of gangs at the stockton avenue in central california. all right, how about this? we'll stay in california. and it is a chase caught on tape. >> his left front tire is missing, on the rim, right? so starting to lose control. pretty high speed for being end on the rim. you know isn't going well when he flips it there under the
5:50 am
overpass, slides on the roof, flips it again on its side, so the guys pretty shaken up, right? like is he injured? what's going on? of course the police, something like there is they stay about maybe quarter after mile back, anticipating something like this. >> then it starts smoking. >> oh, yes. so have to get out of there right? is he going to make a run for it? is he okay? well luckily no other cars have like crashed into him. >> exactly. >> dude. checks out the car. he's just fine. look at him. in fact, so fine, all he has to do is dust off his right knee. scratch his head. >> my goodness what have i done? >> let me see if i can make a break for t oh, ya, there is a hell copter. i better not go. also officers have guns drawn. now southern california, lauren? two people in a suspected stolen car they lead police on another wild chase, strips of course were tossed out to pop those tires so they don't make it very far.
5:51 am
but guess what? they're like this isn't going to stop us from making a run for it. but the helicopter overhead, ya. they caught them doing all of that but do you see he first tried to pretend he wag going to surrender and then he starts running. crazy, where do you think you're going to go? or how far do you think you're going to go? >> the whole thing there, with the hell copter, keeps the light on the whole time. and then the officers, then, no sign of the guy for awhile, they'll just go door-to-door. >> so maybe the driver did surrender but the passenger bailed out? >> 5:51 is the time. that's the craziness in california for you. today we learn what the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity branch is planning to do, the report comes week after racist video featuring a sae chapter of the university of oklahoma surfaced. the national organization says will review all of the captain ends around on the country. oklahoma kick off after the video became public.
5:52 am
>> one suspect though, in this robbery in carolina, in north carolina, we should say stunned everywhere. here it is. never seen anything like this before. become bank rob nerve north carolina has darth vader suit on. his weapon, not a light saber no, rim, suspect took unknown amount of cash, took off in the chevy suburban, no one was hurt. >> coming up tonight is the finale of fox's huge hit show empire. we have preview whatever to expect straight from the stars of the show. you can't miss this one.
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what?
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(announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >> the go-go's at a 55:00. 44 degrees, tonight the two hour season finale of fox's big hit show empire. shattered records by the way becoming first series to grow its audience each week, for record ten weeks and tonight's finale expected to draw more eyes with guest stars, jennifer hudson, rita ora juicy jay, patti labelle snoop dog, all making a appearance. here's a tease about tonight's episode from some of the stars on that show. >> it is just exciting, so exciting, and i guess the keys, the biggest tees for me would be to say that lucious
5:56 am
and jamal finally come together through song in a way that i feel like we've been waiting for the entire season. >> on the finale, something huge and juicy and crazy happens to them. >> be ready for some crazy family drama. >> can't wait for that. >> season on two already in the works been renewed the fans could expect even more special guests next year. in fact, oprah winfrey is going to be involved in that. >> quincy harris, much more on our empire rap coming up on good day philadelphia. don't forget tonight is our empire viewing party starts at 7:00a miss tootsie's bar and restaurant on south street. if you don't catch it, 8:00 right here on fox 29. still ahead dozens of people without a home this morning after fire burned down an apartment building in northeast philadelphia. we're going have a live report. and, a penn state fraternity in trouble. what members are accused of doing on a secret
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
air force veteran passing information off to terrorists. >> they haven't been able to put the fire out. they haven't been able to put it out.
6:00 am
>> four alarm fire rips through apartment complex destroying information its path. now, dozens of families have no where to call home. the investigation into what happened. and a secret facebook page lands some penn state student in serious trouble. pictures of women naked passed out plastered on the internet for everybody to see. and that's not all. what else was on that page that has police going after student at penn state university. >> it is straight up 6:00. high everybody you survived saint patrick's day, did you? i did not. >> but you're here. >> but i'm here. ya wires strings ya. i'm like a puppet. >> going through the motions in. >> exactly. good morning everybody. >> morning everybody. >> good morning. i bet you felt that chilly change. >> walking out the door this morning. >> i didn't feel anything. i can't -- >> oh, that's right. >> i can't even feel my face. >> alex, wasn't it cold? >> it was, especially after yesterday when i was


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