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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  May 4, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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wanted to scare him straight. >> he was crying. and everyone, who is anyone, was at the mayweather pacquiao fight, in vegas this weekend. it created quite an issue at the airport. you have heard of the third world. these are first world problem. >> yes, i'm saying. >> we will show you an amazing picture from the air. >> straight up 7:00 o'clock. >> and sue, the wind causing a problem. and fire weather warning, and and low humidity, much of a wind, to spread a fire when things are as quiet as they were, in nicole and they do had this fire under control. >> they do but a lot of people are tweet go to us because
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they have seen it. >> yes. >> we see the smoke here. >> it has been a 3-acre area of burlington county around pemberton and folks driving along route 70 can really see, and, and, in the area, i will show you a map, but when you stand here and wind are heading west look at how that smoke is just, heading toward fort dix, columbus, florence, the columbus flea market that way. >> that is the the reason but luckily, again, officials are saying they have it under control so they don't expect to it spread anymore. >> now just be careful the rest of the day to day. >> let's give you a number of the day, that kept us from being absolute ten for today, because otherwise, weather looks fantastic. it is cool this morning. it will warm up this have afternoon. buddy has his sweet shirt on today. phillies finally won yesterday, broke that losing streak. the that is good. no, nothing to show you on radar. here's sunshine that we have here in olde city.
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57 degrees. wind in the city are calm at the moment so we are not having issue with the wind. 81 percent relative humidity, that is a little higher then, in our places, including the the jersey area where we just looked at. >> eight is five our high. sixty-eight tonight. as skies clear. wind diminish. that is a look at your forecast for the first monday in may. bob kelly, what are you looking at right now. >> well, we have a couple of accidents on the majors, 7:02. live look copping into downtown, slower than normal on the vine street expressway, early morning accident about 20 minutes ago. it is eastbound on the vine, at broad street, in that construction zone, that new squeeze, between 23rd street and broad street. so we are backup on the schuylkill expressway there in both directions. jammo on i-95, both directions, and an unusual delay north on i-95, at bridge street, because of a crash and then your normal southbound
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delay out of northeast philadelphia into the city. here's the scene of the brush fire we have showed you from sky fox, that ace long route 07 in pemberton, new jersey right here near 70 and 530 come together. sue mentioned wind coming from the west. if you are watching us in wrightstown, columbus, we have farmers market there, fort dixon, pemberton mount holly, we have a smell of smoke and, of course, fire crews set up along route 70. it is under control. we will see the smoke as you traveling into work and probably smell it before you actually see it. just a heads up rolling through south jersey, this morning. we're going rolling north on i-95, an unusual delay because of an accident at bridge street, and, stacked up from approaching the bet thecy ross bridge in, to bridge on the northbound side. and willow grove, the railroad gates are stuck in the down position, york road at davisville road. traffic is moving around here, using either edge hill or
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fitzwater town and then delays on the turnpike westbound from willow grove over to mid county. mass transit though looking good with no delays, mike and alex, back over to you. police are investigating a homicide in port richmond. the officers responded to a call around 10:45, near fountain and east atlantic streets. once there they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. that victim was taken to temple hospital where he later died. allentown police say a mother threw her baby in the the river and then jumped off the bridge herself. this morning both are listed in serious condition but expect to survive. police are investigating it asiana tempted murder suicide. witt the necessaryes called police sunday afternoon after reportedly seeing her toss the one year-old, from the hamilton street bridge, officials say that the 19 year-old mother, jumped in too. falling 52 feet down in the water, it was only 4 feet deep. she did, swim back to shore, she survived. but the child, went on down the the river, the lehigh river, rescuers located, that child, the the boy, and
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performed cpr, both of them are expect to survive, and so far no charges have been filed. they are trying to deal with them in the hospital. developments in the bridge gate scandal. two of chris christie's former aids are expected in court. >> this morning they are accused of conspiring to punish the the mayor of fort lee, new jersey by closing the lanes on the george washington bridge causing a major jammo as bob would say. the here's steve. >> reporter: mike, we have simultaneous stories on bridge gate from here at the state house, and then up at the the courthouse in newark and then on the road to the white house where george will reacted to david wildstein's lawyer friday statement saying without evidence, that christie knew all about the bridge lane closings. >> i had made a statement on behalf of mr. wildstein in january of 2013, that mr. christie knew of the lane closures while they were
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occurring, and evidence exists to establish that. >> certainly nothing came out, so far, from the official documents. now the defense lawyer is talking like a defense lawyer there and that is his prerogative and duty. it could have been a bad day for mr. christie and it wasn't >> the indictment alleged and wildstein admitted that he, and kelly executed a plan to suddenly and without warning drastically reduce number of local access lanes to the bridge knowing full well and intend ago this this maneuver, would grid lock fort lee. >> i never ordered or conspired with david wildstein to close or realign lanes of the bridge for any reason, much less for retribution. >> reporter: that was bridget kelly famous for that e had mail that start that had whole federal investigation that got her fired by the the governor. time for traffic trouble in for the lee. time for legal trouble in newark for miss kelly and bill
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barron whom we will see when he shows up with bridget kelly for an 11:00 o'clock a rainment in newark. george will went on to say media boredom should not be counted out either. he said wouldn't it be fun to have a story on chris christie's revival according to chris christie's big build up after he was reelect in the landslide and then his tearing down after and ever since. a very timely joke from somebody passing by the state house. he says you know that smoke you see, all around central new jersey, not from that brush fire, that is presidential am wigses going up in smoke, from chris christie's office. >> good line. >> 7:07. philadelphia police have not released exact charges one man is facing after investigators say he killed his brother after watching the the mayweather pacquiao fight. >> so now is there a makeshift memorial outside this cobbs creek house where police say a man was stabbed to death this happened late saturday night after the fight. 359 year-old victim died from
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multiple stab wound. neighbors on the 5800 block of christian street identified the rick tim as junior mcgriff, they say they are shock by this act of violence. >> you know what i mean, we all get along, shore, folks will have their differences, but not to this extent. this is way beyond what any of us, could have ever thought of. >> i mean it was between two brothers. police say the five two-year old suspect attacked his younger brother with the knife during that heated argument. the rick tim younger brother junior mcgriff leaves behind a young son and a daughter. in a west philadelphia neighborhood police are looking for a person who shot at a car with three young girls in the the back seat. they are three, four, seven years old this happened in the 5400 block of haverford avenue saturday night around 9:00 o'clock. seven year-old was hurt. hit in the head by a projectile that had to be removed by doctors. she's expect to survive. police are looking for the the shooter. boy some graffiti we have found a couple blocks away
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here in olde city. police are trying to figure out who did it some one spray painted the word cop lives don't matter. they spray painted it on a security gate at bank street. one of our viewers e mailed us this tip to go look the at it so we did. we called police, of course, nobody knows who dit. they are checking security cameras in that area and they have plenty of them. a large crowd of people from all walks of faiths, gathered on the steps of the city hall yesterday in an effort to heel their city. violence and disruptive protests rocked the city following the death of the freddie gray, while in police custody. is that footage from baltimore? the the the governor says things are changing. meanwhile, the the city's curfew has been lifted by the mayor. there she is. national guard troops have started to pull out of the city. six police officers are facing charges related to gray's death. 7:09. fbi is involved in the shooting death of the two armed men who opened fire outside a cartoon exhibit
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depicting prophet mohammad. this was in texas yesterday. police say the men drove up to the community center in the dallas suburb of garland and started shooting at a security guard. guard was shot in the ankle. organizers had heavy security in place ahead of time in anticipation of the protests of this exhibit. >> officers that were close by saw what was going on and engaged the two men, shot and killed them both there at the scene, by their car. >> the goal of the protest toys make a stand for free speech and drawings of the prophet mohammad, are considered offensive by many followers of the islam and sparked violence around the world. man accused of shooting a new york police officer is being held without bail. dimitri blackwell is charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting of officer brian moore. moore is in critical condition after being shot in the head, thinks on saturday night. officer moore and another cop were in an unmarked car when, according to the police commissioner, they saw blackwell adjusting his
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waist band suspiciously. blackwell fired two shots after exchanging word with the officers. the second officer involved in the incident was not injured. well, a mother federal up with her son's behavior said it is time to do something direct. >> so she called the police. >> so, shekita hill said she was out of options and afraid if he would not just straighten it up and get it together. she talk to local police and put him in the cuffs and place him in the back of the patrol car. he was only there for five minutes. that is all that she needed to have happen. she felt like she had no other choice. >> he has been going through a phase where in one ear, out the other. being disrespectful at any age, to anyone now could get you killed. >> so she posted pictures on facebook, with most applauding her for dealing with the troublesome behavior head on before anything bad really happens. i'm sure parents, all kind of feelings about this one. >> why put it on facebook.
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>> why do that. >> leave it the right there in your own home and own yard. i don't know. >> true. wheels only started, rolling two weeks ago but philadelphia's bike sharing program looks like a big success. >> so, going on ten days, and opened and working and thousands of rides were logged on the new indego philly bike, we have seen around town. jenny joyce a lot of people like it just in time for great weather we have been having. >> reporter: we had a beautiful weekend. out and about, great to see so many other people out walking around. apparently people also taking advantage of this new bike share program here at 12th and filbert. only two bikes left on the rack here at this docking station goes. so just in ten days, instant is the indego bike program launched more than 12,000 rides were logged and 2600 people have already signed up for a membership. it is a $15 a month membership which gives people access to unlimited bike rides. you can rent a bike on the spot for $4, per half mile. you can find the bike docking
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stations at more than 70 locations throughout the city, mayor nutter says this time next year they hope to more than double that number. >> at this time next year we hope to be well over a hundred stations and grow, up to 180 stations and 2,000 bikes in the the city. >> it is great. my neighborhood is graduate hospital. there are different locations up there. we have to take it back to the original station. i can use it to get where every need to go. >> if you are just trying to get where you need to go, comfortable, sturdy and stable. >> for me it works great. i have an app to tell me where open stalls are, where to drop them off, where they have them too. it the is pretty great. >> so people are really enthusiastic about this program. city is encouraging people to use the the bikes to get to and from work or to even just have a nice, leisurely day, and take a look right now, is this one of the bikes? this may be one of the bikes. >> it looks like it. >> yes, hi. >> you are going to work.
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how is the bike program working for you. >> enjoying it but i have to go. >> this is a great example, you can pick up a bike at one docking station and drop it off at a different one. she's going to and from work. he can get it and then just drop it off near the office and very convenient. that is what people are saying. >> i can tell that woman is late. >> she is making it look easy too. >> yeah. >> look at that. >> off she goes. >> well, okay. do we still have fire going on. >> yes, but it is apparently under control. it does mean we have danger of another one popping up. we don't want that to happen. that why is we are warning you that the conditions are right for brush fires here in southeastern pennsylvania. southern new jersey and delaware too. because of low humidity. we have had a couple dry days in a row, and wind that are expected to pick up this afternoon, to maybe, about
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20 miles an hour. there is a look, live in pemberton area burlington county, new jersey of the smoke in case you looked out your window and wondered what it was, that it is. it is a brush fire contained in area of about 3 acres, and there you can probably see a couple of flames down there right now. but again, they contained it. they say, and hopefully that will be it. we won't have anymore fires. we warrant you to be careful out there. taking a look at rest of the weather including the good part of the beautiful dry day is your fox forecast, okay. if you have a morning round today, in the upper 60's by 9:00. 74 degrees by ten. upper 70's by end of the round. afternoon round will be in the mid 80's. do not forget your sun screen today. so very important especially, because as you'll find out later on in the program it is melanoma monday for melanoma awareness. will we will all be extra careful about our sun screen
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especially after today. ultimate doppler shows a cold front out to the midwest, affecting illinois, indian, it will take a while to get here. how long before it gets here? probably not until tomorrow afternoon. we will see cloud don't even build in until lunchtime, 2:00 e rain, pop up then are storm is possible, during the evening rush on turse. none for today. thinks all for tomorrow. it could link inner to wednesday morning. but mostly the clouds will linger and that should be about it. so, cooler temperatures after. that cool, decent start this morning 506789 in allentown 567891 in pottstown. fifty-seven in philadelphia. fifty-six in dover. few 40's still hanging around. the wind are calm at the moment but remember we told you they will pick up by the end of the afternoon and that is why we have the red flag warning up. so, as we look ahead to the next seven days, it looks like we're back to the 80's by the the weekend. 85 degrees today, 84 degrees tomorrow with those afternoon showers and thunderstorms and
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then 72 is the high on wednesday, and gradual warming trend so that by the weekend 85 degrees on saturday and on mothers day itself. so there is your seven die forecast. >> not bad, good for flowers out there 7:17. live look at i-95 southbound, lot of folks ahead of you bumper to bumper from academy through girard. we had an earlier accident northbound with traffic moving once again up through bridge street. good morning to the bennie coming from downtown philadelphia, in the bad at all working your waste up and over in center city. live look at delaware county where sun glare popping in this half an hour at the blue route in the area have of route one. same deal on the schuylkill expressway, mike, how is your curve. >> looks good. >> curve is good. >> eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, sun glare around conshohocken curve and that is slowing down into and ought of downtown philadelphia here's
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the brush fire from sky fox. route 07 in pull ber ton, new jersey. with the smoke and the wind, pushing that expect to the west, if you are watching us this morning in pemberton, mount holly, fort dix, wrightstown, the fort dix naval base or army base there, you will probably smell the smoke before you actually see it. they have it contained but just watch for some local detours there along route 70. turnpike westbound slow from willow grove into fort washington and through willow grove the railroad gates are stuck in the down position and york and davisville, so folks using edge hill, and fitzwater town road and mass transit looking good with no delays, mike and alex, back to you. >> thank you, bob. 7:18. >> lets talk about this fight a lot of people are watching it. as i'm sitting there watching it, think of the money being made right now. >> sure, because we all factored in, anybody that bought the the fight was giving money.
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reportedly floyd and manny, they got a lot of money. to you want to break it down. >> they will earn 15 million-dollar per round. >> there is 12 round. >> break it down more there is three minutes in each round, which means five million-dollar per minute, or, 83,333 for every second of the fight. >> $83,000 per second. >> per second. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> so many celebrities went into watch the fight in las vegas. >> it seemed like every time there was a cutaway a new celebrity. oh, so and so is there. i almost thought they should do a roll call. with all of the celebrities. if present. >> if you were inside they had tight shots of the celebrities. i saw beyonce, jay-z. >> yes. >> denzel washington. >> here's the the problem, if you have celebrities and you all fly in the same airport you will get a traffic jam. i hate when this happens too.
7:20 am
all of your private jets, is there so many of them, it is jammed close together. >> yeah good we hate it when this happens. >> this was on saturday evening. so a few hours before the match. look at that. >> it bothers me when my jet cannot fit. i want a lot of space. >> you come out and you press the button, and how do you find your jet. >> no, the keys do have that same sound for your airplane though. >> yes. >> i walk around. where are we. >> if i get my private jet, i'm going to have it painted like purple. something that stand out from a white plane in casey get involved in situations like this. 7:20. if you are booking your um will iser vacation you may want to do it from your computer instead of the smart phone. really? see crooks are scaming on our
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smart phones. >> those phones, not so smart. >> i have to go buy a computer again for my home.
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i have booked my vacation on my phone, airline tickets, hotel. >> no easier way than your hand. >> you pennsylvania may want to think about that next time. >> why is that lauren, why can't i book a hotel on my phone. >> you can, you just have to be careful. one in three people are booking their vacations on line or on their smart phones. screen is so small. you might be on a bogus web site that looks like a legitimate web site and you get confused. if you ask the american hotel and lodging association, this is what they say. they say two and a half million travelers affected by these bogus sites and scams costing us 220 million-dollar. and their recommendation is is this, just look on the brand web site directly. if it is mar why the book via marriott. if it is hilton book on hilt on's web site. using a third party site which is legitimate sometimes they don't take your loyalty number. they might have a different
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cancellation policy and share your personal information. there are some things you might want to be careful about in those tiny screens. >> i hear you, camille in the control room can you bring up the treva go guy. >> he keeps bringing up this guy. >> i know. >> do you ever see that web site, hotel, i have been doing lately when i book an airline, go to the airline's web site, go to the hotel's web site. that is the hint, right. >> that is your safe play at this point. >> but may not be the cheapest >> well if you call a hotel and said i found a cheaper price they will typically give it to you. you go honorbitz and other sites, you fine the cheapest hotel, and then call, there he is. >> there is your guy. >> yeah,. >> does he look like he slept in his clothes, he is hung over. >> he does, look he hasn't
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shaved in a couple days. >> but now he has a new look. he has more of a beard now. so, i think he looks g he looks fit. >> why do you like this guy so much. >> i don't know. >> he is just so dirty. and he wants to book a hotel. >> you like dirty. >> you go to triva go, pick out that cheap hotel and then call that hotel. >> that is what i do. that is what i do. typically they will always match it or sometimes they will throw in a perk for you. i'm all about loyalty points because i love to redeem miles, et cetera, points for a free stay, free flight. sometimes that third party site if you call them, my loyalty number is not working. they will say our system is down, we cannot help you. just check in and give them your loyalty number. at that point some customer complain and say it ties late. when you go to check in the hotel doesn't even have your reservation. >> lauren, we will see you tomorrow. >> all righty, have a good one.
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>> sunday is mothers day. most mothers get flowers. are we still giving flowers to our mom. >> yes. >> you cannot go wrong with flowers. >> you cannot think of anything tolls get her. >> safe bet. >> what are the best flowers in the delaware valley. >> jen knows. >> right here at veil forge flowers in the barn. here's the the situation, lot of moms want stuff that is in planters but they don't always want to plant the stuff themselves. so, we will talk about some ideas where it feels like planter stuff, without all of the work. >> no work here. >> thank you very much. we will be right back. >> the place is gorgeous. just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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it is exactly 7:30. bob has another mug. >> this is pretty cool from patty in coopersberg, pa, bee happy. mike, been watching you forever. sue, you warm my heart with your love of dogs and fox fursday. hoping the mug made tonight one piece. welshing it did. thank you so much to path friday coopersberg . we will have a happy, bee happy day. >> that made me happy. >> you also have a little bear there. >> right there on the side. >> bear is dressed as a bee. >> so much honey, he is turning into a bee. >> very nice good we were all a buzz about the weekend. >> i cannot bear it. >> stop it. >> just so wonderful. >> saturday we were in the
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70's. sunday we got the to 81 degrees. today another winner. >> eighty-five today. >> probably warmest day of the year so far. >> i love it. >> here's bus stop buddy who will not need that sweat shirt later this afternoon once he gets home from school but still on the cool side waiting for the school bus, this morning even with the sunshine. we will go with a nine, out of ten today, nothing to show you on radar. we have 57 degrees, right now, calm wind, right now but we will get and gain maybe 25 or 30 degrees during the course of the day to day. wind will be picking up. it will be breezy, gusting maybe as high as 25 miles an hour, those wind. high of 85. low of 60 tonight with diminishing breezes. that is your monday, not bad for the first monday of may, bob kelly. >> not bad at all, 7:31. outside we will go to a live look at the schuylkill expressway starting to see the beginning of the sun popping up and over the tree line as
7:32 am
we come around the the conshohocken curve. here's a live look at 422, on the left side there, delay coming out of the collegeville, royersford, heading towards king of prussia, i-95, bumper to bumper on into girard. here's the location of the brush fire in pemberton, new jersey. just some fire fighters on route 70. it is under control. we have a in smell of smoke, rolling through wrightstown, fort dix and pemberton through the the rest of the morning. we're in good shape on the bridge and pennsylvania mass transit looking good with no delays. mike and alex, back to you. prayers for peace filled the streets of the baltimore yesterday, as the city prepared for the next step in the freddie gray death up investigation. as you know by now six officers are now facing charges in connection with his death. >> joining us to talk about the charges is fox 29 legal analyst ken rottweiler. >> good morning. >> get everybody up to speed. >> what are the charges on the
7:33 am
six. >> most severe driver was the van driver. >> which one is that. >> which one, he is an african-american, of the three there. >> three african-americans, one female and man in the right-hand corner, he is from south jersey. >> yeah, that is right. >> there are other charges of involuntary manslaughter, assault and false imprisonment. thing that is most interesting is charge of second degree murder. the the prosecutor is saying that the severed spine was caused by the van ride. there was this dispute that it happened before he got in the van or after he got in the van. well, now it looks like she has been determine that it happened while he was inside the van because of the charge of the second degree murder. >> when she did her speech she didn't hint at a rough ride being the cause of it. >> she cannot talk about that. >> he didn't go that far but that is what they are saying. now they are examining that ride. they are looking at whether there were potholes, drove erratically. when you are in that van and not seat belted and your arms
7:34 am
and legs are shackles and the van driver is making it a rough ride you are banging against the walls in the van, and although forensic pathologist says that is not enough to sever your spine. your spinal collies covered by bone. doctor mike will tell but that. it is hard to sever that spine. >> did they place him face down. >> that is what they said. >> if you slam on the breaks don't you go headfirst in the in metal wall. >> i guess if you jammed your head hard enough and fast enough speed and that compresses your spine. they tell us that is enough to sever the spine, i don't know. >> also the the matter of arrest. they failed to establish a probable cause for doing that. >> well, yeah, you mean originally when they got him. >> well, you are absolutely right about that. the the police officers were doing bike patrol and riding around and freddie gray, came around and made eye contact.
7:35 am
freddie gray then started to run. police chased him. there was no probable cause. constitutionally if i see a policeman i can start running. that doesn't mean there is probable cause to arrest me. we went and arrested him and there was no probable cause. the prosecutor you are right has said there is no probable cause to arrest freddie gray, therefore, they are calling that false imprisonment. >> how do you prove any of this surveillance cameras. >> i don't think there are surveillance cameras. interesting, there was a surveillance camera in there, and it didn't work. there was a surveillance camera in the van but it didn't work at the time it wasn't working and in surveillance cameras when at rest happened. surveillance camera occurs after he is already shackled. >> it would be in the medical examiner's report. >> a lot of the expert testimony. what you just said i haven't really heard, he is face down, he is going fast and he moves forward and he crashes, into the metal part of the van
7:36 am
and that severs his spine. you could be a forensic pennsylvania atheologies mike. >> wouldn't it still be hard. >> i think it is very hard. preliminary hearing may 27th to see whether there is probable cause. after that there will be trial. it will be a very interesting trial. expert testimony will play a big part in this trial. >> we will talk bit for a long time. >> we will protest until the verdict. verdict won't be until next year. >> it the depend on how fast trial goes and the police officers and how fast process goes but we are not talking about anything real quickly. thanks, ken. with all of these negative stories about police we want to focus on how local officers are making positive impact on our communities. how camden county police department is helping tea crease, violent crime. maybe they should be listening to baltimore. thinking about going with flowers for moth dares lets get to jen and show us how to make a unique arrangement. >> that is good. >> we will talk about that in
7:37 am
a second. here's a tease, jackie kennedy, we have gardenas, all kind of fancy lavender, what was one of her favorite flowers. don't tell anyone. >> we will be right back.
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i guess moms still want flowers for mothers day because us guys cannot think of anything else. >> two ways to do it. try to go to the store and get her something or do something for her garden, like plant something for her. >> well, that is work. >> well, i think your mother would like for to you do a little work. >> if i get flowers and want something special i just don't want a dozen roses. >> jen? >> mike, you have to come here to veil forge flowers, number one. bash's here, good morning. >> i have to say we are doing a segment off of my own experience. my mom loves to have stuff, like you know, new plants. she likes to plant.
7:41 am
my mother in law i buy plant but she hates my taste. this is a blend of we want to do for our moms but do the way they would want us to do for them. >> take work away. we don't want work for holidays so we try to make it easy here at valley forge flowers and just give her things that she loves. takes the work out of it. she loves usuals. it is easy to get usuals, really anywhere, ape they come in these market packs. just put them in a pot of her own or something that you have laying around the house, this is lavender, so that was really easy. we want to put more effort into it then just that. and maybe collections of things, that are lavender based like this aunt saidi's lavender candle. >> if you know she likes lavender that is what you are doing that. >> yes. >> soaps with lavender, so you can make it. she knows that you put a lot of effort into something that she really loves.
7:42 am
>> okay good overkill on the theme. >> we want to up load her profile. buy her a tree, and, bring it into summer. >> people think of gardena, they are more work in the house. summertime put your gardena out and if you do a topiari gardena it is an he will rated look and it is just not difficult. put it in a sunny spot on her patio, in a spot and she will just enjoy it, and do that extra effort and maybe cut a few blossoms and make her a bouquet by her bedside. you will have a free pass for the whole year. >> we have 302nd left. >> herb gardens, i, kid, listen, my children, love herb gardens, so make her an herb garden. so easy. plant it out. she puts this out on patio, lettuce, cool weather crops in there. looks great. accent with something herb
7:43 am
based. we need soaps and lotions. >> yes. >> we won't buy it for ourselves. >> you need soap by kitchen sink, make it special. >> we have to wrap. you want answer to the tease. answer to the tease, jackie kennedy's flowers that your dad did for her, coming up at 9:00 we will show you how to up them a little bit this looks gorgeous. we will talk about, it is just lovely. i love pansies. >> they are not hard at all good can i stay all morning. >> we will be here all morning. >> guys, mike, you could do this for the moms in your life, alex. >> i love the tree idea, gardena tree that is perfect. big fan, one of my favorite flowers. they smell so good. it remind me of memorial day. because they are always in bloom at memorial day and cut them and put them on grave stones. >> we had three different bushes, all three colors. the draft, the nfl draft, the draft is in the books now
7:44 am
but are the eagles any better then they were last season. it seems like, we got rid of jeremy maclin and got a guy that they describe as jeremy maclin. >> let's discuss this draft, we will break it down.
7:45 am
7:46 am
jams on the cue kill and
7:47 am
i-95 with volume and sun glare but we got word of the accident that has lincoln drive closed, southbound, between rittenhouse, to kelly drive, getting word that one of the drivers had a seizure in the vehicle and that is the reason for the accident. so if you are heading south this morning, lincoln drive closed, work your way over toward the boulevard, and as your alternate. mass transit looking good, alex, back over to you. after weeks of speculation, the nfl draft is in the books. how did we do. their picks actually brought some people to tears. >> how do you feel about that pick. >> kyle, kyle, why is he crying. >> because marcus mariota or whatever his name is got pick by tennessee. >> kyle. >> he really wanted marcus
7:48 am
mariota. >> kind of like me good difficult too a lot of people were crying. >> his name is kyle goodell. no, i'm just kidding, roger goodell doesn't know how to say his name either. kyle that little boy will be in the studio. he is upset that we didn't get marcus a lot of people are upset. they did their best to get up and get marcus mariota but to go from 20 to get to number two you needed to give up a ton. titans decided he was their quarterback of the future. many draft picks, many players, they offered. >> that is old news. >> our new mini maclin, how is that. >> nelson agholor. >> that is first pick. >> he is an exact cologne. his body type, exact cologne, same kind of he have is are, same speed coming out of u.s.c. pretty good pick at number one. he is a chip guy. he is smart, he is physical. you know... >> he seems like he loves the fact that he is an eagle too.
7:49 am
>> he loves that. >> glad to be here. so that was a huge hole, losing jeremy maclin was big. i heard you talking about money and paying him. guy wanted too much money. if you can get a guy almost exactly like him. >> the size below. >> let's talk about holes in the draft. you needed a wide receiver. got one. cornerback. >> yes. >> a bunch of them. >> you also needed some offensive line. >> they didn't do that. they did get cornerbacks and a guy that can play cornerback and safety from eric rowe, looks like a really good player. they are speaking glowingly of this kid. >> he can start. it looks like he will start right away. offensive line ace glaring hole. jason peters in his 30's, evan math is in his 30's. they will replace him in allen barber in his 30's. they didn't draft one lineman. that is one glaring need that they have. now, they are going to be cuts in june from other teams,
7:50 am
maybe they can pick someone up, but that is a weekness good what about hicks. >> interesting because they have a gluttony of offensive lineman. it would seem, although, they apparently tried to get rid of michael kendricks and were unable to do that. >> now they have a glut at inside linebackers, guys that play, there are a few you that can play inside and out, one being brad jones whom they just sign from the packers but this hicks kiddies another demeco ryans type player, leader on the field which chip kelly loves. >> i was hoping they were going to pick up michael kendricks brother. >> eric from ucla. >> he went in the second round and they got rowe. it is interesting because hicks was a lot of people thought went way too early and chip may have reached on him. >> what grade do you give chip now that it is all over. >> i would give it a b, i like the rowe pick a lot. it looks like he will step n agholor, he will be a jeremy maclin type player.
7:51 am
the rest though you only had three picks after the fifth round. >> here's the thing, you never know about those guys at the end. >> it is successful draft because they pick up jacorey shepherd. >> yes. >> he went to kansas. >> yes. >> for the the first time in a long, long time. >> so excited. >> your tigers, we had to send him to kansas city. >> because you got cheaper version, that is all. >> and then, undrafted players, did we pick up a bunch. >> they pick up 15 or 16 of them. you hope you can sort of strike gold with one of those players. it turns out these guys are just filler players before the season. you never know. >> tom brady in the sixth round. >> exactly, anything is possible. >> did you watch the fight. >> of course, you are a sports guy. >> what did you think. >> why did i stay up and watch that is what i thought good did you hear mike tyson. >> he ripped him. >> it was just a boring, and i get it, this is what fly
7:52 am
mayweather does, he is technical in the ring and all that, pacquiao was more entertaining fighter. >> he went after him. >> when you build something up that much can you love this guy. >> how about a puffy face good mayweather just wanted to stay upright so he could get his 180 million check. >> only puffy face is in vegas on sunday morning from people who stayed up all night. >> was there parties. >> that is what they do out there. did you see drunk superstars, brady was hammered. denzel had been out. >> the life of the tom brady. he was at kentucky derby in the afternoon and then went to vegas on a private jet to watch the fight. >> and then he goes home to his wife. >> yes. >> we have something important to get to here at 7:52. summer is coming. that means preventing melanoma. there is a new way to help patients battling this disease. new drug.
7:53 am
it really has a lot of prom ace parentally.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
welshing melanoma awareness day or melanoma monday. f.d.a. has given green light to use virus based drugs that many feel will help fight medical nome. so joining us now, woman i call doctor tara. >> tara. >> doctor, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> over at penn. >> beth, welcome. >> thank you mike. >> where do you live. >> drexel hill. >> let's talk about a story, you saw a black spot on your face, how long ago. >> it was made the size of a nickel, a dry patch and it was in 2011, the fall, and a dark,
7:57 am
dark freckle showed up. >> i knew to get to the doctor. >> what did the doctor says. >> it was than early stage one, they removed it, with a procedure, and then plastic surgery. >> what is the that procedure. >> it is a micro surgery used for melanoma, in a location on the face that is very difficult to remove with regular stages. >> is it key to get it early. >> absolutely, melanomas treatable if detect early, and you report tour doctor at the right time. >> and that comes back. >> i also had it on my back. so late in the spring 2012 i had something on my back. they said lets remove that too. but both times they check my nodes and they were clear. one on my face was slightly, 1.1-millimeter and one on my back was less than a millimeter which puts new that
7:58 am
realm of watch and wait. but then in like about this time last year i was gardening and i had a wheeze that develop. i thought i had breathed in some drexel hill clay soil and it persist death. and, it was a wheeze that was seeping into my lungs. >> what did it turnout to be. >> it was melanoma. >> i had three spots on my lungs and then one in my neck you you can get melanoma in your lungs. >> melanoma is an aggressive skin cancer and it can spread through the the blood or the lymphatic vessels to the lungs, liver, the brain. >> i learn something there. i thought it was trickly on the skin. >> we hope to catch it when it is on the skip and we can cure people with surgery. when it spread elsewhere it
7:59 am
can be a life threatening situation. >> when it comes to immuno therapy drugs, the f.d.a. has approved a number of them to help with that. >> absolutely, new category of drugs that have have been so effective, so drugs, drugs that activate their bodies immune system. >> to fight it off. >> they are on the market right now. >> yes. >> are they using them. >> i am. when they realized that this was in july of 2014, when i had chose x-ray, my doctors at lankenau were like well, you have to go to penn . they immediately put me on the drug which was a clinical trial that pared three quick doses of radiation with a monthly infusion of a drug. >> did it work. >> it did work.
8:00 am
it work partially. everything in my lungs got small but what was in my neck had gotten larger. so, what they decided was -- and in that time frame luckily for me this pdone was approved, so, when i had my skin in november, it was considered, you know a mixed response. >> where is she now. >> she's in great shape. these immuno therapy are working well, these tumors are a shrinking and that allows the t cells to be activated and in her case shrink these tumors in her lungs. that can be long lasting which is most important part of the therapy. >> good for you. >> i know. >> tell me. >> i wanted to come here. i'm not somebody who talks about it. >> you are doing fine. >> i didn't tell family because i didn't want them
8:01 am
worried. i have my husband and my sister and my brothers, but i didn't want everybody to worry and this is working so well that i thought if there was somebody out there like my sister who did my research. >> that doesn't know about this new drug. >> or this opportunity. >> you need to know you have options. >> i thought when she contacted me and asked me to talk to the newspaper when it was cancer research i have to i feel so good i work the whole time. >> we thank you for doing this, very, very much. keep us updated on your progress. >> doctor, thank you. >> thank you. >> 8:00 o'clock. the let's roll the open and do another hour. >> monday, may fourth.
8:02 am
two dead, another hurt after a pro fit mohammad art exhibit. what officials think was inside the suspect's car. >> hi, sue. we have a great weekend. do you think we can extend it another day? i'm thinking yeah. we have rain in the seven day forecast, i'll tell you when it arrives coming up. we have a break up, sue in did you hear about it over the weekend? it is over. tiger woods and lindsey vonn call it quits after three years. what they are blaming for the split, jen, good morning to you. >> good morning, chris. mothers day thinks weekend. something for you, the dad and kid to do. we will do some real live hand may mothers day gift. fairy garden. great ideas. >> it will be a nine out of ten today, sue. >> it is, indeed, and we have sunshine that will continue all day long. you will lose that sweat shirt that will in the come home
8:03 am
from school today. it will be in lost and found. nothing to show you on radar. 61 degrees. we will start off in the 40's in a lot of place these morning and we will get to a high of 85. breezes will pick up. we are seeing fire danger and a low of 60 degrees tonight, bob kelly. >> sueby good morning. 8:03 on this monday. sun glare around the board with delays on schuylkill expressway. 8 miles an hour between city and the boulevard. even 95 south, stacked up from cottman to girard. we will you'll into an accident though that has ring on drive closed, between rittenhouse and kelly drive. getting word that the driver of one of the reek also had a medical emergency, a seizure of some sort. that is what caused the crash. is there emergency crews heading to the scene. more than a fender-bender here. as lincoln drive is closed, the best bet using the boulevard to get down to the
8:04 am
schuylkill expressway. southbound lanes of the northeast extension south of lansdale and in new jersey south on 295, riding break from moorestown, new jersey seven three, mount laurel heading down in toward bellmawr. we are backed up on the bennie as well coming into center city but we are in good shape on mass transit. mike and alex, back to you. yes, the investigation of two armed men shot and killed outside a cartoon contest depicting prophet mow ham need texas yesterday. police say men drove up to the community center in garland, texas and started shooting at a security guard. guard was shot in the ankle. nearby businesses were evacuated as police searched suspect's car for possible explosives. organizers had heavy security in place ahead of the time because they were anticipating this protest. drawings of the prophet mohammad are considered offensive to many followers of islam and sparked violence around the world. woman and her one year-old son are listed in serious condition after allah even town police say she tossed the
8:05 am
baby in the lehigh river and jumped off the bridge herself. it is investigated as a murder suicide. nineteen year-old mom swam to shore but the child, floated do you ever river. the rescuers located this child and perform cpr on him. both are expect to survive. >> well, happening today, two former governor christie aid are due in court. they are accuse of conspiring to punish mayor of for the for the lee for failing to back christie's reelection. >> this story is back. scandal surrounding closure of lanes on the george washington bridge has been known as bridge gate. it is back on. here's steve in trenton. >> reporter: mike, take on the old line that the the dirt has really hit the fan here in the state house there using leaf blowers to blow away the dirt. the dirt hit the fan just up the turnpike in newark too. anybody who is waiting for all of the dirt on governor christie to come out with the final federal report on this
8:06 am
bridge gate case didn't get the the final report maybe but they did get report everybody was waiting for and it is not naming chris christie as doing anything illegal at all but it did name two of his top former advisors and appoint ease bill barone who led new jersey factions of the port authority of new york and new jersey and bridget ann kelly, who was his deputy chief of staff, here at the state house. both together facing nine counts and both facing a judge this morning in three hours. >> i had made the statement on behalf of mr. wildstein in january of 2013 that mr. christie knew of the lane closures while they were occurring and evidence exist to establish that. >> certainly nothing came out so far from the official documents. now the defense lawyer is talking like a defense lawyer there and that is his prerogative and duty but in fact, it could have been a bad day for mr. christie and it
8:07 am
wasn't. >> indictment alleges and mr. wildstein admitted that he, barron and kelly executed the plan to suddenly and without warning drastically reduce number of access lanes to the bridge, knowing full well and intending that this maneuver would grid lock fort lee. >> i never ordered, or conspired, with david wildstein to close or realign lanes of the bridge for any reason, much less for retribution. >> reporter: that is bridget kelly saying she had nothing to do with it and wasn't the only one in the christie administration that knew anything about it but she was famous for starting this whole investigation and famous for that e-mail time for some traffic problems in fort lee. well, if you remember back 14 months ago when the new york law firm that the governor hired as much taxpayer expense to do a fact finding report, many called it a whitewash and one huge glaring difference between what, and the the federal indictment that is bill barone, the the four
8:08 am
three-year old employee on that port authority was not even said, in that first report, involved in the bridge closings scandal. we know the indictment says not only was he fully involved but it was him that had idea lets wait until first day of school to close those lanes to have maximum impact and maximum hardship on those kid stuck on the bus, both to and from school, late from school, getting there and late getting home from school as well. barone was making $290,000 as the new jersey leader on the port authority. that is about $115,000 more than the governor. what will come out today? well, maybe more dirt will fly in newark like it is flying around the state house. we will see what everybody says after court or in court. >> school kids, an emergency personnel could not get through. well, it is not funny at all but do you mind if we go back to friday. i thought there was one funny aspect of this whole bridge gate thing.
8:09 am
when the newspaper articles came out they used the term christie alley, right. >> that is real close to the phrase kirstie all i the actress. people got confused and thought the actress was involved with bridge gate somehow. >> my gosh. >> so she tweeted dear new york times your gw bridge scandal christie alley, to plead guilty is trending as k irs tie alley so please help. it hasn't been a week since my last accusation. >> christie alley, people confused with the the actress. >> then she tweeted again i feel the fire of the witch hunt, ouch, ouch, ouch along with the definition of the word all i and link to the new york times article. she was tweeting up a stim. got a say i'm kind of loving my power i can add major bridge closer downer to my resume. >> christie alley, okay.
8:10 am
>> starring in cheers. >> really. well, marriage material, guys? want to know what your future wife will look like? just look at your mother. how your parents appearance affects you will spend the rest of your life with because we married our moms, apparently, lauren. hey there mike and alex we are cruising around camden talking to the police department here. we have some good news hire to report to you about crime numbers being way down we will talk bit coming up after the break.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at 8:13 on your monday morning. will we have the warmest day of the year so far. there is a really good chance because mildest day of 2015 so far were april 18th with 81 degrees, and yesterday with 81 degrees. our forecast is for 85. thanks to the high pressure in control bringing us southeasterly winds, cold front to the west, not expected to a arrive until tomorrow, afternoon. so even in the first part of the tomorrow we should be okay and then we have thunderstorms. we have 85 to die, mid 80's
8:14 am
tomorrow before the cold front hits. maybe a couple showers in the morning on wednesday but it will be cooler with a high of 72. still in the 70's on thursday and then back to the 80's for friday, saturday and yes, mother's day which is on sunday. thinks only monday. we have plenty of time to plan, and most importantly, bob kelly to go shopping. >> that is right, shoppers alert there for mothers day. good morning. sky fox over the scene of this accident a few minutes ago along the lincoln drive. word is southbound lincoln drive a driver of the vehicle here had a medical emergency. some sort of a seizure. so lincoln drive has been closed, on the southbound lanes between rittenhouse and kill i, but it looks like traffic is starting to slowly inch through there. fuzz are coming from cheltenham, allen's lane work your way to the boulevard to save yourself sometime. we are in jammo mode. we have sun glare packing it in here on the schuylkill
8:15 am
eastbound from conshohocken into downtown, a 45 minute trip, southbound i-95 heavy from cottman in through girard avenue, accident south on the extension, just past the lansdale interchange and we have word of a crash here on the roosevelt boulevard, southbound boulevard, right here near fox street. otherwise we have delays on the bennie coming into downtown but mass transit looking good. mike and alex back to you. police officers all over the country have been in the spotlight over the last year or so. >> protests are taking place in baltimore following death of freddie gray who died after his spine was severed in police custody last month. on friday morning six police officers involved in the arrest were charged in his death. >> another recent case of citizens clashing with police came after the death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the armed teenager was killed by a police office there are in ferguson. there are also police officers making headlines for very good reasons too. >> officialness new jersey, they mark two years since camden county police department began operating and
8:16 am
they say violent crime, including homicides, has decreased significantly. >> because of a significant program bringing the community and police officers together. lauren johnson will, and, and, that is good, mike. we will get a report card in a second. >> when we invest in the community things change. this park was a very different place about a year ago. here's last year, june, ground breaking here, prior to that you can buy drugs, buy sex and other things you didn't want in your community. here to talk more bit is chief thompson, lou capeli, tour report card. >> so two years ago, actually on may 1st we launched the camden county police department. we did so with a new paradigm of policing, one in which officers would walk the beat and ride bicycles and connect with the community in the way we have never done before. what we have been able to do is cut shootings and murders in half which is remarkable. but more importantly children can enjoy the streets and we
8:17 am
have started to enhance the communication and trust that we have with the people living in the city. >> this was your idea, when you first introduced it not a lot of people believed in it. >> board of freeholders took a beating from different organizations but under chief thompson's leadership our officers have become partners with the residents of the city. as a result there has been drastic changes. we have a long way to go but we are moving in the right direction and this city is transform into one of the brightest spots as far as urban redevelopment in the nation. >> reporter: so much so you have media coming from all over the the country to come see what you are doing here compliments to you and the police success. >> it is attributable to the men and women on the street every day doing the the work. our public safety gains are as much of a credit to the community. we have made streets safer not by polarizing and military icing neighborhoods but by enhancing the dialogue we have with the people that live in these communities. they are leaving their homes.
8:18 am
they are walking the streets. the is there far more good people then they are there bad people. we set a tipping point. >> public safety is important for redevelopment. lots of businesses looking at camden to come relocate. >> we have some national headquarters coming to camden. over next ten years we will have a billion dollars of new investment in camden city, the creation of somewhere between seven and 10,000 new jobs. you will in the recognize the city in five years. >> that is good it used to be top of the so many bad list and now it is making waves. >> how do you feel when you know people are coming to see what you are doing well when you see so many bad police stories in the news lately. >> look, men and women who are police officers are some of the most dedicated individual. these are individual that are willing to put their lives in harms way for people they don't necessity on a daily basis. it affect all of thaws we are paint pennsylvaniaed for broad brush for the acts of the few. burden is on us to continue our level oven gauge.
8:19 am
and we will get over that. so it is good to see that good policing stories because there are. they are not making headlines every day. but just the other day we had one of our officers came across two kids in the neighborhood. their basketball was deflated. our officer bought out of his own pocket, basketballs. that is engagement we want and relationship we want in the community. >> thank you both for being here. yes, mike. >> ask them if they have been asked to talk to other police departments around the country. >> reporter: absolutely, mike asking have you been asked to talk to other police departments across the country. >> we have and we have been engaging in dialogue with law enforcement leaders across the country. camden is on the way back. mike anal a ex, come down to the aquarium and our business district and enjoy the city. >> thank you. >> you can touch the fish. >> yes. >> i really like this sound like it is great for the the community. >> your kid can see it is more than a uniform they can have a
8:20 am
relationship with officers. >> that is how it used to be in this country. post baby style. i want to know something, how did the duchess, look at her, she just had a baby a few hours ago. >> she looks good. >> well, she does. how did she do it. we will break down her glam squad apparently, and we think the baby will be named within the next hour. >> ♪ >> a lot of people didn't like his rendition of the star spangled banner. hi, liev. jamie fox performing the national anthem, what did you think about it. we will discuss. hi, tom brady is that. is that michael. just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
8:21 am
thstudents intwo hphiladelphia.nd jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse, i'll take them to federal court. as mayor, i'll do what's right for them.
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪ >> when i say it. >> the performance that has jamie fox fighting back against his critics. the national anthem, on saturday mayweather pacquiao
8:24 am
fight a lot of people weren't feeling it. folks were so unhappy and they went to twit ter let him know. >> before the fight start can we make it a law you are not allowed to remix the national anthem. hash tag jamie fox. >> john said what song is jamie fox singing. >> and, luke is going to continue to belt it out in the shower, jamie fox making me feel good about my shower singing. >> the luke russert. >> yes, he is verified, it is him i'll be darned from nbc news. >> my thing is, i was at a party, i could not hear that it well. it sounded like he churchfiled it. >> they don't like people messing with the national anthem. >> it makes you think when r kelly dit. he had a choir. people were really upset about that. >> right at the end did you notice jamie fox face he didn't look too thrilled with his performance either. i thought it was good. we forget jamie is so funny
8:25 am
that he is a very serious actor and a darn good singer. do you remember ray? he sang all of the songs. >> yes, not only just ray but he has a new song out that i like. >> yes, just released. >> good singer. >> so, tom brady has the the life, there is in question bit. i'm jealous. >> let's go through it here. super bowl rings, four of them, check. super model, married to one, check. >> okay. >> then there is the the ability to attend two of the biggest sporting events of the the year, kentucky derby, there in lexington, louisville i think it is. thin he gets on a private jet and flies to vegas for pacquiao/mayweather. >> party in the the day and night. people were saying once's arrived at the fight, he didn't look so good. >> let me just tell you this, on private jets they have plenty of alcohol. so the luke russert.
8:26 am
>> tear tomorrow brady's handler. don't let your guy in national tv in vegas after he is half in the bag from the derby and pj flight. >> i have never seen luke ruster t tweet so much in my life. >> so, caylee tweeted. >> yes. >> i get really distracted when they show tom brady in the background. the boy is hot. >> no question about it. he has it all. at least he could be ugly. but you no. >> then there is this tweet of him in his shade and leather jacket. tom brady, in search of sarah o'connor. >> sarah connor is in the terminate or films. >> yes. >> what is that line, mike. >> i'll be back. >> well, you know it is rough when you have to say sunglasses, inside, you know you have had a day. >> i'm thinking that is saturday. man, i'm jealous. what was i doing saturday? i'll telling you. running from the couch, to the
8:27 am
um, couch to the. i had some issues over the weekend. tom brady wasn't in his underwear on his couch. >> no good we see you why are jealous. >> he is at 36,000 feet drinking champagne. >> jen, you had a great hat on watching the derby, a big green hat? that is a different jen. >> it is yen i. >> it is jenny joyce. >> let's change the topic too here. all morning long we have been watching people drop off these blue bikes, pick up these blue bikes, just two weeks in the new city biking program, it is proving to be popular and already expanding.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
all right. it is a day where bus stop buddy is wearing his shades and you will need some too. not only that especially in light of what we heard a little earlier, it is time for sun screen today. you will want to be outdoors. it is so nice and warm.
8:31 am
nine out of ten in your weather by the numbers. we are looking at satellite and radar, nothing to show you there let's show you current temperatures, so pleasant, 61 degrees. the southeasterly breeze at 7 miles an hour. southeasterly means, warm, how warm? 85 degrees today with plenty of sunshine. breezes will be picking up more this afternoon as well. 60 degrees tonight. is there your monday fox cast, we will talk more about when that rain arrives tomorrow, coming up in a few minutes. so bob kelly, lots of sun glare this morning. >> pick a road any road we have a sun glare. we have an accident southbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard at broad street where you ride the brakes to ninth street down through the accident scene slow go on the schuylkill from city line out to conshohocken both directions. wicked sun glare, coming around that curve and south on i-95, heavy cottman to girard. even 295 slow go with some sun glare from route 73, all the way down through to the black
8:32 am
horse pike. we are backup on the bennie as well into downtown. mike and alex, back over to you. do you see all of the bikes around town. philly bike share is a huge success. >> it is, the blue bikes. >> yeah. >> now they are talking about expanding, even though it has only been operating for ten days, jenny. >> reporter: yes, ten days so far. you saw my previous live shots we had two bikes. the now bike rack is getting more full. we have been seeing people stop by. a lot of people dressed for work, dropping their bikes off and some other people picking them up. it has been cool to watch people explore this new program even to stop by and read a little bit more bit. in just ten days since the in dego bike program launched more than 12,000 ride were logged and 2600 people signed up for a membership. >> we're just finished week one. in the first week we had 8,000 trips taken on in dego and as we come in the weekend we are expecting to surpass 10,000 trips taken by philadelphians on the new bike sharing
8:33 am
system. >> especially cab verse uber on a day like this, it is easy to grab a bike and head downtown. >> it is my first ride. the bike rode really well. it has three speeds. it is comfortable. it is low. the not too high for someone like me 5-foot four and the docks are every where. >> we're feeling great about this. we are loving seeing people use bikes for all or the of trips. i saw a little girl and her father ride ago long together. people are using to it take family outings that they could not have taken before. >> reporter: mike and alex, talk about timing. we have two people coming to check out the bike. bob, you obviously got a membership for this program. >> yep, just on friday. >> how is it working and are you excited that the city launched something like this. >> yeah, i love biking and it is hard bringing my bike in the city so this is working out good. i got it after work friday and got the some train station easy, returned it, real nice.
8:34 am
>> nothing better on a day like today. >> gorgeous yeah, looking forward to it. >> wonderful. >> we're so exited to see how well received this program is. have a great day. thank you so much. if you want to find out more information ride >> he bought a key. >> what do you do swipe it. >> can yucatan us through the the process. >> with the coffee cup in your hand. >> actually i have only done it card in and go back to the station. so i won't be charged the credit card is until i get the key in the nail and once i have that i'm supposed to be able to touch it and get the bike. >> your credit card is essentially key to unlock the bike from the docking station but you will have that key. they are still getting the key out to new members. >> yes. >> about a week. >> thank you great idea.
8:35 am
>> great to see people using it. >> like i said we used to drag this little bike he had on the train. now it is simple. >> i love it. >> 8:35. elementary school students in delaware county aren't taking rejection very well. this is after a video request. they sent a video to jimmy fallon. they wanted him to come to his school. not only dit go unanswered. >> they sent a videotape. >> not only did it go unanswered but late night, it was return, the request. >> so the school sent to it jimmy fallon at studios of nbc. somebody probably didn't even opened it, jimmy never saw it, and they sent it back to the school because they wanted jim toy come and visit. this was their plea. >> hello mr. fallon. we're the the first grade class that sent you a movie and wanted you to read us a book. >> does this look familiar.
8:36 am
>> you didn't even watch it and sent it back. >> jimmy why? >> did we do something wrong. >> my goodness. >> hey, kit cat do we have the original that they sent him. >> we don't have the original tape pleading with him to come back. so this is their response that they are going to send up to him after they got package back unopened. but listen, kid, sit pennell elementary, i'm sure jimmy never saw it, okay. i'm sure he never saw it, security probably said don't open this because over the years they have had some problems up there in nbc with packages. >> do you you see their faces. oh, jimmy, you give us the blues. >> we sent you a movie, we worked real hard, but you sent it right back, without even a
8:37 am
card. >> my goodness. >> this is fantastic. >> this is so great. >> now send this and put this out on you tube which they have done, jimmy will see this. it will get a good response. >> it better. >> why don't we help them out. can tweet to the tonight show with jimmy fallon. this is the hash tag fallon tonight. let's help him out. >> we need to tweet the link to that you tube video and people can use it. >> it is on you tube, find it, and use the hash tag fallon tonight. >> all those kid, they were so cute. how could jimmy say no to those faces. >> he absolutely never saw it. >> let's get tweeting right now. >> it is over. to you see tiger and lindsey called it quits. >> did you see the little
8:38 am
press release. >> why don't we put them on the screen in case you haven't seen it. i think it was written by the same person. neither one of them. >> kyle, kyle. >> moved to tears, people are still not over the eagles missing out on marcus mariota but no one more upset than little kyle. is he so sad? he will join us in the studio in a little bit.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
what you cannot be together in a relationship, chris murphy, what happened to tiger. >> well, they are splitting up. another big break up for tiger, of course. so she, lindsey vonn took to her face book page to share news with the fan. on it the she wrote quote tiger and have decided to even our relationship.
8:42 am
reason for split that she says their successful careers kept them away from each other. vonn said we lead incredibly hectic lives, that force us to spend majority of the time apart, end quote. appear to be amicable with vonn adding she will cherish memories that they created together. vonn and woods have been together for nearly three years. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, they say the fact that hectic schedules. you have been together for three years. weren't your scheduled always hectic from the beginning. >> of course, what is the real reason. >> early on you try to make it work and eventually it takes it toll. >> after three years, we are not spending anytime together. she was at masters with him a few weeks ago but then, you know, why we bothering to do this if we are always in different parts have of the world. >> well look, the bottom line is, i don't know what you are insinuating here. >> that cannot be the only reason. there has to be more than the
8:43 am
story. >> who is cheating on who. >> well, that is it, mike. >> i mean he was pretty prolific wye understand in the cheating department, so when you are thousands of miles away from each other, does her mind wander about what tiger is doing. for his part, you mentioned before the commercial break, his break up message on his when site, tiger is anotherly similar good i thought that is what you were going to do. >> no, lindsey vonn's was almost exactly like tigers. they got together and said lets not create a media mess. >> if they will send out a statement dot exact same thing. i don't want you saying something i'm not. >> put tonight different word. they used exact same phrases. they wrote it together or publicist did. >> which is cool. >> yes. >> they said they were protecting kid and keeping paparazzi. >> they request privacy at that time. >> mom and baby are doing just
8:44 am
fine. >> okay. lets get to jen because we have to talk about the mothers day flowers. >> yes. >> she's buying flowers. >> we're making things for mom and this isn't like a fingerprint thing which is also very nice obviously. but come on back and we will talk about fairy gardens and other things and get big guy the the dad might get involved in all this there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over
8:45 am
public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse, i'll take them to federal court. as mayor, i'll do what's right for them.
8:46 am
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8:47 am
we have been following will this story out of allentown. the allentown police department has now charged a mother with attempted homicide and other charges after allentown police say that she tossed her one year-old son, into the lehigh river. >> yeah, then she jumped herself. the she's 19. she was able to swim to land but her child went down river. rescuers were able to locate the child a boy and perform cpr. both mother and child are expect to survive. we have now learned that she has been charged with attempted murder. >> we should have a name i would think within the next hour or so. >> mothers day is this sunday. do you want to buy flowers? not just any flowers. >> so jen is at valley forge giving us great ideas. >> beautiful place. >> there is just the amazing
8:48 am
place. it is a great day. good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> this is a great idea. do you workshops where kids come in and make a fairy garden. >> they do it is so much fun. it is great way to get creative with your kids and it is a great the way for kid, and dad to create something for mom, that really is from the heart and they are just adorable. how much fun is this to make. >> really fun. >> yes. >> so this is something like a fairy village. this is super advanced. >> this is something that you start growing a collection with fairy gardens, so as it grows you will just get more accessories and plants. up less. it never stops and you can start off with something simple. christian and why can't i think of your name, constance. constance and christians are make ago adorable ones for their mom. >> one thing you made these mini plants. >> you do good they are easy to fine, right. >> you can really find them anywhere. so i just put about three
8:49 am
plants in a small garden, constance you will make a little hole here in your garden and go ahead and fill that in and plant that down. that softens your accessories. but look at how cute? what did you pick out here. a mailbox, a little dog house. >> look at that little fairy good then it just grows and talk bit throughout the year, right. >> you can take care of it throughout the year, you can have this outside and then bring it in the winter. it is just something that adds whimsy and i think your mom will love this one. i think you need a few more plants. >> i love that is a boy fairy. you have to have a man. the basically the dad can collect these things, make it happen. you look like you have won. that is amazing. >> i just sat here and did nothing. >> exactly. >> isn't that what mothers day is all about dads doing nothing, kid doing all of the work anus getting cute little
8:50 am
fairy things. >> mike? you need a couple of these on are patio. >> my path the ohio is totally bear. >> you should spruce it up. >> they have been painting the path yes, sir. >> still drying. >> last time i was there, it is dry. he stepped outside and his foot got stuck. >> it has been drying over the the month. spice girls reunite, what? ladies, you'll love picture tweeted out over the weekend. which spice girl was missing. there is one that wants nothing to do with this. i betty know which one. she was always trouble. later, meet one of my little friend. i have known her three years now. little laney. we connect a few years ago at st. christopher's hospital for children oncology prom. she's going to pay me a visit in the studio good getting all spruced up.
8:51 am
8:52 am
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to grow up without a whole lot of money. and how much it matters to save. i try to teach that to my daughter. i'm saving for a house and i don't want my money to go to bank fees. i'm sure you don't either. so ask me about one deposit checking. next time you have a question about avoiding fees, ask me. sincerely, samantha parke, fellow mom and fellow citizen.
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8:54 am
did i ever tell you i have a grand doubt are. >> yes. >> her name is teddy joy, and guess what. >> what? do you have any pictures. >> i have video this time. >> watch this. >> dear teddy and david, happy birthday to you. >> make a wish, blow out your candles. >> that was yesterday, her fourth birthday already, was yesterday. that is teddy on the left with her two stepsisters and her stepbrother. >> what a cute cake.
8:55 am
>> sure is. >> her stepbrother has a same day birthday may third. >> well, it was weird. i remember when teddy was born, they were kind of waiting, let's have her on the fourth, you know, new two of their kid have a birthday on the fourth. and he has been great about it. he is 16 years old. he don't care. >> big brother great big brother. >> yes. >> oh, you know, in the video. it is my birthday. >> i also have video of my grandson too that maybe we will show tomorrow, jackies five months old, already. >> okay. >> i have got video. >> video. >> this just in. >> marriage material, guys you want to know what your future wife will look like? look at your own mother. how your parents appearance affects who you will spend the rest of your life with. >> in question.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
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it is almost 9:00 o'clock. do we have any word at all, on this royal baby. >> on the name, not yet, not yet. >> i thought they would do to it day. >> 2:00 in the afternoon over there. >> we have one more hour on our show. >> come on, kate. >> take a look at kate though, i mean post baby style. this is just hours after giving birth. >> yes. >> glam squad secrets because she looks good. >> that baby is cute. >> listen to this kid her name is kyle. >> kyle, kyle. why is he crying. >> because marcus mariota or whatever is name is got picked by tennessee. good kyle. >> mommy. >> kyle is watching the nfl
9:00 am
draft and he was not happy, that the eagles didn't pick up marcus. so he is so upset, still, we are going to put up a smile with the town crier there. he is with us today, jen? all right. this segment was supposed to be about what you can plant and what you you can't plant around mothers day but it is really about this. what you can put in your cocktails and what you can't put in your cocktails. mike, this is an olive tree. you can grow that at mike jerrick incorporated. you can put this in your cocktail. great stuff for moms especially if she likes to plant. >> yes. >> that way you can extend the olive branch, you know. >> nicely done. >> and take olives and put them in the martini. >> darn right. >> it is may fourth, and may the fourth be with you. >> yes. >> hold on, hold on. >> you have to turn


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