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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  May 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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hurt. ♪ we have have been on top of that breaking news since it started early this afternoon. skyfox live over colonial street in olney where it all ended and it was here that police shot the driver. they say hit and injured several officers. things have calmed down considerably. here's look where it all began. ninth street and olney avenue. police say they were trying to help a driver involved in an accident and appeared quiet out it but when they tried to help oil out of his car he fought back they tell us. he then used his car as weapon. hit three officers and a fourth was -- when the chase was on. it ended with gunfire that man is parent until critical condition. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm yann paper. life tomorrow coverage for tonight. our dave schratwieser near writ all ended. shawnette wilson gathering information where the struggle and chase began. we begin with dawn timmeney at einstein medical center where the officers are being treat to do night. dawn how are those officers doing? >> reporter: they're very lucky, iain and i have to tell
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you police and the mayor calling this whole thing very bizarre and still at this hour trying to sort out exactly exactly what went down. here's what we know. it started this afternoon about 2:00 o'clock when officers from the 35th district were responding to reports of a driver who had crashed his car into a wall. this was at ninth and olney. now, officers say that that driver appeared to be incoherent they tried to help him out of the his vehicle when they say the driver got extremely violent and engaged in a fight with the officers and then he somehow managed to get back in to his vehicle, it was a maroon sedan gets back into the car and uses his car essentially as a weapon running down these three officers. he then according to investigators drives to ogontz and stenton where he engages with a fourth officer who he also injures. the good news none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. >> i've seen all four police
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officers. i've talked to all four police officers. they're pretty banked up but if good spirits and folks here at einstein doing a tremendous job to help them deal with this. >> you got back injuries. gout legs injuries. i saw some arms that were bleed bleeding. one officer had a cat scan. >> you heard one of those officers under going a cat scan. the fourth officer who was injured at the end of that chase now police tell us it's very fortunate that no one else was injured. that the driver hit a number of vehicles including a fire truck and that pedestrians were even jumping out of the way of the driver. so four officers injured. they will be okay. again quite a scene this afternoon. iain and lucy, back to you. >> all right dawn, thank you. ultimately it was gunfire that repped bring this chase to an end. >> the suspect shot twice by police. they say before he could hurt anybody else. fox 29's dave schratwieser is
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live in west oak lane close to where it all ended. dave? >> reporter: lucy i'm really at the middle scene. it starts at that accident up on ogontz where they tried to help the man. it goes right here to ogontz and stenton where he rams three police vehicles here unmarked car, car 3524 and tries to almost take the door off of a police suv here. we'll show you ground video shot earlier when it was complete chaos up here as everyone arrived on the scene. at least two shots fired by officers here at this scene. one of them struck the suspect in the chest. he then pulled away from this scene, drove about a block down ogontz avenue to the 1900 block of colonial street. that's where his car you'll see it here it's a maroon chrysler 300 smashed up on both sides of the vehicle. he parks the car looks like parallel parks the car and then gets out and struggles across the street. we talked to woman who lives right across the street on colonial and she told us what she saw and what she heard.
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>> i heard a shot that sounded like up the street. next thing i know i saw the man on the steps over there. that's about all i saw. >> did you hear a crash or anything before that? >> no, i didn't hear the crash. >> did you hear police officers yelling or anything? >> yeah, i heard -- i think i heard. sounded like i heard a lot of people. let me look out here. i couldn't believe what i saw. i thought he fell or something i didn't think he was shot. >> reporter: apparently tried to run over half a dozen police officers right around the corner corner. >> yeah. >> reporter: what's your thoughts about that? back out here live at the scene you can see where the door was almost taken off that 3525 -- 35th district suv and then a ford taurus police vehicle 3524. also rammed in two locations an flat tire. a mirror was shaved off a deck's vehicle that also joined in this chase. again, two shots were fired here
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at the scene suspect was wounded here got back in his car. drove about a block up here northbound on ogontz on to colonial where he park his car parallel park his car and got out. collapsed on the sidewalk on the front steps i should say of a house across the street and that's where police took him into custody. by the way they used scoop and run technique there to pick up the suspect put him a police car and race him to einstein. he's in critical condition there. they did the exact same thing for all four officers who were injured. that is standard policy now in the police department when officers or individuals are critically wounded or seriously wounded. picked up by police immediate they don't way wait for an ambulance and race them to the hospital. the suspect still in critical condition, guys. back to you. >> dave, thank you. and philadelphia police are still at the scene where this whole incident started trying to figure out why that man crashed in the first place. big mysteries right now. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at that scene. shawnette, what do we know at this point? >> reporter: well this street
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just opened back up about half hour ago. olney avenue between ninth and tenth streets where this all happened. they have the scene on lock down for more than two hours this afternoon. emergency crews and fire had the street blocked off this after the the suspect crashed into a blue wall along a ball field before fleeing from police. witnesses describe the suspects suspects suspects as driving crazy. a woman was also in the car but say she got out when the suspect initially hit the wall. that has not been confirmed there was woman with him. one man standing across the street describes the moments after. >> like when he crash the girl jumped out of the car and said he's having a seizure. call 911. >> that's when the guy called the cops and the cop went down there and was talking to the guy guy. and he was bending over talking to the cop. next thing you know i seen a cop run over. and then the car backs up and takes off. >> reporter: that witness went on to say the suspect pulled off
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and came back around again as you know by now hit hitting several police cars with officers inside inside. now, let's switch to another scene. our cameras were also at seventh and chew a few block away where the suspect allegedly hit another police car as he turned on to a dead end street and tried to make a u-turn. you can see the damage to the driver's side of this police car and some red and burgundy paint likely from the suspect's car as we know that officer among others have been taken to the hospital. now, coming up at 6:00 o'clock, we'll hear from a man at seventh and chew who says he was there when it happened. he helped that officer who was hurt out of his car. he describes the condition that officer was in. we'll see you at 6:00 o'clock. back to you. >> all of this unfolding at several scenes across the city to today. let's take a closer look at how all of this hammed. it all starts with a traffic stop in the citi' olney second. police say they were called out to this area on reports of a man who crashed into a wall. after officers tried to get the man under control he got back into the car and then took off. that's when a brief chase
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happened. guy hit several parked cars and then he including several police cars. he also hit one officer that was on foot. and then it ended here. actually this is where the car 1900 block of colonial where the man in the car was shot by police after police say he was speeding towards them. the man was eventually arrested season now currently being operated on so those four officers were hurt. but they are not life threatening injuries. they were quickly rushed to einstein medical center. police tell us that the four officers there are pretty banked up but they're expected to be okay. mayor nutter says he spoke with all four of the officers shortly after all of this, again the good news the four officers are expected to be okay. lucy? all right. and we are also following this breaking story on you'll find a very latest information right on our home page. you know it 24/7. developing tonight another powerful quake in nepal. >> that is video from inside
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nepal's parliament as the quick hit. lawmakers can be seen running out of the building to the streets where there was even more chaos. those streets are already filled with debris from a quake that hit that region less than three week ago. and that earthquake and after shocks left more than 8,000 people dead. >> also knew tonight us military helicopter carrying six marines and two napal lease army soldiers is missing chopper was delivering aid to earthquake victims but right now no indication that helicopter crashed. military says it is now searching for that missing helicopter. today's 7.3 magnitude quake reeling wreaking even more havoc in a country not even close to recovering from the earthquake that struck april 25th. the state department says u.s. government aid officials already in the region. they're surveying the new damage and help in search and rescue missions. the urban search and rescue personnel who had been preparing
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to depart but were still in country have gotten back to work and they are working in coordination with the us military and are conducting aerial assessments. >> regarding the us chopper we understand american troops are now on the ground searching for it. and of course all the people on board and for all the breaking news on the quake and the search for that missing helicopter check out website it is of course so summer heat arrives before a dive in temperatures. chief meteorologist scott williams enjoying the evening in old city and a look ahead. hey, scott. >> hi there, lucy and iain. it's been the hottest day so far this year. we made it up to 87 degrees and folks are out and about here in old city. i'm going to step out of the way. it's still pretty warm but thankfully there has been a bit of a breeze with those winds coming in out of the west northwest but those winds are going to be winds of change later on this evening as the humidity continues to drop along with the temperatures.
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but so far 87 degrees close to that record high of 91 but not quiet. but take a look at the map out ahead of that front still pretty warm and breezy but behind it, high pressure will move in along with some cooler air. but look at the 80s right now. 85 trenton. 83 allentown. 88 right now in millville. but you can see off to the west look at pittsburgh only in the upper 60s. mid 50s in detroit some of that air is headed in our direction. when i come indoors how close cool it gets tomorrow and if we'll see any rain in that seven day forecast. guys, back to you. >> all right, scott thank you. a man see as dog locked in car that seems to be in trouble. he says he rescued the animal then he was arrested. why he's in hot water tonight. >> cacti probably don't look too out of place in arizona but in one town all is not as it seems. how a cactus could actually be watching you.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye
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with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children. ♪ >> we continue to follow breaking news involveing four philadelphia police officers tonight. the officers were hurt this afternoon after trying to stop a man in a car it started in the city's olney section and ended with officers shooting the man in west oak lane. that man is now in critical condition. the four officers are at einstein medical center. they are expected to be okay. we'll have a live report from the hospital coming up for you at 5:30. developing right now terrifying ordeal for a family in new castle county. they woke up in the middle of the night to find strangers inside their newark home.
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masked home invaders got away only after holding the family at gun point. fox 29's dave kinchen spoke with someone within the family who was inside that home and interview you'll see only on fox fox. live in new castle county for to us name dave, cannot even imagine. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. victim we spoke with says that these suspects held him at gun point beat him and even threatened to set him on fire. he's telling his story only to fox 29. >> he's guys came that, they put guns to my head and they're like where is the money? i was like what money? they kept asking me. >> reporter: early surprise for this newark delaware man. he was viciously attacked by five men wearing ski masks and dark clothes. looking for cash at his house on garden lane. >> they hit me right here. and they like stepped on my leg and then they brought me here where my little sister was. they were like you want me to kill your little b word sister you won't give me the money.
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>> reporter: they enter the after taking a sledgehammer to the front door. then ransacked the kitchen and tour apart his disable father's room. he says they beat him too. >> my dad he can't walk and they're like get out the bed. he's like, i can't. then they just through him to the floor and then they dragged him to the living room then hit him in the face with the back of the shotgun. >> reporter: victim who we are not identifying also says the bad guys trashed his bedroom and took him to another part of the house and nearly lit him on fire fire. >> i thought he poured gasoline on him. he poured like pine sol. >> reporter: he has no idea hoot suspects are and believes they even pretended to be cops. >> they had um, vests that said police on it and they were like, um we're here to arrest you and all of that. >> reporter: fox 29 was there when new castle county police officer dusted family cars for prints after investigators say the suspects got away in the family's hummer and while thankful to be alive the victim says --
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>> i was scared, but i mean, if it was -- if they were going to shoot me, i mean, it would be my time to go. >> reporter: the crooks -- he says the crooks got away with watches. they got away with jewelry an thousand dollars in cash. police say they recover the hummer but those bad guys are still on the loose tonight. iain iain. >> dave, scary stuff. thank you. imagine seeing this little dog locked in a car and seeming to be in trouble. in georgia a man found himself in just that situation. he smashed the car window to get the little guy out to safety but now that guy is under arrest. >> police say they had no choice choice. fox's denise dylan picks up the story. report. >> somebody said there was a dog in distress. >> reporter: this tiny dog was left inside a hot car with no water in an shopping center. that's when michael hammond says he grabbed the foot rest of his wife's wheelchair and smashed the car windows to get the dog out. when the dog's owner came out of the store hammond says, she was irate. >> she said, you broke my
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window. i said, i did. she said, why would you do something like that? >> i said, to save your dog. >> reporter: authorities say the owner of the car insisted on pressing charges against hammond. >> i full well sympathize with what he did unfortunately i don't see an exception in the law that allows for that action to be taken. >> reporter: hammonds is an army veteran who served in desert storm. his wife says i battles ptsd and is always the one to come to the rescue in the face of danger. >> he has seen so much and been through so much his thing -- ooh got to save them and michael comes back with the fact that i have to save lives because i couldn't save everybody over there. >> reporter: even though he was arrested and will likely have to pay fort windows he smashed hammond says, he'd do it again. >> i knew there would be consequences but it didn't
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matter. i mean glass they make new glass every day. but you could never replace that dog. >> animal control has issued the dog owner a sigh teague. the philadelphia 76ers are rolling out a new logo for next season. >> team is calling it updateed brand identity ahead of that nba draft lottery. coming up next week. the picture on the left is the last season's logo. the one on the right is the new one unveiled today. not a whole lot different. hope we get a good player in the draft. the makeover doesn't stop there. they'll introduce brand new uniforms on june 18th. >> hopefully that makeover continues to extent out. >> i hope we get okay kerr for. >> final exams stressful enough. one test in california stirring up a lot of controversy. >> it requires students to get naked. it's happening at the university of california san diego. why school officials say there's know need to get too bent out of shape about this one. >> when i heard about that i thought it was a joke but it's
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true. and mobile billboard in a kansas town is offending a whole lot of people. the drivers invoking freedom of speech but could he stelle get in trouble? >> beautiful sunset but this isn't happening anywhere on earth. nasa just releasing this picture taken on mars. why you see different colors when the sun goes down on mars. >> and our spring fling road trip continues. so join us wednesday n would be tomorrow right when we take over media on good day and right here on fox 29 news at 5:00 and 6:00.
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>> typhoon makes landfall in japan. the storm unleash its fury on the southern islands islands after pump link parts of the philippines. heavy rain and powerful winds churning up the seas it's also taking a toll on travel with the cancellation of all flights from the main okinawa international airport. typhoon killing at least two people in the philippines. people are gathering in the streets of liberia to celebrate the end of the latest ebola epidemic over the weekend the
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world health organization declared liberia ebola free. more than 4700 people died during the crisis in liberia alone. the outbreak hit that west african nation the who are hardest. the president called on authorityies to renew their efforts to oar rather indicate the deadly virus in neighboring guinea and sierra leone. back here in the us nebraska prison back under state control after a prison riot kills two inmates and injures two others. authorities at the correctional institution say a riot broke out sunday afternoon. officers were not able to take back control of that prison until early yesterday morning. they found two inmates dead inside a housing complex and a second inmate hurt from rubber bullets. president obama is getting support from republicans on a potential trade deal but finding himself at odds with members of his own party. today all but one democrat in the senate voted to block his request for fast track trade authority. the bill would essentially allow president obama to present trade agreements that congress could reject or ratify.
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republicans and other supporters say it would open other markets to u.s. manufacturers but opponents including senator elizabeth warren believe the trade agenda would kill american jobs. >> i think some of my dearest friends are wrong. they're just wrong. >> you can read the latest version of the negotiateed document. there's no need for this false criticism that the members of congress aren't aware of what's being negotiated. >> supporters of the free trade deal say they'll try to pass it again possibly starting in the house. almost everyone loves beautiful sunset picture but i'll bet this is the one first you've ever seen eon taken from mars. nasa curiosity rover recorded this view in april. the image comes from the left eye camera of the rover's mass cam this is the first sunset captured in color by curiosity. you're looking at history here. nasa says dust in the martian atmosphere why you see the
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bluish hugh on the red planet. >> the mystery that grabbed headlines for the better part of a decade. we still don't know what happened to natalie hal away. the new witness that could reveal what happened before the american teen disappeared in aruba. >> scott. >> hottest so far for many across our area. get ready for a traumatic drop in the temperatures. details next.
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>> four philadelphia police officers injured after respond responding to an accident scene. officials say they went to assist the driver who crashed his car in olney. then things took a violent turn. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live outside einstein medical center tonight where those officers were taken. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain, the officers the good news is are going to be okay. but it was an ugly scene. it involved three different locations. it involves involved car chase shots being fired and it left four police officers injured. now it all started at ninth and olney where man crash his car into a wall. police officers from the 35th district responding, and this was about 2:20 in the afternoon. police say the man in the car appeared to be in coherent. they tried to help him out of the car and that's when the situation turn extremely volatile an fight broke out. a very violent fight.
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>> they were fighting this guy. i mean he was very strong. i understand he's pretty good sized guy and there were at least three officers at that location and for him to be able to get back into that vehicle says a lot. and that's when he proceeded to strike at least three at that initial location. >> and they are banged up. they've got, you know, scrapes on their legs, arms, i think one officer has, you know, pretty sore shoulder but again all talking, all alert all you know they're giving information to the hospital personnel. >> reporter: now police say the driver then drove to ogontz and stenton where he engaged i another officer hitting him as well. that officer having to undergo a cat scan. that's when two fellow officers shot and hit the driver. he was eventually arrested at 1900 colonial. he's in the hospital as we speak. niece critical condition under going surgery. now police say the driver hit a number of cars in the midst of this whole very bizarre incident
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that some pedestrians said that they were jumping out of the way, he hit a fire vehicle. so it's actually very fortunate iain and lucy that more people were not hurt. back to you. >> that is so true, pedestrians were jumping out of the way. thank you dawn. we are also following this breaking story on you'll find the very latest information on our home page 24/ 24/7. all right. we know it was hot out there today. humid. i loved it but this is hottest day of the year so far. >> actually didn't feel so hot to me. >> it didn't feel bad to me. with the winds. >> it was breezy. >> we had nice little breeze lowering humidity throughout the day as well. temperatures and humidity will continue to drop. we're looking at a 20-degree temperature drop as far as the high temperatures from today to tomorrow. so it is going to be a noticeable difference as far as the temperatures but the warmest so far of 2015, 87 degrees. the high temperature in philadelphia. that record still safe 91 degrees set back in the
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1800's. that cold front bringing those winds of change lowering humidity and dropping temperatures. but unfortunately it is going to stay dry and we will keep those high pollen levels as we continue throughout the remainder of the week. of course, that tree pollen is pretty high. the grass pollen starting to increase as well. so in the high category through the entire remainder of the week. look at the temperatures right now. still in the 80s. we have 88 degrees in millville. 86 right now in atlantic city at the airport. got up to 89 degrees so far there. 86 in dover. low 80s north and west even mid 70s in the pocono mountains still pretty warm above average temperatures right now. but look at pittsburgh. already in the upper 60s. 50s in detroit. 40s in traverse city so some that cooler air is headed in our direction behind that front. it is also pretty breezy right now current winds sustained winds out of the west lancaster 24 miles an hour. westerly wind in philadelphia at
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16. with higher gusts. so if you're stepping outdoors, warm and breezy, lowering humidity so it is going to start to feel pretty comfortable by 11:00 o'clock less humid. temperatures in the upper 60s. so out ahead of that front still pretty warm but behind it, high pressure will build in tomorrow and also we'll continue to find winds out of the north and west that will be a cooler wind for us and it will drop those temperatures. so as we watch how things play out later tonight that front continues to move offshore. not anticipateing any moisture with that front just a wind shift and then high pressure starts to settle in throughout the day on wednesday. it's going to be a nice day. temperatures tomorrow likely stuck in the mid to upper 60s area wide across the area. then that high pressure continues to settle in overhead. so it is going to be pretty comfortable but once again those pollen levels are going to stay pretty high. so lowering humidity turning cooler if you're out and about this evening for the overnight those temperatures drop into the mid and upper 50s in the city. and then look at this.
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high temperatures tomorrow a few degrees likely below average. 69 degrees. breezy much cooler, and winds are going to be out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles an hour with higher gusts and don't forget about spring fling. it continues in media delaware county. it's going to be cooler, breezy, temperatures at 7:00 a.m., right around 57 degrees. and then lunch time into the evening those temperatures pretty mild. it's going to feel like spring. nice for dining outdoors. we're going to be there with good day and also in the evening so come out and say hi to the entire fox 29 crew hash tag fox 29 spring fling in media. as far as that seven day forecast, you can see we're back to average high temperatures by thursday. 73 degrees. friday looks pretty good. mid 70s and then as we move toward saturday, it should be a nice day but there might be a scattered shower or storm possible and then temperatures back into the upper 70s by sunday. tuesday of next week we could see a scattered shower or a
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thunderstorm move back in. so we have a couple of chances for some rain but it doesn't look all that impressive. many locations so far about an inch to two or more inches below where we should be for this time of year. >> i was going to say we need some rain. >> we dot fire ranger will increase tomorrow, too. >> and plus i've been using way too much water on my garden. hoping get help from mother nature. >> scott thank you. >> it happens to all of us. you hear that song and you just can't get it out of your head for like days. >> i'm notorious for that humminghumming incessant tal. scientists discovered something you can do about it then say it really works. a freak accident in atlanta. look at that. cement truck winds up on top of cars. everyone got out alive. and this story becomes just that much more amazeing when you hear who was in one of those cars. and still ahead new at 6:00 clear surveillance of a suspect burglarizing a restaurant. how officers say he got creative
5:36 pm
to commit a crime. >> just do every day things like we do now we take for granted. >> taking the first step towards preventing cancer tonight on the fox 29 news at 10.
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this is a strip mall in the 100 block of wallop avenue. you can see the smoke pouring from the roof right there. it's unclear how this all started. but we are told no one so far has been taken to the hospital. of course, we will continue to follow what's going on here and bring you more as the news warrants. close call for a former mayor of atlanta after he was nearly being crushed by a settlement truck. police say that a settlement truck overturned and landed on top of a couple of cars in atlanta last night. former atlanta mayor andrew young was passenger in one of the vehicles. he had some minor injuries. another man had serious head injury. the driver of the settlement truck reportedly may have tried to beat a red light causing the collision. he was cited for disobeying the traffic light and speeding.
5:40 pm
planes and mud don't mix. this american eagle jet got stuck in missouri supposed to leave from columbia regional airport yesterday afternoon. but those plans changed when it taxied into mud and couldn't get back out. a bit of a nightmare for passengers who couldn't get off that plane for quite sometime. >> this is the worst thing that ever happened to me on a airplane. i understand that people who have to be some place tonight. they have a lot things had to be canceled and rescheduled but you'll get where you're going eventually. i think being patient is more appropriate approach. >> the airline says it put everyone on alternative flights to get them to where they needed to go. there are new developments in the disappearance of a teen 10 years ago in aruba. natalie hold away's father back in aruba after word avenue new witness. he told inside edition witness claims he saw jordan van der sloot carrying her body the night she disappeared. van der sloot is the main suspect in hal hold away' disappearance and currently serving a business term in peru
5:41 pm
for killing a business student. >> sandra lee as revealed she has breast cancer. she tells people magazine she's going to have a double mastectomy this week. lee says she went for a routine mammogram with her doctor found what's called d.c. is a fairly common non invasive cancer found in milk duct. treatment consists of lump peck tomorrow and radiation she's choosing to get a double mastectomy she doesn't want to be to go through radiation or worry in the future. her partner of 10 years knowledge new york governor andrew cuomo plans to be by her side the whole time. mobile billboard in cocoon town is really of a phoning a lot of people. drivers invoking his freedom of speech right but could he still get in trouble for this? >> cacti probably don't look too out of place in arizona right? but in one town all is not as it seem. how a cactus to in fact be watching you. howard? >> ted wells the investigator of the deflate-gate report lashes back at all the poll gists and
5:42 pm
tom brady's agent on some of the roof reasons he had to find. that's coming up in sports.
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♪ >> it is almost time to crown the 14th american idol. can you believe the final three contestants nick, clark and jax get ready to fight in their spot for the top two. their show come downs the show won't be around much longer. adam house system in hollywood for all the scheme. adam big night. >> big night. rehearsals are completed here in holded wood. preparations still underway a line of people outside around the block outside of dolby theater trying to get in as american idol prepares to crown its 14th champ. >> final preparations are
5:46 pm
underway for part one of american idol' twos-night finale the show's final three contestants will face off one last time vying for the votes of viewers nationwide. >> i'm most excited about the people. we get to perform. before we've been in the studio where there's an audience but not an audience this size. >> they'll perform three songs for the finale each well thought out and carefully chosen. >> we got to pig our favorite song we've done the season when everybody is happy about that. >> um-hmm. >> i'm the most excited about doing our singles because they did great job i think in trying to you know, find out who they are and they gave us good songs really catchy songs. >> no matter who is crowned the idol contestants american idol has given them a platform to shine and the raining to become a star. >> they have preparation it's like no other. it's like weary hersing six songs in one week to get ready for the next week and next week and next week and we still have row her the song that's happening now it's really really
5:47 pm
important to seize the moment. >> lucy you mentioned next year idol' last year the amazing coming out yesterday. when you talk to contestants or you talk to the judges or anybody around this competition while they're all talking about next year being the last year they really are company fussed on tonight and tomorrow night being the two big nights they prepare to crown this next idol champ. >> lucy. >> adam, i got quick for you. who is your favorite out of these thee? >> well you know i like a lot of them this year. i like teyona but she's gone. >> she's gone. >> the final three -- i'll say clark of the three that are left i really like clark. >> i like clark too. i'm rooting for clark he's a really cute smile. how is that? >> i'm rooting for him because he can sing. >> to the her his cute smile. >> no, not necessarily. >> all right. adam housely live in holded wood living it up. part of american idol really just part one right season finale part of a huge lineup tonight on fox 29. part two tomorrow night.
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hell's kitchen at 8:00 followed by american idol at 9:00 we're right here for you get a full wrap of your days news weather and sports on fox 29 news at 10. >> love him or not you can now call rapper kanye west dr. west. he just received an honorary doctorate for the school of art institute in chicago. west grew up in chicago and he studied painting at the american academy art and english at chicago state university. he of course left college at age 20 to pursue music production. that work out pretty well his debut album appropriately titled the college drop out took the stage to address the crowd. >> this honor is going to make your lives easier. two reasons. you don't have to defend me as much. (laughter). >> and i'm going to make all of
5:49 pm
our lives easier. >> past honorees include patti smith, jeff kuhns and david is he dare race. >> you river have that moment when you have a song stuck in your head? grab a piece of gum. chewing gum might help get rid of that ear worm. a study found that the repetitive motion of chewing gum helped participants stop hearing a song they just listened to. >> do you think it will work. no. >> i don't think so either. kansas business owner standing by his first am the right to freedom of speech and in so doing stirring up quite a bit of controversy. bob, closing his furniture store on moving on out not before he tells people in the town how he really feels. he set up three moving billboards slamming the down of lawrence kansas and its residents for their quote pro obama views. three billboards read lawrence sucks. restore freedom and goodbye obamaville. >> this is my business. those are my feelings. and, you know, this is an extreme liberal town even just
5:50 pm
had to get it out. i do see -- we have do have rights of freedom speech and everything. but at the same time i don't think it's completely right to just be so disrespect full. >> the billboards go after members of the lgbt community single moms and people here illegally. town officials are investigating whether the billboards break any laws and makeing sure he has all the right permits. as if final exams are not stressful enough a controversy is brewing over an art class at the university of california san diego much the class requires students to be naked as part of their final. the class is called visual arts 104-a performing performing the self and the final scam project is called the erotic self. the professor says students have to be nude to pass the final and get naked with them at a candlelit room. the chairman ucsd said nudity is not required to pass the class and says the course is not required for graduation. >> sorry, i just can't believe that's real thing that's
5:51 pm
happened. interesting. arizona town putting the eye in cacti. the next time people walk by by a cactus what looks to be a cactus they may want to take a look twice. fox's karen blake has the controversial hidden cameras. >> reporter: welcome to paradise valley its upscale community where the cactus can see you and they are on the look out for criminals and troublemakers. the cactus as well as all major roads in and out of town are equipped with license plate readers or lpr's. >> officer drives down your street. stolen cars, cars of interest will automatically pop up on their screen and on their -- in the patrol cars. >> reporter: scott lamar was mayor of paradise val whole all of the votes and discussion about this technology happened. he says it's been in the works for a long time. >> we do this thing to enhance security of our community. because it's a high priority and we figure outweigh to pay 40. >> reporter: they can afford
5:52 pm
the expensive technology thanks to rich resident who donated the money. >> ben never length citizen who cared to continue to support our fine police department and continued to keep crime rates in paradise island at a historic low. that gift enable us to bring some of the infrastructure into the various locations and in essence we have electronic fence that sees who comes in and out of the community on every major roadway in and out of paradise valley. >> lamar says it's a tool to stop crime before it happens. >> if you have a stolen plate be on the look out it's already in the computer. you go by and they have scanners on the side of the police car just like that it will alert the patrolman. >> reporter: is the message that big brother is alive and well in pv. >> the paradise valley police department is out there and we're watching and we can see you. we were like to think it's a deterrent that someone would figure i'm going to perpetrate my crime some place else.
5:53 pm
it's too ease so to be seen in paradise valley. >> officials in paradise valley say they're goal here is really just to keep the streets looking good. arizona wildlife conservation seeing a big influx of could it tee pups in the last m center gotten about 20 pups. they need to be fed every three hours around the clock that adds up to lot of bottle time with 20 pups over the past month. seeing this many so early in the year is unusual for the center. >> the reason why we're getting so many it's really unclear. it's not the moms are a ban donning them. they don't do that unless it's extreme circumstances. >> once these guys are old enough they'll be moved outside to live with other could it tease. >> the sports world buzzing tonight over punishment handed down by the inform fl in deflate-gate. >> four game suspension for tom brady the nfl hits the patriots with million dollars fine and the team loses two draft picks. top ones. to night howard says he's had it with the super bowl champs.
5:54 pm
♪ let me make one thing very clear. the new england patriots are cheaters. they have now been caught and penalized for the second time. the people that now defend tom brady are clue less. with those people i've had it but the sad part about the latest with tom brady's four game suspension are those that think it's too much. i hear too many that used the excuse that many teams cheat but if that's the case, they have not gotten caught. and it's the arrogance of the patriots and their own are in robert craft craft who called out the nfl commissioner twice. >> we expect harder facts as opposed to circumstantial leaked evidence to drive the conclusion of this investigation. >> reporter: with robert craft i've had it.
5:55 pm
he appears to be such righteous ego maniac. he think he runs the league. he does have too much influence with all of that and with that i've had it. with those who think four games is too much. cleveland browns ray farmer got a four game suspension for sending text messages to a coach during a game. that's right. text messages which obviously is against the rules. now i could cite other examples but it's about the integrity of the game and the gamers that may have known and bet that way. and that choir boy tom brady just flat out cheated and lied to all of us. so go ahead defend a cheater. but brady and the patriots didn't get enough of penalty because they're so arrogant. i'm howard eskin and i've had it. ♪ >> have you had it with howard you can let him have it. record a video post it on facebook twitter or instagram use the hash tag
5:56 pm >> aaa mid atlantic rewarding students in our area for their safety. the students were part of aaa safety patrol program and bob kelly was there to hand out the awards. >> still ahead, new at 6:00, clear surveillance video of a burglar that local restaurant place he came -- den come through a doom he didn't come through a window nor a ceiling. how officers say he got quite creative to commit his crime. we continue to follow big breaking news story of the day. new video into our newsroom. four philadelphia police officers rushed to the hospital after this violent traffic stop. how it all ended with police opening fire.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
it's a money maker. i mean, i just feel like our children are paying the price for these high stakes tests and their teachers are stressed out about it. so, teachers aren't benefiting. they're not getting information from these tests that are helpful for teaching. kids aren't benefiting because they don't even know what
5:59 pm
they got right or wrong. they just know that they feel really bad about it. parents aren't benefitting because i don't get any more information about my child. so the only people that could possibly be benefitting from this are corporations who are making the tests and selling the tests.
6:00 pm
>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ breaking news at 6:00. new video showing philadelphia police locked in a violent struggle. this phone video just into the fox 29 newsroom shows moment a car sped off in the olney neighborhood. police say officers trying to help a driver who had crashed and seemed out o


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