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tv   Good Day Philadelphia 7a  FOX  May 18, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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the train is in, our jenny joyce is on it, so this will be the second train to go around that curve, in port richmond. since, the horrible derailment we were looking at the other train going to washington d.c. i just saw jenny's head on the northbound train to new york city, the next one, it should be rolling out any second, can i talk until it moves? let's get to everybody else. we will be on this train at 7:00. first train to negotiate curve just fine. we have a huge story out of the state of texts. what a brawl. >> biker brawl. 200 gang members get in the fight outside a texas restaurant and turn deadly. what officers are calling a miracle. oh , man we have a big college graduation ceremony, hold on. look at the this. most unlikely place, inside of
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a hospital. how her school, made sure that this new mom got to celebrate like the rest of her classmates. big graduation day, again, today, over at the university of pennsylvania. >> franklin field. >> yes. >> 10:00 a.m. >> good thick they are doing it early. >> yes. >> after lunchtime you cannot rule out. >> a pop up thunderstorm good yes. >> rain, on a graduation. >> that is why we have to finish it in the morning and make sure we finished by the time storm is popped up. not everybody will get one, but it is six out of ten. it is very sticky out there. bus stop budd any jacket required today. later on you may need umbrella, warm, humid with some fog. the isolated showers, we are looking at a few in cumberland county, new jersey 72 degrees with the mix of clouds and sun in the city. 87 percent relative humidity and fog in lancaster this morning. it seems to be the the place
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hardest hit with fog this morning out there. not too widespread and not too dense. we have 80 degrees, with those pop up thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening and then in the overnight hours another round coming through, 62 degrees overnight and still kind of humid. that is your fox cast for a monday but as we get closer, things will change, we will tell you about those changes in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, what is up. >> we are looking live from sky fox over the scene of this school bus accident here. this was not the school bus accident we were going to be looking at on the schuylkill expressway. this is a new one. if you have any information, tell me in my ear here. this is live. i'm being told that one person transported, to a local hospital. no word as to whether that was an adult or a child. this is byberry and thornton road, in northeast philadelphia.
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so this vehicle also involved. again, byberry and thornton right off of woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia right by the old franklin mills which is now philadelphia mills mall. this is accident number one here, in northeast philadelphia. the other accident, that i thought we were going to show you, lets go to my cameras now, it is this crash right here, thinks the eastbound schuylkill, excuse me, westbound schuylkill right between spring garden and girard avenue. it is off to the shoulder. here's the schuylkill river and boat house row. it would be off to the right. now again, in word of any transport in this accident here so we will keep our fingers crossed that he he was on his way to pick up the kid. we have to second school bus accident working right now and there is also a delay inbound on the schuylkill from an earlier morning accident that only had one lane opened for 20 minutes. we are bumper to bumper from belmont heading in toward center city. tacony palmyra bridge in the
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middle of the opening right now so traffic stopped on both side. of course, amtrak restoring services on the northeast corridor as is the trent than line but with septa's trent than line amtrak takes priority on the tracks. so septa's trenton line already running with 60 minute delays, but at least the train are running. owe pack your patient this is morning. in bound to center city, they will skip north philly station. outbound to trenton, they will skip north philly, brideberg and tacony. reason these three stations are on either side of the accident scene there in port richmond. and, we have a presidential visit on tap today are air force one coming in at 12:30 and expect a 1:00 o'clock motorcade from the a airport to camden and then this afternoon around 4:00 another motorcade back to the airport. most likely it will close i-95 and either ben franklin or walt whitman bridgees getting from the airport into camden. here's where the event will
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be, just north of that ben franklin. expect, detours, closures and motorcade will set us back and kind offset us off to a bad start for this afternoon's evening rush hour. mike and alex, back to you. we will watch that around noon, when he land and 44:00 when he takes off. train service is backup a and running on the northeast corridor between philadelphia and new york. >> steve rode. >> yes, on the 5:53 train. our jenny gist is leaving now. >> he is in trenton. how did it go, steve. >> very uneventful on the outside but on the inside aim he sure everybody was like me and just had those mind on those eight riders. i was doing live reports for new york simultaneously with you and hearing about the funerals scheduled for up there and funeral about going on in michigan for those riders. so that was my thought from the moment i left 30th street to when i got off here and you can still in my thought and head. as we get back to life, as normal but, so not normal for
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those families that will never be normal again. thinks new jersey transit double decker commuter train which is bus years of the trains in the morning through new jersey here at the the trenton station. you can see they have so many people on the platform waiting for next train. amtrak train has just left here and went to new york. you can see in our live shot once we past those curves not long after leaving 30th street station, everybody just got back into their usual posture and that is catching up on some sleep, work or just catching up on the newspaper. the headline on the inquirer, just a city that reflects. that was on the lap of one person who was asleep. you just thought wow, that was an expert about the moan that i just passed. it was a welcome sight. trenton leadership throughout this ordeal and then take a day off this morning but thought he needed to get up out of bed early and get over
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there with his deputy everette gilson to show confidence, and amtrak, and the system, and just greeting them and just saying hey, welcome back, thank you, and give them a good handshake of appreciation forgetting back to work at 30th street station. very uneventful day but everybody had that on their mind as we talk to the passengers. we will hear from them when we see you at 8:00. we will send those interviews back. great thoughts from some great people ride to go day because they did take this just as part of the typical commute, the typical, take in the life of their own lives, this date as they reflect on the those lives lost last week. >> thanks, steve. 7:07. national transportation safety board a says that they have requested the the fbi join the investigation in the tuesday's derailment. >> the the fbi a has done just that. 243 people were on board that train, eight were killed. the train's engineer right there was reportedly cooperative during his, interviews but he does not the
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remember much before the crash. and an attorney who has handled rail cases talk this weekend about what may have happened just before the wreck. >> what i have learn is that there are a actually, two curves up in that frankford area. after the first curve engineers will typically slow down to about 70 and then to 50, to get inside the second curve where the the accident happened. but once they past that second curve normally they will speed up because they have a clear shot to trenton. what may have happened is the engineer, after he went through that first curve, may have become disoriented or distract, and then thought he had gone through the second curve, and then just opened it up, thinking he had a clear shot to trenton. >> we dough no that positive train control, had it been implemented, had it been installed and operable at this location, it would have
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prevented this accident. we have solicited or subpoenaed his cell phone record, drug and alcohol testing is donnas a matter of routine, we have seen those results off, those tests off, that is what we do for all investigations. >> so was the engineer distracted by something that hit the windshield of his engine? was this a projectile that left a hole in the windshield, and, you know, factored in this crash. the that is part of the investigation. we shall see. 7:09. funeral will be held today for laura a finamore aches queens new york, native who died in the tuesday's amtrak crash. she was an executive with the real estate firm. relative drives her as funny with an infectious laugh. you can find our coverage, from the beginning, on the deadly derailment on my fox get any updates sent tour phone with the fox 29 news app, down load it right from
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the home page. parts of the plane, again, in the midwest, tornado alley, they had a bunch of tornadoes over weekend. >> hail, flood, ripped through areas of texas and minnesota this weekend. north texas crews brought in the hell cooperate tore rescue a family whose home was surrounded by water there were reports of at least 19 tornadoes throughout that region. the storms brought, strong wind and hail that tore through a lot of properties. terrifying scenes like this one of become a familiar sight in oklahoma over the past couple weeks. this is video of a tornado that touched down in the small city of elmer, two and a half hours from oklahoma city. national wet are service say tornadoes touchdown near three towns of southwestern oklahoma but no deaths have been reported. >> luckily, it looks like it was open farm ground, most of them. one marine is dead after a fiery chopper crash, in hawaii, yesterday. twenty-one others, look at the this 21 others, service members were hurt. some of those injuries are
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critical. crash happened during a train exercise. marine core spokesperson described the accident happened as hard landing mishap. of course, the cause of the crash is under investigation. and, a diego police officers is recovering and a driver is dead following a high speed chase. police say the incident began when officers tried to pull the the driver over for speeding yesterday, but the driver wouldn't stop. the officers at some point lost site of the car but later found the man walking nearby, and began to chase him, on foot. and police say that the man, fired at the police. hitting one officer, in the torso, and she is expect to be okay. two other officers fired back, and the suspect was hit, that killed him. and meeting between rival motorcycle gangs in texas end with nine bikers dead. eighteen were injured in waco on sunday. disagreement prompted a fist
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fight and then shots went out. officials say they were aware of the meeting and units stationed outside. customers and staffers they duck for cover. some people even hit in the freeder in the restaurant trying to get away from it it all. they were chris for saving many of lives.. >> a lot of waitresses and or people that before there. really scary. we didn't know if somebody was going to come back. they said people outside the doors had guns. it was scary. >> i say bullet holes in cars. i saw windows shattered out of the cars. police officers cars that had been hit. there were bikes that were flipped over. >> now no officers were injured in the shoot-out the the surviving gang members a angry over lost of lives will go after each other again. >> i'm hooked that no police officer was injured, which is great but man, just a, a gunfight. wild. 7:12. well, new developments in the u.s. raid that killed an isis
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commander in syria. >> commandoes were inserted deep into eastern syria as night, fighters were there, fighters were targeted and killed isis money man who oversaw terrorist groups finances. also killed were at least three other high ranking isis leaders and many isis fighters. some of whom use women and children as spur of the moment human shield. they have vowed to take back city stolen bias lamb i can state extremist, declaration comes one day after the militant groups seized a central iraqi city in a major loss for the iraqi troops. military spokesmen says they are drawing up plans to reclaim area with the cooperation of the government security forces. reportedly thousands of iraqi soldiers have volunteered to fight after isis, went through, northern and western iraq last june. all right. 7:13. pope franciscan onized four nuns as saints, including two palestinian women. >> how about that. >> man, vatican square was crowded yesterday. both of those nuns are the the
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first, first arab speaking palestinian catholic saints and first to be canonized in modern christian history. canonization of the nuns highlights pope francis efforts to increase diminishing number of christians in the middle east at a time when they are being persecuted by isis. and the ceremony also took place just days after the vatican officially recognized the state of palestine, in a treaty. well, 7:14. north carolina mother to be, says that she was sure she would not miss her graduation when she went into labor. she was wrong. >> well, no, they went to her. >> gillford college senior julia smith went into labor friday night. she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. she said she thought she would get her diploma in the male. her school had had other plans. i was wondering why it sounded a little different. an associate professor, pushed her wheelchair into a special room at the hospital.
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>> thank you so much. it means so much, that the gillford community would do this for me. i feel like i can say so much, and in of it, would really, in of it could come out better. it is the the best graduation present i could ever ask for. >> yeah, i just got a watch. >> yeah. >> my graduation. >> well, the whole experience was surreal adding she's glad little guy was able to witness mom's big moment, even if he probably won't remember it. >> i doubt if he remembers. >> you know what my dad would say. >> this is why it is so important to be close tour professors. >> yes. >> i'm sure, they were excited to go. >> yeah. >> you have to have a relationship with them, but when it comes to a hospital. >> yes. >> of course, it did. >> close to your professors. >> and have a child too. >> no, no. >> i was than the even thinking about that. >> you are a sweet person. >> yes. >> nice of them to do that. >> yes. >> how many professor would come and recreate a graduation
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for you. >> none that i know of. >> well, you are probably close to your professors. >> detention is what it is called. >> yes. >> in college. >> well, at least you can do is name the baby gillford. >> gillford. >> wouldn't that be good. >> yes, that won't happen. here's a look what is going on. we have, snow, up in north dakota, and minnesota, and some thunderstorms down to our south. what we are really concerned about is what is happening around here. just a couple areas of tiny little, pockets, of showers, and moving from cumberland county, into cape may county this morning. around millville there has been a little bit of rain to start the day. here's what is happening as we go through the rest of the day by three or 4:00 o'clock we have widely scattered showers, a few thunderstorms popping up but first a couple of systems and then another one comes through in the middle of the night, with pop up showers and thunderstorms, so the sun could wake you up, very early
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this morning. and then by three, tuesday afternoon another round of showers and possible thunderstorms, and once that is out of here on tuesday, as we said, in the a afternoon, then we can have clear skies, and a return to springtime, just in time for our spring fling in media. and that is rescheduled spring fling that will be happening, on wednesday. and it looks like, the skies will be clear, we will be off to a chilly tart on wednesday, but pretty lovely. there is 72 degrees in philadelphia check out these temperatures out to the west. minneapolis, 42. pierre, north day coat, 36 degrees right now. so some of that air will move in the middle of the week but it won't be quite that cold. it is 72 degrees, very mild and humid right now. 64 degrees in mount pocono. sixty-eight in lancaster. we have reached 70 in wilmington and atlantic city at the airport there and a average high of 74 degrees. and, the the past seven days, most have reached above average at least over weekend we did with 86 on sat the day
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and 84 yesterday. it will get to 80 today. maybe higher then that with more sunshine but pop up showers and thunderstorms possible today and tomorrow. springtime returns for spring fling as we just detailed for you. it is a cool one in thursday, starting off in the lower 50's and ending up in the lower 70's. we will stay in the 07's through saturday. we will flirt with 80 degrees around sunday. this is a holiday weekend, coming up, so not too hot, and humid but the the weather looks dry, and pretty nice as we get into the weekend, bob kelly. >> sound good sue, good morning, everybody, 7:18. we are looking live from sky fox over the scene at this accident at byberry and thornton road in northeast philadelphia. it involves this school bus, and a one vehicle. we're told that one person was taken to aria torresdale hospital there in northeast philadelphia again, this is right at the intersection of byberry and thornton. it is up there in northeast philadelphia in reports of any kid on the bus.
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that is good news there sky fox. let's go to our fixed traffic camera here. another school bus accident. this one is on the westbound schuylkill expressway, between spring garden and girard. i think we're okay here as well. there has been in reports of any transports. i don't even think we have any kids on the the bus right here, so that is good news but westbound schuylkill, heavy, coming out of south philadelphia, heading out toward girard. inbound, jammo from conshohocken, all the way into downtown, we had an earlier accident at girard plus the beginning of the morning rush hour, southbound i-95, heavy from cottman into girard avenue. tacony palmyra, just started moving again, after an earlier opening, and guess who is coming for lunch, the president. >> you got it. >> air force one is touching down around 12:30, and then get ready for a 1:00 o'clock motorcade from the airport, to camden, new jersey. then they will flip it back between 4:00 o'clock, wheels up at 4:40. so that motorcade will be around 4:00 o'clock, heading back to the airport. we will use i-95, and, yes,
7:20 am
this young man in the blue jacket. >> bob kelly, was that a little effect of air force one. >> no, just a regular plane. >> it looks like air force one. >> we try our best here with the graphic situation. >> yes. >> but keep in mind, that we're going to see presidential motorcade closures over here in camden, new jersey. if i were you, i would stay away from the ben franklin and this area of the admiral wilson boulevard. use the betsy or walt whitman. 12:00 to 4:00. here's an interesting question, are you red i when president's motorcade comes back to philadelphia, are they going to have him pay the the toll, because remember... . >> easy pass. >> yes. >> throw some change in the basket. >> do you remember that back in the day when you threw change in the basket. >> would i miss it every time and have to get out and crawl out and around. >> if you ever seen a presidential motorcade, it is something to see.
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>> here's the share with the whole class if you are talking. a teacher in ohio got fired what she allegedly did to one student in front of the whole class, that left the the student hugh million eighthed.
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so, i was at 30th street station, a was craving, every time i'm there, there is a a taco bell, pizza hut combination. ways craving a taco. >> i love them. >> i do too. >> and we might have another reason, why we might wanting to to taco bell in the future. >> alcohol. they might start selling alcohol the attack owe bell. >> yes. >> i think it is brilliant but we need to talk about a couple things first. just a report that they are, there is a really, it is like the hip store of neighborhoods of chicago where taco bellies expected to open up a new location. that is where they reportly filed for a liquor license. >> yes. >> i think it makes sense.
7:25 am
they have cool food that keeps young people going. now if you can get a margarita with are taco that would be perfect. here's the issue? i mean can you sell them at the drive through where most people go and mess people go to taco bell late night after they have been drinking somewhere else. >> what, that is true in college, that was the after hours spot, lets get to taco bell. >> yes. >> opened late. >> lauren has experience with this. >> nice greasy food, yes, you know. >> but they are rebranding at some of the new locations. what i have been reading. it makes me think of looking like chipotles, open kitchen, real sleek, and it is in that sense maybe you go to taco belfor your meal and you sit down and enjoy a beer or margarita. >> beer with your burrito. you know that it is all in response to the success of chipotle. >> chipotle. >> yes. >> but they do sell alcohol. >> it is not very popular there. i honestly have never seen
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anybody one order a margarita. >> i have never seen alcohol at a chipotle. >> have you ever been to chipotle. >> no. >> i have never really ordered. maybe one time. one of my friend did. she thought it was good. i guess it is because you don't think about it because all this time they haven't had it. and then, they go there for lunch. >> i get so mad, thaw are not one to dripping on the clock. >> well, lunch is actually our happy hour. >> think again. >> we get off around lunchtime. >> there, gotcha. >> yes. >> i was trying to protect you, bye, guys. >> see you tomorrow. well, here's something, the lawyers have come out now following this train derailment. but here's the thing, is one person's life more valuable then the the other. that is what lawyers are asking as people who were on that amtrak train last tuesday night get ready to file their lawsuit. the problem many of them are now facing, when it comes to
7:27 am
suing somebody.
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as teachers, we're on the front lines fighting to give every child the education they deserve. every child in every kind of school. jim kenney is the one we trust to be a mayor for all our kids. jim kenney. he's committed to providing pre-k in philadelphia and he'll work with communities and parents to turn around poor-performing schools. i trust jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. he'll be a mayor for all of philadelphia.
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it is mug time. we will send this one out to gratz college. >> yes. >> okay there in melrose park, old york rolled. thanks for big old mug. thanks. >> is that simon's place.
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>> simon gratz. >> no, not simon's place. >> i bet that is same gratz. >> you could be a gratz, grad. >> i like that mug. >> it is an odd shape. >> i like it. >> and it has texture ape design. >> it isarchitectural. >> yes. >> bus stop buddy, those word are way too big for him. but he is really smart. >> okay. >> warm, humid. buddy has umbrella today because we have pop up thunderstorms in the forecast. you might get one, you might not but it is warm, humid besides that. six out of ten in weather by the numbers. little bit of rain in cape may county, new jersey. little bit more around millville and cumberland county. only places we can find showers. we are seeing quite a few clouds but occasionally sunburning through. 72 degrees at the moment. 87 percent relative humidity, it is sticky out there. we have some fog, right now, it looks like lancaster is our
7:31 am
biggest problem with fog, 5 miles visibility at philly international. eighty, maybe more today. warm, humid with thunderstorms, mostly around and after lunchtime today and then another round moving through the overnight hours, 62 degrees, our overnight low, and spring will return, before we get to the holiday weekend, we will tell you when, coming up in a few minutes. >> sound good. 7:31. backed up on the bennie, jammo from the tolls, up and over the downtown at eighth and vine and on the left through can see patco high speed line coming across the tracks into philadelphia as well. there is your speed meter readings, 15 miles an hour from cottman to downtown. 10 miles an hour on the schuylkill. we are stacked and packed from conshohocken all the way into center city philadelphia a again, we're back on track in the northeast corridor. trenton is running with 60 minute delays already. far from a normal rush hour. so pack your patients and give
7:32 am
yourself extra time. inbound trains to center city, not stopping at north philadelphia. outbound trains up to trenton, not the stopping in north philadelphia, brideberg and the tacony stations, university of pennsylvania, graduation, today at franklin field, 10:00 a.m. and that is going to throw extra volume on our morning rush hour, heading in, to the the university or south street exits. that is of the schuylkill. mike and alex, back over to you. okay. >> do you want to start. >> it is okay, go ahead. >> you can go on. >> no. >> this is, the lawyers, who are tart to go come out of the woodwork here. amtrak could face a 200 million-dollar pay out, to train crash victims following, last tuesday night's derailment. >> yes, so the amount in that pay out, is for single passenger rail incident. >> ironically, heather hanson, our attorney, there were 200 people hurt. >> yes good and at 200 million-dollar tap. >> right good a million-dollar per person. >> but it doesn't work out that way.
7:33 am
you have to figure out, two ways to do it. if you take this money, no one will fight it out. yes, we're responsible. it is what happens, in 9/11 it happened. after boston marathon it happened. >> explain that again. >> let's take boston marathon good a lot of people were injured. >> right. >> four people were killed. >> they divided it up evenly. >> they divide the it up by injury. rather a stock broke shore makes a ton of money. people who ride that trend you are between d.c., new york. because you make so much money, your family will be losing that much money, we will give you, 3 million, where as a waiter who was on the train, his family would be getting less money over the course of his lifetime so he will only get 500,000. >> what? >> that is how it is normally done good it is not the based on the injuries, or -- >> well, in the boston marathon they did it a different way. fit is death it is worth this much money. loss of a limb, it is worth
7:34 am
this much money. today there will be a press conference with two of the best lawyers in town, who have handled these types of things over the course of the time. you know what is amazing at this when you look at a it, how proud we should be of philadelphia a first of all we have first responders who were just, outstanding and then i have to say our mayor was so impressive, with the way he handled. today you will see two of the best lawyers in the country who will be handling these cases. >> so, certainly two of the most successful attorneys in the country. >> for sure. >> you have to say that philadelphia, as we know this an outstanding place to be good could we talk about over the weekend everyone was talking about, did you hear, the something that hit the am trach, maybe affect everything. projectile. do you think there could be criminal charges filed if we find out hoist responsible for that. >> the d.a. has talked about looking into criminal charges against the driver. if there was a criminal negligence he could be charged with manslaughter. that could be federal charges
7:35 am
or he could be the the one doing charging. he has somebody throwing something at the train, sure, alex we might the see criminal charges against that person as well. in addition, you sort of assume it is maybe somebody throwing something the at the train f some other company could be held responsible for that projectile, yes. >> exactly. >> the truck. >> then maybe it is a pocket there where you can get liability machine there i. >> i learned something over the weekend listening to these train engineers being interviewed, retired engineers or whatever. all of the stuff that is thrown at trains. >> you don't realize how safe you are in these peoples hand and how much you put your safety in their hand glover time they go out people throw stuff at them. i have hit a bald eagle, deer, cars. >> bird. >> i have had things thrown at me, bricks, rocks. >> yes. >> people should not be throwing things a at trains. >> there was information that steve mentioned that even back, when teddy roosevelt was riding up and down the tracks around here, his train got
7:36 am
pelted with a big metal object. >> well, yeah, one of the things, their issue is they have been talking about different things that amtrak could have had in place to stop. it is sold called ac thet and ptc. they will admit. they will not fight and say we handled this correctly. it will come down can the lawyers find a way town due this cap and say it is in the constitutional? will they have to split up the the money if they cannot. >> thank you. >> that was good. >> a young boy, dealing with autism is bringing people together, with his drawings. his drawings of dragons, how his drawings are inspiring so many other people. this is one cool kid. ♪
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♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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a subaru.
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we warrant you it would be stick toy day. look at that fog. it is so humid outside. lets look outside, walking out the door be ready, what is going on. we are getting ready for spring fling on wednesday. we are going to media, pennsylvania. in the 7:00 o'clock hour we will be at court dine are on
7:40 am
baltimore avenue. then at 8:00, come check us out at coffee corner on jackson street. and then in the 9:00 o'clock hour we will be live from rose tree park, and, of course, we are continuing fun in the evening from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. we will be live from dining under the the stars. that is along state street. we will be at opinion neck ohio's pizza on baltimore avenue and join us because we have to make sure that we go to media come out for our spring fling, it is this wednesday, and we hope to see you there. well, 7:40. are you one of those people who is always hungry. i know i am. we will tell you why you may not feel full, even after a big meal. there is something we're doing wrong. and then lets get to jen fred. hi, jen. >> hey alex. movie i will talk about in a few minutes has a ton of who had guys, jude law among them, but there is a bunch of stunts. is it like a boy movie, or a girl movie, i will tell you when we come right back. it is a good movie, i can tell you that.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters.
7:43 am
i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse, i'll take them to federal court. as mayor, i'll do what's right for them. fleet wood mack. >> yes. >> if you aring your way to the pocono mountains, good fishing up there this morning. a little bit of fog around but we have not seen too much in the higher elevations, if you will, here's what is happening. we have a active start to our weather week and then things calm down in the middle of the week. we have one cold front coming
7:44 am
from the opposite direction, back door cold front, that is coming through right now. we will touch off early afternoon thunderstorms, and then tomorrow, cold front number two, comes through, we will be very warm today and tomorrow in between, before that cooler air starts to move in. not as cold as it is in north dakota where there is some snow but on twitter, our friend antoinette says it is raining in bethlehem this morning. just a few showers around. we appreciate that update. you can see how widely scattered, and not even showing up all of them on radar this morning. but we have been watching cumberland county, cape may county around sea isle city a few showers, around tinicum township in bucks county isolated shower or two as well. they will get more widespread this afternoon, by three or 4:00 o'clock a a lot of us will be seeing those showers. occasional thunderstorm. we will get a break for a while in the early overnight, and then after about midnight, we will see another round moving through, you could get loud in the early hours of
7:45 am
tomorrow, and then some clouds, still unsettled throughout the the day, abe another round of pop up showers or thunderstorms tuesday a afternoon. after that clears out we can get ready for springtime temperatures to return. it will feel more comfortable by the in middle of the week. the question then is, will that last through the weekend. as we check current temperatures here is 73 in norfolk. seventy-two in philadelphia. those 30's up here in north day coat, very, very cold there. for us it will not get that cold but it will be cooler in the mornings. seventy-two muggy right now in the city. seventy in wilmington, wildwood, atlantic city as we focus on the shore starting this weekend. over past several days this weekend got warmer. humidity returned after a beautiful day on friday. eighty-six saturday. eighty-four on sunday. today, 80, and then 83 tomorrow, pop up showers and thunderstorms. things calm down. beautiful, breezy on wednesday
7:46 am
for a spring fling in media and partly sunny skies on thursday, cool, comfortable day. seventy-one. we are in the mid 70's for friday. we will see a warming trend in the first part of the holiday weekend, flirting with 80 by sunday. it is always fun to flirt at least a little bit bob kelly. >> exactly. 7:46. flirting with an accident in northeast philadelphia sky fox over the scene of the crash that involves one vehicle and school bus at intersection of byberry and thornton roads here in northeast philadelphia good news we don't have any reports of any kid on the bus, one person, taken to a local hospital, torresdale aria there treated for some injuries. so some local detours as they investigate that. up in the great northeast we have another accident westbound pennsylvania turnpike at fort washington. university of pennsylvania graduation franklin field 10:00 a.m. where they get underway but now through 0:00 o'clock we will see that push on the schuylkill expressway exiting at the both
7:47 am
university and at south street. hoist hungry? >> i'm hungry. >> we will load up the news van and led to the llanerch diner from route one and route three. 9:00 to 10:00 o'clock. conn on by, say hi and we will give you a sneak peak. this is dine their is famous for silver linings play book and we will find out what bradley cooper had to eat while on the it there presidential visit to day. air force one, touching down around 2:30 and then a 1:00 o'clock motorcade from the airport to camden, new jersey. the return trip will take place at 4:00 he clock coming out of the camden heading back to the airport. just ab wear of closures along i-95, and if you pick a bridge, kind of a coin toss, either walt whitman or ben franklin to get him into the camden area. road closures, detours, a secret service, and, of course, met or cade in and out of camden after lunch hour.
7:48 am
that will set the tone and put us in jammo mode here for beginning of the evening rush hour, mike and alex, back to you good i bet when you go over to that dine or, michael chitwood will be sitting there eating breakfast. >> you know he will be there. >> maybe not at 9:00. >> he is early. >> he is there right now. >> i can guarantee you. >> you know that melissa mccarthey. >> yes, mike and molly good i think that is the name of the show. she will get a star on the hollywood walk of fame, later today. she has a new movie out. that is exactly why she's getting a star. >> jen will tell us about it. >> do you remember the director who did bridesmaids. we have to mention that even if they were not, this is one of the funniest, overall movies i have seen in a long time. there are really funny things thaw will notice and one of them, the stunts. >> he and i spent many day
7:49 am
hanging from a helicopter. >> of course there are limitations, you know, if something does go wrong, that is the end of the movie. so we smart even up on the insurance, and. >> they said yesterday to that. >> yes. >> are you sure you want us to go. >> yes. >> hang up there for days. >> yes. >> some of the other stunts i don't want to give too much away. she was not loud to do it. they seemed minor compared to what you just saw there. >> one of the other things that maybe alex will notice more than mike, is there serious man candy, eye candy, you saw jason stratham. jude law is in the picture too, hello, yummy. >> can you imagine my spying. >> yes. >> you see people get really
7:50 am
squirrely. when jude comes n they will listen when he comes in. what i find funny, is when people start acting really odd, and then i watch, and said are you acting, are you being weird because he is, oh, for god sakes. it is fun toy watch people spin out around these guys. >> we have seen you, you know, lou good. so keep going. >> yes. >> keep it up. >> right. >> don't stop working out. >> so american. >> don't do that. >> did i forget to knock good his girlfriend that is rosie huntington whitely. you have seen the picture of him because you are looking for her. the movie is really good. kevin mccarthey, our favorite nerd, you know, his thing was it is a really funny movie but it is a better spy movie. i will say i think it is well balanced. mike and alex, sometimes you see these movies, there is so
7:51 am
much comedy i think you will be able to predict the the plot and stunts and all that. i could not figure this one out. >> that is the the best. >> when you can't guess what is about to happen. >> within of the things and we will talk about in the next couple days they made melissa in mccarthey made her look ugly a lot which is part of the fun. so, of course, they put me through a spy transformation. >> yes. >> you will be exited to hear, my name. >> agent j. >> it is sort of like a stripper name. >> oh good and then one of those my profile is. melissa mccarthey was laid that i lives with cats. mine is more random. >> what is the old saying you name -- you take the the street you grew up on. >> i thought it was your first pet. >> some people do your pet and your street name, some people do your middle name and your pet. some people do your street, mom's maiden name. >> mine is tiger lily paris. >> that is sexy.
7:52 am
>> is what your pet name. >> bunny rounge court. >> place welcome to the stage bernie ro u.n. ge. >> that does sound good to me. >> it sound like a disease. >> he had the bernie ro u.n. ge. >> yes. >> 7:52. okay. teacher calls a student to the front of the the class and humiliates him in front of everyone. what this teacher was fired for and allegedly got the classmates involved with. >> oh, no. but first, j jayz and beyonce involved in the protest. one person close to the couple says they did what did they do to the the protesters who were under arrest and who were in jail.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
all right. 7:55. speaking of stripper names, our producer just said she grew up on dickinson street in south philadelphia and helps first petties expanding i. >> oh , perfect. >> expanding i dirker son. >> that is fantastic. >> i can't beat that. >> what was yours. >> tiger lily terrace. >> let's talk about jay z and beyonce. close friend says, that the duo, paid the bail money for the protesters, some of them who got arrested in ferguson and baltimore during the unrest. >> what is crazy, we didn't know this happened, lauren johnson. >> they keep a lot of things quiet. truth or rumor. well, a writer, activist who worked with jay z, says the the pair did donate fund. he says that the pair donated thousands to protesters in ferguson after the death of michael brown. because of this, hampton says
7:57 am
he asked them if they have some bail money for those in baltimore following the death of freddie gray. both cases, police, how much they gave we just do not know. it was in the tens of thousands of dollars amount. when we needed money for bail for baltimore protesters, i asked, hit j up, as i had for ferguson. wired tens of thousands in minutes. i want to tweet this. and i am going to tweet this and i don't care if jay gets mad. this is a big story, mike and alex. people want to know about these two. they want to know was she really pregnant when they had blue ivy. but there were some critics out there saying they don't donate and they have all this money. they call them this huge power couple of hip-hop. people this their pockets wondering what they do with their money. he says they donate a lot of it. >> i bet they are not very happy with this hampton person. >> i know.
7:58 am
>> very private couple, they don't want their business out there. >> that is what makes it so quiet. >> yes. >> tension between those folks now, my goodness. >> thanks, lauren. >> hey, two minutes before 8:00 o'clock. >> the barton bellas enter a competition which no american team has ever won, making pitch perfect 2a hit, with all of the right notes. >> what? >> i guess that is plot of pitch perfect two. >> number one movie over weekend, pitch perfect two. >> i think that was part of what happened in the movie, mike. >> you haven't seen pitch perfect. >> look at that, more than 07 million-dollar in the day buy. that is more than the original gross domestically in the entire run. >> i'll be darn. >> mad max: fury road in the second place with a solid 44 million. avengers, round out top three. >> okay. >> furious is still up there, still making money good still making money. >> a a lot have people people didn't see pitch perfect.
7:59 am
>> is there a dude that play ace judge at the performance who was in a couple of my favorite movies, best in show. something about a -- what is the name of it, something about mary. >> anyway. >> plus we have those opportunities from our area, who were saying we need to go because you'll see them. >> at least one of them. good day, monday, may 18th, 2015. well, amtrak is back in service, we took the the first train that went back northbound from philadelphia, to new york city, since last tuesday's horrible derailment. chris murphy, very emotional time on that train for everybody on it. >> i'm sure, steve, thank you. meantime fired and now firing back a teacher accused of humiliating her student in front of the entire class, hits back at her critics this morning. why she says that there are two side to the story, mike.
8:00 am
>> there is normally two sides to every story, chris murphy. you just ate a big breakfast so why are you still hungry? i ask that every day. put down the cup cake. the top five things thaw are doing wrong, why are you always hungry. let me tell you, i looked at this survey, i'm's 5-foot five, i do it all wrong. ♪ >> do you hear that. it is beautiful. empire rocks the billboard muse ache ward. the huge music moment we cannot stop watching this morning. that is our philly guy, on stage. >> on national tv. >> yeah. >> straight up 8:00 o'clock. hi everybody, hi bob. >> good morning. >> hello, alex. >> hello. >> hello sue serio. >> hello mike jerrick. it was a humid weekend. >> i had a good time. >> yes. >> it wasn't a wash you the like i promised.
8:01 am
>> it was not good we have rain today. that is the the case as well. umbrella is a good idea. it is warm and humid. we have some fog out there. it is, kind of cloudy, a few little dots of green on our radar picture but not much. 73 degrees right now with a 3-mile an her breeze and see quite a few clouds here in olde city, some showers and thunderstorms popping up this afternoon, mostly 80 degrees our high 62 our low. we have a few storms that could get loud in the overnight hours. is there your fox cast for the weather authority. we are getting ready for a holiday weekend, unofficial start to summer bob kelly is coming up. >> we wear my white shoes. >> yes good i can bring them in. >> 8:01. we have an accident westbound on the pennsylvania turn right here near fort washington, second crash in the morning in that area. university of pennsylvania fraud ways today, franklin field at, 10:00 a.m. we are seeing jams in the stadium area exiting a at
8:02 am
university and at south street. schuylkill itself is heavy from conshohocken all the way in. then a presidential visit on tap today, air force one touching down around 12:30, philly international, there will be a 1:00 o'clock motorcade from the air port over to camden, new jersey and then a return trip back to the airport, between 4:00 and 4:30 and wheels up at 4:40. throughout the day, second half of the afternoon watch for closures along i-95, they have got two bridges to pick from here, up in the secret service to toss the coin. whitman or bennie. here's where we are set up this afternoon, for the presidential visit right here just north of that ben franklin. we will see road closures, detours and motorcade, so stay away from admiral wilson and 130. stay away from the bennie as well. yes, michael. >> sue serio, could you google something for me. >> of course, that is what i live for. >> when was the last time the president of the united states was in camden, new jersey.
8:03 am
any guesses? >> what are you saying? >> let's get out to steve because a train is pulling in. >> let's do it. >> steve, are you still in trenton? >> reporter: , yes, mike we have perfect timing because there is an amtrak train running from trenton to philadelphia so, going both southbound and northbound, and in between these two great cities for the first time since tuesday night's derailment. so you are seeing amtrak back in business. the tracks below us, a lot more busy then they had had been for past six days. lets go to some video this was a welcome site for people seeing mayor nutter, even people that weren't local got to know mayor nutter so much on national tv showing toughness, strength and showing what philadelphia is all about. he was there thanking them and greeting them at five have of 6:00 this morning. the just showing his appreciation for them and not many riders, as we thought because they didn't know whether there would be service
8:04 am
to day. one guy said, the under promised and over delivered. he was very happy to hear at the the last minute he didn't to have do his detoured service he had been doing. many people still going, the way they were on wednesday, thursday, and friday and that is why we only saw 36 passengers. it was almost like media out numbered people going this way north bound toward new york but we talk to a couple of them. they all told us they would be thinking about those, eight people who perished as they went around the same curve where the accident happened. >> we had no real problems. the amtrak experience, i have been traveling it the for over ten years. one accident in ten years. something will happen somewhere along the line. i'm not worried about it. >> i really want to trust and believe that amtrak is putting us on a safe train this morning. i'm here. i want to get to new york. i want to do it efficiently a lot of good meetings there. i have to get back to work.
8:05 am
>> reporter: so instead of just looking down at smart phones and computers and lap tops like everybody normally would, everybody was looking out the windows and noticing things they took for granted. hundreds of commutes before and that was that long curve, around port richmond where we see the familiar rusty pedestrian bridge overhead and all that graffiti on the sides, and a lot of people wondering as we went by there probably 15 or 20 miles an hour max, to take extra precautions and maybe because they knew so many media members were aboard, how, anybody could have survived, when that train is going five times as fast's we did today and mike, alex, i looked outside my window. i didn't have to face press the window but i could see front of the train as i was in the rear car and that gave you a sense of how wind ago this curve was when you could see locomotive way ahead without even trying to. >> i think there was another train that took off 7:20.
8:06 am
it will be coming through your trenton stop there in a little bit. steve, thank you for that. another big story over the weekend. did you see the the size of that fire in montgomery count i yeah, look at this, wow. huge, it burns for nine hours in, plymouth township. two businesses, one of them a flooring company called philadelphia flooring, the other one is centreks engineer, they are gone. and, boy, residents were scared. they were told to shelter in place during this thing when it was out of control. fire crews got it under control, turned their attention to flushing out the chemicals from the the petroleum based products from the flooring company. and that some of those chemicals entered a storm drain. we are told that there is no threat to the public this morning. that they were able to flush the storm drains out, with fresh water. well, investigation is underway to what caused the fire that cause aid popular store in the ocean city boardwalk over the weekend. it happened saturday at
8:07 am
seventh street surf shop. no injuries were reported but the store was heavily damaged and sadly this fire comes just one week before the busy summer season when businesses count on that great summer business. >> that could be one of the reasons it the spread so quickly, they got good in merchandise in there, new shirts and everything, that is a very well known shop there in ocean city. i think they are going to open. they will somehow, they have some other place where they can sell their stuff this summer. good luck with that. 8:07. also, lower moreland high school in montgomery county will open as schedule after this accident a deadly crash over the weekend. it happened saturday. the driver identified as a three two-year old person by the name of philip silva, slammed the car, into the side of the school building there. there were people inside actually. the car went right through a wall and ended up in the boiler room. in one at the school was injured. they were rattled though i'll tell thaw.
8:08 am
the cause of the accident still under investigation but the school is open. 8:08. a lot of people are talking about this documentary that aired over the weekend. yes, life and career of allen iverson, on show time. >> oh, yeah. it is injured cause iverson. i would have called it ai. >> you don't need to say anything else. >> that is enough. >> a 90 minute documentary features a new one on one interview with allen, the film also covers allen's trouble life before becoming famous revealing home videos and even that infamous practice rant he gave during a news conference in 2002, the the anniversary of that was last week. he talks more about the context of that rant because a a lot of people forgotten about it, and, remember, a man had been killed that week. he said it is just practice. not that important . my friend was dead. he was frustrated to be talking about practice during the tragic, frustrated time in
8:09 am
his life. that is the back story of the practice rant. but, very revealing. >> i saw it. but i saw some clips. he went down explaining why i wear corn rows, why people give me a bad rap. is there one quote he said that stuck with me. he said i'm a villain to people that don't rock with me, super hero to people that love me. >> there you go. >> i said wow. >> it is pretty good. >> it will air a few more times on show time. >> i will get show time to see it. so many people were talking about it. >> can i get it on demand. >> yeah. >> after nearly two years of waiting, a a kansas city royals fan caught a foul ball during saturday's game, and in a sweet gesture immediately gave it away to a child. >> well, sweet at first, mike but then camera came back to them and you can see what happens next. >> she has the ball. camera pans off. camera comes back.
8:10 am
she doesn't realize she's back, and then there is this. >> attracted young lady, and then she's level. then she gives it to a different little boy. but then she become evil again. read her lips right here. give me my ball back. >> wow. >> give me my ball back. >> she wants her ball back. >> wow. >> i think what happened. >> busted. >> it will be on t-shirt now give me my ball back. >> do you see first base man of the royals that threw the ball in the first place, i got some gossip. about him. he is a good looking guy. >> yeah. >> i captain imagine why he threw the ball to her, but, i cannot say. >> you cannot say you have good gossip and not good gossip. >> i know he is dating and he shouldn't be throwing the ball to her. >> i'm sure he didn't
8:11 am
necessity. >> who is he dating. >> i cannot say. >> are you still looking for that perfect prom dress, i know i am? forget buying one why not rent a prom dress a lot of girls are doing this. how you can get that designer dress for a lot less. we know you went go to the rental runway. this is is something different. >> i want to meet a little idea with a big message. there he is. ten year-old santeno, hees dealing with autism, but now these dragons are being seen all across america, and in europe. san teen owe.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! we're taking a look at temperatures, it is already muggy with 73 degrees in the city. seventy-one allentown. zero seven in reading. seventy-four in wilmington. mid 70's every where else. it was a warm weekend. we had 86 degrees on saturday. eighty-four on sunday. where are we go to go day, 80 degrees, maybe more before thunderstorms hit. some could be kind of loud, not only this afternoon but in
8:15 am
the overnight hours as well, a few more showers and thunderstorms tuesday afternoon and then a return to springtime weather by wednesday, which is very convenient, because that is our rescheduled spring fling, bob kelly, in media. >> i love it when we bring you into the fold here. you will always come through with us. good morning. westbound pennsylvania turnpike accident at fort washington interchange, heavy volume heading in to franklin field, university of pennsylvania, graduation, set to get underway at ten, already a jammo from conshohocken into center city. watch for that volume exiting at university and south and then, a big jam once the ceremony is over. speaking of jam we have the president coming to town, watch for a presidential motorcade between airport and camden, new jersey. 4:00 clock return motorcade back to the airport as the the president is heading to camden, new jersey for that lunchtime to 4:00 o'clock ceremony. mike and alex, back over to you. >> you have to meet this young
8:16 am
man. a ten year-old boy, dealing with autism, brings his south philadelphia community, together again with his dragons. >> he is working on a dragon here. he is here with miss mom and therapist, stephanie. >> welcome everybody. >> so, he is busy at work. how long does the dragon take, lisa. >> a little bit. >> he is quick. >> he knows what he is doing. >> how long has he been drawing dragons. >> since he was three. >> when was he diagnosis. >> as a therapist why would drawing dragon help. >> it is a good way to cope with whatever he might than feeling, relax, calm down. >> is there a certain time wow go and pick up a pen. >> he communicated before we knew he was autistic. >> how long was he quiet. >> he didn't really speak until he was four and a half. he would copy things but wouldn't speak to us. he would not say he was sick.
8:17 am
wow do it through dragons. he would make a angry or sad dragon. >> what does he think at three when he start drawing dragons. >> i just thought it was awesome. he was inn fat rated with them. he just loved them. first time he said he told me he loved me was through a dragon. >> is that a right good he drew a mom dragon and baby dragon. >> i cry every day now, i'm so proud of him. >> lets look at some finish products there. >> that is a beach dragon. >> yes good yes. >> so where is he at. >> that made to it wildwood. >> we have 25 order for wildwood. >> yes. >> we have order from california. >> yes. >> made to it ireland. >> wow. >> that is pretty cool. how did you get the idea to put them on shirts. >> he made a shirt before for his little friend madison across the street to say happy birthday today. and, so about a month ago he was having a a hard time.
8:18 am
we figured let's give him some shorts. he was sad, not fit nothing. >> we go to santino dragon drawings on facebook right now and just order there. >> how much are they. >> $5 a shirt. >> so, i would up that. i bet you can get, hey, santino, i bet you can get 20 bucks a shirt, do you want to up it. >> i guess. >> yes. >> i'm trying to concentrate here. >> he is a new name. >> he is the dragon master. >> that is what he is call walking up and down the the treats of philadelphia how did he get that name. >> that is what people in philadelphia started to call him, his brothers and kid up the street. >> there is no turning back now. >> santino, why do you like dragons. >> because they have a unique form of dinosaurs, because like some of them fly, some of them could swim and they can in other animal can company
8:19 am
that good alex, sometimes breathes fire, when she doesn't brush her teeth. >> yes, something comes up. >> what type of dragon is your favorite. >> four headed or something. >> four headed dragons. >> your mom has a four headed dragon. >> and it is pink. >> do you have any other colors with you santino. >> yes. >> where are they. >> he got them, right there. >> do you name the dragons too. >> can i do some. >> i'm not finish yet. >> where willie color in. >> i don't know. >> how about these little spikes right here. >> how many shirts does dough them a day. >> he doesn't do them a day good he takes breaks. sometimes he is in the muse, sometimes not. but sometimes he can knock 30 in two hours. sometimes in two days he doesn't do any at all. people have been patient.
8:20 am
he has done about four hundred since we started. we have about i think 980 on board right now. >> where does money go. >> money goes for the center for autism which is a fabulous place. our lives changed when we walk into that place. i hope other peoples lives could be change. >> you must be very proud. >> never thought would you see this day good no, because these dragons have brought him out of his shell. he is hugging people, meeting people. >> as a therapist you are not surprised by this. >> i think this is just wonderful. it is wonderful for the community as well. >> so nice to meet you contracting-- dragon master. >> yes. >> maybe we will reveal it at the even. >> we have three headed dragon. we will look at it toward the end of the show. >> i think it is done glit is done. >> so now you can fill tonight with color. >> i guess so. >> you have to finish this now
8:21 am
man. >> we have to have your autograph there. >> he is upping the price. >> say a hundred dollars. >> what this. >> mike will be your agent. >> we will take mike home. >> yes. >> thank you for having him. >> say hello tour husband hoist crying in the corner. >> hi, dad. >> all right. we just ate a big breakfast and you are hungry again. >> happens to me all the time. >> we have found top five things you're doing wrong why you are constantly hungry even though you just ate. >> okay. later, a warning for woman most popular day for men to cheat, they have it in one day and just weeks away. we need to be on the look out for your man and why you may be, extra upset. >> it is not a date of the week, it is a certain date of the year. >> yes. >> it is coming up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] okay. i need to know the answer to this, mike. in the the show we are eating the entire show.
8:25 am
once we're done i'm still hungry. then we're talking about lunch. >> i know why. >> i saw a survey. there are five things we are all doing that is blowing our diets, or being healthy. >> here we go. do you skip meals? skipping meals will make you, you know, over heat later on in the the day. produces hunger inducing hormones. don't go longer than four to five hours without eating. you are supposed to eat four or five times a day, little meals. >> yes. >> you will binge if you skip males. >> all right. second one don't eat too fast. >> you just eat your food, your stomach might be full but your brain doesn't have time to register. you should eat at the a moderate pace a how time for your brain to tell you you are full. >> you and i went out to dinner saturday night, and mine is gone in two minutes and you are taking 20 minutes to eat. >> stress could also play a role. oh, yeah. certain hormones increase when you are under stress, and that
8:26 am
can trick your system into thinking you need more energy and your appetite increases. when stress considers exercise or other calming activities like ohio, meditating, and maybe you won't go and eat. >> then dehydration, dehydration can mask itself as hunger. when your body just wants water. dietitions say stay on top of your flute intake with the glass of water in the morning. i'm bad with the water thing. >> lets see if i can do number five here. what you have in your diet is a factor in over eating. you'll want to make hure it includes lean protein, and, healthy fats. you know body does need fat. that will keep hunger pains away. >> so avocado that is a good fat good i love them. >> you are on your wheat belly diet. >> i blow it every day. >> okay. >> this is what they say too.
8:27 am
>> what. >> don't drink orange juice. >> really. >> ethan orange, because to get this whole cup of orange juice it probably took calories of six or seven oranges. if you consume calories of like seven oranges in the juice instead of just eating one orange and like a hundred calories from one orange. probably not even that, 50. that makes sense. >> it does. >> i will get working on. that i will try drinking water in the morning. how about that. >> you sound so excited. >> okay good best orange juice from over there at high street. >> freshly squeezed. >> so good, it has pulp in it. >> 8:26. fired and new firing back teachers accused of humiliating her student in front of the entire class hits back at her critics this morning. why he says there is more to this story. d to face a judge
8:28 am
...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
okay. we are taking a live look at university of pennsylvania's 259th commencement ceremony. it will start at 10:15 in the morning. they are still getting red there i. you can hear music playing there. >> you can get a good seat. >> it looks like a lot of pope spacees speaker is samantha power, u.s. represent it of the u.n. and prize winning author. wonderful speech aim sure. >> nice. >> okay, sue. >> now we have to keep the rain a away from franklin field. we're working on it. bus stop buddy with the umbrella for later on, greatest chance of showers and thunderstorms is not until later in the day, warm, humid with fog around this morning. and sunshine. we see green popping up here and there, widely scattered, a lot of cloud cover on the satellite and radar picture. 73 degrees. look at this, 84 percent
8:32 am
relative humidity. sticky one. we will get to around 80 degrees today, maybe more with some sunshine, pop up showers and thunderstorms possible for rest of the afternoon. there is your planner for monday. we will talk about that seven day forecast and return of springtime weather, just in time for the unofficial start of summer, it is all coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> 8:32. an accident southbound on the northeast extension between q town and lansdale, it is in that construction zone they have a couple emergency rescue squads on the way, tying us up south of quakertown in toward lansdale. we will go have breakfast this morning, loading up the news van and head ing to the dine there are at route one, route three after this hit. i will see you there from 9:00 . come on by and say hi, i'll buy you a coffee. i have mike's charge card. sixty minutes delays on the trenton regional rail line and yesterday, i had an honor of being mc at the philadelphia
8:33 am
police department verse the philadelphia fire department hockey game. it was the the guns and hoses, event to benefit the families of the sergeant robert wilson, lieutenant joyce craig. they lost their lives in the line of duty, a great afternoon in northeast philadelphia, all of the fire fight are and officers brought that are kid out. it was a great family event. we have raised money for the families of the wilson and craig families. >> good, guns and hoses that is funny. welcome to the jungle. >> great name for it. >> did you hear about the story about the teacher in ohio. >> she's out of the job after school officials claimed she publicly humiliated one of her students and getting parents upset this morning. but apparently there are two very different side to this story. >> chris, now what did the kid do. he did something in the class. >> evidently and it is not first time according to this teacher. this happened at lewis center, ohio, the fifth grade teacher's name is nicole le mere. the teacher is accused of unthinkable forcing the student to stand in front of
8:34 am
the class, and allowing other students to take turns complaining about him. well, school officials fired the teacher but she said that this did not happen. according to her she pulled the student aside to talk to him about his word and actions hurting other people. that is when other students chimed in echoing her. so the the teacher insist that she would never humiliate the student in the way she's accuse of doing. >> i would never in a million year say that to a student and put him in front of them. that to me, it is justin sulting. >> well, you just heard from her. she believes her punishment is a personal issue with the school's administration, elementary school officials say she has shown a poor pattern of judgment. >> okay. >> so there is a list of things they don't like about what she has done. >> there is a lot of back story here, that we're not privy too. >> let's discuss this a little
8:35 am
bit. let's say i was acting out in class, a lot. >> like you do in our morning meeting. >> making fun of people. >> making little will noises. >> yes. >> so to get me back, she take me in front of the class and other students i have been making fun of get to make fun of me or, voice my grievance against this kid. >> yes. >> can you imagine. >> we make fun of it here and if we had done that to new our meetings we would say things bit. you are an adult. you can handle this. it is hard for a young kid to deal with this. to have the emotional fortitude to weather that. that is brutal if it is true. >> that is true. >> that would be pretty hard to take. >> we should. >> do you think it was that bad. get on twitter. let us know. all right. so did you see, keeping up with the kardashians, yes.
8:36 am
>> yes good this was a special one. >> two hour episode. >> yes. >> called about bruce. so kardashians and they react to the news of bruce jenner's transition new details about why he kept his secret for so long and how they felt bit, finally we will hear. here's something weird, my friend alex holley says. >> that is me. >> she has tried an ice cream that tastes like pizza. >> that is right. >> pizza flavored ice cream is now one of my favorites. >> you had people coming into the show. >> i told them mike, you got to try this. >> it does not sound good to me you say it is fantastic. >> it taste like pizza. >> i will try it.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
i would probably be more successful. just kidding. >> that is a horrible thing to say. >> a pol guys. >> i was just trying to be a smartal he cany. >> jimmy mack says, he believes that a president of the you had was in camden, in 1934. what would that be fdr. sue? >> there was a strike in camden, new jersey. >> at a bowling alley. >> ship building workers. >> ship building center. >> yes, right there on the waterfront. >> all right. >> i need to research more. do i look smart with the glasses on. it is just an illusion. >> fdr wasn't he elect like four terms. >> yes good we had to change that. >> yes. >> okay. >> thanks, guys. lets talk about bruce jenner, he was focus of a conversation
8:41 am
and two hour special on e entertainment television keeping up with the kardashians, right. >> yes. >> they prove, what? >> so, they get to be tough on him. >> well, he had to go in front of his own children and admit this. he said this was harder than talking to dianne sawyer on national television. here we go. >> i don't care what you want to do but i don't think it is fair that you don't tell us how close this is in the near future. we're still your kid. i don't care how oldy a.m. >> everybody you talked to about this subject especially when they are that close you get a different reaction. is there so many different things that they are dealing with. sometimes it is tougher for them then it is for you. >> i can see that as a dad. man, everybody was crying last night. i guess there is an hour coming up tonight. said he hid the the truth, because that is what he had been doing.
8:42 am
he had been doing it his whole life. bruce acknowledged to the children that yes are he has a number of procedures in the works, so chloe there, said that she knew he was a cross dresser, while kendell the the little one cried that she, assumed that her dad was having an affair when she found lipstick in their bathroom and bedroom on him. >> it was his. >> so part two is tonight. we will get, and let you know how that goes too. we are trying to switch between billboard muse ache ward and that. >> i would have stuck with the billboard music award. >> mike? >> here's the thing, we're all complaining why didn't the kardashians say anything. i wanted to see their response. i wanted to see how they responded. >> they didn't want to respond because they wanted to make thousands and thousands of dollars by airing two hour specials. >> yes. >> 8:42.
8:43 am
jump suits, cut outs, oh, my. >> red hot looks on the red carpet last night, the the best trusted from the billboard muse ache ward coming up. but first there was also this. >> that is right. >> empire rocking the billboard muse ache ward, huge moment we cannot stop watching this morning. >> they cannot be any hotter good they are still hot.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
we have hardly a breeze here in olde city. the humidity from the weekend is still with us and probably will be today, and tomorrow as well, on ultimate doppler radar we are not really seeing any appreciable rain but little dots of rain here and there we have reports of a few isolated showers this morning but they will be more numerous this afternoon. muggy. 73 degrees in the city. seventy-four wilmington and atlantic city. warm and humid yesterday with a high of 84. full degree above the average. today we are thinking 80. tomorrow 83 with afternoon showers and thunderstorms both
8:47 am
days. a return, alex and mike, to springtime weather, on wednesday, just in time for our spring fling in media, delaware county. >> media. >> yeah. >> delco. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i love media. >> are you going to go. >> i am five to 6:30. >> me too. >> i will start at state street where it intersects with jackson. >> that is a pub. >> it is a pub. >> i'm a could go in the wheel. billboard music awards is always a big night for music's big stars. >> and one show empire, of course, well, it had a little time to shine there. >> they showcased empire. >> they did. >> it wasn't just one they did a couple of songs, jen fred. >> and tera. is i hanson looking a amazing during billboard award and she beamed with confidence as she introduced her son, before this blow out performance. >> i'm proud to say, that the
8:48 am
empire sound track debuted at number one on billboard's top 100. tremendous impact of empire on the charts and pop culture, we are bringing you a mix of the show's hits, performed by my two, my favorite, talented most fabulous sons, yaz and jesse. >> yes. >> she loves them. high expectations. you never necessity where it will go. if you watched, joining yaz and jesse on stage with international stars estelle, also hot as they ang a few of the show's musical hits. >> ♪
8:49 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> if you watched any of the red carpet coverage both of these guys on the red carpet. you could tell they were nervous. this is one of music's biggest nights in front of all of these big, big producers.
8:50 am
if there was one disappointment, you know, little upset about that. also, the the red carpet, she said her favorite line to say as cookie when she say boo-boo kitty. come on back at 9:45. he was want to hear your best dressed, if you want to add a worse, you can but mostly good news in the fashion department. >> the cut out dress is the thing to wear now. >> you could not see it right there we will bring it back in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> we will get to this breaking news sky fox is over a three car accident in the southbound lanes, this is on the, north east extension, it looks like a rear end accident, in montgomery county, of course. as you can tell, fire officials are on the scene, wait a second. >> traffic gets by on the shoulder to get around this accident. >> southbound lanes, we will get more information and bring it to you, in about two minutes.
8:51 am
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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i love this movie silver linings play book do you know who is sitting in that very booth. >> who? >> bob kelly, is going to be sitting where bradley cooper is setting in upper darby. >> at 9:00 o'clock. >> he is like our own bradley cooper. >> pretty much. >> fox version. >> if you blur them apart you cannot tell them apart. one of the best parts of the camping is, you have to fire going, right. >> yes. >> they get your hanger or your stick, and you make some smores. >> that is a great thing. >> but what if someone did messy parts for you, getting marsh mellow as it starts to melt and push it together it gets all over the place. >> that is true. >> well, that is why a cookie company is making them for you. >> you mean oreos. >> what. >> so may 22nd they are introducing the smores cookie. imagine check late marshmallow goodness right there, in that
8:55 am
oreos package you are used to. it will be available for a little bit of time. >> do you know what it sound like to me, that does not sound good. >> no. >> i'm not a smores fan. >> oreos. >> i know, i know. >> i like the icing but that is party eat, i do eat the icing and throw ate way. >> someone call the authority. >> not throw ate way. >> my mom, my friend will eat the rest. >> pop it open. >> lick it out. >> yeah. >> and then put oreo in milk. >> i love them in milk. >> i like to put two or three in the big cup of milk and let them soak. if you let them go too long you cannot get it out. >> too soggy. >> it breaks apart. >> it is a delicate process. >> you must have a a lot of time. >> let it flow, and 15, 20 seconds to get it out of this. >> it is a science. >> eating with mike jerrick.
8:56 am
>> they have lemon oreos too. >> yes. >> they have to try new flavors. >> for star bucks they have smores too. i'm's not a s themores fan. >> all right. >> all right. so, there might somebody girls still looking for perfect prom dress, well, forget buying one rent one for the night. how you can get that designer dress for a lot less. >> i just ran into a young woman in the green room and she has a prom dress own's she got from it this place. >> it looks good. moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you, it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today.
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visit your local volvo showroom for details. as teachers, we're on the front lines fighting to give every child the education they deserve. every child in every kind of school. jim kenney is the one we trust to be a mayor for all our kids. jim kenney. he's committed to providing pre-k in philadelphia and he'll work with communities and parents to turn around poor-performing schools. i trust jim kenney.
8:58 am
jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. he'll be a mayor for all of philadelphia.
8:59 am
they are getting ready for the the graduation ceremony over at penn, franklin field, and i noticed umbrellas popping up but not because of the rain, it is sun in their eyes. >> because if it does rain
9:00 am
they will be ready to go either way but they still have a an hour before the graduation starts. you can see people getting their best seats to get their child across that stage. >> if i went to that kind of money to spent an ivy league school would i camp out. >> yes. >> very crowded. >> wouldn't you be excited, a good speaker. >> john legend went to that school. >> didn't he speak last year. >> it might have been last year or year before. >> good day to you, it is already 9:00 o'clock. may 18th, 2015. >> okay. you know this spot from the silver linings play book from upper darby. we are eating breakfast at the the famous ll ankeric dine they are morning. bob kelly is there and will sit in that very booth where they shot silver linings play book. listen to this from last night. >> ♪


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