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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 27, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> right now people terrorized near a local college campus. these guys armed with guns hit six times in a week. they're target temple university students and cops want to get them off the street before someone gets hurt g evening and thanks for joining us. iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. chris o'connell is at temple university tonight. chris, any leads? >> reporter: a couple of big leads tonight and that is video lucy. police believe the same group of men may be responsible for at least six armed robberies near the campus of temple university. all of them involveing students and some of those crimes caught on camera. >> it may be summer break on the campus of temple university but you may not know it by the
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stepped up police patrols. six armed robberies in six days all of them happening at night. one robbery was caught on video where you see a man robbing three students on north 18th street at gun point. rash of robberies has students at temple talking. >> it's a little scary. >> one of the robberies happened right outside of kelsey interpret's front door. >> don't be on your phone. don't wear your headphones. always look up. be alert. but at the same time you never know if you're just going to be a victim. >> reporter: robberies happened between may 14th and may 20th all of them win blocks of item poll's north philadelphia main campus. police believe the suspects are teenagers getting away with cash smart phones and bookbags. >> it's definitely disappointing. i do think sometimes you need to be a little more aware of your surroundings. you need to be a little smart about what you're doing. >> reporter: faces of the suspect are plaster the all over surveillance videos. police say they look like they could be in college themselves. in one case, you see them
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running away after a robbery. crime near campus is nothing new here but six incidents in a week has some students staying alert. >> i think it's more like, you know not being street smart you know thinking it's not going to happen to you. >> reporter: now temple police are encourageing even during the summer break to tell students to use the on campus police campus escorts were traveling at night of course f you see or know any of those people in those videos please call philadelphia police. lucy. >> thank you very much chris. developing right now severe and we do mean severe weather in the southwest. parts of texas are still underwater from the lone star state through oklahoma 17 people have died who we know about and dozens of people are right now missing. authorities are worried raging flood waters have swept them away. and the governor declared more than 40 texas counties disaster areas. they have not seen this amount of rain since tropical storm
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allison in 2001. fox's hillary whitier live in houston tonight. hillary, how are things there in the bayou city? >> reporter: we've been staying on this story obviously since it first started storming yesterday and kind of amazing i can even stand right here in this area in southwest houston but was completely submerged in water hours ago and earlier this morning it wasn't even -- you couldn't even see it. so we are seeing some improvement and we did expect a lot of rain to be coming down right now, and it isn't. so that's good news for everyone here but all of those who died because of these floods you mentioned in texas are four of those here in houston according to police and just take look at these pictures. i mean it's just shocking the more and more you see and a lot of it has receded. however, there's still a lot to be concerned about because there are so many cars on the highways still left unattended. thousands of people were stranded. most of those are okay now. but still some people are trying to figure out just how to put everything back together but again we're hoping things will
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stay dry and the water will keep receding. we're live in houston, back to you guys. >> all right. hillary, thank you very much. on the your radar a break from the heat and humidity but it will get worse before it gets better. here's a live look in south philadelphia tonight. scott, we'll get even hotter tomorrow? >> that's right. we are going to have temperatures iain and lucy approaching 90 degrees tomorrow and then tomorrow afternoon and evening, we have a chance for some strong and severe storm. take a look what's happening right now. it's raining again in parts of texas. you can see as we zoom in right now, around the dallas fort worth metro metroplex they're seeing more showers and storms. towards sections of georgia to the carolinas to the south of us looking at a shower of storms but off to our west right now you can see the northern part of the system that will bring us the line of showers and storms tomorrow in advance of the heat. so as we roll the clock by 3:00 in the afternoon we're watching north and west. here's 6:00 o'clock the pocono mountains and lehigh valley an approaching philadelphia by eight, 9:00 o'clock we're looking at some heavy rain gusty
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winds and also some much needed rainfall. take a look at the clock. you can see by tomorrow afternoon and evening, we could close in on a half an inch around philadelphia and perhaps an inch as you move toward sections of the pocono mountains or a little more. so once again, we are looking at that humidity moving in for your wednesday. above average temperatures and also scattered strong afternoon and evening storms. much more on the heat, when to expect a cool down as well as more on the drought for some of us across our area. >> all right scott, thank you. a tricky tuesday commute for drivers in montgomery county. skyfox over 422 and oaks where part of the road just buckled around 4:00 this afternoon. it happened right near exit 29 in the eastbound lanes. penndot says today's hot weather played a role. they have crews on the scene still making repairs tonight. video just into our newsroom tonight after a car barrels into a new york city convenience store. this was in queens right around 7:00 tonight. broken brick and shattered glass
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strewn across the pavement there. five people are hurt but they're all in stable condition. we do not know what sent that car kareening into the store. now back here in philadelphia a robber's get away is something but smooth but did he get away. surveillance video from the may 17th shows the man on his bike near jasper street and allegheny avenue. moments later another camera catches him doing that, flying around the corner with a woman he just stole a phone from in hot pursuit. he wipes out gets up, she is swinging. he took off down jasper street with her phone and police are still looking for him. alleged sexting scandal in cape may county leads to the arrests of nearly two dozen people. the 20 people, 19 of them juveniles, are accuse of circulating photos of female students from lower cape may regional high school and richard m. title man middle school all the people have been charged with invasion of privacy. a young man is classes clinging to life after a shooting in southwest philadelphia. police found him right around 3:30 this afternoon near the
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5700 block of greenway of a someone had shot the 24-year-old twice in the head. once in the stomach. police rushed him in their squad car to presbyterian hospital in extremely crit until condition. they did not find a weapon at the scene and so far they haven't found who shot him. >> amtrak adding safety up grades in the wake of that deadly train derailment in port richmond earlier this month. first, the company promised to utilize technology designed to slow down speeding trains before they reached dangerous stretches of track and today announced plans to install cameras that will keep a closer eye on the person in control of the train. fox 29's bruce gordon was one of the first reporters on the scene back on may 12th ton night he takes a closer look at amtrak's newest upgrade. >> reporter: investigators may be hard pressed to know exactly what engineer brendan bostian was doing as his train accelerateed to twice the speed limit on a dangerous curve north of 30th street station that fateful night. he says he can't remember what
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happened and there is no visual evidence of what was going on inside his cabin just before the train derailed. that's about to change. amtrak says by year's end most of its northeast corridor trains will be equipped with video cameras facing into the engineer's compartment to go along with those already pointed out the front of the train. attorney tom klein represents one of the more than 200 passengers injured in the derailment. >> installing a camera is a great idea going forward. it's an idea that's come too late for these who perished and those who are horribly injured. >> reporter: like the outward facing cameras the inward facing gear will not provide real time visuals, the footage would have to be downloaded after the fact. septa, for example has for sometime now equipped its buses with multiple interior cameras showing passenger areas and the driver. in the case of this recent accident, the footage shows the driver was not wearing a seat belt. fell out of her seat while making a sharp turn.
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but klein says more often than not, interior cameras will change operator behavior for the better. >> if you know you're on camera, you behave differently than if you're not on camera. >> local chef eli kulp suffered a severe spinal cord injury in that crash. his business partner at fork and high street restaurants says kulp has now entered a rehabilitation facility. >> from what i understand from spinal cord injuries the most important step is the beginning rehabilitation. so it's all very positive. eli is an extremely motivateed guy. he has everything going for him. he's young. he's strong. >> reporter: $6 million camera upgrade will like likely not happen without some push back from the unions but the amtrak president says... eli kulp's family set up a gofundme page to help cover medical expenses. go to we'll link you to the site.
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in the newsroom i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> accused of a drug fast food run. driving in a sheriffs department truck. two young girls in the back seat. what police say she did behind the wheel that tipped them off. something just wasn't right. >> plus new jersey's newest restaurant if you had the munchies would you grab a bite at weed man's joint. >> i'm obviously reaching out to the cannabis consuming community and to use the word like joint in my name directing myself to them. >> what you'll really find when you walk in to this controversial spot. public punishment. seven and eight-year-old boys forced to get really bad haircuts and stand outside with signs while their mom adamant it could save their lives. >> design sparked a nationwide frenzy. women fight in the arrivals of target. now lilly pulitzer accused of fat shaming the pictures spotted inside the local headquart
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♪ don't know how many folks carry around tens of thousands of dollars in cash in their cars but a couple of guys did and they got robbed. two men through a rock into a van in philadelphia's heart neighborhood. their victims were busy filling an atm when they struck. >> police in south philadelphia on the hunt for the man they say broke into a woman's home, assaulted her and then robbed her. they say it happen on the 1800 block of rose wood street yesterday. that's where police say a woman woke up to find a man standing over her with a ski mask on. police think this incident may be connected to another assault in pope breeze back in march. cops say people should keep their doors lock. >> we got a pretty dangerous individual here. it would appear that he's capable of anything given the scenario that we have, you know, people inside the residences in the early morning hours of the
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day, you know, it creates a threat level that we would like to eliminate. investigators say in both cases the guy was wearing red or orange gloves. a philadelphia man admits he strangled his wife as the two fought over text messages to another woman. so christopher murray will now serve 20 to 40 years in jail. the 49-year-old pleaded guilty to third degree murder. he says he loved his wife connie and wishes he could turn back time. a federal probe in low income day cares in pennsylvania found a long list of health and safety violations including broken glass and in a play area. daycare regulators say they jumped all over 20 providers even before the release of the report by a federal inspector general. among many other things the feds found unsanitary toilet with mold and damaged floors and walls and a bathroom avenue daycare. sharp tree trimming saw stored by a door children walk in and out of. bleach accessible to children
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and a pool with no fence to keep them back. the inspector general found 17 of the 20 were in violation of state regulation. 17 of the 20. now pennsylvania's department of human services says it forced all of the providers to shape up and do it fast. it has since closed two of the 20. dhs says governor wolf has added more than $13 million to its budget so it can among other things begin to higher more inspectors. well he has been a long-time marijuana activist an political hopeful in new jersey. >> but now the guy known as nj weed man is adding another career venture to that list. fox 29's dave kinchen live in trenton tonight. what's weed man kicking up in new jersey's capital city. >> reporter: well, nj weed man will be opening up this restaurant here behind me in a few weeks, but it's the location that's really interesting and it has a lot of people talking as we come over this way you'll see the restaurant is right in front of trenton city hall. part of on-going cannabis
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campaign you could say. east state street in downtown trenton is getting a slight makeover with the new restaurant promising healthy food. but it's the restaurant's name providing some food for thought. >> it's called nj weed man's joint. >> brought to you by none on the nj weed man himself. >> i'm about out of the cannabis closet as you can get. >> he's known edward fortune. he's even taken his fight to the ballot box but lost a bid for congress. delivering his message in the form of a business with a specific clientele. >> i'm obviously reaching out to the cannabis consumeing community to use a word like joint in my name directing myself to them. >> reporter: he says he will not be selling weed but will allow medical marijuana patients to smoke at his spiritual center next door and the location of his business a block away from the federal courthouse ain't cross the street from trenton city hall no less. and not by accident. >> the fact that this location
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was available and happened to be right in front of city hall maybe like the second best option. the other better option would have been right in front of the state capitol. >> reporter: nj weed man's joint is around the corner from a church and members were rather blunt in their opposition. >> it's a home where i come here all day my entire life and i wouldn't want to have children kind of grow up in a place like that in the future. >> i think that this is just another, you know obstacle that will put in their way. something else that will discourage them. >> reporter: nj weed man says e infectly within his rights. >> time has change. this is all about peace and love. i'm not hurting anybody. >> reporter: nj we'd man actually thought about opening up his business in front of the state capitol but he says the facilities just weren't adequate there. this location opens on june 15th. iain? >> all right dave, thank you. they have been a part of philadelphia's independence day
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celebration for years not but this summer the roots are taking center stage as the biggest name in this year's philly fourth of july jam. >> you know them as jimmy fallon's house band on the tonight show. the award winning group will be right here in philly a main stay at wawa welcome america festival every year. the new act on the ben franklin stage this r and b artist miguel and country singer jennifer nettles. the philly fourth of july jam kicks off at 7:00 on the ben franklin parkway. it's final night of the 8-day independence celebration here in the birthplace of america. who would do this? someone swiping american nags from a church and tossed them in a dumpster on memorial day. a group of firefighters steps in tick mate right. the powerful message from that church tonight. >> and a police officer and a grandmother arrested accused of plotting a double murder outside a mcdonald's. why investigators say that grandma admitted she pulled the trigger. >> howard? >> as if the phillies don't have
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enough problems. the general manager ruben amaro made comments that angered fans and it will up social media. i spoke with amaro about his comments and that will be coming up in sports. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> evening everybody. got some brand new work crews out here along route 202. they'll be with us all night into tomorrow morning between chesterbrook and route 401 and they're shutting down the schuylkill expressway. the westbound lanes coming into philly are closed at 30th street station. they push everybody to the top of the ramp and then right back on that closure will stay into effect until about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. sue has some pop tarts and some pop-up showers. we'll do the weather
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♪ >> federal officials investigate a threat to a plane from taiwan that landed in los angeles. police say eva air flight 12 landed as scheduled this afternoon a threat came by telephone a day after half dozen threats were made to international flights in new york, new jersey and massachusetts. protests in cleveland today. three days after a judge acquitted a white officer of voluntary manslaughter in the shooting deaths of unarmed black couple back in 2012. also today the city of cleveland agreed to overhaul its police department. officials reached an agreement with u.s. department of justice an independent monitor will keep tabs on their police department. a grandmother and her police officer son facing murder
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charges tonight. >> prosecutors say they plotted to kill his ex to get custody of the children. maryland officer richard conway and his mother caroline are still in jail tonight. police say she confessed to using her son's department issueed gun to kill his ex-wife and her new husband in mcdonald's parking lot. investigators matched she will casings to those used by prince georges county police. >> mr. conway evidence we believe shows that he conspired with his mother ahead of time and assisted her in making the crime succeed. that's first degree murder. conway is on leave without pay while the police department conducts it's own internal investigation. >> lights and sirens blaring for a fast food run. police say the driver was drunk but it wasn't a cop behind the wheel. how police say these women ended up in the drivers seat for a trip to the drive through. scott. >> the high today made the up to 89 degrees. tomorrow even hotter and we have
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the threat of some strong potentially severe storms. the timing next. >> dog napped a tiny expensive puppy stolen right in front of pet shop
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>> right now at 10:30 storms on the way. you can see the system right now on life radar that could impact your day tomorrow. but first this heat and humidity will get a whole lot worse. scott williams has new information in your full forecast in just minutes. memorial day site some firefighters say they will never forget. a handful of american flags dirty and dumped in their trash but they did what any proud american would do they pull the flags from the dumpster and cleaned them up. the flags were originally part of a display outside a church. the man who put them up was heart broken that someone would do that to old glory but thanks to facebook friends were able to connect with him the firefighters who found his flag. >> whoever they are if you're listening you know just keep in mind people have died for that. in fact they died for the right to take them which makes it ironic. we'll move on.
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>> the man who set up the memorial says the nag represents way more than just colored fabric to him. outrage on the internet a popular clothing line the target some are calling cartoons hanging inside lilly pulitzer king of pressure headquarters an example of fat shaming. our shawnette wilson is outside the headquarters. shawnette, what is this all over and what's the company saying tonight? >> reporter: well lucy take a look behind me. you can see the building here is all lit up tonight but so is social media. loyal customers and regular shoppers outraged over what was found inside. cartoons spotted in new york magazine photo spread on the king of prussia head quarter of high end designer lilly pulitzer have a lot of people offended. they bare images many call fat shaming of women posted in one employee's cubicle. >> it's pretty awful. >> one reads fat white and hideous you should probably just kill yourself. i'm just saying put it down cash face it. >> make me angry to see something like that especially
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from a company or someone that works win the company that is so loved by women all across the country. it's just a shame. roar report the cartoons cause a flurry of outrage on social media with posts like, looks like i'll be taking clothes back fat shaming is disgraceful disgraceful. gross, thanks for showing us what truly hideous you will actually looks like in a huge contrast someone posterior, am i the only one not bothered? it's clear al joke. people need to lighten up. >> hard to believe in a big company like that somebody had to have seep it, and like i said the employees should be for that. >> reporter: we showed the cartoons to one woman shopping at target where lilly pulitzer came under fire months ago for not selling plus sizes of its low price line inside the stores stores. >> i wouldn't wear it. why not? >> because it's like promoting somebody's inappropriateness. and degrading people. >> kind of puts a bad taste in
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your mouth. you don't know whether to trust -- the company you're buying from or not is truthful, and supportive of women. >> reporter: the company released a statement it reads these illustrations were the work of one individual and were posted in her personal work area area. while we are an employer that does encourage people to decorate their own space, we are a female dominated company and these images do not reflect our values. we apologize for any harm this may have caused ". back here live we spoke with top workers here in the company earlier this evening. they declined an on camera interview. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. a warm night out there on your radar. maybe a little sticky for late night run. the group run 215 hosting their second night shift phl run tonight with notify project in old city. the group is jogging through town on a mystery run maybe a good idea to get those miles in britt really heats up tomorrow. scott? >> i love mystery runs. >> a little sultry out there for your wednesday. the high today made it up to 89 degrees.
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tomorrow about 90 but feels like temperatures with the heat index between 90 and 93 degrees. then the best timing for those storms that window of opportunity between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and the main threats some damaging winds as well as some downpours. we certainly need the rain but we can do without that severe weather threat. temperatures still pretty warm. 77 philadelphia. as well as wilmington. still close to 80 right now as you move toward allentown. so a pair of sevens and look at that humidity at 64%. winds still breezy out of the south at 14 miles per hour. so future heat index what it will actually feel like, you can see by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon 92 is what it's going feel like in trenton. 91 in philadelphia. and 90-degree heat feeling like in the lehigh valley. so remember all of the heavy rainfall around houston. the southern end of that system right now in georgia and the carolinas. the northern part of that system right now moving through sections of the ohio river valley and that part will be moving through tomorrow afternoon and evening.
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so a dry start but look at the clock here. 4:00 p.m. watching that line of some gusty winds heavy rain move toward the pocono mountains lehigh valley here's 6:00 o'clock still looks west of the philadelphia area and i-95 corridor but by 8:00 o'clock 9:00 o'clock it starts to move in and then it really just kind of fizzles before it makes much into parts of south jersey and then we'll do it again thursday afternoon and evening. more pop-up showers and thunderstorms as we keep that same pattern on going. how much rainfall to expect? it looks like closing in on an inch once you move towards sections of the pocono mountains and lehigh valley. about half an inch around the i-95 corridor once again it doesn't look like that system will make it way into sections of south jersey. temperatures tonight mid 60s in the burbs. low 70's in the city. tomorrow 90 degrees, hot and humid with those afternoon and evening gusty thunderstorms. we'll do it again thursday. high temperature 88 degrees. scattered storm chances linger into friday, 86 for the high.
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we get a break it looks like on saturday. high temperature 85 degrees. and then a cooler system brings some scattered showers, 80 for the high on sunday and much cooler as we head into early next week. high temperatures only in the low 70s. don't forget do to download the fox 29 weather app and you can track the weather tomorrow afternoon and evening moving in right to your location right along with us. >> sounds good. all right. scott thank you. >> public punishment seven and eight-year-old brothers forced to get really bad haircuts and stand outside with signs. why their mom's adamant it will save their life. >> from the wealthy yesterday areas in the county to cities just making a living can be a struggle. fox's charlie leduff takes us on
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♪ memorial day dog napping has the attention of police in south florida. you see the guy walk in the pet shop in pembrook pines after asking about a puppy in the back an employee hands over the daschund then even walk them to a private play area but when she turns her back the guy walk out the door with the puppy. owners say he took advantage of a very busy time at the store and they're hoping they'll get the puppy back. in your money major prop for an old city bar.
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it has made esquire magazine list of best bars in america. the magazine cites the jukebox new orleans style food and beer list. it's one of 15 new bars named esquire list. >> hillary clinton's campaign proving they can have good laugh. online store for the presidential candidate features typical campaign signs and shirts but also these. you can wear one of clinton's famed pants suits on a t-shirt. also selling a pillow embroidered with a woman's place is in the white house. one michigan mom wanted teach her kids a lesson they will not forget. >> she says seven and eight-year-old boys have been misbehaving for months so what did she do? she forced her boys to get bad haircuts. then stand on the corner holding holding signs spelling out exactly while their in trouble. she tried everything else but nothing work. she's hoping -- there's the haircuts. she's hoping to snap them out of their bad behavior and possibly save their lives.
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>> i was being bad not listen listening. not keeping the room clean. >> i would rather them be embarrassed and straighten up than getting them into fights and going to jail killing somebody. we live in a hard city. >> this is a lot of folks talking. some experts say humiliating the child for doing something wrong never works. in fact they say it may have the opposite effect. accused of a drunk fast food run. driving in the sheriffs department truck. to young girls in the back seat. what police say this woman did behind the wheel that tipped them off that something just wasn't right. >> and from the wealthy yesterday areas of our nation to cities where just making a living can be a struggle for a lot of folks. fox's charlie leduffq÷aq
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♪ this is a joy ride this phoenix mom may want to soon forget. authorities say 41-year-old elizabeth moore made a drunken fast food run in her friend's police vehicle. police say moore app friend were drink brag they got into the sheriff's truck assigned to the women's hub. they got the attention of real officers when they turn on the sirens in the fast food drive through. their two, 12-year-old daughters were found in the back seat. these facing two counts of
3:44 am
felony di. >> called the corridor of pain urban belt between washington and wall street. >> in places like baltimore wilmington, philadelphia and newark the american dream still very hard to come by for many. here's fox's charlie leduff and the americans. ♪ >> washington, d.c. and wall street new york city. the towers of american power where money is literally manufactured. there's a business train departing hourly that connects them. two of the wealthiest centers in america along the way the train makes four sort shops. baltimore, maryland, wilmington delaware philadelphia pennsylvania and newark, new jersey. these cities the largest in their respective state used to be rich. now their among the poorest and most violent in the country.
3:45 am
the corridor of pain. >> nobody getting off. baltimore. >> and baltimore is on fire. everything is bees full all day until about 20 minutes ago. >> all about respect. you want to film, go down to the corner not up here, okay? why? i mean -- >> because i said so. >> it's a first amend. i can do this. >> okay. >> i'm protecting you sir. >> you get shot, robbed or something, multiple drug calls up here, armed person calls i'm just trying to help you out. >> thank you. >> be careful in this area. >> let me ask you this. these guys i just cleared them out. >> i know -- >> you bring them back here they're all standing right here with you. >> i know. >> let me ask you this. you didn't come from a rich place, do you? >> no. >> you're not a rich man? >> no. >> but you're the guy we pay to keep order? >> exactly.
3:46 am
>> right? you guys aren't rich, right? >> no. >> we're in a weird place. there's no money left in this country. they cutting your pensions? >> right. >> you guys got a pension? >> be for warn. i warned you i keep getting assault calls drug calls somebody will go to jail eventually. you understand. >> what's the name of this neighborhood. >> this neighborhood is west baltimore. >> west baltimore. >> all right. >> west baltimore. >> only got four directions, east west, north and south. ♪ >> reporter: newspapers tell us unemployment in america is down to five-point 5%. nobody believes that in wilmington. they used to make real things here like cars and steal those jobs have been replaced by paper push schers and burger flippers.
3:47 am
>> there's no such thing as low class no more. either you got it or you don't. >> now you goting to this -- there's no middle class. >> in between washington and new york city there's no middle class? >> none. none. it doesn't exist. it's been that way for while. >> reporter: i've seen these big shiny banks on the other side of town. >> who is working in them. >> reporter: people. >> no black people in them. >> reporter: how is the bottom line today? all right. still moving. doesn't matter. up or down. volatile is our friend. >> put on the deals on the white man. we had something to do with it, too. we had something to do with it, too. we all got to get together and work together and that's it, man man. >> reporter: i'm looking at the ride, the american core of the middle class. ♪ >> reporter: philly taxes
3:48 am
suck roads suck. i'm playing freebie for every body also to live here but me. where is my hasn't out man? i'm waiting for mine. i got my hand. i ain't got nothing. i'm the minority. where is mine? >> reporter: you think minorities have their hand out. >> the government is paying for everybody else but you and me, boss. >> reporter: corruption and mismanagement is like that all over america. just four days after we arrived in philly on the very same tracks a commuter train flipped over killing eight. our infrastructure is antiquated and falling apart. you've got to ask where did all the money go? it's no different with the public schools. >> schools told them they're not allowed to bring their books home. they have to have special permission or stay after school or come early in the morning. they're using the same books for my daughter now that they used for my 21-year-old son when he
3:49 am
went there seven years ago. >> reporter: if students in philadelphia don't have enough books to take home, then why are there tens of thousands of books rotting away in warehouse. school authorities wouldn't let usie. we saw it any way. >> reporter: next stop, newark. you can literally see the gleaming towers of wall street from here but they might as well be a million miles away. this shopkeeper says things are rough in newark. when he calls the police oftentimes they don't respond for hours. in this corner of america i guess it's dammed if you do and dammed if you don't.
3:50 am
>> reporter: something is not right in regular america. no money no jobs, bad schools crumbling infrastructure. so whether you ride first class or coach the bus or a bicycle it's worth remembering as one goes we all go. e pluribus unum. >> howard eskin. in the house. >> i didn't leave. >> all right. eagles began their mini camps today but only one player decided not to show up. with the phillies still having trouble winning games. the general manager ruben amaro got the fans more angry with comments directed at them. i spoke to
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♪ the phillies still trying to win their first road series of the season. to do that they had to win tonight and tomorrow. they found another way to lose. let's go to new york and take a look at those phillies.
3:54 am
phillies down three to nothing in the eighth inning. two on, ben revere up. gets triple that. will score two runs. so the phillies will close it to three-two in the eighth inning. freddie galvis will tight up at three-three and then miguel franco with two outs. single to left. phillies go up four-three. ken giles blue it in the eighth inning and made it four-four. tenth inning two outs wilmer flores a two out base hit. the mets win it five-four. ryan howard struck out four times tonight. phillies general manager ruben amaro lit up social media today by his comments that offended phillies fans. he made a comment to csn about fans wanting to bring up pitchers noah and efron to the major leagues. they don't understand the game. they don't understand the process. there's a process. and then they bitch and complain because we don't have a plan. we can't do what's best for the fan. i was working the morning
3:55 am
show this morning and had ruben amaro on 94 wip. asked him about his comments. >> i didn't say they don't understand i'm said sometimes -- some fans don't understand and it's not all philadelphia fans. that was not the purpose of it. it is some fans who believe who think that bringing epp lynn and noah to the major leagues at this time is the right thing for the organization. it's those fans. >> all right. eagles began their ota's that being organized team activities where the coaches are now permitted to coach the players on the practice field. although it's voluntary for players everyone on the team was there except one evan mathis no show. while having problems with his contract, yeah, he wants a new one. what else. ? nba playoffs cleveland no trouble ending the series. that's what they do for fun in cleveland at half time. half time entertainment at a play off game. but they win easeily. atlanta just pack it in. lebron james scores that's just too easy 118-88.
3:56 am
they win gone to the inform ba final. tampa bay lightning trying to wrap up their stanley cup and get to the finals. rangers win it seven-three. that series is tied three-three and on to the madison square garden. >> game seven. >> they scored too many goals. they won't have any of that for the neck game. you watch? >> so exciting. >> thanks out ward. >> tmz is up next. we're back here at 4am for your fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". >> sue serio and bob kell vol your weather and traffic covered all morning long. thanks for watching begun night. ♪
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this is fox 29 morning news. good morning at 4:00. this morning on the fox 29 morning news at least three people are hurt after a shooting in north philadelphia. we're live with the latest on what happened over night. plus, philadelphia police investigating a series of hold-ups at gunpoint, now police need help tracking down the people responsible. >> and if you didn't like yesterday's heat and humidity, brace yourself. we're going to get more of t sue has that, and when we might expect some relief. >> good day, it is wednesday may 27, 2015. >> dang. >> it is sticky outside. >> and hot. dang. i was going to say dang because you look good this morning, i like the hair, the outfit. thank you, bob. >> thank you. >> good hair day even with the humidity.


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