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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  May 27, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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this is fox 29 morning news. good morning at 4:00. this morning on the fox 29 morning news at least three people are hurt after a shooting in north philadelphia. we're live with the latest on what happened over night. plus, philadelphia police investigating a series of hold-ups at gunpoint, now police need help tracking down the people responsible. >> and if you didn't like yesterday's heat and humidity, brace yourself. we're going to get more of t sue has that, and when we might expect some relief. >> good day, it is wednesday may 27, 2015. >> dang. >> it is sticky outside. >> and hot. dang. i was going to say dang because you look good this morning, i like the hair, the outfit. thank you, bob. >> thank you. >> good hair day even with the humidity. >> i know, i walked outside
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this morning was oh sue it will be one of those days, you know how it feels. >> yes. you didn't even have to say any words. your gesture did it all. >> yes. >> that's what it will be. look where we are already. 71 degrees, in philadelphia, with a southerly breeze at 8 miles an hour, and 81% relative humidity. yes, it is getting little worse out there. and it is noticeably muggier than it was yesterday. 5:37 is your sunrise time officially. we have a few clouds around here in the city, that helped with retaining a little bit of the warmth of yesterday. but we did get to 89 degrees yesterday by the way. now, out in pit burying you see some rain. the question will be whether we get any that far later on in the day. we'll have the answer for you coming up. 71 degrees in l if, and it is in the 70s in allentown reading, lancaster 70, this is usually what we see in july 71 degrees, in
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wilmington, 70 in dover 4:00 in the morning, it is a little early in the season for it to be this warm. but it is because of the southerly winds 8 miles an hour in philadelphia right now. 9 miles an hour down in wildwood. and we expect to get up there once again. maybe close to 90 degrees today, and 68 degrees tonight. but, today we add the chance of some showers and thunderstorms. we'll show you on the future cast when we expect them to arrive. so, that's your forecast at 4:02. let's get to traffic this morning. it is wednesday, bob kelly already, maybe because of the holiday, the week will go faster. >> that's the only good thing about a holiday already it is wednesday. we just realized that lauren and i are wearing purple today. >> dang. >> good morning, 4:02. we're in pretty good shape this morning little slow along 202 401 work crews out there. otherwise, good shape coming in on 422 the big old road
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buckle that developed last night, on the way home. they repaired that, so that's good news for the morning rush hour. folks coming in, toward king of prussia. going to zoom on into an accident though, pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem interchange and philly bensalem. all lanes blocked, it is in that construction zone, on the westbound side, heading in toward philadelphia. outside we go, live look at route 202 and 401 where the crews are still active out there, in malvern live look, northeast philadelphia, the spotlight are on, at 95, right near the the cottman avenue interchange. but then, coming in on the schuylkill expressway, where the vine street expressway, no problems at all looking good here as you roll up 95, through the penn's landing interchange. coming in from south jersey, some work crews still out here along the 42 freeway working your way in toward i2956789 but mass transit looking good with no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you. time now coming up on 4:04. breaking news, out of north
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philadelphia for you this morning. >> police are searching for the gunman responsible for shooting up a residential neighborhoodment fox 29's steve keeley live at philadelphia police headquarters with more on there is high, steve. >> reporter: suiting up residence, good things those aren't fans of jimmy fallon, jimmy kim em, weren't in their tv looking at tv. look at the front windows of the living room. three windows, three different living room first floor windows took bullet holes four bullet holes, went through the living room windows. we were out here yesterday just talking about how everybody's sitting by these unlocked screened down windows, because of the heat. and good thing nobody was in this house. they were all in bed, two kids too so good parenting there, having the kids in bed early on a school night like they should be, not up watching lilt night tv or those kids would be in a hospital or worse. scott smalls says something around 11:30 around the time those two comedians are doing their monologues, start shooting. twelve shots fired at three guys, hits all three all three alive worse one
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critical. but he says this could have been so much worse. >> police arrival they found three victims, 28 year old male shot in the leg and a 32 year old male, shot in the lower back, police transported both of those victims to einstein hospital where they're presently in stable condition. a third victim, 38 year old male shot in the lower back, was transported by medics to einstein hospital. that 38 year old victim some in critical condition. based on balistic evidence at the scene we know at least 12 shots were fired from a semiautomatic weapon. we found 12 spent shell casings at the intersection of kens dale street and 66th avenue. >> so as far as we know, only three people were there and he got all three he didn't kill all three but he hit all three. still, not that great after shooter if he's firing into a house and could have killed a lot of innocent people including little kids. the only description they have is a guy with a gun who got into what they think may be a
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white car. so that narrows it down to about quarter million cars in the philadelphia area. so not much. how much, the heartening thing here, chris, lauren, multiple 911 calls when those gunshots were heard by everybody. so, it is not a stop sniffing street. those people heard the gunshot, called police, got them there as soon as possible. that got help for those three victims, as soon as possible. why they were shot, what they were all doing south side, no one's cooperating and telling them. how much, all every those people on that street doing otherwise, they all have surveillance cameras at least half dozen so police will wait until everybody wakes up, gets a look at the surveillance, maybe better look at the get-away car and maybe the shooting it self. >> always helpful, steve keeley, thank you so much. 4:06 the time. police questioning two patients in a local hospital who thank you with gunshot wounds. both victims in their 20's, one hit until the shoulder, the other in the ankle. investigators say, when they got to the scene on north ellis street near allegheny avenue nearly 20 shell casings
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were found, right now detective say the two victims are being treated and they're not cooperating with police. >> it may be summer break on the campus of temple university, but you may not know that by the stepped up police patrols. there have been six armed robberies in six days, all happening at night. one robbery caught on video you seaman robbing three student, north 18th street at gunpoint. rash of robberies have student at temple thinking and talking safety. >> don't be on your phone don't wear your headphones, always look up, be alert. but at the same time you never know if you're just going to be a victim. >> the robberies happened between may 14th and may 20th, all of them within blocks of temple's north philadelphia main campus, police believe the suspect are teenagers get being away with cash, smart phones, and book bags. >> alleged sexting scandal has two schools in cape may county on alert. prosecute verse charged 19 juveniles and one adult from lower cape may regional high school, and richard m tile
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manyman middle school. pictures being exchanges dollars through text messages and social media. during the course of the investigation authorities seized 27 cell phones. >> penn state has suspended cap a delta rosa filiation from the school for three years, after the fraternity linked to secret facebook page where photos of nude and semi nude photos were posted. investigation also fawn some members engage in the sexual harrassment and hazing, that suspension ends in may of 2018. >> amtrak has announced some safety upgrades following deadly train derailment in port richmond earlier this month. they say they'll install cameras inside locomotive cabs to keep closer eye on the person in control that far train. fox 29's bruce gordon takes a closer look adam track's newest safety measure. >> investigators may be hard press today know exactly what engineer brandon bostian was doing as his train ac sell rate today twice the speed limit, on dangerous curve
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north of 30th street station that fateful night. he says he can't remember what happened and there is no visual evidence of what was going on inside his cabin just before the train derailed. that is about to change. amtrak says, by year's end most of its northeast corridor trains will be equipped with video cameras facing into the engineer's compartment, to go along with those already pointed out the front of the train. attorney tom kline decline reps one of the more than 200 passengers injured in the derailment. >> installing a camera is great idea, going forward, it is an idea that's come too late for those who perished, and those who are horribly injured. >> like the outward facing cameras, the inward facing gear will not provide real time visuals of footage would have to be download dollars after the fact. septa, for example has for some time now equipped it buses with multiple interior cameras, showing passenger areas and the driver. in the case of this recent
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accident, the footage shows the driver was not wearing a seatbelt and fell out of her seat while making sharp turn. but kline says more often than not, interior cameras will change operator behavior for the better. >> if you know you're on camera you behave differently than when you are not on camera. >> local celebrity chef, eli kulp suffered severe spinal cord injury in that crash. his business partner at fork and high street restaurants ellen, says kulp has now entered rehabilitation facility. >> from what i understand from spinal cord injuries the most important step is the beginning rehabilitation. so it is all very positive. eli is an extremely motivated guy. he has everything going for him. he is young. he is strong. >> the $6 million camera upgrade will likely not happen without at least some push back from the unions, but amtrak's president says quote the technology is there and i'm using the technology to ensure better safety. in the meantime, eli kulp's family has set up a go fun me
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page to help cover medical expenses. now like to help out go to we'll link you to the site. in the news room, bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". coming up: tax wears be aware. exposing personal information of thousands of people. >> plus another republican expected to enter the race for president. details of rick santorum's big announcement yet.
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>> 4:13, developing in texas the death toll from storms that started saturday has grown to 13. that number is also expected to rise as flood water from record rainfall began to reseed. at one point the blanca river was 40 feet high, 4,000 properties, mix of homes and businesses have, been damaged. eleven names have currently on the missing list and loved ones are bracing for the worse. >> i think recognizing with what's happening with the weather, we all know, and we have accepted that they're gone. >> people just anticipate how deep that water really is. couple of inches, it looks like a couple every inches, until you're into it too late. >> i caution people, just turn around. easier to go a mile out of your way. >> a number that we don't know and we will never know is the number of lives that have been saved by the affected response of first responders. >> this is a scene in houston lightning lighting up across the night skies. forecasters say there is at least a 20% chance of
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thunderstorms, through the rest of the week, and many part of the lone star state. >> rains lasting you want to see it out there sue, i know one of my girlfriend and her husband live in houston. i heard horrifying ordeal at the airport in the airport for four hours, eight hours trying to get home. just a mess. >> sad to say we have live look at radar right here, there is more rain in that part of texas, not only that, more heavy rain, headed toward the houston area, sort in this big area between houston, you see, there and dallas. and this rain, you see the orange and the red there is pretty heavy at times. not only that, we have severe thunderstorm warning in effect for this morning and of course, flood watches and warnings specially in the houston metropolitan area as this rain gets a little bit closer there. we go up to missouri, see some pretty strong rain or pretty heavy rain, i should say around springfield missouri, as well. nothing begin on right now
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but keg egg the future cast we see some clouds around this afternoon. i think that's why ill change the high from 90 to maybe 88 for today. and then, it is later on toward evening, i think you see around 3:00, some strong rain and thunderstorms kind of popping up there out in harrisburg, and then you see it moving through the metro area about 6:00, 7:00 tonight. we could get some pop up thunderstorms pretty strong this evening as this system moves through and then it is out of here by about 11:00 12:00, that would be late day thunderstorms. we start off pretty muggy 71 degrees in the city, and in lancaster, 72 in reading, 66 in wildwood, at and lack at this time city. little cooler along the coastline. 71 degrees in wilmington. very muggy morning with breeze at 8 miles an hour, and of course we're grateful for every breeze when it is a little stuffy as it is. so yesterday, well, as predicted, we almost made it to 90. 89 degrees, 77 is the average high, and once again the
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breezes saved us little bit. it wasn't quite as oppressive as it can be in the summertime. so we got 88 for today tomorrow, and the chance of those pop up thunderstorms and then little bit of a break of humidity at least on friday we're still in the 80s, but it is just little less humid saturday, out of your weekend days, looks like the better weather day. because we had some showers some thunder storms rolling in pretty strong cold front sunday. but it will cool us down to maybe 70 degrees on monday, and the mid 70s on tuesday of next week. with monday being the first day of june, bob kelly, can you believe it? >> looking good. 70 degrees on monday, getting chilly on monday. 4:17. good morning everybody looking good coming out of downtown, light volume on the turnpike at the moment, as you roll in toward the construction zone. the crews are still working here along 202 and route 401. updating the accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, it is westbound, they only had the right lane blocked now as you approach the philly-bensalem
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interchange. it is right here in that construction zone. so westbound be ready to hit the brakes with emergency crews there on the scene. otherwise, last night on the way home, folks were caught by this road buckle on the eastbound side of 422 right near the oaks interchange penndot was out through most of the night made the repairs, were open for business this morning so that's good news, along 422. live look here, this is 295 in south jersey, no problems up and down that 295 corridor. they are working here along i95 at cottman avenue. got the big spotlights on until about 5:30 or so. giddy up, devon horse show remains in town. seeing a a lot of volume especially during the midday, then the evening hours when the adults are out there with the kids, crossing lancaster avenue here, so coming through devon, unless you are going to the horse show, you may want to avoid lancaster avenue, stick with 202. where some of the other alternates. then the schuylkill
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expressway working overnight at 30th street pick up the cones, and we're open for morning rush hour. no problems or delays into or out of the city on the old schuylkill expressway. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. the irs has seized using one of their on line is her have i toss access personal information from more than 100,000 taxpayers. information included tax returns and other tax information on file. the thieves targeted the system from february to mid-may. officials believe they are sophisticated criminals and they're notifying taxpayers whose information was accessed. >> if you paid more in taxes maybe get system that protect us, right? >> you were quiet for so long, then you just woke up. >> i just can't believe it. >> baltimore on it way to it deadliest month in more than 15 years. so far 35 people have been killed. >> jacky ibanez with more from city leaders who are now trying to figure out how to stop all of this violence. >> reporter: the city of bamm more is on pace for its deadliest month in 16 years.
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this after a bloody memorial day weekend left nine people dead and another 20 injured. >> we can't tomorrow rate this. you know not at my level not at the community level not on any level there is level of violence. >> one area seeing noticeable speak in shootings is west baltimore, which is the epi-center of riots following the recent death of freddie gray. the police commissioner making changes in leadership there. >> remember why you put on that uniform. remember why you put on that badge every day. remember why you put that gun belt on. remember it is for the grandmother, it is for the babies out there, it is for the little ones that are out there and why we do what we do. >> some analysts say a reason for the killings may be that police officers are hesitant to intervene in violent crimes following the indictment of six officers involved in gray's arrest. >> what they're going to do, they'll go out there answer the radio they're going to go out there and follow the rules, they're going to do what you need to do according to the book, and then they're going to go home. >> some in the community accuse police of staging a work slow-down in protest of
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those indictments. >> they don't come around. these guys on the corners they're not being arrested by the police officer. you know, they stand and talk. police used to run them. they are not running them no more. they just drive by. >> whatever the reason, residents say they just want the violence to stop. >> i have never seen anything like this. i don't know what the cause is. there are some roots to this thing. >> overall this year there has been been 108 homicides in baltimore compared to 79 this time last year. jacky inch and owes, fox news. >> list of republican candidates for president will grow today. >> former pennsylvania senator rick santorum expected to announce his bid in his hometown in butler county. santorum, social conservative, was a runner up for the gop nominationing in 2012. of course, mitt romney got the nomination then. but this election cycle political analysts say co-face tougher battle from other conservatives, santorum will join analis of at least six current republican nominees,
4:22 am
only expected to get bigger now getting nervous he polite not make it to the first debate which will be held coming up quickly in august we'll see if he's weeded out. now just 2% evidently of some early polling. >> comment directed at him? sports fox radio on fire yesterday about this. hear what amaro has to say about the controversial comments to howard eskin next.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning i'm howard eskin, phillies still trying to win their first road series of the season. to do that they had to win last night and today. but i don't know, another way to loose. to new york, tenth inning, tide phillies down three-nothing, with two out in the tenth, flores gets the single, mets which win it five-four. >> stanley cup playoffs, tampa trying to wrap it up, to tampa, they needed to win the game to get to the stanley cup finals. they don't. the rangers scores one-nothing, led to six more goals. rangers win it seven-three tied at three moving onto madison square garden, in tennis french open to paris in the near court won nine times at the french open. he likes that clay. quinton is the opponent. he wins it. he is looking for his tenth us open championship. also cleveland wins, they go
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to the finals in the nba. and the rangers, as i said, the rangers win and that's now tied at three. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> phillies gm rubin amaro junior, as chris tells me, now sort of trying to back pedal after he said fans just don't really understand the game. >> oh, and the way he said it too. using disparaging remarks about the fans. all right so howard eskin asked rubin about his comments on sport radio 94wip. here's how he responded. >> i didn't say they don't understand. i said some fans don't understand. it is not all philadelphia fans. that will was not the purpose of it. it is some fans who believe who think, that bringing eplin and nola, to the major leagues at this time, is the right thing for the organization. it is those fans. >> so, i kind of get it. >> oh, no. >> here is my take. i am a libra who sees both sides of things. as the gm, he want you as the
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fans to trust him that he is doing the right thing. >> have you heard the other side? >> on the other side, he has to understand the fans, this is a business, they are the consumers, do you have to sort of listen to your fans. >> the customers always right. >> the customers always right. or you lose that customer base. >> by the way since rubin amaro came in in 2008, after they won the world series, what have they done? they've been horrible under rubin amaro jr. horrible and then he attacks the fans who have been showing up and putting their fate in that team. loyalty, loyalty, loyalty. miss step, major miss step. >> fourth in the nl east at 19 and 29. but it is his fault. >> we'll take a break be right back.
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good morning, it is 4:30 we have breaking news for you from over night. gunfire erupts in north philadelphia injuring at least three people watch police know about the shooting as they search for the gunman. >> marijuana activist is opening a restaurant in new jersey. what you will really find when you walk into this controversial spot. >> and we're in for another day of heat and humidity. but, some unsettling weather is moving into the area. so sue's watching that closely, hopefully it means cooler temperatures, we'll wait and see right as we head into, well, june, next week, which means summer months. >> can you believe though, when you any it, that the year is halfway over? we're going into june. >> ya. i believe it. >> going by so fast. >> you believe it?
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>> i don't know, getting up at 2:00 in the morning it, seems like it is going by slow sometimes. >> really? >> and busy time of year, so much going on, so that makes it casino of go fast, too. let's see what our number is today. wrestled with this one. we a nine yesterday. we went with a seven for today because it is going to be muggier than it was yesterday and we do have a chan every some thunderstorms toward evening. look where we're starting off with 71 degrees. it is steamy out there. 81% relative humidity. so when we get a breeze, it is good and 8-mile per hour wind out of the south. 5:37 is our sunrise time. so we look at radar and satellite, and we've got some rainout toward pit burying not whole lot little bit of cloud cover around here, so, it should make for decent looking sunrise anyway. temperatures are a lot more than they were yesterday at this time. seventy-two in allentown and reading, 71 in the city not often that is it is warm nerve allentown than it is here in philadelphia. along the shore though,
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little coolerment some relief there, with 66 degrees, atlantic city, 64 in wildwood. those winds are still coming out of the south. and of course, you know, that's where the warm air comes from. so we've got that 8-mile per hour breeze in atlantic city, wildwood wilmington, dover philadelphia lancaster, it seems to be the popular miles per hour for the winds this morning. so plan on muggy morning at least bit muggier than it was yesterday. sunny, warm throughout the day, 83 by lunchtime, 88 the high today. and some evening thunderstorms, popping up, as the system comes through the area. we'll see what happens after that. as we get into the last weekend of may coming up in just a few minutes, seven day forecast, 4:32 here's bob kelly. what's going on? >> good morning whole lot going on behind the scenes here, but out on the roadways, 42 looking good working your way in toward the walt whitman bridge. no problems as you roll along 73 looking good for the shaders, down in vineland, an early morning accident investigation still underway
4:33 am
at elm and mill. right in the heart of vineland there. so just watch for some local detours. pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, heading in toward philly bensalem. watch for the right lane blocked, an accident, it is in that work zone, you can see our censors picking up the slower than normal speeds instantly here, from route 13 in toward philly and route one. mass transit the trenton line, the asela express up and down the northeast corridor looking good. all of the bridges are in fine shape so far this morning. than road buckle, that sent us for a loop here last night on the way home, along 422 has been repaired, so that was the first one of the season, eastbound, right near trooper road from the heat. so we're good to go, headed into kop at least for the moment. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, we have breaking news this morning. six soccer officials arrest bid swiss police at arrayed at luxury hotel in zurich. >> will be extradited to the u.s. on federal corruption
4:34 am
changes, involving bribes involving more than a hundred million dollars commercial deals dating back to the 19 90s for soccer tournament in the u.s. and in latin america. just learned electronic data documents they that were seized from fee a head quarters, six people had intends today take part in a conference for fifa, soccer governing body. so set, expected to win a fifth term as fifa president during the conference; not among the suspects, we're going to learn muff more later today when the indictment is unsealed in a federal courtroom in brooklyn. >> but they think the case involves bribes totaling $100 million. >> crazy. >> dating back to the 90s. >> a lot of money. >> wow. back here at home this morning, police searching for the gunman responsible for shooting up the 1500 block of kins dale street. they say at least dozen shots were fired hitting both people and homes, three victims taken to the hospital over night two in stable, third in critical condition witnesses say the shooter escaped in a
4:35 am
white colored car in that helps. >> police are questioning two patient at local hospital who walked in with gunshot wounds. both victims are in their 20's, one hit in the shoulder, the other in the ankle. investigators say when at the got to the scene on north ellis street near allegheny avenue nearly 20 shell casings were found. right now detective say the two victims being treat rod not cooperating with police. >> 435:67:89 happening today preliminary hearing will be held for accused peeping tom in montgomery county. yes, this is nicklaus, accused of recording women in the changing rooms after target in abington over a five month periods. authority say he used ball point pen with a built in video camera. he faces several charges including invasion of privacy. >> a marijuana activist and new jersey political hopeful is adding another career vintage to his residency. >> known as nj weedman is opening up a restaurant in trenton. nj weedman's joint pun intend willed serve healthy food as
4:36 am
its opening a block from the federal courthouse, across the street from trenton city hall. weedman said it is by design. >> this location was available and happened to be right in front of city hall. maybe like the second best option. only other option would have been in front of the state capitol. i'm obviously reaching out to the cannibis consumer community, to use a word like joint in my name directing myself to them. >> weedman went on to say that weed won't be sold at the restaurant, but medical marijuana patient will be allowed to smoke at a spiritual center opening next-door to the restaurant. that business or businesses we should say they're going to be open next month. 4:36. coming up: another international flight. target of bomb threat. whether investigators found anything on board. we'll let you know. >> plus e-mail roll out. tell you about the plan to release the emails from ill
4:37 am
are you clinton's time as secretary of state.
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>> represent your audience get the answer that is they want to know. chasing news week nights at 12:30, on fox 29. authorities say they found nothing dangerous a boards a flight from taiwan to los angeles after someone called in a threat to the aircraft. inspection of the plane and screening every luggage yielded no evidence of a threat. the fbi, los angeles airport police and the los angeles police bomb squad were jointly investigating the threat that came by telephone on monday. at least half dozen other threats were made by phone to international flight, at
4:40 am
airports, in new york, new jersey, and massachusetts. >> blunt talk from the secretary every defense might be undermining president obama's strategy for defeating isis. defense secretary, ash carter who is right here from montgomery county by the way said iraqi forces lack the will to fight. and iraqi military suffered a major defeat from the city of ram add i this month. for now, president obama is showing no sign of shifting his strategy of using iraqi forces on the ground, so americans won't have to take on that fight on the ground. the white house is asking for patience more time to train the troops. meanwhile, siege in upscale neighborhood in cobble, after began stand ended with the death of four taliban attack that's morning. the siege lasted several hours but afghan officials say no civilians or security personnel were hurt or killed. >> timetable hats been set for the release of the remaining e-mail sent to presidential candidate hillary clinton's private accounts during her time as secretary of state. a federal judge ordered the state department to begin posting clinton emails on it
4:41 am
website june 30th. last friday, nearly 300 emails related to the 2012 attack on the us diplomatic coast in benghazi were made public. further the judge ruled emails be posted every 60 days, so that all emails or public knowledge by january 15th. >> and, hillary clinton has another opponent. vermont senator bernie sanders, announced he's running for president in a press conference yesterday. he called for political revolution in the speech aimed to transforming the nation's economy, and politics, and pushing foreign come equality, campaign finance reform, and promises to takings on climate change. >> coming up: lilly pull it err spots nationwide frenzy just few weeks ago launched a line at target. all of the women went crazy now the designer has customers really mad. we'll tell you about the pictures that have them accused of maybe some -- >> her style that bright
4:42 am
flowery floral stuff. >> that's it. >> first, who will be playing at this year's fourth of july party right here on the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia? let's just say a lot of people have not heard of these acts.
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>> ♪ ♪ you are meant to be here ♪ ♪ >> thank you lauren johnson you are meant to be here. you. >> may want to fly out of town use the philadelphia international airport, if you don't like heat and humidity, right, sue serio? >> right. where would you go? >> let's see portland oregon is nice this time of year. >> tell you what, i've heard alaska is even warmer than we are. >> what? >> i have to check that. but i was read being that yesterday. high pressure is in control of our weather today. still pomming in those southerly winds. and that means, another continuation of our warming trend, with late day storms, possible, this week, system out to the west, could be getting close to us, by the end of the day just close enough to spark some thunderstorms, late in the afternoon. but, as we check the rest of the country the troubled area in texas, it looks like there are more showers and thunderstorms headed down toward houston in this whole area of southeastern texas we've got severe thunderstorm
4:46 am
warnings up, we've got the flood warning in effect, as well for the houston area, once again they don't need one more drop of rain. but it is coming anywayment then springfield missouri trouble with heavy rain this morning, as women. so for us, we expect to go through most of the day just seeing that heat, humidity build up. now looking at different computer model than we did last time. but still has some showers and possibly few pop up thunderstorms moving through. i would say 6:00, 7:00. when upstart keeping an eye on the sky. that's why a lot of those soccer games and little league games get started tonight. soap, keep that in mind for this evening. then tomorrow, it is going to be warm, once again with again the chance of pop up shower or thunderstorm late in the day by friday, though, thing will be little better, at least with the humidity. maybe not with the heat. so we have 70s to the north and 70s to the south. but if you're long the shore little cooler. 64 degrees in wildwood right now. our breezes are out of the south as we mentioned, 8 miles an hour in philadelphia. so, it is a bit muggier today
4:47 am
than it was yesterday. we look at the last seven days when we've had our ups and downs, but mostly been up, the past three days, sunday, memorial day and yesterday, getting warmer each day. so -89d degrees was our official high yesterday. i think we will be pretty close to that again today with 88 as a hi, and we've got seven's instead of nine's, on our weather by the numbers because of the pop up thunderstorms that are possible, at least today and tomorrow. might change that friday number, because i think it looks a little bit less humid. we will take that. saturday looks pretty decent, eight a degrees, mostly sunny skies, then sunday, stronger cold front comes through, with some showers and thunderstorms. and that will cool us off as we get toward the first two days of june. monday and tuesday every next week bob? >> hopefully we will be able to keep the soccer and baseball fields dry for the weekend. good morning everybody 4:47. on this wednesday hump day. live look at the schuylkill expressway no problems at all into or out of the citiment looking live here, near spring
4:48 am
garden street. and out to delaware county we go. live look at i-95, no problems at all from the state line all the way up to philly international. looking at the accident, pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, between route 13 and the philly bensalem interchange, right in that construction zone, that's a mess. go through there maybe once, twice, a month here, and the last time i went through there, all new traffic patterns. nonetheless, delays in both directions now because that far accident on the westbound side. coming in from new jersey, on the 42 freeway little light they are morning we don't have that rush of folks coming back from the shore. right into the office. as you work your way in toward 295, the crews are still out there. accident investigation underway in vineland, new jersey, at elm and mill. that's from an overnight, i should say early morning fatal accident. mass transit septa's trenton line all of the regional rail lines looking good. no problems up and down the northeast extension or the northeast corridor for amtrak. and all of the bridges looking
4:49 am
good, if you are getting ready to cross the river this morning. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> okay, are you ready to party on the parkway for the fourth of july? >> wait. i have to wait until the fourth of july to party? >> sort. >> long way to wait organizers waft with a welcome america so fun to say with wawa welcome america celebration released entertainment line up. >> drum roll please. >> philly's own the roots will headline the event. now, they have two special guests r&b singer miguel, and jennifer nettles lead singer in the country duo sugar land. how much, a lot of people haven't heard of the new acts. >> miguel and jennifer nettles? >> no. >> don't know them or don't like them? >> don't know them. >> mikhail and jennifer nettles? fan of either one? >> never heard of them. >> mikhail and jennifer nettles? what do you think? >> i've never heard every them. >> either one?
4:50 am
>> no. >> so i guess you're not a big fan? >> probably not. >> craig nettles growing up -- >> yankees padres? for a full list of the events, advice the our website i want to know how many people are really going to be excited about this now. can you tell by the people we interviewed? sort after representation, most people would be like, wait who? >> i never heard of them. i just googled her by the way. she's 40. >> is that a country bands? >> i think it is actual lay trio she formed, we said duo in the script there, anyway, whatever. i know sue why don't we play some miguel and jennifer nettles just to see and then judge for yourself if you want to head out to the parkway this fourth of july. >> all right still ahead: lilly pulitzer under fire watch was found at their local head quart that's now has some people accusing them of fashion change.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> ♪ ♪ lady die says she likes her. >> were you listening to meg zero miguel, also there at the ben franklin parkway. >> i was getting a taste every miguel. that's his song called adorn. >> where he is talking about lips and kissing? >> kisses, ya. little race. >> i fast label with headquarters in king of prussia under fire for what some are calling shaming photos. >> go on? >> no, you keep going. >> all right. drawings were snapped at an employee's desk featured in slide show for new york magazine. spoke with loyal customers who say they are really upset about this. >> yes. >> cartoons spot in the new york magazine photo spread on the king of prussia headquarters every high ends designer lilly pulitzer have a loft people offended, bear images many call fat shaming of women polls in the one employees cubical. >> awful. >> one reads: fat white and hideous. you should probably just kill yourself. another reads: i'm just saying. put it down carb face.
4:55 am
>> makes me angry to see that, especially if a company or someone that works within the company that is so loved by women all across the country. it is just a shame. >> the cartoons caused flurry of outrage on social media. with posts like. ment looks like i'll be taking clothes back, fat shame something disgraceful. gross, thanks for showing us what truly hideous actually looks like. but in a huge contrast, someone posted: am i the only one not booth nerds it is clearly a joke. people need to lighten up. >> hard to believe, a big company like, that somebody had to have seen it, and like i said, employee should be fired tore that. >> we showed the cartoon to one woman shopping at target where lilly pulitzer came under fire months ago for not selling plus sizes of its low price line in the stores. >> i wouldn't wear it at all. >> why not? >> because it is like promoting somebody's inapropriateness, and degrading people.
4:56 am
>> kind of put bad taste in your mouth. you don't know whether to trust whether the company that you're buying for them or not is truthful, and supportive of women. >> well, the company did release a statement saying these illustrations were the work of one individual and were post in the her personal work area, while we are an employer that does err counsel and people to deng rate their own space we are a female dominated company. these images do not reflect our values, we apologize for any harm this may have caused. >> time now 4:56. coming up: police investigating a rash of armed robberies in north philadelphia, we'll tell how is being targeted. >> plus, the death toll from those dangerous storms in texas continues to rise, we'll go live to houston in our next hour.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
fun fire over night in north philadelphia send three people to the hospital. we're liver with the latest on what happened. >> plus, sexting bus. student from a local high school, and middle school, caught shaken appropriate pictures, the big punishment they're facing this morning. >> and today will be steamy, and stormy. sue will tell us just how hot it will get. lan we can expect some relief. >> all right, good day everyone, it is wednesday may 27th 2015. may quickly marching into the record books here, or at least the history books since june is upon us, coming what, monday? >> i know, i can't believe it is already halfway through the year. >> good morning, sue.
5:00 am
>> i'm getting a panic attack. my daughter's graduating in june like oh, no, this is really happening. >> be excited sue serio. >> i know, it is all good, yes, it is. it is good panic attack. on a seven out every ten in your weather by the numbers for today. why? because it is muggier today and we have a chance every thunderstorms late in the afternoon. so 71 degrees, right now 5:37, your sunrise time, should be a pretty sunrise because there are a few clouds out there. 84% relative humidity, though, so you'll feel the mugginess out there thank goodness we do have few breezes, we have rain in the western part of the state nothing here, just yet. but, increased humidity. and warmth, at 72 degrees in allentown, just degree warmer than the airport. 707 in dover, 71 wilmington, delaware but 64 degrees and six an in wildwood, and atlantic city respectfully. so it is a little cooler at the shore. 7-mile per hour breeze out of the so


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