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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  June 8, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock right now police in new jersey are searching for a hit and run driver the crash left a teenager critically injured latest from police in a live report straight ahead. search for shane montgomery, of course that ended in tragedy but this case could inspire a new law and how it could keep so many others safe. so we have hot wet ter on the way today. sue will let you know. good morning everyone. >> good morning chris murphy. lauren is off this morning. i'm filling in on this day. she will be back tomorrow. >> sue serio good morning. weather perfect day weather-wise. >> gorgeous. high was 77 degrees. saturday turned out okay. a little iffy to start but we ended up having a decent afternoon saturday. all and all can't complain too much about the weekend.
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there may be some interesting weather later this afternoon. we have seen some cloud around our area and we're looking at area of rain around williamsport and state capitol in harrisburg about to sees if any of that will move into maybe berks county around the the poconos this morning but what we are anticipating is some rocking and rolling this afternoon. so maybe a stray shower or two around mount pocono, and that is all we've got for the moment for precipitation. 65 degrees right now. southerly wind at 07 miles an hour. seventy per event is relative humidity. pretty tranquil out there at the moment 567:89:33 is your sunrise time. as we get closer and closer to the first day of the summer on the 21st, the dates will still get longer, so we will enjoy it 65 degrees in the city, 61 in lancaster. sixty-eight in mount pocono with a couple showers or two. sixty-three in wilmington. sixty-two dover. at the shore we have 61 in wildwood and atlantic city.
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plan on, maybe keeping an eye on the sky later on than in the day. we will see heat build up humidity build up to day. we have on then are storms that have potential for heavy rain high wind, and thunder and lightening. we are really going to need to be careful this afternoon if you get a then are storm. you will hear it but for right now it goodies. let's hope bob kelly can stay the say happy monday. >> good morning, everybody. happy monday. 4:02. kind of quiet out there monday mornings we don't have overnight construction, from sunday into monday. that typically, is what we're seeing right now. live look downtown i-95, a cool check out the sky line. looking good coming into downtown philadelphia. no problems up and down i-95 in northeast philadelphia head doing nun to center city. ben franklin looking good coming into downtown. all of the closures that were in effect with yesterday's bicycle race, picked up and gone all of the lanes are
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opened, so that is good for the gang through manayunk and roxborough. coming from south jersey monday morning as we typically see a little bit of extra volume, folks coming right from the shore, heading right back into the office. especially with the beautiful day that we had yesterday. tacony palmyra, walt whitman bridge commodore barry all looking good this morning for gang coming back from say the poconos. the speed way was a big weekend up on there saturday and sunday. no problems coming down the the extension but we have that construction zone near quakertown. looking good coming in on 422 and your travel times for both the schuylkill and i-95 right where they should be for this hour on a monday, chris and karen back to you. seventeen year-old boy in philadelphia hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver this happened last evening on the 600 block of cayuga treat in the hunting park neighborhood. police say a 28 year-old driver rag a red light hitting that teenager on his bike. witnesses jumped in to try to
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save him. >> they tried cpr and i'm not worried about him teen was rush to the hospital where he died. driver is in police custody and charges are penning for driving under the influence. also there is a south jersey teenage inner critical condition after police say he was struck while skate boarding and then driver just kept going. >> steve keeley is live from pennsville with more on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: that case you just talk about in philadelphia, pennsville police chief down here in salem county new jersey admits with a lot of defense lawyers why people run and why it benefits to run. we wonder how could you hit somebody and take off. well that is why because that guy stop, and now you see the charge best drunk driving. and police chief hearsays, somebody probably, may have been drunk as will well and that is why they took off and that is why they may show up later. high school junior in critical condition a driver still
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hiding, 27 year-old kyle is victim's name, hard working young kid who finished his saturday night shift at a local restaurant and then went to his girlfriend's house. he left and was on his way home skateboarding down a local street where the speed limit is 50 miles an hour. it is called hook road. since we saw big side board as soon as we got off a new jersey turnpike, it is ape main road. it marked with yellow children at play washing signs since so many pedestrians walk and talk a along that busy rural road. it was 2:00 a a.m. closing times and bars and often busy time but for many local road like hook road. police believe he was hit from behind iron the police chief says a person may come forward a few days later to avoid being arrested for drunk driving. >> he is a great kid. ideal student. works hard. and, very committed to what he does. as far as in school. he has been great.
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he has been working two jobs. he is working hard getting ready for football. had hard working great kid. >> i have confidence in our local authorities that we will track this guy girl, whoever it was that did this because nobody deserves such a treatment. >> reporter: and police do not know the paint color but they do know the make and model. a hyundai elantra because they know that because damage so severe that one of the windshield wiper blades motors fell off the car. that is what they retrieved and they have make and model just from that alone. later today over at the high school administrators have been up dading kyle's classmates all weekend since this happened and kids will be wearing the school colors blue and yellow, as a show of solidarity for support and him and his familiar willly with kyle at his bedside at crozer-chester medical center across the river here. and because we are down by the delaware river so close to the delaware memorial bridges and commodore barry bridge, police here admit that this driver could be from new jersey, delaware or
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pennsylvania. so they are asking viewers if they have a neighbor who drives a hyundai elantra and it is missing, or with a tarp over it, call them because that could be driver in this case. karen and chris? >> steve keeley thanks. happening today philadelphia it is i councilman will be introducing a bill spark by disappearance of one of our local college students that legislation evidently would require places such as bars ape nightclub place surveillance camera outside the exits. fox 29's jennifer joyce live outside manayunk outside kildare's pub as that is the location where shane montgomery was last seen, before his body was found, in the schuylkill river. jennifer? >> reporter: good morning, chris and karen. hearing will begin at 1:00 o'clock to begin exploring this idea of mandated cameras outside bars n general it is to help promote public safety but it comes specifically as a result of the difficulties a appearance and death of the 21 year-old shane montgomery. college student went missing after a night of drinking with friend last november. he was last seen leaving kill
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bear's irish pub in main street in manayunk and then for weeks search parties of friend family members and investigators combed the area for clues and the young man's body was pulled from the schuylkill river in january. the new bill, introduced by councilman curtis jones would require at least one camera, outside bars and restaurants that have lick object licenses, and we have talk to jones when he first developed the legislation earlier this year. we also talk to the general manager of the rotten ralph's in center city about the proposed legislation. thinks bars should have cameras but doesn't think it should be mandatory. >> i don't want to mandate it but particularly, i have an interest in those establishments that sell alcohol. and, whether it is a fine restaurant or fine dining, or whether it is a stop and go in the neighborhood, there is a correlation between the consumption of alcohol and other narcotics and the commission of crimes. >> he is trying to make people responsible for things that
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they might not be responsible for. most bars have cameras outside regardless, for their own protection the sidewalks, their tables anything that could happen with their customers and for bars to do that then the whole place is protected. >> reporter: shane montgomery's family approached councilman jones about this idea for legislation and while they don't think camera would have saved their son's life they do think that the extra eyes would have shorten the agonizing months of searching. the city already has a program in place that reimburses businesses 50 percent of cost for cameras up to $3,000 and again city hearings will begin at 1:00 o'clock. karen and chris. >> jenny thank you. a driver, in delaware county slams into the side of the bar and then, boom, yeah, wow, drove off. now the bar's owner says she stand to lose thousands because damage has forced her to close her doors. crash was caught on
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surveillance as you can see early saturday morning, outside mike and johnny a's sports bar in darby bureau. it was a light colored suv that drove right in the wall. few minutes late are driver and two passengers get back in the car and they take off. impact ripped a hole through the property. the bar is closed to determine if it is safe for people to be inside. bar's owner is just hoping that police can track down that driver. >> all you have to do is you know come and be fair and honest and let me know you that had an accident, and you know that something happened out there and just to let me know hey is anybody hurt? they never even came inside to make sure nobody was hurt. >> so, you know how it goes insurance will come in and hopefully cover part of the cost. bar could be closed for at least a month and it could be, thousands, for the not only repair but then loss of business. >> absolutely. >> there is a man in bucks county who could be facing
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criminal charges for basically very odd behavior. it happened at a local park over the weekend. so, we will explain. bucks county rangers says there was a man admitted to st. mary's hospital for being highly intoxicated. he wind up in the lake. he ran out of that hospital in his gown still connected to all those ekg wires they put new. he is right there nearby core creek park. he wouldn't get out. he floated on his back doing a stroke all of the marine june writ saying come on buddy get in the boat this was captured by the bucks county courier times. the park was pretty crowded when this happened. >> it is astonishing that this happen. for younger children to see something of that type at that age it is probably awkward to them and their parents. >> and the the man swam a mile and several times underneath the boat which forced the boat people rest curing to turn off their propellers. e ms crews were able to use a syringe to sedate him and get him to safety.
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he was ticketed. the district attorney will review the the case to consider possible criminal charges. all right. coming up, 4:12 is the time. manhunt continues for two quick killers after they escaped from a new york prison there is a huge reward, being offered in order to catch them. and police with a concert in new jersey, what led to all of the chaos.
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piss sin i.
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i love the instrumental version of this. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning it is 4:15. we are looking at the airport our sue serio back from having a day off. we missed you sue. >> just a little day off friday. lot going on this time of the year. we have a decent morning. it looks nice out there at the airport. not the usual haze we see this time of the year. today would be a good day to down load, our fox 29 news app. if you haven't already. because you cab get notifications, right there on your smart phone when something is going on. something could be going on weather-wise this afternoon. we have an iphone go to the app store got an android go to google play, if you don't i have clue, go to my fox and we will straighten it out for you. all of the instructions are there and we understand. now lets take a look at satellite and radar picture. we have a few high cloud around. we are watching an area of
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rain to the west but nothing in our area at the moment. lets talk about what will happen later on. we don't think a lot of those showers will make it into the area this morning. maybe up in the lehigh valley, mount pocono, you might see a shower or two but for most of us it will be later on between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. around 4:00 o'clock out around berks county some strong thunderstorms starting to fire up. by 6:00 o'clock they are in the allentown area stretching all the way down into lancaster. now at 7:00 they are closer in the philadelphia suburbs. chester county montgomery county, bucks delaware county by 8:00 o'clock philadelphia for the same. it doesn't look like much will happen from these at the shore but it will be worse out to the north and west, because that is where it is all beginning. now we will look at tomorrow and we will see that there is another chance of showers this time in the morning with another next frontal system, with today, and by nine or 10:00 we could be seeing rain maybe earlier during "good
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day philadelphia" tomorrow. so it least maybes unsettled and the the remains warm in the area tomorrow and even with the front coming through the temperatures will not goat much cooler. we will show thaw when we bring you the seven day forecast. if you are walking out the door momentarily we have 65 in the city and allentown. fifty-eight in mount pocono. sixty-one in lancaster. sixty-two in dover. 63 degrees in wildwood. just a 7-mile an hour breeze coming out of the south. that is where warm air is. we will get to a high of 87 later today with that thunder coming in later this afternoon and some scattered storms around tonight with a low temperature of 68 degrees. so our seven day forecast is still under construction, you know what that means, bob kelly, we talk about things undercover trucks all the time. >> work in progress. >> yes. >> we will it it in just a bit. >> sueby, good morning everybody. 4:17 on this monday morning. back to work, back to school. school is almost out for some sids. a live look at the schuylkill
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expressway no problems or delays a at all coming into philadelphia we have the sky line, lighting it up there in the background. live look at the 42 freeway, again, in problems coming back from the shore. if you have an extra day squeeze in an extra night down there and coming right in the office you are in good shape. coming up the parkway expressway or in towards the city n wilmington route 141 closed at burnside boulevard a crash leaving north jersey, south jersey coming through 295 and turnpike, no problems, just watch for construction down here in delaware as we work our way into the 42 freeway, now later on tonight all this week, chris murphy pay attention here's one for you vine street expressway, closed both directions, every night this week. >> oh, know. >> chris thought it was closed last night or this evening. >> the the signs. the signs are blinking. >> we have to get on the sign guy. he didn't hit receipt set button because it said it was closed early this morning but
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it is no the. >> yeah, you see. >> so here's the deal, tonight, into tomorrow, every night, closed until 5:00 o'clock. so coming in and out of the city it will be closed both directions. they have a couple options south street or spring garden coming from conshohocken, coming from the opposite end off of i-95 broad street or vine street local and then again that is all part of the vine street reconstruction project and that is every night this week, beginning at 11:00 o'clock, chris and karen back to you. >> we have been warn, thank you sir. manhunt continues for two quick murderers who broke out of the maximum security prison in new york over the weekend. >> it is like the shawshank redemption. unbelievable story. state is offering hundred thousand dollars for the the capture of these two people who are killers brian yen is reports officials are doing whatever they can to find these guys. >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo says this is the first time in the history of clinton correctional facility that anyone escaped from the
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maximum security area. this is in the just any escape. >> we went back and we pieced together what they did it what's lab break, it was sophisticated it encompassed drilling through steel walls and steel pipes. so this was not easily accomplished. >> reporter: prison officials say during a morning check they found richard matt and david sweet were missing. authority believe they escaped through a hole cut out of the back of the cell, walk on the catwalk, crimed drawn and used power tools. officials say the men are considered a danger to the public. matt was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for kidnapping, robbery and murder of the businessman. sweeties serving a sentence of life without parole for killing of a county sheriff a's deputy. >> it was kind of shocking knowing that two people escaped. >> reporter: state police say 150 leads are being investigated and 250
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corrections and law enforcement officers are involve in the search. >> i want to assure thaw no stone will be left unturn. i cannot comment on the tactics, techniques and procedures that our investigators are employing. >> reporter: they are inn rest gate huge this escape happened including how the the prisoners were able to get power tools. only note they left behind was a yell he square paper showing a smiling face and word have a nice day. in new york, brian yenis, "fox news". they can get out of that one. 4:21. things got out of control in the a cons inert north jersey where police refused people who even had tickets to get in through the gates. that is because people were climbing over the gates. that is met life stadium. police say they had to block gates after poem tried to climb over the fence particularly people that didn't have tickets. they enforced themselves through security. this was one of the radio station's concerts, the summer jab unfortunately that meant for people who spent a lot of money. you know what tickets cost these days, hundreds even
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thousands. they weren't a allowed side either. they will refund any unstamped tickets. police have not said how many people were arrested. 4:22. coming up shark attack in florida what witnesses saw moments before a young boy was bitten.
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cleveland cavilers beat the golden state warriors in overtime last night, it is game two of the nba finals,
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final score 95-93. this series is now tied at a game appease and what a good series this has been, so far both games. now here's howard eskin with the rest of the morning's sports. >> this is fox 29 sports, in one minute. i'm howard eskin. phillies salvaged last game of the home stand and giants series yesterday. to the ballpark. phillies tied three-three, jeff francoeur the pinch hitter and he hits a double down the left field line, what that does with two on and two outs is scored two runs. phillies go up five -three. they just added on. in the eighth inning miguel franco had four home runs in the home stand and this is the fourth. he hits a home run. phillies beat giants six-four. they go on the road to san francisco for eight games. tiger woods finished the memorial and winner, went to three playoff holes. dublin ohio. that is dave and justin rose. he needs to make that to push for a fourth playoff hole. he does not.
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he makes his little short par putt and wins it on the third playoff hole. phillies start their series in cincinnati tonight and eagles back on the practice field. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. the united states women will be playing their first game of the world cup tonight it kick off in canada over weekend and u.s. will take on australia in their opening game. you can watch all of the action right here on "fox sports" one. if you are excited about the world cub we are showing you nothing happening on the field but if you are excited about the action, show us your picture. we love the spirit, american pride, use the hash tag fox 29 good day to show those. there is no action at all. >> there is a craze back there. >> yes. >> we thought you were going to see people playing soccer and talk about the u.s. cup? show us your picture. do your kids play soccer. >> we have pictures and a with
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the dirt and moving it that was awesome. that was action. >> you sound like my little boy, it is a truck mommy it is a truck. a police officer in texas is under investigation after a pool party gets out of control. yes tackled the teenager and pulled his gun on them. >> wow. >> later, chalkboard drawings, look at those from 100 years ago discovered behind a school wall what is being done to preserve this pretty unique find.
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search for a driver who has a teenage inner critical condition from a hit and run. what police do know about the driver right now. warmer temperatures today some storms on the way it could be loud outside, sue will tell us what to expect. good day it is monday june 8th, 2015. this is kanye west's birthday, by the way. he will be 37. >> can you imagine having that have money famous, fame and fortune at the ripe old age at 32. >> i would never this have look like kanye all the time if i had that much money. >> why isn't it a national holiday. it is kanye's birthday. >> yes. >> the gift to all of us of himself. >> yeah, so we got satellite and radar showing us, a few areas of green in berks county lehigh valley, main
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area of rain up toward williamsport, will any of this sneak in this morning this morning. not much but we will keep a close eye with it as we watch radar witt this morning. we have a few showers far north and west of the city is where you should probably think about that for this morning. for the rest of us later this afternoon we will to have watch out 65 degrees right now. 7 miles an hour wind and 70 percent relative humidity. it is not too muggy out there right now. 5:33 your sunrise time. it is not that far away. temperatures mostly in the 60's we've got 58 in mount pocono. thirty-six in pottstown. reading and allentown at 65. down the shore 61 atlantic city. ab bob kelly mentioned a lot of folks stayed last night because it was such a gorgeous weather day. 62 degrees in dover at the moment. we are heading to the high in the mid up toker 80's, before the thunderstorms hit and that would be late afternoon and evening for most of us
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87 degrees. we're thinking during the the day we are 68. tonight with those storms lingering through the tonight that is your fox cast for today. not as tranquil as it was yesterday but for right now i think we're okay on the road, bob kelly. >> doesn't feel bad at all and look bad at all looking out the front door. 4:32. we are looking live downtown philadelphia vine street expressway. 676, traffic moving nicely in both directions from end to end. it won't be the case for rest of the week. we will tell but that coming up in a bit. ben franklin bridge looking good, coming into center city. in problems at all working your way out of south injuries any towards downtown. i-95 again good shape from woodhaven road going for a ride all way in to downtown philadelphia we will be working on i-95 through the overnight as the cottman avenue interchange and then again from allegheny down through to girard. an accident in wilmington route 141 closed just off of i-95, right at burnside
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boulevard there. with some local detours. leaving south jersey no problems on the new jersey turnpike heading south down toward that bellmawr interchange. all of the bridges are fine and mass transit running with no delays. chris and karen back over to you. we have some breaking news from overnight. police are trying to find, someone who shot at three cars in south philadelphia. these cars were struck right on the 1800 block of south fourth street. the good news is that no people were hurt. police are searching for a man who was seen leaving that area. and, the two people are under arrest accused of vandalizing a building under construction in center city. this happened at broad and arch streets where the suspect allegedly broke into the building, and then started throwing things out of the windows and on to broad street. south jersey teen is in critical condition after a driver hit him while he was skateboarding, and then driver just kept going. >> such a sad story such a great kid. steve keeley, explain what we know this morning so far.
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>> reporter: well what we know is we do hit and runs almost every day on this show and we wonder why people take off. pennsville police chief says one reason why is to look for the other case that happened after this over in philadelphia. where a 17 year-old was killed abe a driver stop, and he now charged with drunken driving. but this eventual 17 year-old was hit and driver took off. pennsville police chief maybe we will find out or maybe never find out that is why the driver in this case took off to avoid being charged with drunken driving especially because the time it happened at 2:00 a.m. the exact time that the bars and clubs close. pennsville police directly across the river from new castle still waiting for the driver to come in or a tip to be called in. now look at our video. police spray painted circles around where the 17 year-old keys were found, his sneakers his hat and skate game. those circles painted in the street more than 100 feet from where they found car parts and they marked impact with spray
4:35 am
paint. kyle pszenny is on the high school football team number seven and just showed how tough a kid he is and how hard a hit he can take because he survived being thrown so far hit from behind, police figure on one of the main business roads through town here in pennsville where the speed limit is 50 miles an hour but despite those highway type speed limits, the road also has many of those yellow children at play warning signs because it also runs right through a busy neighborhood. of course, this is happening 2:00 a.m. saturday after kyle worked his weekend shift at the local river view inn along the delaware, south of the delaware memorial bridge and then stopped for a quick visit at his girlfriend's house. he left there. he was on there as his way home. his family is over at the across the river at crozer-chester. his classmates and entire community is with him in prayer. >> he was taking trash out. what are you doing nothing. i said i got to work. i will talk to you later. >> he will be a senior, finishing up his junior year.
4:36 am
he was a good guy. always making people laugh, cheering everybody up. never a downer. just shocked when this happened. >> reporter: well, police found a windshield wiper motor among the car parts that broke off and apart with the impact and on it, karen and chris a serial number that told them it belong to hyundai elan . there they don't know the color or year either. over at local pennsville high school athletic team urging kyle's classmates to come to class wearing blue and gold. they are the school colors to show support for kyle and they have a ribbon on their web site being shared all around town right now and it says number seven kyle strong, below it. >> what a nice show of support and we will just pray that is all we can do is pray for his recovery. thank you steve. 4:36. still ahead a young boy is attacked by a shark in florida. bitten. what kind of shark witnesses say was in that area. later in an amazing find
4:37 am
behind a school wall, a 100 year-old chalkboard, is what being done to preserve this straight ahead.
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4:39 am
welcome back the at 4:39. an 11 year-old boy bit bine a shark in cocoa beach, florida. boy was playing in waist deep water when he was a attacked. while they do not know what type of shark was involve swimmers reported seeing a small bull shark in that area.
4:40 am
>> it has the black and the black tip and as we turned around and we were trying to get in area to figure out where it went, 15 seconds later we saw a group of people in knee high water and we heard screaming. >> it is one of the worst ones we have seen out here in recent years. >> boy suffered an injury to his calf, life guard pulled him from the water and treat him at this scene. i've got to tell you we just took the family there karen when we went down to orlando, and we were playing in that very water a atco co beach by the pier. >> it is one of the most beautiful beaches. they do have shark attacks there. it is not the first. >> i wish i had known that then, kid, get out of the the water. by the way that kid, that 11 year-old was air lifted to an area hospital. luckily he will be just fine and bitten in the leg. but fit had been out there, it could have been worse. >> they treated him right there. he was a really good sport. i want to tell but another
4:41 am
person who was simply out of the ballgame. she got nailed with the bat. portion of it. they have set up a on line fundraiser hit by that flying bat during red sox game on friday. woman, she's 44 years old. is there crack of the bat. her name is tanya carpenter. she's still in serious condition at a hospital in boston. her friend say she's a single mom and awake after that surgery this is people that were looking. but she faces a long recovery. he was struck in the face by the bat and as she was sitting between home plate and third base dug out with her son and a friend. her family says they are grateful to everybody who reached out and so many thoughts and prayers, in that whole incident. i mean you go to the game. you go and get wrapped up in a conversation you are not watching every single pitch. you really have to pay attention especially down close. >> what can you do it comes off in a second, bam it is in
4:42 am
your face. they thought she would be in critical condition. she's improving, which goodies news. >> what can you do. we have some renovations a at a oklahoma high school to tell but. it may turnout to be a cool lesson from the past. >> could they not use a wrecking ball but they ripped down the wall, and then right behind the wall that they ripped out, they saw these chalkboard that remained untouch now for 98 years. written on the board a lesson about thanksgiving, pilgrims. math lessons were on that board and pledge was written in perfect penmanship. they found inside those schools walls were report card and newspaper clippings dating back to wood row wilson's presidency. school officials say it is a great experience getting a look up close and personal at the past. first off i got goose bumps and then i got tears in my eyes and then i just stared because it is really like, it was like walking in on a time
4:43 am
capsule and you walk in and you see 1917 in front of you with the way they taught lessons then. it was very emotional for me. >> he so right now school officials, in oklahoma city they are deciding on just what to do with preserving this permanently, possibly removing them and then, of course taking them to a local museum. pretty cool, um. >> it is cool, good to see it. still ahead a chaotic confrontation at a community pool a police officer throws a teenager to the ground and pulls a gun. what the teen says happened right before that officer grabbed her.
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good morning, sue serio. is that some wind. >> a little breeze. nothing extreme. if you happen to be, underneath of one you could be feeling a lot more than just a light breeze. we could have gusty wind, et cetera, but it looks like the great wrist from being these storms are north and west of the city. it doesn't mean you won't get one but the first ones to get the storms. so possibility is there of damaging wind, some possible, rotation, we will have to watch out later on as we get watches and warnings severe then are storms, maybe last week a tornado watch could happen some flash flooding too if you get a strong storm. the greatest danger or risk is north and west of the city.
4:47 am
here's satellite and radar picture and a showing nothing going on right now. so lets check out what is happening, the storms could return on monday, the storms that we had last week. we got a couple systems headed our way and this warm wind, coming from the south that creates that instability, it is heat plus humidity and then all you need a little trigger and that would happen later on in the day. we avenue marge mal risk here in the city, slighter risk, here a greater risk than marginal for today and tonight of severe thunderstorms. so right now it is not bad 65 in the city. and in allentown. fifty-eight in mount pocono. upper 50's in wrightstown. sixty-one a atlantic city. sixty-two in dover. wilmington has 63. we have wind that are a little breeze. it is nice outside right now with the southerly winds. normally it is more muggy. we have 7 miles an hour in philadelphia right now. as we look back over last seven days.
4:48 am
remember last tuesday when it was so chilly, cloudy, 58 degrees. we have seen a rise since then peeking at 81 degrees we haddon saturday. yesterday, 77 and warmer today, it would have been a a lot warmer a and thunderstorms possible at the afternoon upper 80's tomorrow as well and unsettled with our next storm system coming through. thunderstorms possible and some showers gannon tuesday and then wednesday we will start heating up, and when we get into the 90's on thursday and friday, and then upper 80's on at day with some more storms and then that would get us back in the mid 80's by sunday. so the the return of the 90's this week, bob kelly. >> sound good. little bit of everything in the seven day there. good morning. 4:48. back to work, back to school, we have cameras working blue route 476, to the gang coming back from the pocono race way over the weekend. in problems on the northeast extension and in good shape
4:49 am
passing our camera here at bridge. northeast philadelphia looking live at i-95 rolling past our camera at cottman avenue. speaking of northeast philadelphia later this morning it is breakfast time on monday's we will head out to one of the local diners in the area this morning's location the dining car up there on frankford avenue just off of the i-95 academy road interchange. they will be up their life from 9:00 to 10:00, swing on by, have some breakfast cup of coffee, bring some kids off from school, in hunting park watch for detours franklin and hunting park avenue police activity. down in delaware, route 141 is closed at burnside boulevard, also an accident police are on the scene there and squeezed between route one and i-95. later on tonight we will see that closure of the vine street expressway all this week they are closing the vine in both directions, between the broad and the schuylkill expressway. this little stretch there.
4:50 am
anybody that works that second or third shift coming into the city after 11:00 o'clock eastbound you can use either south street or spring garden. coming off of i-95 and coming into downtown trying to connect over to 30th street you can exit at broad or use vine street local again, that is later tonight, 11 into the following morning all this week chris and karen back to you. >> so that sign i saw on the schuylkill then that sign was just warning of future closures or an erroneous illumination. >> it depend upon who you ask, i guess because it is a future. >> go down schuylkill expressway i didn't have time to jam on the brakes read the sign which was about two and a half paragraphs. >> yes, it is. >> and keep going. >> if you are just like me driving along and all you sigh is closed, boom you didn't have the chance to read. >> if it is closed don't put up a sign. >> exactly.
4:51 am
>> unbelievable. >> so, come on down, get him a cup of coffee, he is all yours, karen. >> we know, the parking, the signs, and the rules chill rules in the greater pennsylvania area. >> if i want wine a bourbon why can't i get beer. it is driving me nuts. and then go get beer down the street and hope it is opened. >> how was your weekend, chris murphy. >> i should have had more wine and beer. >> that is great. 4:51. there is a case that is getting so much attention wait until you watch this a police officer in texas now put on administrative leave a video posted showing him pushing a 14 year-old girl, to the ground. we have had if that was your child. >> so take a look for yourself, as fox's reports, the girl and his mother want that officer off the force
4:52 am
here's that video. >> reporter: together in the circle strangers at the police station, pray for compassion. it is a divisive issue nationwide. police brutality or public defines. after this video shows what witnesses showed a fight between an invited graduation pool party guest and another women nearly 70 guests dispersed when police get there. >> they told me to keep walking and i kept walking and then i'm guessing we were saying rude stuff to him. >> reporter: moments later... police corporal eric casebolt takes down the 15 year-old girl and invited guest who was not involve in the fight. >> he grabbed me, and he like twisted my arm on the back of my back and he shoved me to
4:53 am
the ground he he started to pull back my braid and telling him he can get back off my because my back was hurting real bad. >> reporter: create noticees to unholster his gun and point it at other party goers. he tries to get up but casebolt pins her to the ground holding her down with both knees she he was eventually released to her family who isn't happy with how the teen was treat. >> it wasn't right. i think his force was excessive. >> reporter: home owner who live near the private pool say it was appropriate. >> he grabbed her arm and she was, started resisting immediately and she should have just stopped at that point like anybody and sat down and put her hand behind her back. he said lie on the floor and she wouldn't. >> reporter: this woman doesn't want her face shown because those supporting casebolt are getting threats. >> they were just doing the right thing when these kid were fleeing and using profanity and threatening
4:54 am
security guards. >> coming up, high school grads on their way to college a vegas strip club has an offer for you. >> another justly. the ad causing the controversy, seriously.
4:55 am
4:56 am
it is a tough market out there you are talking about millennials and kid graduate highs school and going to college. it is tough to find work. one establishment looking to
4:57 am
hire is causing a a bit of the controversy. >> heck yaw a manager out in the strip club in vegas posted this ad outside a club and it reads, now auditions the class of 205. oh my. the manager says it cost of tuition continuing to rise, more and more women are turning to exotic dance to go put the bills. while some find it offensive he doesn't plan on taking down the sign. 4:57. coming up in the next hour a big a announcement is coming out and how this could be changing our music business. young woman says, that on a 6-mile mile trip on the pacific ocean in the rehoboth both record she wants to break straight ahead.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
gunfire erupts overnight in the philadelphia area leaving a car riddled with bullets. whom police say was seen leaving that area. search is on for a driver to hit a teen and took off. what police know who may have helped track that driver down. unsettled weather making moving in our area this afternoon when will this becoming? sue serio has that answer. you say rocking and rolling. we will get to that in a minute. good day everybody. >> good day everyone. it is monday june 8th, 2015. this is when sue serio does the number. yesterday had to be a ten. >> yes it was obviously definitely a


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