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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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fox 29 news hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ our top story at 6:00 the weather right now severe weather roles he rolling through our area. this is a life look at campbell back mountain. that area and several other counties around us in tornado watch right now. >> scott is in the weather center tracking that forecast. this same system produced tornado warnings which means what. >> potential is there for rotating cells as well as tornadic activity right now severe thunderstorm warnings with this nasty line lucy and iain take a look at ultimate doppler it's really just lit up where you see those yellow boxes we have severe thunderstorm warnings. severe thunderstorm warnings right now for sections of lehigh county and berks county until about 6:15. 6:30. and we're watching for some damagingdamaging winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. vivid lightning and very heavy
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rainfall right now you can see around the maiden creek area moving around greenwich in berks county talking about severe thunderstorm warning this one right now until about 6:45. but also showing some signs of rotation with those cells moving into northern berks county as well as parts of the lehigh valley. so as we expand the view, you can see we still have several hours to go before much of this line moves to philadelphia we'll have the timing of that coming up. back to you. >> all right scott thanks. >> following breaking news right now out of mercer county, new jersey. skyfox is live over hamilton township where firefighters are battling a four harm fire. this is on the 1700 block of east state street. it appears several row homes are on fire. officials say the call came in around 4:45. there's no word yet on any injuries and we will bring updates as soon as we get them. to developing story arrest in a hit-and-run that left a teenager critically injured. >> 17-year-old kyle pszenny was on his skateboard early yesterday when a car hit him it happened in salem county. fox 29's bruce gordon is live at
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the pennville police station. bruce, what do you know. >> reporter: lucy, a life long pennsville resident is behind bars at this hour charged with aggravated assault by a vehicle leaving the scene of an accident and failure to report that accident. all in a tragic case that was cracked quickly and efficiently through some real good police work. sorry for what happened? >> reporter: police say 23-year-old zachary mcdonough spent most of the past day and a half monitoring social media from his apartment just a mile from the scene of the hit-and-run. before surrender to go authorities and confessing what he had done. >> he basically thought he hit an animal which we talked about earlier and then he saw fire trucks and things going by the apartment that's when he got really scared. he's upset. he realizes that, you know, he's hurt somebody but he's scared and didn't know what to do what he toll us. >> 17-year-old kyle pszenny was on or carrying his skateboard just off the 100 block of north hook road just before 2:00 a.m. sunday when he was struck by a gray 2002 hyundai accent.
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pennsville police ided the striking vehicle after recover recovering more car parts from the crash scene. they also made note of another crime reported that sunday morning. >> report was made of a car cover taken from house over that way. okay. so we immediately start the thinking it's going to match up somebody has a car around here couch. >> reporter: by late monday morning the car and cover had been spotted a mile from the crash scene. they contacted the vehicle's owner mcdawn in a's father and reached the 23-year-old by phone. he surrendered by afternoon as the badly damaged accent was returned to police headquarters. taking it all in pszenny' cousins distraught and angry. >> he's a strong kid. he's made it threw many injuries in his life. he'd made it threw many injuries and i'm just praying for him every single day. >> justice needs to be served. what he did was wrong. and the fact they just kept going, just shows that he's not a good person.
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>> reporter: mcdonough spoke to police this afternoon and surrendered without an attorney present. he reportedly told authorities he had been drinking saturday night but chief comings says this long after the accident there's no way of knowing whether he was impaired. one final twist to this story folks who reported that car cover stolen, relatives of mr. mcdonough. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, bruce. tonight for the first time we're getting a different look at a deadly officer involved shooting and police hope it helps catch a robber. now the video shows a person police say is a second man involved in the attempted robbery. police say two men walked into the rising sun pizzeria on the 6900 block of rising sun of a last thursday. they tried to rob one of the customers. turns out though, that customer was an off duty police detective detective. so when he identified himself police say one of the robbers opened fire. detective shot back and killed that man. we later found out that robber was firing blanks. so hopefully you took a good look at the second man. if you know who he is, call
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police. bail has been set for the suspect at the center of two sexual assaults and home invasions. fox 29 has learned raheem felder has been champed with aggravated assault, rape, burglary and robbery. his bail has been set at $1 million. he has to pay 10% of that bail which is 100,000 bucks. on may 25th detectives say that felder broke into a woman's home stole several things and her car then they say he came back and sexually assaulted her. after an up tense manhunt felder turned himself in last week to police. no word on when he'll appear in court. a former penn state fraternity pledge calls his former chapter a house of honor that was actually a house of horrors. student who blew the whistle on private facebook page filled with nude pictures that filed suit. 21-year-old james claimed an in lawsuit against the university and the suspended delta row fraternity he waited eight months for penn state to take action before he went to police. he says he was burned with cigarettes, force fed buckets of
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liquor mixed with urine, vomit and hot sauce and made to guzzle alcohol and hazing rituals. his lawyer says he went to police when he feared someone would die. penn state recently suspended the frat for three years and today the fraternity's national office expelled 38 fraternity members. six months have come and gone since searchers found the body of west chester university student shane montgomery on the banks of the schuylkill river. he disappear the night before thanksgiving after a night out in manayunk. today his still grieving family met with local officials. >> as fox 29 weekend's ail bill anderson tells us they're trying to get a bill passed they hope will save lives. >> reporter: 21-year-old shane montgomery disappeared early thanksgiving 2014 after a night of partying in manayunk and tragically it took nearly sick weeks before he was found dead in the schuylkill river. today in city council legislators discussed a bill pushed by shane's mom that hopes to address the question as to how someone could disappear from
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one of philadelphia's busiest streets with seemingly no evidence of what happened. >> it was as if shane disappeared into thin air. countless searches by family friends, the philadelphia police department, the fbi special task force and many volunteers yielded little evidence about what happened to shane. >> reporter: bill 150 sorry ronin six would require all establish manies that serve alcohol to inn stale surveillance cameras at each exit. the bill sponsor councilman curtis jones told me why this bill is so necessary. but a camera is a courageous century that is not intimidated by witnesses that can document what has happened. in some cases even prevent it. >> reporter: two interesting issues surrounding the bill are one, businesses are concerned about cost and two in the past, some businesses have been hesitant to turn over their surveillance cameras for everything from concerns about
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liabilities to privacy issues. >> number one, i would hope that these businesses in our community are good samaritans and want to cooperate with law enforcement in cases of criminal activity. that's number one. number two we also want them to be end zen divide to do this instead of mandateed. >> city council meeting closed with the bill being held they want to slow walk this bill they want to fully explore the benefits of surveillance cameras versus the concerns of costs and privacy. >> here in city hall i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. said setting the bar high. >> all boys public school in philadelphia is proving their motto works and they have the numbers to prove it. the amazing number of graduate who's have already been accepted to college. howard? >> the eagles are back on the practice field today. it's another day to look at the quarterback. that would be sam bradford. talk to the new eagles quarterback today to find out where he is in his rehab from that knee injury. hear from him coming up in
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♪ it's graduation day for boys latin in west philadelphia. a public charter and college prep school in fact 97% of class has been septembered into college. fox 29 weekend anchor karen hepp found out they take their latin motto to heart which is every man is the architect of his own fortune. >> reporter: boys latin the only all boys public school in philadelphia. sets the bar high and then pushes kids to get there. longer school days, saturday classes, and in your face support. >> when you come out of boys latin you're going to see will succeed. >> it changed his life. eats going temple to play soccer and study pharmacy. steven free man is headed to st. joe's. latin helped him through his darkest hours. >> eleventh grade year was my roughest year my oldest brother had passed away and each teacher they sent me a lovely e-mail just making sure i was okay. and when i came in i got big hugs and the fact they showed
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they care they want to you succeed. they want to you pass. these teachers do everything in their power to get you passing. >> all seniors intern jeffrey camp shows drexel university partnership to teach philly kids nutrition. he's chester as carrot, cut oranges and learned team work he's head to go widener a little wiser. >> i think i was became more of a man. >> latin is all about growth. finding a passion. marquise had never wrote a day in hess entire life. now he's the crew captain evens got big dreams. >> i'm going to seattle to train for the team. >> all male school is one thing but latina dead language. teacher sarah says precisely because it isn't easy. >> i think latin helps with critical thinking skills and with analytical skills and it's not just about sat scores. people will say that it's about actually paying attention to what you say and what you write and how you speak. >> literally took my breath away
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the structure the respect the um the expectation of excellence like they didn't let the boys slide. also they didn't throw our boys away. >> moms say the school transformed their sons. they think the teachers are super heroes and in fact they're throwing them party capes included. what started as concept eight years ago now has proof the first class graduateing college counselor heidi young cheered many of her alums on like eric young. >> he gave the bachelor rat address in front of entire room of hundreds of parents and graduates and they gave him standing ovation and i can still remember four years ago taking him down to the acceptance student program. i told him about you go cher. he was at you go cher because of me and he graduated successfully in four years and it was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. >> ceo david hardy admits not everyone will finish college but everyone is taught to try and
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strive to get there. >> we just took the guys who walked up our stairs just to learn latin. won ab full building. but what we have guys come up developed as men. >> each man is the architect of his own fortune. >> architects indeed. now build it hats off gentlemen and special kudos to alum aaron mitchell a former fox intern now graduateing ursin. s who begged me to go and visit his school. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. >> seizing the day. aren't they. >> live for the moment g for them. congratulations. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. i mean it is a busy day scott. >> it really is. we have severe weather moving through our area. we also have potential tornadoes that could develop and the storm prediction center out of norman oklahoma placed much of the area now just to the north and west of philadelphia that does include chester county, montgomery county, bucks county, the lehigh valley the pocono mountains until 10:00 o'clock.
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we'll watch out for potential tornadic activity. but the main threat right now we're looking at severe thunderstorm warnings so gusty winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. very heavy rain torrential downpours as well as vivid lightning we'll zoom into this cluster we've been watching moving out of sections of berks county into lehigh county right now so right to the west of allentown watch out for very heavy rainfall gusty winds the potential for some hail. that has the severe thunderstorm warning on it until about 7:15. so we're watching it as it moves on off to the east at about 20 to 30 miles per hour. also lancaster county now under severe thunderstorm warning until 7:30. the activity well aways away from the philadelphia area, however, it is going to continue moving in our direction over the next several hours. but we have some time to get through because they're moving at about 20 miles per hour. but take a look at ultimate doppler 3d. you can see those cloud tops 50,000 feet. that's high enough to support some hail so the potential is there as we look at the hail
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tracker for some hail up to the size of 2-inches in diameter we're talking ping-pong sized hail potentially moving through richmond rockland, approaching sections just to the south of allentown moving no lehigh county. as we roll the clock ahead by nine 10:00 o'clock that line is likely still going to be off to the west of philadelphia. but closing in between 10 and midnight trenton moving toward philadelphia into sections of south jersey. before kind of diminishes and we're looking at leftover clouds and showers overnight into early tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon more scattered pop-up activity mainly south and east of philadelphia. so mainly north and west right now. we're watching for that damaging wind threat. there could be isolated tornado. flash flooding also a possibility. with that very heavy rainfall. scattered storms mainly around the poconos now through 7:00. seven to 10:00 north and west of philadelphia and then 10:00 o'clock to 1:00 a.m. moving toward i-95 interior south jersey. 84 degrees right now. winds breezy out of the south southwest.
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temperatures right now a little cooler low 70s down the shore. low and mid 80s right now along the i-95 corridor. but rain cooled right now around reading. only in the upper 60s. dew points have been above 60 degrees so that's kind of adding fuel to the fire if you will. so temperatures tonight pretty mild. muggy conditions, strong scattered showers and thunderstorms across the area. 86 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow. warm and muggy with more scattered showers and storms possible but likely not being severe like this afternoon and evening. 86 for tomorrow. 87 on wednesday and then potential heat wave thursday, friday into saturday. temperatures topping out in the low 90s and then not as hot more average temperatures sunday into monday. so once again continueing to watch that tornado watch until 10:00 o'clock tonight. ultimate doppler is kind of lit up right now and you can see the cells right now in particular that are dangerous moving out of berks county toward the allentown area, gusty winds and also the potential for some hail once again that's moving into
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lehigh county and also lancaster county look out for some downpours and gusty winds. >> we'll have to watch. >> we'll be watching it all night, too. >> all right. >> all right. let's talk little eagles. >> okay. >> we're ready. >> they're on this side of the i-95 corridor so i just want -- >> they shall be fine. >> it's fine on this side of the i-95 corridor. eagles camp continues. players back today. it's about the new players getting used to the new situation. hear from running back today marco murray and where is the eagles hope? that would be quarterback sam bradford. where is his health, his knee injury? hear from bradford coming up in sports.
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♪ >> the eagles back on the practice field today for their ota's. and these are still voluntary mini camps. evan mathis is the only one still not in attendance. next week the camps are not voluntary any longer so it will be interesting to see if he does show up. there was a visitor eagles today today. that taking things in was 76ers head coach brett brown. chip kelly was always been good with coaches and players from other teams taking in eagles practice now many eyes are still on quarterback sam bradford. he played in a group of seven on seven again. he's just following the plan of eagles medical staff and doctor jail andrews. >> from the day i've been here we've talked about progression and you know i think this is kind of the progression that
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we've put out there. um, you know, everything the past couple of week has gone exactly how we wanted it to, and i think we're going to kind of keep going with the plan. >> but he's still not able to go through every drill during this camp. while he adjusts to new offense and new teammates. >> eighths little bit difficult. i wish i were out there, you know taking every rep. i think it would make it a little easier to take on that leadership roll and develop some of those relationships but, you know, there's other ways to do that. pulling guys aside after practice in the weight room you got to look for different ways to do it when you can't do it on the field. >> another one of the new players for the eagles is running back demarco murray he led the nfl in rushing yards last season. he also led in an area some think may not be good physically for him this season that would be carries. so anything different this off season to help him physically? >> took a little time off like i usually do. body felt great. doesn't to have any surgery except for the hand in season surgery. body feels good and these guys
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here with the sports conditioning program is unbelievable. they got me throwing good. >> we'll see if that sports science works. history players that have had 370 carries or more the previous year the next year they have a down year. chip kelly says we'll run him less but he's got to be efficient on the plays that he does run. so i want to he's a great guy and he's terrific player but that's a lot on your body. especially in the nfl. i think dallas cowboys just abused him knowing they weren't going to resign him any way. >> well, from sports science to weather science. >> all right. yeah, we have a tornado watch in effect for much of the area. the exception is philadelphia county and delaware county until 10:00 o'clock tonight a line of showers and thunderstorms already turning severe toward sections of lehigh valley very heavy rainfall, gusty winds we'll have a life update at 7:00 o'clock. keep it right here. that does it for us here at 6:00. have a great night. we'll see you back here at 10:00.
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inside edition is up next.
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