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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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>> rock star famous hair up in flames. a moment that sent millions of teens into a panic. >> plus like something out of the nightmare. invasion that shut down a lancaster county bridge. keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. right now on fox 29 news at 10:00 a stormy sunday night out there. doppler radar lighting severe weather moves in. rain is falling in much of the area and winds are kicking up. just the first round of what
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saturdays shaping up to be a rocky week when it comes to our weather. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland that. nasty weather could definitely slow your role in the morning commute. let's go fox 29's meteorologist dave warren. dave? >> these have calmed a bit. no longer severe warnings out there. a lot of rain coming down. you can see the back edge through montgomery county pushing through delaware county all of delaware is clear. south jersey around atlantic county and just north of trenton seeing a few thunderstorms here. no longer severe but this rain is clearing out for now. we're in for another round before the night is done. right around mays landing heavy rain one or two lightning strikes. this is pushing off to the east about to move over the atlantic city expressway. farther north just to the northeast of trenton there's fresh lightning strikes. this rain is pushing out. so it's no longer severe. it was severe as it moved into the western counties here. about 4:00 o'clock we watched these storms develop around lancaster. these were severe storms with wind and hail. but as expected once it got right to philadelphia, it was no longer severe.
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still some rain coming down. this is just round one tonight. here's this little break this is no longer the radar. it's the computer forecast really picking up where the heaviest rain is now. but does it bring more rain in by night tonight and will be coming down by tomorrow morning rush hour. starts to fill in by three or 4:00 o'clock. more heavy rain right along i-95 i-95. this is getting close to the start of the rush hour and with all the rain come down today flooding could be a big issue by tomorrow morning. you wake up tomorrow there's some rain around i-95. but it's now moving through south jersey and delaware. so this is very heavy rain little flooding with the storms tonight. all that moisture on the ground to lead to more flooding by tomorrow morning. more storms come through tonight. the time you wake up tomorrow morning flash flooding is possible. watch the roadways. you slight to work your way around flooded roadways tomorrow morning. midday break. miffled day tomorrow. we have a break from the storms but we're in for another round not only tomorrow but many days in the seven day forecast have
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storms in them. there is one dry day. i'll show you that coming up later. >> dave just told you the commute could be rough. bob kelly and sue sr. yo will be on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. to help you navigate any bad weather or traffic troubles and stay ahead of the storms at our fox 29 news app. get alerts sent right to your phone and watch live radar free to download search for it in the apple or google play stores. one person is jail tonight charged in hit-and-run accident in south philly ton night people in that neighborhood say this happens way too many times. brad sattin is at that dangerous intersection and brad, neighbors i guess tired of seeing this happen. >> reporter: iain very true. high a chance for many hours to talk to many of them. they seem to have horror stories about incidents close calls either while they were walking or on a bicycle. some of them think in fact this stretch right here of oregon avenue may be the most dangerous in south philadelphia. the latest incident happening just before midnight last night. i'll step out of the way. the woman was crossing the street here at ninth street. a vehicle was headed eastbound
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slammed into her she went through the air and landed underneath that suv. even in the darkness on wet roads we saw impatient aggressive drivers on oregon avenue. >> the cars race up and down here. you know, all times. especially at night. at night is the worse. >> reporter: joe's home is feet away from the accident at ninth and oregon his own mother was nearly killed struck by a car walking across the same street a few years ago. he was putting his kids to bed saturday night when suddenly -- >> heard a loud boom. a screeching and a screaming sound like a woman scream. it was horrible. horrible to see her laying there like that. >> reporter: a 52-year-old woman had just parked her car and was walking home with her teenaged daughter when she was i family tell us she crossed this street a million times. >> she flew and hit -- went head first underneath the truck. >> reporter: she landed under this suv. >> i actually heard the impact and i heard somebody whoever was with the lady screaming for
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somebody to call help. >> reporter: she was critically hurt with head and internal injuries but the driver of the red ford focus never stopped. >> i did see the red car. >> he was speeding up this way. >> reporter: police tracked the car to aston delaware county where the alleged driver was arrested. neighbors say very few drivers abide by the 30 miles an hour speed limit here and with several nearby bars and the stadiums just blocks away it's a dangerous south philly artery. >> this street right here would be like atco raceway and we have little children. we have a child that's autistic spectrum and no regards whatsoever. >> reporter: even worse a hit-and-run. this bicyclist whose had her own fare share of close calls shakes her head. >> i really don't understand why you don't stop. you know, now you really going to be prosecuted. if you would just to stop, when the incident happened, more leniency. now you got the public guns you too. >> reporter: now i did speak to the victim's brother-in-law
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earlier today. he tells me that she was actual actually born in italy spent most of her life here in philadelphia and tonight she's fighting for her life at jefferson hospital. iain. >> brad, thank you. a firefighter sent to the hospital after an incident that seriously damaged some homes in northeast philadelphia late this afternoon. fire broke out just before 4:00 p.m. on woodhaven road. no one else was hurt. investigators are still looking into what sparked the flames. well tonight search is on for a guy who used a needle as a weapon in north philadelphia robbery. his target was a cashier the rite aid at the 200 block of west lehigh avenue. she says the robber came in to the store twice over night before a third time shortly before 2:00 a.m. and that's when police say he point add needle at her demanded cash from that register. don't know how much he got but nobody was hurt. spray of gunfire in camden left one man dead. three others injured. a whole lot of questions. it happened just past midnight on the 2800 block of mitchell
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street. 44-year-old tito gomez died. two men made to an apartment on saunders street they were shut shot on mitchell. a friend of fourth man shot drove him to a hospital. what is behind all of this, still don't know. the deaths of two men whose bodies were found after police standoff in port richmond appear to be a murder suicide. police were called to the home on emerald street yesterday aft of afternoon by neighbors who heard gunshots. officers came under fire from someone inside the house. several police cars and emergency vehicles were hit by bullets. neighbors were act evacuated from their homes about 90 minutes into that standoff a swat team went inside and found the bodies the names of the men have not been released. two weeks and counting now on the run as the manhunt continues for two escaped prisoners in upstate new york. the prison worker accused of of helping them has a court date tomorrow. authorities say joyce mitchell gave the convicted killers hack saw blades, chisels and other tools to break out. right now 800 law enforcement personnel are fanned out leaving no stone unturned.
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they're stopping cars, they're searching trunks and questioning drivers. they've also sealed man holes near the prison. no charges filed after a toddler was left behind at clementon park. three year old girl walked up to security guard at 8:30 last night and shed is he she couldn't find her parents. the park called police. her mom and dad got in touch with detectives this morning. they thought the girl was staying with her grandmom but the grandmother thought the girl left with others in the group. tonight she's back home safe. south jersey mayor shuts his town down to visitors. around 3:00 this afternoon belmar mayor tweeted belmar has reached its capacity and we are shutting down all traffic into town from route 35 effective immediately. dougherty says the move was made for public safety reasons much thousands of people had come to belmar for the 29th annual seafood festival. route 35 was reopened around 7:00 this evening. you decide and another republican contender by this time tomorrow will be joining the race for the white house.
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former florida governor jeb bush has finally taken that leap posted his first campaign ad online today. >> we need new leadership that takes conservative principals and applies them so people can rise up. america's best days are in front of us and we're going to lead the world. >> the ad previous floridians who say bush'ss policies as florida governor helped them. he's expect toddy claire his candidacy for the presidency tomorrow in miami. a mom arrested for drunk driving with her son in the car. the police never pulled her over. what happened to her husband just before police ored her out of the car. >> one very happy lady decided to decorate her pick up and it's getting a lot of attention. why she's turning heads on the highway. you know what, getting a thumbs up from police. >> plus the fox smash hit empire will be back in september and the writers are talking about the new season. what they let slip about cookie in season two. >> you know iain different kind of cookie plus pancakes and ice
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cream. this baked sale has a lot of people buzzing. why organizers i guess you can say high hopes it will change the laws. >> dave. >> hoping for break from the rain and we have it. we're going to see a little break right now back edge moves through but not a big one because more rain is in the forecast not only tonight but many days in the seven day forecast. a look at that coming opiated la.
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♪ nightmare here. do you see all that on the windshield? one huge swarm of may flies had motorcycles crash
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and in fact forced police to close a pennsylvania bridge. you're looking at west hemp field township lancaster county. at least kind of looking at it through all those may flies. they swarmed around the street lights last night and fell to the ground. we're talking piles. inches deep. police say all those bugs made for slick driving and four biker crashed. the bridge reopened early this morning. speaking of driving drunk driving sadly all too common. this next drunk driving story out of santa fe new mexico not so much. >> police arrest add woman with her young son in her car strange part she was busted after pulling up to her husband's dwi stop. fox's gabriel burke heart shows how it all unfolded roar report tuesday evening a santa county sheriffs deputy pulls up to a bar. another deputy had pulled over 47-year-old james in this truck. he's suspected of dwi. >> i guess notified the family.
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he called the wife. >> as they talked to the man 41-year-old charity hill drove up in the orange car. >> how are you? >> the deputy immediately smells alcohol. >> kind of questions judgment, right h you have someone whose showing up at a scene with police officers drunk. >> how much alcohol have had to today. >> two glasses of wine. >> to make matters worse when deputees ran his information they found he already has 5dwis on his record. now both in trouble the deputy gives the woman field sobriety tests. >> i have to work at 5:00 o'clock in the morning. to bleep three in the afternoon. >> another deputy help the woman's 11-year-old son out of her car. >> driving impaired is wreck less. and when you have another person in the car it only exacerbates the situation. >> she's instructor to count backwards from 63 to 41.
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>> 53, 52, 51, 50, 54, 53, 52, 51 50. >> .15. you're almost double the legal limit. >> she's arrested for dwi she waves to her son. >> love you mom. >> love you too dude. >> both were taken to jail. that was gabriel burke heart reporting much this is one food fest you probably shouldn't bring kids. to you've got pancakes and some ice scream sandwiches all kinds of cookies and it's a first for san francisco as the get baked sale opened its doors offering medical marijuana treats. more than 25 businesses sold cannabis laced edibles. organizers are hoping events like this will eventually lead to legalizing the recreational use of marran in california. >> we think it will be legal in 2016 and people need to know it's like a beer festival. just like any other type of convention you go to. people will come out and enjoy
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themselves. >> everyone admitted to the event got carded. organizers made sure everyone had a medical marijuana card. >> the little space that could. file system awake and saying hi after seven months. after filially failed to stick its landing on a com me it went silent but zoned home yesterday after getting another sunlight on its solar panel to transmit data back to earth. mission scientists have been trying to opinion pit its location since november. >> we got two minute signal from it. we have to work out how we can continue its mission given it wasn't supposed to even ab -- very challengeing part the mission now very exciteing. >> scientists are now hoping information from the comet lander will unlock secrets about the origins of our solar system. it was a special flag day for two world war ii vets close to 100 came out to honor sergeant sam kaplan and veteran simon. sergeant kaplan turned 101 and
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mr. simon turned 92 today. both risked their lives to fight are our freedom during a flag day ceremony they were honored for not just their service in world war ii but for celebrating a special birth today. >> it's a pleasure to be here. it took me a long time to get to where i am now. and tomorrow 101. you never know. >> i wish you all the best of health freedom and god bless america. >> flyers hat on. when asked about how we can live long lives both men said quote i don't know. problems for people who live along the 500 block of north 52 and street in north philadelphia. not over tonight. millions of gallons of bushing water forced them to higher ground earlier today. all from one enormous water main break. neighbors are calling it like something out of a summer blockbuster.
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fox 29's dave kinchen joins us in west philadelphia. dave this was no movie and now the cleanup begins. >> reporter: not a movie at all right now on this sunday night a lot of people are simply cleaning up and digging out. digging out by the millions of gallons fifty two 88ing a lake in this section of west philadelphia after a massive water main gave way early sunday morning. >> it's like something out of a movie. it. >> looked like the day after tomorrow. >> i heard my neighbors knocking on my door about 6:00 o'clock. whose knocking on my door at 6:00. >> the guy says it's a river. >> what? >> a dozen cars were submerged and first responders say at least two fell into sink holes. >> the cars was covered up. all the way up to the window across the street there. and we couldn't see any of the street. we knew the hole was there but we couldn't see it. >> i had to walk in all this nasty water i swear my feet -- hopped in the car backed all wait up and parked around the
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corner. >> this one came to rest on a gas line that crews had to shut down. fox 29 was there as many came out to evaluate the damage. >> i can't even drive out. it's hole about this big. >> reporter: brenda's vehicle may have been wedged in a parking lot by the flood but she's thankful she heard the engine turn over. >> i put my key in and i said please start? my car is full of rock underneath and evidently the rocks must lift up my car. water not to go in it. i'm grateful. just grateful. >> more than 40 basements had some kind of flooding according to the philadelphia water department and they blame a water main put in place when grover cleveland was in the white house. >> arthritic inch broken main so transmission main. we have to work from a little further away to get the main shut as close as we can and as tight as we can. >> the water department says the main was shut off by 8am dozens had to be evacuated or told to shelter in the highest floors of their home to stay dry.
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crews will be back out monday teacakes 58 and start the repair process as damage reports get filed. >> we'll try to get claims adjusters out here on site to deal with water in basements and damaged cars here. >> reporter: 26 house has to be evacuated for electrical issues. the power could be restored by tomorrow. back to you lucy. >> thank you so much, dave. the city of brotherly love, the back drop of the pride parade and festival today. if you were around independence mall you might have found a whole lot of street closures. i know i did. thousands turned out to represent philly gay pride. the parade start the at 13th and locust streets. wound its way to pennsylvania land wrack there was music and entertainment for all. similar parades were held nationwide. the fox smash hit empire coming back in september. i know people that are counting the days right now iain. the writers are hard at work on rather outrageous scenes. >> sharon crowley spoke to a few of them and got a sneak peek at season two. >> you may think you've gotten away with this but don't fool
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yourself yourself. this is all the beginning. >> reporter: look for lucius coming and in takeing his search. >> these identical twin sisters share the same job maybe the most enviable one in hollywood. they are staff writers for the hit fox tv show empire. >> got to be like a super g right now they're writing what happens next to cookie lucius and the rest of the lions lions clan. >> going to be a lot of sex. >> that's something we can see. >> who doesn't want to watch that. >> something they don't write those singers cookie comes up with. >> who boo boo kitty just because jesus forgive you doesn't mean i do. >> tara p. henson gives those one liners. >> this is an ass. >> it has been revealed she'll enjoy love interests multiple in season two. >> eric hayward use to produce music videos his experience
10:21 pm
helped him craft some memorable scenes in the show. >> we would able to bring that authenticity to that episode. >> how do they come up with those stories lines that leave fans gasping and craving for more? >> there's no one way. some of sit just pure imagination. some of it is what if. what if that. what if is drawn from the headline. >> reporter: expect music to continue to be a character on the show with cameos by knee owe arc leisha keys and lenny kravitz. and next season, which starts in september, look for lucius to exact his revenge. >> he ended the season with a really searing monologue about how if he ever gets out he's coming for his family. so you can really expect lucius to really clap back at his familiar until a huge way. >> the day will come when lucius lions will return. >> reporter: we can't wait. sharon crowley crowley...
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>> season two of empire premieres right here on fox 29 on september 23rd. >> a member of a popular rock band gets close to pyrotechnics. his hair catches on fire. >> lions and tigers and, yes bears. also hippos and monkeys wandering the streets. how they broke free. what's happening to round them up.
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♪ severe flooding in the former soviet republic of georgia the worst natural disaster in recent memory. at least 12 people died after heavy rain turned a city stream into a fierce torrent that destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes. the flood waters also swept away businesses swept away cars and the search continues tonight for about two dozen missing people. also, missing a lot of zoo animals we're talking about lions and tigers among many others. many have died. among those who that escaped a hippo found wandering in the street. a bear clinging on air-conditioning unit. and pigs just roaming around. not clear how many animals are still missing but authorities are urging people who live near the zoo to stay inside until they round up all those critters. few more leads in the 911 mystery cops try to track down the woman who called for help and then vanish. the call came in friday investigators traced it to the parking lot of a harley davidson dealership in michigan city indiana. a caller disappeared before the
10:26 pm
operator could get any information about the emergency. list stone what the operator heard. >> i need help. >> get out of here. >> hello? >> authorities found a phone but allows calls to 911. investigators have surveillance video that shows a woman and a man arguing in the area. then getting into a car. she was in the driver's seat and police still want to make sure she's okay. >> one happy woman inspired to decorate her truck and it's getting a lot of attention. what has drivers honking and police giving her the thumbs up. >> california mayor hit with a taser. what landed him in the line of fire. dave? >> flooding rains this afternoon and this evening and we have more coming through the tear night. that could lead to a big problem by tomorrow morning. sunrise at 5:32 but you'll wake up to heavy rain and thunderstorms. watch for flooding much that's the key word. not only tomorrow but next few days. a look at the seven day forecast coming up.
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scary moments drag rock concert in sidney australia. guitarist in the band got a little too close to shooting flames during a performance last night. the pyrotechnics caught michael clifford's hair on fire. he grabbed a towel ran off stage right there. it happened. michael whose known for his hair tweeted a picture of himself assuring fans he's okay. it doesn't look it but he says and the show must go on. they hit the stage again tonight. a georgia woman wants the world to know she is -- she's thrilled to be divorced from her husband. >> fox's nicole estephan shows us the unusual way she's celebrating. >> i'm an independent woman. >> the cans, the sparkles, the get away car a familiar ritual of the newlywed but the newly divorceed? >> to me it's a celebration because, hey it should have been over five years ago. >> reporter: leona says her husband took off five years ago. the couple has remained separated. but on june 11th she decided it was finally time to cut the ties. >> when i walked out of the
10:31 pm
courthouse yesterday, it was like i could breathe. not because he wasn't there. because i wasn't legally connected to him any more. >> reporter: she drove off with her new found freedom and creative fashion. >> bought the letters bought some stars, there you go. >> reporter: she got married with stars in her eyes. now she says the sparkle is in the support that passerbies are giving her. >> i've had police officers honk the horn. do this. people behind me everybody that comes behind my truck i see them with their little phone cameras. >> reporter: divorce can be sad she says but she's made the decision to ignore the ending and celebrate the new beginning. >> it's awesome. i feel like everybody celebrating with me. >> reporter: in lawrenceville nicole estephan fox news. >> california mayor tased for a good cause. yeah. arizona coyotes tased the mayor of -- left its interest weighing
10:32 pm
to raise money. woman who tased the mayor got quite a bit of attention oh and social media for very large public rant directed at the mayor. by the way the mayor is okay. he doesn't look it there and says no hard feelings between the two of them. >> all right. >> interesting fundraiser. >> good thing he doesn't have a heart condition. >> true. >> let's get a check of that weather. we got flooding to look out for coming up. >> flooding, storms, day after day. you like johnny cash i have to ask. >> the men in black thing. >> ring of fire. >> ring of fire. it does apply. not only great song but it applies to the weather. >> bring us full circle. >> this is what we're talking about. days and days of rain. there it is. you can barely make out but this is the type of weather pattern typical this time of year. high pressure across the southeast. ring around the high we get storms developing and that puts it right over philadelphia areas of low pressure move along this around the high and that's why
10:33 pm
we get these periods of rain and a few breaks in between. complicating this will be late this week. an area of low pressure in the tropics could bring even more moisture so we could be dealing with quite a bit of rain. now, slight risk for severe storms. that's what we're dealing with tomorrow. except this area is now expanded a little farther east. it stops right along i-95 there and right along the delaware river. that's where the storms die down tonight. they were severe in the western suburbs. now it's just heavy rain coming down right along the expressway in atlantic city, little farther north we still have lightning strikes there just moving off the coast of new jersey but here's the back edge except for lingering shower there in upper montgomery upper bucks county across the lehigh valley. here's a little break that we have you'll be dealing with this rain tomorrow morning. right into the forecast you will see the computer forecast showing the heaviest rain through philadelphia, along 95, across central delaware. more heavy rain could lead to flooding you could wake up to flash flooding tomorrow morning. some flooded roadways take a little extra time because this
10:34 pm
is we're expecting at 6:00 o'clock. now we'll call eight mid-day break because this rain moves out. here the break. no showers or storms by about 10 11:00 o'clock. things are calming down bit hopefully get any flooded roadways to drain. more showers and storms develop by the afternoon. that's this is slight risk possibility of severe weather maybe not as widespread as today. isolated strong to severe storms throughout the afternoon and evening. that's by 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night. mid 70s. we could be looking at a heat wave now because temperature climbed above 90 and we'll be there again tomorrow with these storms developing up to 91 degrees. right into tuesday. another hot and humid day and this is another round of thunderstorms in the afternoon. some cooler weather coming in from the north temperatures dropping much this is another front. another wave of moisture moving through. showers and storms again another risk for severe weather tuesday afternoon. now we'll call a calmer wednesday because this rain pushes to the south and here's a break the clouds breaking breaking up a bit.
10:35 pm
we could see clear sky but we're seeing a little break here. wednesday could be that dry day. at least most of the day looks dry. thursday some more rain comes in and that will keep temperatures cooler. there's wednesday the dry day. we have showers and storms each day. monday and tuesday. mid to low 90s. mainly dry maybe a lingering shower early wednesday morning. thursday a period of rain that could keep the temperature down to 79 degrees. nice and comfortable except for the rain coming down. friday and saturday weather pattern doesn't seem to be changing much. we have to put showers and storms back in the forecast and the heat is up not only for the us open but father's day. >> good timing. >> that's right. >> it is good timing. >> this father likes it hot. that will be good. >> that's right. >> exactly. dave thanks. >> thank so much. that will do it for for i don't care 29 news at 10:00. keep it right here for sports sunday. ♪
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>> tonight on sports sunday another brutal day for the phillies. >> eagles connor barwin joins us in the studio. we'll try to explain all really all of what chip kelly is doing with players these days. that's all coming up next on sports sunday. dear fellow citizen, kids are a great thing. before you know it they're in college. if you're lucky, they get a degree in finance and figure out how to pay for it. could happen. but just in case it doesn't, i can help. we have new student loans others don't offer. next time you have a question about how to pay for college ask me. sincerely, jared duemling, fellow ninja and fellow citizen


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