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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  June 15, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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crews will be back at a massive water main break in west philadelphia, we will look at extensive damage there. police make an arrest in the hit and run accident in south philadelphia, hear from neighbors about that accident. a stormy start to your week we are tracking more severe weather today, sue is standing by with what you need to know. good day it is monday june 152,015th i hope everyone had a great weekend. sue serio it is hot all weekend long. >> we didn't get our official heat wave because at day only got to a mere 88 degrees, after thursday and friday were in the 90's but you are right, lauren we really did feel it. you knew eventually with that heat and humidity building up that we would get thunderstorm. we have a round coming through.
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we are seeing then are storms on radar in northeastern maryland but rain from those storms is spread nothing to lancaster county and chester county this morning. we will zoom in quickly to show you where heavier downpours are. southern part of the lancaster and chester counties right around that boarder with maryland. a few spotty showers around philadelphia area right now. we will look more in depth at radar next time. it is muggy out there. 75 degrees. 7 miles an hour wind out of the south southwest and 87 percent relative humidity. sunrise time 5:32 as we go in the last full week of spring. won't even be a full week because summer starts on sunday. showers around this morning mostly cloudy skies, we will see sunshine and enough to get us to 91 degrees. it will be hot even with those thunderstorms. once they came through they have not cooled us down very much. we will talk about the rest of the forecast for last week of spring coming up in a few minutes but it is monday
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morning, happy monday, bob kelly. >> happy monday, welcome back, good morning, everybody. 4:02 on this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. kicking blankets off lets get started no problems here on the schuylkill expressway. the vine expressway is still closed this morning as part of the overnight construction. again, eastbound lanes right now are still closed, between the schuylkill and broad street. they just opened up westbound lanes but if you are coming into the sit a via at schuylkill trying to get into downtown exit at south street or spring garden street if you are coming in the opposite way again that westbound side is opened i-95 construction crew is still out there with the bright spotlights at girard avenue. also further north up there near cottman avenue, gap nothing out of the ordinary there. some new timetables in effect here for septa buses. here's the deal. new summer schedule began this weekend for city frontier and
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victory lines so grab a new timetable, so you are ready for morning rush hour. all of the regional rails like wilmington paoli warminster line all running without a problem this morning. coming from south jersey and folks like to stay down the shore for an extra night to come right back in the city, especially those i had a chance to meet down in rehoboth on friday, they are staying down there and coming right back in the city this morning. no problems coming up delaware's route one looking good on the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia looking good so far at the airport. lauren back over to you. breaking news this morning in montgomery county, fire fighters on the scene of the house fire in lower southford township this broke out in the 100 block of skippack creek road just before 2:00. we are told fire is under control but we have a crew heading to the scene and we will bring you live report soon. an argument led to the shooting in logan. one man was hit twice in the chest and listed in critical condition. another stable after being shot in the stomach in the
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4800 block of north caroline street around 10:30 last night. officers located a dodge durango in the 4200 block of germantown that matched the description. it had bullet holes on the outside and rerole versace inside. people inside the car were questioned but so far no charges. this morning philadelphia water department will return to the scene of a massive water main break in west philadelphia it prompted evacuations damage reek also and bumped asphalt on the street. fox's dave kinchin looks at the damage. >> reporter: gushing out by millions of gallons at 52nd and wyalusing creating a link in this section of philadelphia after a water main gave way early sunday morning. >> it is like something out of the movies. it is like day after tomorrow. >> they were knocking on the door at 6:00 o'clock. i said who is knocking at my door at 6:00. is there a river out there i said what. >> reporter: more than a dozen cars were submerged and first responders say two fell in the sink holes. >> cars was covered up all the
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way to the window across the street there we could not see the street. we knew hole was there but could not see it. >> i had all this nasty water my feet i parked around the corner. >> reporter: this one came to rest on the gas line that crews shut down. fox 29 was there as many came out to evaluate the dam age. >> it is a hole about this big. >> reporter: brenda kelly a's vehicle may have been wedged in the parking lot by flood but thankful she heard engine turning over. >> i said please start please start because my car has rocks underneath it. evidently the cars must have lifted up my cars and water to go in it. i'm just grateful. >> reporter: forty basements had some kind of flooding according to the philadelphia water department and they blame a water main put in place when grover cleveland was in the white house. >> it is a 36-inch broken
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main so we have to work further away to get the main shut as close as we can and as tight as we can. >> reporter: water department says main was shut off by 8:00 a.m. but dozens had to be evacuated and told to shelter in the highest floors in the home to stay dry. crews will be back monday to excavate and tart their process as damage reports get filed. >> we will tried to get claims adjusters to deal with the water in the basement and damaged cars that are here. transformer fire in the northeast leaves dozens without power. after that fire that number was closer to 500. fire was reported on sand meyer land just after 1:30. peco crews have been work to go restore services. happening today for the first time in the brad fox law is being applied to a philadelphia law. officer brad fox was killed in 2012 his name sake law requires a mandatory minimum of five years in prison for those involved in a straw purchase. that is when someone who is not legally allowed to purchase a gun using another
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person to acquire that weapon. today raymond mccanned less is in court a accused of stealing ten firearms from gun shows in philadelphia and montgomery county. lawmakers will meet with managers and employees at philadelphia veterans affairs regional office later this morning. members of the house committee on veterans affairs subcommittee of difficulties a ability assistance and memorial affairs at house appropriate subcommittee on million construction conn, veterans affairs will make recommendation toss improve that facility. pennsylvania education advocates will kick off a statewide bus tour to bring attention to the school funding issues. philadelphia federation have of teachers and inter faith group are participating. they will make four stops starting in spring guard then afternoon and ending at state capitol june between ninth. they hope to get law make tours increase school funding under the next budget. woman is fighting for her life after being struck and hit in a hit and run accident in south philadelphia over the weekend. police say the five two-year old woman was hit at ninth and oregon late saturday night as
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she was walking with her teenage daughter. witnesses say a red ford focus never stopped but a driver was arrested in delaware county on sunday. neighbors say drivers drive too fast in that area. >> this street right here could be like atco race way and we had small children, we have a child on the autistic spectrum and in regard whatsoever. >> victim is in extreme critical condition after suffering head and internal injuries. search is on for i agree who used a needle as a weapon in north philadelphia robbery. his target a cashier at rite aide on the 200 block of westerly high avenue. she said robber came in the store twice on saturday and came back a third time early sunday morning when police say he pointed a needle at her and demanded cash from the register. no one was hurt there. archdiocese of philadelphia has plans to close three more churches. in carnation of our lord in olney, our mother of sorrows in montgomery county and holy savior will close in mid-july.
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archdiocese says the closure requests came from the pastors. they have been affiliated with combined parishes in those neighborhoods. 4:09. ten days after escaping from a prison in new york, two convicted murderers are still on the loose. what investigators are now dogging to trying to find them. another republican will soon enter the race for president how jeb bushies trying to separate himself from his famous last name.
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4:12 on this muggy monday. 75 degrees. guess who is back with us sue serio, a high school graduate. >> yes i have some pictures, i think from later on. she's done, well, new she's back to being a lowly freshman again, i guess starting college but what a delightful time it was. we had a great great experience with our high school graduate who many of you remember from her first day of kindergarten thanks for all of your great messages on facebook and twitter.
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it was wonderful. lets get to the rain at hand and we have plenty of it here on ultimate doppler radar. we had thunderstorms that came through last night and we see showers mostly showers not a lot of lightening showing up on radar. having said that there is a little bit in maryland around abington, maryland along i-95. pretty heavy rain as well, that is part if you were traveling right there right now you you would be really, in the middle of some heavy downpours. for the rest of us, it is just light rain. most of us to the north we are not seeing any down the jersey shore at the moment. before the end of the day we will all get a little something as far as rain is concerned. we are under a marginal risk of severe thunderstorms, that could happen at anytime. more likely later in the day because we expect a period of time where we will build up some heat and humidity and get some thunderstorms. we have possibility of heavy downpours around through the rest of the morning. you can see six or
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7:00 o'clock this morning widely scattered showers. do not forget that rain gear today. here's in midday period some clouds around by 10:00 o'clock. you can see breaks in the clouds and chance for some sun to burst through and get us up to 90, 91 degrees by the end of the day to day and more scattered showers popping up throughout the rest of the afternoon. these thunderstorms will be kind of isolated, some of us will get them some of us will not. your kid have a game tonight you have to keep your eye to the sky. that takes care of monday this system will be around on tuesday as well. maybe not tomorrow morning. we will be dry in the morning but by have afternoon here are another round of rain say after one or 2:00 in the afternoon. possible heavy downpours as well, and then they will clear out and we should have a decent day on wednesday. not all tuesday is a wash out either. here are your muggy temperatures. seventy-five in the city. seventy to the north of news mount pocono. seventy-two in pottstown. 74 degrees in reading.
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seventy-three down in wildwood right now. dew points, they are in the 70's too. once you get dew points in the 70's you are in good old humidity almost summertime humidity or in the oppressive range once we get up that high. as we look at the past seven days, as we mentioned earlier we did in the get our official heat wave late last week but thursday's high was 92. friday 95. we got to 88 on wednesday. ninety was the high yesterday, and we expect a high in the 90's again today. around 90ish possibility of pop up thunderstorms enough sun to get to us that 90 degrees. seventy-two. muggy. evening thunderstorms. that takes care of today still crest continuing as we say that seven day forecast bob kelly we want it to be perfect when we present it to you as we shall coming up. >> you are great at crafts over there. >> yes i'm a craft i kind of girl. >> like the craft corner here on fox 29. good morning everybody.
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4:15. we have some rain sipping through the area depend ing where you begin and end your trip. some roads are damp, wet and realize you had some rain rolling through overnight. i-95 as sue mentioned on radar south of wilmington down toward delaware again, you'll deal with heavy downpours. don't be afraid to pull over in a safe spot. we have seen folks do that. other folks who pull over on trying to make their own shoulder sometimes on i9 56789 make sure you can pull off to a safe spot, a parking lot or your favorite convenient store and make sure your flashers are on if you do that. vine street expressway, still closed on the eastbound side until 5:00 o'clock this morning. we will give them another 45 minutes. again, eastbound. coming in towards the city on the schuylkill expressway, jump off at south street and make a left on anyone of the numbers street to get you back in center city. spring gander is another good alternate. otherwise we are in good shape speedometer readings in the 50's, no problems down
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i-95. when you get heavy downpours look out on i-95, they have new traffic patterns shuffled all around. you know where i'm talking about at cottman avenue and then again near girard avenue. later today i'm jumping in the news vein and heading out toward royersford breakfast at annmarie's place in royersford along main street. i will be there from 9:00 to 10:00 o'clock. plan to bring the kid by. we have have some fun and some fox 29 prizes for little ones. new summer schedule in play, kick in over weekend for all of the septa buses and trolleys on the city frontier and victory lines. make sure you have a new timetable to be ready for rush hour, otherwise regional rails are off to a good start, in delays at least first trains out of the gate looking good and again rolling north on i-95 through girard and cottman avenue just watch here as lanes are more narrow through construction zone. lauren back over to you. more than 800 law enforcement officials taking
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part in the search for two convicted killers in upstate new york. officials say they are no closer to finding the fugitives. this is as woman accused of helping them escape gets ready to appear in court. fox's patricia starks has more. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. >> reporter: frustration building as officials admit they have no idea where two convicted killers are. david sweat and richard matt haven't been seen since escaping from the maximum security prison in upstate new york more than a week ago. >> enough time has transpired but we're following up every lead the best we can. >> reporter: 800 law enforcement officialers taking part in the manhunt. officials say that they are stunned by the convict's ability to avoid capture for so long. >> if they are still here in this immediate area their a ability to hunker down for a week and stay on the run is a big surprise to us.
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>> reporter: as the push continues residents living in areas around the prison are being forced to alter their daily routines. major highway remains closed and a local school district is suspending all outdoor activities until murderers are caught. >> i feel uncomfortable because of the fact that we don't know where they are at. >> reporter: the prison worker accused of helping them escape is scheduled to appear in court monday. joyce mitchell was charge with one count of promoting prison contraband and one count of criminal facilitation. authorities say she is now cooperating with police. >> she has been helpful in establishing a time line of the events that have taking place leading up to last saturday morning. >> reporter: joyce mitchell pleaded not guilty to both charges against her if convicted, she faces up to eight years behind bars. patricia starks, "fox news". naacp president rachel dolezal has postponed her meeting plans parentally
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meeting delayed because of ongoing discussion was regional and national leaders. this is expect to be her first time speaking publicly since accusations surface that had she lied about her race. the city is investigating whether she lied about her ethnicity to apply to be on the police board. her parents say she has falsely port trade herself as african-american for almost a decade now. jeb bush, is expect to announce today that he is running for president. former florida governor plans to make his candidacy official with the seat at miami dade college. yesterday he released a video and tweeted a new logo containing only his fired name to set himself apart from his father and brother. the six two-year old joins ten other republicans in the race with ten others still deciding whether to jump in. jurassic world stumped in to theaters this weekend and in the record books. it is now highest global opener of five you time. it brought in 511 million-dollar, in the first few days in theaters. movie devoured a number of
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domestic box office record taking in the 204 million-dollar. jurassic world is now the second highest domestic opening of all time right behind the avengers. coming up, rise and shine first spacecraft to ever land on the comet finally wakes up, we will tell you why it was asleep for so long.
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golden state warriors are one win away from the nba title they beat cleveland cavilers last night 104-91 to take a three-two. they will try to win their first title since 1975, on tuesday night in cleveland against the lebron and his calves. game seven will be on friday if necessary. here's howard eskin with the rest in the morning in sports. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies are a team in total free fall, worst in baseball and this weekend scored three runs in 33 innings. they have lost every game on the current road trip. to pittsburgh, it went 11 innings. still scoreless. pap he will been in his second inning of relief, freddie galvis with the man on first
4:25 am
the error puts the man on second and third. first pitch to the next batter josh harrison, base hit up the middle. pitberg wins one to nothing in 11 innings. they sweep the series. last night connor barwin stopped by our studios for sports sunday. the the question always comes up about chip kelly's moves for his type players. >> the team is always more important. the team is stronger in that, the team is about forming the right parts that fit. when you get all of the parts to fit that is when you become a championship level team and you have those really special great teams and i think that may be what, a lot of people talk about culture and things like that. >> and that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. a may flies close a bridge in central pennsylvania. this happens in west west lancaster county. may flies swarmed around the lights on route 462 bridge and fell to the ground, forming some piles that were several inches deep on the
4:26 am
road. because the swarm was so dense it caused three motorcycle crashes. the flies were eventually cleaned up, and the bridge reopen. coming up, the hippo is one of many animals on the loose in the former soviet republic of georgia, we will explain where they came from.
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in west philadelphia clean up continues after a water main break. here's a live look at radar. we're tracking some storms today. sue is back and she has details in her full forecast. good day it is monday june 15th, 2015. sue serio, how are you feeling on this monday morning after celebrating all weekend with your new high school graduate. >> we did celebrate all weekend joyous occasion, and now they are off on senior week and we are getting used to our new normal around our house. thanks for the good wishes when we posted some pictures on social media. lets talk about what is happening right now on ultimate doppler radar and there are a little areas of lightening showing up, moving into new castle and kent counties in delaware. that is where heavier rain is, little portion of the chester
4:30 am
county as well, southern part that is not too far from the maryland border n middletown delaware right now you may be hearing some thunder. here in philadelphia a few pockets of heavy rain in delaware county and from lighter rain moving in the city as well. nothing at the moment at the jersey shore. so 75, muggy degrees out there right now little damp 87 percent relative humidity in the much win 7 miles an hour so we will take whatever breeze we can get. 5:32 is sunrise time as we get closer to that first day of summer on sunday. mostly cloudy skies. we will see enough sunshine but pop up thunderstorms are possible anytime but most likely in the afternoon, they will be very isolated, so, you just have to watch, you know, eye on the sky as we say in the afternoon. that takes care of your monday. it is last machine of spring, bob kelly but it sure will in the feel like it.
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>> not at all. what is she down there in senior week in wildwood. >> did you tell her that uncle bob has cameras there in wildwood and we are monitoring the situation, down there for senior week. good morning live look at i-95 as sue mentioned we have a heavy ban of showers coming across here. roads are wet. live look at i-95 near naamans road sky lighting up every now and then with thunder along the way. vine street expressway still closed here in philadelphia on the eastbound side, until about 5:00 o'clock or so. if you are coming in the city, use either south street or spring garden street. west philadelphia we will tell but this in a second, big water main break, 52nd street is closed and most likely will be closed for quite sometime here so use anyone of the numbered streets on either side and expect delays, hid go through that stretch of west philadelphia we have a down tree on the 30 bypass, and thinks westbound just west of
4:32 am
the downingtown, we're also dealing with really thick fog as well. a few obstacles rolling out of the driveway on this monday morning, septa buses and trolleys, here's the deal, new summer schedule went into effect. make sure they have a new updated timetable at 69th street transportation center a new project began over the weekend. they have shuffled around the boarding locations from some of the buses and route 15 101, 102 trolleys track work underway a new project shuttle busing beginning today. a as far as philly international goes we're okay right now but you know what happens when we get thunder boomers, fog and weather they don't play nice down there at the airport. expect some delays if you are heading to the airport this morning. lauren back over to you. fire fighters a at the scene of the house fire. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in lower southford with more hi, jenny.
4:33 am
>> reporter: good morning. we are here on the 100 block of skippack street whereas can see a presence out here this fire started just before 2:00 this morning here in montgomery county. the fire was placed under control at 3:45. we are awaiting information from the fire chief. heavy smoke from where we are standing but they have us pretty far away we cannot even get a good look at the house from where we are. but as you can see lots of lights, we have, fire, and ambulances, and here on the scene. again, we will bring you an update as soon as we can get one in word on a cause or the status of anyone who may have been inside of the house. again, all we know is that this heavy fire was up to two alarms started just before 2:00 with flames under control 3:59:45 lauren and chris. >> thanks very much, jenny. a police chase end with a person hit in montgomery county. steve keeley is working on that story and we will get
4:34 am
with him in a few minutes for details on that. all right. a transformer fire in the northeast leaves dozens of people without power. just after the fire that number was closer to 500. fire was reported on sandmeyer lane just after 1:30. no one was hurt. peco has been working to restore services. police say an argument led to a shooting in logan. one man was hit twice in the chest and listed in critical condition. another is in stable condition after being hot in the stomach in the 4800 block of north caroline street around 10:30. officers located a dodge durango in the 4200 block of germantown and it matched the description. it reportedly had bullet holes in the outside and revolver inside. people inside were questioned but so far no charges. this morning, philadelphia water department will return to the scene of a massive water main break in west philadelphia. twelve and a half million gallons of water came shooting out along fifth second and west minister streets yesterday morning. the break came from a main put
4:35 am
in place in 1885. officials are trying to determine exactly what went wrong, the break flooded basements, submerged cars and caused electrical outages. twenty-six homes are evacuated because of the power outages. the city will send insurance add gestures out to evaluate the problem. bears lions and tiger escaped from the zoo how they broke free and is what happening to round them up.
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let's get to breaking news involving a police chase in montgomery county. steve keeley has been on the scene and he has more information hi, steve. >> reporter: we have a little bit of information and it is good information. nobody hurt seriously although plenty of people could have got killed. we are at state police barracks in skippack where both vehicles that were involved in how a chase from reading ended, are, and i took pictures and let's show you some of them. but this involved a guy in a toyota corolla and one trooper told me car was in bad shape when it reached 422 in montgomery county being chased by reading police from berks county. what state police tried to do on 422 to keep everybody safe was slow it down get in front and block it from going further like you see in nascar when somebody is trying to keep somebody from passing somebody on a teammate side. so what happens is this corolla rams the back of the pennsylvania state police suv
4:39 am
and rams it pretty hard. we were told, strip spikes were put out and when we look at the front wheels, tires are completely gone this guy was riding on rims and old front end of the corolla you can see smashed. somehow the guy alluding police for a long time and long distance wasn't hurt bad. the trooper just minor injuries maybe two troopers, minor injuries we're told by a fellow trooper here at skippack. how this all began we do not know. we are trying to contact reading police who took custody of the guy and arrested him taking him back to reading, how this started and why, and when and where we don't know. we know where and how it ended on 422. they have cleared that road which is a busy road by power plant and shopping areas and a lot of commuting here in the morning. commuters won't even know anything happened here but when we look at pictures of the two vehicles you wonder how everybody got away as a
4:40 am
okay as they did but great work by state police and how to slow this guy down and get his tires shredded off and then of them run in the back of the state police. the car finally disable and they took him in without much incident. we are promised more information by the state police within the hour. as soon as we get anything we will see you at 5:00 and we will have an update by then. >> we will wait on information, steve keeley, thanks very much. zoo animals on the loose after severe flooding in the former soviet republic of georgia and now race is on to get animals back. fox's will carr has latest. >> reporter: still a serious situation in the capitol of georgia avenue they are dealing with flash flooding and dangerous animals that escape the zoo after heavy rains hit saturday night turning a stream that runs through the city in to a surging river. keep in mind 2 feet of moving water is enough to car a way cars and when flood the waters hit they damaged dozens of homes destroying many and submerged a large part of the
4:41 am
zoo destroying many animals enclosures sending tigers, lions bears, even a hippo, all running for their lives. that hippo was corn nerd one of of the cities main squares. you can see him standing in the muddy streets taking it all in. he had to be tranquilized and then was taken to a security location. special forces had to kill other animals on the loose on top of some already killed by flood waters, and at this point zoo officials ape mayor says it is unclear how many threatening animals are still out there. >> the threat remains therefore we urge citizens not to walk and travel in the areas where animals can a attack. >> reporter: at this .12 people have died in the flash flooding including a zoo keep shore just last month lost her arm in a tiger attack although, it is unclear if the animals had anything to do with the injuries or death n los angeles will car"fox news". still ahead travel game changer how a new start up is making it easier to hop on a
4:42 am
private plane but first historic probe that landed on the comet has woke up after a very long nap. what is next? we will tell you after the break.
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4:44, 75 degrees a soggy shot of the philadelphia international airport. we are looking outside the studios now, it is wet out
4:45 am
there. >> there is a steady rain right here in olde city, you look out the window and go oh, it is monday, i don't wanting to out in that. but like most of us, you have in choice. just do your best. just have that rain gear with you. may not need it only this morning but throughout the rest of the day. it looks like new castle county delaware is the area that is getting most of the rain. in the southern part of the county some lightening and thunder, showing up there. around smyrna delaware you are hearing thunder. middletown delaware as well as some areas across the bay. there is another lightening area that just popped up. in salem county you are about to get heavy rain. we have seen heavy rain moving in the city. we are seeing it outside right now, and, up toward trenton there is a bull's eye there. this area just moved to the east of trenton in new jersey. so we're under a slight risk of severe weather. every thunderstorm is not
4:46 am
necessarily severe but we are under marginal risk of that happening today. you can see these pop ups and downpours happening throughout the rest of the morning. once this round is through we will get period of relative calm, maybe a shower here and there and some sunshine showing up in the afternoon. sunshine means that increases the instability in the air and gives us the possibility of some pop up thunderstorms later on this afternoon and evening. you can see them popping up. they are isolated through six or seven or 8:00 o'clock tonight and that situation will be with us throughout the evening. visability out there, not great, reduced visibility at philly international of 5 miles. 3 miles in wilmington right now. some of that is worse than some other isolated spots. very muggy with all of those temperatures in the 70's this morning. seventy-two in atlantic city and wildwood. wind southwest where muggy air comes from. we have 7 miles an hour wind in philadelphia, and that dew
4:47 am
point scale, we are definitely in the oppressive range this morning. we are looking at not an official heat wave but we have had self days in the 90's of past seven and we expect today to be another one. we expect to hit 90 degrees today. ninety-two on tuesday. mid 80's on wednesday. wednesday looks like a decent weather day, thursday, not too bad, maybe a pop up then are storm in the afternoon but at least it cools off on thursday and weekend isn't great but we have got fathers day on sunday, and you see d-a-d right there. >> yes. >> i was wondering what you were spelling as they were spinning around. >> they are little blocks. >> there you go. >> that the children reply with. >> i like that. >> making me dizzy i may change that graphic because now i decided i dent like it any more but it is also first day of summery caught it mid spin there before you spelled everything out. >> yes. >> good morning everybody. 4:47 on a monday.
4:48 am
we are off to a good start but we do have some situations from as a result of the weather. down tree on the 30 bypass. this is live look at westbound 30 bypass right here near route 340, we have a down tree over the westbound lanes, out near the downingtown interchange. so we have it westbound just west of the downingtown, this morning, your best bet use your local route 30 as you work your way through downingtown. otherwise you can see glare on the road surface and kicking up some spray off the the cars in front of you here. this is a live look at i-95 in northeast philadelphia here's a live look at route one in delaware, sue mentioned heavy storms coming across kent county in delaware. depending upon where you begin and end your trip roads could be still wet, give the car a free car wash for the morning rush but vine expressway also still closed a all eastbound lanes blocked between the schuylkill and broad street so anyone coming in down the schuylkill expressway you want
4:49 am
to exit spring garden or south street give those guys another ten minutes and we should be ready to go. in west philadelphia seen of the water main break, fifth second street still closed with local detours, probably for quite sometime. lauren, back over to you. european space agency's comet landing robot has achieved another milestone. after losing power shortly after landing on the comet the ranger is awake from hibernation. fox's paul pennsylvania stevens reports. >> reporter: it was a reunion seven months in the making. scientists from the european space agency say they heard from their comet landing probe now awake after a long hibernation and communicating with earth. >> housekeeping data, the temperature power is generated by the solar generator. it appears that the lander is healthy, it is operational and we will work now in the coming days on getting the results.
4:50 am
>> reporter: this initial message lasted a minute but lander sent back 300 data packages, now esa has to figure out how to use recharged batteries to complete their experiment. challenging task considering how difficult it was to bring the lander out of hibernation. >> it has to cross a threshold with collecting enough energy from the sun to turn the computers on and finally turn on the radio transmitter back to roseta. >> reporter: scientists will work to change roseta's orbit so link cannulas longer and start sending command to carry out new measurements. >> we now to have work out how we can continue this mission given it wasn't even supposed to be a white map. it is very challenging part of the mission but very exciting. >> reporter: rock and ice that make up comets preserve anxious organic molecules like a time capsule and esa is hoping new sample will unlock details of the origin of the planet and life itself in new
4:51 am
york paul stevens, "fox news"y feels like i was in science class. a tweet hello earth can you hear me. scientists say lander should get enough sunlight to operate until october when it will once again fall silent. new service want to make it easier to travel on private planes but is it worth that money? we will look at the new start up changing the way people fly.
4:52 am
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4:54 am
4:54. it is called uber for airplane travel for $2,000 a month start up beacon offers flights to sit is like boston or vacation spots like the hamptons. fox's cheryl caseon went to see fit is worth your money. >> reporter: here i am at west chest they are airport. what i'm doggies checking out what they are calling the uber for jet travel. you have your phone, you have the app you dial up, you get on the plane. sometimes within 30 minutes. but let's check it out. all right corry, let's talk about this. you guys have been doing this on the west coast. what can people expect if they down load the app it is 2,000 a month. >> 2,000 a month. >> what does that get me that
4:55 am
gets you four flights. so best way to explain it, it is similar to netflix. each lets you book one flight as soup as you use that you can book another one with that flight path. you can have four flights book out for yourself. >> what kind of person do you think will be flying on the plane beside me. >> pretty expansive range anybody that is traveling back and forth for business on a regular basis, they have a second home they are traveling to on a regular basis. we see people running the gamut student even coming home from the weekend to visit their parents. >> reporter: those are rich parents. >> yes. >> reporter: i think we're ready to go. you will take me on a flight. >> let's do it. >> you have seat belts. >> absolutely. >> let's go. >> let's do it. >> see you in the air. >> is is it always kind of low like that. >> we fly about 20,000 feet comparable to a commercial plane.
4:56 am
>> reporter: what are the flights on average. >> it is about 45 minutes but same time on either end ten or 15 minutes before the flight and we get you on your way as soon as you land. simple experience. that is what we focus on is working through the process of the travel, and stripping out all of the stressful points. you can say where you wanting to and how wanting to there with. >> yes i can fly every day for every month all for free. >> yes. >> as long as is there a seat on the plane you can make it, there is no additional cost. >> what do you think about that? >> coming up, one happy lady decides to decorate her pickup truck and it is getting a tension why she's turning head on the highway. plus this guy just won world series of poker and it all started as a mistake, we will tell you how he won the top prize.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! new overnight a state trooper hurt in the crash in montgomery county. live report on what led up to the accident straight ahead. also crews are on the scene of the house fire, jenny joyce is live with the latest from investigators. a stormy start to the week rain is falling, sue is tracking severe weather, she's standing by with what you need to know. good day it is monday,
5:00 am
june 15th 2015. we loath chris have the day off but sue serio is back and we're happy about that. >> good to be back always. this is my home, as much as mize home is my home, 18 years and it is five out of ten today. i wish i could bring you a better start to the workweek but it is kind of stormy. your pal bus stop budd which those muggy 70's it is off to a rainy start. so take his advice. you need rain gear this morning. this is buddy's last week of school before summer, yeah. ultimate doppler showing a cluster of thunderstorms in new castle county delaware, right on the border between new castle and, kent counties in delaware. we have a few pockets where we see orange and red there of heavier rain as well and we will see more storms out to the west it is probably pretty lot around dover, smyrna middletown here in philadelphia we have been seeing steady rain for last half an hour or so


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