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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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having his taxi stolen overnight at 42nd and chestnut in west philadelphia. and police say this man is the prime suspect accused of of stealing 12 cabs in nine days. one heist even caught on surveillance video. >> you can see that individual walking up down the street at some point he walks to the driver's door, he opens the door with a keep gets in the car and drives off slowly. >> reporter: investor gas say most of the stolen cabs are affiliated with 215 get a cab. company attorney danielle free man. >> just one cab not in operation impacts business so to have have you know, missing cabs off the street certainly hurts us. >> reporter: investigators you were caution since some of the stolen cabs were used in a shooting and in armed robberies. >> it's very concerning when people have comfort in these environments and the comfort at this point is shatter. >> reporter: lieutenant john walker says every stolen taxi had the complex tracking system removed and fox 29 learned the thief is going after ford crown crown victorias 22007 and 2009.
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>> with the use of keys over time the its ignitions get worn out. any key of a ford product will work in that ignition. which is concerning. >> police want to you check for two forms of driver id before ever getting inside. >> one is the rear facing card and the other is the drivers certificate and they should be posted at all times in that cab. if they don't have it, just walk away. >> reporter: story keeps developing i got update from southwest detectives. they say seven cabs that were stolen have now been recovered including the one that was stolen at 42nd and chestnut. so police continue to work this at this very late hour. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much dave. another day of very hot temperatures. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams is in the weather center tracking your forecast. scott i'm going to go glass half full on this one. poop-up storms might actually cool things down. >> might provide relief out there. temperatures have been in the low 90s out there today lucy, but we do have that threat of some severe weather. now, everyone is not going to see it. however, the storm prediction
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center has issued the counties highlighted in yellow for that potential of downpours. winds gusting over 60 miles an hour as well as vivid lightning. as we look at what's happening right now on ultimate doppler you can see a cold front off to the north and west but a long it we've been watching a few pop up showers and thunderstorms developing moving out of the lehigh valley now into upper sections of bucks county. we'll kind of zoom in a little closer and you can see what we're watching move through parts of the area. it's moving out of allentown moving into sections of, say the brick tavern area moving toward richland there in sections of bucks county and also there's an isolated pop up storm right now trying to move just south of norristown approaching the conshohocken area that will continue to watch for some downpours. over the next hour or so, we'll be watching some of the pop-up activity and then once again not everyone is going to see it but behind this system, we're looking at some heat and humidity relief. how long it will last coming up. back to you. >> all right talk to you soon scott. when severe weather strikes fox
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29 has got you covered. check out or fox 29 news app. you'll get alerts sent right to your phone and you also find live radar. it is free to download. just search for it in the apple or google play stores. a tense day at two philadelphia navy facilities had swat teams deployed and employees sent home, but it's all clear tonight. tonight we are still trying to find out what exactly happened, though. we do know the threat level initially indicated an eminent threat of terrorism. so swat teams headed to the navy shipyard in south philly and the navy depot in the northeast. less than an hour after authorities evacuated both facilities the fbi ruled the threat non credible. a home invasion in marple township, delaware county, three people now arrested and the hunt continues for a fourth. but police say they know who he is. they arrested brothers jermaine and sterling wallace an boy yesterday. they say the four specifically targeted the family on old cedar road yesterday afternoon forcing the mom to open a safe where they stole jewelry and money and that family owns a bar.
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breaking last night an investigation tonight into a massive fire at a building in west chester. skyfox was overhead as flames, look at them, going through the roof right there broke out just before 9:30 on north street and market street. the red cross is helping six people who lived in apartments on the upper level and that fire torched several businesses. some big some small. fox 29's dawn timmeney is at the scene, dawn, you've been talking with the owners of a mom and pop restaurant. >> reporter: lucy, die and compared to this bank here behind me which really took a hit, that family is extremely lucky. still very frightening for them as they watched from across the street helplessly. >> when i saw the flames, i had no idea if it was on the top of my roof or the other roof which the other people -- bessie, her husband teddy and sean don watching and worrying as the four story office building right next to their family business on church street in west chester
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goes up in flames last night. >> i was here until 2:30am and it was very, you know, nerve racking. >> reporter: there were people inside the pizzeria but they were quickly evacuateed. 140 volunteer firefighters from across the area balanced the fierce flames. dnb first bank and media analytics bearing the brunt of it. the fire starting in the rear roof of the bank and going to three alarms. >> were you worried at any point last night that it could spread to your business? >> yes, very worried. it got very close. very worried and we thank god you know we got lucky did it not. >> it was very hard because i work and my family all our lives to build our business. >> reporter: 45 years in business in west chester. the pizza shop suffering smoke and water damage. the owners know all too well it could have been far worse. as a thank to you firefighters they're offering them a free lunch. pizza for the men and women who risked their lives last night. >> when we open again the day
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before, we want to give something back to all these nice firemen who really saved our building. >> reporter: now the fire chief tells me they are touched by the gesture the restaurant hoping to open within the next week or so. now, there were several people inside the building everyone got out safely. no one was injured. the cause of the fire is undetermine lucy. the damage just structural damage not including the contents is in excess of $5 million. >> which is not surprising. thank you very much, dawn. scribbled on a note a cash demand. a bomb involved. that's what a woman handed a teller at a pnc bank in northeast philadelphia. skyfox above that bank on the 12,300 block of academy road this morning. police say the woman had on quote muslim garb covering her head and that she handed that note to leal teller saying she a bomb on her. she got cash, don't know how much. and she got away in a gold mini van.
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police do not know if she really did have a bomb. clean up crews and electricians from the water department are back at the scene of a massive water main break in west philadelphia. millions of gallons of water gushed on to the 500 block of north 52nd and west minster sunday morning. crews still aren't sure how long it will take to repair the more than a century old water main. the water damage dozens of homes and cars up and down the block. well, chop wants to help children in foster care and so today released report by some of its researchers. they found doctors are prescribing children in foster care and on medicaid psychiatric medications at an alarming rate. 45% on drugs and it's often combined with other medications and the researchers found many of those children getting all those drugs may not need them at all. >> a child might be receiving a medication for bipolar or for schizophrenia but there really just showing aggressive behaviors or disruptive
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behaviors, and so we really have to figure out what's going on for those kids. >> chop says such medications may not be helping the children at all. the state has set up a committee to address the problem. some solutions include better evaluations of children in foster care, improving monitoring of the children and offering them therapy counseling instead of the drugs. you know usually it's a students who get something wrong on the sat. this time it's the famous test itself that got something wrong. so now you get a second chance to get some things right. the college board will wave the fee for any student who took the june 6th scam. the test had principling error that gave some students five more minutes on one second of the test. though if you had a perfect score you don't have to worry about it you can keep it. the neck time to take that test is in october. we are just three months away from the pope's historic visit. but getting to see him could prove to be one really big challenge. why you might have to walk a lot more than you expected. and ever have anything stolen? tonight a new crime
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fighting tool is tracking down stolen goods with dna. and we've got how. hey, howard? >> hello. why did chip kelly release evan mathis much the head coach gave us his reason speaking for the first time sin the release and the players tell us why they believe in what chip is doing with this team much that's coming up in sports.
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♪ >> fur if you're hoping to get up close lock at pope francis this september you might want to invest in a good wear of packing shoes. city officials unveiled transportation plans for the papal visit today and walking will play a major roll. bruce, the pope's visit will stretch patience to the breaking point. >> the city never seen anything like this. eighth world meeting of families set for tuesday through friday september 22nd through 25th
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will be significant test for the city's planning. then the pope arrives. and everything changes. it took a phillies world championship to give city officials even a ballpark estimate of the crowds they'll face when pope francis arrives in town for a pair of public events september 26th and 27th. the visit will at tract more fans and they'll be less spread out and be here for most of two days. >> this will be the largest event takeing place probably in the world at that time and we're all going to of course have to work together with level heads and patience. >> reporter: suburbanites and other out of towners may be put to the harshest test. septa regional rail will make radical changes to get folks into the city that weekend. for starters just 18 stations like prime mows in delaware county will be open to accept passengers. they'll run express service into the city. no stops till the final destination. >> this will allow us to speed
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up service recycle the trains to increase our system capacity. >> reporter: to bore the train you'll need a special $10.1-day ticket call eight pope pass. sold in advance but in limited supplies. so as not to overload the system. parking lots at those few express train stations will fill up quickly. so mayor nutter suggests you call in a favor. >> maybe someone can drive you in the car to the mass transit station and drop you off. they shall not necessarily anticipate that you're just going to pull up and park your car and jump on the train. >> reporter: get ready to put those comfortable walking shoes to use. there's no expectation your train will take you to 30th street station for a short walk to the parkway. your final stop may ab major hall from the main venue. local planners met with the hosts of the 1212 world meeting in milan italy. their suggestion -- >> get people used to the idea early that they're going to have to walk long distances. in milan, it was at least
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3 miles. >> reporter: ouch! information on street closures and parking restrictions will be released in the coming weeks. for more information on those regional rail passes, go to we will link you to the world meeting of families site when they are available they will go fast. lucy reminder to our viewers i'll be in rome beginning next monday to report on the philly designation meeting with vatican officials on final preparation. >> nice little trip there bruce gordon. >> somebody has got to do it. >> smoking and driving in the garden state is in the spotlight in trenton. a new jersey state senate panel has passed legislation that would ban smokers from lighting up in vehicles if children 16 or younger are inside. you do it and you get a moving violation ticket. supporters say the measure would protect children from harmful substances and smoke and vapor from e-cig. critics say the bill has good intentions but it's not needed. push back tonight on an idea to make pennsylvania high school students take a test to graduate. yesterday the pennsylvania senate unanimously approved a bill that would delay for two
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years the keystone scam as a graduation requirement. the end of course in algebra biology and literature would not become requirement until 2019. the bill goes to the house of representatives. in camden county, biotechnology is now helping police prevent crimes and protect residents. police departments from across the cun tee are teaming up with applied ndna sciences that company is helping launch the dna home asset marking program. here's how it works. homeowners would mark their valuables with a special invisible liquid containing unique plant based dna mark and you can only see it with ultraviolet light. police say this new tool goes beyond just deterring thefts. >> i think it's a great opportunity for the residents to help themselves and help us help them by having this technology and track their property back we're able to return the property to the rightful owner. >> police say it's essentially the modern way of engraving an
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owner's initials into their valuables. residents that take part will also get window signs and decals to warn burglars. you know what, target is looking to expand its reach into philadelphia. it's opening a target express at the old boyd theater in rittenhouse square at the corner of 19th and chestnut. the new target express will be spread over two floors and be a bigger than your tip tal car get get. it will carry food and clothes and other things you find at target. the store is set to open in july of next year. ♪ do you want to toss it to me. i'm sorry. >> if i'm sitting here with you i might as well chat with you briefly. that theme song sets up football football. was i right? >> you are correct because -- >> continue on, yes. >> you are correct. (laughter). >> all right. eagles going through their final three days of mini camp before training camp and that starts in august. and today was the day the head coach was available to respond to his release of offensive
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lineman evan mathis much it's obvious mathis wanted more money and that's why he did not show up for the ota mini camps. now chiply gave the simple reason for the release. evan -- >> we were asked by his agent for release on multiple occasions so we weren't going to come to a conclusion in terms of a contract extension. we weren't going to extend any contract or adjust any contracts. so we granted him what his age asked for. >> evan mathis told reporters today he was -- he had not asked for the release for months. he also told them this was unexpected. however, i was told that evan mathis agent drew rosenhaus asked the eagles sometime in the last few weeks for mathis release. i've also been told by sources that mathis wanted a $2.5 million raise from 5.5 million to 8 million wanted another 8 million for the second year and remember he's 34 years old. all right. all the players where there today for this mandatory mini camp and one thing is clear about the mathis situation.
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players believe in chip when it comes to the culture of this team. it's always been team first like everybody being in this together and so forth. so i don't think that -- that's part of the reason why. i don't think you see so many players actively um, speaking out or -- upset about this decision. >> it's not about -- all about guys who believe the team is bigger than themselves and maximize their own personal, um, potential to -- for the betterment of the team. >> that's why they call eight team. last night the final game of 16 year career, former flyer kimmo tim mow known won a stanley cup. first time in his career. timonen was the first black hawk to get the cup after captain jonathan taste passed on. the flyers did him a favor after his blood clot and he was out by trading hip to the blackhawks and he skated around with that cup last night. end his career he won olympic gold medals but not won a cup.
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>> lord stanley's cup that is so cool. what a neat site that is howard. >> great for him. >> yeah, i know. >> all righty. so we got a heat, we've got storms how war. all kinds of stuff. how long is that going to last? scott is back with a look at your full forecast coming up next.
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>> well can you back. i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. haze haze afternoon we still
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have a slight risk for strong maybe even severe thunderstorms the storm prediction center out of norman oklahoma has placed pretty much the entire area highlighted in yellow under that risk. we're talking downpours winds could gust in excess of 60 miles an hour with any storms and there could be very vivid and dangerous lightning. as we take look the ultimate doppler you can see what's going on. we have cold front well off to the north and west. but a long and out ahead of it watching for few pop-up showers thunderstorms. everyone is not going to get wet. don't cancel any plans. we'll take tour on ultimate doppler and show you what's happening right now. upper montgomery as well as upper bucks county we're looking at some of the pop-up activity. we'll zoom in a little closer right now and show you what's happening as that line tries to move a little farther to the south and east. right now you can see that activity it's moved out of sections the lehigh valley but now moving through the bedminster area also moving into sections of lower salford moving toward montgomery and that will
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continue to kind of move toward the south as well as the east. nothing however is severe. and you can see rapidly moving through norristown conshohocken and moving toward sections of lower merion we're watching a downpour that will try and move toward the philadelphia area. so over the next couple of hours we still have that window of opportunity for some pop up showers and thunderstorms. but after about nine, 10:00 o'clock we start to see the humidity drop, the clouds start to move out and that is going to set us up for a beautiful wednesday with low humidity and temperatures right about average for this time of year. by late wednesday night into thursday, clouds increase as well as more chances for some showers. it's still hot and humid. 90 right now the philadelphia international airport. you factor in that humidity it feels like 93 degrees. it feels like 97 in dover. it feels like 94 right now in wilmington. cooler conditions with the heat index because it's been rain cooled in allentown as well as sections of the pocono mountains mountains. in the meantime if you're
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stepping outdoors here's that hour by hour forecast. it stays warm. once again there could be one or two scattered showers and storms. let's talk about the tropics. they continue to heat up. look at all of that rainfall moving into texas. they don't need the rain. some locations could pick up upwards of a foot of rain over the neck day or so from tropical storm bill. maximum sustain winds at 50 miles an hour. but what's interesting take look at some of the computer models over the next several days. we'll have to watch some of that leftover moisture because it could move through texas through the midwest, through the ohio river valley and move all the way toward, yes the philadelphia area by the upcoming weekend. so that certainly something that we'll watch as we take look at the seven day forecast. 84 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. the pick day of the week. upper 70s thursday. then the weekend watching for storms. that's going to do it for us here at 6:00. but we have great show up next. it's our countdown show to kickoff which will lead up to the us women's world cup match
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against nigeria. have a great night. we'll see you tonight at 10.
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>> the following is a presentation of fox 29 sports. ♪ the world game continues. the 2015f. fidget a women' world cup right here on fox. the best in the world battling with one trophy in mind. tonight the united states heads west of vancouver wrapping up stage one with a pivotal match against nigeria. >> fox 29's countdown to kick off starts right now. ♪ this is fox 29's countdown to kick off. good evening thanks for being with us i'm iain page. the united states plays nigeria tonight.


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