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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  June 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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today. june the 24th, and the 23rd will be remembered for quite a while, sue serio. >> so we want you to send us your storm damage, use the #fox29goodday. seeing some incredible things this morning. >> a lot of people talking about funnel. but we have to wait to figure out if we towelly did have a tornado. >> right. one report of funnel that never touched down, somebody saw, bob kelly and i in separate houses were watching scott williams last night both decided, you know what, we will go to the basement. tornado warning in chester county at one pointy think around 4:30 in the afternoon and -- >> the alert came across my phone. i saw that, and i look outside. and i said, you know what, i think we better go to the base many. the tough thing is trying to keep the kids calm, dad why with we going to the basement, why stopping dinner and going it the base (. >> why don't we do this little bit later in the program? i grew up in kansas, where you're supposed to go down in the basement. a lot of people did it for the very first time in their lives
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until the delaware val. >> i good to know for the next time. >> hopefully won't be next time. let's get to the weather for today many look at today. a nine out of ten at least some decent weather for a lot of cleaning upgoing on. bus stop buddy get the lounge by the pool today. this time, he won't have to worry about the lightning 70s, your temperatures, some in the 60s this morning, we have 69 degrees here in philadelphia relative humidity, down to 70% with 6-mile per hour wind out of the northwest and the storms that we saw yesterday have now moved to our south. and we're clearing out the clouds, as we speak. so it was steamy yesterday before the storms, when we got to 95 degrees, and that gave us a official heatwave. the first one of 2015. we will see if the temperatures continue mostly in the 60s this morning 08 degrees though, by lunchtime. won't be as humid. 86 degrees, our high temperature this afternoon. so that's your wednesday forecast. some changes coming for the weekend, cooler changes we'll have that in your seven day just ahead.
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so what are you starting with, bob kelly? i know you have a long list. >> 6:02, good morning everybody, taking live look at the schuylkill, you never know we had major storm roll through here yesterday. but, the major roadways, are open. it is your secondary roads your side street, the neighborhoods, where you are going to find some delays, detours, debris, downed trees downed wires with all of the folks without power, the power crews are out, there as well. so respect the closures, they are out there for a reason. big problems for mass transit commuters this morning patco service suspended through at least the morning rush hour. no trains on patco coming into or out of philadelphia this morning. here's the latest for septa's regional rails. service suspended on both the fox chase and media elwin line end to ends. paoli thorndale line service only running between malvern and center city. the rest of the regional rail lines running as scheduled probably, with some minor delays. the norristown high-speed line service suspended between norristown and radnor. your best bet for the buses
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and trolleys, go to click on the system status button you'll be able to see the detour for your individual bus route, in the neighborhoods. atlantic city rail line, service suspended between philly and atlantic city. amtrak, they had suspended service last night trains are running again, probably with some delays, the keystone line though, that's the line that goes from philly out to harrisburg, the storm followed that september of tracks, so they're going to have 45 minute delays this morning philly international, a loft flights were either canceled or rerouted. so check with the airline before you head down to the airport, if that plane didn't come in last night obviously it won't be ready for take off this morning. traffic lights out hundreds of spots throughout our viewing area, like here, the boulevard, and oxford circle keep in mind when the lights are out, mike, alex, that means four-way stop all around the board. >> i think that's basically steve's story we will go through to right now. because, sue said yesterday the weather would be severe, man, that was exactly right.
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>> steve? >> reporter: well, good luck with that four way stop. nobody remembers any of the hand signals they took on the drivers test. they only know the illegal hand signal to give everybody the middle finger, what we are seeing out here. there are so many near misses, i don't cringing every five seconds, every time i look at this traffic. this is just one of the many intersections, in is for sure the worse. chris, give them a look at the 42 traffic coming at us. traffic coming offer major highway where nobody goes just 55. so coming off a highway don't slow down because this is the first light they normally hit. but there is no light working on the black horse pike. the other way you can see everybody going toward philly, right at the foot of the a.c. expressway. the other problem here is we're right with the new jersey transit bus terminal here. so buses are coming out trying to cross all of these lanes at the same time. now, the police heard us jumping up and down here, stepped out little bit chris go to the right closed off one of the jug handles to prevent people having to take that life risk cross street move. but the problem with that is
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people slow down there you won't believe what's going on, at the can't get in the jug handle. they stop in the right lane. then they cross all the lanes over to the left, and make illegal u-turn here. so, it is even worse than having the jughandle open still if that's possible. it is incredibly crazy mike, alec, i don't know where to begin with all of the issues we're facing, bob talked about patco being down, a lot of the people normally drive to the closest patco station off 295 which is woodcrest well, that will add all of these cars, 38,000 daily riders, into philadelphia. so all of the parking spots will be full. maybe your spot that you normally have isn't going to be there in a garage. none of the gas stations are working here on the black horse pike, which is probably 50 of them. so, a lot of people may be running out of gas today. so people take my advisement don't price shop today for the lowest apply. see open gas station, down to like half tank or quarter tank fill up. because the power may not be back on until at least tomorrow. so here's one of the problems we're seeing with these new jersey transit buses.
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mike, one traffic, one gas station was open here, and we're told it was a half mile long. it was something only you and i would remember long before alex was born, the gas crisis of 73 and 79, so you are seeing gas lines as well. it is incredible. the aftermath of the storm seems even worse than the actual storm damage we saw and i'm telling you if we keep live camera out here, you will see the dangers. this person stopping in the left lane here, like they want to make one of these u turns i am talking about. yes, and then there is people in the left lane which is normally a fast lane and now they are stopped at a left lane where people normally go on a highway. well, they are letting this bus get across, but everybody's passing around people when somebody does stop and wait. so that person was nice. but, it is bad out here. so it will get even worse only 6:00. can you imagine the height of the morning rush? all of us today will need like throat lose inning ers after today. >> we'll keep coming to you all morning thank you for. that will 6:06. >> screws out inspecting billy
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penn statue on top of billy head. >> he got hit in the head last night by lightning strong bolt of lightning. look at that. you know, we on air last night when that happened. yes, a loft our viewers tweeted us, asking if it is okay, his head, his hat. we reached out to the mayor's office, they say they're not aware of any damage yet. but they'll crawl up into that hat later on today to inspect billy penn's head. >> amazing video. last night's storms did some unexpected damage at the depford mall. the same problems from yesterday's weather including sheet metal ripped from part of the building. several cars got banked up in the mall's parking lot, one was flipped over by the high winds. one man says he was working when the thunderstorms rolled in, got bad feeling as he went outside. >> people are freaking out next i know, i hear cars flipped over, in the parking lot, i asked what direct, they point to the back. i park my car in the back. i look out the window. i see my tires.
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i freaked out. ran out the back door. >> mall officials say they evacuated the upper floors, and get people away from glass sealing areas, which prevented anyone from getting hurt. despite the damage the mall will be back open today during normal hours. >> okay being man, getting a loft pictures, especially from last night and this morning damage in your area. look at this. that's a swimming pool. >> wow. >> yes, there is now a tree. do you have get some leaves out of the pool now. sends us your pictures, instagram, twitter use the #fox29goodday. coming right back.
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judge. >> this is glen mills. look at that, those cars aren't going anywhere for awhile. >> mayor's office offering two, $10,000 rewards for any information lead to go airiness two shooting cases. >> the first happened over the westbound edge, as you know, on augden street. someone opened fire with a shotgun at a cook out hurting ten people, you have ten people got hit. then two days later another shooting there is one along east hilton street. where seven people were shot. that makes 17 victims total in three days. >> okay, did you see the video yesterday afternoon? the video showing the moment dylann roof was arrested? well, he is accused as you know of killing nine people at a south carolina church.
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there he is. so we'll hear the 911 call before they pulled him over. here's bob. >> headaches everybody, good morning, here is a example of one of many intersections where the traffic lights are out. philly police directing folks into and out of 26th and penrose, which is right at the base of the platt bridge. we'll run down all of the mass transit issues, and is the sun here to stay? sue has the answer when we come right back.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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>> we're getting a lot of pictures of damage. this one from gloucester county, look at that, blocking the road there. sends us your pictures on instagram, twitter use the #fox29goodday. we can expect to see a lot of pictures like this? >> right. picture little earlier what look like lightning striking through a tree. and that probably happened a lot, throughout the area, and it is, i guess coincidentally, lightning safety week. we are getting into the busy thunderstorm season. so we learned yesterday, that the fear of lightning is astro phobia. and lightning can strike twice ; empire state building gets hit by lightning about 100 time per year. the odds of your getting lit by lightning, one in 12,000. so, it is lightning awareness week. we are certainly aware that far lightning yesterday. in lower providence township,
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as we look at some of the storm reports from yesterday reports of lightning taking down somebody's chimney we had plenty of storm reports all throughout the area, and in particular, funnel clouds. look at all of these different funnel cloud sitings reported to the national weather service, jenkintown, west berlin, new jersey, in philadelphia, in chester township, and even in blue bell, out there in chester county. but that's also where they had the tornado warning up yesterday afternoon we had wind gusts recorded at philadelphia international airport of p 1 miles an hour, that's almost hurricane force. we had another one same strength, in norwood, delaware county, elmer, new jersey, so here's where we are right now. it is gone. the cold front is out of here. it moved down to the outer banks of north carolina, and it is starting to leave there and just move out to sea. so, that's it for that. now, we look at the future cast. we see some rain moving in, not until evening tomorrow. so we're fine the rest of the day today. and the early part of tomorrow. it is probably not until
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6:00 or 7:00 that we start to see few showers around from a system that's going to stall. we will be on the northern side of the stalled system. that's why we're expecting cooler temperatures over the weekend, but for tomorrow night, we could have some thunderstorms rolling through to the south of philadelphia, friday morning we're going to margate, and we will probably just see few left over showers, by then, i don't think we'll see the heavy rain for friday morning we hope to see you there as well, right by lucy the elephant. friday afternoon, maybe couple of more showers it just, transitioning after today, into an unsettled weather pattern for the weekend. temperatures in the comfortable 60s just about everywhere this morning as that cooler i drier air moves n we take away humidity, 6-mile per hour breeze out of the northwest. so, it will be pretty nice today. but we did have our first official heatwave of 2015 sunday monday, tuesday.
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over the weekend 72 degrees on saturday, with couple of showers possible, and sunday we may fire up thunderstorm or two, unsettled weather pattern, all the more tone joy with the low humidity, sunshine, a the love people will be using the good weather, bob kelly to clean up. >> definitely, definitely nice day out there as far as clean up wise goes. 6:18. good morning everybody live look at the schuylkill expressway. where once you hit the major roadways you're okay. no problems at all on the schuylkill i95 actually dealing with some sun glare here, traffic lights out the spot, where steve reported from right here along 42 at the block horse pike, one of the hundreds of spots around the area here where again the powers are out, with the power out the traffic lights are out as well. downed tree along the ramps from route 55 to route 47. light out power crews working along route 70 at springdale road. traffic getting through but
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obviously a lot slower than normalment same deal route 73 the ramps to route 130. again, here is the run down for patco. no service this morning on the patco high-speed line. so all of the folks who would typically park at all of the stations obviously getting an alternate, maybe either getting a ride, using their own vehicle or maybe just calling it using a personal day going to work from home. fox chase regional rail line, media elwin line, so service suspended here. however paoli line, service running from malvern into center city. norristown, into radnor, your best bet with all of the downed trees and wires in the neighborhoods, check, system status, click on bus route good to go if there is detour in the neighborhood. new jersey transit cross honoring system-wide and rail line suspended philly down to atlantic city being amtrak, i know mike, alex, you used the train yesterday.
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back to regular schedule expect some delays. keystone line the line that runs from philly out to harrisburg and the track of the storm kind of went right along that line there so they have a lot of tree damage, and running with about 45 minute delays. back over to you guys. >> all right bob 6:20. other news now the tragic shooting at emanuel ame church in charleston, south carolina has deeply affected community members in pennsylvania's kennett square. will hole prayer vigil tonight, to honor the nine people who lost their lives on june 17th when that 21 year old gunman opened fire inside that south carolina church during a bible study class on a wednesday night. meanwhile we're hearing the 91 is call that land that suspect in handcuffs. there he is, dillan roof. the video shows this is happening in shell bee north carolina where they apprehended him. showed several approaching the vehicle, taking him into
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custody. dale and is responsible for last wednesday's massacre at the emanuel ame church in charleston that left nine people dead. so this woman who was driving along, a florist in the area, reported seeing dylann roof on the road in front of her. she called her boss who then called police. >> behind the car and hey call me, do you know where they are possibly at now? >> past cotter chevrolet. >> pull him over, arrested him. so last friday, a judge set bond at $1 million for weapons charge separate bond hearing expected to be held for the murder charges all nine of them, little bit later. >> get leaked to the baltimore sun. according to the sun freddie gray died from high energy
6:22 am
injury. the 25 year old suffered fatal spinal injury after he was arrested back in april. according to the report, gray likely rose to his feet while in the back of the van and was likely thrown into a wall during a quick turn or change in direction. six officers charged with gray's death. >> 6:22, two puppies abandoned, and then trapped in a local parking lot. they're safe this morning thanks to one woman how she got an army of pgw workers to help her out. >> first phillies play at yankees stadium game went past midnight. how the phillies first baseman helped tank the yankees. >> two in a row let's sweep them tonight.
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stole the show last night in new york. >> one of the rookies i call him on fire franco, by the way, his parent, brother in the ballpark for the game last night, yankee stadium. so umpire franco homered again, and had five rbi's for the second straight night in the bronx against those yankees. that sent the phillies to a 11 to six victory over the yankees.
6:26 am
we're scoring like crazy up there in the bronx. philadelphia, which began the night with the worse record, have scored 31 runs while winning three in a row. here's our shredder more. >> good morning, aim tom sredenschek, philadelphia the nba the game of basketball lost treasure on tuesday 76ers super statman harvey pollock died at age 93. harvey started working for the old philadelphia warriors back in 46. stretched over eight decades harvey pollock changed the way the way we analyze the game of basketball harvey pollock nba year book became the grail for every number in the game. you name it, harvey pollock analyzed it and he wrote t he was 93 years old. >> tom brady all smiles in new york yesterday, as his appeal for deflate gate began. roger goodel hearing the appeal suspended for first
6:27 am
four dame of the season, pending outcome of this appeal. suburban national bicentennial taking on jersey shore tuesday, championship game of the 30th annual carpenter cup tournament. suburban national breaks it open. they win the game at 12 to six. carpenter cup champion. that's sports in a minute. have a great day. >> 6:27. let's get back to glen mills. a loft damage. >> talking about role pole in the middle of the roadway jenny? >> alec, mike, traffic along route one northbound, getting along okay but take a look at southbound. not getting by at all. those cars that you see were ditched by their drivers last night because of all of the destruction on the roadway. we'll be right back. life's our old family recipe, and a kitchen with just as many layers.
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life's our old family recipe, and a kitchen with just as many layers. >> oh, my god begin deed. how frightening is that? power lines knock bound sparking trees ripped from their roofs, and cars and homes damaged and traffic is a mess. we are taking a look at the damage around the delaware valley. and this. >> with all of these downed trees and wires getting around will be a problem, this is an accident on 95,. >> yes southbound, people trying to get into philadelphia, this is right around woodhaven. bob has details on that, and? >> a heartwarming story this morning. two dogs rescued after they were abandoned in this lot. but it wasn't easy. where i took an army of pgw
6:31 am
workers to help save them. >> pgw will have other things than pets on their hands today. good day everybody, it is wednesday, june 24 2015. >> send us your storm damage video, but do you have use the hashtag fox 29 good day so we can see. >> yes indeed we do. how could people watch the show if they don't have power? hopefully your phone is charged. news app you can use ipad, hopefully that's charged. >> right. and we had some tweets this morning, people, who went to their cars to charge their phones. >> that's good. >> because they didn't have power in their houses, so takes little longer, some cases a lot longer, but at least you can have a charge, and you can get the information you need in that app. reminder on friday morning we are going to be down the shore and this week's location is marking new jersey home of lucy the elephant. here is a thing. weather will not be perfect. so what? it is still being at the
6:32 am
shore, hope to see you there in the morning, low 70s, clouds, maybe shower or two but, not big deal. satellite radar showing finally the storms are out of here, where did they go? all the way to the south of us. mostly around nationhood washings we got going on, here's what we have going on for the rest of the day. high of only 86 degrees, in fact, no 90s in this forecast at all less humid, rain by the evening, and on friday, when phillies come back to town, hopefully still as hot as they are right now maybe few showers in the morning. but we will probably get the game n just be prepare for much cooler temperatures this weekend, much more coming up for your forecast, waist going on on i95, bob kelly? >> morning, 6:32, morning, everybody, live look at accident southbound lanes of i-95 at woodhaven road. looks like one, two vehicles wrapped around the guardrail
6:33 am
here. this will cause delays, for anyone leaving say bucks county yardley headed south on 95 coming in to downtown, philadelphia. looks like we will zoom on in here you got the penndot guy talking to the fellows he's on his cell phone. the rest of the major roadways, starting to see some volume like on the schuylkill expressway deal is sun glare but the big problem is mass transit commuter, patco high-speed line service suspended for the morning service, it will throw a loft extra volume on the ben franklin bridge the walt whitman bridge, right now no major delays beginning of the height of the morning rush hour starts to pop around 63 septa regional rails service suspended on both the fox chase and the media elwin line. so investigate -- service operating between malvern and center city. this is another big regional rails line for the folks
6:34 am
coming in from the sun he can. all of the other lines you can probably expect some minor delays, the norristown high-speed line, service suspended norristown to radnor, there is a two dozen bus route that are on detour because of the power crews downed trees go to septa.okay. click on system status button n new jersey, new jersey transit, atlantic city rail line suspended this morning amtrak trains are running up and down the northeast corridor, they will attempt the regular schedule, expect some chase up to 45 minute delays on the keystone line, that's the line that runs from philly out to -- out to harrisburg traveling out of philadelphia international airport today, do check with the airline, a loft flights will either rerouted or canceled altogether yesterday. and traffic light out hundreds of intersections across the viewing area, big one, boulevard at objection for the circle, police trying to get to those particular intersections, but if you come to the corner, hold your
6:35 am
breath. crews working along route 70 at springdale road. fifty-five, block with down tree, lights are out as we've heard from steve seeing some of the pictures of folks trying get in and out of the bus depo. light out along 42 at the black horse pike. >> i know this isn't your bailiwick, but people on twitter are saying are you hearing about verizon wireless outages in south jersey? and other places? >> well, no, i have not. >> we'll check ton. >> we will check on that. in the patco high-speed line out because of power obviously, the generator powering the trains, i wouldn't be surprised if some of that also, the generators generators -- >> another writes in electricity out in logan swayed borough, many many tweets like that, because peco is reporting -- more more than
6:36 am
187,000 people without service this important. >> 187,000. 95,000 in delaware county alone. >> peco had to call in 500 field crews from ohio kentucky, west virginia and new york to help turn the light back on. >> all rolling in from all over the place. and jenny joyce is in glen mills where there is a giant tree across the road. hi jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike alec, not just one giant tree but several trees several branches, a absolute mess here, along route one in glen mills. while northbound traffic is getting along okay seeing them trying to dodge those obstacles, dodge the wires and the trees that are covering part of the northbound side, no getting by for any that far traffic. all of the commuters have to steer clear. see the cars nearly dozen all ditched by drivers last night in the midst of the crazy storm, because as you see on
6:37 am
the left hand side the trees down, the wires down, we can even see wires draped across some of the vehicles there cannot even imagine dealing with all of this in the middle of the storm watches the trees come down in front of them, the wires i can only imagine how scar at this must have been for these drivers who have now left theirs car behind. mike as you mentioned earlier this morning, there were 95,000 outage, making some headway, that number now down to 80,000 but last night, winds at 07 miles an hour, this is the aftermath. they have a lot of work to do. >> down to 80,000. all right, stay out there jenny, we'll keep checking back with you 6:37. >> at least improvement there. >> lit bill. skyfox in the frankford section. i am getting a lot of tweets from frankford. you can see downed trees power lines chilly polls crews out there right now trying to get the power back on. it will take a while folks.
6:38 am
>> delaware count. >> i drone footage, always so interesting. look at all of those tree. blowing straight down, sends us us your pictures, fox 29 goodday. a lot of yard work. >> real quickly here, tell you about the delegation, that is over in rome. talking about the world meeting of families along with philadelphia city leaders. >> mayor michael nutter was treated to the tour of the training grounds for young pieces in rome. the local team is overseas putting together final place for the pope's visit here this september. philadelphia's highest ranking cat link church official archbishop charles chaput is the un official host of the massive event. he says the city of brotherly love is on pace to raise the $45 million needed to make this happen.
6:39 am
>> real happy we've been able to raise the money. >> the archbishop says so far the city has raided nearly 40 million, keeping philly only $5 million from it goal. >> 5 million to go, bob kelly just might give it to the city by himself. >> writing a check out right now. >> interesting. >> well, if you got it like that. >> how high will that bounce? 6:39. >> we have the storms out of here, are there any more on the way? we'll let you know, give that you radar, the rest of the forecast coming up. >> this one from cheryle power line on the railroad tracks woodbury, new jersey, that's not good. >> bob, did you see that, over in wood burry? >> then this one here in depford, new jersey being look at that, another tree down, after the storm. sends us your pictures on facebook, stain gram twitter. use the #fox29goodday.
6:40 am
new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility.
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fund the pensions now.
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(we want to check in real quick with bus stop buddy the sunscreen today it will be pretty nice, either cleaning up, just enjoying the weather, it will be beautiful. got his shades on today.
6:43 am
yesterday, we had whipped as high as 75 miles an hour, peak wind gust in medford, new jersey that's hurricane force just under hurricane force in philadelphia, at philadelphia international airport suspended everything at the airport, for awhile there. nobody went anywhere. just several of the many places that reported very high wind gusts and damaging wind gusts yesterday. to the clouds to the south every us there is the cold front, it is still causing some thunderstorms, on the outer banks of the north carolina, and next system out here in the midwest. and folks around illinois, and indianna, once again specking some severe wet they are afternoon, we are not, at least not this afternoon. talking thursday morning fine it is late evening that we probably will get some rain moving n some of it could get pretty heavy thursday night
6:44 am
but of course, we're focused on friday morning, in margate because that's our shore town this week, and and i think things will be tapering off by then, we should just have maybe a couple of showers couple of clouds, we do hope to see you on friday morning. friday afternoon, could be a little wet as well. the word is unsettled as we head into the weekend. but for right now it is beautiful out there. and comfortable again much cooler than yesterday. sixty-three reading, it is close to 70 in philadelphia, it is 70 in wildwood, 64 degrees in wilmington, delaware. winds are now coming out of the north and the northwest. so that makes the big difference in the humidity decent hair day. first official heatwave of 2015. it won't be the last, i suspect, but we don't have the hot weather in our forecast, in fact, look at the first full weekends of summer with temperatures in the 70s. that's high temperatures in the 70s both saturday, and
6:45 am
sunday. top shawl weekend, enjoy the majority of the tall ships as they head up the delaware. what's going on in your seven day forecast, plenty to talk about this morning being bob kelly. >> you know, yesterday mike, when i was where was that monday, they said there was issue with the duck. there were some holes in the duck. >> the big yellow duck? >> yes. but they fixed t they put some duck tape on it, so we're okay. live look here, an accident on the new jersey turnpike this is northbound new jersey pike right near exit number three between exits two and three as we look here from skyfox, we will pull back out here. traffic over here to the left, i'm not sure if traffic is getting by, looks like all off into the trees here, so we keep an eye on that one, again, on the new jersey
6:46 am
turnpike, over in south jersey and going to the fixed cameras here, live look at i95, southbound, pulling this guy out of the grass southbound, an accident, approaching woodhaven road. so that's causing a delay for anyone coming out of bucks county there. live look, little further south, accident near bridge street. so double accidents here, on i-95 patco service suspended during the morning rush hour, no trains at all coming in from south jersey. the ben franklin not bad at the moment. here is a live look, but expect a lot of extra volume, using the ben franklin. use the patco train to come into philadelphia, obviously looking for alternates this morning. >> storm scam threw here last night, nice pretty sunrise over the city. rest of the mass transit system septa service suspended on regional rails fox chase media elwyn only two lanes that service suspended completely from end
6:47 am
to end the paoli line service only running between malvern and the center city station amtrak running with though delays, and so far so good, at the airport. mike alec, back to you. >> you know we trust you implicitly, flight. >> yes. >> and but we will still check with heather redfern. >> okay. >> at september arc okay? >> do you want to reiterate what just said? >> i have good news. stop the presses, fox chase line back up. >> oh, fox chase back up. >> wonderful. >> ding, ding, ding. >> we'll change the graphic. two fox chase just l, on it way from 30th street station. and the first train that was -- that will leave fox chase, head today center sitly leave at 7:44. >> i've been checking the septa twitter feed, you guys updating all throughout the morning? >> yes been, you know, not as bad as it was last evening
6:48 am
but, you know, media elwin line still down. we've got a power issue, power outage in chester so our bus routes that go to chester can't serve the chester transportation center. sending out information about the bus route then amtrak still working on their pour issues affecting our service between malvern and thorndale. >> most of those cleared from the trees? >> crews out since the storm started last night. trees came down. there are power issues. we have crews out there working to restore the power. >> a lot of trees. >> you heard about patco not even running so, i think a lot of people are staying home, or delaying the trip into the city because the ben franklin bridge doesn't look too bad yet. or does the walt. so heather please keep us updated. >> i'll absolutely do that. >> okay. >> 6:48. >> port richmond resident jump into action, they realize two
6:49 am
puppies stuck in a scrap yard. >> harder than they expected, so they had to call for help, two pitbull puppies were were abandoned and left to fend for themselves at this pgw scrap yard on east venango street in port richmond. some ask for help on facebook, while other people took matters into their own hard. >> got one of them out got wind of all of this, they sent out crew with heavy machinery. turns out, one of the pups had become wedged under a dumpster >> they dump them like trash here i am spending every week and hour trying to rescue them. went back there, gave them food. they wouldn't come out then finally cat food and they started licking out of my hand. i cried. then i cried when the doggies were kissing each other. >> anything could have happened. so, it is really lucky these ladies came along to rescue them. >> so they named them tioga
6:50 am
and venango after the street, they are about six months old looks like, and now they are you know, getting back into some decent health here. already been vaccinated, de-wormed, spade, and they'll be ready for adoption. >> if they're healthy enough, let's gem them in here tomorrow and get them apartment operated. >> mountain lion in one corner, house cat in the other. who will win? >> oh, oh,. >> yes face-to-face here. who will be the real scarred i cat? >> oh, i like that. and, keep those pictures coming. here's the only good thing about a severe storm. right after it moves through normally beautiful skies and a great next day. and exactly what we have. use the #fox29goodday, send in your picture videos.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> joanne, thanks for sending this in. fishtown montgomery and memphis, from palmer cemetery. they got damaged. looks like police tape? >> it does. maybe to block people from getting in that area. >> yes. keep the pictures coming, facebook instagram twitter use the #fox29goodday. >> mountain lion and house cat, face-to-face here. you might be surprised who wins this stand-off. >> what's this? >> well, we will tell you in a little bit in colorado.
6:54 am
so, was that at your daughter's house? >> hope not. >> so you can see that they are talking to each other through the window there. so while the larger cat takes few swipes at the house cat after short time mountain lion, you know what? i'll just walk away. sometimes that's the best thing to do. >> in most of these, i've learned through the news room, i just walk away from the cat fights. >> you know bruce gordon over in vatican city. and the pope is out bruce got this close to the pope and took picture. >> oh, my goodness. how lucky he? >> i know it. spending the week in rome, fratonize g with the pope. >> doing storm coverage, i would like to meet the pope. >> it would be nice. how about this? get the real pope, but there is a different version here in philly. look at this.
6:55 am
the pop up pope. be in love park. >> here he has twitter handle pop up pope? >> some people lucky enough to get a photo with the real pope francis. for the rest of us, pop up pope. >> where? >> 11:00 a.m., love park, go take pictures with the move up pope. >> i just might do that. >> and then send it to bruce gordon ya, take this. >> you mow what? i'll take the cut out of you and put it neck to the cut out pope. >> i don't know, they mimi it is still here. ever since i went over to new jersey so who knows where i am right now. >> you know, a lot of people have gone to south jersey and never come back. >> oh, my goodness. >> ever since e-mail, you go oh no. i sent this to the wrong person. >> oh, all the time. >> i want that back. >> or why did i say that? oh let me rephrase it. >> i may have to go to g mail from now on, because they have a way around this problem, you can take your emails back. >> amazing,.
6:56 am
>> but do you have do it fast and i'll tell how. >> we can cover the damage left behind yesterday's storm. check this out. billy penn struck by lightning. my gosh. why crews will be out there for sure this morning. >> maybe that turns around the sports curse. haven't won anything since 2008.
6:57 am
new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
6:58 am
>> made dollars whole house
6:59 am
rumble. that fell on the house, rolled out in the street. >> thousands people telling the same story this morning thousands, still without power, after those powerful storms ripped through the area last evening. man, a loft problems to tell but this morning. >> the fact there is no power is the problem. so, get to go work by, a bus or rail may be a problem for you today. but don't worry. we have bob kelly here to tell you the best way it get to work. >> i know bob kel had i to send his family to the basement. >> me and rufus and i. >> you went to the base (. >> absolutely. >> a lot of people never had to go to the base until the their lives, growing up in kansas, you in texas do my little demo snow. >> sure. >> so, here is a basement of a home say. >> okay. >> sore bye the poor graphics. >> simple. >> tornados have tendency to move southwest to northeast. >> right. >> southwest to northeast. so, when you get the kids down
7:00 am
in the basement, put them in the southwest corner, so, if the worse happens and this tornado hit your house it will be blown all this way hopefully the house will be taken away from your family. >> with a we node to do today figure out where that -- >> i was just thinking, if you know where that corn is her. >> you know it is confusing, i was growing up, we new exactly where that southwest corner was. >> for just tech as don't have a lot in texas so we would get in the bathroom in the bathtub. >> put a mattress over you something? >> right. >> interior room if you don't have a basement. if you are on a slab, as they say, in the midwest. >> slab. >> slab. straight up 7:00. here we go. >> hopefully you made it through. have cleaning up to do, god weather for it at least. it will be less humidity, lot of sunshine, and nine out


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