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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 4, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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that is the scene of the beat up of the robot. >> hitchbot. >> it was more than a beat up, he was murdered. >> decapitated. >> yeah. >> here comes another guy around the corner. >> there is another place i would rather be because we are trying to experiment. i have been out there for three hours now. >> you have been pouchched to the face and knocked to the ground month. man picked you up and leaned against the trash can and somebody put a post it note on your thigh that says if mike cut out was out here it would be destroyed before yours. we shall see. we have an hour to go. the first kiss, it is one of the big moments in the relationship. you go in for it. but it is not the the moment
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to make most couples nervous. start guessing, what is more nerve racking than the first kiss when it comes to the relationship. it involves other people. >> plus, best of philly 2015, the issue is out the best our city has to offer. we will have some examples, some things out. >> philadelphia magazine i bet. >> yes, i am. >> i have one of those copies on my desk. >> 301 items that were chosen as the best of philly. >> and this... >> i challenge our new co host alex holley to do this. >> i'll accept that challenge. >> owe yah, he did it last year. he business to to it again.
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>> listen, alex, have you learned that is not the way it is speaksed to do. i challenge you you do it over your own head. >> so you are dry right now but you won't be this way for long. you have to do the als ice bucket challenge again mike. >> this is the problem, i didn't know we did this every august now. it is supposed to be every august. it is a one year deal. it started up again. >> it started again. >> so local representative, politician, did it yesterday and challenge me. so we will play her challenge and we will see if i can do it before 10:00 o'clock this morning. >> okay. >> i'm sure someone is organizing the freezer right now. >> are you freezing in the office. >> yes. >> it turns outlaid is, you can blame your male co-workers for setting thermostat so low in the building. >> it turns out thermostat, you are sexist. lauren, i know you are cold. >> it is not just you i was having a conversation with doctor mike about it.
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he said part of it is biology but ladies, it is true you get dressed up in work to sit in your cubicle covered in blankets trying to find a ugly sweater. it turns out most are kept at a temperature comfortable to the average man. according to a new study in the journal nature climate change women pre dues less body heat then men researchers say that means we are more child in the work place and metabolic rate is slower. woman wear less clothing like a simple dress and men come to work in all these decorated three piece suits. study says women make up half of the work force employees can save money on utility bills by turning up the thermostat. alex and mike, i know you have seen this the at the desk. some people call it my barney black it. when i come, from the air i cover it up, and it is sort of off limit but i will show you on tv anyway. it is called my heat you are
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not supposed to have those. >> no. >> hopefully the the boss is not watching. >> i need to get more sophisticated like you because when it comes to me, i wear, my jacket. >> yesy just wear my jacket. i don't have a blanket that is more neutral like you are seeing and i should invest in a nice blanket. i'm always complaining. mike is like, all you women always complain. >> you can share. i can start leaving this down stairs and you can cover up until ten and bring it backup and we have a rotation going. >> that is so sweet. >> sharing is caring. >> yeah. >> but see alex, we're in the studio with all this equipment and lights and they have to be kept at a certain temperature. i work at other stations and it has never been this cold. >> some days enduring winter, mike knows, he has been in this building for many years it is colder in here then it the is outside. >> yes, i totally agree.
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>> mostly colder here then outside. >> you admit that all of the women here are freezing. >> yes. >> it is productive. >> i have a sense to put on some clothes. >> well, there is that. >> last year when i first came here i wore cardigans all the time but people in philly said you can't wear card again agains. >> you were wearing them when it is 95 degrees. >> he hated everything about your cardigans, i don't think it had anything to do with the cold or hot. >> what could have against cardigans. >> it was cute he wanted to see more shoulders alex. >> do you like my shoulders. >> now she's going to get triceps at the gym. >> look at her now. >> yeah. a lot more work to do. >> thanks a lot. >> go put a blanket over your head. dating can be fun but it can be just any of racking. >> that is why i don't do it. >> cut it out, you don't worry about anything.
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in worries. >> that is what lilian bobit said. >> really when you get that number and start talking from the first date and then when you go to the first kiss and then meet the family and it is a lot of firsts, and nerves, and just too much. >> true. meeting the parents of the person you are dating for the first time, it is scary. >> very scary. >> very nerve racking. i always think of that film, meet the parents. you know, he is trying to impress the mom and dad of his girlfriend by opening a bottle of champagne. >> anybody care of a bottle of oyster bay's a finest champagne. >> isn't that a nice gesture. >> very nice. >> well, when i gave bob the okay to propose to debbie put him in touch with my diamond guy and he pick out same design that kevin gave you.
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>> kevin your old boyfriend. >> thanks, dad. >> yeah, kevin was pam's fiance. >> wow. >> wow. >> punch line. >> yes. >> so the urn filled with one of the what is it the mother, the mothers ashes or grandmother's ashes is in that urn, which i should have said before we rolled the clip,. >> my goodness it hit the floor and explodes all over. >> do you have a horror story then when it comes to meeting the parents. >> i cannot tell it. >> you can't. >> no. >> no. >> will you tell me in a commercial break. >> yes. >> let me think bit because i might be able to tell it. >> all i know is i ended up across the the street from their home, laying in the drift of snow in the backyard of the neighbor's house and my
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mother-in-law to be had to come over and get me out of the snow. >> were you clothed. >> i was clothed. >> yes. >> it was very cold. >> okay good we have some more dating horror stories. so, glamour magazine, they have a web site, of course,, asked readers what moment makes you most nervous in the relationship. i have to tell you most people 40 percent say having the are we exclusive yet. >> that is a a good one. >> that is a rough one. >> are you the first one to bring it up? so should we make it official? should we be exclusive. >> i feel like with guys it is so weird. you guys have to be the ones to bring it up first because if she brings it up she's trying to pin opinion me down. trying to marry me. we just started dating. that is the thing. i come to where i'm date something one, you should just assume when you are talking he is dating other people. doing whatever he wants to do.
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until you have the talk that exclusive talk, then you only date that one person. >> i used to think we're having a good time talking all the time, and not at all. >> you have to have the talk. >> meeting the parents where we just showed you there 22 percent of the people said that was the most nerve racking moment for them. >> i can only imagine how would you react when someone says mike, can we be exclusive. >> well, the keyword is could? >> the the first sexual encounter makes them very nervous. that is really making me nervous. >> yell. >> eight percent voted for first kiss. and very first date. they are nervous on the first date. >> first date only 8 percent. that is big one too. if you have a bad first kiss that sets the the tone. then you might the rethink everything especially fit is an early stage. you are thinking i don't like the way they kiss. doesn't that change everything. >> not really because i'm deeper then. that i don't care. >> oh, mike, please.
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>> i can look past that. i don't have, apparently the the kissing and that part of the relationship is much more important to you then it is for me. >> people are not even going to believe that. >> i want to necessity more about your soul and what your thoughts are and politics and whatever. >> oh, please we don't believe that. >> when i said that i'm thinking of you and men. everyone knows, i was speaking when it comes to men you guys put a lot on that first kiss. it is if a woman can't kiss you you are like what. i feel like most women know it will be awkward. we will work on it. who has had a great first kiss. >> can we just get over with, right now before we go out. >> you have a different way of doing things. >> what? >> you told me you wait. >> yeah. >> make them wait, until they have to make the move, and
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then fire works. >> today is president obama's 54th birthday but folks aren't talking about his birthday anymore because in the shocking news, apparently he is divorcing his wife. >> i don't think so. >> they are wondering where is wedding ring. >> so, he hasn't been seen with his wedding ring or his wife in the past week. >> they are getting divorce good this isn't first time he has ditched his ring. last march he spent a week without it and first lady has been away from the the white house for a lot of the summer. she was in europe and now california. but she has been spotted spotted with her rings on. >> then they are still married. >> this is ridiculous. >> seriously maybe he is going on the a trip, residessed, i don't know. >> he plays golf. he takes it off to play golf. >> she's traveling. >> i don't like one of my pet pieces when men who are married don't wear a wedding ring. i don't like that. i'm talking about regular guys, not the president. a lot of times single woman how are we supposed to know.
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if i'm married would i want my husband to wear his ring. that way people can know you are taken, you know. >> even to this day as old as i am i don't look at peoples rings on their fingers. >> you are engage. >> even before that, i don't know but women look at that. >> if we don't, you guys, some men don't act like they are married. >> i know what you are saying. >> we have to check. >> man's wedding ring is attractive to some women. >> well, that is terrible. >> in myrtle will beach we check because guys come for golf trips and things a lot of times they take it off, so we would look for tan lines. >> dead give away. >> philadelphia magazine published an article on the top ten tourist traps what is this guy's name, his first name is victor. i can't remember his last name. >> figueroa. >> so, it is an opinion piece. so yesterday we sent chris murphy out to the number one spot which, according to this guy, just one guy's opinion in
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this article it was east south street. he had his top ten. some on the list included city tavern right over here on second street in olde city. also in his top ten sugar house casino. and pat's and geno's, rest were historical sites. victor. some of our viewers were very upset with his list. so our good friend wendy hamilton over at sugar house text me after the show. she said first of all, thanks for supporting me. poor victor is so unhappy i. hilarious to write for philly mag and he is so snacker i about all things philly. maybe i'll send him a good bottle of bourbon. happy summer, mike. >> and walter staib was really upset at city tavern. he runs it. he is head chef. he is the man. as referenced on air on the show, the article is slanderous. he went on to say city tavern
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has consecutively won the trip advise or award for excellence for many years running because, this was rated as one of the top ten restaurants in the city. >> he even tweeted and he said you know what, i want to have a debate with victor, on the show and let's have it out. >> that would be fun. >> yes. >> knock out, drag out. >> guy who wrote the article and some people on this list. >> victor, are you watching, come on in and let's debate. >> sueby. >> i'm ready, i don't agree with anything he said yesterday either. >> betsy ross also text me yesterday. >> betsy ross has a phone. >> yes. >> really. >> well, she's a modern girl. >> yes. >> do you remember those benches that they called once
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upon a nation. >> yes. >> just so we know. >> am i back in focus. >> yes. >> let's start with the weather and then we will talk about where i was yesterday. yeah eagles have their open practice today at lincoln financial field a lot of excitement about that we saw that with chris murphy earlier. here's the the deal. we have, it is alumni day and gates open at 10:00a in m. practice begins at 11:45. temperatures will be in the 80's. we will see plenty of sunshine just like right now another hot one, we will top off at let's a between three and 5:00 o'clock at 92 degrees and then later on this evening it is a warm night, a stray storm not out of the question, but about 82 degrees. let's check the rest of the seven day forecast, we have a high of 29 today that might be the last day for a while in the 90's, showers
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thunderstorms on friday, that looks like the worst weather day of the week, so is there your seven day forecast. yes, we went dorm shopping yesterday, my daughter and i little emotional but we started stocking up because college starts in a couple weeks but look what we saw while we were shopping? dolls of pope frances yeah, 1999 is the the store where we were but my best part after i posted this on instagram and on facebook the the the best comment of all without my glasses, i thought it was bus stop buddy. so pope buddy, yeah, i can see the confusion there. that is our fun yesterday going shopping for the dorm, a right of passage. it is 9:16. lets go outside with mike and alex. >> are you talking to me. >> hi sue. >> we are looking at philadelphia magazine out on news stand it is best of issue of the year because it
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is best of philly. 301 items in there, that the editors of the philadelphia magazine decided is the best product or best whatever in the city of philadelphia. >> i would agree. >> christie and allie good to see you you. >> are you christie. >> you would be ashley, like i said. >> you can call me allie. >> you have some of the best items out of the best of philly. >> absolutely. >> so shoes we have from walnut street. they are one on the last remaining boutiques on walnut street. awesome sneakers. mens accessory from totem on so the straight accessories and looks and in the look dorky. >> totem. >> on south street. >> like totem pole. >> hip store. >> look at these. >> those are man bracelets. >> yes real men wear bracelets.
9:18 am
>> i knew you were going to say that joke. >> they look like handcuffs. >> a little bit. >> moving on, this is toys for momo a's tree house in olde city. it gist opened this year. it is a kid toy store. they have a great stuff. momo tree house. >> where sit. >> on third street. >> right around the corner. >> they have a little will play area for kids to play by themselves while you shop. >> okay. >> we have wear here from hello world in west philadelphia. they have barack zest wrist all of the stuff to make your cocktail party cool. >> should we let the other woman talk. >> so this is something you can keep track. >> you need this at your house. >> so you can tell how much you are drinking. >> i bet are in the keep track i cannot add that high. >> we have juice and new location in rittenhouse. best in the city right here.
9:19 am
>> yes. >> it is really good. >> it is called honey lush. >> it is cinnamon. >> my gosh. >> it is cinnamon, it is so good. >> sorry. >> how about that. >> get a little closer. >> it was very good. >> you can taste the cinnamon. >> yes. >> we have bagels, which specialize in non-traditional flavors. >> i know where that is. >> seventh and walnut. >> we have had them on the show. >> and out of your mind cream keyed, and knead like dough. >> so they have two electricians one in northeast and old school, very famous, and new one in fishtown. it is ice cream. >> joe has great cheese steaks too good they are men for cheese steaks too. >> yes. >> this is amazing. this is really good.
9:20 am
>> that is good tv right there. >> i have had these before. best shakes in the city, in question. >> that is our best quick serve lunch. so it is humus from the guys, he is quick brunch, supper, restaurant get a big plate hearty, good humus good fresh pita. >> didn't you name the magazine the best local tv news personality. >> we voted on that one. >> public voted on that one and do you want to announce the winner. >> christie? >> jim gardner over at channel six, he wins every year. >> yes, that is true. >> i came in second as a matter of fact. >> he has 40 years on me in this market. >> in 40 more years. >> that is right. >> we will also celebrate. >> when is the party.
9:21 am
>> thursday. >> thursday night. >> dilworth plaza right outside, big deal good 6:30. >> 6:30. >> weather is supposed to be good too. >> decent. >> thanks for coming in. >> congratulations to jim over at channel six. >> yes. >> forty years i will kick your butt. now remember when, of course, we did he our version of uptown funk. >> yes good by bruno mars. >> let's remine everybody? what is the new story. >> is there a new you version and people are saying it is better. >> better than ours. >> very long time to make. >> impossible, to be better. >> we will play it.
9:22 am
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♪ >> you know, did you a great job there. >> you know you did,
9:25 am
everybody, this is really just came together. every time i hear this song i think of this video. do i the moves that we learn. >> and it is still being played on the radio i'm telling you we were one of the first. we were one of the first to replicate this video. it was just starting to get popular. >> that is right. we are only ones who used a woman as bruno mars, that being alex holley. >> so now there is a new video, that we're competing a against and this one includes movie characters, instead of the wrote man as bruno mars. >> don draper says, don draper says what? pieced together clips from movies to recreate the song. so again try to count all of the different shows movies, tv shows they used in this uptown funk video. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:26 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> somebody wasted a lot of their life putting that together. >> it took three months. >> it is a huge waste of time but i find it fantastic. >> it is fantastic. >> wow. >> it has more than 1 million views since being posted on friday. i first learned about it, mark ronson, he tweeted it out like this is a amazing. >> it is really remarkable.
9:27 am
>> 280 different movies, featured in that video. my goodness. you have to look through all of those movies. >> that is amazing. >> so i wonder how many views of us, now i want to know. >> i don't want to know now. >> how to they get rights to do that. we cannot even put up a picture of my dead grandmother without being sued. >> and on you tube we cannot post it to you tube. >> we have rich lawyers in the business. best b boys in the country are getting ready to go head to head. now, b boys, i just know it as break dancing. that guy right there, local dude, one of the best in the nation, we will tell you you what competition he is in and he will do his thing. do a quick little something. >> ♪
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test. test. test.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, look at that beautiful shot. now come to the studio, because oh, anything yet? >> oh, my gosh, someone's messing with mike. >> who is messing -- >> what is that? >> why, i can't tell -- what are they doing? >> spray paint! >> what is it? is it like paint? >> i look like mel gibson in gladiator? >> maybe take two? >> now what's this dude -- >> oh, no. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, and he left and smiled as he walks away. >> well, we've both ben punched. >> it feels good it wasn't snow. >> look at this guy there is guy is suffering from a
9:32 am
disease. noasstol. did you ever hear that far? >> oh, gosh, i just got that. >> ash wednesday. anyway -- >> oops, someone looking at it like what's going on here? what is he going to do? >> this is live. >> my gosh, there are two people. oh, no, i can't look. >> there is a post it note on her thigh. >> why would they put that on my thigh? >> okay, are they going to do anything? >> please, just wake away. just walk away. >> here is the trouble. the woman who put you back up, put you against a trash can. >> oh, no! >> oh, my gosh! >> thank god for septa. header, thank you for the septa bus! (laughing). >> how soon can that get on youtube? bob kelly? youtube immediately! >> i feel so -- oh, that's terrible! >> that's just terrible. come on, fill. >> i thank god for buses.
9:33 am
>> hey, would you like to meet a man by the name of naypom? he is on fire when it comes to break dancing. good to see you. >> what's your real name? >> ryan wagner. let's go to bucks count. >> i represent. how long have you been break dancing, can you tell us that? >> i start in the 1999. so 16 years now. >> wow. >> so tell me about the competition. you call it b boys? >> yes because really the media named it break dancing in the 80s so they have some things against that sometimes. i really don't care if break dancing works. >> when is it? >> august 22 orlando florida. >> international? >> international. north american finals, this completes will go to the world finals, which is in italy in rome. >> for those people who aren't familiar then, how is it set up? they pick the music for you you come on, dot thing? >> dj plays the music, we do
9:34 am
our thing. >> like the american idol of break dancing? >> we actually battle. two people on the stage we go back and forth. >> oh, yes. >> like a boxing match? >> absolutely. >> flying all around. when did you start doing this? >> 1999. >> 1999. >> wow no now even though not orlando, we want to support you, we can still watch right. >> yes, live stream it definitely watch hopefully win that, you guys watch the live streaming. >> what's the win smile. >> i don't know the website. >> red bull. com. >> certainly rooting for you for sure. >> not really, actually, my dance crew named is lion zion. >> you didn't kill that lion? >> god no. >> will you do little something for us? >> i would be happy to. >> how many times do you dance a day. >> it is tough for me. i own a business, in bensalem. so i'm work ago l but i try to do about two hours a day. >> two hours straight dancing. >> all right. >> crank up the music and here we go. >> nay pump. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:35 am
>> mike, want to get on the floor? we can't do it? >> i would be on the floor the rest of my life if i did that. good luck in orlando hey the winter olympics, have official song now but it sounds a lot like let it go. >> oh, no?
9:36 am
>> from elsa fame. >> we'll play it for you and then play let it go. see what you think next. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. >> ♪ ♪ >> someone, go move that post it note, please, maybe get it to another location on your body? >> oh, okay. i just thought you didn't like it because it is giving people the okay to mess you up.
9:40 am
>> well, they did mess me up. >> it is like a milk mustache kind of thing but with orange juice. >> orange juice. hey, could the folks behind planning the 2022 winter olympics in beijing yes it will be in beijing, be in trouble with disney? >> some people calling out song they sing to promote the city, saying it is similar to the frozen theme song, you know, threat go. so first play let it go song, even though we all know it, just to remind you here it is. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> now, ice dance used for beijing promoting the
9:41 am
olympics. here it is. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> somebody is doing something to the poster. oh, that's jenny. so, according to chinese magazine, both balance odds begin with the electric piano and very similar tempo use the same cords in some parts of the entire song. so, it is close. but now that they've got it, you know not going to have to play it any more, use it to get the bid. they got the bid what yesterday? >> frozen made so much money they won't let that fly. >> apply daughter, jill, went to laurence free state high
9:42 am
school in laurence, kansas. >> yes? >> it was a new school. i think it started in sometime in the 90s. soap didn't have mascot. so it shows a firebird, the free state firebirds. >> okay? >> and it look like the temple owl in a way different colors. somebody at temple found it and told them they couldn't do it had to change their logo. >> you can't have copycats out there. >> people will finds you especially with the internet. >> they will finds you. jen? >> i want to fix your face and do it in ten minutes, and by me i mean, come on back to southampton, right on street road, a loft people are asking where we are. right on street road. she's going to fix your face, in ten minutes or less. it will look good, mike. you, too alex. >> oh, oh, someone's back. look you're getting kissed, mike. >> that's better. >> oh, very sweet. >> she's nice looking too. >> oh, you better give her a
9:43 am
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oh, my gosh, seriously? come on, philly, we did this, to show we are better than what happened to hitchbot. >> oh, no we are not. oh my goodness. >> 9:45. >> would you rather be punched or rather that happen snow
9:46 am
because i got punched. that's probably worse. >> yes, i don't know. how about great looking face in less than ten minutes? do you think that could be done? apparently the brow whisper what she called. >> brow whisper? >> we need our eyebrows on fleek, jen. >> yes they call her brow whisperer, philly mag over and over again, you are the one to go to. but you also do make up. good morning. >> good morning. >> she's also a mom, make up artist and magician, apparently, because she will make you look even more beautiful in ten minutes. so first of all go ahead you believe in moisture tint. that's your product. but tinted moisturizer? >> tinted moisturizer moms, ladies, you want quick quick quick, you got light coverage, you got hydration, and honestly, i'm doing it with a sponge, you really don't have to do it with a sponge. >> what's the number one mistake? when it is 5:00 and one of my mom friends calls for cocktail, i want to do it all in ten minutes what is the
9:47 am
mistake all of russ making when we troy to do quick make up look. >> biggest mistake we are making is we're not blending properly but the other thing, we're not going into the neck, that's number one. >> right? >> but then put little color on because put the bronzer on right? >> right? >> try not to go with anything but shimmer. keep that for the night. it is not for day. >> dow that. oh i'm so cute. don't do it? >> no. >> so moisture tint, tinted moisturizer, then what's the next thing we do for ten minute face? >> ten minute face. like i said, you don't have to do this with a sponge, i'm doing it with a sponge. >> i enjoy we are doing ten minute face in two and a half minutes. >> so take little blush, move it in. >> people are afraid of blush still. all of my mom friends are like it makes me feel like an avon lady watch do you like about blush? go lighter darker, what is the deal? >> peach looks good on any skin tone, yellow or pink. lots of times too, if you in your skin dry just go back
9:48 am
little bit do little moisturizer, then put the moisture tint on. with a if not sometimes ladies, need a little extra moisturizer. blush wise biggest mistake women take, take it and like -- >> ya? like kardashian. >> no. >> what? >> take it, knock little off. a lot on the blush mom ladies. >> you are putting way in the back? >> from here back. >> you want to do it on angle. >> wait a minute. i got to come around. hype, i'm just moving around. >> see. >> there? >> yes. >> i thought we were supposed to smile? >> only if, wait, here in the circle? that's if you have a narrow face. >> oh,. >> if you have a round face you don't want it here. >> it will look weird. >> make you look rounder. >> back, you look good starting, so it is only getting better. now we've done the blush.
9:49 am
what dolls we do? >> take little bit of lip gloss, lip gloss, like i said, using brush, because we are doing application here, but you can do it one two three in the car, at the red light whatever. >> do you think women are still afraid of the gloss? >> i know all of my friends like it will go in my hair, but i think gloss and i, i suspect you will agree it, looks softer, new r, more con tell pear, not old laid which is lipstick? >> the thing about gloss it, gives you nice ankle gel i can look, and it is just easy, one, two three go. >> okay. >> so basically she's out the door. >> uh-huh. >> okay, the other thing that we talked about off camera, literally i've been sitting here talking about make up for three hours is you want everyone to wash their face every night? >> i hate to wash my face, i'll be real honest, i'm tired, i'm mom i run a business, it is a lot. so at night, just take little bit after wipe. little bit of make up remover they have the mack makes them, neutrogena makes them, real
9:50 am
quick, one two three before go to bed. >> this way you don't feel as guilty as not washing your face, your skin repairs at night. >> okay. >> so you want to get that off. last thing you're giving little mascara. >> known as the brow whisperer, pretty fantastic she is a mom ps, kind of nice. >> really. >> she's a real nice girl. you know who i am talking about, some aren't so nice. she's real nice. >> 9:50. at the top of the hour, i told you, i would do the ice bucket challenge, the als ice bucket challenge again. apparently we will do it again this august. we have come up with a better idea, a local representative, politician young woman challenged me yesterday when she put a bucket of water over her own head. so i think i'm going to do it tomorrow. okay? because we can make it even better than just single bucket of water. >> okay? >> so watch for that tomorrow. >> stay tuned. all right, so the creators of empire, they are facing a
9:51 am
lawsuit. >> are you talking about the tv show on fox? >> ya, lee daniels. so why one woman claims she is the real live cookie, and so, she wants her money. >> okay. >> that's rihanna i guess. >> ♪ ♪
9:52 am
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9:54 am
♪ ♪ >> 9:54, see what happens with the cut outs, creators of empire, the show on fox? >> yes? >> facing another lawsuit there is time, from detroit woman, who claims, she is the real live character cookie. >> so, that's sophia on the left she is suing executive producer lee daniels for $300 million. >> says she says in the lawsuit drug dealer who served prison time for manslaughter, said she detailed her story in
9:55 am
a memoir and gave her story to another screen writer. now she claims that screen writer toll hershey was going to pitch the story to daniels and now now claims, the character cookie is based on her life. >> well, this would be fairly easy to figure out, i would think? >> backtrack hopefully has something from the meeting maybe wrote something down? >> that she can proof? >> so she can proof it is her story. >> 300 million, is that how much the snow is worth? >> i would have sued them for more than that. >> how much? >> billion. >> oh. >> 5 billion. 10 billion. but she better have proof. there is no way she can win. 9:55, zoe? the starve new girl on fox television announces she is a mom. >> she got secretly married. thirty-five, gave birth on monday with her producer bo jacob. her rep released statement saying zoe and her husband thrilled the little one no word on the baby, or when the
9:56 am
secret wedding happened. two have been together since last august. this is the first child for both the both of them, also the second marriage. >> i didi did not know she had been married before. tom brady celebrated his 38th birthday and super model wife sent him an adorable message on instagram. >> yep gisele wished her hubby happy birthday with this family photo. the 35 year old model shares a kiss with brady while the couple's two children, benjamin and vivian, they sit on their shoulders. now, gisele wrote nice note: happy birthday my love. we are so bless today have in our lives. thank you for gig us so much love. we love you hashtag family. hashtag love. oh look at that.
9:57 am
>> deflate. >> we are doing this because of what happened with hitchbot. and so now look where we are. >> i'm not into -- not going to say anything. >> it is okay, mike, i think they're running over you i think that's you. but the cars -- oops there is -- oh, they're going right over you. so basically we've seen a lot of things happen today. with my cut out with mike's cut out punched in the face, sticky notes dancing, if you want to call it dancing. >> i think pretty representative who we r kind of fun. >> all right, so we will do the ice bucket challenge tomorrow probably in the 9:00 hour. all right? and we will come up with other ideas. >> okay, let's check on me. one last look at me. okay? all right. i'm still standing. i'm still standing.
9:58 am
>> ♪ ♪
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10:00 am
♪ ♪ live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show" today she's serving opfull plate of delicious hot toppings. and performing his new single miguel. and we're in the kitchen getting recipes for the perfect summer meal. now, here's wendy. >> wendy: thank you. ♪ ♪ [ applause ]


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