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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 6, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> now, put one hand -- okay? >> almost there. >> all right, now, dot look away. which way should i look? what? that way? >> yes, this way. >> okay, good. >> this is fascinating television. >> the face, you are not making the face there. >> there go. >> all right. >> okay. beautiful. >> cans the the rest of the show. >> i haven't seen in you tan. >> it is rare. >> it is rare. >> i put on so much bloat, i have not worn this suit in five years. i actually found a pair of pants that fit. >> it is nice and bright. now we can move forward with the show. nanny gaeton our hands here. moms, dads, would you hire a hot nanny? big debate this morning, plus, where ben afleck is allegedly paying for his nanny to stay right now. she's not complaining at all. and this.
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>> ♪ >> now, she shocked the reception. nobody shoe she could sing like. >> this and she is from our area. man, singing some journey, blew everybody away. >> speaking of singing, you know him from glee. alex here this morning. how he's making a huge difference in philly this weekend. >> but i don't think, we may have burried the lead here. speaking of singers, you know that philadelphia has produced many great singers. >> gentlemen. we have one in our studio today, she will sing live for you. her name vivian green. do you know her? >> we know her all right. >> grew up in east oaklane? >> yes. >> sheehan been practicing in the specials? smoking. >> the voice. my goodness, i love got to go. got to leave. i love emotional roller coaster. i can't wait. >> she'll sing for in you a little bit. new details in what we are calling nanny gate. talking about jennifer garner,
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and ben afleck's divorce. new details. >> so some magazines say it is over, because of ben's allege affair with the former nanny. >> would you like to know hot nancy? >> yes, please. >> twenty-eight years old, her name is christine. quite attractive. apparently she is holdup right now at ben's expense at the bellaire hotel in los angeles, and let me tell this, i've been there, a number of times. >> i bet you have. >> it is one of the most expensive, elaborate low tells in america. >> you are the number one stunner. >> and i shine every summer. cording it people magazine, this is ben's home away from home. a lot of stars hang out there. there is no question. she is reportedly going to the spa every day, hanging out with her girlfriend, yes, has everybody over at the pool hanging out. >> wait. has she been fired? how is she affording this? >> i don't believe she is fired for certain duties, but
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how is she affording all of this? ben. it has got to be at least a thousand dollars a night. >> but he said there is nothing going on, so nothing going on, then are you putting her up in the bellaire hotel? >> said he is not. in fact, suing in touch magazine over the whole darn thing. so here is the question. why did he hire a hot nanny? that's it. >> fans. >> i it is just part of bellaire. >> okay? >> the the mansions. >> oh, bellaire known for fans. >> i good lock. >> french prince no, sir. so why would jena law this? hire this 28 year old hotty to take care of their kids. according to the new york post, moms are requesting pictures of nanny candidate now before they hire nannies. i think it is a good idea. >> i don't blame them. let's talk about there is let's debate. >> this i have to admit we have quincy, weaver jen in one corner. >> i don't think i would hire a hot nan. >> i both of them of course have children. jen, let's start with you. yep. now, who is in charge of
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hiring aonian, your husband, or you do it as a joint thing? >> really? steve frederick in charge of anything at our house, hi, baby. no, not going to happen. here's what i have to say. before i begin what i am about to say, i do want to say at one point we had an amazing looking nanny, we have never had an ugly nanny babysitter whatever, always had amazing looking babysitters. at one point we had one, she was so physically fit, like nagging the kids banana whips instead of giving them ice cream. steve frederick, my husband, he lost 32 pounds. so i call that the nanny diet. because i think steve was trying to look good and fit for the nanny. for me, that's a win. okay? if i can get him up off the couch and throw away the pizza, i don't care if the nanny, i just don't care. now i will say. >> this i think a the love attractive smart girls that are trying to be a babysitter, are discriminated against by women. okay? because of this whole jennifer garner situation.
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i've always had attractive babysitters. they've always been very smart. most of the time they are grad student. so i say you hire the person not the picture. >> okay, but steve did have an affair with her, right? >> i mean, if he did, god bless her, because he's a lot to handle. you know what i am saying? why does it always have to be me? why does it always have to be me? >> jen, i think some women would be intimidated by the fact he lost 32 pounds kind of to impress her. >> mike, you know, i may have joined a health club, sent him to doctor mike, i signed him up with a cardiologist. it was the best thing that ever happened to us. >> the nanny did it. and it is a benefit to you. >> just saying. >> let's get to quincy then. what are your thoughts on this? i don't think ivy would hire a hot nanny, would she? >> ya, well, we do have like -- we had two babysitters, we have two babysitters, they are fairly attractive, really attractive girls. but they really get the job done. here is the thing. women stop being insecure. your man, if he is going to
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cheat, he's going cheat with who ever. example two, words, arnold swartznaeger. arnold schwartzenegger's nanny looked -- she looked, she looked like mrs. doubt fire, and i'm trying to be nice, and he still did it. it doesn't matter t depends on the relationship with you and your husband. don't, don't, don't hate. don't hate on the girl if she has abs and looking hot. maybe she can motivate you? >> quincy? >> get abs, just saying. >> maybe we are looking out for you guys because we love you so, we would never want to put in you that kind of situation. so, let's not bring a hot nanny around just to make it easier on you, how about that? >> no. no. >> i agree. i agree with quincy. >> jen? >> wow, that's first. that's a first. >> i know. >> what did you just say, jen? >> i agree with quincy. look, i'll say it again, i agree with quincy. it is not about the nanny. you can, like, these men, most of them, have jobs. you probably want your husband to have a job.
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you're worried about him with the babysitter? the kids are going to snitch on. that will the kids aren't dumb. so the last person you are going to pick if i'm guy is the babysitter that the kids know. kids are smarter than we give them credit for all the time. my kids, steve freddie -- frederick, had anything going on with the nanny, my point. >> it doesn't matter. >> they'll cheat with the housekeeper, the coach, the secretary? >> cover her mike. >> he is an oscar, ben afleck oscar award winner. women are throwing themselves at him all the time. doesn't matter if he has a hot nanny, if he has a not so hot nanny. i think even if the nanny look like vivian green, who is very hot, it won't matter. just wouldn't matter, guys. >> here is the thing. >> wouldn't matter. guys, guys will do whatever they are going to do. >> that's true. >> i love thin mints. what's the connection? i know i'm going eat the thin minute if they're in my house. so i don't bring the thin
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mints into my house. >> okay. >> ahh. >> just trying to say. just trying to help you out a little bit. >> there is one other thing. >> jen, jen, jen, cover the mike. >> there is one other thing. you know, we all want our children to be the smartest and most attractive and popular kids, right? so you want to surround your children around mentors. i mean, the nanny is, i always say, third leg in the try pot, ride? mommy, daddy, nanny. so you want good looking -- good looking nanny, so the kids dress cute, look cute, are responsible, like work out, do whatever, like having a good looking nancy good. >> you shouldn't be in the gate if you happen to be attractive. >> hey, thanks, guys. i will say. >> this i raised two daughters, and at one point we did have live in maine, her name was silka from
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scandinavia. >> so your smiling concerns? >> i didn't do that thing. but my good friend, kenny, he used to come by, they ended up together. >> so kenny started coming over a lot more? interesting. >> i can tell you a story about one of jen's babysitters that would curl your hair. but i can't. because i would be sued. >> all right. well, thanks for the deitz. how long should you date before you get married? >> six years. >> is that how long it took to you propose? >> yes. >> okay. relationship author says there really isn't set amount of time for. >> this but lauren, apparently, some people think if you, you know, date for little longer, it means, you know, the marriage will be little better. >> that should be sure, right? lauren right behind you there, one of our weekend producers has been dating this woman for six months. >> yes. >> six months. >> and you asked him, i remember in the news room one day, you said when did you know, and didn't he say after the third date? he said when you know you know. >> when you know you know. so this new information comes from the author of helen
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chen's love seminar. basically says when you are dating longer it, might actually and sign that the person is not willing to commit. so she is going to have to make her a count. she said 85% of dating relationships end up in break up. right? 85% of them. but that dating longer doesn't improve your chance of a stable or happy marriage, because she says people who delay marriage in order to make sure they're with the right person, you're actually opening yourselves up to an eventual break up. because you're unwilling to fully commit before dear side to go marry. that's harmful. she says that she has seen couple who dated up to eight years before they get married. and they've also ended up in divorce. i think she is right about. that will people don't factor in the fact that people change over time, so you have been with someone for several years, but might not be the same person down the line. >> right. >> so when you stick it out, you kind of have to actually learn to deal with change and someone becoming someone else. so, for instance, you meet someone in high school or college. you're not going to be that same person in your late 20's,
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in your early 30's, so do you have kind of be able to adapt to that change. the other problem i think, mike, alex, this is outside of her study, we live in very disposable society. and i think people are just so used to just saying forget about it. and throwing things away. >> right. >> just going to something else new and different. and i was reading that tyree said recently about you can now get on your phone, and say, for instance, you're alex holley with the 11,000 followers, you have got men coming at you every which way, so it is like if you don't act right, i've got all of these choices on the side. >> true, true. >> right? >> yes, yes. >> well, you know, for me there is was surprising, i always thought in my little life plan, that i was going to, you know, who ever i find, i want to date him for at least four years, before even think about marriage. >> yes. >> and listen to there is lauren, everybody at home. get what her theory is here. it is fantastic. >> oh, oh,. >> so pioneer is he, i mean, go to school, go to high school for four years, then you graduate. go to college, hopefully four
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years, then you graduate. >> okay? >> so the school of alex it will take four years to get this together and decide hey this is it, this is the one, then the graduation is marriage. so if it is before four years, you're not saying yes to if someone says alex holley will you marry me? >> we need four years to really dot studying, make sure we're going to class, you're on time for class, doing the homework. >> well, we can put in our calendar, she won't get married until whether? >> i i have to find the person first. then it starts. >> girls, good luck with that. >> i can tell you later today i'm enrolling in graduate school. put this off little longer. i'll tell this, never march a guy who waited more than five years to ask. >> if you wait too long, like four is perfect. >> that's why this woman who said yes is crazy. all right, here's a look at what's trending. >> we have a graphic we like to run. >> local bride, she bridges down the house in her wedding with a powerful performance, take a look at this.
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>> ♪ >> i want to meet this woman. let me set this up. her name is nicole. she march thinks guy named aaron, right? and this happened over the weekend, her husband and father egged her onto sing, because they said hey, you have a great voice. she really didn't even want to do it. >> but then, when she decided to do it, because everybody started cheering, she banged this out. don't stop believing. and shock everybody. >> do you think this was at the beginning of the reception or toward the end? >> nobody is stumbling. it seems early. >> all right. >> the key to the time frame would be do the bridesmaids have their shoes on? >> that's true. >> we can't tell. >> the jackets are off the guys. >> so that's a sign there.
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>> i think this is pretty deep into the reception. >> i think so too. >> hey, nicole, if you are watching, not sure what town she lives in. >> oh, she has got the moves. go girl. oh, i think this is into the reception little bit. >> hey, nicole. come on to our show and do this, i would like to have her do it over here. >> sue, you know that song, you love john. >> i sure. >> but -- >> you know, though, you have to have that dress onto rock those moves, though. you know, that mermaid style dress. >> oh, ya. >> speaking of singing, and speaking of belting it out, guess what? we got our winner last night, guys, of the vocalist, at the media theater, a five week contest, started out with 45 contestant, got down to the final 15 last night, and the winner was chosen, it was a tough competition, you see her right in the middle there, that's john of iron workers bank sponsoring the competition, me, camille of springfield, pennsylvania,
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jesse kline, our that is i can director media neither, and my husband and co-host, billy v. so, camille's 23 years old, from springfield, graduate of cardinal o'hara penn state, works at the academy of vocal arts. she rocked whitney houston's i have nothing. and she really belt philadelphia out last night. she will sing on our show next week. so congratulations to camille of springfield, pennsylvania, she won the vocalist, last night. >> can't wait to meet her. >> yes, she is really really good. next week right on our show. quick look at the seven day forecast, before we get to the next thing, eight a degrees today. some rain rolling in tomorrow. looks like fabulous weekend with highs in the eight's, both days. >> sue serio ♪
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>> man, our next guest is best known for his ground breaking rule on the hit show glee. >> talking about alex new al, played wade, american tv, his character tackles issues with the transgender community which many people were learning about for the first time. >> i'm sorry, i thought this was the little boy's room. >> stop right there, little elmo. you honestly want me to believe you stumble in hereby accident? >> i can't, i just don't feel comfortable in there. i make sure to only come in here during class so know one finds out. >> oh. don't worry. your secret is safe with me. >> it may come to an end, but using the skill he learned on the show to help perform nerves our area. >> yes. >> how are you doing? >> good, how are you? >> so -- >> nice to meet you. >> you have wonderful name. do you know that? >> oh, well you have wonderful name. >> you're right. >> were you telling me what it means? >> it means leader of the
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people. >> leader of the people. >> did you know that? >> i had no idea. >> our lead egg of the people. >> we are both leader. >> and i'll an alex sandwich. that's fantastic. so, what are you doing in town? you want to help the town? we have a lot of talented people. >> so much. >> it is gorgeous, i'm doing broadway foundation, which is a week intense broadway training, where we have a bunch of performers come and we have, what, faculty of mentors, teaching them how to be on broadway and perform in musical theater. >> where? >> at the kimmel center when is it? >> show this weekend, matinee, and evening show, tonight, saturday night, there it is. >> so if you think you have any aspirations to be on brought weighed in movies or tv. >> yes, come on down. >> now, what would they learn from you? because your voice, oh, my gosh. >> dow vocal performance class but i also do acting classes because that's what will really set you over the bar to be a triple threat, singer, actor, dancer.
9:18 am
so i am all about doing the acting thing. >> you have to be able to do it all. >> looking at the scene here. you guys, on glee, were way ahead of the hot caitlin jenner thing. >> i guess. >> i mean, couple of years. >> i mean, yes. i mean, caitlin was struggling with that for her entire life. >> right. >> we just amplified it in a sense. we made it public. >> really. >> and that's the thing, when he is talking about with caitlin, a lot of people are talking about transgender community, and they're learning about it. >> and the education thing, you have to expose not expose something but shine the light on something for people to except it, and educate them. one thing about not understanding something is being uneducated by about it clearly, but not excepting something is being unused dollars about it. like, if you don't understand math, you don't like it. but if you're educated on math, you do like it. >> yes. >> so if you're not educated on the trans movement, you don't understand it. and you don't like it.
9:19 am
but if you are educated on it you notice that they're just the same people that we are. >> seem like people that travel the world and learn about other cultures, you come back and more so many of everybody. >> absolutely. >> even with the role you had on glee glee, had people to start learning about the transgender community, even outside that far, walking the red carpet. >> i feel like we should show. >> my goodness. >> here, i will walk you over here to the blue area here. >> work those heals. i like to play with gender. i mean, there is nothing that makes us perform to one thing. there is no roles. >> no roles in anything. >> but you played a transgender character. >> i did. >> on glee. did you learn anything? >> did i. >> absolutely. >> preparing for the role? because you are not a transgender. >> no, i am not. but i learned, the role taught me so much. that scene of using the bathroom, it was one of the things of i never really
9:20 am
thought of using sim, using a bathroom was a struggle someone wag going through, if you identify as a male, go to the males bedroom, if you identify with a female go to the female bathroom. just one of those thing you mean people are struggling just to use the bathroom to relief themselves? a natural human thing that we all do. >> and we don't even think about it? >> we just walk right in. >> and it is something we take for granted. >> highs no have in you fill. >> i nice to meet you. leader of the free people. >> meet her over at the kimmel this week end. >> can't wait. come on over it will be fun. >> by the way the international olympic committee mulling over the idea of having ultimate frisbee in the olympics, and we have the soup epp bowl this in philly this week end. >> great team the spinners. chris murphy playing frisbee with them now. >> this is billy from the spinners. rookie of the year this season. he's going to be here in a minute to tell us all about the big game at ppl this coming saturday.
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let's see what you got, billy. >> ♪ more of that after the break. >> ♪
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there week we learned that the international olympic committee is considering mulling over the idea of ultimate frisbee in the olympics. can you imagine? well, the superbowl of ultimate frisbee is in philly this weekend? that's right, chris murphy is hanging out with some of our own team, the philadelphia spinners. >> hey, guys, we will get a look at what these guys can real dow here at fourth and market. first, jeff, how are you? you are head of the league. >> doing great. >> you are like the commissioner, right? >> okay, tell us, first of all, where we stand with making this an olympic sport. >> just got fully recognized as olympic sport. so as early as 2020, you could see frisbee in the olympics. >> that's pretty big deal. usually think of frisbee
9:25 am
something you do on the beach or whatever else? >> pretty big deal. three years ago most people didn't know what it was, now here it is being recognized as olympics, pretty big. >> spinners just eliminated, taking on seattle this weekend? >> yes, august 8, ppl park, watch boston take on seattle. two best teams in the league, should be quite the show. trick shots and all sorts of stuff. >> all right, head on out there, jeff thanks so much for your time. thanks for bringing spinners out here. >> all right, guys, sends it back to you. >> boston versus seattle. pick beautiful park. at ppl park, fantastic. >> very pretty. specially when the sunsets, you see it over the water. >> from my balcony at seventh and walnut, i can see the park. >> no. >> i can see the bridge on a clear day. robert gulah. >> why is it whenever you imitate singers, you always sounds the same. sammy davis sounds like. >> sammy, johnny mat us. >> sound like franky beverly,
9:26 am
too. >> really? that's a compliment. >> this is sammy. >> oh, my gosh. >> can i man ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> but if you're doing johnny mathis, you got to ♪ chances are ♪ >> it is the same voice! >> johnny mathis has the little ♪ >> no, no. >> oh, do can we kill that? we had to kill shah story, kit cat? bring it back? all right, once a year, we bring the bug lady in. because it is bug fest kids. where do they have bug fest? >> academy of natural sciences. >> at the academy of natural sciences. >> here is the thing, these creepy crawlers, they'll do yoga. help us do yoga. >> really? >> we'll show you bug inspired yoga when we come back. >> downward facing crickets.
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okay. no barking dogs today, it is all buggy for fox fursday, so bugs have fur. movie antman was a big hit at the box office. we can all be ant men and women or any kind of bug person, because it is time for the academy of natural sciences of drexel university bug fest. >> yeah. >> we love bug fest. >> and karen is here from the academy. you've got our favorite bugs that are here. >> i brought a lot of our popular ones. right now, i have... >> it is on the floor. >> hi everybody. >> perfect segway for our
9:31 am
speed racers cock roach 500. returning again this year very popular for stunt like that. >> yes. >> this is a quick i. >> yes, we have the cock roach always very fast, usually beating out the competition. >> yes. >> that is always a sign. >> yes. >> this woman, we should explain this woman in the shot. >> yes. >> we will do bug yoga after we meet the actual bugs, with karen. >> thank you mike jerrick. >> this is a praying mantus. >> they used to be broken down but thinks our grasshopper. >> grasshopper. >> yes. >> right now this looks like a beautiful grass hopper and it is very colorful but they love to vomit and regurgitate and under a a high definition microscope. >> can you make them do it. >> i cannot right now. >> so we will highlight some of that, we will tell so things. >> the kid will love this.
9:32 am
>> it will be a great time. >> vomiting, it will be great. >> it will be great. we have all these cool bugs, insects, spiders, all of their relatives. >> you told me i could pick this one up. >> yes, on the log good on the log. >> this is something new this year we are doing bug yoga a with cristina and came up with great poses. the thinks a pose we will do a beetle. >> are you sure it ace live it is, a live. >> okay. >> he has those big that he used for rest will will for mating rights good this is saturday and sunday. >> yes you can meet all these bugs in person plus you can learn how to do bug yoga. >> we will have more bugs then this. >> yes. >> southwestern million pieds. >> they are fun? yes. >> so, we will have not only these guys, and so much more.
9:33 am
>> he is like a bracelet. >> and we have bug chef coming in again. >> excuse me a bug chef. >> cooking up some lovely dishes, tarantulas, yes. >> karen, this will be so much fun. >> so much to see. >> cristina is here to teach south bug yoga posts. >> i am we're ready. >> we don't have six or eight limbs so we will recreate bigger portions of them. we will do praying mantus. >> let's see the real one. >> this is a praying mantus. >> yes. >> show it to jamill right there. >> now are we supposed to look like that. >> yes good we will try our best. >> we will come and do a forward lung here. we will keep a night right bent leg. >> for a praying mantus, and
9:34 am
they have a big hit, big tails around and when they catch their pray. >> that is the praying mant theus. >> what is that. >> next one is our stag beetle. >> that is the one i had on the log. >> yes, right angle over our left knee or thigh. >> no, we're not we will just sit in that chair and create these arms with our legs like this to create the a beetle and come over our head like that. this is our beetle pose. >> all right, that is really easy one more. >> big finish good this is a deep squat, i don't know if we will do it. >> i can do a lenny cravats. >> this is a tarantula pose. our hand will cross in front of us. >> yes. >> and then from here we will
9:35 am
maybe lift our heels up, maybe walk a little. >> there you go, mike. >> you look really good. >> all right. >> so karen, once again academy of natural sciences we can meet these folks and so much more. >> yes. >> both saturday and sunday. >> both saturday and sunday all day. >> bug yoga there. >> yes. >> all right, quincy beat the bugs, i dare you. >> guys, last hour when we talked to music industry professional about the meek mill drake situation. we are here at broad and girard we will find out what the people of philadelphia think, coming up, "good day philadelphia".
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all right. come here i got a gift for you. come here. now, i don't know if you can see it or not, i thought that this was a piece of card game in there. these things are moving, man. those, ladies and gentlemen, some rice crispies for breakfast. can you imagine eating rice crispies right now. >> snap, crack he will pop. >> they are mag on the and they will be at bug fest. they use this immediately if you have a sore or a wound on a human body doctors will put them all over and it will eat up the infection. >> i'm sure you got some stuff going, are you going to put some stuff on. >> i'm just saying what? >> should we move them over there though because i'm going to be sick. >> that is not funny. >> that is not funny at all. >> everybody talking about nicki minaj concert tonight
9:40 am
with meek mill. >> tomorrow night or tonight. >> tonight. meek mill will be there too tonight. here's the thing, quincy, i know you are doing q street. he is coming home. we should have have a parade. maybe we should give him a pep rally because he needs some confidence or cheering object so is what the story on the street. >> we're having heated conversations, we're at broad and girard. how are you doing, sir. >> i'm doing good. i got this guy here is what your name. >> robert oathes. >> we were talking about the drake and meek situation. is what your take on it. >> what i basically say, it is 75 men, you cannot argue with 75 million-dollar man. you come the at drake. meek was in jail, drake was holding it down for him. the at the same time it is like, you are supposed to do something. you come at him because nicki was out here doing something for you. nicki was holding it down. you came and had a attitude
9:41 am
because drake didn't want to tweet your album. that is not fair. not fair. >> thank you very much. >> in problem. >> he has some strong insights. >> bunch of people around here, they are kind of don't want to talk to me. i don't know what i did to them. there is this one guy over here. i know this guy. i'm pulling him in. come here, you know what. >> q pulling me in, yeah, man. we're talking about this meek mill/drake situation. you wrapped for a long time. i know you from a long time ago, lot of years. the is what your situation and take on the meek mill drake situation. >> there should nobody beef. everybody just need to make their money. is there too much rap beef as it is. meek mill has one situation. drake has another. he is doing good. he probably has a artist that went number one on the billboard. i'm happy for that. all i want to do is get money. >> i love you meek.
9:42 am
>> now listen, here's the thing, about the whole situation, i have been told by personal opinion about this, i know meek mill from the beginning of his career. only thing i don't like about this whole beef, guys is it has taken away from accomplishments. i don't know what happened with meek or drake and why it came out but meek mill just came off of the best, his best career, his best week of his career. he had the number one album, two weeks in a row, number one album two weeks in a row and now nobody is talking about that. hold on this young lady wants to say something else. >> i want to give up for meek mill because he represents philadelphia to the finest. i love you meek. keep doing what you are doing. let the hatees take a. i love you, baby. >> as you can see we have love for meek mill out here. i will stay at broad and girard and talk to some people. a lot of people didn't want to talk to me. a lot of people didn't want to
9:43 am
talk on air but people still have love for meek mill and they can't wait for him it is time for it to end. it is starting to get childish and it is getting embarrassing. >> let's welcome meek home tonight. >> sound good. >> i agree with him complete thely. accomplishments over the last week. >> billboard. >> they are hidden. >> and buried by the feud. >> 9:43. >> well, philadelphia's own vivian green is here in the studio, her new album comes out tomorrow. hi vivian. you are looking good, girl. performance you just can't miss, it will be next. >> come back.
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♪ over here, can i be doing it, or dance. >> mike, he is auditioning right now too. >> hit it, hit it. >> get it right. >> you better get right. >> as you can see we have vivian green here philadelphia's own, and i know you have to say that, emo. and got to go, i got leave you. >> my goodness. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for coming. >> philadelphia's own. >> philadelphia's own. >> yes.
9:47 am
>> i did, i did. >> high school. >> parkway northwest. >> parkway is representing this morning. they are tweeting. they are so excited. they are excited you are here. we have to talk about when that came out, it was hot, everyone was loving it. we were like you went on a hiatus. >> yes, a big year, i had my son. i had to take time off to be a mom. >> enjoy life. >> what brought you back. >> well, you know, i never done anything else. this is my gig, this is my job. i have to keep putting out music, so after my hiatus, i went back to work. >> people were missing you. they want had you back. we have been wanting new music. >> thank you. >> tell us about the new cd. >> it is called vivid. it drops tomorrow actually. we have been super busy pro mow run all month just trying to get word out, and the awareness for it. top ten single, give it my
9:48 am
best, frankie beverly. >> yes. >> he was just here, you know. >> yes he gave us his stamp have of approval. >> yes. >> how much are we giving back to my baby. >> we're getting back. >> okay. >> we will go back home to him. >> people want to know we're burying the lead here. we will see you sat day. >> yes. >> why. >> yes, live, at 19th and washington super soulfull festival, music soul child, and myself and many other, amazing local artists as well. >> let's stop talking about it and we will hear you sing. >> hit it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:49 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:51 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
did you win a million-dollar last night you bear name lady. >> no. >> i'm not talking to you. >> i have to hold the mike. >> does it inspire you. >> what is that yoga song. >> yoga,. >> let me see you do the yoga. >> 9:54. vanity fair magazine released the best dressed women in the world and i have to tell you, a little surprised even though first one, number three, i love her. >> misty cope land, yes.
9:55 am
she's third on the list. love her. she was just name first african-american ballerina. >> yes. >> and then taylor swift. >> she's number two. >> she's number two on the the list citing her prep power when it comes to passion. >> please tell me kim kardashian is not number one. >> number one with the conservative charm is samantha cameron. >> david's wife, david cameron's wife. >> rihanna did make the list, people are like what about rihanna. she's sixth. she didn't make the top five. >> she's sixth. >> and then amal clooney, george clooney's wife made number five. >> i will tell you number four but i'm keeping it a secret. >> is there also list of the best dressed men. >> russell wilson quarterback for the seattle seahawks, who will be really well dressed with his new contract. >> that is a good looking man he is nice looking. >> he is ninth, prince harry is eighth. >> i gotcha good lets get back to this budding romance we
9:56 am
think is happening, apparently, young hollywood in bloom. >> so kendell jenner is now dating nick jonas. they are an identify em. kendell's friend and fellow model, she hooked them up a adid is dating joe jonas so they made that work. they say it is still new and nothing serious but they have confirmed that they are dating. >> she's 19. >> she's 19 i think. >> how old would he be late 20's. >> you know who he used to date, when he came to philly, he is not very call. the kendelis a model and she's very tall. >> who did he used to date. >> olivia, former miss universe, do we have a picture of her. look at her. he likes brunettes. >> clearly good but she's gorgeous too. >> she sure is. >> yes. >> they were dating for two years. >> fcc is on the line. >> yes. >> you need to squeeze in one
9:57 am
more kardashian story here's the second one, kylie has a new pet, pet rabbits. >> i love pet rabbits. >> it is name that everyone is talking about. >> tyga. >> it is bruce. >> what? >> that is interesting. >> likely after caitlin jenner's former name bruce, this is little bruce, and she says it is a prebirthday gift to herself, youngest kardashian jenner. she would be the the youngest kardashian jenner. >> you know this is going to create some controversiy why did she want to name the rabbit bruce. >> people say she misses her -- >> people will be talking. >> bruce father instead obfuscate lynn father. >> yeah. >> hold on, we need within more kardashian update. >> chloe, have you seen her. she's looking good. she tired of people calling her, the bigger kardashian.
9:58 am
this is her revenge body. >> fcc don't like story they will pull the plug.
9:59 am
10:00 am
"the wendy williams show." today from the sexy takes to new music, we're catching up with nick jonas, and who is the sexiest man alive? find out. people bring the inside scoop on their issues. plus celebrity chef nadia g. shows us ways to put the bite in your thanksgiving menu. plus all of today's juiciest hot topics. ♪ ♪ >> now here's wendy! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: thank you. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> wendy: hello! here we go again!


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