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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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you choose. a fine line between a wrinkle,. >> fine line, you think i have a fine line right here ape wrinkle over there. so what your skin though is saying about your health. we want to take a closer look in the mirror. >> if you have puffiness under your eyes you might be suffering from some kind of a liver problem, that kind of thing. >> yes good we will study your face, get a mirror ready because you can look at your face and we will figure out what the the heck is wrong with you. >> lets look at bob kelly's face. >> bob kelly. >> you know what, we're on vacation so guess what we are having ice creek for breakfast. johnny b goods, what are the two dishes. >> we have our signature under the boardwalk waffle, with hot fudge and wet nuts. >> what is this. >> that is a signature banana splits. >> got to love it good after ice cream you have heard about it and now see it monkey bread. >> monkey bread. >> how do you make monkey bread.
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>> pop one in there. >> look at that. >> butter cream. >> butter cream ice cream up top good who wants monkey bread. >> twelfth and asbury. >> jen, back to you. >> all right bob we're having so much fun. the weather has been iffy so we are having a great time at the bound boardwalk bounce thing. by the way these four kids are the two oldest of the four, one is cuter then the next. go for it. there you go sophia crush it. my producer is having fun too come on down, we are having fun. >> jade in the background there jade jarvis. >> 9:01. let's get into this now. if you can get a mirror in your house, do you got one? all right. >> boom. >> mirror just broke.
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by looking at your face, wrinkles, the blotches, whatever is on your face, you can tell what is going maybe wrong with inside of your body. lauren johnson has been studying this survey. let's see. >> there are seven warning signs, mike and alex. i will give you a few examples. sometimes you get bags. these are yellow. if they are around your eyes, nose or mouth it could indicate that you have high cholesterol. doctors say have your cholesterol check before you freak out but then try a skin peel and get rid of the patches. speaking of your skin, mike, do you have pale skin. >> what, pale skin. >> you have a iron deficiency so of course, most common reason is not enough red meat. do you eat enough red meat. >> i don't eat a lot of red meat good people like me who don't eat beef pork and in the really chicken either, you have to amp up your beans and
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greenleaf leave y. >> i have deep wrinkles. >> you just sit back. >> yes. >> here's the thing. smoking causes the wrinkles. >> you have to stop doing that. >> yes. >> okay. if you can't shake habit go over to some fancy spa in rittenhouse to give you vitamin c cream to get college on on your face. >> alex noticed what they call marionette lines. >> where are they. >> right here. >> they get deeper and deeper. >> do you want to tell me what those are from. >> smiling. >> smiling. >> he is a happy person. >> very animated. >> you really want me to do this. >> that is what what. >> do his crow's feet. >> ready how do you prevent these. >> you have to get botox so
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your face doesn't move. fix your face, mike jerrick. >> they also call this -- >> those are calls your 11's. >> when you make a face between your eye brows it will make two lines right down here, that look like 11's. >> there you go. >> my 11. >> you have to. >> and then the ones on your forehead. >> these up here. >> yeah. >> i got those. >> goodness, gracious us does botox take care of that. >> that is not the the whole point of the story you have to eat right do better. woman have harmonal issues. >> i have a question, chin acne you can get that throughout your life, have you every seen sits on peoples chin. >> i know you try to ignore it. i have heard from dermatologist if it is anywhere below your cheekbone here it is all harmonal.
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if you break out above this part of face it is other stuff, but anything under here in your skinnies all harmonal. >> i just started recently working out and i'm breaking out again. >> where, on your face. >> chin. >> and it is right here on my chin. >> he said it is when you are touching the weights, and sometimes you touch your face and sweat and stuff. >> there are other people. >> testosterone building up because you are getting in deep so this could be totally harmonal. >> you are getting hairy. >> i can't with you. here's the good thing, what we just did with mike here, we can play a great game of tic tack toe. >> the pen won't work. >> blew out a sharp i hear. >> you know what the solution
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to the chin acne is, don't work out. >> that is true, i can do that. it is a lot easier. >> lauren, by the way. >> yes. >> lauren johnson made the front cover of the daily snooze. look at this. >> look at that. >> you guys, i don't think that picture looks like me i feel like it looks like i have a wig on. >> it does not, i don't think so. >> your brows are on fleek. >> pearly whites. >> nice ape sexy. >> i beg of you you ladies and gentlemen next thursday, august 13th, right the daily news will have their sexy singles addition. >> no, starting on monday. this is starting monday, party is on thursday. >> every day next week we will reveal more sexy singles in the philadelphia area lauren dawn johnson whom difficult not recognize from the picture. >> see, i told you it didn't look like me. >> i told him it was you. i said is there lauren.
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she don't like those bangs. >> i didn't recognize it. said wait, what. >> every day next week they will reveal more sexy singles but next thursday is the big issue. >> that is just the party. >> it might be monday. >> anyway, wait until you see the cover of the sexy singles daily news addition next week. >> so this is a hint, that lauren is a sexy singles. >> yes. >> thanks, lauren. >> i'm not kidding wait until you see the cover next week. >> okay. >> i'm a very proud man. >> what a tease. >> demi lovato, cosmopolitan september magazine cover girl. she looks good. recently though, some stories have decided to start hiding the the magazine because they think it may be too revealing for shelves. in other word, pornographic
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magazines, have the shield across it. >> yes. >> they will start doing it this with cosmo. >> now since she's a cover girl demi, she's speaking out against this decision. she doesn't like it. we just showed you the cover. she has been vocal about her struggles with weight and body image. her journey to get to the point where she was comfortable in her own skin. >> is there certainly nothing wrong with that cover. >> this instagram she tells those oppose to the cover that thinks the most empowered beautiful she has ever felt. she said embracing her body took time and soul searching. she wants others to know is there nothing wrong with embracing your body and sexuality. it is what makes you you. she's showing her skin good that is not too sexy. >> people don't like the side booby don't think. >> is that the tattoo she has on there. >> yes, it is a poem. >> it looks like a bar code.
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>> yes. >> wonder how much she costs. you know lee daniels. >> yes. >> he is from philadelphia. >> philadelphia dude. he is the the director of the hottest show on television which is called empire, right. >> yes. >> well, you have a hot show, you will spin it off to make more money. >> that is right. >> no question, there is much to tell when it comes to cookie's story. so executive producer brian gracer said before a spin off can happen they need to make sure that the original empire does not lose its coolness. we will see when season two returns september 23rd and see how you that does with the ratings and then they will talk about a spin off with cookie. people are wondering empire was so amazing we love i had so crazy can they do it again? i believe they can. >> well, you have to give it a shot. help me out here, give me some good spin offs from the past. >> frazier. >> frazier was a spin off of
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cheers. >> of cheers, yes. >> i loved frazier. my goodness. >> r od a was that a spin off of mary tyler moore more show that goes way back. >> george jefferson was a spin off of all in the familiarly. >> dave warren, you are good. >> what was that spin off of happy days, joan i loves ch ac i. >> so this is a good thing then. >> all right. >> what would it be call the cookie show. >> cookie monster, i don't know. >> cookie something. how about this new show on fox, it is set 50 years in the future and has an interesting take on the washington redskins. you know the controversy about people want ago this name change. >> they find it offensive. >> my north report. >> tom cruise. >> it is set in d.c., the show where the nfl has made the decision to rename the team the washington red cloud. >> fifty years in the future.
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>> tribute to the fame inn yan chief. steven speilberg is executive producer of the show and debut september 21st right here at 9:00 right here on fox. >> if you watch it 50 years in the future they have made the change to the washington red clouds, of course, we're talking about the football team down in d.c. >> now, i loved the movie. i'm interest todd see how they will do it. >> i will watch this show a few first episodes. the part that stuck out to me walking down the hall way owe far in the future the advertisement from the wall say hello. i forget his name from the movie. hello tom, would you like to buy that. >> we are close to that because that will happen when you go in the store, welcome to walgreens. >> mike jerrick. >> viagra is on sailor whatever. >> would you like to purchase more packages. >> i would need to yes good goodness gracious. >> also, allah ex-and i because the show stinks so bad
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today, we have an excuse. >> aim not just stinging. >> i'm horrible to day. >> we were out very late last night at the philadelphia magazine philadelphia magazine best of party. >> yes. >> look who else was there chris murphy was there. >> is what wrong with his back, is he he having back trouble. >> trying to stand tall he wants to be taller then you. >> stick out his big chest. >> anyway, they have this issue every year philadelphia mag even where they name 300 different special items it is best of. they have decided for first time to have it outside in the big white tent. >> we have more pictures. >> this is my friend chloe johnson, so she helped me out with the dress. this is a dress from italy. she takes people on trips to different countries like paris, london. >> that is her job good would i love to have that job. >> no. >> she works with designers from different places. this was a dress she said i love going to events like this and seeing the fashion and bright colors what a great venue. >> look at that at city hall, just amazing out there in
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dilworth plaza. it was fun. there is white tent. people were out there having fun getting bet of philly with drinks and food. >> they did have drippings dive because you had had to get up early this morning. >> you could, there was a point in the night. >> who is candace. >> audience doesn't know that. >> our producer. >> she's in the control room. >> this is philly mag instagram, because there was a point in the night when know things are out of control that we have to show you. once we get back from dave. people are having too much fun. >> if i'm in this picture i'm going to be very upset. >> you told me to take video. >> that. >> here's the thing dave. >> they have water fun tane at dilworth plaza kid like to run and play on it. >> yes good adults after consume, we will show you. >> in their fancy dresses and everything. >> yeah. >> if i was there that is where i would be. >> roll the videotape.
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>> no, no. >> that is me. >> i'm not in the water very funny. i'm beside the water, i was twirling good one. >> nice, nice. >> candace i love you. >> very funny, very funny it wasn't me. >> nope, nope. >> it looked like you. we will find that video or maybe we will put that backup here. looking the at the weather now last night was nice but we are talking about this rain. a few showers are around and these will continue to move through the area, through delaware and south. not every where just a light passing shower. heavier rain off the coast and will continue to move out. seven day forecast is nice accounts improving wet they are weekend. this rain clears out. it is breezy but nice, we are up to 86 degrees. warms up monday and tuesday. that is next chance for showers and storms. after that it gets cooler, wednesday and thursday, the skies will clear up and
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temperatures drop back down. >> hey dive warren did you watch the daily show every now and then. >> every now and then difficult, yeah. >> do we have video. >> we have a video of the people dancing in the water fun tane. >> here we go. >> look at that. >> my goodness. >> you know it is a good nights when you end up drenched in water. >> they didn't care they had fancy outfits on. >> after you have a couple cocktails and music was really good last night. >> it started with two girls and they say, we are standing around watching, we will join you. >> most surprising thing about this, i did in the do it. >> i was shocked too. were you in white pants. i said mike, don't you go out there it will not end well. you have white pants on. >> not when you are commando. >> i didn't know that. >> same thing right now. >> we don't want to think about those kind of thing. >> there is a thin layer of
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jabberdean. sign fell. jon stewart made his commentary on the daily show last night kind of sad to watch. not everybody is sorry about this. can you imagine the politicians. he asked their producers politicians he has talked about over last 16 years to say good bye to jon and good riddings. >> i will never forget you jon but i will be trying. >> don't go, come back, jon i'm being sarcastic. >> and just when i'm running for president what a bummer. >> what has nine and a half fingers and won't miss you at all, this guy. >> you know, a lot of things happening around the world that keep me up the night which is why i relied on to you put me to sleep. >> i'm jon stewart. i'm dumb, i'm stupid, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> that was good. >> i am going to miss him. take sometime off.
9:17 am
i think he has a farm out in new jersey. >> i like the way he ended it too. this is not an end just a pause in the conversation. he said i will just go get a drink. and he will be back. >> good was to put it. >> is that what you want to say. >> yes. >> you say that a lot i'm just going to get a drink. >> just about every day. >> the most annoying actress i think is merrill streep. >> what. >> she's so talented, i love her, what are you talking about. >> now she's playing a aging rock shore left her family to pursue you her dreams to go out there and go into a music career. >> i love merrill streep. >> she's just classic. here's a clip of ricky and the flash, starring merrill streep. >> ♪
9:18 am
>> ♪ >> look at that. >> this had to be the worst clip to choose because nothing is going on. >> you don't even see her. >> hopefully the movie, they will turn lights on and be more energetic. >> now kevin mccarthey, you have talk to the stars of the ricky and the the flash. >> big spenders, d.c. to new york. big spenders. >> mike, you are a hater of merrill streep. how do you hate merrill streepy never said hade, i said she's incredibly talented. maybe the most talented. >> you said she's annoying. >> she's in everything. she can do it all. >> how is she in this. >> mike, she's the most nominated actress in the history of the academy award 19 nominations. she's an amazing actress. movie itself she plays a rocker who leaves her family and years later to per sue her dreams as a rock star and comes back to take care of her
9:19 am
daughter who is going through depression. her daughter is played by her real daughter in real life. the movie jonathan demi who did silence of the lambs. it has good line up. the movie itself is not as good as her performance. her performance is unbelievable. the fact that she played this rocker physically, mentally, emotionally, really got in the role and unbelievable. she learned how to play guitar for the role. it has pacing issues but she's amazing to watch and she is reason you see this movie. >> she's always amazing. >> yes exactly. >> byby the way. >> you talk about pacing issues. >> there has to be a more action then what the heck we're looking at in these clips. >> the reason you why are watching that scene mike, i have a story to tell. rick springfield and her were doing interviews together. i walk in the room to interview rick springfield and her and rick goes to the
9:20 am
bathroom. they said kevin can you wait in the corn are. merrill streams find me and comes down and said we will talk while we're waiting. i said can you teach me how you did that scene in the movie, you are watching and this is what happens. >> do it just like that. >> beautiful. >> is that right. now you hit the body some times. >> you are kind of keeping your drum kit going. >> it is so cool. >> yes. >> well, i bet she was never so happen that i rick springfield had to pea. >> i know, i'm thanking god for his bladder, that it happened. it was really cool. it was a good moment. movie three and a half out of five though.
9:21 am
>> i know that you have to be thrilled with that moment, you spent a little time alone with merrill streep. >> it was wild. i'm like you were the the deer hunter and that was one of the move that is got me into film making, as a teenager. she's amazing. really cool moment to have. >> so talented, whenever there was a movie she's in it, you know it will be good at least her performance. >> a pol guys for everything i said. >> thank you, kevin. >> 9:21. >> cute and casual, fun and sophisticated, we will show you three cool ways to wear this season's hot trend. >> is what the hot trend this season. >> we will show you. >> okay. >> look at that. >> scandalous fashion. >> i love jump suits. >> we had a lottery last night. >> what are the numbers. >> calm down i'll show them to you.
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♪ >> you know, tony, everybody is talking about this, hi kid down in ocean city. >> look at that, they are waving. >> he is excited. >> yeah. >> well, we see the car behind the mazda six right there. right behind that carries a sign up table or off to the side is a sign up table for maroon five tickets. >> we have 20 minutes. >> it is down at the music pier in ocean city. you you can register on line for my fox, we will give two tickets away. tony v says good looking marker on that face. >> alex, why did you use permanent marker. he asked me to. >> i had a sharpee. >> you can get it off. >> jump suit is a popular trend in the fashion world right now. they worked for any season or occasion. we went to this party at
9:26 am
dilworth plaza ton of jump suits on women. >> we love them. >> in today's torre's take, torey shows us thousand rock that jump suit. >> today is all about what i saw, the easiest outfit you will ever wear. i'm talking about the jump suit. i will show you how to style it three different ways, casual, career and cocktail. dealea is my casual girl. this outfit came from old navy. wearing a romper a short version of the jump suit. when you want a style she has her flat sandals on, cute soft bag with a preponderance of color. her straw hat and her sunglasses and she's ready to go. she's my spruce street harbor park girl on a saturday hanging out with her girl friend. this is mize career girl. she has a cute black jumper this came from k-mart. she has a little jazz. we gave perfect a pink bag and a cute pearls and she has her cute little new pumps.
9:27 am
she's ready to go to the office. >> this is jane our show stopper, my cocktail girl. she's wearing hot pink silk jump suit from k-mart and pinkies a beautiful pop of column are. she's ready for perfect rooftop party or nighttime wedding or saturday night date. just accessory and for nighttime, cute little necklace and statement jewelry and clutch bag and jane is ready for a night out. there you have it, how to style a jump suit three ways, casual, career cocktail, that is torey's take. seven hey shopping. >> i don't see jump suits much. >> i love them. other woman can look so great. i'm trying to figure it out. the casual, career, coil tail. >> i see people taller wearing them, they look great. apparently bob kelly has fun something else to show new ocean city. hey, bob. >> you got it, lots to do here in ocean city. this weekend is art show, we have some samples of the great
9:28 am
are the up and down the boardwalk in tents. we have a new dance it is called pam sevener scam sevener, how do you do it. come on come on here we go. >> there he goes. >> there we go. >> yeah, wow
9:29 am
9:30 am
test. test.
9:31 am
>> this is what we're doing. >> we're not going down the shore? >> oh, we are going down the shore. let's go to bob. >> i'm down the shore you know what the problem we're having here, gang, we just uncovered the johnson's popcorn, and the seagulls are coming for free popcorn. down here you got to come to
9:32 am
ocean city, and when you do, you got to come to johnson's popcorn. hi what's your name? >> becky. >> you got couple of different flavors. >> we do. >> what is this. >> peanut crunch. we have cheddar, then we have our carmel, which this is the one that everyone knows. >> oh, to die for. okay. you got to have some fudge and salt water favre. >> i yes. >> shriver in the house. >> yes. >> you located right here on the boardwalk. >> right down there, right at ninth street, the corner every ninth. >> what's your favorite? >> peanut but ther. >> how many flavors? >> fifty, the largest variety. >> salt water taffy for everybody before we leave. how does that sounds? >> yeah. >> we're here on the boardwalk in ocean city, they got the craft show inside, the art show on the boardwalk, come on back here, the gang from shrek the musical is down here, okay? michael, tell me all about the show. >> hey, all right. we've got shrek the musical coming august 11th 12th,
9:33 am
13th performing arts center here in ocean city, new jersey there is show features professional cast from our audition pros necessary new york city, tan features the ocean city union professional orchestra of over 20 musicians. >> i was just going to say where can folks get the tickets? >> visit the ocean city website ocnjus/box office. stop by the music theater or call (609)525-9248. >> you know with a we'll do, put all of the information up on the website so you guys at home can get tickets. how about a hand for shrek? isn't this cool? thank you. back to you mike, alex. >> it is a shrek-less shrek show. >> i love the movie. so i'm sure the musical is great. >> you know, shrek can be lazy, probably slept in. will the 33, football season kicks off in a few weeks i can't wait. first, big celebration, we will take you to ohio, to the hall of fame, you know it,
9:34 am
canton ohio, but something really special this year. we'll explain. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i already feel like we're the most connected but i think this solo date will seal the deal. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here.
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just in the commercial break, alex holley, informs me that the singer, madonna is going to be at the wells fargo center. >> thursday, september 24th. >> oh,. >> leading -- >> i had a big headline there. >> sorry. >> i thought you said that she was going to be here during the pope's -- >> around the pope time. the pope here can be well the world meeting of families. >> i thought it would be saturday. because if you went to the concert, you couldn't -- you couldn't get into the box the traffic box, to see her. >> that's true. >> but it is thursday night. >> yes. >> just made it. >> had me all excited all over twitter, i was going to break news, madonna and the pope, in town at the same time. >> sorry to take that away from you.
9:39 am
>> the reason, madonna and the pope. >> nfl season, eagles football starts with a pre-season game a week from sunday. how about that? >> with the colts. >> yes let's talk about the football hall of fame, they have their big end vinement weekends, canton ohio. >> already underway, the whole celebration, the things they do. so, it raps around, of course, the ceremony for the class of 2015 hall of fame inductees. anyone this year's honoree? >> let's go, jerome bennett brown, charles haley bill, owner, right, of the colts by the way and junior, will shields, my favorite mick and ron wolf. inducted this year. canton ohio. >> look at. that will have you ever been to the is her moany? >> no. >> well, i'm shocked to hear that.
9:40 am
>> nope. >> do you want to go? >> here is three shocking things. i've never been to the hall of fame in canton, ohio, never been to springfield massachusetts, the home of college basketball, in basketball, what's the other one? cooperstown baseball. >> better get done. >> i need to get on it, don't have much time left. hey, vanderbuilt decides to review it social media practices after seemingly offensive tweets put them in the spotlight. >> a lot of people are tweeting about this yesterday. did you see this? first the football team's coach derrick mason tweeted this team wants what some say it can't obtain. sorry we don't need your permission. >> then the teams official twitter count twitter account, took the we don't need your permission part and used for this other tweet we're about to show. look at that. made it nice big graphic right? we don't need your permission. >> this is about the football theme. >> yes. >> we are relentless, we are tough and we are inch ten gent. we don't need your permission.
9:41 am
>> so people got upset. they linked it to the rate of unconscious young woman by four former football players back in june. it wasn't this june, it was couple of years snag. >> yes vanderbuilt. >> so, we were like -- >> you know what, i didn't even put those together. >> i didn't either. >> when they were tweeting about it i guess because i want -- wasn't necessarily thinking about that i went back oh, yes that's true, when put it that way probably not so good. >> no means no? >> don't need your permission, really? society negative attention then got the school's athletic director to post apology. he says in part, we apologize for today's tweet. it is not a comment about sexual assault. sex without permission is always wrong. and is not accepted. >> so the athletic department did not put those two things together either. >> yes, they weren't thinking that far. >> then took it down. >> hey, jenn fred, what are you doing there in ocean city, young laidy? >> i'm having so much fun. it is the best place ever.
9:42 am
don't you think? yes, there is four every these adorable children, and about 95 other kids. if you need a rainy day activity, this is it. say hi to spiderman. hi, someone is going to have a great time today. and a lot of people are taking naps later. >> coming up this weekend, fox 29 weekends, does your child take medication? the questions you need to ask your doctor. >> are you prepared for an emergency? we have the five things that every household should have to make sure you're ready. >> see you saturday and sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m.
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>> oh, look at that. the kids are so cute. so, of course they're standing right next, sponsor mazda head dollars down the shore all right, it is 9:45. that means it is closed, you can't register any more. we are soon going to reveal the winners, who will have the tickets to see maroon five. can't wait. we will announce it before the end of the show. but we will stay down the shore, because we're having a lot of fun in ocean city. jen, she now having some breakfast. you get over here. we want to see you now! >> i wish i could have some breakfast. let me tell you what is happening. the mascot came in, and everyone is not happy. good morning. >> hi, jen. >> how are you baby?
9:46 am
>> good, how are you doing? >> so i had to send the frog into hiding yes. >> you can do whatever you want to do. oh, don't do that. your mom's going to -- get down here. >> by the way these four kids are adorable, and we have become very familiar, because we've been together -- yes? look at the camera and say hi, mom. >> hi, mom. >> now go jump around so we don't get in trouble with your mom. >> this, people don't know where we're located; part of the olds or you still have some movie theatres and signs? >> yes, we are inside the historic theater, two upper level theatres, three lower ones transformed into the bounce house. >> how is that going for you? >> it is going great. kids love it. it is indoors, no hot sun air-conditioned. >> i have to say i do like the teen beach movie taylor swift sounds track.
9:47 am
>> yes, we teach the kids thousand do different dance. >> really? and the frog is a. giving the frog some air time right now, because the frog de is her of the to be on tv. just a little tiny ones. >> yes that sometimes hams. most of the kids love bouncer. >> oh, that's his name? >> bouncer bouncer the frog, yes. >> i saw him actually get down and bounce a bit. that was pretty cool. >> yes, we always have the staff play with the kids, and they have a great time. here's what else i like, as a mom, it is one price and all day. you can come back during the day? >> just one price, they can come and go. if you want to go home, take a nap, come back before dinner, go for it. >> and then take another nap? all right, we have to show this adorable human. how is she doing? no i told you, the frog, the frog i sent the frog to time out. that frog is not going to touch you. >> the frog is over that way okay? we don't have to be scared. >> don't be afraid of the frog. >> and this girl loves the zoo. >> hi, baby.
9:48 am
listen i'm keeping the frog away from you okay? yes, are you enjoying this place? say hi, mom. >> hi, ma ma. >> all right. is this the best place ever or what? >> are you having fun? >> ya. >> talking and giggling the whole time. go hang out. please protect your sister from the frog, because it is freaking her out okay? i will say what's cool about this place the rock climbing wall all of these other things, you have stuff for kids of all ages. >> yes, we do, we have the rock wall, we have gaming zone obstacle courses candy play lands, which is for the little ones, four and under so something for everyone to do. >> how late in the season will you be open? like, how late beyond the season i guess i could say? >> definitely open weekends in the fall. we do a lot of birthday party so that would be a great time for that. possibly the end of october into november is our plan. >> i love it. i mean, bouncers got to get
9:49 am
back the power or something. so we are having so much fun. thank you for -- oh, is that a big -- look at this mike, ready? she went from balling her eyes out to here you go, there you go. say hi, fill. >> i say hi, philly. >> she is -- >> say hi, philadelphia. >> i'm taking you home with me. okay? is that cool? you come home with me? yes? all right. bob, i know you only have 19 kids i now have your 20th kid. do you want to go home with bob? >> got you. we will go out on the crowd hey, gang, good morning everybody, here we go, the 43 year tradition miss crustation right? >> yes. >> so we have the winners here. go ahead what are the names of the crabs? >> the names of our crabs the triple crown, so we won our third miss crustation here in
9:50 am
ocean city. we have pentlicios pinchlay a and the wicked pinch of the west. >> who wants to win marine five tickets? (cheers). >> we'll draw the winner coming up next.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> by the way, i love our viewers on twitter everybody's giving me ways to get the sharpee off my face. >> tell them. everybody's getting mad at me. you forced me to do it. >> i can't force to you do anything. >> oh, reamy? is that what you are trying to do now? >> i asked you to, were you kind enough to do it. >> fab ease? spray fare engelbert
9:54 am
humperdink on my face and rub it off. >> i'll spray your face if that's you what want knee do. >> what is it, jerry, who is an attorney in town, he says alcohol and cigar ashes. >> hum. >> i think he just wants to drink. >> oh, is that what it is? >> and then somebody says use a banana peel. i've never heard -- you got a banana on you toney? >> no. >> we'll work on it, we'll do it after the show. really? >> i believe it is time, 9:54, we will get to wendy williams, before we do that we have to get away tickets to maroon five. >> bob kelly you'll draw the winner? >> yes. >> we're ready for it. >> but guess what, remember this little guy? he was at the baseball game when his dad had him in his back pack, little colton, down the shore with us, exactly his dad caught the ball. his dad's working today but he's hanging out with us. so on the bikes, one of the great bike spots here. common, everybody pedal. come on, got a loft dead weight here, okay?
9:55 am
>> behind jill i's arcades 12th and boardwalk. >> what would do, we will bike on over draw the winner, who wants to win maroon five tickets? >> everything that signed up today is eligible. what's your name? >> maria. >> maria -- maura, i'm sorry. maura, pick out one of those pieces of paper. somebody here will get a chance to go see maroon five. and the winner is john yost, john yost is going to see maroon five on the beach. guys, we got another winner, right back at the steaks? >> yes on bunch of people register. >> you ready? >> and diana you're also going to the maroon five concert in atlantic city. yeah, so we will be in contact with you and if you didn't win, don't worry everyone is automatically enters into a drawing to win 2vip tickets to the show, and we will announce that i guess next week.
9:56 am
>> vip tickets. remember, few weeks ago we had the cast of straight out of compton. >> yes, we it, here in the studio. >> it is a really good movie. he said he will ' have new albumn come out with the film, first in years donate world peace from new albumn to worthy cause. it will go to the building every new performing arts center in dray's beloved compton neighborhood, sound tram, by dr. dre inspired of course by the movie. first albumn in 15 years. remember this movie hit theatres august 14th oh, it is so good. >> now, i heard, i saw this on the internet, maybe not be right, that he is trying to organize a concert tour. >> i heard that too. >> with the fellows. >> of nwa. >> then easy e is going to be m and m -- >> if engelbert humperdink shows up that's a big thing. >> they can do hollow gram. >> from the 90s. i think it was the 90s. is that it? we done? >> i think done here mike.
9:57 am
>> basically done? >> how much? a minute? what am i going to do for a minute? >> let's figure out your face, what we've got going on here. >> people, are so sweet on twitter keep sending me websites you can go to for different ways to get it off. i've never had trouble getting this off. >> all right well, what do you do? maybe you should tell them what do you. >> they say use hand sanitizer, nail polish remover, is nail polish remove tow bad to put on your face. >> seems harsh. >> i'll use soap water, scrub real hard. >> oh, i know what you need to say, tomorrow super soul -- >> oh, shoot. >> i never look up where it is. >> no, that's different that's saturday. vivian green music soul child big daddy cane, it is all free at 19th and washington. that's tomorrow. >> vivian goes on i think 4:00? >> yes then on sunday, we have -- baseball game. i'll hit you up on twitter. >> let us know where. you will be commontating it.
9:58 am
>> love kendrick family soul. now i'll go scrub my face. >> please do. have a great weekend.
9:59 am
10:00 am
ziering. live from new york city it's "the "wendy williams show."" today, we have all the latest "hot topics" on deck and wendy is ready to break it all down. plus he's a hollywood legend and she's royalty. we're going to hear about their new reality show. and meet the burger that brings them all to the yard spike mendelsohn shows us how. now here's wendy! ♪


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