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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 11, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> because she said, artist, says this is way you are supposed to start and blend it a all in and it will look fantastic. >> do you trust her. >> other there. >> i do trust her. >> never trust. >> by the way, can i say happy birth the day to someone watching right now. her name is ophel ia harris. she turns 100 today. >> my goodness. >> happy birthday. >> there is the cow bell. >> we needless cow bell. >> well, request day to you. it is tuesday august 11th, 2015. >> you know what we need to do. >> people are sending me web sites, dating web sites. >> yes. >> there is a ton of them out there. >> spices up your love life, stop planning date night, one thing you can do when you are in the with your partner to keep the passion alive. i am quite often passionate with myself. >> um, all right.
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>> and bubble nails. >> what are they. >> beauty craze that starts to pop up on line. >> goes with clown face over here. >> how to do them yourself. >> they stick up in the air. >> yeah, they pop up look a bubble. so we will show you how to do this plus other beauty trend to try this fall. you can look like our intern kelce with the puppet face. >> clown face. >> details of what really went down at jennifer and justin's top secret wedding. the band that drove howard stern crazy. hour was at the house when they got married but they pennsylvania made him get rid of something before they could go in the wedding. >> a lot of people are talking about david beckham this morning and tonight because it is david beckham. he is playing defense after a daily mail article criticized his parenting skills. >> daily malice a big newspaper over in oakland. >> yeah, it ripped him for allowing his four year-old daughter to suck on a
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pacifier. >> critics say harper beckham is the name of the child was too old for pacifier. that is what they said in the article. they took aim at her famous parents for putting her at risk, for dental issues, and, speech problems down the road, you know, i have always heard you are not supposed to suck on one of those things, much past two or three. >> david beckham did in the like this he screen grabbed an article writing in part why do people feel have the right to criticize a parent about their own children without any facts. everybody with children necessity when they are in the feeling well or have a fever you do what comforts them best. >> true, true. >> all right. what did you think? let's see what one of our favorite moms jen fred has to say about this. what is the latest your two lovely children suck on a pacifier. >> my two lovely children are rotten so neither one of them
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will take what we called a judy. they wouldn't take it. again, they are not right. but let's begin before the judy, before the dummy is what they called it in england, before the binky in the you had. daily mail was taking pictures of a four year-old. >> that is a problem. >> if we are upset someone lets be upset with a newspaper publishing where this four year-old is what this four year-old is doing. a agree with david beckham not just because he is hot but i do agree with him because he is hot. don't criticize, we talk about this all the time. i don't care if you are my mother in law, my teacher, or some kind of a stranger. if you are not a pediatrician please don't give me any kind of medical advice when it comes to a child. i can't say it enough, bravo to david beckham for really, daily mail, you will come at me. who knows what was going on with that child. she's precious. they clearly love her. they are always photographed
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together. we know they are a family so quit photographing that. lets talk about that as the issue as to whether or not a four year-old should have a binky. >> who knows what was going on with harper the four year-old at the moment the picture was taken. i would like this, jen fred, i would like to have dentists, weigh in on this on twit error facebook, right now. >> let us know. >> mike, i will say this my little guys, brody and landry, they always loved the zip i cups. i loved it because it is not a spilling cup, you know what i'm saying. sip i cup, binky, i will tell what you they will say. they will say some dentist will say they need them because they are not, the motor skills are not there yet. some will say they cannot have it. let's face it, we have talk about this, every single child is different. so maybe there is a reason why harper, david beckham says sound like little will girl had a cold. maybe she was sucking on a pop
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sickle inside, maybe there was a pedialyte. there is all kind of stuff, going on but yes, mike, if you need to know whether you have a sip i cup we can totally call a dentist. >> if i had a four year-old would i like to know if it will a affect your speech later on. >> you hear it, as part of the regular routine visit. they will ask can they draw a circle? are they still using a sip i cup. it is something that is regularly discussed. as i say it depend on the developmental stage of child. >> is that doctor mike still in the house? is he still in the building. >> oh, he went home. no, he probably went to his practice. >> we will get some doctors weighing in. >> yes. >> still weighing in. >> i got a bunch of tweets. >> you did. >> um-hmm. >> we will keep an eye on it, jen. >> lets go to the next one while you are checking. >> so a pennsylvania mother is
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making waves after posting a photo on line for national breast-feeding week. so this is 26 year-old jessica ann, and she showed this on a progress feeding facebook page. it shows us breast-feeding her 16 month-old son and her friend 18 month-old son. >> that is her friend's child. >> and then her old child. >> she called them milk siblings. >> it is a special one. >> collettei told daily mail australia she has been feeding her friend's son since five month-old because they are friend didn't have time to pump. as you can imagine she's receiving support, criticism. especially when she posted this picture. >> now i want to know what you think about that. >> but why did she stapel that black box to their head. >> that is so we don't reveal. >> we put that up. >> we put that up. >> okay. >> apparently before doctor
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mike went back to the practice he did weigh in on this. doctor mike? >> well, although it in may seem odd that some other babies mothers is breast-feeding another child, this is quite common in many cultures. one of the interesting things about this concept is that if the children are of different ages, and composition of the mothers breast milk, and, maybe designed if you will more for the youngest, child, and so that may have have some subtle differences in the milk, and, and we all know, and, breast-feeding, and extremely, and, and. >> and, and, not going to have, that child, that
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friend's child. >> true. >> right at the source. >> i always like to go to the source myself. >> i'm not going there. >> we do with with spray tan babies. we are not doing this in the studio. >> you have a choice, model, or, um-hmm. >> i'm waiting for people to weigh in. maybe people are sleeping today. it is raining outside. it is hard to get out of bed. >> people are weighing in now about the pacifier. >> they say, i took my daughter's binky and i gave it back to her and she never looked back. she was over it once it was gone. >> yes. >> and then -- oh, never forget. >> yes. >> now, if you don't know what this is. >> yes. >> a couple weeks ago a woman went for a spray tan, right. >> she comes home, the the spray tan has not dried and she breast feed her baby and next morning she gets up and baby has etan face.
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>> and, for centuries, they have true, but they were some people there that have them in as children. >> yes. >> odd way to call them too wet nurses. i don't know what else do you call them, wet nurses. >> and, before doctor mike left too i saw him in the hall, and he said he believes 80 percent of people in the united states of america, and -- >> 80 percent. >> eight out of ten is what he said, if you are in the relationship chances are you see these two people walking down the street, they are affecting each other. he said, studies show it is probably good for your relationship. it will put sparks back in your life. >> we heard store business sexting gone wrong, text wrong person, or that kind of thing.
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>> those text messages coming out. >> yes. >> and, they can do wonders for your love life. now we had lauren on this study. >> if anybody necessary about this it is lauren johnson. >> it is me. >> any way, it comes from right here at home. researchers at drexel found exactly, that eight out of ten adults admit to sexting and these who sext have a higher level of sexual satisfaction. sex tongue includes sexy pictures or just some sexually charge pictures. mow admit to do it while in committed casualty relationship. people who sexting admit to being happen any their relationship. but men were more likely to be more satisfied, with sexting. >> yes good there are some negative complications. but 12 percent said they is
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sexting with someone while they were cheating. here's my opinion. i have a guy friend, who he is dating these different women f they don't send him dirty picture which is considered sexting he thinks they are not interested. so i have to tell him over and over again not all women are like that. >> no. >> because some people believe that you shouldn't put your face, in dirty pictures and send them because of the negative implications. >> you shouldn't put your face in it. >> never your face. rule number one. never put your face in the picture, correct. >> but, does he really expect it or does he start it off. if he initiate is it. >> no, no, he really expected it so much that he tells me when i'm not like all girls do. that i don't do stuff like that. he says, well, that is why people will cheat on me. because he said that is why someone will cheat on me because all these women that will do it. i'm one of i guess, in a minority according to this study, eight percent of people do this. >> i do not do it either.
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>> yes. >> dirty text messages, i never would have considered that sexting i always thought it had to be a picture. >> real quickly. >> there is a guy walking behind you in a just a second, there is a white shirt on, tom loudon. >> yes, can we pan over. >> he just stood up. >> anyway he is a drexel university grad and drexel did this study. >> direction dell this studdie yes. >> that is what they are doing in drexel. >> tom loudon were you doing sexting studies while you were at drexel. >> he said no. >> that is maryann, she said nothing says sexting like tom loudon. >> oh, yeah. >> do you agree with lauren's friend. do you believe that women should -- >> no, i mean i appreciate it, and it happens. >> but not a requirement on your part. >> it doesn't mean they are less interested. >> now my fiance would never,
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ever. >> send you a dirty text message. >> never, never. >> here's the deal. >> that is why it would be great. she won't do it. >> it does keep it spicy but here's my fear, some crazy, woman going through the man's phone and then your name is in there, and they can read your messages. >> if you are the woman why would another woman be doing that. >> it happens all the time. >> it happens all the time. it is in committed and casual relationship. >> yes. >> okay. >> let's say maybe she won't do it because i don't do it to her. here, take my phone. >> i will not take that picture. >> take my phone. >> get ready to take a picture. >> okay. >> i need to pull your camera. >> i can't believe that. >> okay, go. >> is there a macro lens on.
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>> you mean a micro lens. >> micro lens, that is just rude. >> i'm just saying. >> okay. beside a little weather action. >> how do you follow that, really. well, you know, i was going, it is a work phone. >> you will need an ipad. >> i just can't. >> a hewlett packard. >> lets look at ultimate doppler. you are the only one that can do this to me. ultimate doppler radar is showing that there is still some rain moving through the area real quickly, we will zoom in. we will still see some rain around philadelphia, little bit more up to the north, and,
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then down to the jersey shore. it has gotten better in wildwood, cape may and a couple of other places. the temperatures are in the 70's and our seven day forecast has a high of 82 with showers and thunderstorms later on and then, sunshine returns tomorrow. looks much better in the weekend and in fact it will warm up so much we could have heat wave number four of 2015. starting on, saturday. >> you know this little segment, it has been around for 30 years in morning television, do my job. send a report tore do a job. q, do my job. already a bunch of requests. bartending, hairdresser thing i think is good. washing woman's hair. >> he will have this job lined up for him for sure. >> right now, today good he is focusing on being a mechanic and getting that done. >> this will not go well. >> quincy, are you all right down there. >> hey, guys, i'm just
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checking things out. well, i'm in blue bell, yeah, and how have i been doing. i have been doing a lot of stuff. >> you have with been doing pretty good. >> last hour we did oil change. >> this her we will check tile pressure and we will finish up oil change and put pennsylvania spark plugs in. >> what is that. >> that goes on the even of the valve stem. >> stick it right on there. don't for get to push the button. >> yes good turn it on, first guys. >> stick it on here. >> so we stick this on. >> almost 30-pound in there. >> so give me 30. >> boom. >> that is good. >> lets get a spark plug in this thing. >> spark plugs does what on a vehicle. >> spark plugs i go nice mixtures to give us propulsion. oil is life blood and spark plug is a heartbeat.
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>> we already disconnect the coils. >> take that out. >> put it aside. don't touch that when it is running. you have your spark plug wrench. >> we put it in there. >> yes. >> feels good. >> put that gun on there. >> pull the trigger. >> hold on. >> here's your new one. >> get that in there. >> we're doing fast. >> daytona 500. >> spark plug change helps in daytona 500 is pretty standard stuff. get tonight there as good as you can. >> how many spark plugs. >> four. >> we have to torque it in there and get tonight there properly. >> okay. >> get tonight there. >> okay? pull that. you will feel that beep, buzz. support it.
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a little bit more. >> lift it out. >> all right. >> pretty darn good. >> put the coil back on. >> make sure the coil lines up with the dohickey. >> do that three more times. you will get a black shirt. >> gray shirt means what. >> it means rookie in, training, in training. you are in training. >> you are doing good. >> you have been working on toyotas for 30 years. >> yes, 30 plus years. >> i am a mechanic now. >> there is in question. >> check, it is off the list. i can come do anyone's job. i can come do anyone's job. i will put and and, the gloves, and, gloves are off. >> gloves are off.
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>> yes. >> you did great. >> you did great. >> yes. >> thank you. >> good job, q. >> don't be late again. >> tomorrow at 7:30. >> it looks like you have a job. >> you want me to do your job. >> i was late today. >> yes. >> thanks, q. >> 9:19. latest trend on instagram hot guys drinking wine. >> first it was coffee. then hot guys that were reading. and new we have this. so, look at this guy, relaxing in the pool. this is men and wine that is the name of the instagram account. it doesn't look at all fake. >> not at all. >> how about this picture, a guy soaking up a birth will of red. look at this guy he went to the beach in miami. it is wine or champagne. >> sparkling wine. >> but he doesn't have a glass. >> you can only call it champagne if the grapes were grown in the champagne region of france. >> that is true.
9:20 am
>> but it is champagne. >> why are we talking about that. >> i don't know. >> we are getting texts about the sexting. >> a young man just text. >> he didn't text. >> he tweeted. >> yes. >> he tweeted his phone number that is new on twitter begging to you sex him. >> so, you said you wanted to send him a picture. >> you know the picture you took of me, send it to him. >> he will be very disappoint. >> more kardashian news now, kylie yesterday turned 18. how much more can we take. the foxacre who could not take another story about kardashian, who had to walk off the set, do you want to watch him do it. >> yes.
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if your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ . lling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at so, yesterday afternoon, oh that bring back memories? that water park. >> started with a splash. >> yes. >> lots of memories. >> never happen again.
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>> yes, we will be in wildwood september 4th as a matter on have fact, we will take the whole showdown there. boom. yesterday afternoon i'm just sitting there doing what i do. >> yes. what is it that you do. >> watching bold and the beautiful. >> yes. >> i get this tweet, from a guy named chris dover schmidt that says i imagine mike would get along with this anchor. i said what is he talking about. i looked it up. there is an anchor that does good day orlando. i think good day orlando. his name is john brown. he had to do a kim kardashian story and story of kylie turning 18. they do a kardashian story every day. this is what he did. >> i'm having a good friday. i refuse to talk about the kardashians today. you are on your own. i have had enough kardashians. i just can't take it anymore. i don't care. i'm sick of this family.
9:25 am
>> it is a non-story. it is a non-story. >> nobody cares about them. no one cares about them anymore. >> i agree with him. but, i remember this story. we did it too. kylie got a little bunny and she named it bruce. >> that is right, she did. >> so, he went on facebook writing sorry, i lost my mind a bit. it was partially in gist. i did feel better. >> it was not in gist, he didn't have to apologize it took me back. the reason the by sent me the tweet because he remembers back, years ago, when we had courtney and kim, on our show, and they were talking about, the new fashion, the sears line, that big shoulder pad in the fashion, right. and then the interview ended.
9:26 am
and then they said thank you, mike. >> can they still hear us. >> that went all around the world. >> kim saw us because tmz showed it to her and she said, i thought was mike making fun of me because we sold even more outfits at sears. >> look at that. >> you had some help. >> it is my fault that they are still around. okay, let's check in on clown face. >> someone said she looks lick she's from the movie lion king. >> you you are right. >> do that lion sing song. >> yeah. >> this is a fashion trend. >> talk about contouring. >> wow. >> somehow we will blend that in. >> then on the table we will make bubble nails. >> yes, it is a craze popping up on line. we will show you how to do them yourself. plus, there are some other
9:27 am
beauty trend that you have to try to get ready for fall. can you believe we're talking about fall. >> yes.
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well can you believe it? it is almost time to pack away the swimsuits and break out the boots. i mean, you should really enjoy your summer. but really, starting for fall, we're in the middle of august, fall just weeks away, with the change in season comes in change in beauty and fashion trends. you know what that means we bring in our fashion expert, you have some amazing things we, trend we need to know about. >> this one i find surprising, contouring scares me.
9:31 am
>> contouring can be very intimidating, this stemmed from ebola i youtuber who was bullied on line, so created clown contour, what she did -- >> wait. not making fun of it. >> no, she did this, right? so then you start to blends it becomes contoured per folk sean, so little extreme to start. but it is really extreme color correction, and then go in, you start to blends with a beauty blender sponge, and all of a sinned you have the chissle cheek bones. >> what do these lines mean? >> dark line creates that -- >> receding cheek bones. >> okay. >> the lightness, popping it forward. >> what about -- this is like a blue-green? i haven't seen that before. >> we made it little more fun. but look, starting to blend. but the green is really great to disguise any sort of red discoloration you have on your skin. >> that's great. >> and now? >> kelce, were you a learned concerned when you first saw
9:32 am
this? >> i was nervous, because i've never seen anyone do anything like this before. but i feel like maybe it will kind of all come together at the ends? so i'm kind of nervous. >> now, probably don't have time to blends it all in here, but how long would it take to get this together? how much time should i budget in the morning for this. >> probably about an hour. >> our hour? >> hour. >> they say kim kardashian, does a lot of contouring, that's why she looks the way she looks. >> i think it is cute just like this. >> okay. but we want you to walk around for the rest of the day. no? all right, so this is neck blends. this is inch is that braid? >> right. so braids are something such a moment right now on social media, the thing is, girls with fine hair, it is a little tougher to make it look real plump and juicy like this. so, real great product is this from careasoft, when what it does it, expands the fibers, the hair fibers, and to make it look like you have triple the amount of hair. these girls on instagram,
9:33 am
doing five strands brained, milk made braids, braids inside of a braid. so it is pretty cool watch careasoft is doing, they have free e book to download with ton of ideas, contour of braid book. you can be real inspired to create your own braids. we did this one here, little fishtail braid. >> it puffs it up? >> do you have puff it up. that's the thing, make it real whimsical, make sure to start to pull it apart, make it piecey. >> i think it looks great. >> nice and free flowing. i can do it for her, but not for me. >> look how pretty she s looks lovely. >> beautiful. >> so i remember this used to be big, sort of like -- not as big as this, puffy nails? >> casino of insane. i haven't been able to pick anything up for the past 24 hours. and i can't, like it is -- i can't even scratch. >> yes? >> because it really is 3d nail art, what it is it, almost looks like there is a marble underneath all of those layers of gel. so, you can do this yourself with a at-home gel kit. you just start to layer, you
9:34 am
know, little dots, until it builds up to the height that you want. and then you seal it all with the top coat. you put it underneath your curing light. >> this is special kind of nail polish? >> special casino of nail polish. >> bubble nail polish? >> gel nails. >> just take it, one drop? >> one drop, cure it, one drop, cure it. you know? >> until as big as you want snowing. >> right. for as big as you want to go. >> all of these beauty tips. they take a lot of time. you have to have a lot of time to get red. >> i okay, then, that's the new trends on social media? >> this is the new trend, right. people are very divided about this. you snow. >> well, it is a little different. looks like your fink are swollen. >> looks like they got caught in a door. >> all right, mike, we need you for this last tip. >> what are we doing? >> called stroking. >> this is called stroking, right. >> what's strobe? >> recede with the dark, the light, to help your features pop. now, we will do this once. watch closely.
9:35 am
basically we illuminate the face only with highlight err. so, there is a lot of different areas of the face do you have hit. >> why do you have to do it on me? >> cheek bones. >> right? >> kind of like under the eyes? >> right, cheek bones. >> then the nose? >> right, nose is just kinds of the tip of the nose, to make look like it is a little dewey. then you go over your brow bone. >> really? >> then under the eye. people are saying that this is easy. this is a little complicated. >> what is that? >> this is from urban dekay, illuminating powder. >> has a lot of glitter in it. >> men can do this? >> cupid bo, right here. >> okay? >> then your chin. >> then finally you want to almost do a reverse triangle, on your forehead. >> you probably can't see this at home but there is a lot of glitter flying around right now in the air. >> what do you call that thing there? >> the cupid's bo. >> the cupid's bo? >> right. it makes it looks plush.
9:36 am
>> oh, look at that. >> right? >> you can turn around, you know? >> okay? >> do you do this before the powder, after the powder? last step? >> last step. typically we're rushing here, but that is what makes a great strobe cream, starting with cream, layering powder over neat will give you more bank for the buck. >> start with the cream, then have the powder. how do you like, mike? >> i feel illuminated. >> like look at that. >> like radient. i feel pregnant. >> are you ready for fall? >> i'm ready for fall. >> we're ready for fall. hey, real quickly, can you do something for us? clown face over there, could you finish her up, by 10:00 we can see what it looks like? >> will it take that long? >> it might. >> okay, buff 20 minutes. >> well get on over there. >> all right, thank you so much. we'll take quick break, and then yes, we are going to check back with kelsey. what's the lion king song? >> ♪
9:37 am
>> oh!
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some kids have real anxiety when it comes to going back to school. so, jen is getting advise from a psychiatrist, who is also a mom helping us getting into back to school mode. can't believe we are thinking about this already, jen. >> it is totally crazy. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> and doctor, when i called you, i said i've got a kid, he's totally freaking out, i laid it out like a month ahead. you have one month left. and you said that's not really the way to go?
9:41 am
>> no, i don't think i would have approached it that way. i think summer great for everyone, everyone loves summer, there is not a lot of rules, the routine is relaxed, no homeworkment and in some ways equivalent of playing, having fun, for children it is the same as leaving their vacation and going back to work. >> yes. >> so you know how you dread going back to work after vacation? so that's how children feel, too. so i think the easiest, the best way, to just ease them back into their routine, start with the earlier bed times, getting them in bed early, what lunch they like, their route to school, you know, where the bus stops. >> but what about, like, you showed these kids, they're balling their eyes out. and you say there might be something bigger there, maybe anxiety type issue? >> might be anxiety issue, be sure it is not your anxiety issue. parents, we're overwelmed, also, you know, very nervous about sending our kids back to school, financial bills, new
9:42 am
uniforms, back to school supplies, everything you need. so i think that you have to make sure your sanctity is not playing off of your child's anxiety. just ease them back in slowly to their routine. i usually don't drop school bomb until we're probably about a week or two rate before school starts. >> really? >> but i ease them into their routine very slowly. i think that's helpful. >> same thing for older kids, as well? >> i think older kids look forward, some kids, older kids, look forward to going back to school. they like their friends, they like their teachers, all depends on where they are developmentally. high school student and younger kids, not so much. the ones inbetween, perfect. >> love it. high five up top. this person, she is amazing, so you'll be seeing more of her, i love that you are a mom and psychiatrist, we get all of the good stuff. >> thanks so much for having me, and appreciate it. >> back to you guys, again, more evidence that i am one of the worse -- >> she isn't, she isn't, she isn't! >> no, no, of course not. 9:42, notch over, lions, and
9:43 am
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(grover) nothing like a new mower. (wife) what? (grover) see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life.
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♪ >> number one hit smoke, now you can hear them in person. move over lions, tigers and bears, a thousands bears will be taking over the philadelphia zoo later this month. now, aaron, you are the director of outreach pork, at the philadelphia zoo. not talking a thousand horses. okay, no, the band, they're going to be therefore the summer concert. >> yes, they are so great, so excited monday, august 24th, at 7:00 they're going to be playing right all along at the philadelphia zoo. these guys were actually named by rolling stone the top ten country artery cents to watch. >> wonderful. >> great evening. >> we have some friends, making some noises here. >> i have here beily, a skink, we also call him the monkey tailed skink. if you look at his tail, he actually can wrap it around a
9:47 am
branch likes a monkey, from northern australia. >> now, i'm a little concerned. i'm close, but i don't have gloves on like you have those gloves on, right? >> i wouldn't be too concerned. now, if you look closely, i don't know if you can tell, because he climbs, he has these real long nails, really long fingers, and so that's why i wear gloves. because if he were to climb onto my hand it, might hurt little bit. >> interesting snuck. >> he sticks out his tongue, use it is fortes testing moving around. >> what color is it? >> pink, but he has a relative, called blue tongue skink, known for their blue tongue, bus his tongue is just pink. >> very nice. >> now, i believe our friend over here, wants some attention. >> this guy, yes, that's right. so, this is bo. >> hi, bo. >> bo is green wing mccall, from the rain forest of central and south america. he's one of the largest types of parrots in the worlds.
9:48 am
he's called a mccall. >> bo is beautiful. >> he is loving. >> now, certain muse take bo likes? does he dance to the muse nick his head? >> i think he dances little bit to the muse nick his heads, but he'll listen to just about anything, i'm sure he lovers a thousand horses, as well. so he'll be enjoying himself in bo is beautiful. my goodness. >> how can people get tickets and how much are he? >> right. so we have tickets for general admission, $55, they can be purchased on line, on our website. we do offer a nice member discount, so members get $45 general admission fest file seating, you can get the vip seating for $85 it, gives you early access to the line so you can get right up close to the stage. >> will you have vip? >> probably animals out milling around throughout the day, of course, have animal exhibits open, our animal exhibits will be open late, so you can come, enjoy the zoo
9:49 am
all day, and then come see the concert at night. which is really cool. >> one more friends to show? >> we do, we do. this is stetler. on his way over now. and actually a local bird, a birds that you see specially in the summer, all along the forecast of eastern united states, and these guys are called broad wing hawks, they are little bit smaller than red tails, commonly see in the area. what's really amaze being these birds, in the fall, just couple of weeks, they will actually form these kettles of a thousand birds, and you can see, thousands of these birds, migrating altogether. which is pretty amazing site. >> now, it will be a busy couple of months at the philadelphia zoo. on top of this concert, visitors sleeping over, too, when the pope comes? >> we will, that's right. so, we have an overnight program, that actually runs all year. weaver scouts that come in, youth groups, religious organizations, and we do have one church group that was real
9:50 am
excited, bringing their families, the kids are going to common joy the zoo, and of course also going to take the opportunity to go down and visit the pope, as well. >> some people concerned. now, they won't be sleeping with bo? >> no, no, no. everybody has their own sleeping space. so, no, no. so bo is saying not in my place. >> so they will be sleeping just like all of our overnight guests, our tree house, as well. >> well, thank you so much. >> your welcome. >> see you at the concert then. and there will be a thousand horses in. >> a thousand horses there. >> all right, 9:50. new details, what really went down at jennifer and justin's top secret wedding? the band that drove howard stern crazy. i'm going to walk away, because i'm scared. >> ♪
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the deal going on now with ben afleck who has split up with his wife, what's her name, jennifer garner? >> yes,. >> rumors err was with the 28 nan. >> i now the afleck children appear to have two nannies now. >> three kids, right? >> ya. >> nine year old violet, six year old sarahfina, they were out, i don't know where the other kid was, out in atlanta with some new babysitter. >> meanwhile their former nanny speaks out through social media. twenty-eight year old christine was fired for allegedly having an affair with ben afleck. posted paparazzi photo of herself with the caption she is just a girl and she's on fire. at leash a keys, yes. afleck and garner claim there is no truth to the affair rumor.
9:55 am
>> this young lady, with the sun glass there is in the little box, that was the alleged mistress. >> now, mike, can you interpret what she was trying to say by saying she is just a girl and she's on fire? >> i think she really likes the publicity, not running away from it at all. >> maybe she feels like she is being burned by this recent scandal? literally on fire. >> get inside of her minds? >> just saying. all right. >> you know that jennifer aniston, what's her name, aniston, whatever, jennifer. >> what are you thinking about? >> i don't know. >> she got married to justin. >> yes. >> ferrell, who is a actor. >> they pulled it off without anyone knowing. they went to great lengths to make sure that people would know they weren't getting mentioned. >> jennifer has a mansion in the bellaire section had the wedding. invited everybody over. i think they were coming over just for party orbiter day party? >> they thought it was a birthday party. surprise, we're actually getting married. >> but they have all of the celebrity? there. >> now we know who was on that guest list, howard stern,
9:56 am
radio listeners yesterday, said he knew he was arriving for a wedding not just for justin's birthday party, because he had been asked to give a speech, and stern spilled that jimmy kimmel, officiated the ceremony, and ellen degeneres, chelsey handler, whitney comings, courtney cox, lisa kudro among the guests invited to be therefore the wedding. now. >> howard? >> yes, said the pillows on the chairs were too fluffy. he was annoyed the guests were required to surrender their cell phones when at the came into the wedding. >> i think he was kidding. he was just griping he had to go to a wedding. he said the pillows are not soft enough? and i couldn't have my phone on me. so nobody could take pictures and sell it to magazines. >> but it makes sense why they would do that. they probably want to sell their own pictures. >> do you realize after the wedding they flew off to bore-- borabora. >> do you know where your honeymoon is yet? >> i would love to go to
9:57 am
borabora. listen to there is they didn't go by themselves. i heard courtney cox anal lies a kudro went on the honeymoon and they all took their kids. >> interesting honeymoon. >> oh, god. how to ruin a honeymoon. >> you won't want to bring jess and jill or something on your honeymoon? >> well, they're adults. kids running around? hey, just thinking out loud here, but it looks like ed sheeran has a new girlfriend. >> i see, i got you. >> rumor has it he is dating former pussycat doll nicole -- >> i know nicole. >> posted this pick on instagram, insiders say she got over a break one her ex, and by listening to his songs. so ya. >> now, sue, you got 20 seconds. >> okay. >> i think nicole is a lot older than he haded. >> back to kelsey the intern here, she looked like clown earlier, but come on over here real quickly. in ten seconds? >> we made it happen. >> really looks good. >> yes.
9:58 am
>> looks great. >> how is that? >> you look great, kelsey. >> thanks. >> thanks for being a good sport. l. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena.
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live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. today, wendy's not skipping a beat covering all of the latest "sizzling hot topics." and, iggy azalea cancels another performance. radio personality carolina bermudez gives us the down-low on iggy's new controversy. plus, she's the one we love to hate on "orange is the new black." now the award winning lorraine toussaint tells us about her new movie. ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: yeah! ♪


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