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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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court for an embattled pennsylvania congressman. >> as it relates to these charges i am innocent of each and everyone every these allegations. i look forward to my very capable and competent counsel hasn't link this matter. >> congressman fattah appears in court for the first time to face corruption charges against him. good evening arc i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. standing in front of a judge the congressman insisted he is innocent. his plea as you heard not guil guilty. fox 29's jeff cole was in that courtroom today. >> jeff, it was something. it's unclear if representative fattah is just cool under pressure or very nervous but he sure surprised many as you entered court with a mention of the eagles this day. but things sure turned serious on the fifth floor. >> i'm hoping for a great season from the eagles. >> on his way into federal court, well before the hearing was to start, 11 democrat was talking eagles. on the way out he was spitting
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fire. >> when we vent these allegations that we're going to get to a point in which they will no longer represent any cloud on my very good reputati reputation. >> reporter: charged in a 29 count racketeering conspiracy fattah and four others are a cued by federal prosecutors of misusing federal charitable and campaign money for their own benefit. he has new lawyers talking a tough game. >> we believe whole marchedly in his innocence. we look forward to mounting a vigorous defense on his behalf when the dave trial comes. >> fattah declared his innocence in court tuesday a couple of times. even before the judge asked him to. bail is set at 100 grand which he'll only pay if he violates the terms of his release which include not going near witness witnesses. >> i'm going to return to my work. representing the people of the district. i'm going to be a candidate for re-election. >> reporter: fattah is accused federal prosecutors of wrongdoing who appear to want to do their talking in court.
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>> i don't have any comments. >> the letter where he said somehow you acted inappropriately. >> put something a pleading we'll litigate in court. until then we don't have any comment. >> reporter: now the federal prosecutors. fattah was ringed by reporters and cameras as he walked along market street after the hearing today. without naming hess-channel 10 anchor will he shea fattah. she's oh on leave from channel 10 not charged but described as taking part in the bogus sale of her sports car to allegedly qualify for a mortgage for a vacation home. jeff cole, back to you. >> attorney general kathleen kane citizen activist filed ethics complaint against kane today. he says kane used state resources to help her private defense against criminal charges. he's asking the state ethics commission to look into kane's use of his her state security details when she was are a rain earlier this month and look into her use of the cam tal media center to comment op her legal problems last week.
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kane accused of of leaking confidential grand jury information and lying about it under oath much she's due back in court on monday. >> police have second person in custody in connection with the shooting of a 10-year-old wilmington boy. you saw it breaking at 5:00 as police handcuffed and took away this man. he's not the only person police have been speaking with about this morning's shooting. fox 29's car rin is live in wilmington outside that little boy's home. karen arc lot playing out right now. >> reporter: still an active scene right now. we still have detectives and investigators out here at the scene right now. this is the second home that was raided the boy' home a couple down they put up this crime scene tape late this afternoon. we were wondering what's happening. all of a sudden swat moved in and made that second person that was taken into custody. frankly they moved very, very quickly when you have a case that involves children so many of these investigators have children and they just want to move on it as fast as possible. and get the mystery solved in connection with this one and made some good progress.
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>> swat team swarmed into the block were 10-year-old wilmington boy was shot in the head overnight and pulled a suspect out while fox 29 cameras rolled live at 5:00 p.m. another suspect 24-year-old jalill gouldsboro was charged only a short time earlier. the victim according to family is ma can i mitchell and esche be going into fifth grade at a christian academy. instead he's fighting for his life. his family didn't want to go on camera. but they did want to speak out. >> we just want ya'll to know that we love him and that hall a very loving child and that whoever did this we want justice for it because this should never have happened. >> reporter: right now ma can i is in stable but critical condition at dupont children's hospital. seeing him there in his hospital bed his family says they don't know what the future holds and they're broken hearted. >> they want piece. they breathing for him. so right now that's where we at. >> he's very active, like he plays on the silk league in wilmington. he was very active child and a very loving cousin. >> reporter: the whole
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community outraged over this tragedy. the small comfort when the life of an innocent child is at stake. >> it's tragic. it's just terrible. it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: truly that's why so many of the community are out coming out right now. they're gathering together. we have a lot of different leaders from many of the different stops violence movements saying enough is enough. we have a 10-year-old shot right in his own home at 2:00 a.m. n morning when esche be snug in his bed. so they are coming together right now and of course we'll have some more on that at 10:00 o'clock. lucy? back to you. >> karen i'll take it thank you. a philadelphia neighborhood on edge tonight after a rash of shootings now police are stepping up patrols three separate shooting in the olney second left one man dead and five others wounded. the shootings happening win 22 blocks of each over. last night in 32-year-old man was gunned on and that front porch on the 200 block of nedro. >> this decedent, a female and one other male was sitting on
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the step unidentified mail comes upon them and fires several shots. >> a good friend of mine got killed, innocent bystander. an innocent bystander got killed last night for no reason. nor to reason. >> reporter: police are trying to determine the motive behind the shootings. a car on the block had the word rat scratched on it to. police trying to figure out who the intended target was right now they found no link between the shootings. >> relief headed our way in the fox 29 weather authority but right now we're on day four of our fourth heat wave as we take a look at the capitol in trent trenton. we can come with some trouble. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams with us, scott, we have a phillies game coming up in less than an hour. a hot one, right? >> it will be hazy, hot and humid lucy. temperatures today made it up to into degrees. right now it's still 88 degrees in philadelphia and you have to factor in those dew points. dew points above 60. we even have low 70s in wilmington. 71 in dover. so as we look at that dew point scale above 60 it starts to feel
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uncomfortable. down right oppressive around 70. so folks heade headed out to cis bank park we're looking at winds that will be out of the south continuing to pump in that that moisture and humidity. and temperatures look al this guy first pitch at 7:05, 86 degrees we'll keep those winds out of the south at about 10 miles per hour but due to the temperatures and that humidity the wind direction there could be a lot of homeruns at the ballpark. in the meantime, coming talk much more about that heat relief as well as rainfall chances and hey we have a new tropical storm details on the track as well as the intensity with danny coming up. >> all right. talk to you then scott. social media is blowing up after the bucks county spca euthanized a playful pitt pull named spunky brewster. she was micro chipped and the philadelphia shelter where she came from had no idea the buck county spca had her until she was dead. the dog was a favorite among volunteers at act philly they work to train her and to find
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her a for had he ever home. somebody did adopt spunky it happened on august 2nd. but it was not a happy ending. she ended up abandoned mere hours later by her new adopter. the bucks county spca took her in as a stray and six days later, the shelter euthanized her because it says val weighing showed her behavior was high risk. >> we just don't understand why the buck county shelter didn't reach out to act philly to let her know that she was in their hands. >> i think if we had believed that this dog had been recent al adopted from another shelter, we -- we would have called and i wish we had. >> the adopter told the bucks county spca she had the dog for two years and had given it to someone. 91 of which is true says the spca. that woman is now charged with animal cruelty specifically abandonment. the bucks county spca said it is already changed its policy to now notify shelters of origin
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which one a dog comes n philadelphia police looking for two men they say robbed and carjacked a man. police say two guys carjacked a man while he was pulling up to his business on the 2800 block of north ninth street. this all happened just after 11:00 in the morning on augus august 13th. once inside the men were able to get their hands on more than $4,100. after making sure they got all the cash, the men told the driver to get out of the car and they took off. if you've seen these men you know who they are in this video please call police. delaware county springfield township police want your help finding this guy. police say he walked into the rite aid on last week, pulled a gun on the assistant manager, demanded money out of the safe. nobody is hurt. investigators won't say if he got away with anything. help get this guy arrested and convicted an $5,000 reward could be yours. vandals destroy a local hockey street ring causing thousands of dollars in damage. this what's left of the ring in veterans memorial park in ocean city, new jersey. police there say vandals hit the park two nights in a row on a
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to. v's on august 16th and 17th. tire marks, the court pulled apart just some of the damage done. police say the cost to fix this mess will run around $35,000. penn and david copperfield have nothing on a new jersey teen' mass psychiatric act. >> it's that act that's getting him big smiles. how local teen is showing off his magic skills for those who need it most. plus a vintage phillies hat on the auction block but you'll need serious cash to buy this one of a kind hat. howard? >> yes, it's interesting comment from chip kelly today which may reveal how tim tebow fits in with this eagles team and ruben amaro made comment which says a lot about whether chase utley stays or get traded. that's coming up in sports.
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narrator: first pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women. now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits? senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown.
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♪ national geographic shark week, yeah, yeah, yeah this next video gets -- did you see that? i'm going to show it to you again.
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check out that encounter. that was a great white shark and that was a seal. video shows that shark lunch high out of the water nearly grabbing that seal. it's fresh from the waters off cape cod. it happened yesterday. all right. everybody loves good magic trick and one teen magician from haddonfield knows a whole bunch of them. >> as fox 29 photojournalist bill rohrer shows us that teen is using his skills to put smiles on the faces of kids who need them the most. >> reporter: it may seem a little bit crazy but mitchell is trying to escape from his straight jacket. >> all i wanted to do was get a straight jacket and be like harry houdini. >> he bug his parents until they caved and got him one. >> good job. >> perfect. >> reporter: he physical in love with magic during a trip to nantucket stuck in the house on a foggy day. >> jumps from my hand to yours slowly. >> his forte is close up magic.
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>> pretty wild. >> i new cards, cups, sponge balls things like that. anything really close up and intimate setting. magic takes practice. >> reporter: last five years mitchell has been performing. >> this red cloth into my hand like this. >> reporter: in front of kids at the ronald mcdonald house of south jersey. >> i go there and do the tricks and the kids are like teach us how to do it. show me something. >> you'll push your thumb like that. >> reporter: he teaches the basic. do that fast they won't be able to seem the ball tricks -- >> hold it like this. >> are a hit. >> it what really gets everyone's full attention. >> i won't mess it up too much. i won't make it too confuse. >> his card trick. >> where is it? >> whoa! >> wait, wait. >> actions are all over the place. there's been times when people have just sat silent and motion less staring at me. staring through me which is pretty funny. watch this. for mitchell performing means much more. >> something that's given me so much -- so much love and joy in my life. if i can spread that to one person even and have them love magic that's a great success.
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>> reporter: in cam, bill roar are fox 29 news. >> you can now get your hands on piece of phillies history but it will cost you. you can buy the phillies hat that was placed on top of the william penn statue at city ha hall. pillly penn wore the hat 19 the 93 world series. it's being auctioned off on e-bay the owner told billy he grabbed the cap out of the trash but it's time for someone else to love it. and that love the phillies comes with a $10,000 price tag. of course, phillies fans remember the 1993 world series because carter hit a walk off homerun against mitch william the wild thing then lost the world series. a lot of crying going on that night. >> yeah. how do we know it's the real hal. >> i don't know. you have authenticate. >> how do we know it's the real hat. >> good question. you want to know the real deal. that's scott williams our chief meteorologist with hot weather. >> it's hazy, hot and humid f you're headed out to the ballpark tonight phils taking on the blue jays and we are talking about this. humidity it's going to be muggy. there's a haze in the atmosphe
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atmosphere. 88 degrees right now dew points above 60. so it's sticky, uncomfortable. still feels close to 90. the high temperature today 92 degrees. so making it the fourth consecutive day of our fourth heat wave. the average high this time of year is right around 85 degrees. now, as we move over the next several days it's going stay warm and humid. it looks like temperatures fall below 90 and then as we move toward the next several days, also, it will be unsettled. scattered showers and downpours across the area. and that system will move out just in time for the up coming weekend. dropping the temperatures a little bit as well as the humidity. but we still have that heat pump right now. pumping in winds out of the south with the moisture. scattered downpours still off to the west and then as we move toward the weekend some of that cooler less humid air will be moving in. ultimate doppler right now pretty dry and quiet but off to the west you can see a couple of pop-up showers and downpours. most of this will stay to the west because of its movement. the not moving from west to east. it's moving from south to north.
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so that will keep most of the area dry for the time being. however, take a look at all of this moisture off to the west in the midwest. here's the main system. it's going to be a slow mover. downpours right now bubbling up during the heat of the day in parts of the carolinas and georgia. will stay to our south. so as we advance the clock, tomorrow morning, it's mostly cloudy, there could be a couple of showers in sections of delaware. so just have the umbrella handy over the next several days. through at least friday with the downpours developing across the area. wednesday night you can see still looking at scattered showers across the area. most of it will stay to the west of the philadelphia region. as we move toward your thursday, more of the same. that system it's still well to the west and then as we move into thursday night and friday, that looks to be the wettest pattern here with this system in the next several days. dropping maybe one to 3-inches of rain but all is said and done across the area. temperatures right now, it's still pretty hot. allentown 90 degrees. 87 degrees right now in
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pottstown. we're looking at low 80s in atlantic city and millville. wildwood right now checking in at 79 degrees. as you factor in that humidity, it feels like still close to 99 degrees along the i-95 corridor. things heating up in the tropics. it's been relatively quite but we have tropical storm danny. 40 miles an hour storm over the neck several days. it could intensify into a hurricane but it's well aways a way from lapped. the earliest approach would be toward the wynnewood islands as we move toward the latter part of the upcoming weekend. the spaghetti plots continue to move it toward the west over the next several days. so we will keep you posted on what happens with that. otherwise it stays steamy overnight. upper 60s, low and mid 70s in the city. 88 degrees the high temperature for tomorrow. so the heat wave should end. but then better chances for scatterescattered showers and thunderstorms at least through friday. lower humidity as we move toward saturday. 85 degrees will be the high temperature. >> all right. sounds good. thank you scott. >> it's wonderful.
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>> all right. just move through it. all right. chase utley he is playing his final year with the phillies. but ruben amaro made a comment which really indicates whether he will stay this year or be traded. that's coming up in sports. (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪
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your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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>> eagles play game two of the preseason on saturday night against baltimore. sam bradford and demarco murray are scheduled to play according to the head coach chip kelly and another player back on the field today that would be linebacker key company alonso after being out two weeks with a concussion was cleared to practice. he did not go full tilt but just getting back into things. he did say he's not sure if he will play on saturday night. now the eagles also had an interesting drill to work on catching passes that maybe thrown a little high. but tomorrow the eagles change it up at practice. they begin three days of scrimmages against the baltimore raven. >> you get fresh bodies. you got people you're not necessarily going to take it easy on, you know, going against teammates it's a little different. you got to work together. when you get against a different team it's all about competition. >> one thing to in a game but another thing to see championship caliber play a caliber team day in and day out in pack toy. test the guys in the locker room.
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see how we do. >> you may be aware some of the rule changes this year in the nfl. one with the most attention is the extra point. move back from the 2-yard line to the 15 which becomes a 33-yard field goal. it became a question on whether to kick the extra point which cody parkey missed on sunday or the option of going for the two-point conversion still from the 2-yard line. media fans speculation that's why tim tebow would be on the team for the two-point conversions. but listening to chip kelly he's not big on going for two. even with the extra point moved back. chip talks about the percentage of not convertin converting on a or the two. >> we drop down 3% extra points. i'll get your question in. we're under 50% in two points. what are you going to do? >> you're going to kick it. >> you'll kick. all right. you're not going to go for the two. the phillies open two game series tonight against toronto. ruben amaro made an interesting comment on 94 sports rai radio s
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likely chase utley will be with the team for the rest of the season. translation, utley won't approve a trade. and miguel franco has broken fracture his wrist on the 15 day disable list. he could be out two to four weeks with that broken fracture. chase utley decides he doesn't want to win championship. he just wants to be in a comfort zone and stay in philadelphia. >> you have a chance to win another championship. he doesn't want to go. >> interesting. >> thanks. be sure to tune in tonight for the fox 29 news at 10. police say this driver speeding running red lights. they finally get him to stop but that's when the real drama unfolds. what was happening inside that car police never expected. and that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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rosie o'donnell's daughter missing. >> her desperate search after her teenage daughter disappears with her dog. >> what happened to chelsea. >> and, donald trump versus heidi klum. he says she is not a 10. really? and first lady melania? what would she be like as first late lady. >> she will make a beautiful first lady. >> you call this prison? the woman convicted of killing her mom behind bars in paradise. and, you heard of the good wife. >> i took full responsibility. >> now meet the good husband. >> my husband is here, joe. >> standing by his cheating wife. >> plus, baby


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