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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 21, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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special toast. >> okay. >> it is crusty already. >> okay. yesterday afternoon, this women is going to stand by herman, just like country western song said, that is anna douger and she went divorce josh even after he admits to having an affair and she says she may to be blame for his indiscretions. wow. >> ♪ it is not unusual >> so, the carlton and bruce springsteen have in common? origin of the famous carlton dance, we finally know how this dance got started. >> it has to do with bruce springsteen. >> cute babe a leather. in our area, seriously, everybody in the pool. look who crashed the pool party, these are new jersey bears, taking a dip in the backyard while the family, watches.
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>> yes. >> there is no question that is cute but you have to stay away from mom. wait until you hear what the kid to have say. and bubble gup i things. >> is there such a thing as bear strokes, i heard of the breath stroke is there a bear stroke. >> it might be a new one. >> there could be hair in that pool. >> here's the question, if you want your children to succeed do we need to let them fail? there has been a ton of discussion. do you remember trophy story, presentation trophy. if you play a sport, you get a trophy. we all want to protect and help our children but a new book says it is time for helicopter parents to back off. >> the book is called gift of failure. the the advice let children face their own challenge month. man who wrote this is a former middle schoolteacher. kids who cannot stand on their own, they grow up to be anxious, dependent and unprepared. >> i have seen this all over the mom blogs. everyone is talking about it.
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it has been out there on twitter. one of the viewers just said, if you don't fail, you don't learn, hashtag school of hard knocks. hashtag that is the trouble. >> carla, she watches the the show every day. very interactive. i like the way you work, carla. >> you have three kid, what is up. >> it is hard to do that because you do want to protect them. we all try to prepare them and make sure they are to go their activities. but i think we have to let them, pull back a little bit. but in my own life you think about what in your life where you failed as a kid, that were good learning teachable moments. >> i remember the classic, where you go to the gym as a kid. they have the teams. so they picked 29 best players and you are standing there at the end. i remember i can still feel it. it was basketball. i am no good at basketball, i cannot dribble.
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nobody wanted me to play on their team. >> you you are in kansas. you are in basketball country. >> you ever see kansas, yeah. >> what did you learn from that. >> i'll show you people. i will get into something like television and i will show you. >> is that what motivated. >> little stuff like that, competition was with my five siblings, my brother is a nuclear physics, they all did great in school, i was the fifth and sixth, and you kind of get forgotten. i bet that is why i got into this. >> all eyes on me. >> i am here, i can do this for a living. >> you always get together up there in the middle of where they played baseball. >> what do they to. >> they trash television. >> yes. >> do you deeven if it. >> why do you run the same video again over and over. so stupid. you know they are just jealous. >> that is what i say.
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>> because you have you're so close tour parents, such a huge influence and role model for you. obviously they have to helicopter. you are the baby. >> they are like my best friend but we have found that balance where, as i have grown up, they know if i need something i will reach out to them and ask them for advice, and we have that a lot of times they will say hey, we notice something going on if you need anything we're here. just let us know. >> especially your dad can tell when something is wrong with you, when you are feeling bad. >> and they also watch the show, and that kind of thing. what i learned about failure, because i used to play basketball and played sports. i remember thinking like oh, our team would lose a lot. my dad would say you need to practice more. you know, that is what practice is about. you have to go there do your best there to translate it on the court. >> there is an example, right. >> where do you play basketball. >> what did you play you are kind of a short person.
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>> i realized after a while, i'm not getting any taller. so i started running track. >> but this is middle school. i was average height then. >> there is a player that was 5-foot three, spud web wasn't he five to the three. >> he made it to the pros. >> but would i go outside and dribble and make sure i was at the basketball court. my dad taught me that. >> it was so cute last night we went to dinner en blank with 5,000 people dressed in white. at the end of the evening we had to get from the navy yard back to where we live, so close to each other. her mom and dad came and pick her up, after the dance. >> because they were here and they wanted to give me a ride. >> they took me home too. >> on new years, karen guess how we got around, on new years eve. >> my parents. >> i'm telling you, they are a lot of fun. >> it is like a party bus. >> is there anything you can think, look back where they let you fail, where she has to do it herself. >> they let her come here.
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>> that is gays thing. >> when i first went to, and you know, missouri was a great school. they are like okay. if that is what you want to do from there, south carolina they enlist me for that. >> her dad lived in her dorm room with her. >> oh, stop it. >> four years. >> now i need your opinion, lauren, let me know when you are up and running. i think we will get a response to this. did you hear about anna duggar, what would you do her husband, it was revealed her husband was caught on that ashley madison cheating web site and apparently, blown about a thousand dollars. he has admitted to be being addict to porn, has had affairs, and that is just the tip of the iceberg for this. do you remember his back story, he was having sex with his sisters when they were young. >> hold on he didn't have sex but molested.
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the here's the head line that made me want to scream, she's blaming herself. the that is what her friend are telling people magazine and she says that she's not going to divorce. as we all know from the reality show 19 years and counting. they are both 27. she's like the standing by her name. >> yes. >> and one of them, little baby, grace, four months old. she just had a baby. she's doing one of these things i can't imagine woman blaming herself. if i was than the so busy with the kid, babies, paying more attention. how can you pay more attention when you have all this stuff going on in your life. it hurts my heart that she tries to take any responsibility. >> yeah. >> she said that she should have noticed he had all these pressures. >> tried to help him. >> does he have any pressure? >> she's 27. >> she's 27. >> he is 26. >> he said he is biggest hipocrit ever. you mentioned the incident that happened in may it blew blew up. >> he molested four or five girls, including some of his
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sisters. >> so i just can't believe in this day and age you have a woman who has been cheated on, mortified, publicly humiliated who says you don't to have get divorced. because that happens in relationship. >> she was raised by parents believe that she should believe in forgiveness. >> yes. >> relationship, or i hope it is not him, making her feel that way. but hey, i do this because you weren't there or that kind of thing. >> we weren't having enough sex with me or something like that. >> number one time when men cheat. >> when the wife's are pregnant. >> wow. >> and then she feels that and that is put on her and he's out there i want to learn. >> yes. >> i promise that we were going to have fun a at this hour. >> my gosh. >> 9:08, eight minutes in and i'm depressed. so, let's dance. you know, the carlton is one of the most memorable tv
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dances of all time. >> here he is. >> ♪ the >> but how did this dance originate? i never knew this. in a variety magazine article, alfonso romero, finally revealed the inspiration for the dance. now alex, tell me, what all came together. >> well, they told him if you are going to be carlton you need to have a dance. he said i don't know what kind of dance would i do. he kept thinking of courtney cox's dancing in the bruce springsteen music video dancing in the dark. do you see that. >> that is the carlton. >> that is the the carlton. >> um-hmm. >> every girl wanted to be her with bruce springsteen pulled her up, regular person and that launched her to fame. >> you pulled me up on the stage. >> yes. >> now he also says that he considered how eddie murphy
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described how white people dancing and at the disco in his delirious act. he wanted to be as corny as possible. i'm nothing like carlton. carlton banks. i move. i listen to hip-hop. he had to find, you know, that is where he drew it on. >> there he is, right there, it is courtney cox and eddie murphy combined for the carlton. >> yes good there we go. >> white people dancing. >> yes. >> that is what eddie murphy called it. >> the white man over bite. >> oh, mike good crazy thing about this. >> are you all right. >> you do dancing with the stars. so many people come up and they say dot carlton. he is so sick of doing the carlton after all these years. if you have one dance, that you only could pick one that you would be associated with for the rest of your life, what would it be. >> are people weighing in on that. >> they are answer ago this question, alex holley dances the macarana, and then check
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out this one, the funky chicken, you put hashtag old school, that is old school. my dance would be the dougie, teach me how to dougie. and then this is one i don't know my favorite dance was the 81 by candy and the kisses. >> i have neff heard of that. >> sue. >> can you google that. >> it is called 81. >> norma says my favorite dance,. >> girls behind me are saying yes, maybe someone can teach me that this morning. >> mike, what dance did you want to be associated with for the rest of your life. >> the jerk. i forgot about the jerk. >> you know, i don't dance so if you don't mind i have invited my dance team to come in. they do my dancing for me. they are the philadelphia soul dancer. philadelphia soul has a big game this sunday. the let's go soul. the let's go soul.
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look at them coming. >> it is like a parade. >> here we go, i love the ladies. >> so if they win the game sunday, then you go to the super bowl basically. >> yes. >> what is it called, the arena bowl. >> where is it. >> it is at the team that has the best record. >> you get a home game. >> it could be here. >> we need to it happen here. >> i'll tell you what, backup a little bit, get in the light, move over this way a little bit. we will do some dancing, what do you say. >> i will get out of the way. >> will you tell them what to dance. >> i will name a dance, let's start with what watch me whip and watch me nhay. ♪ >> ♪
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>> you have to do the whip and the nana. >> you have to do the whip and the nana. >> we do sometimes, but we have our own remix of thing. >> you have to do the whip and nana. >> okay. >> come on, here we go. >> that looks like a. >> now break your leg. >> break your leg. >> ♪ >> i guess we need to start over and dot whip part. >> i've got another one. >> how about thriller, michael jack son, you know that one. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> you know, if i heard of the hustle, and see what you do with it. >> okay, forget it. forget it. >> this is just not working out, because, you just keep doing soul routines. >> deep down in their soul, mike they know these routines. >> now watch that big monitor. this is from seinfeld because every story has to do with seinfeld. this is a dance call the elaine.
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now, watch this. >> ♪ >> okay, recue that music. you get it, she can't dance. so give it a a shot. >> so act like you can't dance, mike. >> go. >> ♪ >> even when they are in the supposed to dance, they still look good. >> hey, soul dancers... good luck this sunday. what time is the game, sunday 50:00 o'clock. >> and at wells fargo. >> who are you playing. >> jacksonville sharks. >> they are good. >> we will beat them. >> we will beat them. >> we got them, right ladies.
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>> soul have the best record. >> is there one more team with the better record then us, but they play on on saturday. if they lose we win we will have a chance to host at rena bowl. >> we will see you sunday. >> thank you, ladies. >> thank you. >> now get out. >> why are you kicking them out. >> thank you all for coming. >> that was great. y'all want some toast. >> we have a toaster here. >> they probably don't eat toast, mike. >> i think a cocktail would have taste better. >> do you want some toast. >> you can make some big celebrity, we have celebrity news. >> celebrity headlines, a possible vehicular manslaughter charges against caitlin jenner, that is the story tmz has been covering for a long time. hi, casey cover.
9:17 am
can you hear. >> okay. >> there was a raid, you kiss guy from gene simmons, so we will get back and get more details on why the feds were at his house and raid go through. >> child porn investigation but he has not been the one down loading child porn but somebody inside his house on his computer was doing it. >> he was on tour. >> it could than the have been him but what is going on in his house. 9:17. we went to dinner en blank last night and got a ride home with your mom and dad. >> mom and dad. >> 5,000 people. do you know how this works? at 7:00 yesterday afternoon, the 5,000 people got tweeted too, right. so they are just milling all around center city, a lot of people up by the art museum. tweet goes out at 7:00. we will have it at the navy
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yard. everybody scrambled down there on the orange line, they took cars, they took buses, and it turns out to be really nice even though it was raining. >> yes. >> so look at everybody coming in there in their white. they have the the text or even if call or a tweet but a lot of times they set up their own tables and they set up this nice dinner and they decorated anyway they want. it was raining but as you can see it didn't stop any of the fun. >> the rain the entire time even until about 10:00 o'clock in the dark but nobody cared. after 9:00 o'clock they had a band. then everybody started dancing. >> i saw trash bags but they are clear trash bags so you can still see your white. everybody they dressed but the reason why they don't care because they have had some cocktails in them. nobody mind when they are having funny didn't mind. >> what is this. >> i don't know but i want to see this, was she at dinner en
9:19 am
blank. >> lauren, what? >> speaking of dancing, she says mike has my in tears watching him whip and nana. but karen, here's some good news for you. if you ever get tired of fox 29 good day you have a future as a soul dancer. >> look at that. >> soul dancer. >> yes. >> whip, whip. >> kit cat, do we have picture of that. >> yes. >> also tonight, i had a little job to do. we gave out prizes. >> look at you. >> and then someone gave mike a mega phone. you can only imagine how that went over. >> that was a mistake on their part. >> big mistake. >> she's a anchor. >> so cute good look at that, because of the theme was for the navy yard. and then those are some of the people most spirited and award we were giving out. they had a great time. then look at this, this is toward end of the night, one of the performers was there and see all those people. dancing every where.
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>> can we go back, i love the dress you are wearing. was that cut up on the side. so cute. >> that looks gorgeous. >> thank you. >> i'm showing a little skin. >> so cute, right. >> she looks fantastic. >> you look all right. >> i look okay, i was all wet. >> kit cat were you able to down load that video i sent. >> okay. >> at the end of the night 5,000 people were given sparklers and that is how it end. >> yeah, there is a a video, because all at ones it looks like you light up the night, it was great. >> i'm going to go to the tease is that cool. >> yes. >> we have showed you this video. this is a woman who is having her baby but she's dancing and her husband is filming. millions, 2 million people have seen this video. we will show you more. it is dance ago this pain away. >> she's almost doing the
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okay. this will be some exciting television. like watching paint dry. >> yes, real exciting. >> watching grass grow. >> we will make toast. so here we go, karen, would you do honors. >> we will make toast. >> yes. >> okay. >> here we go. brand new toaster. >> owe kay. >> i promise, yes. >> okay. so while that is toasting, i will take a couple minutes. i will show you this video. a husband video tapes his pregnant wife dancing to tootsie roll a dance from the 90's. so she says that she's battling labor pains and thinks actually helping. >> ♪
9:25 am
>> karen, you have given birth to three boys. >> i think whatever you do to get through it. they want you up, walking. >> as she is telling you, her water breaks. that baby is coming. and they roll. >> yes, roll on out. >> yeah. >> 2 million people looked at this thing. if this help her, and helps, have her water break, put out a video, and instructions on what kind of dances. >> like a labor video, dancing labor video. >> she's already in the hospital up in boston. >> i had my kid in the the a birth center. they encourage to you bring your different music. but what you want is rock and roll and she brought her dance party music. you put together your play list. >> when my wife was very pregnant and it was time to
9:26 am
go, she walk around malls. what did you do. >> all that. >> swim, i went to my folks house. i swam that day. we went over to a petting zoo and we went to the fire works the night before, it was fourth of july for my last kid, and i was determined to get that kid out. >> they told story whether he she was about to have me, she was so frustrated. is there a big grandfather clock in the living room. she knock it over. yes, she tipped it over. >> and outcomes alex. >> right on time. >> look at that. >> she came out of the hospital. >> but you know, it smells good. >> should this be popping up. >> let's bring the the woman who brought this into me. hi, debbie. you need that thing over there. >> yes. >> come over here. >> hi, debbie, where are you from. don't be afraid. come up in here. >> look, turnaround. >> here's the big reveal. >> it is pope francis.
9:27 am
>> wow. >> look at that. >> or a ghost. >> so where do you get this toaster. >> toast the >> toast the >> how much is the toaster. >> 69.95. >> they are more vivid. is he giving a blessing. >> he is usually waving so that was a commemorative wave. >> did you make this. >> i partnered with a company. >> look at that. >> so $69.95. >> there is plenty a available. >> have you been getting interest. >> yes, really exciting. >> we pray for your success. >> can i say something else interesting ? >> how about. >> here we go. >> you can put pop tarts in there. >> sure. >> toast the pop tart. >> good luck with this. >> way to go, debbie, thanks for coming?
9:28 am
>> toast the the pope, cheers. >> people last names lead them in a career like something with the last name baker becomes a chef. firemen deals with fire. >> yes, true, makes sense. >> we are just weeks away from the pope's visit, and i want to show you, the official portrait of the pope, and i know that guy, hi, perry. >> hi mike. >> good to see you man. if you ever in rittenhouse square you have seen him painting. did you that. >> i think so. >> how much do you want for it a lot.
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oh, they put jenn fred to workment look at her go. >> gotto's pizza, right?
9:32 am
>> grotto pizza. >> dewey beach, we'll be eating pulse in a just a second. local artist, i've known you what, 15, 16 years, perry? , and that's a piece of his work right there. of course that's pope francis will be in here what four weeks now, alan? >> take a good look at this image. we'll see this everywhere. >> because you my man were named by the world meeting of families, the official pope artist. >> yes. >> right? >> yes. >> take us through this, how long did this take? >> i've been telling people, i call it lightning in a bottle with this painting, that was inspired through my main sake from having a grandfather named defrancesco, a wife named angela, a daughter named franchesca. our baby is slated, baby boy, is coming the week he arrives. >> what? >> actually born on october 4th, which is saint francis day. >> well, you're the perfect dude to do this then, man. pardon me for calling you dude. so, that's the portrait. is it a crit snuck.
9:33 am
>> oil on linen. >> and the world meeting of families, select in the photo. that will be all of the official merchandise? >> yes, i showed the piece to some officials at the world meeting of families, fell in love with this, formed beautiful collaboration, and they officially license philadelphia for the event. >> would that be for sale? >> we are trying to do a giant thrill anthropic push together to raise a lot of funds for the sale of the painting. >> and how much then? >> it has got a lot of zero's on the price tag, i want to give a big portion that far back to the worlds meeting of families for brink the pope to our beloved sit. >> i how high could that go? half million? million? >> we would like to. they need the money and we need to spread that mine around with love to some charities that need it. >> also looking at stuff on the table here. different versions of it, you have prints, you've got t-shirts, mugs? >> christmas ornaments? >> yes. >> exclusive ball. >> where can we get all this? >> get it through the world meeting of families for the
9:34 am
official license merchandise, and also visit perry my low. com. >> spell your last name? >> milou. >> perry, perry milou. >> so many people, even done here in fill done like mo'ne davis in. >> i have. i still need to get that to her. >> we are going to a birthday party. we can take it. >> yes, birthday present. >> what's that? just canvas? >> yes, beautiful museum quality archive print on canvas. >> that's great. we can also buy that. >> yes. >> okay, congratulations, man. >> thanks, mike. >> you still at rittenhouse square painting? >> i moved to washington crossing. expecting the baby real soon. >> do you have a plan then? there is that traffic box. >> i'll be at the hospital with my wife. >> okay. >> thank you, perry, good to see you. >> thank you. >> alex holley? is that you? ♪ look. let me tell you, perry did not paint that. i'm going to tell you, that is just thousands and thousands
9:35 am
of imogi's, mosaic of your face, we have one of karen, oh, ya, wait until you see that one. >> we have one of you, too, we'll take real up close look at those emoji's, because that's not a cold sore on your lip. >> oh, goodness. let's also take a look at last night's lottery numbers. how about that? >> ♪
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
♪ welcome back, pause for
9:39 am
one moment. >> yes? >> bob kelly just says to mike jerrick. >> in a commercial. >> yes, hey, i'm sorry, we can't go out and get that drink because i got something. he's taking his daughter to college. how did he forget? that he has this little problem like taking list daughter to college? >> probably local college. >> penn state, three hours away. how do you forget? >> that's right, sorry, can't get that drink with you, i have an important thing. >> that's what guys do, okay? >> forget things? >> we forget stuff. >> pretty big thing to forget. >> we'll go get a cocktail, now he has to go take care of his kid. geez. priorities. good luck with that trip, bob. >> 9:39. i love this. have you noticed these emoji portraits, popping up all over facebook and twitter? i saw on twitter first. and there is a new app, that allows you to take emojis', put them altogether, make mosaic of about anything. >> how did we look as emoji mosaic? lauren, pretty? >> i'm trying to figure out who i look like there is was my picture. so this app was developed by
9:40 am
developer eric andrews, he works at the new york times. and it lets us up load your pictures, you create. >> this so all of the picture is emoji's, now on mine, i can make out few things, i have this glare, watermellon for part of my forehead, because upstairs i said to somebody, these will be emoji's, is there enough emoji's for your big forehead. is that mean? right? and there is dice in my hair. >> what are those? >> some dice, i can't tell what all of these black things are, and jess can't talk to me in my ear, piano key there, there is a calendar, this is confusing, okay, let's get mike jerrick, come look at yourself. >> okay, mine? >> yes. >> there he is. okay? >> oh, dollar, dollar, look, he has dollar signs over here on the side. >> dollar dollar bills. what's this, though? all of the black that's in here? can jess tell you? >> i can't tell. >> there is an iphone, some iphones here. >> this is what i want to know, lauren. again, i look like i have a cold sore. go to up my face.
9:41 am
>> you look like you have black eye. >> you do right here. >> oh,. >> what's that funny ' mobiley? >> it was a bad night last night. >> you have got some watermelons, too, and you've got, oh, i don't know. this is perfect, though, this is what's going on in your head. and this is a whole bunch of a lot -- like fried egg right here. mike, somebody said you look like the elephant man. >> okay, who is next? >> who is next? >> you got a birthday cake, cake, cake on your chin. oh, alex, a lot of clouds. i can see those. you've got those little monkey's. >> you've got watermelons, too. >> are these pigs? >> pigs? >> i think these are pigs. >> pigs? >> making up your skin. >> monday. >> i you have cake. look, you're as sweet as cake. >> cake, cake, cake. >> the metro, the ones with all of the cars. >> her blue dress, blue m and m's? >> no, like the metro m's,
9:42 am
yes. and then she also has, she got gas pump right here. she's got some cheese cake. oh, you got the hands, al em, the chapping hands. >> alex whom. >> i yes, karen? >> there is a painter, mike jerrick will know. >> what? >> painter, an artist, like we just had an artist on. so there is mine. >> oh,. >> where we do these symbols. >> what's that? >> all pigs. >> those are arts? >> these are the pigs. the hearts, no. >> what are they? >> no, they are hearts. these are hearts. karen, look at you, girl. >> lots of love. so they take the skin tone they've used are pigs. so we're all the same skin tone. it is the color of pigs. >> that is kind of neat. >> what's the name of this app? >> you just go on a website? i think we're probably post it on our website, you up load your picture and you wait it, doesn't do anything because i watched it happen. then the picture just shows up. a lot of people are posting them on social media sites. >> so cool. >> what they look like. >> thank you, lauren. >> thank you, breaking news to
9:43 am
get to. this remind me of yesterday at this exact time. tell me again? warrington. >> warrington, exactly 24 hours ago on our show, we had a horrible wreck in warrington. and here we go again. a car, that is not a garage, a car has slammed into almost looks like a building? >> yes, looks like it is a business. >> tailoring and alterations. >> design studio? >> looks like it might be out of somebody's house, taylor business inside their house? >> concrete, made it pretty far inside. clearly rescue crews are there on the scene. >> for some reason looks like single car accident. somebody maybe got sick or whatever, and then left the road and slammed into that house. but it is deep into -- it is deep into that house. we'll check on exactly what happened there and bring it to you. if not on our show on our website, certainly at 5:00 and 6:00.
9:44 am
943 now. when this particular pizza shop -- >> we will take a break. >> like they said. >> then we'll talk about the pizza shop. >> i'll tell you. i'm going to tell you, we'll take you after the break to a pizza shop. doug, we have the results, but first, we have a very special guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return, we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what?
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wait, what? look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ .
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9:47 am
canned stands the heat any more. >> couldn't bear the heat? >> no bathing suit. the girl's inside the house. >> this is him. >> not going anywhere. >> but they're sad. they think the bears are going to eat their floats. and there is another baby coming up from the back. the baby goes, maybe -- >> leave them alone. >> she thinks the baby bear is eating her little car. >> oh,. >> she is like it is eating my -- >> are they all cubs? >> one mom, mom is the big one in the for grounds. >> they're eating my cars. >> she said what? >> are they eating my cars? >> awe. >> oh, don't worry about your floatie. >> nice cool day, family time. >> little girl, this is remarkable footage. your floaty will be fine.
9:48 am
>> so, they just have to change the water. >> i would hope so. sue serio, can you do one more google search today? >> whatever. >> how many hairs does a bear have? >> i thought normally one, two, i thought four on the outside, see five, so stunning? >> maybe that bear is angelina jolie of bears? >> or the bob kelly of bears? >> does the average number of cubs is two, three. >> two, okay. when this pizza shop, thank you, sue, opened in 1906, could you buy slice of pizza -- pizza for 20 cents, entire pie for 60 cents. what's the price now, jen? >> what's the price after pizza now? >> large pizza 15-point the the 99 out here at dewey beach. we have to say hi to jenny, jerry. good morning, ladies. they drove all the way from new castle, delaware. because they want to see if i can make a pizza. >> better than glenn. >> glenn, already going. now, real quick, seriously,
9:49 am
glenn is in charge of hr. you guys are surprised my pizza looks a lot better than you? >> looks good. already got you the shirt. so, if you want to come down here, we got an in. we can get you in. >> and jerry, jenny, jenny's going to make you a pizza. so you can taste it. so here is what we begin with, good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> again, i know you work real hard to make pizza, probably real hard to beat to you do. that will so we will be in, already casino of spread this out. right? >> correct. >> okay. what's my next move? >> next step to pick it up, back and forth, in your hand, so stretch out the middle of the pizza. >> like that? >> correct. >> you don't spin it around like a regular like i might have seen? >> it is more of rotation. >> clockwise rotation. >> all right. so, let's say did i that. then over here? >> yes. >> all right. so you guys kind of already showed me, just the amount that every pizza gets, right, of cheese? >> that's correct, for large size. >> large, so here i am.
9:50 am
blah blah blah. is there a time limit? or you just want to make sure it is good? >> as fast as you can. >> without carmelize g quality of course. >> definitely leave room on the negligence. >> correct. >> okay. >> go in the middle. you spread it out. and you mover on. >> okay. now, this is the one thing that makes the grotto pizza different than most people's pizzas. the sprague sauce. >> that's right. we swirl the sauce on top, that's our signature move. >> okay. i love the move. do the move. then i'll see if i can do the move. then, seriously? the sprague sauce, like ready for its own tv show. >> i think so. it is our signature swirl, a lot of people love it. you get different bite when you get a little sauce, real delicious flavor. >> it is fine. here we go. all right? >> all right, the pressure is on. >> pressure on. here we go, ready? >> what is that? >> who is ready for a job
9:51 am
here? look! >> that's pretty good. >> and then we put it in the off glenn so sorry to embarrass you, but i am so a rookie, and i am making you look -- >> well, do you have pay for this obviously. >> get them in there. ladies, you will try the pizza as we come out. again, it is grotto pizza do you want to say anything to mike jerek is. >> yes, we love him. >> i love you right back. >> they love you. >> oh, they want to see the beyonce. they have all kind of questions, if you know what i mean. okay, the pizzas are down here. so you can see, real quick, my pizza, and i know we're wrapping it up, okay, whatever. that was my first pizza. seriously? >> good job, jen. >> hey, will the 516-7891 direction coming september the first, right? one direction, listen up, band just released their new music video. with it is out of this world. we'll play it for you after the break. >> ♪
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comfort keepers can provide a variety of custom in-home services for your aging loved ones, including medication reminders and transportation to the doctor. ♪
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9:55 am
one direction will be in concert in philadelphia, september the first. well, 1d is what i like to call them. >> yes? >> they're out of this world, in their new music video. here is the thing, the video they put on, they're down at the space center, and they're astronaunts, pretty coolment take a look. >> ♪ >> you see who is missing, right? >> dane not there. so, you know, here in space suits, they drink coffee with robots, they run around nasa,
9:56 am
johnson space center, as they prepare for their trip to space. >> i think the individual joe cool. >> dow too. >> i think it is pretty neat. >> they got the right stuff. >> stay with him? >> he wasn't by -- yes. >> went to your anus. rumor has it actress lala, anthony. cheated on her hubby, you know who he is. >> yes, carmella anthony. >> mellow. >> according to lala had an affair with lano. rapper's exgirlfriends, mother of his daughter sent out series, blasting lala for breaking up her home. >> we don't even no if it is true. >> she is friend with the rapper two are not having affair, saying, some sources oust there saying. >> the girlfriends who is the baby ma'am, a well, were like
9:57 am
you know that you slept over at his house. >> maybe friendship over, you snow. >> no grown up sleep overs. >> duty is vet yo of her, carmella anthony happy. doesn't like directly responded, you know? so i guess our slum letter party is -- >> slippers, nightgowns? >> we can do face masks, paint nails? >> cucumbers under the eyes? >> braid each other's hair? >> braid each other's hair? >> when is the last time you braid add girl's hair. >> ya, it's been a while. that's why we practice on each other. >> okay. do my nails? >> i think little something, maybe a twist, we do twists. >> how much time do we have? kendall jenner is a blonde. that's the last thing i'm say. that's. >> oh, look at her. >> last time one of the gender cast it they say it is not you can't go blonde. >> can i say this? go eagles.
9:58 am
it is pre-season, going to go to the game and see you at the del saturday night.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today straight from last night's live finale, winner of the celebrity apprentice, leeza gibbons is here. and runner geraldo rivera is here. plus, wendy is breaking down all of today's super juicy hot topics. now, here's wendy! >> wendy: ta da! ♪


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