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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 31, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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right off the top at 4:00 o'clock a man is in critical condition after being shot the in west philadelphia and what police say they found when officers got to the scene. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the philadelphia police department is mourning the loss of one of their own, he was hit by a car riding his met or cycle here along the roosevelt boulevard. driver is and rest for leaving the scene of the accident, karen. thanks, jenny. imaging go to work and not being paid that is exactly what will happen in this school district. we will explain. what is had happening on this day, chris, back to you. and the the link sold out over weekend and eagles were out of town. kevin hart makes history and we were there. good day, everyone it is start of the week monday
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august 31st, 2015. start of the week, end of the month. sue serio off. scott williams good enough to wake up super early. >> good morning. the bright and early on this monday. it will be a steamy one stepping outdoors. the look at the temperatures here in philadelphia. already 78 degrees. we have due points measure of the moisture in the atmosphere. anytime they are above 60 it feels uncomfortable. dew point readings right now at 66 degrees. look at the temperature area wide. mild start in allentown. sixty-nine in the lehigh valley. we have 72 in reading. right now doylestown 72. west chester 72 degrees. the temperatures right now in sections of the dover, 75. we are looking at mid 70's in atlantic city. temperatures are pretty mild. it will be a pretty muggy day out there. so, near 6:30 we are looking at temperatures won again pretty muggy. look at the high temperature later on right around 90-degree. we had 91 yesterday. it looks like another potential heat wave brewing as
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we head into this week and head into september. we will talk about that possible heat wave, rainfall chances and yes, we have another hurricane to talk about, i'll tell you where it is located and track all coming up, how is traffic looking on this monday morning, been kelly. >> hi, scott good morning. not that bad at all. 4:02 on a monday. crew is still out from last night, cones still down, this is a live look at the blue route 476 right here near saint david villanova interchange pushing down to one lane here. everybody push off to the left but light volume. that is good. it is also first day for suburban school district, so we will be join later on by yellow school buses, teacher, administrators all that will shake it up a little bit for the kid gone back to school. some unusual traffic patterns in the the neighborhood and we will talk about that as we go through the morning no problems on the becky up and over downtown philadelphia looking good on the speedometer readings on the schuylkill, i-95, to and from
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the airport, no delays getting there and we're in good shape at philly international for any flights taking off this early hour. work crew is still out here on 422. this is a left over from last night's, between 10724, they will take a little break for rush hour and then they will go back after 9:00. regional rail lines looking good, no problems on the paoli thorndale or west trenton. market frankford line they are still running shuttle buses on the system until 5:00 but otherwise we're in good shape, chris, back to you. officials in new jersey, had to shut down a persian of the the new washing liberty international airport after police say a man entered a secured hallway inside the terminal. he was stopped by customs and border patrol protection agents. officials and k-9 did a security sweep. we are awaiting details. as we get them we will pass it to you. 4:03. a man is in critical condition after being shot in west philadelphia. police were called to south
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52nd and pine just before 11:00 and they found a 23 year-old man who had been shot several times. nine shell casing where is found at the scene but no witnesses and, in suspects. philadelphia police mourning the the loss of the officer killed in the crash while off-duty. police say driver responsible, may have been drunk. jennifer joyce is on this one in northeast philadelphia with more, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: at this point that 59 year-old driver is under arrest at this point for leaving the scene of the accident. charges are still pending. philadelphia police are mourning the loss of one of their own 19 year-old veteran lemar pool of the 12th district was riding his motorcycle on devereaux just after 4:00 p.m. when investigators say a toy yoel a correspondence role a traveling the option direction on deaf row struck the officer as they met at roosevelt boulevard. cops say the the kept going a few blocks. a tow truck driver followed that vehicle, called 911 and tracked the car until police arrived. the driver was arrested and
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police suspect he was driving truck. the the four two-year old officer was taken to aria torresdale hospital where he died. >> our heart goes out to the the family. every day i see a car accident happening in here. >> the boulevard is dangerous. people don't follow the the signs. they speed. >> the the car after the impact left the scene north on roosevelt boulevard in the toy yoel a correspondence role a and we had a couple of witness helps followed the vehicle who really helped out big time and followed the car, pinned the car in, called the police and they got there and made the the arrest for leaving the scene of an accident. this is two in one week we have lost one of our own. everybody is heart broken bit. are the. >> reporter: police tell thaws pool was in the wearing a helmet in that crash. he is the the second officer as you heard to be killed in the traffic related incident this week. the last saturday night philadelphia police sergeant rafael ali was killed driving on the 6,000 block of henry
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avenue in roxborough. investigators say that the three two-year old hit the median in his 2014 dodge ram pick up and slammed into a tree. police say speed may have been a factor in that accident. so, this is a tough week for the philadelphia police department, chris. >> absolutely, too bad he was not wearing a helmet, that may have made a difference but who knows. 4:06. bullet-proof vest may have saved a delaware county police officer after he was shot on the job. this happened in norwood just after 1:00 sunday morning. ridley pennsylvania park police officer mark hammond was shot in the chest and leg responding to a call about a suicidal man. they say the man shot officer handily through the door, before police fired back hitting the the man in the elbow. the hour long standoff ended with gunman surrendering to police before being taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. >> there is in doubt without that vest, the the officer would not be here today. he was hit in the chest and he is lucky to be alive. >> police say officer handily is recovering at home and is expected to be okay.
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the the gun man is face ago tempted murder charges and other things. coming up 4:59:07 members of the the chester up land school district will meet with two unions representing teachers and support staff. unions have agreed to work, without pay, so school can start on time, wednesday. the problem, well, it the is the state budget. the schools don't have money to operate. karen hepp is on this one. karen, good morning. >> reporter: it is a frustrating situation. basically chester up landis one of the poorer school district in the entire state. they have been having problems for 25 years. this is not a new problem where they have over spent or under funded. this is second time in a number of years that the teachers and support staff have to work without pay. they had a huge meeting last week. so many people attended. it cuts to the core when you are worried about are teachers going to be able to come, janitors, bus drivers, administrators. they say they will work, now without pay. parents are very excited about the situation, about 3,000 kid here, and it is exactly that
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issue. we don't i have state budget. if you don't after i state budget the school district doesn't get money that it need. reason why they are so in the the hole right now, we know situation with the charters. for some reason the the reimbursement rate for special education students is so much higher in this district. up to 40,000 per kid. much lower in other areas. it is just not getting enough money. here's what some people were saying. >> the schools have a right to an education. >> unaudible. >> it is just a big mess. >> frustrating ? >> it is because our children's future is in play here. >> reporter: very, very frustrating. schools start this wednesday and everyone has promised that they will be here. all of those bus drivers, picking up the kid and administrators, janitors, teachers, they will work without pay. first payroll day is september t have a state budget. we're not sure when this will end but there will be that
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meeting this morning and we will update you on all of this, chris, back to you. >> thanks very much. coming up at 4:09. eagles linebacker connor barwin will join mayor michael nutter as they celebrate new and improved ralph brooks part in south philadelphia. his make the world better foundation to help finance the renovations which included a, vision for a lot catering to the youngest member of the community. connor barwin always helping out. thousands spending the night in connor barwin's home away from home in south fail to see one of the most popular comedians of our town and proud philadelphia native. comedian and actor kevin h theart performed at lincoln financial feel. brad satan was here. >> calm before the storm, you see it, i'm in my sound check. i'm in a football stayed yum. >> reporter: kevin hart speaking to his 21 million twitter followers showing his home town some love and it is loving him right back, by making history.
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tonight bee copping first comedian to ever sellout a nfl football stairs. >> i put flyers out, made sure everybody was coming. >> all thanks to you. >> yes, kevin harty love you man. >> reporter: sold out which meaning the belly laughing will be coming from the nose bleeds. >> we're not even going to be able to see him, we will to have see him on screen but as long as we can hear him. >> it will be funny down low and funny up high, so why not the. >> reporter: movies, tv's, concerts this north philadelphia guy is on quite a run. speaking of run we caught up with him on the steps of the philadelphia art museum saturday never afraid to get up close and personal for fans with a 5k inspirational run. >> i'm doing this to simply motivate people, to simply make people adapt a successful mind set to understand it is easy to be the best version of yourself as long as you push yourself. >> reporter: giving back to his community through donations of computers, known for always finding time to snap a photo. with his infectious personality message of success
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through hardware and stylish humor it is not surprising he filled these seats with 53,000 fans and chose philadelphia as a place to wrap up his national tour. >> glad you are doing this for philly. >> philly, let's go, baby. >> 4:11 is the time. hundreds of people taking to the streets in houston in memory of a fallen county deputy, hear what officials are saying about the recent violence begins police around the country. from family and friend to faith leaders and station executives we will take you inside vigil remembering lives of the wdbj reporter allison parker wayne cameraman, adam ward.
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welcome back. hundreds of runner took advantage of the nice weather in south philadelphia. philly 10k started early sunday at eighth and south street and ending at fifth and pine. finish line was pretty sweet with some federal doughnuts waiting for those runners. you dot right thing by running, scott, and then you ruin witt doughnuts. >> yeah, you have to get those carbs again and you have to get some sugar with those doughnuts. it heated up yesterday as well. high made it up to 91 degrees. we could be entering another stretch of the 90 or better days, and also another heat wave.
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as we look at what is happening right now on ultimate doppler it the looks like it is raining. this is not making it to the ground, it is just an indication of the moisture level starting to increase across the area we are looking at temperatures already. we are at 78 degrees. look at those dew points in the mid 60's. anytime we have dew point is above 60 it the feels sticky. the as we look at bus stop buddy, it will be a pretty steamy start this morning. temperatures in the 70's, to near 80 degrees. some kid are back to school but some still have vacation, so, it will be a nice day to head to the pool a little later on today. look at the temperatures right now, upper 60's moving toward lehigh valley, sections of the pocono mountains. seventy-one in doylestown. 70 degrees, as we move toward pottstown area, and you can see close to 80 in philadelphia the mid 07's in sections of the south jersey as well as delaware. we will take to you delaware. 75 degrees right now. we are going to entering this
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this pattern, hazy hot and humid, humidity levels will increase throughout the week and we will add on to the 90-degree or better days. so far this year take a look at this, 29. if we hit 90 today that would make it 30. that high temperature today is looking at about 90 degrees. it will be steamy. a few isolated showers in the forecast. take a look at this we already have another hurricane to talk about near the cape verde island, hurricane fred, it is a minimal category one storm, 75 miles an hour wind. movement northwest. as we look at fred's projected path it will stay well away from land in the open waters of the atlantic, likely weakening toward latter part of the week. looking at that seven day forecast we are going to talk about temperatures right around 90 degrees for today. ninety-two on tuesday and then take a look as we move toward wednesday, and thursday, 94 degrees. feels like temperatures could approach triple digits by middle and later part of the
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week and then we will get a break in that heat, 89 degrees by friday and then by upcoming weekend it stays warm near average as we near dovered sunday of next week. a hard to believe this is last day of august, bob, what is traffic looking like? >> actually not bad at all but overnight crews are loving construction weather we will call it, a little muggy stepping outside that front door. they are still working on the vine street expressway, westbound, as you work your way from 95, over to broad street, the right lane taken out. but at this hour light volume, but no big backups, be ready to slow her down towards about 30 miles an hour rolling through construction zones. northbound lanes of i-95 same deal, construction up this near cottman avenuer with off ramp to cottman avenue closed until 5:00 this morning. this set up will be in place all this week. so for those heading northbound, jump off at bridge street or go up to academy or flip that u turn laverne.
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the spring garden on and off ramps are closed all this week overnight until 5:00. so use either 30th or the south street interchanges, to gain access to center city. coming southbound on the northeast extension right at lansdale is there a disable in one of the lanes just south of that lansdale interchange. three of the septa a trolley routes using shuttle buses due to track work for the next week or so. speedometer readings from the suburbs not bad at all. turnpike route 30 working your way through malvern but a lot of the suburban school district, opened up the doors to the yellow buses will be joining us this morning, and that of course also means the little ones will be waiting on the bus corners. keep that in mind rolling out of the driveway this morning. no problems coming on the schuylkill looking good on the blue route, mass transit running with no delays. the chris, back over to you. 4:18 is the time. outpouring of the support for the grieving family of the the texas deputy killed while putting gas in his patrol car.
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hubs joined in the prayer walk through the streets of houston in memory of harris county, deputy darrenvilleforth. he was shot and killed friday night. officials say he was struck several times in the head. police do not know the motive for this attack. the best guess is he was shot because he was in uniform. the shanon miles, the suspect, is due in court this morning. there is in evidence he knew his alleged victim. the deputy was the 23rd member of the the law enforcement in the country to be shot and killed this year. >> we have heard black lives matter, all lives matter. cops lives matter too. why don't we just drop the the qualifier and just say lives matter and take that to the bank. >> the the deputy was a ten year veteran. he leaves behind a wife and two children. charities are being established to help finance their education. this week, two journalist shot to death on live television will be laid to rest. yesterday a memorial service was held in roanoke, virginia for 24 year-old reporter allison parker and 27 year-old
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photographer adam ward. photo owes were shown to the screen for 500 people who turned out for that service. the general manager of wdbj remembered the journalist as good workers and talked about coping in the aftermath of this. >> a few hours into wednesday reporter i think it was one of mine asked me if i was angry. i thought about it for a moment and i said yes, of course, i was angry at the mental health system, i was angry over the easy access to weapons, i was angry about, well, the being angry. i try not to be angry at god. >> last week ward and parker were doing a live interview for the the station when vester flannigan walk up and shot them. would the man being interviewed was also being shot, she survived. flannigan was later found dead in his car. police say he shot himself. 4:20. with oregon senator jeff merckly to become 31st moment
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for his support, momentum is picking up for president obamaes iran nuclear deal. but merckly's support puts supporters within reach of a 34 votes needed. last week 200 generals wrote letters to congress urging them to reject the deal. yesterday, 75 former members of the congress including a few republicans, did the opposite asking congress to up hold the deal. the congress returns from recess, they have until september 17th to vote. we will keep an eye on. that coming up fast. for the the first time turkish jets took part in the u.s. led air strikes against isis on friday. turkish foreign ministry said the country agreed to open up the air bases to the coalition before that they were afraid fight ago begins islamic state would lead to the backlash. friday's operations is following an agreement between u.s. and turning any regard to turkey's responsibilities in the campaign against sunni islam is. rescue teams are working to reopen roads to remote communities in the caribbean island of dominica after tropical storm erika left 20
4:22 am
people dead and more than 50 missing. erika whipped the island for more than five hours wednesday, strong wind and intense rain destroyed hundreds of homes. crews worked to reopen the country's main airport. mud and debris impeded all operations. the the country is appealing for international the aid and hope it comes quickly. they are being called best little league team in baseball history how u.s. champs pared interestly over the weekend. and flying smooth, "fox news" says the eagles already looking like mid season form. sam bradford, we will talk about that. but first here's a look at our winning lottery numbers.
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i'm howard eskin. if the phillies role to what soon will be the off season they have to play the games on the schedule and doing so with a lot of young players. lets go to citizens bank park. one of those young pitcher is the pitcher alex asher, first inning, matt kemp, man on, a home run. he gave up two today. cameron rupp clearly looks like he will be with the phillies next year and he is his first string catcher. phillies lose to san diego nine-four. almost from the best
4:26 am
little league team in pennsylvania, they will real good, to williamsport, pennsylvania. they won the united states title. but now they are playing the international game against japan but japan came back to win it, the score there 18-11. they gave it a shot. they were really an exciting team. eagles play on thursday night, against new york jets, seven teams against second teams, before the the final season. that is final preseason. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. eighteen-11. that is like a football score. "fox sports" named eagles quarterback sam bradford as within of the players looking like he is in mid season form a lot was made about chip kelly's decision to trade for bradford and get him in the off season and get rid of nick foles. would his injured knee hold up? is he right guy? saturday night bradford looked like kelly was a genius. ten for ten, 121-yard, three touchdowns.
4:27 am
his passes were perfect. hopefully, this is a sign of things to come, all right. call it action what health officials are saying about your risks for skin cancer even a as summer is ending, straight a ahead.
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every parent's nightmare an emotional roller coaster for a north philadelphia mother after her young daughter disappeared, whom she says was supposed to be watching her child the whole time. jennifer joyce good morning to you. >> reporter: off-duty philadelphia police officer was kill in the crash on the roosevelt boulevard. driver who came in initially took off, who caught up with that driver may surprise you, chris. we will check back, chester up land educational association will meet with the district again this morning in hopes of the resolving budget issues how today's gathering could affect teachers pay at the start of the school year fast approaching. good day, it is start of the week, monday august 31st, 2015, scott williams is in on his last day of august, with the number, hi there, scott. >> hi there chris on this monday it will be a pretty muggy monday out there, forecast by numbers on the scale of one to ten we have to give it an eight because of the humidity building and more 90-degree temperatures. we could have heat way wave
4:31 am
brewing this week. we have 78 degrees, stepping out of the door and look at the dew points, measure of moisture so far is 66. it already feels like 80 degrees. look at the temperatures. it is cooler as we move north and west, lehigh valley, pocono mountains temperatures in the upper 60's. mid 70's for mess of the south jersey as well as delaware. dover check in at 75. here is your planner as we go hour by hour we will keep more cloud around then sunshine. it will be kind of steamy, high temperature today topping out right around 90 degrees. we will talk about how long heat will last as well as another hurricane with the full weather forecast coming up, back to you. all right, scott. time to check traffic with bob kelly. how is it looking out there. >> not that bad at all. we have overnight construction still out there 4:31 on this monday morning, a live look at 42 freeway where crews are still working in that bellmawr interchange of the 295, where
4:32 am
it meets up with route 42 but coming back from the shore this is probably that last monday, that we will see that push, you know, a lot of folks like to stay down the shore and grab that extra night and come right back to the office this morning, if the kids do not have school this is first take of school for some suburban districts this morning. we will see unusual traffic patterns being joined this morning by yellow school buses and, of course, our little guys waiting on the street corner out there in the suburbs this morning. live look at the the schuylkill looking good but the spring garden street on and off ramps are closed for another half an hour. the it is all part of the week long construction projects on the overnight until 5:00 a.m. the following morning. we will have to use the 30th street ramps and then south bun lanes of the blue route 476 work crew is still out near saint david villanova interchange coming southbound on the extension, a disable just south of the lansdale interchange, and the the three septa trolley routes still using shuttle bus's long a
4:33 am
portion of the line, all due to track work. chris, back over to you. thank you. second time in matter of days philadelphia police department is america death of the officer, and he was killed in the off-duty crash. police say driver tried to get the away brick caught. jennifer joyce in northeast philadelphia with more on this, hi there, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning. the accident happened here at devereaux and the boulevard, police suspect the driver was driving drunk and off-duty officer on a motorcycle was not wearing a helmet. nineteen year veteran lemar pool of the 12th district was riding his met or cycle on did you have low just after 4:00 p.m. when a toyota, traveling a opposite direction on devereaux struck the officer as they met at roosevelt boulevard. police say that car then kept going a few blocks. tow truck driver, followed that vehicle, call 911 and trapped the car in until police arrived. the 59 year-old driver was arrested for leaving the the scene of an accident and police sus suspect he was
4:34 am
driving drunk: the four two-year old officer was taken to aria torresdale hospital where he died. >> motorcycle was going west on devereaux and car east on devereaux. quite often this happens where the car turns left in front of the motorcycle. the motorcycle and the vehicle. the motorcyclist was eject and had head trauma after hitting the ground. we drew blood from the man. he has not been charge. i will not give his name. he did have dui's but he did leave the scene of the accident. >> police say still at this hour that driver has in the been charged. pool is the the second off-duty officer to be killed this week. the last sat date any, rafael ali was killed driving on the 6,000 block of henry avenue in roxborough. investigators say that the three two-year old hit the median in his 204 dodge ram pick up and slammed into a tree, police, suspect that speed, may have been a factor
4:35 am
in that crash, chris. >> so sad, jennifer, thank you. coming up at 4:35 it was a terrifying night for a north philadelphia mother after a five-year old daughter disappeared missing for near willly 24 hours. little girl was being watched, saturday afternoon. this is on the 2800 block of 22nd street. the the sitter asked a friend to watch a child while she left to pick up school supplies. when she got back both friend and child were gone. >> she was robbed and scared before she ain't never did nothing like that. nothing. um-hmm. >> but it scared you. >> scared me a lot. >> a friend and sitter were both found safe in that neighborhood yesterday. police are investigating why the friend left with the child in the first place. 4:35. a happening today members of the chester up land school district will meet with two union representing teachers and support staff. unions have agreed to work without pay so they can get the school year started on time wednesday. the problem is, without a
4:36 am
state budget schools don't have money to operate. school officials announced they wouldn't make payroll unions took a vote deciding it was in the student's best interest to work as long as they are able. district is under state control a recently went to court with the pennsylvania department of education requesting that the payments be reevaluated since half of the school district students are enrolled in charter schools. we will keep an eye on what happens, later today. all season we have been reporting stories from around the country about kids being left in hot cars, and new survey showing exactly how many parents say they have happily do that dangerous deed. really? hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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today is richard gear's birthday. turns 66. gear started in press would i man and showed his sings and dance moves off in chicago which was a great film. other major films included runaway pride, primeless fear with edward norton, first night, and the jackyl. happy birthday richard gear. last year a general issued a call to action to focus attention on skin cancer. health officials are trying to educate public on the writ accounts of skin cancer and promote public policy to prevent that disease. through the summer, we have been talking about this. the it is coming to an end. it doesn't mean we can let our guard down either. doctors say while progress has been made in the research to find and cure skin cancer, anyone can get it, anytime of
4:40 am
the year. why lighter skin people every are at higher risk and people with dark skinned may often be diagnosed with skin cancer at a later stage making it very difficult to treat. have you ever left your kid in the kara loan? insurance services took a poll and results are truly shocking. one in four parents admitted, leaving their kid alone, in the car, on average, kid as young as five were left, by themselves, up to 22 minutes. half of the young couples questioned admitted it was common practice. get this, one said, that they did it on purpose, as punishment. that should be jailable. 4:40. we are getting a look at google's latest trial for self driving cars? new test drive is underway in austin, texas. self driving cars are loaded with sensory technology to allow the vehicle to see surroundings from up to a football field away. it can detect light changes, lane closures and when pedestrians or bicyclist are
4:41 am
around that car. cars are expect to hit the streets of austin this week. we're a innovative, entrepreneurial town, this is a city where we try and that is where we start. >> supporters say self driving cars could ease negative impact from traffic congestion, including reducing collision was pedestrians. if i'm walk ago long the street and i know car coming up behind me is computer driven, i'm a little nervous. all right. 4:41. living members of the first group of of the black astronauts, was honored in denver, on friday. the shades of blue flying club held the event to interest children in aviation. statistics say that more than 70,000 commercial airline pilots will be retiring over the the next 14 years. >> i want to be able to expose our youth to the opportunities to show them, hey, here are some real heroes you can look up to. >> it is very fascinating, it gives me a sense that hey if they can make it, i can make
4:42 am
it astronauts on board with 14 of the 17 living astronauts appearing at that event. you have to gree it is one of the, well, craziest nights in music. we will break down the video music award.
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one of the prettiest songs ever made, people of honey by van morrison who is 07 years old. happy birthday to van morrison. all of his great songs because of the fox 29 connection here, this was the the main dance song for weddings of both, our assignment manager, jackie, and her husband, and our report they are morning and weekend morning anchor karen hepp and her husband brian. they danced to this. what a great song. van morrison happy 70th. we play music scott williams in the morning show on your birthday. we have fun in the mornings. >> that music is pretty good to get going here on this monday, august 31st, hardly september, is around the corner and we are going to be steamy here on this monday, as we look at ultimate doppler it looks like it is raining across the area but that is not rain, that is increase in moisture across that area. as we expand the view quiet conditions across the u.s.,
4:46 am
you can see that moisture from florida, remnants of the erika streaming all the way through sections of the carolina but it is staying to the south. temperatures right now pretty warm in the city, it is 78 degrees. look at the dew point measure of moisture in the atmosphere. dew points in the mid 60's. feels like 80 stepping outdoors right now. look the temperatures across the area temperatures north and west, allentown 68 degrees. we have 72 right new in reading. you can see warm spot in philadelphia, parts of the south jersey pretty uniform right now. temperatures in the mid 70's. we have 75 in dover. national temperatures, right now, you can see we're looking at 77 degrees, currently in sections around the dallas area. seventy-seven in new orleans. we have upper 60's around dayton, ohio. as we talked a little bit about the pattern it will be hazy, hot, humid. ninety-one yesterday. we will hit 90 again today. we will neat three consecutive days to make for another heat
4:47 am
wave. high temperature today 90 degrees. we will call it partly sunny, more cloud around then sunshine. it will be kind of steamy. look at the tropics. we were talk about erika and new we have a hurricane, hurricane fred, it is well away away from land, right new around the cape verde island, movement north west at 12 miles an hour. it should stay well out in the opened waters of the atlantic basin as it moves to the north and west weakening toward the later part of this week. we will keep you posted. that weather authority seven day forecast, however, will show hazy, hot, humid 90 today as we move ahead toward tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we are talking about temperatures, around 94 degrees, wednesday, thursday and will feel closer to 100 and then it looks like a front tries to move through with a couple of pop up storms, in the quite as hot by friday. in the upcoming weekend right now it looks good, as we head into the september, bob, how is traffic.
4:48 am
>> supposed to be going to the shore on friday. >> labor day weekend. >> thunder boomer down there for beginning of the labor day weekend. monday, first day back to school for some kids, the suburban school districts some got buses rolling this morning, city doesn't start until next tuesday but we will start to see the schools and the path earns start to develop here. live look at i-95 through delaware county, in problems at all there. live look at saint david villanova blue route, interchange, right there at saint david, they have pick up cones and we are ready for a morning rush hour, this morning. south on the extension, coming between quakertown and lansdale, working your way south watch for disable just south of the lansdale interchange, and otherwise, i-95 in the bad at all, coming out of the northeast philadelphia through downtown we are looking good eastbound on the schuylkill expressway in, problems at all, coming into the city. you know what we do/wednesday, we head out for breakfast. this morning we will go to the west avenue grill in
4:49 am
jenkintown. from 9:00 to 10:00 come on by we will have tv cameras there and sample good eating out there in jenkintown. now, during this week, machine through friday, eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, crews will be working between city and montgomery drive, so we will get a late start after 9:00 o'clock coming into the city, watch for brakes, to tap, use that kelly drive or martin luther king drive as alternates through the week until 5:00 o'clock spring garden on and off ramps closed in the city. just go to the next one there at south street. chris, back over to you. pope francis is calling attention to the abuse of migrant workers n his prayer pope made mention of the 71 migrants fund dead in the truck in australia last week. pope francis is urging people to work crimes begins migrants. five people are facing human trafficking charges in connection to that case in australia.
4:50 am
do you like scary movies. >> yes. >> is what your favorite scary movie. >> i don't know. >> you have to have a favorite, what comes to mind? >> halloween. you know the guy with the white masks who walks around. >> that is a creepy film. made audiences cream in the early 2,000 has died. wes crave even, the family of the iconic horror movie writer and director announced he died after a battle with brain cancer. was men for nightmare on elm street and scream franchise. he was 76 years old. 4:50. thirty-second annual mtv, vma where last night at l.a.'s microsoft theater. in the last few weeks reading up to this event, celebrities caused a stir with a few different twitter beefs, most notable between nicki minaj and taylor swift. they have made up and shared stage for an opening
4:51 am
performance. >> that wasn't the owned of all of the celebrity argument, nicki minaj has a few words for host miley cyrus about something cyrus said in an interviewed with new york times earlier this week. >> and now back to someone who had other day about me in the press, miley we're good. >> can we play moravian morrison. >> wrecking ball diva didn't seem to bother she ended with a shocking performance of her new song, do it. complete with crazy get up and ensemble of dancers from the ru paul's drag race. she announce aid new free
4:52 am
album available on line. >> it was the best day of my life. >> ahh. little girl dream come true with the help of her city how little kylie is fighting crime for a better quality of life.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
van morrison is age 07 today. 4:54 is the time. true hero gets a day that she will never forget the when a nine year-old texas girl becomes a super hero for a day fighting crime while she fights something much bigger. fox's nicole, has her story. >> it was the best day of my life. >> reporter: if you have have never been this high on life you probably have not hit as many lows as this little girl. >> unaudible. >> she was born with a inn curable disease making her so fragile she recently broke both wrists. >> i used to take karate and now i cannot. >> reporter: she's still kicking butt all while she smiles. today the iron woman's dream came true although some fellow super heroes she stopped the
4:56 am
city of fairfield from an evil gang in surprise the mayor surprised her with a $500 shopping spree along the town center. she cannot handle it. >> she was just thrilled. as any child would be. i'm certain that this is going to affect what she does with the rest of her life. >> reporter: her symptoms and crime fighting don't mix she will be sore tomorrow but that is something that she can handle. >> everybody, thank you. >> wow. >> thank you very much. >> that was nicole comstock reporting. another off-duty police officer killed in the wreck, second in a week, whom police are questioning right now. chester up land educational association will meet with the district again this morning in hopes of the the resolving budget issues. how today's gathering could affect teachers pay at the the start of the school year.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
it is 5:00 o'clock on a monday. man is in critical condition this morning after being shot the in west philadelphia what police found when they see officers at the scene. jennifer joyce, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, chris. an off-duty philadelphia police officer was killed while riding a motorcycle yesterday. how a witness helped police nab a hit and run driver, karen. and what would it be like
5:00 am
if you didn't get paid when you didn't get to work? it is happening in one of our school districts and we are talking top to bottom from the janitors, bus drivers, teachers to the administrators. in money. we will explain when this all happens, chris, back to you. thousands waited in south philadelphia to see phillies king of comedy history breaking tour, bringing laughs, to countless fans. good day, it is start of the week and end of the month august 31st, 2015. lauren dawn johnson off today went down south for a wedding. scott williams in for sue serio hoist off as well. hey scottie. >> hi there chris. these days are rolling by. it is the end of the month and it will be a pretty muggy monday. lets lot temperatures. we have a pair of 70's. a breeze out of the south and west pumping up that moisture and relative humidity close to 70 percent. as we look at ultimate doppler it looks like there is some moisture but not the making it to the ground. just an indication that these dew points continue to climb and it will be steamy.


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