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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 31, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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this is interesting. this is a trend. why some parents are playing favorites and they think it works. >> i have not been forgiven for something difficult about ten years ago. i took one kid to something and didn't have the ability to take the the other kid. >> why didn't you have the ability. >> i only had one ticket. >> you have a favorite. >> yes, he does. you know he does. >> what are you talking about. >> jessica is fine yesterday. >> perfect conversation you have three boys, just take one on vacation. vma's were last night, 32nd year they have done it. i thought it was a darn good show. >> yeah. >> a lot going on with miley cyrus as the host. there were five big moments everybody is talking about. we will recap, talk about it. >> by the way i'll explain what these gifts where in a second. >> what are you starting with. >> taylor swift and nicki minaj's performance to open up
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the show. >> ♪ >> as you know, leading up to the nominations coming out there was drama, nicki minaj was, saying some stuff and then taylor didn't even mention taylor swift and taylor said she was talk about her. >> it was a twitter war that was getting hugly. >> now they have made up and they are singing together. >> yes. >> i have to say, the bad blood between them is in more. >> yes, but there was, some beef, between nicki minaj, and, another celebrity. >> yes, she had choice words for miley cyrus. when she was accepting her award. >> i believe a few days ago miley sigh are you talk about her in the new york times. >> well, they asked miley about what do you think about the whole, nicki minaj thing.
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well, nicki was raining. she shouldn't have done. that she called her out good when she accepted her award miley cyrus was just saying, just off camera, that she addressed miley. >> and now, back to this woman who had a rot to say about me, the the other day, to the present, miley, we're good. we're all in this industry. we do interviews and we all necessity how to manipulate. nicki congratulations, and, just because the the vma's have already started, doesn't mean that the voting is done. >> well, they were not on the same page there because they didn't want to go back to her because she used the b word one more time but they had killed her mike. they thought it would escalate on live tv. >> some people mike, karen, they are saying i think it was
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fake. they say yes, right camera up, and miley was too ready. it is nothing. there was no reaction from her. then i replayed it. nicki minaj started to smiling, right before they cut to her. >> i think that is a smile of death. >> that is like, they were so mean and mouth because i didn't get to watch at ward last night. i was down the shore they were best award ever. that was so mean. i think totally is totally angry. >> but look at that. >> focus on her face. >> and now back to this bleep that i had a lot to say about me to the press. miley, we're good. >> we're all in this industry. >> we all do interviews and we know how to manipulate. nicki, congratulations, and just... >> she does look mean, glaring, staring but one
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second before. >> there was a smile. >> i think it is a smile. >> when you are going to say something inappropriate, all of the things do you when you do it in front have your face. it is a smile like that will come right at you. >> really. >> it seemed too much set up. why was miley standing in the middle of the stage. >> she was mc, that is her stage. >> why are you anchoring her show. >> i don't mean it that way, too much to explain. >> it looks real, that she's mad that they cut her mike, don't you think. >> she kept going on. >> yes. >> we will see how it plays out all across the the country. >> that wasn't the worst of it this was a action packed night. kanye always half his moment. that is what makes it fun, everybody ups the game with the outfits, with the talk. the kanye is there. after he goes on with 11 minutes about fresh juice, and infamous, you know, let me
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finish moment with taylor swift before, he announced he is running for president. >> when i'm in the grocery store with my daughter, and i have a really great conversation about fresh juice and get up and at the end they say oh, you are not that bad after all. as you probably could have guessed by this moment, i have decided in 202 to run for president. >> drop the mike. >> when he was doing that speech i said how will he end this. he is all over the place. what will he do. i don't think anybody was expect ago this at all. >> that was a good topper. >> but, i was thinking bit. is he go to go run democrat, republican? i also talk about on twit's loft people said inn. others say jesus party. the kanye party.
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they talk about millennials, some people said he could run for millennial party. >> it has register. is there a reporter, look at this stuff, he said six months ago someone register the web site kanye west for but it was six months ago. no one was thinking about that six months ago. >> apparently he was thinking of announcing at vma's, and has a web site set up for me. >> you are saying, he is warming up in iowa already, five years from now. >> they won't let us say on the name. >> deez nuts. >> yes. >> that candidate. >> why not kanye. >> donald trump. >> so, did you like justin beiber what a tool but he is becoming less of a tool. did you like his haircut. >> it is so fun that i people have been sharing on the internet. >> was it a cut or lack of a cut. >> it was kind of long. >> really grown out and cut up
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high on the side. you will see it here. he showed a sensitive side. after he gave this performance he has a new single what do you mean? i mean bald. >> look at that. >> wow, wow. >> is that miley. >> that is miley. >> look at that. >> i think it is so much build up to this, you know, he is trying to make this come back and get this positive view to people to like him again. he said the dancing was well. >> i have seen performers cry if the song is emotional. >> he could have walk off stage but he let us all see it. >> well, yes, mike. >> whole darn show staged?
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i have remembered back 32 years ago when it first went on, it was raucous, you didn't know what happened. this all seems planned and reading prompters and everything else. >> i think they always expect wild, crazy things, so how do you guarantee that every time. you probably do have to plan some stuff. >> you bring out drag queens, a little bit of rupaul. >> i like which slim shady came on with 500 slim shady's, that was good. >> yes. >> miley cyrus had to finish up in a big way. she brought out drag queens from rupaul's drag race. had a wardrobe malfunction, we saw a slip. and then, she announced her new album in the spring. >> ♪
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>> do you see that eye ball on her boob. >> yes. >> so apparently the web site has crashed. >> yes. >> it is so weird, miley cyrus dead pet. >> and everybody was watching. >> that might be evil eye, evil eye that she has, very symbolic. >> certainly wasn't silent. >> well, my goodness. >> kid might not believe it but we parents try our best to make them happy. >> but what had makes them happy could make parents sadest specially when you see that bill. >> birthday parties. >> yes. >> i'm planning right now for september, hardest part, maclin is turning six. i don't have the class list. you want tone variety entire class. price of it, it sure is the truth. they can cause hundreds of dollars. one of the retailers in britain that said average per year per child, average 230
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for -- $234. maybe cost even if you are doing chuck e cheese, let alone if people up the game and do one at museum at franklin institute or please touch. average is $234. the place you have it. favors that cost the the most. >> what are the years that you throw big parties, your first year, right. >> yes. >> one is big one. >> they will not remember. >> party for parents good we will get to that for a minute. >> thirteen is a big one. >> i think in this country it is 16, and then 18 you go all out. >> yes. >> and then 21. >> so what does the the study say how much have we blown in the 21 years. >> it is in the thousands, $800 on the big events but for time, like to second one, can you imagine 30 you this dollars. >> is there no way anybody spent $30,000 on me growing up how much do you spent. >> well under a hundred.
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>> but it was my mom made a angel food cage because it was the the fourth of july, and then we walk down the street and watched fire works. >> people come to the backyard and do pizza. >> cool aide saw you tweeting out pictures from torey. >> yeah, torey, she haddon saturday a little will party for her little guy. >> noah, one year is one years old. >> that is so cute. >> look at that detailing. >> look at the chalkboard that is like having an artist that created the chalkboard. >> she's a stylist. >> she does torey's takey love that picture of noah. >> so, i got her a gift. might as well named him torey. >> he is his momma's childy got these gift but she's not around. >> why are you opening them. >> i'll rerap it.
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i'm famous forgetting poobook, potty palooza. >> step by step guy to using a potty. >> we're poddy training right now. so i will take one of these. it comes with the wall chart. what would be on his wall chart. >> i don't know but i don't want to see it. >> did my mother or grandmother wrap this present like is there plutonium in here. >> he has never wrapped a thing in his. >> scotties getting me back. >> this one is one i love and i will steel it from her. >> it is so cute good they will think of me every time i potty train. >> what is the name of it again.
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>> boys noisy potty books. in the back i think you have to pull this thing out. >> you are opening her gift. >> it will be used. >> but let see if this works. >> else do you have do you have to do. >> there you go. >> it is making noises. >> i want to hear the potty stuff. >> a little fanfare if you poo in the potty. >> yes. >> we have a book about passing gas and all of the different sound of passing gas that the little people make. and we have a book called everybody poops. >> everybody poops. >> that is what i thought this
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would be sound of. >> it is good. >> now that you have opened it, you cannot return it but you can get another one. >> that book has been flagged do you remember that seinfeld episode. sorry, george this that book has been flag. new trendies growing in travel. we need your opinion on this more parents are taking solo trips with just one of their children and leave other at home this one here three boys. >> child industry expert say parents are using trips to mark a milestone when kid are older for graduation or this is what is happening with people i know younger kid you are trying to reconnect with the child, in particular, middle kid. sometimes you get over part of the gang i need to make special time. good way to make that quality time with one child when you have, more. >> so you have just explained tonight a way i understand it. instead of up and opt to take you, you're going with me it is to mark a moment in her
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life. >> grandparents are saying 16th birthday lets go someplace special or they will do something. a lot of times parent guilt if you are working, not working but one child gets, they just go along. they don't make any trouble. >> we just go go alone. >> and you just take one or would you do all three. >> we go as a a pack. >> do you want to hear my story about only being able to take one. this will sound elites. i was invited to the white house christmas party one year. >> okay. >> so, i take jessica, shockingly. i take guess contact we get pictures with the president, first lady. i said only take one. it is me, plus one. so i promised jill, that i would take her to the
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following year. >> um-hmm. >> i was than the able to go the following year. and then some changed. >> what did you do, they ban you from the white house ground. >> i bought her a car. >> i am still trying to make it up to her. she brings it up all the time. >> just have her meet the pope >> pressure. >> can you get close to the pope. >> oh, yeah, let me ask jim kenney, he watches the the show. >> he is catholic. he is part of the committee and all that kind of stuff. jim, help me out, save my relationship with my daughter, if you care about children, you will let me meet the pope. >> how is jill. >> somewhere in her 30's. >> you don't know how old she is. >> she can figure it out. >> which one is his favorite, jessica thaw hear all about or
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jill. >> my goodness. >> once they get old. >> shout out yesterday. >> i will show you a picture of jill but i don't have any. >> that is her son, jack, he is getting big. >> he is so cute. >> he is just over one. >> he was born on thanksgiving, so on thanksgiving he will be one. >> coming up. >> huge. >> she told me yesterday on the phone he is in the 95th percentile. >> i can tell you. >> so cute though. >> you know who he looks like, roger ales. >> that is horrifying. >> no. >> she is not your favorite, baby looks like roger ales. >> ladies, do you ever feel like you go through a lot of yah shadow, blush, bronzer, mascara, you are right, i'm talking about make up. >> we spend years just
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applying our make up trying to look beautiful. >> that is a a good point. >> if you added up all the time you a apply make up in your life how many months do you think you have blown putting on make up. >> well, on average, this woman spent 722 days putting on make up and perfecting their health and duty regimen. >> that is about three and a half thousand dollars. if you want to break it the down day by day that is two hours spent getting ready and of course more on the weekends. >> when i go all out you go out when you are single and you will do that. new i go first and i go home and wash it all off. >> i don't want to break out. >> for me the hardest parties eyebrows. i have the hardest time. >> your eye brows than freak. >> somebody said that today. >> your big eyes and your eye brows. >> talking about my big eyes. >> do i not have big eye.
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>> doesn't she. >> that is something. >> that is a good thing. >> a attractive thing. >> do you draw an attractive like young cute face you put big eyes. >> that is what you do. >> yes. >> i think she has, this is a compliment. >> she has a big head. >> i have a big head. >> and big eyes. you look like a frog. >> you never said frog. >> you were called aing from in high schoolie didn't say that. basically you called me a frog. >> you i called you a walking candy apple, very thin with a big head. >> working with him, my self-esteem. >> please, you are so beautiful. >> big eye and big old head. >> big old head. >> i would never say anything if somebody wasn't attractive, right. >> it is true. >> it does come with love, that is true. >> now i know. >> so thank you for opening my
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eyesy watched qvc and one of the things in the make up segment can you look like i have bigger eyes. >> i have to have them actually. >> it goes with that big mouth with you. >> seriously. >> i hope you are hungry because i will serve you a platter. >> shove it in your mouth a little bit. >> that is a good thing. >> you got a try this. >> go outside. >> i'll take you to the restaurant called ben and marilyn.
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♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup.
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squeeze. stir. share.
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national eat outside day we're outside. >> it is a gorgeous day. mike always does, these fancy restaurant. >> he went to budd and marilyn and he tried the popo plotter
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and he says you've got the to try this. >> yes. >> i'm right on the corner, i mean, right on the corner of 13th and locust street. brand new place, and i'm meaning really brand new. she has done it again, here's chef marci. nice to have you on this segment call you got to try it. budd and marilyn. >> my grand parents on my mother's side, they owned a operated a restaurant for almost 50 years. >> did you work in it. >> i did not work in it. i sat up at the bar and drank shirley temples. yes, it is very modest. >> very modern. >> we like to think the old rec room in areas. >> what is the idea. >> idea for the the food is classic american, redone, as well as some fun things like our popo platter.
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>> look at the size of this platter. >> how many people does this feed. >> four and six. >> wings have a sweet, spicy tomato sauce. >> and this thing is what. >> the the beef kabobs. >> secured. >> is what in the bowl. >> tuna napokey. >> water melon, sesame saw, nuts. >> that is great. >> i'm a big tuna fan. >> yes, that is shrimp and pork on some bread and we have pan seared it. >> that is decadent. >> what is in the middle. >> these are spare ribs. they are glazed peanut on top. >> i like that. >> okay. that is fantastic. >> here. >> thank you what is in the bowl. >> a rendition of chop soy, he
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used to make it from the 07's. so this is country ham rice, and fried egg. >> that is fantastic you can put an egg on anything. >> this is my country ram, we have cheese in the front. we have ham, and we hand cut in front of the guests. >> look at the size of that cake? what do you call that cake. >> this is the chocolate malta cake. >> there are malt balls on top. >> thinks our chocolate icing. >> and a vanilla slab pie. >> what is that. >> that is hulk willberry and peach, vanilla ice cream to finish it off. >> you've got to try this, all of this.
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>> now we know mike said you have to try this but we want to try this too. so chef marci, thanks very much. we have our own platter here. >> it looks good. >> you have like five restaurant. >> this looks amazing. >> budd and marilyn. >> three days old. >> so this is fresh. >> love it. >> so we will dive in here. thank you so much. lets get to quincy because he was checking out kevin hart this weekend and he made history, we love it. hi, conviction i. >> guys, i'm at broad and erie, kevin hart's old stumping ground. i talked to him before his big show saturday. he was really serious. serious side coming up next.
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you do know that it is national pie day. apparently you can buy a good day attack me stores. >> i love it. he was down in wildwood for that? >> it is good day with strawberry us. >> oh, look at that. >> here's 1t looks natural. >> it does. thank you, mike. >> oh, it is good. but where is my orange juice, dad? >> all right, i'll get some. cereal name after our show. >> i want milk, i want milk. >> here go. >> the 10:00 news doesn't have their own cereal, do they? >> we'll have a good day for sure now. >> put it to the test. see what your opinion is after quincy talks about the man in the hour in this town, kevin hart. >> reporter: guys, i'm at broad and erie, we have a lot of fans or friends out broad and erie.
9:32 am
i want to thank this guy for coming out. pop, you came out, what did you think? >> great, kevin hart, great show. >> listen, did you know kevin hart had a serious side? >> no. >> well, check it out. >> yes, i want to paint a picture, saturday, day before kevin's big show. you seem like, i feel like you got this boxer kind of energy. >> i'm poised. >> yes. >> i'm poised, man, i'm ready. i'm focused and ready as i've ever been. >> you are saving all the jokes, like -- >> no, no, no. this is big, man. game time. >> for the past 16 years, kevin heart has been doing stands up from coast-to-coast, like no moment was bigger for him than sunday night. his latest tour inside of what now came to lincoln financial field. and he performed in front after sold-out audience of over 53,000 people. >> i don't think it get better, man. once again, this is the top. this is the cream of the crop.
9:33 am
you know? you work hard to get to a certain point. then you get to that point, all you can do is smile. >> smile all the way to the bank. some estimate the show may bring in close to $4 million. but is it his last stands up special? >> where do you go after this? you know? you talk about special. last performance, no, my last tour, no. my last time stepping on stage and putting this together? no, no way shape or form. but taping a special, if i can't surpass what i'm doing now, i don't know that i can tape another special. >> okay, and when are we going to see the actual special? >> you'll see the actual special october, i believe, 2016. >> okay. >> in theser. >> do you feel like you're dreaming? >> it is surreal, man, everything is surreal right now. all i can do is take it all in stride, not let it get to my head. and continue to work just as hard as i did before anything happened. >> i feel like barbara walters. this feels like a serious
9:34 am
sit-down. >> it feels great. you got a barbara walters look to you. >> that thought? i wasn't looking at you. that felt a little weird. >> you looked at me and i was like barbara? but it wasn't. >> ya. >> i was like barbara, wait a minute. barbara? whatever. i'm not going to get into it. but you know what i am saying. >> i get you. >> yes, you, you, barbara walters, and what's the laid fry 227? >> holdup. we went from barbara walters to a lady on 227? >> marley gibbs. >> there she is. you, marlie gibbs, barbara walters. >> oh, what now? what snow. >> what now, baby in. >> we're coming, man, in theatres october 2016. trust me. you are in for a treat. this is not just a comedy show. flu pledge production, production. >> can we just go touch the nine. >> no. >> i'm going to go touch the sign. >> that's my sign. >> i can't touch the sign?
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mike, alex, we real had i a good time with kevin hart. he was all jokes. little serious there but all jokes last night. i can't wait for you guys to see the special coming up in october. >> so, yes. they videotaped the whole thing. >> eighty-four different cameras. >> so if you went, you might ends up on a special, like concert, something i guess you call it, stands up. >> yes, it will be great. can't wait for it, thank you, quince. >> i go home go, to bed. >> yes, he hasn't slept. >> all right, what's up? (horns beeping). >> it is so good. i really like it. >> even the strawberries. >> i want some. >> all right, it is national eat outside day. so bob staying with the theme. he is that's jenkintown. >> bob: hey, gang, good morning, yes, national eat outside day. we are here at the west ave. cafe in jenkintown. doing just what we do best. eating outside on a monday
9:36 am
morning. smile, wave everybody.
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>> before we get to breakfast, people are weighing in on your gigantic eyes. >> here we go. >> robin says, alex is cute as abut on. i think alex has big eyes, too. but they're elegant and beautiful. big eyes are not always a bad thing. >> because no one has ever told me before. >> not a bad thing. good thing, when you are drawing somebody, that's they want to do. big eyes, nice and friendly. close eyes means narrow, mean, punchy. so they look at your eyes. your eyes are not mean and punchy by any means. >> mine a close together and
9:40 am
bead beat. >> i beatty eyes. >> mike just trying to feel better about the fact that, you know, talking about me, but it is okay. so, i'm enjoying this national eat outside day. >> this is great. >> i love bob is participate too long in jenkintown at west ave. grill. hey, bob. >> i got the big eyes going, big eyes going in jenkintown. good morning, everybody, we are are at the west ave. grill. not a cafe. it is a grill. right, jenkintown? >> yeah. >> jenkintown township here, for their annual ends of summer breakfast, they get together, at the end of every summer, to talk about how good things went during the summer, the whole chamber here, everybody having fun, breakfast good? >> yeah. >> they're eating inside, but here we go, the good stuff that they're eating, come on up here, dan, introduce the rest of the gang here. >> hey, i'm dan cats, my father bobcats, our chef taj and our chef gill here. >> take a look at what we have here. take a look down the line, explain some of the good east. >> here we have our avacado
9:41 am
toast, fresh avacado on multi grain toast, poached egg, red chilly flakes. >> look at this one. >> our health nut pancakes for all of you healthy people out there. grab old, a strawberries, kraisins, topped with fresh cinnamin. >> smors pancakes, number one favorite, smors in the middle, chocolate chips marshmellows ahead. >> this is our signature, been here since day one, 16 years, mile high french toast carmelized bananas. >> bring it on outside. i'm ' taking this one, national eat outside day. george, we go backward, backward, out on to the patio. and, come over here, these laid advice been sitting here for little while. look what i bring to you, sweetheart. how do you like that? >> yes, love it. >> the mile-high you know t okay, now, what's your favorite when you come? >> the mile high. >> the mile high. there go. think you can share that? okay, come on down here, we got more folks, they've been out here all morning long eating, we got the kids smiling. what's this little guy's name right here?
9:42 am
>> what's your name? >> lukea. >> having the pancakes. and down here, we have tonight deuce this little fellow. what's this guy's name here? >> mason. >> come on, mason, is he loving the pancakes? >> his favorite. >> everybody else having good time? food good here? come on down here, oh, look at this fellow here. now, what do you think of this, one of their specials? this is the healthy breakfast? >> yes, excellent. it is excellent. we get like at least once a week. >> there you go. the west ave. grill here, in jenkintown. on our monday breakfast, with bob segment. eating outside on national eat-outside day. and, if you like when you come to your hot spot, for breakfast, all do you have do, mike and alex, hit me up on twitter, facebook, stain gram. we will be showing to up your spot soon. oh, cute baby alert. look, they even have lolipops for after you're all done. >> cute babies. >> we're outside. i'm getting bit. there is a bee. >> a lot of swiping. yes, we're enjoying it, but a
9:43 am
lot going on here. >> it is just protein. >> my goodness, there is a bee. well, we have to talk about the vma's, we have to talk about the fashion, hits and misses. my gosh. >> did you see the suspends that's miley cyrus had on? whoa. >> they were something. >> we'll go through the whole thing. >> let's get outta here.
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9:45 am
>> we talk about the big moments. you have seen the performances, now we have to
9:46 am
get down to the important stuff. we want to talk about the vma's, the fashion, right? so we have our guest, we have jimmy here, we have jessica, weaver anthony henderson, hello. >> hi, good morning. >> guys back for our fox fashion segment. let's get started. miley cyrus. >> love her. >> love it? >> love it. she was wearing versace on the carpet, and i love her. >> like chandelier look, wasn't it? >> great. >> what about those suspendser? >> i loved all of miley's look, i thought they were crazy, which is what we love in the vma, you know, she is the host, what you are supposed to do. >> what do you think? >> i loved her first red carpet outfit, the sands looser, walk ago chandelier, loved all of the craziness, all of the drama, all of the fabulous necessary that's miley. >> okay, so these are all of the looks from the night right here, showing right now. >> a loft looks. >> so all three hots. >> hot and sexy? >> hot mess express, yes. >> all right, so, let's check out taylor swift. it was like a lot of color.
9:47 am
>> she is do no wrong. i love her, two piece. >> the hound footprint. a lot of people haven't known this designer, because way to introduce them to her wearing it. >> i agree. trend center, what we look for, it is that leisure trends, very, you know, great for the vma, fits it. anthony? >> hot right now. but it is enough for me. >> why is that? >> i was tired of the mid riff. i mean, ugh. >> everyone doing the mid riff. >> did we even see the mid riff? >> could you see it little bit. two piece thing. to me kind of looked like she should be in the circus or something, you know? long like one piece things? >> we love her though. >> yes, she is amazingment okay, so nicki minaj, what do you think of her look? >> i thought she looked fantastic, las vegas snow girl, kind of matched britney spears of overall looked good, amazing body, and nicki minaj, what's not to like?
9:48 am
>> true. i agree i really likes this look. very figure flattering, hugged her curves the right way. i loved it. i thought she worked it. >> i loved it as well. but when you can't walk up the steps and you can't walk in a outfit, you shouldn't have it on. >> but you could dance in it. did you see her moves? >> she could walk in it, she was just being a princess. >> oh, jobbing yes, she was. all right, what about sierra? >> now there is was interesting look. it is not just any other black dress. i mean, had all of these strings. >> the car wash. >> i didn't like it. >> why not? >> i thought it looked like a bunch of shredded pieces of tape. just not -- she could have done so much better. >> okay? i agree, i didn't think it was flattering at all, just hanging, there again, she has great body, could have done something spectacular. >> anthony? >> miss for me, as well. black? could have went with another color. >> to me just too much fringes, i want to see what the dress looked like. i don't know. she was covering it up. what about chrissy teeing and? she also wore black.
9:49 am
>> i loved chrissy, i thought she looked gorgeous, she bridges it every time. she can do no wrong. >> okay? >> jimmy? >> i agree. i thought she look gorgeous. i thought her and john legend were the power couple of the evening. they were the best dress in the my book. and i mean she's beautiful. she has a body. why not show it off? and i thought she just looked spectacular. >> what about that leg? my goodness. >> that girl, amazing, so amazing. >> hot, holt, hot. >> we have to talk about kim and kanye. kanye's night but everyone talking about kim and this dress. we know she is pregnant, but what do youy? hot or not? >> not hot. >> why not? >> i don't think she looked good. i think she could have worn something much better. she a beautiful woman. it doesn't mother, i mean, i think women who are pregnant look beautiful. she have had another designer do something for her, unfortunately it was a miss for me. >> kim is gorgeous bye think this dress is just okay. we've seen her in things much more gorgeous, and stand out. i like t i think went well with kanye's outfit.
9:50 am
so i'm sure that's what she had to do for the night. >> i think they look amazing, power couple. she had the designer, he had on his own clothing line. they looked amaze to go me. i loved them. can't do wrong. >> they say it look liked she was wearing cargo pants, but hey, well, thank you guys. >> thank you. >> did we put up amber rose's outfit? >> oh, no. >> they are telling me to go to break now. >> what? what about this? >> my goodness, this is mike's version. can we show this real quickly? >> amber rose? look at that. i guess you have to google when we come back. how about that? >> let's take a look. mike, look at you. take a break.
9:51 am
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9:54 am
thank you, been doing this so long. mr. mark ronson, my band, fellows, if you are watching, we did it, we did it. >> best male video. we love it. i wish it won the best video of the year. >> i know, so good. congrats for them. >> we don't have moon man. but we have a crown. >> for what? >> for your performance, your version of uptown funk. >> thank you. >> let's roll it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:55 am
>> uptown funk ♪ >> ♪ uptown funk ♪ >> snow ♪ uptown funk ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ uptown funk ♪ >> ♪ uptown funk ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ uptown funk ♪
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wendy! wendy! wendy! wendy! wendy! wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪7n


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