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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 4, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> known nationally for walking on his two-point legs. now they are members of the community who want to get himgive him medical help. >> he looks like he is -- >> petals. >> the latest on the runway is leaving little to the imagination. >> nude lining. >> you're just saying that. bill: was there a message in your report to your boyfriend? [laughter]
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♪ bill: with the new jersey bear hunt fast approaching people are right now obsessed with a bear walking on two legs. >> known nationally for walking on his two hind legs because he is injured. now there are members of the community where he has been spotted several times. petals. petals. >> wanted to get him medical help. over $23,000 already. they had agreed to step in. let them know and they will come tried to get the bear medical help, but not everyone feels this way. marissa lived on oak ridge. >> looks like from what i have seen in my portion of the neighborhood. ii don't see people feeding him, attacking him. we all give him a wide berth
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>> we have no right to go in until the person to leave the environment and go somewhere else. it is the same thing for the bear. he is disabled. leave the bear alone in the wild. bill: bear hunting start summer 12. ♪ teethree, jessica, start us off. >> nj transit police are seeking the public's help in finding these two men wanted for a robbery. this was october 6:54 pm. the 1st man is described in his early 20s, 6 feet tall with a thin build. the otherthe other man is described as in his early 20s, 5-foot eight the build and wearing a black hoodie. anyone with information please contact the nj transit police. >> a marathon it with mental disabilities, breathing a little easier. crossed the finish line with friends and then promptly disappeared. after more than a day of being off the grid new york
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city police found him and reunited in. ♪ >> parking it in a garage. well, not exactly. the $100,000 maserati after he left it in the hands of a parking garage in new york city. >> a mess. the car was all smashed up from the front into the driver side. we took it back to maserati, and to their -- to approve a car cost 34,000. >> the car, just six months old at the time was stolen from her garage on 18th street back in august. days later police found the car in newark limited and smashed up. he paid the garage $600 a month and is now suing parking management for $34,000 in damages saying that they garage was simply
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negligent by leaving the keys in the car. >> ii don't know how there policies could allow the garage to do that. >> did not have one over the summer. >> as you can here my brief conversation, staff has no recollection. i reached out to parking management who told me there is an investigation under the way that that is why it's common. a rash of incidents just like this. >> they garage in attendance. much safer. much safer. bill: don't they have
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cameras? i think thisi think this would be the easiest case to solve. one guy on staff. when they leave the key in the car it scares they are blocked in. >> he said state police are the ones who helped find the car, and it is only because of another incident just like this happening. i am sure when you sign a contract he's like, i don't understand how it could be left in here and management has no sympathy. bill: my only $30,000. >> he says that so much it cost for the repairs. >> more than what he owed in the car. >> personal car insurance. >> that's what i want to add. the insurance companies are now left doing it out. he doesn't even think he will get the 34,000 at the end of the day. >> this is absolutely outrageous. he should be paid back every cent of the
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monthly fees is paying for that garage. >> it showcases how annoying it is to have a car in new york city. parking in any garage. >> new york city police of a cracking down ever since an mta vaguely complained about a bag lady near lincoln center. now, they have said that they are cracking down because of the safety issue, but there are some people that think otherwise. >> it is a form of discrimination. homeless and do the same thing. they sleep in the subway. >> i went to speak with an advocate with picture the homeless while which is made up of former homeless members as well as people who are currently homeless. he got off the weeks to come off the streets three months ago. >> unbearable. i just cannot take it anymore. >> ianymore. >> i have been chasing the homeless situation in new york city for a while now.
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the population keeps going up. the mayor's office just gave me the statistics. the number has doubled since 2010. bill: that is exactly opposite what they were saying a year ago. >> when i was down they're looking around i kept saying, where is everybody comeau what have the police done to scare the homeless out of the subway system. i said comeau why not go to a shelter. >> being in so many shelters , low to medium security prison. >> i reached outi reached out to the mayor's office, and they sent us this statement. constitutional approaches. they havethey have invested 1 billion more over the next four years to address homelessness. bill: last year the mayor
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was pointing to success saying we reduce the number of homeless and the overall number was going up. it turns out they were were just using the cops to push them out of the way. why not invest some of that money and resources to keeping homeless shelter safe? >> because it is a problem, and a big one. one big lake sees onelake sees one bag lady and decides it needs to be some kind of a policy change. bill: they need to take those cops walking the beat in the subway, you could patrol some of these on the shelters that keep people safe. just like that. whythat. why not? >> how do i look? >> amazing. >> somewhat scandalous. leaving little to the imagination. >> i may not have a wedding date, but the blushing brides out there.
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the new york city diner lot. barely there backs. >> a lot of designers are following this trend. a lot of new lining, no lining. >> easier to walk in than the other ones. >> every other bride walking into the store has a dress like this in mind. >> it is more expensive because of the handwork. but it is definitely a more could tour job, definitely worth the quality. >> some big bucks, and typically spending around $1,200. serve to look sleek and sexy , about four times that amount. >> a little bit of an issue. >> what do you guys think?
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bill: before i get to the all-important question, was there a message in your report when you 1st started to your boyfriend? >> absolutely not. i am just letting the audience no. >> let's talk about practicality. and halloween when girls get scantily clad, the most popular monthly get married in 2014 is december. december. good luck. bill: isn't it supposed to be you have your wedding dress and in the reception dress. don't a lot swap out? bill: one dress. >> the new tradition to have a wedding dress and a reception dress, but the average wedding dress is about $1200. to think that less fabric is going into the address and it is getting more expensive is ridiculous. bill: would you do it?
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>> my mother would murder me. the women that where these dresses to other events, you are at least going to get some use out of it because they are versatile. bill: thanks. ♪ >> dude, 2015 world champs. not right at all. world champs new york mets tattooed on his body. started the tattoo during the 1st pitch of game one. by the time it was finished the mets were getting tattooed. it is all good. whether he keeps it or gets it changed, he will always love the new york mets. >> someday they will when one. >> the somerset county prosecutors say this man called police and lied about being attacked, bound, and gagged.
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>> funny things happening today, especially in church
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>> my god. >> my god. >> my god. >> and honor of the harlem globe proper -- globetrotters for members of the team teamed up with members of the international , a percussion group and uses different
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objects to make music. well, they took over an outdoor basketball court and made what i would call basketball music, i guess. take a look. >> last week i made a bet with bob williams at 1015 over the world series. >> bake or prepare 1212 cupcakes, orange and blue icing and owner of the mets. youyou have agreed to sing meet the mets live on the air. >> fortunately i wasi was the winner and he is here with the cupcakes. [laughter] bill: come on income about. >> nice. >> courtesy of viewing cake because i am a great guy. and i am here to pay off my bed. congratulations to the 2015 world champion kansas city royals. i can't believe i'm saying that.
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>> strangest is what i've got, strangeness. this man called police and lied about being attacked, bound and gagged in church. >> i don't know what to say about that. in this day and time funny things are happening. especially with churches. >> i went looking for an explanation of the church. the door was unlocked, and the burglar alarm was going off. >> the door was unlocked. >> anybody home? >> prosecutors say he called 911, and cops rushed to the
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church where they found him back down to five bound and gagged. he told police of being physically attacked. the story did not hold up, and he has been hit with several charges. apparently renting the space for his own religious following. >> he rented out. >> okay. that guy runs his own congregation. do you know the name of this church? >> i don't know the name of the church. >> that guy, i followed him, and he got me in touch with the church's original pastor it is nowit is now monday night. he still did not have any idea this went down. i'm supposed to meet them over there.
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>> i'm telling you right now. >> try to unlock the door. >> the alarms start going off. >> the renaissance and we get to talk -- we looked inside and got to talk to paying you. >> are you going to rented out? do you think it is a strange and not think? >> i bet i would have never figured him as doing something like that. >> what his aim was. >> , the church building is for sale. >> he has rented the building to pain you.
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the pastor is at a loss for his alleged behavior. and he is out on his own recognizance. bill: was it a cold? i'm trying to understand. >> they were meeting more times per week than originally agreed upon. >> it seems like what he is doing, and unbelievable survival story. they had signs with misspelled islamic phrases. trying to throw blame on muslims for attacking the church. >> and get some people in the church. >> the century 21 car on the front lawn. ♪ >> i am here for you. >> rent a mom. bill: listen to you wine, iron your shirts. ♪
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>> another day in the life of being a chaser. >> we report the news. but we do it differently. because when it comes down but we do it differently. because when it comes down to it
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keep on scratchin'! >> pumpkin spice bagels. >> pumpkin spice bagels! >> i hate them. bill: it is election day. by looking at the number of people at the polls today you would not know it. >> a lot of people had no idea. there are eight income mints not running for reelection. you might think there might be more media attention, but there has not been. it has some asking whether or not the government has done enough to help republicans get some attention and get people to get excited about voting. at nnn on monday in camden one reporter asked the owner he played a role the election. >> there is an election tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> i raise a lot of money for the assembly candidates. half a dozen fundraisers the
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assembly republican victory fund. a fundraiser last week for the assembly and these other districts. and that is the role that most campaigns want me to play at the moment. >> to discuss we have in studio jimmy queenie from new jersey now and jeanette hoffman republican strategist. bill: no one cares, nothing is changing. it is almost like it feels like there is a complete disconnect between the voters of new jersey and the problems they complain about. >> turnout will be somewhere around 20 percent. and a lot of it has to do. these are just not competitive districts. >> cars are bybut politicians before anyone goes to the voting booth or doesn't. every ten years the
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incumbent redistrict themselves. solidify castles of incumbency, and hardly anyone can break that grip. when that is done now know know know. >> the idea to suggest that it would keep you from voting is offensive. at the end of the day i'm much more likely to get out of bed on a tuesday than a saturday. bill: people are not energized all pissed off enough. they don't see that anger gets translated into a vote which is the challenge. >> no wedge issues. >> manipulated by politicians. >> i don't buy that. people are not stupid. they are focused on paying the mortgage in the car bill
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in the taxes. people have an exit plan. >> a plan is to let everyone get to vote to make it easier, and then they will tell politicians what they want. bill: bottom line yesterday everything stay the same. ♪ bill: jessica is living her dream. >> doctors were worried she would not survive. bill: how she overcame unbeatable odds. >> if you need a mom, i'm here for you. >> rent a mom, seriously. >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> and hello, i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. we are in for a warm stretch. it's going to continue through most of the week. the surge of warm air. but it won't be long until the cool air moves back in. just in time for the weekend. here's a look at your seven day. wednesday, thursday and friday in the 70's. friday could be record warmth and then turning much cooler. sue has an update
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