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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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right now on fox 29 france under a state of emergency for a second night. the country's struggling with grief, as fear, following friday night's terror attack. residents and tourists laying flowers and lighting candles outside a restaurant in paris. one of several locations targeted by terrorists.
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>> as the world mourns that deadly attack, french nationals living in philadelphia coming together this evening to pray for paris and pray for peace. but the president of france is calling the attacks an act of war. good evening, i'm dawn timoney. >> i'm joyce evans, tonight ice cyst claiming responsibility for the rampage that killed 129 people. and leaving hundreds more hurt. fox's rick leventhal is in paris tonight with new details about that attack. >> still in shock, mourners today laid tribute of flowers and candles on the blood stained pavement outside the sites of friday night's terror attacks in paris. french president, francois hollande, declared a national day of mourning, what he referred to as absolute barber i am. >> it is an act of war un taken by terrorist army dash jihad i can army against france, against the value that we are defending throughout the world, against what we are, a free country that speaks to the entire planet,
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it was an act of war that was prepared, organized and planned from abroad. >> hal and hustled out of the mash last night after explosion was heard later identified as the first suicide bomber detonating his vest, according to the wall street journal, bomb her a ticket to the game and tried to enter the game but stopped by security and frisk and that's when he back up and detonated himself. another blew himself up outside the stadium, and third third at nearby mcdonald's respect four people killed in those blasts. string of cafes were targeted, sprague bullets in a streets and bars, crowded on balmy friday night killing at least 37. but the deadliest scene was the concert hall, pack for show, featuring the american rock band, eagles of death medal. witnesses say, the attackers were young, wearing vests, shouting alaabbar in support for isis and syria and iraq, shooting, pausing only to
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reload for 15 minutes. didn't stop this witness said. it didn't stop. when french police stormed the theater they shot and killed one of the attackers, the other three blew themselves up. the french prosecutor says the seven terrorists wore identical bomb vests and carried the same weapons. authorities aggressively investigating the attacks here and across europe in a hunt for accomplices, in belgium, authorities arrested three men believed to be connected to the lentil of the vehicles used by the terrorists, and here in paris french press is reporting the brother and father of one of the bomb remembers now in custody n paris, rick leventhal, fox news. >> young american college student is among the victims of the terror attacks in paris on friday night killed inside one of the restaurants, that was targeted. well tonight her california community is mourning her death. twenty-three year old nohemi gonzalez of el monte california was junior at cal state university long beach. she was a design student studying abroad in paris for a
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semester. professors of gonzalez are remembering her fondly. >> she was something of a star in our department. she had was a shining star. and she brought joy, happiness, laughter, to everybody she worked with, and her students, her classmates. >> the president of cal state long beach says the university is providing support and comfort to about 80 foreign exchange student. it is currently hosting from france. >> center city buildings are blowing tonight in french colors, peace sign made with a image of the eiffel tower on the serra center right now. also tonight, silent prayer vigil brought dozens of french citizens to love park, many saying they feel helpless, being so far from that their family. brad satin was there telling us there was some comfort inn numbers. >> well, love park here just across the street from city
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hall in the midst of transitioning into christmas village for the season but tonight in the course of just a few hours it turned into a vigil, in memory of the victims in paris. >> ♪ >> about 100 people turned out on this chilly night, their heads bought, tears in some eyes, trying to come to terms with what happened in paris, most could not. >> pretty rattled. scared. >> the family leaving the theatre in par whens they heard sirens. >> i called them, and they found out, like through me, what was going on, because i had seen it. >> they're okay, she has been through this before. >> i was there january, when the first one happened. i think we need to figure out how to make people feel more at home, if that's one of the reasons that they're like leaving to fight. >> other still feeling raw anger. >> this, it is horrible, and i think this monster shouldn't be called human beings. >> many in the crowd here are french nationals living in
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philadelphia saying this is where they needed to be tonight, sharing a bond in french national anthem. >> when you are living in a foreign country you can feel alone, sitting here thanks to everybody. >> candles lit the night, this sign in french meaning don't be afraid. in the backdrop, holiday village being set up with a holiday wish wall, the first notes to go on the wall were prayers for paris and world peace. not everyone here had a personal french connection, but that doesn't mean even locals didn't take this personally. >> not just letting roll off the shoulder, and just so often things have become so common place, it doesn't shock us any more. nice to see people coming out and doing something. >> vigil ran about an hour, no schedule, no agenda, few words were spoken, but it seems tonight words really weren't necessary. at love park, brad satin, "fox 29 news". and we're hearing more personal stories, first-hand,
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from people who were caught in the middle of the chaos on the street of paris. i spoke earlier tonight with musician and singer praising the owner of the restaurant where she works, for sheltering dozens of people by baricading them inside for several hours. possibly saving lives. >> the restaurant is actually located in the middle of the two places. >> were you really afraid they might come to you next? >> exactly, because we new already at that point that the shootings were happening in six, seven different places at the same time. and then we heard some shooting noises close to us. not too far from us. and then we saw people running in our street in the small street where the restaurant was. he even helped people, other people, from the street to come inside the restaurant. and he kept 40 people safe in
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his restaurant for awhile. many were calling and half of them were crying so the owner asked me and another musician to piano again and to sing for them, that's what we did. there was absolutely nobody in the street. and when the car came, and that was attacks i, we got scared. and i specially got scared because i thought maybe the car who could be another terrorist car, some of my friends thought actually, and some teachers of my friends were in places, we know that they are decided, and it is tough. i don't know. i don't feel secure here any more. >> well, she said that she, her husband and children went back to the restaurant tonight to show support for the owner who kept so many safe. it is a very popular spot for american tourists, she says,
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but tonight after two terrorist attacks, in just a year, she says life in paris will never be the same. for the very latest developments, in the terror attacks in paris any time day or night go to you will find the story right there on the home page. >> on your radar tonight, a cold one. fox 29 meteorologist, dave warren is here. dave, how cold are we talking? >> looking at pretty cold night tonight. the colder than we were this morning, down to the freezing mark in many suburbs, one thing that is lacking is that wind, that gusty winds, that pick up behind this cold front. it is gone. the front moved far enough away, high pressure moving in, so we do not have that difference in pressure that we had yesterday and today. now, the skies clear, you get these big temperature differences between the city and the suburbs. look at millville. always seems to cool off quickly when you have the light wind, and clear sky, down to 29 degrees right now. thirty's in a few of the suburbs north and west,
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allentown still at 40. got the crane coming back here right around market street, fourth and market. 43 degrees, that is just a degree or two above our low temperature of the day. if we drop down below 42, before midnight, that will be our low of the day, thanks to the west northwest wind, 8 miles per hour, bringing in the cold air. headlines, colder start tomorrow. not windy, just colder start, you will feel that when you take that first step outside. warmer finish, for tomorrow afternoon, and rain returns, it is in the seven day forecast, i'll show you when, all coming up in just a bit. >> dave, thank you. southwest detective are looking for the gunman who shot a man inside his suv early this morning, officers arriving on the 2500 block of south wanamaker street just after midnight. witness telling police, and then taking them into the basement, where he says he found 21 year old man, with several gunshot wounds. the homeowner telling police, that someone shot the victim as he was getting out of his parked suv. paramedics rushed that man to the hospital. he's out of surgery, but we still do not know what kind of shape he's in at this hour.
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police have not given a description of the shooter. >> one person is in serious condition in a local hospital after being slammed into by a hit-and-run driver. this happened last night. happened around 10:00 p.m. right near the intersection of front street and girard avenue. that is in the city's northern liberties neighborhood. authorities say medics rushed the victim of that hit-and-run to hahnemann hospital. now, there is no description yet of what kind of car investigators are looking for. still ahead on "fox 29 news", a car wash manager makes a clean break after getting caught up in some serious suds. mishap taking social media by storm. >> plus that is a parrot eating the buttons off of the shirt of fox 29's brad satin. how this exotic bird caused quite a stir at a philadelphia law firm. you don't want to miss this. this is coming up. >> temple just one win away from their first american
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>> louisianna car wash manager is cleaning up on social media. the manager caught on camera getting the delux wash himself, and his name josh hood. he says he was sprague down the wash, at the end of the day, when the hose got stuck. that's when the trouble began. hood got yanked into the spinning brush, and taken for quite a ride. he's laughing about it now, but he said at the time it was terrifying, as the hose tide him to the brush. >> luckily, you know, it was -- the hose was wrapped around, you know, my torso, so it wasn't wrapped around my neck, which could have been even terrible. luckily i slid off the brush. so it didn't continue to constrict me. >> he said he wasn't seriously hurt and the car wash was not damaged but hood says, well, his ego is pretty badly bruised tonight. >> well, hundreds gathering to dedicate new mural to one of philadelphia's fallen firefighters. this beautiful piece of art created to honor battalion
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chief michael goodwin senior. it is painted outside latter 16 in port richmond. goodwyn died fighting a fire in south philadelphia back in april of 2013. he was in command of ladder 27, but he spent most of his 29-year career at ladder 16. where that mural is installed. >> and after months of reconstruction, offer initials bucks county have re-opened a bridge dedicated to a fallen hero. the private first class kneel w wine to be memorial bridge first bridge in the state that crosses over the turnpike to be named for a veteran. bensalem community giving full military honors at today's rededication ceremony, weintraub was us marine killed in action, in viet nam back in 1968. he was just 18 years old when he died. >> safe to say, some feathers were ruffled this week inside a center city law firm, that is very familiar to fox 29
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viewers. >> yes, fox 29's fred satin went there to see what all of the squalking was about. >> reporter: walk around the law firm of fine fine kaplan and black of one south brought street, center city, a scene, photos of falcons covering the walls. they love their birds here, two birds, couple of falcons that nest across the street at city hall. so cool to watch, we even did stories on them. >> did you she? >> now, if you don't know, falcons eat other birds, so if you are another bird near city hall, best stay out of site, which we figure is what this little guy or girl we're not exactly sure, was trying to do. >> it landed on window sill of our office last night around 6:00 was making all kind of noise, so we opened the window and in it came. >> he was probably pretty lucky not to be dinner. >> they fed it popcorn, apparently had friend for life. like it or not the law firm sees to have a new barrett
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legal on board, per chipping him on attorney don pell man's how older. >> we were going to take it to mt. laurel hospital, which does exotic pets. don decided to go out and buy a cage and nice food for him. >> pretty much stayed with me today. and it is actually kind of fun, sits on your shoulder, doesn't really bother you. >> it didn't seem to have a taste for my photographer, even more, buttons on my fairly expensive dress shirt. kind of hard to carry on ain't viewed under these conditions. >> button was gone, not just matter of time. not one, two, but three buttons. >> likes to be around people, when, you know, you leave him, he starts quaking. >> so what's a aid head for this shirt killing cutie? >> hopefully news story like this turns up its owner and we can send it back where it belongs. >> if not, we will take care of the bird until it is in good hands. >> if those good hands turn out to be ours, then that's what it will be.
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>> for now it seems the parrot in the custody of this law firm, no word at this point whether billable hours will ensue. in center city, brad satin, "fox 29 news". haha. well, night of grit and glamor, and heartwarming celebration for more than dozen very special children. the non-profit little smiles hosting its eighth annual stars ball with a little taste of hollywood. organizers rolling out the red carpet at the philadelphia marriott downtown tonight, for 13 children who have life altering illnesses. the night at the oscars event complete with a limousine ride, the biggest vip party you can imagine, and autograph session for the guests of honor. each of the special stars taking home big heart award for their bravery and their spirit. >> cute. >> to your fox 29 weather authority now, stepped outside little earlier, and boy, it was cold out there. >> little chill out there. take away the winds, get
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colder temperatures. that is what we have tonight. warmer end to the week. comes back, tries to stick around for awhile, but at least we will try to climb above 60 coming next few days, but dropping first off down into the 30's, now, 42 this morning, 51 this afternoon. little temperature range. we are right now about 43 degrees, so almost at the low of the day from this morning, easily dropping into the 30's tomorrow morning. you get that when you get the coal air coming in. it was breezy today, temperature didn't move much. but really dropping tonight, the winds dice down. with the sunshine, though, see nice warm up tomorrow. few snow flurries in there, the ultimate doppler, picked up cold air coming in, that's white snowflakes, trying to fall down into part of carbon, monroe county, but they're gone. things are clear now. it is just chill that we are talking about. big temperature range, between the city and the suburbs, dropping to the upper 20's, in millville of the about where it will stay tonight. thirty's dropping down few more degrees, down to the freezing mark north and
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western suburbs, 40's in philadelphia. flag light fluttering the breeze, light breeze out, there up to 51, low so far, 42, we hit below 42 right before midnight, that will be the low of the day, easily down below that by tomorrow morning. temperatures are into the 30's there, 7:00. this is what you are waking up to, if you get up early enough, set the alarm. stepping outside to numbers into the mid to low 30's, millville down to 39. really dropped quickly there in that part of the area. sandy soil. thirty's and below, below freezing in a few suburbs to the north and west, but quickly warms up. thanks to the sunshine, we are into the 50's by about 11:00. look what it means for kick off. up to 57. so we do get warmer tomorrow. not quite up to 60. we will be there in the seven day forecast, and slowly dropping into the mid to low 50's he is there by the end of the game. monday night, and tuesday, you have to talk about little drop, little pause in our warming trends.
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we do see thing warming up a bit there. monday night, and then by tuesday, some colder air returns. see into the 60s by monday at noon. but just to the north here, we get some cooler air coming in. so brief little pause in our warming trend, well underway monday. tuesday, we will be just little cooler. wednesday, and thursday, gets a lot warmer, but we go from partly cloudy skies to some rain, rain is coming in on thursday, and that rain will be heavy at times. you see it in the seven day forecast, into the 60s, little pause there, on tuesday. and right back to that warming trend wednesday. thursday, rainy, warm, high of 67 degrees. few showers may linger on friday. and watching how this storm tries to move off the coast, if it sticks around a while, could get little cooler. may have to keep the chance of rain in. for next weekend with a high of only 56 degrees. cold morning tomorrow. >> cold morning. get up early. >> thanks so much. sean? >> the sixers still looking for their first win, trying to
11:24 pm
avoid an embarrassing zero and ten start. they had to deal with the spurs. and the temple owls always start off little slow and fine their way back in the end. this time, they're trying to overcome a 31-ten half time deficit. see if they were able to fight their way back next in sports.
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>> is a win tonight against south florida will put the owls in the american conference chip game. something plagued them all season long, that's incredibly slow start, will to fight uphill battle once again against the bulls.
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second quarter, temple losing the turn over battle. tj walker, pass, right to him. he takes it off, takes it to the five. that will was all. and a touchdown, same quarter, temple down 14-ten. now, marilyn mack straight up the middle. and look at that speed. he burst through the line, 57 yards, 21-ten. still, just pouring it on. out of the pocket. scrambles, and find mack coming across the middle. that's 20-yard td. the owls never get close after that. >> temple defense just leida egg tonight. marilyn mack, 272 total yards, three touchdowns. temple gets upset 44, 23. sixers zero and nine on the verge of losing, embarrassing start of the season. unfortunately, something we're all used to, right, because they lost their first 17 games last year.
11:28 pm
they try to put a stop to the losing today against the spurs, and, you guessed it, no shot. the spurs getting contributions from everywhere, like fast break, danny grain, bucket. that's a tray ball. that's why 13-three run. the sixers lose their tenth game in a row, 92-83. >> in carolina, flyers, hurricanes, great tribute to the people suffering in paris, and all over. this game with over time. michael with the slap shot. also, bore check, gets it in there, flyers win in ot3-two. >> the phillies didn't want to be the only team in philly not making any moves. general manager mat klentak makes first move as gm, and it is to bring in very good promising starting pitcher. the phillies acquired pitcher jeremy hellikson from the diamond backs for dan mcwilliams, not good, but
11:29 pm
they're hoping to bring him back to his old self. once rookie of the year and former gold glove winner. >> eagles look to go get over 500 for the first time this season. back at home taking on the miami dolphins. dolphins have lost two in a row, but a lot more fight, now that dan campbell is head coach. quarterback can light you up. has huge arm, crazy talent can make every throw on the field. he's on track to throwing 4,000 passing yards once again, been rough past couple of weeks. but he did have a quarterback rating of over 100 last week, you can still get it done if you let them. >> get hot quick. one of those guys, you know, if he gets rolling, can get rolling. good enough weapons, lamar miller, matthews, laundry, those guys, very good weapons on the offensive side. if he gets rolling, he is pretty dangerous. >> and temple, they rule the
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game. >> okay. >> that's is our news for this saturday night. >> ♪ now only ford offers $750 black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of ford friends and neighbors pricing. that doesn't happen every day. make black friday hassle-free with low prices ford cars, trucks and suvs. and get $750 dollars black friday bonus cash on select ford vehicles, on top of all other offers. it's an inside deal, now for everyone. hurry for a limited time, get $750 dollars black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of all other low ford friends and neighbors offers. it all ends november 30th.


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