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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> another mass shooting, what the fbi is saying about a possible motive. >> oscar pistorius manslaughter condition overturned. but why? >> and a sixers rookie suspended just as second video surface frost "tmz". reports are showing that jahlil okafor in this fight, what authorities are trying to figure out from this second video. he didn't play last night in new york. and the sixers lost to the nicks last night. >> so that was a one in a row win streak we had. >> exactly. >> and he's not going to play the next game. suspended two games. okay, a loft news to get tonight let's get right to it. >> we start with the number of the day, a lot higher than yesterday. rain pretty much out of here. cold front cleared the coast. we go with a eight out of ten.
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the thing that will be really different about today, besides the sun being out, is the wind. so, bus stop buddy, he has a nice coat on, that's warm, at the bus stop, temperatures are still in the 40's, and 50's. but the winds will make it feel little chillier than that. we have a look at some disturbances in the central part of pennsylvania, we really don't expect that to affect our weather today. we will keep an eye on t clouds are lingering, we have 49 degrees in the city, 15-mile an hour winds, good news, the fog is gone. that's not an issue. sunrise is official at 7:05. so there you see the temperatures, 40's and 30's to the north of us, but still hanging on in the 50's, in millville, atlantic city and wildwood as the chillier air moves in in the wake of the cold front. planner for today, plan on sunday shine and winds gusting to up 30 miles an hour. we will reach high of 50 degrees. but it will feel chillier than that. thanks to the wind. we'll give you the weekend forecast coming upment can't wait for the weekends, bob kelly.
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>> good morning, coming up 6:02 we call it on a thursday morning, what a difference a day makes. no wipers needed this morning. here is a live look at the blue route, 476, northbound, up near the schuylkill expressway. look out, there is a disable that's off to the shoulder. northeast philly, headed up and out there, south on 95, starting to see the brakes, brakes tap, right, there as you head in toward cottman avenue in the construction zone. and here is the benny. we can at least see it this morning, we were socked in with the fog yesterday, so what a difference a day can make. much better this morning, than we had to deal with yesterday morning. but over here in south jersey, hartford road shutdown at marne highway, for the next couple every days or so, they'll be dock some track work there, speedometer readings looking good. coming in from the suburbs, no problems 202, but if you use 422, that new traffic pattern, bun of of new ramps open upped, had half dozen accidents yesterday during the rush hour, so just pay attention as you head eastbound in toward king of prussia. mike, alex, back over to you. >> let's keep you updated from
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overnight. fourteen people dead, five people in critical condition, mass shooting? san bernardino california. >> f built investigating several possible motives including terrorism. our dave kinchen joins us now with the latest on this story, dave? >> following several developments including the names of the suspect who police say carried out this horrifying attacking called the deadliest us mass shooting since sandy hook. now this happened around 11:00 a.m. california time in san bernardino. investigators say the sus peng wore tactical gear, and used assault rifles to carry out their attack on people at a luncheon at the inland regional center. you can see, people walking out with their hand up there, being courted out by police. after the massacre inside the building, the shooters escaped in an s.u.v. that bridges us to this scene. three hours later, heavily armed cops move in on this black suv that contained the suspect who were shooting at police, investigators identifying them as syed
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farook and his wife tashfeen malik, both in their late 20's, both killed in the shoot-out, investigators say, they continue to search the home linked to the suspects, and the situation concerns resident in the neighborhood, especially after hearing allowed bang during the investigation. >> they are talking like it is possible terrorist attacks and stuff, crazy, my gosh. >> they're doing house to house search, doing blood hound search what exactly they said. and until they get the blood hunt search said they won't clear the area. >> very scary indeed. police are not saying if the mass shooting is an act of terrorism, but aren't ruling it out either. they also have not identified victims in the shooting. a quick note, former federal agent who now does training for counter terrorism tells me every workplace will now have to have a survival plan, and that every place department will have to have tactical training, asthmas shootings in his words, are becoming more apparent, as we're all seeing, guys. >> it has come to that. absolutely. >> could you check on something for me? one report said that these two
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people, man and wife, have we determined if they were man and agree. >> according to what fox is reporting. >> hey, go pro cameras strapped to their chest. >> right. they had go pro cameras, and another report that is coming out they had packed bags that were get away bags full of pipe bombs as well. authorities were also fearing that the. uv may have been booby-trapped. who else knows what else they will find at the house. >> and he had been at that luncheon with his co-workers when he got up and took off. >> holiday luncheon. >> unreal. developing out of south africa, i was really surprised when i learned this about an an hour ago, appeals court, basically their supreme court, has convicted olympic athlete oscar pistorius with murder now. the court overturned an earlier manslaughter verdict in the shooting dealt every his girlfriends reeva steenkamp back in february, in fact, valentine day night 2013. he shot her four times through a lock bathroom door. he is currently under house
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arrest after spending a year of his five year sentence in jail. pistorius will now have to return to court for new sentence to be decided. >> they have a very interesting courtesies tell there. we will talk with a attorney about it. >> 6:06. lauren with more top stories. >> sixers center jahlil okafor suspended for two games a this after newly-released video from "tmz" sports shows the rookie punching man on boston street. take a look, video released wednesday shows okay for fight wag young man after argument, see the man punched, knocked to the grounds, face ends up bloody. prominent attorney reviewed the video clip. >> if somebody didn't really get hurt here, i would be surprised if the boston pd decided to bring criminal charges. this could very well ends up like many of these things do with civil lawsuit. >> no charges have been filed yet. but boston police tell fox news they are still reviewing the video. the 6ers have apparently decided to assign security personnel to the 19 year old, when he decide to go out on the town.
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and the sixers organization making it perfectly clear, they are not giving up on okafor. in a statement, the team says it is disappoint in the the rookie, but still has fate in him. sixers say they're committed helping okafor both on and off the court. more on his immediate and long-term future in philadelphia, coming up in sports. >> there is good news this morning, for patco commuters dealing with revised schedules because of track work. delaware port officials say the work will be finish by the end of year. been nearly two years since the $103 million rehab project, first started, the upgrade to the ben franklin bridge has slowed down new jersey to philadelphia trains, that's a look at your top stories, mike and alex, back over to you. >> thank you, lauren, 6:07. more bad news here. >> tragic ends to a days long search for young mom and her three month old baby. the man accused of killing them is due in court today. we will tell you what we know more about him.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> search for mother and her three month old ends. the suspect accused of killing them both, due in court this morning. >> neidy ramirez and her three month old daughter genesis were murdered by this man, 34 year old ricardo santiago, santiago the father of one of
6:11 am
the victim's other childrenment detective found the victim's car abandoned saturday on i55. and they think the two were murdered friday night. >> it appears some sort of dispute going on. he has been charged with two count of homicide and lodged in the camden county jail on $1 million full cash bail. >> centage owe cooperating. >> genesis not his job. >> genesis was not -- >> lawmakers, move to cut back the role of the federal government. >> good morning, 11:00 this thursday, roads are drying out, from all of that rain. so, no wipers needed this morning. as we go for a ride, up and over that girard point double decker bridge. coming in toward the city. speaking of the city, let's take a live look at the ben franklin parkway. want to it get lit tonight?
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i have plenty of spots where we'll light up the trees and the christmas light, we'll run down the details, stay there, coming right back.
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>> lick rag with a, look at this lava in the sky. first time they've had activity at this volcano, momotombo in over 100 years. what a shock. >> nature is amazing, isn't it? >> really is powerful. >> boy. >> okay, we solved that. >> satellite seeing the clouds show up on saturday light. >> i'm sure it does. >> sometimes they do. so, today, we are going through some weather changes. expect gradual clearing, throughout the rest of the morning, a possible flurry or two in the pocono mountains, with another disturbance, that is off to the west. we'll show it to you in a second. twenty-five to 30-mile per hour winds out of the west, and turning cooler today. temps will mainly be in the 40's, or they'll feel like they're in the four's, with the windchill. so we have this disturbance in the central part of the state. looks like maybe a little drip or two in western berks county, and lancaster county, but some frozen precipitation
6:16 am
mixed in around harrisburg, state college. not much. mostly just some flurries flying around. but it makes life little interesting on a thursday morning. right now, temperatures are cooling down, weaver 37 degrees in mount pocono, a lot cooler than yesterday. forty-three allentown and pottstown, philadelphia 49, 42 lancaster, still, 50 in millville, wildwood. and atlantic city. but probably get cooler, before temperatures go back up a little bit again, with the sunshine. so we now have 15-mile per hour sustained winds, in philadelphia, 16 miles an hour wilmington, 22-mile an hour wind gusts as promised, winds are picking up in the wake after cold front. 26 miles an hour in dover, 24 wildwood, 20 atlantic city. see the numbers go up even more throughout the day into maybe 25, 35-mile per hour range in the higher elevations, then after dark, winds will calm down. so far we 50 degrees for today. lower 50's for tomorrow, and saturday. by sunday, we are into the upper 50's, looks like, an excellent first weekend of
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december, lot of things to do. a lot of shopping, celebrating with your family, for the first night of hanukkah sunday night, and looks like the weather is cooperating next chance of rain will be on tuesday. bob kelly? >> notice the first thing sue says when she say lots of things to do this weekend, shopping. >> the first thing out of her mouth. >> list of things to do. good morning, everybody, 6:17. live look at the roosevelt boulevard, right near fox street, the gang leaving northeast philadelphia headed on down toward the schuylkill expressway. no wipers needed today. what a difference a day can make. not only do we have the roads drying out, we don't have the fog, that socked us in yesterday, northeast philly, headed to work, south on 95, already stacked up from cottman, in through girard. schuylkill expressway, about 15 minute trip. eighteen on 95. as you head into the northeast, and those new ramps on 422, causing, catching folks by surprise, had about six accidents right here at trooper road yesterday. so pay attention as you head in and out of kop. then later this afternoon,
6:18 am
they shut down the girard avenue onramp, to g north on 95, it is all part of the next phase of construction, come on, we got some tree lighting events tonight, 5:00, rittenhouse square. also, at 5:00, the gang at east passyunk, 6:00 we light it up at city hall. but. >> this is the big night. >> i'll get lit tonight. we'll light up northeast philadelphia. come on, it is a very kelly christmas, i've been telling you about it all week long, looking for the best christmas houses all lit up, take a picture, put it out on facebook, instagram, twitter, use the #fox29lights, just like kim waters did who sent us this one all decorated. hello kate. we got the light up. not only on the roof but also the front lawn. hitting the road tonight. >> you're not going to kate's house? >> i'm not going to kate's house, i'm going a house we picked, northeast philadelphia, not just one house. >> i heard, the block. >> this is an entire block,
6:19 am
folks called the realtor and said yo when is a house going up for sale on that block? i want to live there. >> they want to be a part of it. >> they want to be a part of it, and i'll be part of it tonight. see it live tonight at 5:00 right here. >> i can't wait. it will be good, bob. >> all right, let's get over to lauren. >> 6:19 this morning, defense team for one officer charged in the death of afraid i gray disputing when the victim was actually injured. defense attorney told jurors officer william porter asked yeah if he needed medical attention. he decided against calling a medic because gray wasn't minutes g. said there was not one word about gray not being able to breathe earlier. prosecutors told jurors that gray said he needed medical help and that he couldn't breathe. democratic president a.m. frontrunner hillary clinton is calling for a federal investigation into the shooting after black teenager by a white chicago police officer. the recent release of squad car video showing the officer shooting 17 year old la kwon mcdonald in october of 2014 led to days of demonstrations in chicago and the firing of the city's police superintendent. a spokesman for clinton says
6:20 am
hillary clinton is deeply troubled by the shooting and the questions surrounding it. the u.s. attorney's office in chicago has said it is actively investigating this case. >> lawmakers move to cut back the role that federal government plays in education. the house approving a bill that essentially rewrite no child left behind. the legislation would put an ends to academic standards like common core, student would still have to take annual at the time cents, but state would get control over how the result are used to scrutinize society schools and teachers. senate is expected to vote on it early neck week. president obama is expected to sign t that's a look at your top stories, mike and alex. >> all right, down to dc, white house, lawmakers on both state and local levels want to reform our nation's criminal justice system, too many people in jail. >> today law make letters meet to discuss it and on their list is bail reform. so here if philadelphia, mayor-elect jim kenney has already set a goal to cut the jail population by a third, over the next three years. in philadelphia, more than 7800 men and women are sitting in over crowded jails.
6:21 am
three quarters of them are awaiting trial under jail system that some say no longer works. >> all right, should guns be allowed at nfl games? you know, with three world events, and he was just yesterday, have some of us wondering is that a good idea. now, one national group is asking the league to re-think the rules. lottery numbers.
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>> the seven 6ers have nor problems than just a terrible basketball team that the organization really wants to see lose. their number one draft pick, jahlil okafor suspended by the team for two games. we know about having a gun to his head, driving 108 miles per hour on the ben franklin bridge, and the fight in boston a week ago. oh, there is more. second video came out yesterday, by "tmz", and it is graphic, get ready, of another fight down the street from the first one a week ago. this was really nasty. screaming, yelling, okafor about to get in the car but would not walk away, and went after the guy. physical, blood, on the streets in this one. i don't think two games to nothing, maybe the nba will also add onto. that will oh, off the win, only win two night ago,
6:25 am
actually, this is bad. this is just bad. seventeen points, ten rebounds, four blocks, sixers lose it 97 to 85. that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. >> security protocol at us sporting event, is coming under some question now, the country's top police union, now wants the nfl to lift its ban on handguns at nfl games. >> the national fraternal order of police says off-duty cops are the best bet for stopping a terrorism attack, inside a stadium. letter sent to the league last month, the union said, well attended venues in areas are being deliberately targeted by radical killers, do not intend or expect to survive the assault. idea needs some tweaking though. >> we all recognize we're in dangerous times, in harnessing leveraging, offer duty
6:26 am
resources, police departments, is a great idea, but it has got to be ruled out correctly. >> the decision to ban guns at nfl games was made prior to the 2014 season. the union has also sent letters to both the cleveland browns, and cincinnati bengals. >> we'll have to see where that goes. >> okay. >> considering everything that happened yesterday. >> i doubt that change happens any time soon. we'll see. let's check in with steve on a locally developing story. hey, steve? >> well, mike, we're outside the cumberland county jail where the latest star inmate, if you want to call him that, has seven-figure price on his head in terms every bail. we'll tell you why.
6:27 am
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>> what investigators are now saying, about the suspects. and scary moment for a local 12 year old boy, walking home from school. police say, a man tried to abduct him, how a quick thinking move may have saved his life. >> local mother sioux a local insurance company. what she needed for her baby and how she got her way. >> good day, it is thursday, december the third, 2015.
6:30 am
>> if you're going to the poconos, might be in the 50's, 60s? >> no. you're right, it is probably too mild for snow, it might get cold enough to make some snow, at night, so you'll get that feeling anyway. >> forty's, 50's, it is breezy, it is chillier, in your weather by the numbers, yesterday, was four, we'll double that, gave you a eight today. much better looking eventually. we still have some clouds lingering, and we have tiny bit of precipitation, in lancaster county and berks county way out to the west, but if your seeing anything probably just few drops of rain, clouds are lingering from yesterday's cold front. >> winds are at 15 miles an hour, sustained, we have higher gusts out there this morning, so, that will be the other big difference that you
6:31 am
notice, to pick up in the winds. so we have 37 degrees in mount pocono, 40's, just to the south of that, including philadelphia, and then we are at at ooh in millville, wildwood, atlantic city, new jersey, 46 wilmington, delaware, that's your wacking out the door temperature, your planner for the day, looks like decent afternoon. blustery, though, with the winds, gusting up to 30 miles an hour at times. chillier evening, and sunset happens at 4:36 p.m. common first day of winter, sews though days can start getting longer, bob kelly. >> for sure. 63:00; good morning, everyone, live look, we say good morning to the benny. coming in toward philadelphia. definitely hold on to the wheel. you will feel the car rocking from the wind this morning. and speaking of the winds, this is what i saw last, yesterday, when i drove home. i don't know whether they got into my eggnog or whether i didn't tie them down properly, but this is what you are your front lawn ornaments will look like if you don't tie them down with mother nature kicking the winds up later on
6:32 am
today. 422 eastbound you work your way in toward king of prussia. ninety-five, normal delay southbound, but later this afternoon, they'll shut down the ramp to enter northbound 95. >> girard avenue. be ready for, that that's just the next phase of construction, mass transit this morning, off to good start watch the -- watch the platforms, back over to you. >> stop story and the country, at least 14 people dead connected to the mass shooting in san bernardino, california, many people still in the hospital wounded, five in critical condition. >> police still don't have motive. >> this morning learning more about the suspect and when they were doing leading up to
6:33 am
the attack. >> married couple, dave. >> that's right, mike and alex, good morning to you, married couple what authorities are telling us, also, that this husband and wife team that they left behind three pipe bombs, they murdered so many people, sources also telling fox news, that the suspect gave the young child over to family member to a shooting to go to doctor's point: now here's how all this played out. shooting happened around 11:00 a.m. >> carried out people, walking out with police. now after the massacre, suspects got away in an s.u.v. three hours later, heavily armed cops move in on this black suv that contained the suspects who were shooting at police, authorities have identified them as syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik,
6:34 am
both in their late 20, a both killed in the shoot-out. cops say farook was county employee invited to that luncheon for a celebration when some kind of argument took place. farook's brother-in-law shared his reaction to the incident. >> i just cannot express how sad i am for what happened today. i mean, condolances to the people who lost hear life. and very sad that people lost their life, and victims, i wish speedy recovery to them, and, again, i'm in shock that something like this could happen. >> you can see police moving in on neighborhood believed to be where the suspect lived. sources also telling fox news that the suspect wore go pro cameras on their body armor as they carried out the attack. they are conducting joint investigation, as authority, to try to determine if this case is linked to terrorism. council on american islamic
6:35 am
relations also condemning the shooting, guys. >> at the conference you just showed us, the organization, called care. >> just amazing we learn more about the suspect, the fact that they were married and they had six month old babe. >> i yes. >> just came back from maternity leave, paternity leave. >> why did the couple think they would ever see the child again? because they would get killed. unreal. search for vineland mom and her baby daughter, three month old, ends in heart break. >> the suspect accuse in the their murder is due in court today. and steve, learning a lot more about the family this morning. >> necessary bridgeton. >> reporter: i checked out some court document, overnight, and limited but some new information, since yesterday. and you can see, really, these gusty wind, sue was warning everybody about, blowing on the flag pole in front of the courthouse down here in cumberland county. among new court documents, we may see, and learn about later in this afternoon in court, confession, those affidavits that may include the autopsy result, to maybe learn how the
6:36 am
mom and baby were killed, and may finally learn why ricardo santiago felt the need to kill a 12 week old baby girl, who obviously would never be a witness until police anything about him though through the only arrest documents, so far, we learned, he killed neidy ramirez and her baby daughter hennessey in their home friday, then put their bodies in neidy's suv, drove to remote salt marsh on the banks of the cohansey river where he dumped them using neidy's suv then leaving it abandoned on route 55. santiago net had i five year old son together. he was not the father of that baby he killed. we also learned he had been arrested nine month ago, just in february, on the charge of making terroristic threats against her. so police instantly were looking at him when mom and baby vanished soon after thanksgiving. he had probably permanently vanished from the streets of cumberland county with a million dollars bail right now. and facing couple of murder
6:37 am
charges, and alex, mike, you got to wonder what was he thinking, because they had a five year old son together. soap, in a sense, he took both parent away from that little five year old boy who is now with neidy's family, and his family probably will never see the five year old boy again because neidy's family is going to court to prevent that from ever happening. >> i would think. all right, steve, that's a rough one to report. lauren? >> new this morning, police in north philadelphia investigating a homicide there. detective say shortly after 11:00 last night a 27 year old man was shot in the face and the chest near germantown avenue in westmoreland. the victim was returned to temple hospital where he later died. police do not have any suspect or motive at this time. >> a warning out to par then the morning, after the report of attempted abduction in southwest philadelphia, this case involving a 12 year old boy on his way home from school. the boy had just gotten off the bus at 58th and springfield wednesday afternoon. >> he told police a man he didn't recognize and called him out. stranger claim to go know his mother ordering the boy to go with him. well the boy says he tried to
6:38 am
escape by going the opposite direction but the man followed pursuing him quickly. the 12 year old approached a woman for help and the would be kidnapper ran away, the child and his mother spoke to fox 29 about the terrifying ordeal. we're not showing their faces to protect their identity. >> he was just chasing after me, he started fast walking. >> he was like very scared. he was really scared, crying, you know, i had to calm him down. i couldn't really get words out every his mouth but i had to calm him down. >> investigators are reviewing surveillance camera footage from businesses in the area hoping to find that man. a heads up for anyone in cumberland, dolphin, lancaster, lebanon or york counties today, exelon will be testing its siren at its 3-mile island nuclear plant. the siren will go off 12:15 this afternoon again, if you hear the siren, it is just a test, that's a look at your top stories, back to you. >> premature baby formula. a local woman wins her battle against her health insurance k it is a big company. >> her baby girl now getting the formula that she needs to
6:39 am
live. >> kathleen, actually, it is caitlin cobb err is her name, was born with serious digestive issues. that required her to eat an expensive formula. soup, do you know that? the formula costing her mother $2,500 a month. $2,500 a month. the insurance company had refused to pay for it. so, her mother launched an on line petition collecting more than 100,000 signatures from people around the country. she faxed those signatures to the insurance company. all 6,000 pages of them. >> insurance company is now hassle free, sending me the formula, which i wanted all along, not like i don't think i was asking for too much. just needed formula. so caitlin can eat. >> she came through for that little girl. caitlin's mother said she also received a phonecall from the
6:40 am
insurance company to never sends a fax like that again. please. we'll pay for your formula. 6:40. >> well, that is new dating site dedicated exclusively to helping you find your real life prince charming. >> really? >> the website described as a place to connect people who love disney characters, yep, disney characters. >> really? >> really. >> happy ever after. >> you'll be there tomorrow night. >> when you wish upon a star.
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>> are you ready? >> i was born ready. guess we're ready for you every day. we have to be. 6:45 is the time. we have a look at a little
6:45 am
something on ultimate doppler radar, not the cold front came through, another disturbance, and it is couple of sprinkles, western part of lancaster county, as well. couple every snowflakes, again, all very light precipitation, to the north and the west of that. but we don't expect anything more. we had two days of rain, that was enough. 49 degrees, in philadelphia. forty-three reading. forty-seven trenton, 42 up in lancaster, down in wildwood, this morning. we have 15-mile an hour winds, in philadelphia, now, winds are shifting, changing direction, so, it is a westerly wind right now, eventually it will be chillier northwesterly wind, so watching these wind speeds, because it will be a blustery day, already seeing wind gusts, 22, 28, 26-mile per hour wind gust in wildwood. we expect gusts as high as 44 miles per hour by the end of the morning it, will stay casino of blustery the rest of the day. wind gusts between 25,
6:46 am
30 miles an hour, all the way through 10:00 tonight. winds finally calm down in the overnight hours, well after dark. the average high is now 49 degrees. we call normal, and well above normal for the past two days, yesterday's high was 06 degrees, but not going to get there today. it will be 50, so right around the norm but it will feel chillier balls of the winds, winds calm down to just breezes tomorrow. plenty of sunshine, temps in the 50's, nighttime lows in the 30's, and for the first night of hanukkah, that's a forecast worth celebrating, next chance of rain bob kelly, not until tuesday of next week. put the umbrella away. >> you got it, no need for that umbrella this morning. an accident this time around, on i-95 right before girard avenue, looks like car, tractor-trailer, in what would be that center lane here. so we are bumper to bumper
6:47 am
already from the betsy ross bridge, all the way down. again, that's south 95, right at girard. starting to see delays on the schuylkill west from the boulevard up through conshohocken. and hold on to your wheel. your steering wheel. put the coffee cup down. you will feel the winds rocking as you come across the benny, whitman, commodore barry. >> 422 bran new traffic pattern, onramp open at trooper road. pay attention working your way into or out of king of prussia through the day. mass transit, just watch it, some of the platforms could be little slippery. i hope you use outdoor extension cords when you set up your christmas decorations outside anti-them down. i want to see pictures all, every day, all the way up through christmas, we will be showing pictures of your christmas lights, all do you have do is take a picture and then post it to your facebook and, instagram or twitter, use
6:48 am
the #fox29lights. >> 106,000 light bulbs. >> around here? >> marlton new jersey. >> i love it. >> how do you get into the house? look at the roof all lit up. that's what we are looking for, and i found a spot where we're going to tonight. >> going to somebody's front lawn there is block, entire block in northeast philadelphia, fake you live. it will be a house party. >> it will be fun. >> i'll tell you what i watched last night, empire 9:00. big party from 7:00 to 11:00. >> that's right. for the fall finale, looking at leash a keys, there is lucious. >> you know the red dress she had on last night. >> you like that. >> i like her. >> what about what was going on with jamal? and then the ending? oh, do we have to wait until march to find out what
6:49 am
happens? >> yes. >> not fair. >> we met thousands. it was packed. >> it was packed t looked like such a great time too. >> i can't see because of all of the selfies we took, that's fine. >> thanks for coming out. >> a loft our friends from i heart radio were there, celebrity celebrity guest appearances a lot going on, there is bill anderson and sue serio and of course now everybody whether think see us, hey, can we dot dab with you. look at all of these people having such great time. >> are you going to dot recap? >> course we have to dot recap. >> today on the show. >> it will be coming up little laterment tweet me meantime, some of the moment you thought were big so we can talk about it and discuss my handle alex holley fox 29. or facebook alex holley fox 29. >> i am was so surprised so happy to see what will happen for the next season. just made me excited. i was not expecting none of
6:50 am
that. >> keeps you on the edge of your seat, make you want to tune in next season. >> so of course the first woman who is speaking was yaz's mother, plays hakeem, and then breezy's dad. yaz's mother will come in to discuss all that happened because her son who plays hacek he certainly had interesting role in last night's episode. >> mo'ne davis' mom, i ran into her there too. >> wonderful. i heard lee daniels' family was there. it was a great time. >> i'm sure they'll have another one, don't miss it. >> when does it start again? >> in march. so long. >> ten minute before 7:00. did you hear this actress sandra bullock is showing her new daughter to everybody. >> so her family on the cover of the latest issue of people. and in a exclusive interview with the magazine, bullock opens up about fostering, and later, adopting her three year old daughter lala. the 51 year old already a mom to five year old lewis who she adopted from new orleans, she told people she doesn't plan on marrying again, but is open
6:51 am
to the idea after committed and safe relationship. >> do you think she purposely chose this picture not to reveal what the little girl looks like? >> well maybe they want to row veal it inside the magazine, maybe we have to buy it? or maybe she wants to keep the mystery going. >> keep them protect in the. >> maybe like michael jackson and blanket? >> could be. cover blanket all the time. so much so they called him blanket. >> mike? >> some day your prince will come. >> ♪ >> so ladies looking four your prince charles, there is a new dating website dedicated exclusively to disney fans.
6:52 am
>> it is called mouse mingle. >> mouse mingle. com. the website, described itself as the place to connect people who love everything disney. and who want the same magic in their relationship. is there a bucket coy borough? subscribers. >> year disney lands opens 1955. not true really well. the site was created, by a crazy person. no, was created by a former engineer, of the disneyland railroad. out in southern california. >> she could probably only imagine, where the wedding would be, if you find someone on this site. >> disneyland, or maybe the ultimate for me, the disney cruz. you're trapped with all of these children and people wearing mickey mouse shirts, for over a week. >> but i have to admit,
6:53 am
whenever i go to disney world, it is cute to see the bride and groom, disney hat, vale coming out back. >> news director jim just pull up this website? >> he's already married, it is kind of late. >> i think he might leave his wife for this. >> so co-do it? wow. >> have fun with that. delaware county family thought their prayers had been answered, and update after almost three months of searching for butch. >> hey, philly, have you heard in good day is going seven days a week. now you can have a good day every day.
6:54 am
grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week.
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cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
6:56 am
>> looks like the kids are out rowing. >> look how fast they're going. >> looks like those two are racing. >> that's dedication. >> just don't fall in. a delaware county family thought their prayers had been answered for almost three months, they had been searching for butch, their lost chocolate lab. >> we covered their intensive is her that much began in september t went viral on social media with team louie animal rescue also helping. and yesterday, we were there, as the vet checked out a dog that looked like butch. but now much skinnier, with broken teeth. butch ran away after his human dad sean died. sean's parents had been searching for their last living link to their son since then. and what began with high hopes ended with sadness. >> i'm heart broken, but i had
6:57 am
not given up hope. we will find butch. not knowing, thinking that he is in the rain, in the elements, not eating, i worried what happened to butch. so if i could find closure that would be great. >> that dog isn't butch? >> he is someone else's dog. >> they found this dog's own here lost him a few days ago. so he's back home. and the search for butch will go on. try to help if you k you can find a link to their web page at our web page under seen on tv. >> well, 6:57. following the developments out of california this morning. where at least 14 victims are dead. following that mass shooting in san bernardino. what investigators are now saying about the suspects.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> another mass shooting in our country, 14 dead, 17 wounded, five in critical condition. the shooters killed by police, what the fbi now saying about a possible motive. >> appeals court in south africa overturning the manslaughter, new title being put on the olympic run they are morning. >> not good. what a tragic ends to days long search for a young mom and


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