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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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headlines across the world tonight. and we are staying on top of it all with team coverage. fox 29's jeff cole is live in the newsroom. he has reaction from temple university community but let's start with dave schratwieser. he was there when bill cosby made his first appearance as a defendant in criminal court, dave. bill cosby's attorney going on the offensive tonight releasing a statement saying these charges are unjustified and they believe their client will be exonerated when this case goes to court. >> bill cosby would not speak with reporters as he walked into court with his attorney in his hometown of elkins park. now charged with aggravated indies zen assault in a 2004 incident at his nearby home. >> charges today are filed as a result of new information that came to light in july of 2015. statute of limitations in this type of case is 12 years. >> reporter: do you want to
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say anything? >> 78-year-old cosby stands charged with the assault on andrea constand a former temple university director of operations for women's basketball. she contends she was inappropriately touched during one encounter at cosby's home. then drugged and sexually assaulted in another instance. >> the evidence shows mr. cosby established a relationship with the victim after meeting her through her work associated with temple university's women's basketball program. the charges say cosby gave the victim three blue pills and wi wine. she felt rubbery and like jelly. she said her vision became blurry and dizzy. she says cosby fondled her from behind, put his hands in her pants and sexually assaulted her. cosby toll the police the encounters were consensual and he never had sexual intercourse with the victim "asleep or awake". >> mr. cosby, did you drug that woman? >> when you look at the case there is a number of as specs that are undisputed.
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>> dozens of women have come forward over the years to accuse cosby of drugging and molesting them but this is the first time cosby has faced criminal charges. he face as preliminary hearing in mid january his lawyer says cosby is prepared to vigorously defend himself. >> you want to say anything, mr. cosby? mr. cosby, how do you feel, sir. >> no comment? >> reporter: now a few moments ago our chris o'connell spoke with cosby's attorney outside cosby's estate here in cheltenham. she vigorously attacked the case against him and had this to say about the charges. >> this case involves a woman and a man who had a consensual adult relationship over time. that's established in everything that is already out there in the media and what i'm hoping at least from this process is that media will actually take a cold hard look at the facts and not be swept up into kind of romanticizing the issues because of the many other base less allegations that are out there.
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>> reporter: miss presley went on to say this case comes after a heated district attorney' ra race. she noted that former da bruce castor would not file charges in this case. cosby was released on a million dollars bail after posting 10%, 100,000. he's leaving his house tonight we're told with an escort and we are also told he will be back here for preliminary hearing january 14th. iain? >> all right. dave thank. today's news hitting hard on temple campus where bill cosby was once a struggling alum. many struggling to come to terms with the criminal case. jeff cole with what people are saying. jeff? >> reporter: you can imagine the news of bill cosby's criminal charges rumbled across north philly and the temple neighborhood like a storm. shock, stunned with the words used along with a real sense of sadness. for years, temple university's
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airtight relationship with proud 1971 graduate bill cosby was great for both as cosby's troubles mounted the university like others retreated. now the relationship with the school is severed and his supports are teetering. >> i'm disappointed, you know, by him and the nouse because, you know, media can really take this thing and blow the out of proportion, but so many folks -- people coming forward, you know, just have to wait and find out what's real and what's not real. >> reporter: at the stop for the number three bus to 33rd street there was shock. debra stafford had her boyfriend on the cell. >> baby, they charged bill cos cosby. >> he said wrong is wrong. she nearly fell over. >> what's your reaction? >> i'm shocked. not bill cosby in the black history books. i'm shocked. >> reporter: the temple campus is quiet for the holiday break. but in this busy section of north philly the cosby name is near legend and for some his
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fall truly crushing. >> where is it coming from? is it true? you know, i don't kn know. it's mind boggling. >> reporter: and then today they charge him. they say it is true. >> i don't know. stunning? >> stunk. it's kind of heartbreaking, too. >> reporter: some of the folks we spoke to called cosby wanted by one of his show biz characters dr. cliff huxtable. a sign of just how well and revered he is here. in the newsroom, i'm jeff cole. iain back to you. >> inn cell, jeff, thank you we'll have continuing coverage of this story throughout the next. check our website for constant updates as soon as news breaks. other top story tonight it's official chip kelly is out as head coach of the philadelphia eagles. it's a story you heard first right here on fox 29 news at 10:00 last night. >> now many fans want to know what's next for the team? tonight we have live team coverage. sean bell is here in the studio with reaction from players.
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we begin with howard eskin live at the eagles novacare complex. you spock with chip kelly a couple hours ago. what did he have to say? >> reporter: i mean i can't share all of it because a lot of was off the record. but he did say and it could have been partially tongue and cheek he did say i'll have a job win a week. so obviously his agent is all right out there. but the eagles are also -- we'll talk more about chip coming up. the eagles are also already started the process and they started according to jeffrey lurie at his news conference today. they started it last night. today at his news conference jeffrey lurie spoke of the problem. chip kelly obviously not perfe perfect. but talking to the players today, privately, in the locker room, almost all of them respected what he did, but what does jeffrey lurie want from the new head coach? >> you got to open your heart to players and everybody you want to achieve peak performance.
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i would call it a style of leadership that values information, all the resources that are provided and at the same time values emotional intelligence. >> reporter: well, more about chip coming up later in sports. how he feels about what went down and what jeffrey lurie wants and something he said which is telling on what he thought of chip kelly as the head coach. that will be coming up later in sports. back to you guys. >> howard, thank you. offensive coordinator pat shurmer will coach the eagles sunday when they play they're final game of the season against the new york giants. jeffrey lurie says all coaches currently on the staff will be considered for the head coaching vacancy. sean bell with eagles locker room this afternoon to get reaction from the players who will be led sunday by a different voice. sean? >> pat shurmer will be the head coach. he was actually a head coach back in cleveland in 2012 for two years. he'll be leading a team that has nothing to play for and then
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let's be real. he'll be fired, gone just like rest of chip kelly's staff. sunday's game against the giants really is an audition for whoever, whoever might be here next year. chip and his system will totally be scrapped and who knows what's coming up after that. regardless, guys, just want to get back to winning. to seasons of missing the playoffs and falling to the bottom of the nfc east isn't good enough. really they just want to get back to the old days. >> i just want to be a -- get back to what i came into, you know, how coach reid was and get back to winning peer. i just want to get back to winning much that's all i care about. that's all the focus is winning. >> you heard brandon graham mention andy reid. read he had has won nine straight games with the kansas city chiefs. ooh in the playoffs. dawn, we just wish we can go back to that guy and go back to those days. >> no turning back, sean.
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sorry to say. well what a difference a few days can make in your fox 29 weather authority. a week ago we were nearing record high temperatures in the 70s. ahead of the holiday weekend. meteorologist dave warren has more on what we'll see on new year's. a lot more seasonal, dave. >> yes. that's where we are headed. we're on the way there now. it will take while to get there, but before before we see those colder temperatures come in we have to deal with some rain latest info coming in latest radar seeing light rain around lancaster and a lot of this trying to slowly push its way into the north and western suburbs. so just some light rain not that heavy soaking rain like we had yesterday a few showers are trying to develop now and they will continue to move through over the next few hours. a line developing in central pennsylvania. a lot of miss cher to our south trying to work its way up into delaware and new jersey. so here's where it is right now. computer forecast. there's that line. few showers already. over the n few hours, the line takes over and moves into the western suburbs by about
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9:00 o'clock. this will just ab period of light rain coming from west to eat. by midnight, moving through philadelphia. by tomorrow morning, it's just off the coast. so rain cleared out by tomorrow morning. patchy fog may be developing but look what we have clearing skies and some sunshine in the forecast. our item which are into the 50s right now they'll try to warm up a little bit before we really start to drop. look at those numbers in the seven day coming up. >> all right, dave, thank you. the philadelphia police department today looked back on the year in violence in the city and the results well they were mixed. commissioner charles ramsay said in a news conference that as of today, there have been 275 cases of criminal homicide in philadelphia. in 2015 that is up from last year when there were 249 cases. sexual assault has also been on the rise with four-point 5% increase this year. but robberies are down by throw point 2%. commissioner ramsay says we obviously have work to do. >> i'd like to get the numbers down even further. i think that we're capable of that as a city.
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but it's going to really take a lot of work an lot of evident. >> commissioner ramsay are still looking at motives in a lot of the vases of violence inform murder cases drugs are a common catalyst g new video release dad of shooting of 11-year-old girl back on december 14th. that surveillance video showing a man police say is the shooter running down the 700 block of luzerne street. philadelphia police say the little girl was walking home from school when she was shot in her right heel. a witness reported seeing the suspect firing shots at another man driving a car. if you know who that person is, give police a call. coming up months ago a run away blimp carve add path of destruction through pennsylvania. to night we're getting early estimates for the damage this awol aircraft actually caused. plus going above and beyond the call of duty. a new york city police officer reaching out to safe man's live. the question he asked that helped pull a stranger to safe safety.
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>> better idea of damage caused when an army surveillance blimp broke loose from maryland and glided to zen tal pennsylvania great escape happened back in objection. the army has now gotten 12 claims totaling more than $3,000 in damages blamed on that blimp. the blimp caused electrical outages as its tether hit power lines and those who occurred damage from the blimp or its tether have two years to file a claim. a new york city police officer saves a man's live in queens by asking him for a hug. the officer was christmas shopping with his family at queens center mall last week. when he heard a distraught man mum link he wanted to kill himself. the officer who was off duty at the time followed thyme balcony area where the man had one leg over a railing. there the officer began to talk to him about why he wanted to end his life. and both strangers connect he said, is it okay if i give you a hug? do you want a hug? the man replied, yes. and was taken safely by ems for evaluation. today new york's mayor is
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praising the officer's actions. >> our police officers are at the front line in so many ways inn clueing the front line of dealing with people with hem hell challenges. you did it right and we saved a life and we are all very proud of you. thank. >> new department training focuses on showing officers how they can recognize signs of mental illness, respond to such calls and helps those who are in crisis. drivers in wisconsin not too happy about what their finding older roads this week. winter storm blue through the state and crews are still working around the clock to clean up the roads workers say it took twice the amount of time it usually does to clear all that snow. finding it to be remarkablely heavy tow trucks were out trying to help drivers who attempted to brave the snow and ice filled roads. city officials say the holiday schedule and amount of snow made the cleanup process unlike years before. back to your fox 29 weather authority. no snow in site here. that is for sure. >> thankfully. >> yeah.
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clean the rain off the roadways heading here tonight. that will be what we're dealing with here tonight the temperatures are actually warming up a little bit approa approaching rain pulling up warmer air from the south. so stay right about where they are now. which is above freezing this will be all rain overnight tonight. a few showers coming down rain roared in lancaster working its way in chester county. heavier rain just west of dover all of this will try to work its way up from the south. we have this line of approaching ahead of that is what's pulling up the warm air. colder air coming in tomorrow. let's deal with the rain first much this where it is now. timing of this is not much happening now about 7:00 o'clock maybe a light shower. bit more widespread about eight or 9:00 o'clock if you're out tonight from west to east moving through starting 8:00 o'clock. midnight it's clearing out. maybe some patchy fog will develop behind this before that wind picks up and clears everything out. this is what we have tomorrow morning. skies will be clearing up. the visibilities, though, this is the fog developing 4:00 in the morning if you're up early
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you'll see that patchy dense fog. but it quickly clears out tomorrow. we're talking about sunshine. haven't seen that in few days. sunshine is here that. will push these temperatures up a little bit. we have the cold air coming in from the west. that wind picks up. but that sunshine will do its job and warm the temperatures up a bit to about 50 by 1:00 o'clock but then as the sun sets we get ready for the new year, the cold wind takes over and our temperatures drop. 30s by midnight tomorrow night as you're saying happy new year. it's a cold one out there. that will be the coldest part of the day upper 30s. from philadelphia north maybe about 40 in millville. now the weather pattern we're talking about it's stuck. when you get in situation like this high pressure over low pressure does not really change much and that means for us we're seeing this cold northwest wind develop new year's day, saturday, sunday, monday, even tuesday, so our temperatures are dropping throughout the day tomorrow. midnight we're about 39. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, gets a little colder could see other cold of shot
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area coming in monday not even hit 40 and that may come with a few snow flurries. so some fog developing to night or tomorrow morning. clearing out with sunshine. it's breezy by 6:00 o'clock. happy new year colder, 39 degrees. that cold air sticks around while. a breezy day new year's day especially in the afternoon so wind could be picking up 20, 25 miles an hour. sun to clouds on saturday. little more clouds on sunday. now monday another shot of cold air that wind picks up there could be a snowflake or two coming down. 35 and 39 with lows into the teens. the wind will die down. that's what let that temperature really drop in the morning. so we have bright sunshine. it's only around very very very early 19 and jumping up to 35. >> haven't seen those temperatures in awhile. >> no. >> in the teens. >> the teens. >> i wish it was. >> all right. let's get out to howard eskin live at the novacare complex. what's coming up in sports, howard?
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you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. >> it was a clear and important decision that had to be made. >> eagles chairman and ceo jeffrey lurie made the decision yesterday actually. chip kelly after three seasons is out. the search for new head coach jeffrey lurie says has begun immediately when talking about a successor the guy he wants to replace chip kelly well there were some indirect shots from
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jeffrey lurie at chip kelly. >> i go back to peak performance. if you want to have peak performance, you got to have tremendous collaboration, trust, respect, um, smartness, agility. you got to have a lot going for you to achieve peak performance in leadership. and so, you know, that was the decision was made to -- to move on with a new leader as a head coach. >> search jeffrey lurie indicated has begun immediately. he's begun to contact candidates but the new leader the new head coach will he have sam bradford as his starting quarterback? sam is unrestricted free agent after sunday's game with the new york giants. he indicated last saturday after the game with the redskins he would like to stay here but sam bradford also indicated today well let's say and see who the new boss is. >> i still enjoy the guys on this team, you know. i enjoy the city. i enjoyed my team here.
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obviously i think a lot of it depends who they hire and what type of offensive system he wants to run. >> i think it will be a current coordinator in the national football league i think it will be an nfl guy. i think jeffrey lurie kind of learned a lesson here it will not ab college guy who takes over as his new head coach and as far as personnel, yes, jeffrey lurie says he will hire a general manager but it will be a collaboration of new head coach the general manager and howie roseman retains his title with personnel and director of operations for this football team. so he will continue to be a part of the decisions. a fascinating 24 hours for the philadelphia eagles, and oh, by the way, a football game to be played sunday against the new york giants up in north jersey. guys. >> by the way. >> oh, yeah. >> details. >> tom, thanks a lot. >> and what will the weather be like for that game. >> it will feel like it should this time of year a little colder. wind coming in this weekend before we see that colder breeze
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come in we'll see a little more rain. light rain coming down around lancaster that line will move through around harrisburg, trying to pull up moisture it is pulling up warmer air. temperature may climb a few degrees before this moves through. once this clears out and moves through, it will be clearing overnight tonight. it looks like about eight or 9:00 o'clock we see this moving through and midnight it clears. still some dense fog when you wake up it will quickly clear out. it gets cold. we need our umbrellas if we're heading out tonight. >> tonight you need them, yes. >> thank you, dave. be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. beating the odds. doctor toll this baby's family he would probably never leave the hospital. now, home and approaching his second birthday the one thing his parent can't control that is their biggest fear and how you can help. >> and that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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bill cosby. his shocking surrender to police. >> mr. cosby! >> mr. cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault. >> the warrant issued for his arrest. >> he faces 10 years behind bars if convicted. then, first video. the affluenza teen on the run in mexico with his mom and their swanky $400-a-night hideout before moving to this flop house. plus, new year's eve terror concerns, and behind the scenes at the party of the year. >> it's so secretive. and trump force one. >> try not to trash the woodwork. >> doubling down on the clintons. >> she wants to accuse me of things and the husband is one of the great abusers of the


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