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tv   Fox 29 News Special  FOX  January 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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how is it going. >> i'm annie yu. >> i'm alex holey. let's talk 2015. incredible year get right to it with the top 4tv moments of 2015. check this out. ♪ first up, empire returned for it's second season bringing out the biggest stars in the business. alicia keys, marissa thome and chris rock. no one is c out shine cookie as the fan favorite. >> who you think you're talking to? >> where the hell is putin? somebody not being fired presidential candidate donald trump hosted saturday night live in early notify and brought snl they're highest rating since 2012. >> i knew this was going to happen. >> when i say donald trump and snl people say -- >> stupid. >> hilarious. >> ratings. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> how does president kanye west sound? well at the mtv video music awards kanye west
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announced he'll be run fog president in 2020. what? >> impossible. >> huh. >> laugh. >> unreal. i have something to tell you. >> finally, tv golden age beyond networking cable. netflix and amazon maybing their mark on the emmy awards. netflix and -- >> chill. >> chill. >> chill. >> we all know that netflix and chill means more than just chilling. >> it means you're a little busier than that. >> i agree. let's get right tomorrow pair one of the greatest shows on television right now. why is this show so popular? i think it's the shock and the awe. i don't want to miss a second of it every week. >> you never know first of all who will show up plus you never know what they're going to say. it's always something new and different and you're thinking i can believe they just went there. >> there's a lot of shocking moments but it's also bringing a lot of important issues in every day conversation. it's a hot topic in the water cooler and you know in a day where we have a lot of reality television, pretty much a lot of the tv we see on networks and stuff is about reality tv.
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i feel like this show is really hitting home with some of those topics and real reeling those viewers in. people want to see real things. real family issues, real fights, real financial issues. prison, sex, everything this show is tackling. >> you never want to miss it live either because if you dvr and get to work at the water cooler everyone spoils anything. you can do not do. >> you will miss out. you won't know what everyone is talking about. you have to stay in. another person we're thinking about donald trump because he also is someone you can't miss what he's saying. he's coming out and always a biggest headline good biggest ratings of s inform l since 2012 when he hosted back in november. incredible -- the idea of being there but the show itself i thought was kind of boring at times. hotline bling thing was kind of funny. why is he sole polarizing? what is it about him that's so polarizing. >> because he speaks his mine. at the end of the day this man is making people think. thinking critically about these real issues that affect you and me. >> annie also making them angry, too. a lot of people are upset -- >> he's definitely link roughly
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link feathers. no matter where you call on the political aisle this man is a genius in marking hip self, self promoting but really bringing up those issues that we are going to care about and you know i think that there is a real possibility he could be the nominee but if he isn't, if he doesn't win the presidency, i think that people some people out there might think he's already won because he's getting our country to talk. >> he's the brilliance. it doesn't matter what happens he's genius marketer if he does lose the election, he goes back to being billionaire. he can say whatever he wants. it doesn't matter way says. >> he doesn't lose at all the fact that he's running for president i think a lot of us thought wow but there were a lot of moments in 2015 that made us say wow. let's check them out. ♪ america's favorite dad. a legend in philadelphia. and now when people think of h him. >> sad. >> troubled. >> womanizer. >> bill cosby shocked everyone as woman after woman after woman came forward accusing him of rape.
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what? next up you may not know her by name -- >> rachel dole will he czar. >> who the heck is that? >> i don't know who that is. >> can't help you. >> you know that face and that hair. >> rachel dolezal a local naacp. p chapter president forced to resign after she lied about being black. there's charlie sheen a very personal announcement he made on life tv that no one saw coming. he's hiv positive. >> girls, ooh get it. >> what about caitlyn jenner. that vanity fair cover and that sexy corset was a wow moment. she showed everyone her true self in 2015. wow! and she look really good while doing it, didn't she. >> i'll never forget i was in meeting going through my phone on twitter looking at photos and this image popped up of this woman on this cover wow she's really beautiful. kept going. had no idea it was caitlyn jenner until i read the article right aft it. >> we sought transformation happening on keeping up with the
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kardashians. i am hooked to that show. i've watched him throughout the year went saw the subtle hints. nail polish, the cheek bones, the chiseled look and the hair growing we saw these subtle hints and then when the big reveal happened, i think a lot of people were kind of like, okay, it's caitlyn jenner. we kind of saw this happening. >> this is the real her much here's the thing i can't accept still. bill bee. he is my dad. something hard forme to accept. >> i have hard time. i think the show itself is tainted. i cannot watch that show any more. i love the show. i can't watch it. >> it's too much for me. >> we all grew up with bill cosby. they said you have to separate bill cosby from cliff huxtable. to different people. >> i can't. he's on the forefront of the show. >> i think if you are bill cosby's wife i'm sure she's asking herself, who is this man that i've been married to all these years? if you're a fan you're questioning that as well. who is bill cosby? who is this dad that i've seen growing up? >> when it comes to cam mill i think maybe she did know. i mean that was her hub. >> maybe. >> you know what he's doing. >> how long did you know that's the big question? that's insa
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insane. my movie moments are coming up next on akd2015. >> next the stories that gave me hope and inspiration and many of you out there. >> before we debt to the break we have to take a look at the top viral videos of 2015. >> patti! ♪ >> watch me whip, watch me nae-nae. >> when you've been blessed feels like heaven. hmm. hmm. hmm. >> you used to call me on my cell phone late night when you need my love, call me on my cell phone late night when you need my love. i know when the hotline bling.
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♪ love this song. listen to it all the time when i drive around singing at the top of my lung. >> i love it too. it maxi me cry every single time. >> it's a girl power song. >> i sing this and taylor swift all the time. >> certainly a lot of dark moments this year but a handful that gave me hope and inspiration. here are four. ♪ first up pope fran situation affect natalie known as the peoples pope made the most of his time in the u.s. by blessing babies and taking selfies. hundreds of thousands from across the country gathered in hopes of catching a glimpse of the catholic leader. i am 100% cancer free and in complete remission. the best possible news for
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the first grown governor larry hogan of maryland. >> super hero, isn't miracle. saved. >> from personal battles to personal moment that went viral a father in paris explaining to his young son what happened during the recent terrorist attacks. (speaking foreign language) ♪ and finally, a pop princess a mission. tailor swift empowers the lives of women across the globe and sends out strong message of girl power. >> you go taylor swift. >> go, girl. >> amazing. >> i love me some taylor swift. she's young and she started organically and she's so humble. what i love about her she continually gives back to her fans. >> you're right. she's not just about her. i like the fact she has squad it shows girl power all my friends can come in, all be amazing at the same time.
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>> simply walks away from slow motion explosions pretty well that was a good slow-mo walk. that was a michael bay walk. >> nailed it. for one she's not singing about break ups and boy an themselves it's all about girl empowerment. i think that society growing up for me, feminism the word feminism i always tied to, you know, women hate men or something negative. but i think this is her way of sticking to her young fans the next generation that, hey, this is about equal rights. equal opportunities. standing up to yourself, standing up for yourself rather having a back bone and really like shaking the haters off because it's going -- there's going to be trolls everywhere. >> it's important you say that,, too the songs are so good. if you make great music that's catchy but also put important messages in them that's the best route to go. >> she has the power to reach millions and millions of young lives. especially females. >> that's so true. also men. >> i love it. >> kev is an exception. speaking of -- >> i shake it off all the time. >> pope francis my goodness when
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he came to the u.s. he was like a rock star. i loved it. >> he is a rock star. i think a lot of people can relate to him because he's always in with the crowd. he was a nightmare for secret service. i was out there and there were tons of security service details, and he was the unexpectable pope. like he had these unexpected moments where he bent the rules and took selfies with children. you know he blessed babies. he was blessing rosaries and all these moments, and i think people love that he's just with the common people. >> all people because it's not just people who are catholic. >> exactly. >> all people from all religio religions. everybody was staning in line trying to get a glimpse of pope francis. >> when he was here in d.c. you felt a different aura in the a air. you step outside in the streets of dc, people were friendly. people were excited. >> but that moment on constitution avenue when he was going down and that young girl ran out, he allowed her to come up to him and it was the most incredible that to me was the moment i was just blown away. >> yes. >> it was positive vibes. a lot of stories this year that have been very down, and everything felt positive.
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>> that's true. >> that time when he was in d.c., philly and new york, the whole week just felt really go good. >> he made john boehner cry. let's not forget about that moment. >> he always cries. >> i was like, oh, my gosh that was a really touching moment because it shows he's real and he had a moment just like the rest of us. >> right. >> you know. i loved it. ♪ >> star wars the force awakens is finally out. i'm geeking out about star wars and more films from this 2015 coming up next. >> but as we go to break we'll talk about the fact that 2015 forced us to have some difficult but necessary conversations around the din are in table. ♪ for the girl scout meeting...
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♪ star wars the force awake ken is finally in theaters everyone is talking about it. it will be the biggest movie of all time. 30 years after return of the jeddi take place. jj abrams directs this movie. john williams score absolutely up credible. he did scores for et and jaws. john boy ya, harrison ford is back. mark hamil is back, cary fisher is back. >> you are freaking out right now. >> nerd tears. >> there's no doubt in our minds people are looking forward to this. i know in your words it's an epic movie of all time.
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>> look at the light sabres. should we feel bad that we're not really getting it. >> yes, you shall feel bad. you don't get it. >> i'm a lazy star wars fan. i'll go see it. i'll take my time. >> casual star wars fan. >> look at bb8. >> we get the idea. we get the references. >> i know the music. >> we know how much it means no your life and millions of people. >> it means everything to me. >> i personally probably will wait until it comes out -- >> don't say that. i can't do a with you if you'll wait until dvd. >> we are doing it. >> you're to the doing that. i had a chance to sit down with han solo himself mr. harrison ford he took me back to the 70s were he first work on off to the millennium falcon his ship incredible this is what he had to say about him and chewbacca. check it out. >> when chew ba today and i first went into the cockpit, he wasn't able to get into his seat because he's 7 feet, what, 4-inches tall. >> yes. >> and, um, wearing that costu
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costume. so the first thing they had to shift his seat around and he was -- you'll never see hit get into his seat. >> oh, wow. >> in the original film. because he can't do it. >> i was in nerd heaven there. i really really was. >> i feel like 2015 was the year resurrect franchises we also know that creed also came out and that pick that back. >> i went to the movie to see creed with your boyfriend i didn't tell you about it. >> michael b jordan. >> i d his parents were there. it was awesome. >> i was thinking about handsome harrison ford is. >> he still looks great much he's in his 70s. he looks amazing. jurassic world the reason i'm bringing this up jurassic world had the highest opening of all time. $208.8 million dough mess klee. can star wars beat that? >> you know it will. >> of course it will. there's no -- absolutely no question. but jurassic world is big movie because it nostalgia factor like star wars mull pell generations involved in that franchise. that's why the movie -- >> i saw the first one will i be
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impressed thoroughly impressed. >> jurassic park destroys this movie. spielberg pog pogs movie was muh better. >> at least they made the money. >> made ton of movie. huge movie this year as well. >> straight out of compton. >> straight out of compton. when that first came out nwa oh my goodness it stayed number one in the movie theaters for weeks and weeks and i was not mad about at it all. >> it was movie that spoke to the time given though it was taking place years ago it felt very relevant today and the no vaseline scene with o'shea jackson, jr. ice cube's son playing himself. did he a phonal job much this movie penn straighted i don't know its targeted audience you saw a lot of people going to it. the young, and older. >> i went there and i saw, upping, two older women, elderly senior citizens watching this movie. i was impressed that they were in the theater with me. but i walk out of there with a better knowledge but also what we're going through in today's time. although this happened years ago, we can still connect it to
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what's going on in today's society. >> history repots itself. >> the music is so time less. >> these issues are alive when it comes to racism and hiphop culture and what the stigma is on the hiphop culture. >> jason mitchell who play each seat deserves an academy award nomination. he was phenomenal. >> ice cube's son did really good job. i agree. >> he wanted everyone to know i trained for his this. >> he i was digged. >> not because of my daddy. >> he i was digged for the role. our favorite moments of 2015. this will be really good as we go to break some heartbreak for the celebrity couple this year. take a look at who called it quits. we'll be right back.
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favorite moments of 2015. mine has to be ryan seacrest at children's national. he opened up seacrest studios there for the patients to be able to broadcast television and radio shows and when he first up to me in the interview he repe repeated made james bond specter review to me from that morning he must have been watching our morning show. >> of course he was. he knew everything. he knew what time i saw it and it was incredible. most important al little boy standing there who was patient the children's national and ryan seacrest was interviewed by him. check this us. >> look howable you are with that mike. you got it down. ask him a question. interview him. this is your first interview ever. >> you're trying to take my job, aren't aren't you. >> no. >> that's why you came. what do you think about what's happening here today. >> i think it's amazing. ryan seacrest being interviewed by one of the patients at children's national. did he great job. amazing work. he's going to be a future interviewer i know it. >> that's fantastic. my favorite moment was covering the baltimore riots, of course, it's a big story for 2015 but
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really the tone sort of changed when i got the word that wale our very own d.c. wale. >> love this story. >> was going to be there. >> he just landed in baltimore to visit some kids at frederick douglas high school and these were kids that were actually taking part in some of the rioting, the looting. they were angry. a lot of emotions running high in the city. and so wale decided look i saw this on tv unfold. i'm going to go there myself and talk to these children about, you know, what they were going through. so my moment was the build up when he had just landed. take a look. >> i'm on the edge of my seat when this happened. >> wale, do you remember me? >> yes. producer from fox5. remember? >> howing do. >> we were chilling in the green room you were right here in d.c. >> yes. >> what bring you here? >> my guy right here jamal bryant. >> jamal. >> the kids of baltimore. >> is he going to stop? it was the moment where he said yes, because before he had visited our studio and so it was kind of one of those life moments that, you know, you never knew what was going to happen. >> incredible. >> you never know on life tv for people who know me they know i
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love music and to dance. one of the best songs in my opinion and the first lady michelle obama agrees was up town funk bruno mars and mark, brought it they loved it so much i became bruno mars. >> ♪ >> i don't think anyone was expecting me to dress up like bruno mars and do this video. >> that's not bruno mars. >> no. oh, my gosh. >> we found the exact clothes we shot out frame for frame. everybody came together and made you feel good you dance danced u laughed. >> mark ronson because it's actually his song bruno mars is featured on it he actually tweeted me and was like alex i love this. shout out to philly. so cool. >> amazing. one of the best videos i've ever scene in my life. i watch it 30 times here in d.c. >> great. so alex and i actually have another favorite moment of 2015. our very own kevin mccarthy -- kevin i can't believe you didn't mention this. >> what? >> you got engaged. >> oh, i forgot about this. >> that's a big moment. >> i got engaged. i forgot about this.
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yes, i did. my beautiful -- i had no idea we were doing this. it's a surprise. my beautiful fiance' were in disney world it took me a month and had a half to plan this out. high to lie to her for a month and half. she was crying. i can believe we're doing this. >> you don't think your life is over because it's your favorite movie. >> nightmare before christmas a movie her and i love together so much. that was awesome. i didn't know we were doing th that. >> we got you. >> i love you guys. >> that was awesome. >> i think we can say it's been a great 2015. >> here's to you guys. i love you guys so much. it's an honor to be on this show together. i love you more than anything. >> cheers to wonderful holiday and fantastic 2016. >> we'll see you guys soon. >> cheers again. >> here we go. >> aka2015, maybe. whoops. all over my pants. ♪
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. happening right now a frantic search to find a missing boy. family, friends and emergency officials are spending this new year's trying to bring this five-year-old home safe. good evening, everyone, happy
6:00 pm
new year. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. it's a nightmare start to 2016 for family in allentown after their little boy who has autism vanishes. fox 29's jeff cole reports with falling temperatures and authorities telling us the little boy is not appropriately dressed. every second counts. >> reporter: the young boy has been the focus of aggressive search since late last night. police have gone door to door and they pressed both dogs and drones into this search. volunteer search and rescue team launched a drone with a camera on board in a dire search for the five-year-old autistic boy. >> he's amazing. bare foot, no coat and only a shirt and sweat pants for warmth jahlil vega slipped away from east side allentown new year's party his parents attended last night. last seen at 11:00 p.m. on the street, he ran from a neighbor. >> he loves to climb.


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