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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  January 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EST

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week 17 of the national football league season, and from the eagles it is old langsyn, season that started with the dreams of the superbowl. but, ends today, with the reality after long, off-season ahead. >> i hear people say, oh, man, we got fog to play for here. go out you say you want to, get hit in the mouth. >> today trip up the turnpike to meet an old friends, the new york team packing for the off season, as well. >> important that we leave with a bang. >> misery loves company. and sam and the eagles need eli and the giants incites, analysis.
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fox 29 game day live starts right now. >> fox 29 game day live brought to you by toyota. you are looking at met life stadium where they've already got the music playing here at east rutherford, new jersey, where this afternoon the eagles and the giants, they're going to finish the season that both of them would like to forget. >> and good morning, welcome to fox 29 game day live, i'm howard eskin. and before we get into the nuts and bolts of really not as much the game as the future, and what's happened, let's listen, i mean, it was an interesting, interesting, and unbelievable week this week, jeffrey lure when he made the announcement said a lot of interesting things about the firing every chip
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kelly. let's go back and take a listen to that. >> a clear, important decision that had to be made. >> this was three year evaluation, three year evaluation of where we're heading, what is the trajectory, what is the progress or lack thereof, and what did i anticipate for the foreseeable future, and that's why the decision was made. >> and we're here with dave spade areao and jeffrey lurie, listening, three teams that i know that far have very strong interest in chip kelly. that always happens when regardless cha you think about him, i think he made some mistakes, we will talk about, that there are three teams that are very strongly interested, and it wouldn't shock me, dave, if chip kelly
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is coaching on the opposite side line against the eagles here next season. >> i know that chip kelly won ten games, first two seasons, a lot of people around the league think highly of him. good luck to chip kelly, and the eagles are obviously very much involved in their coach search, as well. >> all right watch do you think about the things, and what jeffrey lurie brought out publicly on his decision? >> i think the key word was projectory, and his ability to talk to the players and get feedback from them, and where he thought the program was going, and it shocked all of the players, reacted complete state of shock, finding out on the internet, among other places. i think jeffrey lurie really dug in and did his homework and found out what was going on with the philadelphia eagles. >> i don't think it was a rash decision. let me just, again, state the story in meet that didn't go the right way. that's when it happened.
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>> the espn story that said, women, he would not relinquish the general manager's duty, and that wasn't true. jeffrey lurie just from the things that i've been told, i think made the decision at least two, three weeks ago, but the player, players are an interesting breed. one guy came out and rid sized chip kelly. why? >> first of all, ultimately the players understands that it is because of their lack of success on the feel, that's why chip kelsey no longer here. ultimately the players feel a high level of responsibility for this season going down the way it has gone down. so, now, you are looking at guys, just want to get paid next year. they want to keep their jobs, whether here or somewhere else. quickly transition out of shock from the firing every chip kelly to how am i going to play well on sunday and put more of my good plays on tape for somebody in the nfl to notice. >> yes, you would think they
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would do that, jaylen watkins, you think looking for a job, he's not going to be active today. he'll bailout. and i think because he got burned by beckham the last time? >> you'll see some younger players today, quite possibly, danzel rice, randall, cornerback, steven the linebacker might get couple of rems. i don't know the jaylen watkins story, you can enlighten me on that. he seems like a young kid who wants to play football, has played pretty well the last few weeks, and wants to get more time on the field. >> you know, you hear the story, resume putting stuff on tape. interesting side light to the lay, we felt the friction between chip kelly and howie roseman in the front office. malcolm jenkins said he reached 20 fuse. >> right. you are supposed to focus on your job, not allow anything else outside of the lockerroom affect you. >> i'm sure they didn't but look, lane johnson seems very aware of waist going on in the city of philadelphia. maybe he just got caught up in
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him. >> dave will be back with us, lets guess back to the studio and sean bell. >> reporter: yes, certainly all a mess. >> this team is definitely going to get blown up next year, regional manager, new coach, whole new direction. missing the playoffs. things so bad for most of the year. you new something like this was going to happen. that something was firing chip, the guys were pretty surprised at the timing of it all, though, and that's the subject of today's cover story. >> cover story by mazda. >> do you worry about job security at all? >> no, not good enough, not good enough. i don't think anybody in my situation would tell if you they are worried about getting fired they should have already been fired. >> it looks like chip actually
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should have been worried about getting fired after going 26 and 21, chip wasn't even allowed to finish his third season, with just one game left in the season, chip was sent packing, and then left us all in shock. >> i would say the surprise factor, you know what i mean, that we had really good practice yesterday, broke us down after practice, and, you know, everything was normal. for it to happen last night, it just kind of surprised everyone. >> one of those things where you -- i wasn't really -- i was surprised, but i was just like -- >> man, it is what it is. >> most of the players found out just like the rest of us on the phone, from a friend, or just like watching it. v. >> season has been train wreck, everyone knew something was going to happen.
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but nobody new it would happen like this. >> surprised they did it when they did it. i wasn't thinking about necessarily last night, so, you know ... >> pat surround had your will be the interim coach versus the giants. he'll likely be fired, too, along with the rest of chip kelly's coaching staff. >> totally different next year, so everyone has to go out and proof their worth. >> our guys will be ready to go out and win this game. one thing about it, you know, all focused on winning this game, playing for each other, going out, you know, last time together. so planning ongoing out, you know, with a win. >> here with us, like every week, gatti cobb, garry cobb
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everyone knew it would be, but chip kelly to be fired with just one game left. what's your reaction when it happened, how it happened? >> surprised happened this early. i wasn't surprised he got the heave hoe. because he wasn't on page with his players, and that's where the trouble was starting. and jeffrey lurie was looking no this halfway through the season. he was also had somebody out looking for candidate. so you casino of new something was up. jeffrey lurie was not on board with chip kelly pretty much most of the season. >> first statement was communication with the players all of the players that leave have something to say about what happens between them and chip. so, i want you to take a quick listen to what malcolm jenkins had to say on thursday. >> on the team that he can use to be, you know, to get feel for the pulls of the lockerroom, to be the voice of lockerroom, and i don't think he utilized that enough, or
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pro-active enough to really connect to the players. >> gary, you have to be able to talk to your players. you can't have that total block, i understand you're head coach. tell us about from your perspective as former player what it does when you're not able to go in, talk to the coach, and just awkward situation. >> it was a major problem probably number one reason he is the knot the coach any more. coach kelly lost the players in the lockerroom, not all of them, maybe one, two, still on board, but they didn't feel like they could go in and talk with him. i didn't think he did a good job when he led mccoy go, lesean go, explain why those guys weren't eagles any more, and other guys shied talking to him because they felt any disagreement with chip means you're going to be shown the door. so they didn't want to talk to him. they want to let him know how i really felt because of the way i really felt didn't agree with chip that means could you get cut. so keep your mouth shut, do what you're supposed to do,
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maybe talk to your friends, tell them what you really feel, but you don't go to chip and tell him. >> like you told me before open door policy that wasn't really a policy. of course, the fans have present to say about chip getting the boot. let's check in with bill sander on. bill, the fans are probably re jousting right now, aren't they? >> we want to find out who ultimately they held responsible, no shock here. who is responsible for the eagles six and nine record. amir says the guy who is not here any more, obviously. so he's willing to put the blame on chip kelly, tony follows up: chip, chip, chip. he's actually chanting his name, but goes little bit further. this is what we saw from social media along with chip. they also said jeffrey lurie. he said he respects jeffrey lurie for recognizing the problem and correcting it.
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he then follows up: chip kelly, got a shoulder to blame. so everybody seems pretty happy that he's moved on. michael actually sent us video explaining specifically why he thinks chip had to go. >> i blame the olds hipster. he wanted fast paced offense, yet got rid of all of the fast players, jackson, mack lan, mccoy. that's predictable. play calling, horendous. >> horendous what we are hearing from the fans. we'll have more little later on, nobody seems all that upset that chip is gone. >> eagles seven and one in their last eight games in new york. murray one, just one, 100-yard game this season, of course the giants on october 19th, and pat shurmur the eagles interim head coach today. he was head coach of the cleveland browns for two seasons for 2011, 2012, but he
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just had nine wins. heading back to up met life stadium, look at some of the top plays from the 2015 season. we'll be right back.
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he came to philadelphia from oregon in 2013, this this up tempo style he thought would change the game. >> one thing that attract him about the roster is the youth, one of the youngest teams in the league, first game was a success. the eagles scored 33 points, and beat the redskins. they won ten games that year, and won the nfc east. >> kelly raises eyebrows when releases wide receiver desean jackson, season starts nine and three, but the eagles
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stumble down the stretch. and miss the playoffs. the off season that followed would be one of the most memorable in eagles history. five days after owner jeffrey lurie says howie roseman still his general manager. >> he reverses, gives control of personnel to kelly, kelly, re-writes the eagles roster. i didn't go in with a plan saying we need to make all of these maneuvers. >> gone quarterback nick foles in is sam bradford. >> i think any quarterback in the league would love to play for chip in his offense? many trades running back for sean mccoy to the bills mccoy responds by saying kelly dumps all of the good black players. >> not in a negative way, but different, you know, like college still. >> start chasing, then you have a long life ahead every you, son, but that's what it is all about. >> adds, demarco murray. >> i felt that this was a great opportunity for me to win the superbowl. >> but the eagles never get
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above 500 in 2015. rumblings come from the lockerroom, including had your how complains to lurie about the way he is being used. >> so many things written and said nowadays. i think a loft times we chuckle and laugh to be honest with you. >> still alive for the division title, eagles lose 38 to 24 to washington. assuring kelly of his first losing season as a head coach. >> on my shoulders, you know. >> and just giving a little more perspective to the situation. when you look back at the first coaching ray rhoads, let him last year too long. andy reid who i think is a very good coach, he basically led him last a year too long. i don't think jeffrey lurie wanted to do it in this case. i think chip kel say good coach. but he has to change some of the things he does, and it is not necessary the way he runs
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his offense, it is the stuff off the field, all of the sports science, questionnaires that the players had to fill out, to fill out questionnaires every day, to have urine tests every day to see if they're hydrated enough. these are the kinds of things and wear monitors, the casino every things i don't think that pro players are used to, and i think after the first job, chip kelly learn, and i think he will and good coach somewhere else, but it certainly wasn't going to work here, and when tom gamble got fired and there was casino after separation between when he got fired and chip, was basically given the power, chip just wanted to handle things. he d he made mistakes personnel wise, but he didn't negotiate the contract. but in the end, chip kel had i to be responsible for the mistakes demarco murray, byron maxwell, byron maxwell is, i can't believe how bad a player he is, but he has to be accountable for those things. and with all of that, the eagles have won six games so far this season. so what we will do here, we are going to find the best in
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this week's best wonderful six games of the season. >> intercepted. >> side line at the ten, to the 20, to the 30, 40, tackle, he is at the 50. there goes sproles, touchdown. >> he fires. complete. twenty, 15, touchdown! >> little bit with, that can't give you coverage details. >> to demarco murray, he is at the five, he is in for the touchdown. demarco murray off the right
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side. >> took off, through the hole ... >> try to pick up. >> fires, complete to the 50. going to throw, he's hit. the ball out of the end zone. safety. fires, complete. he's offensive pass, touchdown. 39 yards. >> going to shock the world. we'll shock the world, do you hear me? >> touchdown, and he gives it to mccoy, a lost inside the ten, the nine.
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>> the 45, the 40, at the 30, all the way down to the 18. what a play. >> (speaking spanish). >> he steps up. he times. he completes. touchdown. the eagles win. >> what an incredible night. >> we had to dig deep for demarco murray highlights of the season. all right, tom, head coach of the new york giants, is he or is he not going to be the coach of the giants next year? we'll take a look at that when we come back on fox 29 game
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day live.
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>> welcome back to fox 29 game day live here in the meadowlands at met life stadium. where it is a little chilly today. of course, there is no sun here, a little bit of winds, i'm going to have, i'm telling you there is might be the most fun i have in a game this season. i'm thinking during the game, we going to london next year if we lose, going to seattle if they win? that's the highlight of this game. who knows what will happen. but, they're playing the new york giants, they're in a similar situation, as the eagles, almost identical, all right, let's take a look, in this week's scouting report at the new york giants.
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>> sponsored by mercedes benz. >> they come in six and nine and out of the playoffs, but for nfl fans it, could be a historic day here in north jersey. perhaps the final game of the coaching career. despite winning two superbowls in his 12 seasons in new york, the giants under the 69-year old tom coughlin are in the middle of their third straight losing season. the latest lost was brutal, 49 to 17 blow out in minnesota a week ago, featured three interceptions by eli manning, none of them was returned for a touchdown. >> ♪ >> two patterns really hurt the giant this season, their defense, and finishing games. giants have lost five games this year, that they have led in the fourth quarter. and the defense under steve
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spagnuolo has been horrible. they're near the bottom of the league in every major category, including pass defense, rushing defense, team defense, and points allowed. but can you believe the giants are last in the league in defense? thirty-second in the league? horrible defensive team. not always the head coach. you need players to win, and tom coughlin obviously good coach, but probably a better chance that he won't be with the giants next year that he will. but, let's have more, and get more, about the new york giants with our man, fox affiliate in new york, that would be russ sals berg. how are you doing? >> how are you doing, russ salsberg with you here in new york as our six and nine giants get ready to battle your six and nine eagles at met life stadium what i call the misery loves company bowl. i'll let you deal with your own misery while i deal with mine. really not whole lot for me to say other than this has just been a miserably frustrating
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season. and the giants did it to themselves. they gave up leads with seven seconds left in a game, a minute 14 left, no time left on a clock, and one second left, while also losing two games in over time. dot math. if they go four and two in those six game, but should have, would have, could have, doesn't get the job done. as former giants head coach bill parcells would always say to us, you are what your record says you are. and at six and nine right now, the giants are done. after the misery loves company bowl, their miserable 2015 season is over. that's it from here, howard, we'll see you again in 2016. happy new year. >> happy new year, thanks, russ. let me see. dot math. and you are what your record says you are. in lightning stuff. hey are how are you doing? let's go back to the studio. how are you doing, gary. how are you doing, seanment back to you guys. >> howard, we'll breakdown
10:28 am
some of tom coughlin's 12 seasons. two superbowls. >> yep. >> only five playoff appearances, though. you think coughlin is gone? >> i think he is. i think he is a guy that has had a great career. you look at two superbowls. i think the fans here in philadelphia would take those two superbowls. but the big thing i think that tom coughlin shows us, you got to owe the coach here who was able to transition to deal with today's players. he had to change his program a bit. hint, hint, chip kelly, you know, you got to be able to deal with your players. you got to be table get production, you got to get through to them. sometimes you got to let them know that you can give a little bit. so he soft ends his program. he wasn't as hard core as he had been when he first started up with the giants. >> during that first superbowl run, right? michael strahan, them guys, say do you have loosen up the rains a little bit. they d he won a superbowl. right, that's what chip kelly was supposed to do and he didn't. >> well it, didn't work. but the communication, see, is the key. because if they think that you're on their side little
10:29 am
bit, they do a better job, i think, of excepting criticism, excepting direction, from a guy they feel that cares about them a bit. >> all right. all right. well, tom coughlin, we wish we had you and we would welcome you here. we really with. >> he is 07 years old. >> hey, i o i don't care, don't hang it up. we need superbowls out here. coming up next, we are taking a look at 100 yards, the best of, look at pat shurmur. really said he might be here. he might have a chance at the head coaching job. we know that's a lie. so enjoy your last game in philadelphia. we'll be right back.
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one chipping about chip kelly whether you like him as a coach or not, he was entertaining at times during his news conference, when he spoke to the media, when he
10:32 am
had a little bite with the media, whatever it was, there were things that you kinds of get a chuckle at. well, it is a chip-ism day for chip kelly. >> i'm not governed by the spirit whatever other people think. >> can you? if so we'll go to belmont. >> i'm here, i forget. i siani remember. i do and i understand. that's what it is all about. did i have the same shoe as -- >> we could have done zero whole show, entire show and chip-isms. highlight of the show as well. because this is a week that tom sredenschek didn't get his exercise, because we have the best of his exercise, and the best of walking a hundred yards. walking 100 yards is sponsored by car mat. local guy made good from monmouth university and the first guy we've ever walked
10:33 am
100 yards with. >> there you go. there you go. >> comfortable after a hundred? >> pretty comfortable. good grass, good grass. get little see what we can do, that would be the next one. >> biggest guilty pleasure away from the football field from hicks? >> biggest donuts. >> wow. >> probably the best donut i've ever had in my entire life. >> that's a guilty pleasure. my die set supposed to be pretty, pretty straight. >> do they know about it in there? >> no, no. >> so if you beat the saint maybe, extra stop. >> ya, i'm be there. >> i like deniro. when you look at donnie jones? >> dow little bit. i got a little bit. >> what do you think? >> can i look from -- right? >> ashy? >> i like deniro. deniro fan.
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>> you got the energy on the football field. but you got a great smile. seem like flesh err cox plays the game hard, knows how to smile and have a good time. >> you got to smile, through the good and the bad. i learned. that will i learned that in life. not everybody to be happy. because you got to enjoy. you got real now time to be down. just enjoy the moment, that i get to wake up, come and do what i love, that's play the game of football. >> your side lineman, howard eskin, not with us today, but back next week, considering run for mayor. would you consider being his deputy mayor? >> i would rather be the eagles tackling, first. >> i guess we have to try that out, see how merle is as attack link dummy. then he would want to be my deputy mayor when i become the mayor of the city of philadelphia. all right, hey, it is the last game, just trying to roll it out, have a little fun. and the game three hours, 15
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minutes of the game, that would be a lot of fun, too. when we come back, we will take a look at what lies ahead in 2016. to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. ♪ hot blooded, check it and see...♪ ♪ got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? ♪ i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! ♪ whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash. rad.
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welcome back to fox 29 game day live, as we get you ready, for the giants-eagles, a meaningless game, just like most of the games in the nfl this week. but always the eye in the sky. people had to put good film out there for whatever the nets coach will be. and also, let's take a look at cowboys washington, washington already sold everything up. so they're not going to be
10:38 am
playing for much. probably about three quarters for kurt cousins, so, let's take a look at this game, and what the future has to hold. >> in dallas, cowboys close disastrous season at home against division champion washington. test brian will not play for second straight week, going on injured reserve will need another surgery on the same foot and ankle that kept him out earlier this year. moore got fist start at quarterback, 13 of 31. and at interception, failed to lead the cowboys offense into the ends zone. that's not unusual without tony romo this year. the cowboys in the unusual position for them of being the market for quarterback this spring in the draft. that's unlikely to be in the first rounds. but a lost today improves that draft position which means the way the season has gone for the cowboys they'll probably win. cowboys in the season finale against washington. >> greeting from washington, where the redskins have dill aim every team would like to have headed into the regular
10:39 am
season finale. rest or play the starter? >> jerry's world meaningless, after the redskins clinch the nfc east title last saturday. sorry guys. jay gruden focused on his team's help. mr. play the starters, rest those with nagging injuries. he did confirm that quarterback kirk cousins will get the start. cousins needs just about 120 yards to break the single season record of 4109 shed by jay slayder back in 1986. skins look to avenge better 19 to 16 lost cowboys back on december 7th. hey, headed to the post-season little momentum, riding four game win streak. just how far have the redskins come this season? the team that gave the young and the restless run for the money is now drama free with gruden, cousins and company, hosting a playoff game next weekend. and the only off season question looming, what about rgiii? one game at a time, guys. until next season, hammy new year. >> g cobb where what about rgiii? life comes at you fast, rookie, a stud, all the sudden not even playing, sometimes
10:40 am
you don't even dress. >> i could see him going to houston, or cleveland. >> houston, he doesn't seem like a bill o'brien guy. bill o'brien likes them to sit in there, throw darts, be accurate. >> cleveland is definitely desperate. so mable head that way. >> but rgiii, the question is, is he healthy enough? i mean, he came back and just doesn't look like the same guy. can he actually do anything in this league any more? >> he's had a year off. able to get healthy. so i think you'll see healthier rgiii, guy who can run and throw it. so design offense where you are going to let him move, and make plays on the run. >> yes, key thing for him to actually have some consistency, and stay in the line up and actually do something. >> i don't see that happening. >> exactly, none of us see this happening. all right, we will come back with some keys and some predictions, predictions, who the next head coach will be. we'll be right back.
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10:43 am
>> byron maxwell will miss his seconds straight game with a shoulder injury. lenny logan's season officially done, cast injury. >> all right, let's talk about the weather, looks real cold outside finally december football weather. the game day forecast. >> the game day weather report is sponsored by bmw. >> well, it is cold day today, although very cold air that we are talking about that's coming in later, may hold off until after the game there in new jersey. 42 degrees, it will be dropping, later in the evening, but the winds about ten, 20 miles per hour could be factor. might open up the roof there in dallas, redskins, at dallas, 55 degrees, just a light breeze, nice day there.
10:44 am
now, if you are out watching the games around the philadelphia area, we're into the 40's, but it will start to drop quickly, at sunset tonight. there is some bitter cold arctic air moving n what exactly that means for us? arctic blast. it will really hold off until monday, windchills near zero this week, less wind on tuesday, but just as cold, it will get little warmer, by friday. sean, back to you. >> big anderson always kills me for not taking the ike else, but looks like i was right most of the time this year. now they are looking for new head coach. bill, your welcome, i was right, i told you. >> what dot fans want, man? >> you were right. i was wrong. now we're in a situation, trying to figure out who will be the next head coach. and if you look at the fans, look at the comments, we really don't know. it seems like people are really confused. names all over the place, from jeremiah trotter, to rex ryan. and brian says: let's go ahead and give deuce a shot.
10:45 am
not farfetched, interviewed, probably unlikely. martin says how about hue jackson, with cincinnati? he's been in the league for long time, only 50, but been in the league for about 23 years. so one of those people kind of defined as a re-tread, but, somebody else to be considered, and norman says: all of this. he mentioned gruden, says they won't come back, list a thousand names, go through all of that to say patriots mike pat trish, a heist the attitude, the soul, and the beard to succeed on paterson avenue. i think the question right now is going to be how is the management going to casino of minimize this, bring it together, and get somebody that they can actually sell. several names that weren't mentioned, guys from the fans stands point, we just don't know who is next. >> i hope the fans are ready for the eagles to rebuild, which means bad couple of seasons to start w let's bring us to the morning trivia question. eli manning is eighth in passing yards, sec history.
10:46 am
we want to know who holds sec records for passing yards in a career. the answer after the break.
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>> ♪
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>> and we're back here at met life stadium, with david spadaro. dave, i'm trying to figure out what these guys play for today. really, i'm trying to under stands that. >> they're in the ffl. they have 16 opportunities in a regular season, they're being paid, this is their job, howard. we're doing this show, why? it's our job. that's why they are playing football today. and they'll play hard. and i think pat will coach it to win. and i think he'll take a chance here and there. and objective for the players on the field, i know how the fans feel about the win, what it means, a lost, the draft implicates, et cetera, but the players play to win. or else you get punched in the mouth and you get hurt. >> what happens on defense next year? what kind of changes do you think will happen? >> i would not be surprise today see the eagles go to four-three. this is really when jeffrey lurie mentions curry's name in a press conference the other day makes me think they'll
10:50 am
sign vinny curry f you are signing vinny curry you are doing so to put him in a four-three, defense, not to keep him shackled. i would not be surprised to build around the four-three,. >> i think try to sign both. and then four-three, what those guys are. >> yes, well, never is her great. at whatever he does. he is showing fantastic football player. but he would be absolutely dominating technique in the four-three, vinny would be a good asset off the edge. the xfactor in that would what do you do with a player like connor barwin, would he fit in that outside linebacker position. could you always put brandon game hand down, but he is really good football player, drop in coverage, be very successful. >> what other changes for next year? >> depend on new head coach. i expect dramatic changes. we can talk about the quarterback, huge change at quarterback to sam, to sam go. he wants to be here t depends on the coach and the system that they are running. but i anticipate a lot of change, not necessarily a lot of roster turn over, how much,
10:51 am
because there are only handful of free agents. >> you know, when i think about the coach, all of these names are now going to pop up, probably going tonight view ten to 12 people, would you think that's a good number? >> i think they want to do their homework. you will hear names. i have absolutely no idea what they are thinking, what they are looking for in terms after name. i know they want to bring somebody who has great coaching staff around him. that's really the part that bee don't know b we know the names. we don't know who they are brink to go philadelphia with them. coach is only as good as what he's got around him. >> yes, you know, you will hear a loft names, doug peterson's name came out this morning, but sean mcdermott's name came out, andrew gaze, jackson will be a name, i still love sean peyton, but i don't think he'll come here, i think he wants the indy job. >> yes, i have no idea. but you have got a quarterback here, in sam bradford, if you want to keep him. showing he can play pretty good football. >> happy new year to everybody, happy 2016, even to you, dave. >> thank you. >> let's go back to the studio and sean, gary, even you two
10:52 am
guys. >> happy new year, guys. this is exactly what we will talk about, sam bradford, offense i have problems, offensive woes. chip kelly made this team in his image. the guys he wanted, and now someone else has to come in, maybe overhaul, sam bradford the guy? >> well, that's a decision that the head coach is going to have to make. and so, in every interview that they have, they're going ask that coach, hey, how do you like sam bradford? so he's going get a chance to make the decision, does he want sam bradford or not? and the eagles get a chance to make the decision whether they want him or not, too. so, that's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. eagles have got to repair their offense i have line. jason peters looks like he's on his last leg. they got a draft. they tackle. they have a draft some guards. they've got it rebuild the offensive line. if you don't have offensive line, you don't have an offense. and so, that's the first thing they got to do. un for the lip, with the wide receivers, they're going have to develop nelson agholor.
10:53 am
i don't think they can invest more picks in the wide receiver position. >> they can't. you absolutely can't go another year -- >> they've got to develop the people they have here. but the key is going to be the offensive line. they have to rebuild it. >> to go back to sam bradford, at the end of the day, who is better? who on the market is better? that's the problem. >> everyone want to say hey maybe this guy isn't the guy to go to. but if you don't have anyone else to get. then you can't move on from sam bradford. >> and the key again, with sam bradford is he is a pocket quarterback, you have got to have an offensive line in order for a guy like sam bradford to be able to do well. so you got have somebody that will protect him. i think they'll be able to get some guards as free agents. because you don't need great players at the guard position. but you are going to have to draft attack he will to replace jason peter. >> yes, jason peters, i know, guards like evan mathis, guys like that, chip kelly. >> and maybe hug him, try get another year out of jason, see if he can come back. if he really wants to play,
10:54 am
mable play for another coach. >> whether we come back, we will have some keys and predictions. predictions of who will be coaching these guys that you see right here on the field. we'll be right back. oh remotes, you've had it tough. watching tvs get sharper, bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons.
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enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here.
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>> they still have the guys to play t what are the keys to maybe get a win over the giants? >> sam bradford has to out play eli manning, and the special teams going to have to make a big play. that's been the recipe earlier in the season, i think that will work today. >> all right, darren sproles, at this point of the show we have predictions, like who cares there is game doesn't matter. so instead gary i want your prediction who will be the next head coach. >> well, the guy i'm predict sag guy that we know pretty well.
10:57 am
he was quarterback here, doug pediatric err son, who is the offensive coordinator for the kansas city chiefs right now. >> all right, i go with sean mcdermott. i know he left not in the greatest of way, but did great job with the panthers. a great head coach, and he's a philly guy. we saw chip wasn't a philly guy. take the criticsm let's go. >> garry cobb this is the last one, we wish we could do more, but we can't. appreciate it. we will see you next season. thanks for being with us. fox nfl sunday is up next. >> ♪
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>> charissa: ryan fitzpatrick with a revenge win over his old team the bills. his new team the jets can lock up the final wild card spot. >> dave: everybody shaking his hand now. >> charissa: meanwhile, eli manning, this could be the last time with tom coughlin playing against philadelphia. speaking of philadelphia, pat shurmur, he's stepping in for the last week of the season because chip kelly as we all know got fired this week. right now all the action starts on "fox nfl kickoff." a hero by definition is someone who's admired or idolized for courage. a person who's not afr


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