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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 21, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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lawns senate faces is nothing new. >> on tuesday morning i got to my car a look into the black market of car parts of the. >> you tell me they are stolen. >> meeting with our source of those locations could be a map but maybe they have never been caught. >> here is a story in red ink where the kkk flyers were spread around on eggshells cater day? >> dr. martin luther king than the kkk the loyal whites a chapter of the of a kkk.
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this is was it residents woke up to two city office was inundated with the sec calls from residents. >> they had threateningly in which -- language and it was derogatory. >> the flyers were thrown out on prospect avenue right near where i am standing and covered a large area. to recognize the group out of north carolina their resolve hotline they can call to contact for more information. last year they did not pick up but this year they left a message. >> everyone to let them know
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who martin luther king is. and also to communist russia >> why are the police involved? >> that is not illegal but throwing them out of the car is and that is why they're looking for this organization. >> according to the center there is a chapter here that is what they are investigating. >> also californian your candid jersey had the highest mississippi and arkansas. >> it is an insult to the entire nation. we are all insulted by their actions. >> but don't we have him
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right there saying i did that? this is nothing knew would happen is all the time. the delay is express their opinion it doesn't matter. >> we had a nice long holiday to hit the ground running tuesday morning i got into my car i got the unwanted inside look to the black market of car parts sub-index i called earlier. >> i explained the story i found it it was the first time overdye. >> we got the ball rolling in the investigation. >> to do you watch "chasing"
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news? once we got over that i told him i neighbor had cameras in she review them and said it was around 4:00 in the morning. so they filed the paperwork they started to question neighbors i then drove my car to the dealership. i was talking to joe as actually became my mechanic. >> i am getting them stolen. you tell me. >> of course, it day is the question where they so easy to popoff? >> you had your $300 class
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so that cannot be replaced you will have to replace it. >>. >> what is the big deal with my car? >> i said do you see this? >> it is not this often every once in awhile i just put these on a couple months ago. >> but now it is your second time dealing with this. third? it comes in threes. maybe you are done. >> so far that doesn't count replacing those to side
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mirrors. >> you were "chasing" the story. >> friday evening into saturday morning as it approaches we're all waiting for this know how much will we get? bernie, what is going on? >> there will be a snowstorm [laughter] >> said to me that check in the mail. >> there will be a big snowstorm but the question is who will get the most snow out of this? this is what we can do to a death threats well in advance. if that is the biggest threat of over a foot of snow from philadelphia or baltimore or washington and
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virginia up through your eggs city and new jersey and coastal connecticut i am betting on an accumulation between six and 12 inches. >> what does that mean how long the storm will be? when should it start and then end? >> central new jersey it will start late friday night and last through most of the day on saturdays. >> 50 miles per hour? >> this is certainly across central and northern new jersey you will be looking at coastal flooding and told him it will get nasty on the coast. >> i cannot say anything but
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a deja vu. i cannot say anything but a job through flashier writer at this time we were talking about this. >> way you talk about these new stores the difference between three or 4 inches in 12 and 18 inches it is the pinprick. it will be a sharp cut off. >> you have a couple of feet of snow. >> if recent history tells us snowmageedon it blaise
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forecast to the worst ever last year rand lawmakers erred on the extreme side of caution to shut down the road sanders transportation and that i was here to see that when all was said and done in the dnc and area with the annual winter gm set to take place. suisse note to being and sledding. but with all of the hullabaloo a blockbuster blizzard for the ages. , maybe some clouds either way i am holding out for offenders go. -- thunder snow. there is between 60 and
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8 feet below my feet to right now. they are not making it as we speak because it is too warm >> and above 30 we cannot make our own snow. >> to is that genius ordering all that a few days before? >> i did speak to wilson in the i said snowmageedon? >> that is what we want. although we do expect to is 16 droll little little bit sooner. >> then is there a snow day? if there is a blizzard there will not be the event. >> as of right now it is going on as scheduled but it is pretty exciting people are getting ready for it.
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i am playing in this note today. just a reminder around this time last year in the middle of times square when the countdown started. this is unprecedented. i will get up there to make as many snow angels as possible. ♪ >> i bet you did not know that today is a holiday. those that don't live in the inhospitable places in the
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world but constantly in formal attire. but they don't just get one day get to. >> what about penguin day? >> love penguins? >> we met during our investigation and. this could be key to more evidence.
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>> in "new york daily news" with the latest couple in politics with donald trump endorsed by sarah palin the front-runner presidential candidate. >> now one day later showing a picture along with the phrase i with stupid. it is freaking cold outside. if you need any more confirmation of that. and then use those freezing temperatures.
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put your feet in front of the fire. >> i believe everything has an energy. but then realized -- we mitt with our investigation and. and they were found to be sexually exposing themselves there's for miles and a straight line and the bodies were found in a ditch in 2006. and we have taken a look in the area of where they have been found. and with male and female
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genitalia are found inside the trash bags. in addition to these over sexualize figures of fish types of tattoo on the buttocks. >> it is another sinking ship. in the map that we were trying to decipher. what about titanic? the first locations so that circle could be a key and containing more evidence.
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we started this investigation there was the trucker from the harbor looking for any potential connection to see what was similar. and i lifted the name written on one of the pieces of paper. we thought the name was one of the victims but it was hard to read. >> the first name of his wife? amber on the same drawing in this same spot just 4 miles from the hotel. what are the odds of a coincidence?
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a person like that bush has been in his 20s by then. abutted happened then no doubt about it. there is only one person to get the opinion that is a criminal profiler. >> what do the cops say about this? >> is an investigation that is still open asking for comment they said they would not offer a comment and then they called the police and had to call back three times but that means the police blew him off. >> does that mean it is said to real? it did cross my mind was out there.
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i don't think he could have made them all himself. >> is is about clochard but it is about closure if it is not said deceased person there could be a killer out there. >> for a budding artist. >> this is been a landmark at the bookstore started from a vicious cycle. >> i love
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>> one of the toughest businesses from the book -- brick and mortar bookstore.
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hakim's bookstore has been a landmark in west philadelphia for decades specializing in african american books. his father started a business in 1959. then in 1997 he passed went to his sister's is started a vicious cycle even cutting the business hours and days down at today's a week. >> we have found out that people are very much interested in the of brick and mortar. >> to think about if they would shut down. >> i love small businesses
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is the background of the economy in the area. the borders was a huge company that went under. and hemorrhaging money literally. amazon is putting most of them out of business. >> i don't go down there any way the forget amazon. >> as an added booklover i love to have an actual book in my hands but now that i have the eye patch it is so much easier to download stuff i have 14 books on my eye patch. but bookstores cannot keep up. but you don't get the characters.
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>> maybe this can help in now to be noticed by a lot more people. >> i assured medical ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> good morning, i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. we are looking at a winter storm watch that will go into effect friday night through sunday morning for the entire delaware valley highlighted in blue. this is a blizzard watch for baltimore and washington. for the overnight we do expect a few snow showers unrelated to the storm. the high tomorrow 38. friday the snow moves at night continue noose saturday and then we clear it out. details at 4:00 a.m. with sue.
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