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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 27, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> just came back from a press conference where police chief gave us devastating news that matthew genovese who had gone missing, his body was pulled from the hudson river. >> that is where they began. >> asked if he could show up >> asked for his reaction. >> they don't give a damn about politics. >> a bunch of ranchers are holed up in the standout. >> want to see you come over here. bill: show me some of your moves. ♪
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>> i am here in front of police headquarters in hoboken. just came back from a press conference where the police chief gave us the devastating news that matthew genovese has been found. his body was pulled from the hudson river. he had gone missing saturday night, last seen a local pub here in hoboken. police walked by the hudson river waterfront and actually found his wallet. >> found about 150 feet east along the south walkway, and at that point we contacted nypd harbor patrol and show them where they work. >> wearing a coat. >> matthews family was alerted by mayor don zimmer. that doesn't seem to be any sign of foul play at this time but there is an
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investigation. >> they haven't calling this last weekend's blizzard and the incredible flood. >> hello, everybody. >> touring bay avenue which got water up to write about here. governor christie asked if he should show up with a mop and bucket. it did not go over very well. >> go down there with a mop. >> relief is needed down here. >> they don't a damn about politics. a lot of people just trying to do the work. a great local congressman here. >> you know good and well i
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am not about playing politics. i brought my own mop and bucket down here. >> we have no help. i am willing to give it to the governor graham to come down and help. >> we agree 100 percent. >> a big deal down here and everything. >> came down to check it out for himself before he makes comments like that. >> they got it bad. >> with you. >> you are here and you are in it. overwhelming.
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>> mopping up. that is when reality started creeping in. >> now make no mistake, these people were flooded and say that this is much worse. he does not know yet. he may actually have to take the house down. we know governor christie has since apologized for his glib remark. that does not bring any help down here. bill: i guess i am a little surprised that he did not have a mop and bucket. isn't this the guy that got elected because he shoveled out peoples driveways? >> we don't need him to mop. bill: fair enough.
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don't give me that. >> wire we all piling up by governor christie. trying to survive on the campaign trail. >> made massive himself. >> but he needs to be in new hampshire. bill: to her., does anyone realistically think it is anything other than the optics of politics? whether the president is playing golf in hawaii by the governor is campaigning, these guys are still in charge of what they are in charge of. >> new jersey voters are not naïve. people noted there is a lot of politics at work here, but it doesn't change the fact that he still needs help. >> worse than sandy.
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>> governor christie is back in new jersey facing tough criticism for comments he made on the campaign trail in the wake of the storm. first he called the mayor of north wildwood crazy. tuesday morning governor christie called of the mayor of north wild and apologized for his comments. coincidence? i went to the statehouse to ask him myself. >> your apology came on the same day you got endorsed by the boston "herald". was the timing a coincidence or an effort to move past the storm and focus? >> i said at the night before. the only reason. >> i knew what i didi did was not fair to him. >> the endorsement was a big deal. >> be endorsedthe endorsed by the most conservative newspaper in boston in the
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primary. allergy most conservative newspapers and new hampshire. bill: bill: "high speed chase",. >> this was a subway slashing that happened on monday. police are looking for this guy. if you see him. >> where were you on monday? [laughter] >> very dangerous. >> cadets at the citadel military school are in trouble after social media posts surfaced of the mooring ku klux klan like pillowcases over their head. upper-class been ordered them to sing christmas carols. the investigationsthe investigations revealed the
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cadets did not mean to be offensive. ♪ bill: you are chasing a story that starts in oregon where ranchers and businessmen are held up in a standup. they have demands. ranchers. one of the guys that was holding out but uninteresting challenge to governor christie. >> a us sumo champion also on related to the heaviest to ever run a marathon challenging governor christie to assume a match. >> the strong arm of the law disperse these good folks in oregon. i want to see you come over here and disperse me, your older brother.
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>> they were nowhere what i was going to do. >> you when one out of ten. these folks will disperse. bill: is this just another fat joe? >> you have to do the skit where you call them out and challenge it.
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bill: you have some support. the sheriff in the next county said that the government would be smart to release these two ranchers, the father and son were being held right now on our some. >> i hope more people jump on board. >> i think this is aa great idea because i don't think christie could when. i mean, come on. ♪ >> come on. bill: on a serious note, show me some of your moves. back up from the camera little bit. what does governor christie have in store? give me an example. there we go. all right.
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the guys past. i think is coming right at you. good luck. ♪ >> 18-year-old montell west is talented, and the music he plays is beautiful. he had no idea when he sat down the play piano that he was being filmed. never filmed. never had a formal piano lesson. so he has gone viral on the internet with hundreds of thousands of views on facebook. ♪ >> my car is still submerged in feet of snow. i have gotten about half of it cleared off. >> i guess i have to shovel it, but then where do i put it. bill: you still have more it. bill: you still have more
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>> absolutely. >> considering his. >> considering his legal options on tuesday after between 15 percent and 44 percent didn't show up
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for work the mayor is angry and wants answers. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment with employees not showing up to work. that is absolutely uncalled for. >> i can do lakewood to see how things work. most of the roads are pretty clear. even though these workers hung on to another township officials are union officials say this is a coordinated effort to enforce the contract negotiations that ongoing afterare ongoing after the contract with these workers expired last year. he says that a clear plan was not put in place so i guy started receiving phone calls at 3:30 a.m. saturday some of them were asleep,
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not ready cardin pickup. see what he could do with these workers did not show up to do the jobs. the warm whether went up to about 62° and how clear in the streets a little a little bit. i came back down to see what was going on. just after four o'clock. there are guys still working. the trucks right now are sitting idle. no one on them, no one them, no one to drive them. the mayor says he is considering his options up to and including firing people to make sure something like this does not happen again. >> continues, bringing the 2nd highest snowfall totals on record here to new york city. back in my borough of manhattan most recent been
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plowed. that is, those that can dig their cars out. my car is among the many that is still submerged in feet of snow. i'm out here attempting to dig it out. i'm in a bit of a pickle. i cannot throw the snow in the street. >> where do i put it? i asked the fdny if they could dig me out. they're spending all there time digging out the fire hydrants. help me out? i can't even see my car. are you doing hydrants? now thankfully, there are thankfully, there are entrepreneurs out in full force shoveling for cold
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hard cash. i ponied up the dell. >> am going to stay nice and warm while this guy uses a snowblower to bail me out of here. >> if you are a new yorker you have no other option but to get out here and get creative. bill: what are people doing? it is going to be 50 degrees today. >> i really don't know what he wants to be honest. bill: how much cash to dispense? >> twenty bucks which isn't too bad. >> the parking. >> totally buried. roommates were smart. they get the $15 deal. it was an accomplishment. >> what did it do any different? >> people are out here was snowblower's. all the way and the other side of the sidewalk so that it is not in the street.
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bill: he did not have to do it yourself. >> pretty much. bill: there you go. >> i missed you. >> a girls best friend created in a lab. they look just like the real thing. bill: would it matter if it was r real or manufactured? >> many of uss
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bill: coming up next, a snowball fight with the nypd. who one? >> get them. [laughter]
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♪ >> check out this awesome video that the nypd posted to twitter. >> that is right. and epic snowball fight. police say that they are saddened to say that they did lose to the kid. i don't really think that they lost. bill: you are chasing a story about the latest
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technology. cannot grow a diamond. >> they are girls best friend and likely her best kept secret. man-made diamonds are taking the jewelry industry by storm. these diamonds cost a lot less to call your own. >> it is placed in a low-pressure microwave chamber, hydrogen and methane gases are added,, crystallization begins. you have a diamond reddick for cutting and polishing. >> woodbridge new jersey to get the scoop. these diamonds are created at a factory in singapore, each taking about 12 weeks to produce and selling for 30 to 40 percent less. currently sold nationwide.
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the mining industry continues to be criticized for its impact on the environment. >> we have been blessed by the eco- friendly and conflict free. it was quite an honor. >> more sustainable and winning and eco- friendly award which i know you would love. bill: that was the only angle i liked. leonardo dicaprio and a bunch of billionaires in this company and put it in this reactor that gets up to 8,000 degrees. it starts with a sliver of a real diamond and grows the rest of it. his new somewhat hypocritical? at some point you have to start with a real diamond. >> mariah carey is showing up a multimillion dollar engagement ring. take it until you make it. bill: would you care? would it matter?
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>> many of us can't afford the real ones. >> they are real diamonds. >> which is why i say it is hypocrisy. >> they are using real diamonds to make them. >> some women want a real diamond and others will take a diamond and you will get it a lot cheaper. bill: they had on something. they mention anything about the market? they are so expensive. flood the market with a cheaper brand, we will it impact diamonds in the overall cost? >> she did not really say that. i don't know how to answer that. >> at least that is not a blood diamond. bill: we all know everything is better. medical great salt. the condensed.
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bill: the mighty healing powers. all these years. >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> and good morning, i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. we are in for a real pleasant overnight were a few showers but it will be on the mild side. temperatures in the 40's, 30's to the north and west but it will turn colder overnight in some of those rain showers could change to a passing snow shower. so, please be aware of that. at the bus stop mostly cloudy, temperatures in the 30's. it will be a cool start to the day.
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