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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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talk. we will talk about this. it is still neck and neck for the the democrats. ted cruz, then donald trump and then right behind him marco rubio but big story overnight democrats still have not decided. >> bill cosby is in court, he is due in court as lawyers push to get those charges dropped. the deal the comedian made over a decade ago that could keep him from being prosecuted but it is a big dispute this morning. >> plus one of the most annoying days of the year. it is groundhog day. decision is now in. in about an hour and 20 minutes punxsutawney fill will be in gobbler's knob in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. if the sunnies out he runs back in, which is counter intuitive to more winter. >> that is right. we have a phil o meter do you want to see it. >> a phil o meter. >> punxsutawney phil o meter, we have a 50/50 shot. he either sees his shadow or
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he doesn't. is there a 86 percent chance because of the sunshine in the forecast. >> in other word you know if it is clear in the western part of the state. >> pretty much. >> he is only right 55 percent of the time ivoried. >> that is right. >> still we have to see what the guys in the top hats say. >> true. >> anyhow, it is coming. >> is there the phil o meter. here's our weather meter. we will go up to a eight out of ten today, it is cooler then yesterday. decent day. the bus stop buddy is wearing his winter coat because we have, some temperatures in the 20's in the suburbs this morning. we're 37 degrees in philadelphia sunrise 7:09. >> and it looks like we will reach a high of 50 degrees, with a whole lot of sun to shine. we will be cooler they had yesterday. sunset high as those days get longer, all and all, pretty good for your tuesday. different story on wednesday that forecast is coming up. right new we have a look at traffic, bob kelly is off
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today, we will start off with this accident, township line road at walters road in chalfont and there is an entrapment a apparently involved here and police and fire kept is on the scene. that will slow you down. it is not the on any of the main roads but it is a problem this morning. blue route approaching the schuylkill, all cleared this morning. as we look at the schuylkill from the blue route to the vine a 14 minute trip and things are smooth sailing on i-95 south between woodhaven road and vine as well, mike and alex. >> i know you may be went to bed but who won the democratic caucus in the state of iowa? they are still counting. they are still counting. >> historically close. >> for the democratic side. >> but republican side ted cruz is the winner of the iowa caucus and donald trump was second and pretty good margin and marco rubio came in the with the close third. >> he did really well, almost nipping donald trump at the
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very even. is there ted cruz. ted's iowa victory was propelled by republican caucus goers who said they want a candidate who shares their value. that was number one on their mind in those polls, that they come out, exit polls. on the democratic side the iowa caucus has already forced former maryland governor martin o'malley out of the race but the caucus, he wasn't doing well at all. it is a fight between main stream candidate hillary clinton and anti establishment candidate vermont senator bernie sanders. >> i'm excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward. >> i think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment. >> also, somebody else we didn't mention fell out of the race, that is former governor
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of arkansas mike huckabee. he stopped his campaign, right after the caucus finished up. lets get back to our area comedian bill cosby will be in court this morning for a hearing. >> this is first time since criminal sexual assault charges were brought against him. his defense will argue an allege prior deal could stand in the way of cosby being prosecuted. >> deal from almost ten years ago, dave. >> reporter: yeah, that is right, ten years ago, that is one of the big questions here that will decide, whether this goes to trial or end right here and now for bill cosby and whether his attorneys can get his legal woes off cosby's back. here's what we know, of course, their goal, cosby's legal team is to stop the criminal charges from ever going to trial. the cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault, accused of drugging and sexually assaulting, ex-temple university employee andrea constand at his montgomery county home in 2004. cosby says that encounter was
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consensual, and the the question is whether cosby is protect from prosecution, based on that deal he made, and bruce castor and cosby's attorney at the time. castor is expect to testify as cosby's witness but newly elect d.a. kevin steele says that the deal was not written down and therefore cannot be enforced. he is pledging to use cosby's deposition in constand's civil suit to argue the encounter was criminal. by the the way you will remember steel beat castor in the d.a. election last year, so many people say this is all about politics, the the question is will the judge deciding whether that agreement is enforceable or will this whole thing just be thrown out all together. back to you guys. >> so bill cosby you think will be seen by our cameras to day. >> reporter: we believe around 9:00 o'clock or so, when we're
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expecting him. >> thanks, dave. >> we will take that live straight up at 9:00 when that happens. >> here's lauren johnson. philadelphia police need your help finding three men behind a brutal beating and stabbing attack, surveillance cameras it is little much to watch but we want to show what you they are capable of. it happened inside lucky garden chinese restaurant on broad street in the logan section on saturday. for 88 seconds, video shows the the 29 year-old man gets stabbed twice, punched 25 times, and then repeatedly whipped with a belt. paramedics rush him to einstein medical center where he remains in critical condition this morning. police say man got away in the gray pontiac grand prix and probably lives in that neighborhood. coming up at 6:30 steve keeley will have more details. new details in the the deadly amtrak train derailment last year coming from the man of the controls of the the train brandon bostian. documents released yesterday by national transportation
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safety board show bostian had a much clear memory of what happened when interviewed six months after the crash, and, at that time, bostian said he remembers accelerating and realizing a mistake applying the brakes. he told investigators days after the crash, the last thing he remembered was approaching and passing the platforms in north philadelphia lawyers representing some of those 200 passengers injured, say comments made by him suggest that he is to blame for this tragedy. >> what we have learn is the the problem was brandon bostian and the problem remains his changing story. >> documents released yesterday did not indicate bostian was distract or impaired in anyway. that is your top stories, mike and alex. another boom, this time in the so big though, what people of cape may county say they have heard, once again. >> what did those pesky fighter yet again. we will discuss. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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well, they are waiting at 6:10 in the morning. they just went to the entire shot of this guy. i guess that is a fake groundhog. >> it is a hat. >> yes, it is a hat. >> there is a sea of people that we just had a shot of, we
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don't have it anymore, but there has to be thousands of humans, you know, we have seen this year after year where it the is like 0 degrees. the temperature is in the the that bad right now. >> that is true. >> are we controlling this camera. >> we're not. >> in less than a hour, right around 7:00 we're still going to see phil and we will see what happens. >> i think, it might be 7:15, 7:20. somewhere in that first half an hour. >> is there so many people. >> i have never been there. we have footage from our bucket list. it is kind of the same thing as times square on new years eve. >> more drinking. >> wow. >> okay. >> did you hear it. >> there was another sonic
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boom that happened in south jersey again just like last week. >> they are saying it was a shaking, but, cape may county they are saying once again they heard and felt a sonic boom. >> welshing bringing keep police department heard two sonic booms just before 2:00 in the afternoon but they say today or yesterday's weren't as strong as last weeks. because that was a really strong one. >> yes, last thursday, people up and down the shore, and in fact, a good chunk of the east coast could feel the sonic booms created by f35 joint strike fighter jet. >> we know one glass door shattering, down the shore, in word as of yet if that was what was behind yesterday's boom. >> up to 800 miles an hour and they break the sound barrier. ted cruz comes out on top as winner of the iowa republican caucus. >> but for democrats it is still too close to call. >> they are still counting, and i just saw a coin flip, at one precinct.
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is that legal?
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tonight, is a victory for the grass roots. tonight, it is a victory for courageous conservative is a cross iowa, and all across this great nation. >> you heard ted cruz, victory that came on top of the winner
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of the iowa republican caucus, his victory was propelled by caucus goers who wanted a a candidate who shares their values. republicans have their winner but democrats, well, they are still trying to figure it out this morning. candidates from both parties are dropping out of the race, though. we will get an update from "fox news"'s caroline shyly with more, we just cannot believe how close this democratic race is. >> yes, alex, that is a big surprise. surprises coming for the the democrats and the the republicans. on the democratic side the race is down to hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. after martin o'malley suspended his presidential campaign. >> i'm excited, about really, getting into the the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward. >> clinton was expecting a big win in iowa. while it was too close to call last night, sanders is claiming victory for having such a tight race.
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>> i think about, what happened tonight i think the people have of iowa have have sent a very profound message to the political establishment. >> reporter: for the republicans after donald trump led polls for months, texas senator ted cruz scored a surprise victory. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee in the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. >> it was an upset for trump but may not have been a shock after he skipped out on last weeks debate in des moines. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary, or bernie. >> it is a small are field heading to new hampshire, mike huckabee dropped out, for democrats, martin o'malley said good bye. mike and alex back to you you need to get inside to take care of that voice. before you go, the big head line is the the democrats still haven't finish their
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voting. we heard something that happens very rarely in the caucuses, they are flipping coins, have you heard about that. >> reporter: this happened in aims. this is what party officials recommended. you don't flip a lever like we vote, on caucus night you go fight, argue, you count again. there was a descrepancy. some folks were missing. sixty people left before it was over. the democrats called party officials. they say coin toss it. that is how they settled it. perfectly legal here in iowa, mike. >> they said there were multiple precinct that is did that. >> yes. >> and hillary clinton won all three. >> she's a lucky woman. >> she should play the lottery. >> caroline, great to see you. thank you for that report. 6:18. >> well, let's check on the weather, sue. >> it is a forecast that is improved from yesterday. this is that snow we were talking about yesterday in iowa. it is there. eventually part of that storm
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will make its way here but not until tomorrow. as we look at the forecast for punxsutawney, clear skies in the western part of the state. that is why we are anticipating ground hog will see his shadow and that means six more weeks of winter. except for that one big giant storm, it really hasn't been that bad of a winter. we have had warmer december we ever had. we are starting off february pretty mild this storm coming on wednesday is only going to be rain. no frozen precipitation at all. in fact record high temperatures tomorrow are expected but rain will be pretty heavy in the afternoon. it looks like it will make a mess out of the evening commute. and it is out of here, probably by about 9:00 p.m. so this is an all day event with this storm coming through, tomorrow. flood watch in effect, tomorrow afternoon through thursday afternoon. after that it looks like decent weather, a little more seasonal but still above average, 50 degrees today.
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sixty-five the record high tomorrow, 49 on thursday, and then all the way through weekend we will see temperatures in the mid to upper 40's, every day, so, get to get through tomorrow which looks to be pretty messy. that is your weather at 6:20. we will take a look at traffic, with one lane blocked at township line road and walter road, this is in chalfont that accident we told but earlier, police are directing traffic around that, for the schuylkill expressway approaching belmont a look right there as it starts to get lighter, with volume but no delays and watch out for heavier traffic around the wells fargo center for the the flyers game tonight, mike and alex, back to you. flyers taking on montreal, right sue. >> the the canadiens. >> the canadiens, the the habs. so adele, what is that song she sing. >> hello from the inside. >> adele is saying good bye when it comes to using her music without permission. the the the --
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>> one of the people running for president is in trouble with adele, basically. >> something is using that hello song without her permission. >> well, not that song, another. some songy never read ahead. lottery numbers. ♪
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they call it super bowl opening night, it took place in prime time last night, old media day new has a new fancy name and time. all shapes sizes costumes from all over the world crammed in one arena, all kind of questions like hey payton manning, are you going to retire after this game. >> i don't know the answer to that, marshall. i think one thing i have done well this season, this team has done well this season is stay in the moment, focus on the task at hand, take it one week at a time. there is ten other cliches you can use right there. flyers back at practice yesterday getting ready to host montreal canadiens tonight. flyers will play nine games in the next 14 days. final run of the farmers insurance golf open played monday in le hoy a california, storms on sunday ripped up the course at torey pines no fans were allowed in on sunday. brent ceneca a won by a stroke over jk choy.
6:25 am
why we talking phillies, because they are changing uniforms. >> maybe a new look will give us a new outcome. >> good way to put it. >> change in luck. >> so they will wear their red jerseys during regular season and this is the first time in 36 years. >> yeah, players will wear simple classic design april 14th, at citizens bank park, kind of get a reaction from the fans, what do you think. in five more times, throughout the season. the last time phillies wore red for regular season, as alex just mentioned was in 1979. there was such a backlash from fans, that the team scrapped the uniform after just one game so why do you think it will work in 2016. >> so this red jersey is usually seen during practice and preseason. phillies fans can start buying these red jerseys, friday. >> and if you hated them so much back in the 70's, you just might hate them as much in the 2,000's. >> you never necessity, though. as you get older, you know,
6:26 am
your views change. >> you know what, those uniforms are in right now, they have been for last two or three years. hopefully it will work. >> i like them. >> adele, sing, please. ♪ >> she wants you to stop that donald trump. adele is banning him from playing her music at all of his political rallies. the singer says that she did not give donald trump permission to use her song. so adele is not the only artist to withhold permission from the republican date, to use their work. anyway, neil young, aero smith and rem have all objected to their music being played at trump rallies. they just don't like him or they want some cash. she has plenty of.
6:27 am
>> probably a mixture of. >> don't want to be part of the politics, maybe. you have seen the the tape. this is hard to watch. a brutal beating, what is the the woman who witnessed it says about at attack that will leave you totally stunned. >> it is the video enough to stun you. what were they saying. flonase allergy relief nasal spray.
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the deal that could keep him from being prosecuted, the case could be thrown out. >> our cameras will be there. plus wrapped spread of the zika virus, it is an international's mergecy now, the four countries, the cdc is adding to its travel alert list. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> sigh of relief, neck and neck still to this moment, at 6:30 the following morning this could go on for a couple days, hillary clinton, bernie sanders in the the dead heap. the results of the caulk us this morning we will tell you how republicans did, of course, donald trump not the winner in iowa, as all of those polls said. as we said every year at this time, why do we even take poles if they are not accurate. good day, it is tuesday,
6:31 am
february 2nd, that means. >> it is groundhog day. >> and that is a live shot, from punxsutawney, where we're waiting for phil to come out. it should be in about 45 minutes or so. now the skies are clear though, alex. >> which isn't good, no you about a that means we are bracing for six more weeks of winter. but here's the thing maybe we deserve six more weeks of winter. remember how warm it was. it didn't even feel like winter. >> deserve it? i think not. we deserve it it. and people are listening to the national anthem right now. >> add it to my bucket list. >> i have been there foreground hog day, and it is, when i was there a mess. right after the groundhog does his prediction, they go crazy. we have a groundhog meter to show you the number of the day. there he is coming out of the
6:32 am
bureau there, 86 percent chaps that phil sees his shadow because of the sunshine in the forecast. our little meter, our little elevator goes up to a eight out of ten in weather by the numbers. bus stop buddy has on his winter coat, flyers cap, they will play tonight against montreal canadiens. 37 degrees, right now, and then sunrise time is 7:09. as days get longer. mostly sunny, and cooler, high temperature of 50 degrees. cooler then yesterday but still warmer than average for second day of february. lets take a look at traffic, as we get a look at the roosevelt boulevard approaching broad street it is all clear this morning. i-95 at cottman avenue has slowed down, as volume has, heavily, increased, will travel times... this morning. >> we have 18 minutes. >> yes, and 24 minutes on i-95. >> slow down on i-95 atwood haven road, it is slow there
6:33 am
every day. >> there is a dump truck there. >> she's so filled with joy. >> so ted cruz is the winner of the iowa republican caucus, donald trump was second, not too far behind, i guess but look came upright behind him, marco rubio a close third, i mean really close to knocking off trump for second place but democratic race, remains a cliff hanger. it is now a fight between hillary clinton and, bernie sanders. and it is still going on and they are still counting. >> i'm really excited about getting in to the the debate with senator sanders about the the best way forward. >> as i think about what happened here tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment. >> so, what happened in about
6:34 am
eight days in new hampshire, of course, we will cover that for you as well. martin o'malley dropped out after the caucus, so did former governor of arkansas mike huckabee, he dropped out as well. >> the candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in new hampshire getting ready. >> everybody flew off last night. >> then they didn't have wifi on the plane. once they landed they were checking their phones trying to see where are we? >> they landed. >> still has not been decided. comedian bill cosby is heading to court, this could happen at 9:00 o'clock we will see him get out of the suv and go in the courthouse. >> just five weeks after he was charged with sexual assault of the former temple university employee. >> yep. >> judge could decide if the prior immunity deal will move this case for. >> so this goes back ten years, montgomery county, to a former d.a. by the name of bruce castor. a guy we have known very well on this show. there is dave kinchen. >> reporter: that is right, bruce castor will play a big part of this. there are cameras here as you
6:35 am
know from all across the the country converging on norristown where we are right now waiting for bill cosby when he makes his appearance and entrance in the the court around 9:00 o'clock. the his legal team trying to get legal woes off of his back. the here's what we know, cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault, accused of drugging and sexually assaulting annex temple university employee by the name of andrea constand and at his montgomery county home in 2004. cosby a says that encounter was consensual but the the question is whether cosby is protect from prosecution based on a deal as you mentioned made a decade ago. that no prosecution deal was made with former montgomery county d.a. bruce castor and cosby's attorney at the time. castor is expect to teva as cosby's witness but the the newly elect d.a. kevin steele says that was not win written down so therefore cannot be enforced. will that deal be thrown out or will it hold up. we will see how it goes, guys,
6:36 am
back to you. we will take it live at 6:35. lauren, what else is going on in the world. today chaka fattah junior will learn his fate. son of the congressman fattah senior will be a appearing in court to face a sentence. fattah junior prosecutors say scammed banks, irs, government loan administrators and the philadelphia school district out of more than $100,000. did he did represent himself and said charges were a way to go after his father congressman chaka fattah senior. junior plans to a appeal that convictions. truck driver accused of crashing in the limo van carrying comedian tracie morgan has pled not guilty. kevin roper was driving a wal-mart truck when that crash happened on the new jersey turnpike in june of 2014. the crash, killed comedian james mcnair, and seriously injured morgan and several others. prosecutors have charged roper with aggravated manslaughter, vehicular homicide and aggravated assault, mike and alex. >> nice job.
6:37 am
>> remember the tracie morgan accident, of course. the didn't we just do this. >> i'm sorry, i would give you an update on what i heard but you told the whole story. >> thank you, lauren. >> we will pause here for a second we will try to regroup. >> we're regrouping. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> now we're ready to go. >> twenty-nine year-old man becomes a target of the brutal beat down inside of a cheese knees restaurant. >> three attackers didn't seem to care, security cameras were rolling, you can see their faces but what they did do this man. >> steve, bring us up to date. is what going on. >> cops see faces recognize the faces. we are talking brutal, brazen right off broad street in broad daylight look at the video. how basin in how about right before noon at a take out restaurant that does a lunch business how brutal in the minute and 28 seconds of surveillance released by the cops from four different cameras you see the guy get punched 25 times, gets stabbed two times and gets whipped
6:38 am
with his own belt. three guys attacking him police hope you recognize, started by ordering the guy to take off his belt and watch but if this is just a robbery they would have taken off. >> you are not safe. you are not safe no where around here. you have to be on point all the time. >> i'm scared but you know it is normal here. >> that is normal. >> that is brutal. that was brutal. >> i don't know what he did, but it is a shame he got beat up like that. >> i'm afraid, of course consideration i don't want that going on. i'm just coming to get food. >> if you don't recognize those three faces police hope you recognize getaway car, gray pontiac grand prix police have the license plate and here it the is, alex and mike, jzn-9752. they want these cops off because if they will do something like that at high noon in front of the so many people, they are capable of doing it again or probably far worse. >> yes. okay. >> it is pretty obvious on that tape who they are if you
6:39 am
know them of course good steve, thank you for that. the zika virus they are talking about the world health organization, the who, came out with a big statement yesterday afternoon. >> saying that the spread of zika virus is an international's mergecy. officials here are alarmed about the disease linked to thousands of suspect cases of birth defects in the americas. so chris murphy is in the studio to kind of expand on this because people are concerned about this virus. >> that concern is growing, alex and mike. world health organization has declared a global emergency which would ramp up international efforts to stop this. now you may remember the the u.s. health agency was criticized for slow response to the ebola virus in west africa two years ago. z ika is spread by mosquitoes and most people causes no more than a mild illness, back pain that kind of thing. but the the virus may be link to birth defects. >> if it is a proven link
6:40 am
between virus and microcephaly it will allow public health experts to intervene and hopefully come up with a vaccine and other method to prevent zika and prevent infection in pregnant woman. >> reporter: take a look the at map, cases have been confirmed in several states here in the u.s. and that prompted some to call on the federal government to do more to fight the virus. lawmakers say that the time to act is right now. world health officials estimate as many as 4 million cases of the zika could turn up in the americas in the the next year. and the centers for disease control and prevention is adding four countries to the zika travel alert less. theycally america someoa and nicaragua. they are list of countries where it is active. cdc says have travelers to these countries are at risk for being infect with the mosquito born illness. we will keep an eye on it, as it grow is think of the olympics in rio, my goodness, so many people heading that way. lets talk about the football what do you say.
6:41 am
with less than a week before the the biggest football game of the year, san francisco's stadium is the place to be. i think that is a convention center, isn't it? garry cobb will join us live to break down what we can expect during the the super bowl sunday. and later as a kid nothing is better than cook business milk, right. what about the grown ups what do they do with their cookies apparently they are drinking wine, so we have the perfect wines to go, just fine, with your girl scout purchases.
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6:44 am
we have 6:44. we have brought in g. cobb ready to take off for san francisco. >> that is right. >> good morning, gary. >> how are you doing. >> do you see how they change media day. it used to be during the day, media day. now it is media night. >> what a way they came in, did you see how players walked in. >> it is fancy. >> yes, journalist from all over, some credible, others in costume jammed in the arena. >> others were not credible. >> some of the players were in costume. >> yeah.
6:45 am
>> okay. >> when dust settles what did we hear, it came in on look at that. >> yes, i guess that is the bay bridge, golden gate bridge. >> there is mr. cam. >> mr. cam. >> this is kind of fun. they are juicing it up. >> we have payton. >> look at how serious payton is. >> he has a game to play. >> he has his head in the game. >> everybody is wondering will this be his last game a lot of them don't even want to go to stuff like that. >> they get tired of it, because they have more of. that they have to do it two or three more times, where what else will you ask. you start asking silly questions like, what kind of underwear do you wear. do you wear cartoon underwear. come on, ask the silly question like that. >> they can do a marshawn lynch i'm just here so i won't get find. >> so by the way, gary what kind of underwear do you have on right now. >> black ones. it is one of the designers, he has his name up top.
6:46 am
>> you are fancy. >> calvin kline. >> yeah, one of those. >> fruit of the loom. >> oh, no, we're good. >> let's talk eagles because we're not in it, necessary next time we will be in the super bowl but fletcher cox if we sign him, he will help. will we get it done. >> they are trying to get it done and he will get a bunch of money. he might wind up up near suh, over a hundred million. he won't get that much but he will get maybe 70, 80 million-dollar contract. >> don't you think he is worth it he is worth it. he is very important to the team plus they are changing the defense. he will be the featured guy. it will be very difficult for team to block him. i expect him to have a huge year next year and very important to sign. >> vinny curry. >> they are trying to sign him. they made him an offer before the season was over and chances are he will get signed. >> all these teams are interested in him, just yesterday they are saying another nfl team they are
6:47 am
flying to get him. >> i know giants have been interested in vinny curry for years. >> is that right. >> because he is an outstanding outside pass rusher. he will be on the field more. the it will improve the defense. >> go anywhere but the giants. >> how about now we have somebody in the super bowl, and if you know somebody from our area who is in the super bowl that i've overlooked please let us know on twitter. >> i feel like we can say that philly, or our area, made it to the super bowl. we made it. >> we could say that. >> yes, very important player. >> brandon mcmahonus. >> kicker for denver broncos. i think this will be a close game. people think. denver's defense vice good. >> over the panthers. >> people think panthers will blow them off. newton, with those silly pants or stuff. >> you didn't like those pants. >> that is versace, honey. >> you know, i will say he pulled it off well. but i wouldn't sport them he
6:48 am
pulled his pants off. >> look at you underwear and pulling off pants. >> no, no. >> they asked him about the backlash that he received from the celebrations a and things that he does. he said i'm just going to be me. >> he is confident, he will did his thing and it the is good for the league. he is entertaining. >> real quickly here, the joy of x, jason kelce, at least one of our guys. >> that is evan mathis. >> yes. >> he was released and he wound up in the super bowl. isn't that something, he is released and he is in the super bowl as we sit here. oh, boy. i will say, too bad, evan, should have done it in the eagles uniform. >> some people say that is a curse when you play philly teams once you leave us and life is just good, you know what i mean. >> we have had that happen to numerous players. >> g, good to see you, have fun in san francisco. >> please come back. >> i sure will come back. >> beautiful area.
6:49 am
>> hey, sue. >> looking at that blizzard we were talking about in iowa. well, it a arrives after the caucus were finish. it will get a little taste of that storm, and as we look ahead to just about less than an hour from now punxsutawney pennsylvania should be cleared and it is looking like punxsutawney phil will see his shadow whiz does mean six more weeks of winter. we will see some rain rolling in tomorrow morning, it is light rain and by the afternoon it is heavy rain and few thunderstorms and it is possible as we look ahead to the wet, windy wednesday, it is not only rain and lots of it but we have flooding as well. 50 degrees today, 65 a record high for tomorrow along with all of that rain on wednesday, and then cloudy, cooler on thursday with a high of 49. we will stay in the mid to upper 40's through the the first week end of february and beyond. that is your seven day forecast. for traffic on your tuesday morning it hasn't been bad.
6:50 am
i hope i didn't jinks it. blue route past the schuylkill is all cleared so far. vine street expressway has, increased volume but only minor delays at this point. we will look at your travel speed, it is slow go all along the schuylkill expressway but in the extremely so, and parts of the route one, a little slow down to 20 miles an hour, guys. >> well this month we acknowledge accomplishments of african americans who contributed to the success of this country and now we are in the second day of february. so we will meet robert johnson. >> robert is an american entrepreneur best known as the founder of bet, black entertainment television, bet channel, and the country's first african-american billion air. he founded bet, in the 70's with his wife, she will a the network became the first of its kind targeting the african-american audience. it launched in 980. first starting, for two hours,
6:51 am
a week. i remember that. >> then in 1991 bet became first black owned company to be listed on the new york stock exchange. but in 2,000 via a come a announced plans to buy bet. next year sale was finalized and johnson's majority stake earned him more than $1 billion making him the first african-american billion air. he and his wife divorce aid year after the sale to via come. >> well, and then there is that. >> 6:51. well, cookies and wine. >> what? >> apparently the paring is so good. >> girl scouts are drinking wine. >> no, no, no this is for parents and the adults. we will tell you bit. apparently wine and cookies. >> wine and thin mints. i have to try it.
6:52 am
if you could see your cough, it's just a cough. you'd see how often you cough all day and so would everyone else. new robitussin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to twelve hours. new robitussin 12 hour cough relief. because it's never just a cough.
6:53 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:54 am
this is seriously one of my favorite movies, 1989 film, troop beverly hills. >> the song is right, it is time for girl scout cookies, they have been selling them. >> i have been eating them. >> of course, everyone knows they are delicious with milk, but what about wine. um-hmm. >> which wine brings out the best flavor, in your favorite cookie. the lets get through them, what do you say. >> there is an app for that, mike. the it is called le vineo. >> thin mints you will to have pronounce these wines. >> well, they say thin mints
6:55 am
is best prepared with the brunolo. >> dosidos with the z infandell. >> and what are these cookies. >> worst name for cookies, i have ever heard, trefoils. >> a german. >> and tagalong with a amarone. and the carmel delights which i really like and, they both pair well with a aged rioj thea a. >> i think we will take a wine class, mike, what do you say. >> it sound like a spanish wine. >> it probably is. nobody really knows. in the next hour bill cosby due in court in our area and his attorneys push to get charges against him, dropped. we will be there. plus we will get back to gobbler's knob where punxsutawney phil is coming out. they are celebrating. it is in 20 minutes. >> twenty minutes until
6:56 am
sunrise. >> we will be their life, will we get six more weeks of winter.
6:57 am
6:58 am
bernie, bernie, bernie,
6:59 am
bernie. >> we will, bernie is waiting. his opponent, hillary clinton on the left, is waiting. believe it or not, when you went to bed the democrats in iowa were still counting votes. >> thank you. >> they are still counting votes. this may go on for days. the as you know in the republican side, donald trump did not come in at number one. he came in second. >> of course, you know who finished ahead but how close was marco rubio behind him. my goodness? he has new life. plus... >> bill cosby due in court a preliminary hearing later is going to, a judge will set aside a deal made a decade ago can keep him from being prosecuted or will the case be thrown out. >> okay. >> let's get out to western pennsylvania, and, and this is a live shot, and, 40,000 people they estimate and there is punxsutawney phil. no, that is just a guy wearing a hat it looks like. he is not a gopher but a
7:00 am
ground hog. >> a marmount, family of animals. i was reading that. >> big dumb rat. >> they are dancing. >> the ground hog dance. >> we will get you whatever we have to do here because this is going to happen in about five minutes when the sun finally comes up. we hear the skies are clear which did his not bode well. >> did you ever watch super nanny. >> yes. >> there she is. she will be on good day all morning long. she has a new show called go jo, or nanny jo. she has this new show. she wants to help with you parenting. if you have any parenting questions for nanny jo, use the hashtag fox 29 good day. >> and then be sure to watch, and see what she has to say. she will respond tour questions. >> probably after the 9:00 o'clock hour. is that facebook. >> facebook, twitter, instagram. >> instagram. >> take a pick of


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