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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> good morning, at 4:00 bill cosby back in court today hoping to have sexual assault charges dismissed. and more drama outside the courtroom. why some say they came from across the country to see the comedian. >> plus a mother in critical condition and her two small children injured after a hit-and-run driver plows into them and keeps ongoing. the clue investigators showed us that may help to track the driver down. >> have you played the lottery lately? check your ticket. you could be holding a winning cash five lotto ticket, we want to tell you where it was sold, more importantly, how much it is worth if you have it. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, february 3rd, 2016. >> let's get to your weather because, sue, we are going to make history today. >> really? >> no? >> yes, probably. because we do have a record high temperature in the
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forecast. somebody's been paying attention. thank you. we have a flood watch in effect, as well. so not only these unusually high temperatures for february, but also, a lot of rain is on the way, and that means, this afternoon, through tomorrow, we could see some flooding in many areas. here comes the rain. it is getting closer, it is raining out in the western part of the state. you look out here in ohio, and you see possibility of some thunderstorms, don't see any lightning showing up on radar, but already raining around the washington, d.c. area. soap, have the umbrella before you leave today. even though it is not raining for most every us right now. this is the situation. 43 degrees, 7:08 your sunrise time, not expecting sunshine, expecting lot and lot of rain. we'll let you know how much when we come back next time. now, all of the temperatures are above freezing this morning. so that's why it is only rain in the forecast. the surge of mild air coming in ahead of the rain, and
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that's going to send temperatures soaring, despite the rain this afternoon. so 40 degrees in wilmington, 44 in dover, close to 50 already in wildwood, and for the third day of february, it is really unusually mild. 65 degrees should be our high. so record warmth. heavy downpours along with the rain, and winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour, so it is going to be wet and windy, and warm on your wednesday all day today, at least we've got owe literation. we always have that. 4:02, two minute after 4:00 and we've got a look at traffic for you on this wednesday morning. so for the schuylkill expressway approaching spring garden, starting off at least this morning all clear, just few headlight out there. i95 at cottman avenue, clear at this hour, and there is some construction to tell you about, it is on i295 southbound, between route 30 and route one: left lane
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below blocked, that will be the case until 6:00 a.m. chris, lauren? >> thank you. happening today, day two in court for bill cosby. >> his defense team hoping the sex assault case against him will be tossed out of course. dave kinchen live outside the montgomery county courthouse to bring us up to speed on this, good morning on day two, were you there yesterday morning. >> yes, it is day two, and essentially what happens today is judge o'neil is expecting to issue a ruling. that much he made clear yesterday. that at some point he will make a decision to decide whether the charges, the criminal sexual assault charges against bill cosby, will head to trial or if these charges would simply be thrown out. here is what happened. yesterday, bill cosby was escorted out of court by his assistant, due to his failing eyesight. he left p about 5:30, after six hours testimony from bruce castor, who essentially said in court that he did not make
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an agreement with -- or he did -- (no sound). >> okay, we'll get more from dave kinchen by the way and the testimony from bruce castor yesterday, the former prosecutors in montgomery county from way back ten years ago, and see what came out that far case, and why it will extend into today. a little later from dave. >> you can notice outside the courtroom it seems like a circus. >> yes, the court case features of course bill cosby, one of the most recognized entertainers of all time and that's bringing huge crowds. >> charged with sexual assault, bill cosby leaves the montgomery county courthouse to a sea of cheers and well-wishers. >> to see him, just to see bill cosby. >> what brought you out here? >> bill cosby. >> dozens of supporters flocked and screamed as the embattled comedian waived back, and it seems everyone has an opinion. >> i think that he has some
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guilt like all every us have guilt. and in whatever area, how much he has, i don't know. >> it was clearly not a normal day at the courthouse. security was very high. thirty extra deputies brought in for the cosby case alone. >> well, obviously a higher profile case. we try to treat him like any other defendant. we know this is an unusual situation. >> montgomery county sheriff sean says 91 media passes were granted, some reporters, as far away as germany, are covering the hearing. so much interest the main and overflow courtrooms filled to capacity, and tv news trucks filled several blocks of norristown. >> we want to make sure everybody's safe from mr. cosby, to the attorneys involved to the public to the hoarder. >> leaving the courthouse more like a red carpet movie premiere. one man even got police citation for disorderly conduct in the crush of fans. >> everybody was pushing me, and i was trying to get out of the way. >> some fans came for the media circus, just to capture
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a glimpse of cosby, accused criminal or not, most here support him. >> if he has some issues with his life, he needs to clean them up. this is a great opportunity for him to get right. he is 78 years old. he's going to be leaving planet earth pretty soon. >> we're here for bill cosby. i don't know if he is or not, but he's my idol. >> chris o'connell reporting. of course a lot of twists and turns in this case. >> the if toys know, breaking news alert sent right to your phone. you can find it in the apple and google play stores. pennsylvania state lawyers look nothing alleged cheating scandal involving its cadet. internal investigation centers on class scheduled to graduate this spring at issue whether cadets were given the questions to an ac death i can exam by a cadet who recently graduated and instructor discovered the alleged cheat he cheating and reported it. >> developing story, search is on this morning for hit-and-run driver who ran over a woman and two children as they cross add very busy
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street. >> the mother and kids were left lying in that south philadelphia street as that car sped away. steve keeley now live at police headquarters with look at some of the video that could help them track down that car and driver. steve? >> reporter: well, everybody's luck any this case, that the car didn't actually go over everybody, that everybody went flying up over the car or we would be talking fatal accident here. how many times have you seen it at headquarters story about philadelphia police looking for hit-and-run driver. here we go again. >> this one is unusual because it happened on one of the biggest street in the city, during the lunch hour. soap, real broad street bully here. right in the crosswalk, right off the sidewalk, mom and two kids have the right of way. and you can see, as they are in the crosswalk there, they get slammed by this red honda who was racing obviously to make the light, and went through a red light on top of having a red car and a lot of witnesses and a lot of cameras, three different cameras, notice the colored surveillance camera look at the passenger side. you can see the mirrors,
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side-view, rear-view mirror missing and broke out. that will was the biggest piece of evidence besides all of the surveillance and all of the witnesses. >> that car shot down here, i think it shot down here, and kept going t to new it did something wrong whether it shot out of here. and left the mother there like to die more or less for real. you know, i'm just putting out there who ever did this to this mother and her two children need to turn themself in or have somebody represent you or something because you were wrong for doing t thank god the mother and the baby still alive. because that hit, that hit, can't forget that hit. >> the video too graph took show you the impact. but the little girl, the five year old that was hit first, went flying all the way across to the other side of broad street. because she went flying in the air, the worse of her injuries, just a broken leg, that doesn't sound like it is nothing, but it could have
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been so much worse. the six month old child strapped to the mother in the harness, not hurt either. mom's hurt the worse with head injuries, critical at last check at hahnemann. soap, chris, lauren, mother is alive, and good thing for this driver. because if it wasn't for the miracle of everybody surviving there is driver, when they're caught, and they believe it is a woman driving a 2001 red honda accord with that side-view passenger mirror missing they would be the leaving the scene after accident, mandatory prison time. caught now or turn themselves in now not as bad as it could have been even for the driver in this case. >> good point. so much to go on, following that driver, steve, thank you. >> so cash five ticket worth more than half million dollars was sold in north philadelphia at a gas station. >> yes, and the ticket maimed all five numbers drawn monday night. the lehigh bp at fifth and lehigh in fairhill, gets the $5,000 for selling t lucky ticket hold letter collect
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$600,000. the winner has not comfort yet. they have up to a year to claim their prize, don't forget you can watch the cash five drawing live right here on fox 29 every night at 7:00. >> i'm one of those people that never throws away a lottery ticket because i am always so scared it will be one that later someone is like someone won. they match four numbers, and they forgot to turn in their ticket. >> so last power jackpot drawing, it didn't hit on what was that saturday night? and we throw the tickets away, i said, you know, there might be some numbers on there we have, we could still have some money come, so she ordered the kids to dig through the trash, coffee grounds on them you. >> get scared. >> yes. >> forget drinking, smoking, drugs, the reason some experts say. >> the fight against zika gets more complicated as an american contracted the virus through sex. >> this morning we break down the plan scientists are working onto stop the spread.
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>> so we're looking at rain, and lots of it, that's moving in any time after 7:00. but for some, if you are out to the west of philadelphia, could even be early, occasional showers to start, then we get cranked up in the afternoon with the heaviest rain falling between 1:00 and 6:00 p.m. this will have big impact on the evening commute. and even possible thunderstorm in the forecast. the rain ends probably around 7:00, 8:00 from west to east.
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so it will be last to leave the shore and that is your wednesday storm. so, as far as snow cover is concerned, this is the way the map looks right now. it is gone in south jersey, pretty much, and down in southern delaware. as i mentioned yesterday, except for the giant piles in parking lot like the grocery store parking lot, they'll last, so the most snow up toward harrisburg, with all of the rain and the record warmth, most of the snow cover will be gone by the end of today. here comes, cold front, pretty potent storm, that's headed our way, looks like it will drop a lot of moisture on us, we've got that warmfront ahead of the storm that's already through, and that's bringing the milder temperatures in. then with cold front, dramatically colder, but could touch off thunderstorms later in the day. flood watch in effect for most of the area, until tomorrow afternoon, because as we know about flooding, it lingers even after the rain ends, so, some of those streams and creeks at times of high tide
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could flood. these are your temperatures right now, we have 40 degrees in wilmington, 44 in dover, in the city it is 43, and even above freezing to the north of us, remember, yesterday, we were in the 20's, in lancaster, reading, pottstown, but it has gotten better. it is at least milder. so as we look at our mild trend, and that 53 degrees we got yesterday, today it is going to be even warmer despite the wind and the rain, 65 degrees is our -- will be our new record, will break the record from ten years ago, 2006. the record being 62 degrees. now, 51 is our high tomorrow. then we're in the 40's friday and saturday and sunday. looking at the possibility of some interesting weather by tuesday of next week. i'll look into that a little bit more. but generally, after today, it calms down a lot in that seven day forecast. and that is a look at your weather, 4:15, and checking i95 at academy road. we've got the all clear there this morning, and the vine street expressway is all clear at this hour.
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but there is a little bit of construction going on in the route one bypass northbound near media. this is the right lane block. use caution in that area until that construction is completed, chris, lauren. >> thanks so much, sue. wild scene in north philadelphia, captured by surveillance cameras, a car, moving in the wrong direction, on north eighth street, crashes into a parked car. then two men walking up the street open fire on it. this happened late last month. the gunman ran around the corner, jumped into white car, took off, no one hit by the flying bullet, but several cars were damaged. if you have any information you are asked to call philadelphia police. a missing gun force as local school into lock-down and parents are furious over this. they say they were left to fear the worse. now, this happened yesterday morning, kensington, urban education academy and school officer's gun stole friend his car. the officer wasn't sure if it was taken while his car was parked at home or at the school. police put the school in
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lockdown, and patted down each student. parent same the school didn't do good job every explaining what was going on. >> somebody needs to communicate. like to say everything is fine, this is what's going on, that's what i think lack of communication here. >> police say the man with the gray hooded sweatshirt opened fire in the middle of rittenhouse friday night when police got to 15th and chestnut they found a 31 year old man lying near the intersection shot in the back and the arm. now, that man did survive. if you know anything about what happened, of course, you are asked it call police. some special baked goods brought police to gloucester county high school on monday morning, franklin township police say school officials got a tip about it, approached the student, then called police. investigators say the student
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had brownies and cookies laced with more than 50 grams of marijuana. >> they indicated that the juvenile was in possession of suspected baked goods that were baked with marijuana. and they had them, the school had them in their possession, turning them over to us. >> kind of surprising specially what the kid had. i heard it was a lot. and just crazy, that was in our school. >> police believe the student intend today sell the laced brownies, but they won't believe any other student brought them. the teen was release today a parent. contacted the school district for comment but has not heard back. >> has your mail been deliver late, the answer is yes. city controller wants to hear from you. >> all part of a investigation that is uncovered tens of thousands of pieces of mail not processed in a timely fashion. so the city's controller responding from internal review of the city's mail distribution center yesterday. investigators found several instances of bills, court citations or parking violation
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notices, not delivered before due dates. >> we believe the tens every thousands of philadelphians could have been impacted by the mismanagement in the mail center, mostly subject to mail that they received late. >> the controller goes ton say it appears people are just not doing their jobs, but says, this is not a criminal issue. the investigation will continue. we have post add number and e-mail. you can contact if you think you have been impacted by. >> this we put it on just click on the as seen on tv tab. 4:19 the time. developing now, intensifying fight against the zika virus, new information about the mosquito born illness. health off initials texas now believe patient there contracted the virus through having sex. the sexual partner had already been infected with zika, virus usually spreaded through mosquitos by the, and poses the greatest threat to unborn children causing birth defect. the worlds health organization has declared a global emergency, scientists are push to go come up with a vaccine, but that could take years.
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>> it is our hope to come up with a single test not only for dis -- existing diseases but also prepared for the next disease on the horizon. >> world health leaders predict as many as 4 million cases of zika could turn up in the america's within the next year. coming up at 7:00 this morning, closer look at zika, why doctors say this should not be compared with the spread of hiv. >> one last maker wants to warn you about what he calls a health christ its, and the most at risk, he says, is your kids. so what is he talking about? porn, introduced to make porn a public health crisis. senator today wheeler says it is destructive families, claim as not many young men are getting married because of it, resolution making headlines all around the world. >> i've been watching international all weekend, pretend like this isn't going to have an impact on our families and our culture and
4:21 am
our society, i think is naive. >> wheeler's careful to point out his bill doesn't regulator ban anything but hopes it will start a discussion. >> countdown is onto superbowl 50, a broncos versus panthers. so who is going to win. >> panthers. >> well there is little guy will pick the winner straight ahead. >> oh,. >> and you could be a winner if you have these numbers.
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good morning, flyers starting the second half of their season last night hots g the montreal canadiens at the center. tide two-two in the third period after the flyers have a lead. bore check to simmons. flyers had empty netter, beat the canadiens last night three-two. vinny curry has new deal with the eagles, curry signed five year package, 47 and a quarter million dollars. they'll keep him in philadelphia through 2020. so far this off season the eagles have signed new deals with curry, zach ertz, brent he can. days with the browns appear to be over after another off the field incident over the weekend involving man sell. the brown's released statement tuesday, questioning his character, and effect it is having on teammates. expect the browns to say good-bye to johnny man sell. forget punxsutawney phil on tuesday grade i the groundhog made superbowl pick in north
4:25 am
carolina shockingly he picks the denver broncos. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> just how accurate that is, right? all right, he moved on up to the east side. he took american audiences right along with him, this morning, we take a look at the life of philadelphia native hensley in this black history spotlight. >> didn't realize he was born in philly.
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bill cosby back in court today hoping to have sexual assault charges against him dismissed and more drama outside the courtroom. how far one journalist traveled just to see. a mother in critical condition and her two small children injured after a hit-and-run driver plows into them and they just keeps ongoing. the clue investigators showed us that may help track down that driver. >> we see surveillance videos every day it, makes you wonder how people think they can get away with things, right? >> absolutely. than is clear surveillance video. steve keeley look at that in just a minute. first, sue serio, we will break a high temperature weather record for february 3rd, are we in the? >> sure looks we will, yes. 65 degrees on the thirds day
4:29 am
of february. by the way, it is my brother's birthday today. my brother, mike, a lot of folks met during the blizzard when he was here in philadelphia. we watched our blizzard coverage, we hope you did. anyway, happy birthday, my dear brother. flood watch today through tomorrow afternoon for all of the counties highlighted here, expected to get the most rain. we coup get an inch or two, maybe inch and a half of rainout of the storm. looks like with the mild temperatures it is only going to be rain, even out in the western part of the state. it is rain from this potent storm. so, in baltimore, already starting to rain, in harrisburg, now, seeing some green starting to get into berks count think morning, won't be long until the rain makes it here if philadelphia. dry at the moment, 43 degrees, remember the umbrella before you leave. sunrise at 7:08. to see what i mean by temperatures, 40 in reading, 35 mount pocono, all above freezing, as we anticipate the rain, 46 atlantic city, 48 in
4:30 am
wildwood. and 40 in wilmington, delaware. so, for your commute this morning, be casino of cloud which showers around, it will be getting milder, and will probably end up in the 60s like we said, the records is 62. and we could even get a few thunderstorms out of this. so it looks like the biggest impact for commuters commuting will be later on in the day, the evening commutement that's your weather authority forecast at 4:30. we will talk more about how much rain we'll get in just a few minutes, right now we will check traffic of the the roosevelt boulevard approaching broad street. just few cars there, so clear sailing, and on route 42, at creek road, in new jersey, we have no delays. some construction on the pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, northbound, between the pa turnpike and lansdale, has the right lane blocked. so that could slow you down if that's where you're traveling this morning. chris, lauren? >> happening today, bill cosby stands before the judge for a
4:31 am
second day. >> his defense team of course hoping the sexual assault case against him will be dismissed. outside the courthouse what would can he expected to. day two, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris, today is the day where the judge in this case has said he will make a ruling, he will decide whether these charges will stick or whether these criminal sexual assault charges against bill cosby will be thrown out. yesterday big cosby left court yesterday after six hours every testimony former montgomery county buys cast or, key witness to cosby's defense team. castor testified he did not pursue charges against cosby years ago, because of, quote, credibility issues with cosby's accuser former temple university employee andrea constant. castor said there was not enough evidence to show cosby had commit rad crime. he also said con stand did not act like a victim of sexual assault according to her police interview. and said that she went to a
4:32 am
lawyer before going to the cops. castor made a deal not to prosecute cosby, but the judge asked why that deal was not put in writing. castor simply replied, it wasn't necessary to have it in writing. so judge o'neil will make decision today, and decide whether, again, those charges will stick or the case will be thrown out. back to you guys. >> this should be interesting, all right, thanks so much, dave kinchen. time 4:32, let's turn to there is developing news, police searching for hit-and-run driver. >> car sped off as witnesses returned to help the victim. steve keeley live in center sit which more details on. >> this high, steve. >> well the investigators here and philadelphia police have whole lot to go on. they have angles and video from three different cameras, the car and case of another hit-and-run. this one along broad street, by a darr car flying up a side street n south philly. this is dickinson, right at lunchtime, in the 1:00 hour. mom with a six month old strapped to her chest, and harness, her five year old daughter walking right next to her. the five year old gets hit first. all had the light as they went
4:33 am
from walking on the sidewalk along broad street, into the crosswalk. the car going through likely looking up as the yellow light change today red and trying to make it before it changed to red. not seeing street level, barreling through, not stopping, the five year old hit first, flung way across the opposite side every broad as witnesses rush in to help. >> the little girl, i hope she is okay, i heard she had a broken leg. she was far from the mother, too, so she must have gotten thrown. >> i think it is terrible. that person should get caught. but it shouldn't have gone to that point. i think they should have stopped obviously, making things worse for them. >> that young woman a busy waitress during lunch hour at a restaurant right on that corner came out to help along
4:34 am
with a lot of other people who were actually working, too. and is that girl was right, worse of the five year old injuries was a broken leg, a miracle. mom is doing the worse, with head injuries, list in the critical condition last night, her six month old protected likely by mom's body and that harness, that witnesses had to un strap and clear her from mom and help all three of them get help and call for an ambulance. now, besides video, what we've been showing you is the passenger side rear-view mirror broken off at impact, id the car as a red maroon-ish 2001 honda accord, and the driver appears to be female. now, notice, in that color surveillance we have, as the honda speeds away, couple of blocks from the scene, you will notice the mirror missing, as the car comes toward the camera. and chris, lauren, something you guys heard me say before, you'll notice something else as that car comes toward you. if this had been a car from new jersey, we would have the license plate. because new jersey requires
4:35 am
those front license plates, not so, here in pennsylvania, where the cars likely from. so, no front plate. police would be able to enhance this video, and pull the plate off, fan they could, they would have the car, the owner and the case may be solved at this point. so, again, something for state lawmakers to think b this is so prevalent. how many times do we show surveillance from the car, they don't have the plate in that front video. >> i know you've mentioned this before. pennsylvania is not the only state in the union that doesn't require front license plates? i know it is one of very few. >> reporter: yes, it is not the only one, but it is one of those, who knows why, people watching probably don't want to get another plate. but there are so many cases like this, a lot of times serious crimes, not just hit and runs, other serious crimes, as well, when looking forecaster and they have surveillance and can't find the car, nothing educating the
4:36 am
car on the front of it like would you have in new jersey. >> certainly qualifies as serious. steve keeley, live for us, thank you. >> you know, whatever they can do, we can do it better. is that what women really want when it comes to the military draft? which branch says women should be treated the same as their male counterparts.
4:37 am
grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands.
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and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. >> should come be forced to sign up for the draft. >> in. >> top us military gentle
4:39 am
think they should. during the voluntary, young men must register in case the draft is re-activated. >> the top gentles for both the marine corps and the army say eligible women should be required to sign up for the draft just like men. they made their comment yesterday during a special hearing on placing women into combat roles as it stands women are exempt by law from being drafted and only congress can change that. >> yes, be careful what you act for, right? >> in every regard of life. >> that changes the whole landscape of things, because women have children, you want to stay home with them. imagine women who had a baby, if get drafted it, gets very complicated. >> absolutely. 4:39 is the time. >> philadelphia borings building, country's first commodity exchange, new under new ownership. >> beautiful building if you haven't been down here to the fourth and market area. dc based mrp real at this bought the philly landmark and plans to put restaurant on the
4:40 am
ground floor, new offices above t the group host the location will become one of the most sought after office buildings to attract high paying tenant. renovations part of the $40 million improvement project to the building, two others that the company acquired. >> very cool. >> there is a little food court in there already, but nice to see some high end stuff. >> would you pick if you could? >> i don't know. >> lard. >> here is the deal, right? i like chipotle. i know they are going through hard time right now, be kind of good to have that convenience. >> i just had chipotle this week. >> we got a primo hoagie at thirds and market. that's taken, i'm good. amazon going old school. >> the on line retail giant says it is planning to open hundreds of brick and mortar book stores. this according to do dow jones report did not say where, but back in november amazon announced plans to open it first physical book store in seattle. kind of cool. >> back to the future, right? so the mobile ride hail company, uber, right, it is
4:41 am
doing little re imaging this morning. >> take a look at the company's new logo, instead of the style iced white and black view, it features the image the company called add happen and bit. says the logo is a attempt to bip out the human side of uber highlighting it as trans takes networkment company spokeswoman says the new logo will be used world-wide with a different color scheme in each of the 68 companies the country operates. >> i didn't gather chance to see the new logo. did you see it? >> i didn't see it once. >> that will be confuse ago loft times when you get in the car you are looking nor logo in the front windshield to make sure it is indeed your uber driver with that little black and white u. >> so you look out for them? >> yes, now we will be looking for something different. i don't even know no what it is. there it is. >> that's it there. >> i like that. >> not a fan. >> i don't get it. >> they're too new to have a new logo already anyway?
4:42 am
>> how long have they been around now, three, four years? >> maybe little longer. >> really? >> i think so. i think it rolled out in different cities at different times. >> okay. >> because when i first lived in memphis, they didn't have uber, they now moved away, when i first got to orlando, they didn't have it. they have it now. just whatever. >> which one do you like better. >> the one as i look at the screen to the right. >> right. >> the one looks more like an u. >> the uber. >> the other one i can't make out what are they trying to -- what is it? >> it is a network they said. >> vanity fair hollywood issue is out. not having a problem showing diversity in holly wide. but there is an interesting twist to this cover.
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>> it will be a wet wednesday, windy, too. the rain should begin any time here in the city, especially after 7:00 with occasional showers. starts off light. then it really cranks up this afternoon. heaviest rain falling between 1:00 and 6:00 which will impact of course the evening commute. and you can't rule out a thunderstorm, it ends between 9:00 and midnight it, looks like, from some of the computer models from west to east. so the shore will be the last to get rid of the rain. here's where it is right now. you can see, the heaviest rain where the yellow is. stretching from ohio all the
4:46 am
way down into georgia, and alabama, and it is all headed our way to the north, up in canada, it is frozen precipitation, but it is going to be too mild here. as we look at this combination of the future cast, with the temperatures added, by later on this morning, maybe about 7:00, light showers, are around, through the morning commute. so it shouldn't be enough to slow you down too much. but we're already at 56 degrees by 9:00 in the morning. keep in mind, it is february 3rd, it should be high of 41, then you see the heavy rain rolling in after 1:00. by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon getting closer to the city. there it is on i95 corridor just in time for the afternoon commute. about 4:00. and we are already at 06 degrees. and we may ends up at 65, just depending on how warm it gets. but we will be probably breaking that 2,006 record of 62. so, there you see, by 7:00, 8:00 it is still raining at the shore, 9:00 to midnight when it finally tapers off.
4:47 am
soap, flood watch, because of all of this rain, which could have up to an inch maybe even inch and a half in some spots, with the snow melt combined with the rain, means that we have a pretty good chance of some widespread at least minor to moderate flooding on streets and streams and creeks, as well. 34 degrees right now, in mount pocono, there is philadelphia's temperature, 43, 36 in lancaster, but looking at all of the temperatures, they're all above freezing which is why it is only rain in the forecast. so there is your average hi, 41, we've been well above average ever since sunday. yesterday's high was 53. today, 65. but after the cold front comes through, it is cooler with temperatures in the 50's tomorrow, 40's on friday, saturday, maybe inching into the 50's again on sunday, cooling off again on monday and tuesday of next week. so, this is a worse of it. and certainly not the best hair day, just write this one off, i would say, for a wet wednesday.
4:48 am
now, we check traffic, at 4:48. route 202 at the skewing, it is looking pretty good this morning, not too many cars on the roads, only few cars headed over the ben franklin bridge at this hour, and as far as travel speeds are concerned, just about everybody able to go the post dollars speed limit. it is earl at this, so, the earlier you leave, the more chance you'll miss the rain, guys, this morning. because it is coming. >> oh, oh,. >> quickly. >> yes. >> this year's who highly anticipated issue every vanity fair comes out this week. >> this morning, getting sneak peak at the cover and the inside pages, as women. the issue spans several generations of award winning actresses from jennifer laurence, to helen mure end. it also features the years five oscar nominees for best actress. >> amy is the photographer behind the classic portraits, including kate wins let, viola davis, the hollywood issue available for download in just two days.
4:49 am
>> i think it will common my ipad soon, little alert says vanity fair or harpers bazaare, whatever, all of the magazines i have. download. and everything pops up, you can save, it is so much better than the old school magazine, where you have to like keep it, put it somewhere, they pile up. all in one place. >> and never a paper cut. >> ever. >> ever. >> aren't those the worse? they're so tiny but they hurt so bad. >> never get another one ever again. >> and the actors who star in the big bang theory rolling in the dough. >> it is such a good shop, right? they take the top spots in forbes lit highest paid tv actors, so simon earned $20 million last year. he tide third place with mark harmon of ncis. >> johnny go lucky takes second place, making $27 million, and the highest paid tv actors, jim pars ons, earning $29 million in 2015. >> he's hilarious. >> i was going to say i should
4:50 am
have paid more attention in acting classes. >> right? >> residual checks come in. >> then you start thinking when you first get your start every juan is a starving artist, like i don't have time to be broke, but it pace off, flight. >> few people make it. there are so many starving actors, though. >> true. grammys, we now know how the award show will honor david bowie. >> lady gaga leading what they call tribute later this month, recording academy says that gaga would perform three or four of bowie's songs in a multi century testament to bowie's creativity, musician whose work constantly evolved over five decades. that's the thing, when he passed away five weeks ago, you went back analyst toned his catalogue. every single song on every albumn was so different. and that's what we love about him. >> so it seems lady gaga will be busy this month starting this weaken, the nfl has announced she is going to be singing the national anthem for the superbowl on sunday.
4:51 am
she will be joined by actress marlie matland, who will be singing the anthem, gaga also set to sing the oscars at the end of the month. >> so this is a star studded event, you have cold play at half time with beyonce. lady gaga doing the kick-off ceremony with the national anthem. that's pretty cool. >> and beyonce just there few years ago, i'll never forget that. >> queen bee. bring her back every year. >> that's right. >> quick width captivated audience for decades, now a look back at a/k/a george jefferson's greatest moments in this morning's black history month spotlight. >> ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> african-americans contribute to the success of our great nation this thirds day of february, we remember one of philadelphia's biggest on-screen stars. >> better known as george jefferson, was born, on february 1st, 1938. born and raised around 22nd and christian streets in south philadelphia by his mother who worked in a factory. >> he dropped out of high school in tenth grade to join the us air force, left the air force after four years, and returned to philadelphia, where he worked for the post office during the day, and
4:55 am
then attended the academy of dramatic arts at night. >> so he quickly landed roles in broadway plays, and his big break came in 1971. >> that bartender is too long work for me, because he got enough green in your pocket than black becomes his favorite color. >> (laughter). >> he was cast as george jefferson, of course, in his new citcom all in the family, from there, a spin off show called of course the jeff sons which ran for 11 seasons through 1985. >> ♪ moving on up ♪ >> inducted into the hall of fame in 2012, helmsley was a
4:56 am
real intensely private man, in fact, avoided hollywood limelight, he never married, no children. he died of cancer on july 24th of 2012 at the age of 74. >> wow. he's so funny, right? >> oh, and the other thing is his show not only the jeff sons, but the show before, that all in the family, really took on all kind of society al more ace, when it comes to inter-racial marriage, money, working equality. >> specially back then. >> and he took it on. >> early. >> yes. >> and his walk, so funny, because he is such a short little guy. >> arms swinging behind his back. >> so great. just makes you laugh. >> now i want to see some reruns. >> with the superbowl fast approaching, pizza delivery wars are heating up. the topping pizza hut plans to deliver to 50 lucky winners.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> bill cosby is back in court today, the ruling that could be handed down from a montgomery county judge, as earl ace today. >> plus, mother in critical condition and her two small kids injured after hit-and-run, what investigators say may help track down that driver. >> and someone in our area. >> if you play cash five lately, find out where that wing ticket was sold. >> that would be great way to start your day on this
5:00 am
february 3rd, 2016. >> birthday of amal clooney. >> so she is married to george clooney snow. >> yes, used to be amal -- >> how old is she? >> thirty-eight of the. >> and he's how old? >> 50's, right, 55-ish, 56, sue? >> fifty-something. >> we will gooing they will for you. >> little age difference, all good. >> it happens. >> when it is that way nobody says anything, when it is the other way it is oohh? >> cougar? >> don't they call it romance, anyway, here is your weather by the numbers, we go with a four out of ten today, with all of the rain that's coming, the flood watch in effect for most of our local counties. >> rain starting to edge into the area there, you see some green in delaware, in parts of chester county, and some heavier rain, starting to move into lancaster county. soap,


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