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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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flooding to snow in the forecast, your ride home could get did i say see tomorrow. witnesses were in a panic until they found out what was really going on in london. your news in 30 seconds. right now, get ready for a snow with start to your week. the shore could see flooding even a few flakes by morning. the real mess is hovering in the midwest tonight. live radar shows the system that
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could make a mess of your drive tomorrow night and tuesday morning. >> you definitely needed a heavy coat to walk outside tonight. cameras are in center city. this is earlier this evening. let's take a live look at reading. keep those winter coats handy. you could be shoveling several inches of snow by this time when tuesday is over, i'm lucy nolan. >> i'm iain page. let's get you over kathy orr. we have to talk about storm one, this is it, cranking off the midatlantic coast. it will bring coastal flooding. and it could bring a little bit of snow even though it's moving far offshore. this is how we'll be playing out. watches and advisory posted already for our shore points, we have a coastal flood watch and for the delaware bay we have an advisory, for the next couple days, we'll be watching the water carefully. an area of low pressure that's riding up and off the coastal
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plane but coming close enough to brush by atlantic county, southern parts of burlington into monmouth and ocean and provide a little bit of light snow tomorrow morning, the system moves out quickly and then we see another system brewing from the west. bringing in snow showers, possibly in time for the later part of the evening rush. it wouldn't be anything of her, spotty snow showers. the snow gets going on tuesday. with this system. the storm two, a coastal low should say a midwest low that will redevelop into a coastal low and bring us snow showers through the day tuesdayings tuesday evening and it will be ending wednesday morning. still factors to consider when the snow falls. it will be mainly during the day on tuesday. it will be that heavy wet snow. temperatures will be in the 30's. coming up, we'll talk more about this. the snow developing late monday. it will be a accumulateing tuesday. i'll have the latest on the accumulation estimates. coastal flooding will continue through tuesday and and that an arctic blast on wednesday.
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the coldest air of the season, wind chills next week will be going below zero. a lot to talk about. i'll have more coming up with the seven-day later. . >> when you wake up check in with bob deli and sue serio with problems on the road to the latest forecast and school closures or delays. fox 29 morning news and good day philadelphia starting at 4:00 a.m. developing in bucks county a playful afternoon turned nearly tragic when three children fell through the ice of a frozen pond. stunned neighbors watched as one of the victims was put into an ambulance. neighbors rushed over and saved the boys, who are expected to be fine. brad sattin joins us live from chalfont and you've actually been talking with one of those boys. >> reporter: i did. in fact, he knows he should not have been on that lake. but when it was apparent it became a life or death situation. this young man, his name is colon orr. he did all the right things. >> i was like, wow, i'm going to
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die. >> reporter: 12-year-old colon orr very much live but that's all out after he and two friends broke through the ice. despite the keep off the pond sign, co llin and his friend thought it was safe. >> we were walking on it. i guess it got shallow and then broke. >> neighbors heard the screaming. >> there were three teenagers in the lake. one of them was struggling to get out of the water. an adult had gone into the water to try to get -- help him out. >> reporter: that adult was david bennett. >> i went in the water, trying to break the ice. then it just got too much. it gets deep plus the mud and everything. so were able to get one kid out using a giant branch. >> reporter: the two others were too far out. colon was able to swim to the drainage grate. >> c ollinsays he went back. i was like oh, shoot, i hopped back in and got him. he instantly thanked me.
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>> we're proud of him where he kept his head and saved his friend. this is. >> reporter: they were eventually rescued by point pleasant dive team suffering from hypothermia were taken by ambulance to area hospital. >> i couldn't feel my legs. my hand started upholding. >> reporter: they're ok and yes, lesson learned. >> do not ever, ever go on a pond frozen. if you do, make sure like there's, your parents or there's someone around. like definitely. otherwise, you're going to probably regret it. >> reporter: best news of the night, all three kid out of the hospital. his mom says, certainly he is a hero sometimes even heros can get grounded. he's in a little bit of trouble for being in the lake in the first place. >> thank you, a sign of hope for a montgomery county family. searching for anyway-year-old
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man. hardly leister was spotted several times in berks county. his family is very concerned. the world war ii vet slipped and fell wednesday which could have impaired his thinking, also missing is his buick spotted driving. if you see leister, please give them a call. police trying to track down a gunmen who target add man in olney. police say the victim was shot standing on a sidewalk in the 200 block of nedro avenue early this morning. police rushed him to the hospital. the man told him he did not know who shot him. he was shot in the stomach and at last report critical condition. an officer is ok after surviveing an experience with a suspect that could have killed him. he was draged by a car and the i don't say did in the end there. police are trying to arrest the suspected driver, saying that he did not go quietly. obscene that a kuriakose joins us live in southwest philadelphia. >> reporter: that officer not injured. thankfully that suspect is in custody. after a chaotic attempt to get
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away. >> just saw the cop pull somebody over. the guy sped up. >> what eyewitness bill richards didn't see was 19th district officer holding on for dear life to the car he saw drive away. police say the 2008 silver infinity struck and dragged the officer follow a traffic stop for having his lights off. >> they said he was ok. >> reporter: the officer not hurt despite skidding on his side down the street. employees say it driver had glassy eyes and they could smell act ca hole when he was stopped. crashing at richard and kelly drive. the driver tried to run but they caught him and put him under arrest. >> there's always cops in the area, we usually have in the parking lot. >> reporter: his neighborhood has seen it's share of violence but he's felt safe when the police are nearby. >> they got a hard job.
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they won't get enough credit for it. >> reporter: again tonight that suspect was arraigned. we're awaiting details on the charges. they should be released tomorrow. lucy. >> thank you. to a story developing tonight, u.s. secretary of state john kerry is staying north korea rocket launch threatened international peace and security. images show leader celebrating yesterday's launch. north korean announced it had successfully put a satellite into orbit as part of the piece fvl state program. they believe it's cover for a test that could one day send a -- called an emergency meeting at a to discuss next course of action. a lengthy clean-up under way in lower manhattan two days after deadly crane collapse. crews are using blow torchs to break part the 565 foot boom that crashed friday morning. one person died and several
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ended up at the hospital. the investigation into what went wrong continues but the city is announcing changes to make sure this never happens again. >> for example, at the end of one workday, there's a forecast for these kind of wind levels, the next workday, we will require that the crane be put into the secure mode day before. >> city officials are also more than doubling the fine for any contractors that do not secure a construction site during high winds. investigators are looking into the equipment from friday's collapse and how percent they will handleed the situation. nearly a week come and gone since the car mowed over a mother and her two young children in south philly. police are still looking for the driver. the mom was crossing the interaction at broad and dickerson with a 5-year-old and five month old daughters last tuesday. that's when police say a red two-door honda accord ran them
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over. the family did survive. police say some clues might help you spot the car. the crash knocked off the on the passenger side and the hood might have today's in medical, cumberland county the red cross is helping one man forced out of his apartment by a fire. the man lived in a unit where the fire broke out last night along 500 block of south 2nd street. no one was hurt. there's no word tonight about what caused that fire. meanwhile, firefighters say fire prevention has to be a daily part of your life. two days after a 12-year-old boy died in a house fire in norristown, the fire department and red cross going door to door on markly street to talk about fire prevention and hand out ocean city detect tores. he died after running back into his burning home on same street. investigators say he went inside to save his dad. but the father jumped out of a window while sanford got stuck in the home. officials had not confirmed if smoke detect tores what you were
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a factor in this traveled but they say they're critical. >> working smoke detecters at any home will increase your chance of survival. that is a fact. we know it. were people, early morning detection tells people danger inside a home. gives them enough time to get out of a dangerous situation. >> officials say don't forget to check your smoke detecter batter. if you don't have one, you can check with the red cross or your local fire department about getting one. a gun toting robber in motorcycle helmet, an 8-year-old boy. >> a double-decker bus explode on a loan bridge. witnesses are terrified and think they're under attack. what happened that left many furious. police say this guy followed a little girl into a bathroom at a department store. he put his hand over her mouth. what 6-year-old did next that sent him running.
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fire consumes this home after an accident in the grandpop. what came flying out of the home hitting other houses caused the firefighter
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an eight an 8-year-old why boy walked into a florida convenience store and shocked everyone. police say he pulled out a gun. watch as he walks into the store wearing a motorcycle helmet.
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he walked up to the cashier pointed a gun and demanded cash. the cashier. >> he told the cashier to give the money. i don't know if it's a real or fake gun but my priority is to take it away. i turned his wrist and took it off from him. >> 8-year-old boy. police showed up and arrested the child on charges of attempted armed robbery. prosecutors decided no the to press charges. investigators say he stole the gun from his mom. you decide. 2016. a lot of attention on new hampshire as candidates on both sides get ready for the primarys. some still traveling around the country ahead of the big vote. >> fox's shows us the last minutes push for support. >> reporter: in new hampshire, the grandchildren of the woodstock generation of showing their support for a senior citizen democrat socialist from vermont. bernie sanders says stranger
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things have happened. >> if we were here 15, ten years ago, not a long time ago, somebody stood up in this room and said, you know? i think that by the year 2015, gay marriage will be legal in every state in this country, somebody next to him would have said what are you smoking? >> reporter: while sanders spent sunday preaching to the choir, hillary clinton went to church in flint michigan. condemning the response to the tainted water supply. >> this is not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it is both. what happened in flint is imimmoral. >> donald trump is leading had us nearest new hampshire competitors competitors by double digits but what was seen as some as overconfidence in iowa, trump is paddinging the pavement trying to get out the vote. he took a jab at jeb bush for bringing his ever popular be the
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elderly mother to help him. >> poor jeb bush brings out his mother because he needed help? he needed help. mommy, please come, walk in the snow, mom. i like his mother. i don't like that stuff. >> reporter: marco rubio tried to shake off some of the body blows he received during saturday night's gop debate turning his focus to hillary clinton. >> i think it was madam al bright. she said there's a special place in hell for women that don't vote for, i guess, hillary clinton. here's the good news, you don't have to. you can vote against her and still find salvation. >> reporter: the biggest drama here in the granite state appears to be who's going to be the rock solved gop finisher. as a result from tuesday's primary stay with fox 29 we'll
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bring you the updates as they happen live at 10:00 three teen home invadeers broke into the wrong home. broke no house of a correctional officer. the guys were first spoted by the the children who live there as the suspects were carrying things out of the home and the kids quickly ran to tell mom the bad guys in the house. she then shot one of the suspects as they all tried to run away. one neighbor caught the commotion as they attempted to take off. >> i looked out the window and i saw one male running down my neighbor's house, which lead to a cut. then my mother said she saw two other males by our back door. >> police eventually caught the trio. the injured suspect was taken to the hospital while the other two were taken off to jail. montgomery county officials tell us they have not spoken with two men who rescued a young girl attacked by a rabbit racoon. we told you health officials were looking for the men worried
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about possible rabies exposure, both men say they had no contact with the saliva and doctors are troting the little girl. a local fund-raiser to help kids in need got a little bigger. hundreds got together to make a whole lot of hoagies to benefit those who need it. jennifer joyce takes us inside the process. >> reporter: two packed cafeterias, 400 volunteers making more than 1,000 hoagies. to raise money and raise hope for three very special families. >> raising money where kid are had problems. >> hamilton of mantua new jersey is one of those children. >> i'm on. >> she has kidney failure and is awaiting a transplant but still volunteering her time and energy to the cause along with her younger sister who understands their family's personal struggle. >> i cry sometimes. because you never know what's
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going to happen. >> reporter: on this day, the outcome is purely positive. >> amazing to know that could be a part of this process and that all the money is going towards children who really need it and could benefit from it. >> reporter: it's the second annual hoagies for hope event at clear view regional high school. >> i think last year we had six, september of sponsors, this year over 43. >> reporter: the growing events is modeled after a very successful fund-raiser first launched in neighboring washington township years ago. >> we did a lot. >> we made 20 hoagies, that's $200 right there. money that she'll be personally benefiting from as he continues to battle cystic fibrosis. >> it's a disease bothering me my whole life. it messes with my lungs and my other organs. i've been playing baseball seven years, and i never stopped. that always keeps me energized and keeps stuff off my mind.
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>> reporter: events like this one helped too, the immense community support is humbling. >> to come in and see so many people that don't know your family or know what you go through every day, willing to donate their time. to help you is just amazing. because it just like restores your faith in humanitarian. >> reporter: in just a single day, hoagies for hope will raise more than $10,000 for these three families. in mullica hill new jersey, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. local kid had a place all to themselves for worship. >> a west philadelphia church opened the doors of a unique church. the church of christian compassion held this ribbon cutting ceremony this afternoon for it's children's church. church officials say they want to create a haven for children to be safe. it will also serve as a multi-purpose space for community and after school programs. face-to-face with a gunmen, the owner of this store fight
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back and end up with a gun pointed at his head. what he said to the suspect that may have saved his life. take a look at these two. police say they stole a king size resees and a snickers and then ate them outside. it's what else police found in the car that wound the pair in whole lot of trouble. >> robbed at gunpoint. security company can't get through to the dispatcher. >> i'm calling the number, it's just ringing. no one is answering. >> there's a better way. fox 29 investigates tomorrow at 10:00.
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. what looks like a scary seen on a london bridge, this double-decker bust explodes. many thinking it was a terrorist attacks. children in a nearby park starts freaking out. turns out it was a stunt. a local fire brigade posting this video. many asking crews to let the neighborhood know ahead of time. two are dead and another 11 hurt after shots rang out inside a packed florida night club. three off to the orlando police officers inside the glitz ultra lounge when someone opened fire before 1:00 this morning. no officers involve. many of those hurt were innocent victims. investigators have not released any information.
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the so-called affluenza teen is now in an adult jail. the 18-year-old was conflicted his lawyers successfully argued that couch was too spoiled to be held accountable. a story owner has seconds to act when a robber puts a gun to his head. >> the gunmen walked into a houston texas business and demanded cash. in a spur of the moment decision, the owner tried to wrestle the gun away from the robber and within moments the gunshot went off and the gunmen punched him as he tried to reason for his life. >> i see the gun wrestling for awhile and i started talking to him about god and, you know, things he needs to change and begging him for my life. >> houston police say that store owner to fire a shot at the robber but missed and they are still looking for that man. police say this guy followed a little girl into the bathroom at a department store.
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even pushed her down. put his hand over her mouth. what that 6-year-old did next that sent him running. fire consumes this home after a mishas that in the garage. what came flying out hitting other houses, cars even a firefighter, kathy. >> in weather, after the snow, a bitter blast, an arctic plunge as we see the coldest temperatures of the season and windchills go below zero, coming up in the seven-day when we come back.
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speaking of which, are you ready for more snow? live in allentown, we're in for a wintery start to the week, thanks to this system in the midwest. tonight, it will be on her by late tomorrow. moving to south philly. we could all have several inches of snow. >> first spots down the shore could see a mess in the morning, let's head to kathy orr tracking
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the storms. >> we're talking about a little light snow possible down the shore and coastal flooding a problem. tuesday offshore system, 40 in the city. windchill at 33. the wind sustained at 13 and wind will play an important role in our forecast. it's 40 in the city. 32 in the poconos, 39 in dover. 37 degrees right now in wilmington. here's our first storm system. this is a powerhouse, and it is brushing by the carolinas, and is expected to come close enough to the shore to provide rain, a little bit of wintery mix, maybe a light snow before it completely pulls away during the day tomorrow. this is major snowstorm for new england. for us, we watching and developing area of low pressure over the midwest, this will provide tuesday's snow. it's going to redevelop off the coast. so there's a lot of moving parts with this forecast. let's go hour by hour. right now we're looking at that area of low pressure off the midatlantic and here is the probability of at least a wintery mix moving inland into
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south jersey by 7:00 a.m. and then the slowly will be moving out over the course of the day and then we'll watch snow late on monday moving in from the west with that midwest system. a lot going on. snow showers spreading across the region on tuesday during the daylight hours and evening into the evening. after sunset on tuesday, that's when it will be sticking to the road. along coast, monday, yes, a potential for coastal flooding at times of high tide and little bit of light snow. tuesday light snow. rain mixing in down shore. al i95 corridor, we don't expect. much. midnight light snow. tuesday is when we see the bulk of the snow showers. in north and west all snow. before midnight on tuesday and during the day tuesday, the bulk of the snow will fall. here are the factors that we're looking at. snow begins late monday. temperatures tuesday when most of the snow will be falling. it will be above freezing.
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that means, will, a heavy wet sticky snow mainly on the grassy surfaces to start. once again, after sunset. the snow will stick to the road. accumulations at the shore, coastal plane, dusting a coating. new storm on tuesday, two to four philly north and west. depend on where the second area of low pressure develops. continue to fine-tune the forecast. in the city overnight 33, suburbs 29. few snow showers possible down the shore early tomorrow morning. during the day tomorrow, 40 degrees. late snow. after the evening rush, that's when we'll be seeing snow showers moving in. then we look at wednesday. a few lingering morning snow showers and turns brutally cold thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. valentine's day weekend. we will see morning lows in the teens, single numbers and wind chills below zero. frigid wind on saturday.
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>> wow, all right. mid february, i guess. thank you. surveillance cameras catch this guy walking through a florida macy's after police say he taked a little girl. the 6-year-old in a bathroom stall when she told police the guy burst if. >> what she did next sent the guy running. fox's evan explains. >> take a close look at this guy's face, clear water police say this man followed a 6-year-old girl into a bathroom stall at the macy's friday night and attack heard. >> he barges into the stall, puts his hand over her mouth, pushes her to the floor and it was her screams which led him to stop whatever it was how because to do. >> reporter: the girl was physically unharmed but investigators say the attacker ran and got would. they're confident someone will recognize him. >> our hope is that somebody sees that picture and recognizes, hey, that's and i neighbor neighbor, the guy that lives down the street.
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i see that guy at the convenience store once in awhile. if you know the individual by looking at the photo i think you'll recognize him. >> reporter: you may know who these women are. police say they think the women were with the attacker before he assaulted the 6-year-old. shoppers were uneasy. >> disgusting, filthy, just not right, man, just not cool at all. >> reporter: relieved girl attacked made it out to her father safely. >> i don't believe she was physically hurt. emotionally traumaed, i'm sure she was quite shaken up by it. i'm sure the father, as well was quite shaken up by it. that's one of the reasons we're appealing to the public to be able to find this individual. we have no idea what his motives were. flames engulf this home. it wasn't the fire that had people. ammunition in the garage started exploding sending debris flying
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across the naked, breaking windows even hitting a firefighter wearing had helmet, he wasn't hurt. luck hadly no one else was. these two swiped about ten bucks of candy from a gas station and sat in their car at the gas pump to eat it. the clerk called sheriff's documents inside their car they found a huge drugs and paraphernalia, meth and weed. turns out both suspects have been arrested dozens of times. major announcement that lit up twitter. >> beyonce gone back on tour. after her appearance on super bowl half time. very smart. she released a song and video by the same name this weekend. of course, she is playing philly. beyonce has a show at lincoln financial field sunday june 5th and a week later. hershey. they go on sale in a week.
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>> that will do it for us tonight on the fox 29 at 10:00. >> keep it right here for sports sunda sunday. beyonce doing the half time show was much more exciting than the actual game. it was a match-up sloppy play, a bunch of turn overs and a disappointing performance by the mvp. peyton manning is going to ride off into the sunset like his boss john el way. we'll bring in the fanatic to discuss this game.


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