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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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latest round of winter weather moves on we'll have different challenge to contend with. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. this storm has been keeping the fox 29 winter wet authority very busy. threats get straight to meteorologist kathy orr. >> yesterday we were talking about the heft yesterday snow coming late in the day and into the evening. so now this is it. a wave of light to moderate snow and a band setting up right through areas of berks, montgomery, delaware and philadelphia counties. that's pushing toward the northeast. still a little bit too warm through south jersey and delaware to see the snow stick. but we're seeing it increasingly accumulate on sidewalks and some unpaved surfaces especially as you head through northern delaware county and chester county where we seen a good deal of snow already. here's that band i was talking about through pottstown moving into lower providence through norristown lower merion along the mainline. you can see in the northeast philadelphia all of this lifting toward the north and east. so abington you'll be seeing this. bensalem, montgomery, all of this lifting toward the north at
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some rapid rates and really reducing visibility where we're seeing this moderate to somewhat heavy snow. you can see lancaster three quarter of a mile visibility only a quarter mile visibility in reading. and wilmington a quarter mile visible 13 quarters of a mile visibility in pottstown. philadelphia reduced to a mile and a half. so we'll be keeping an eye on those visibilities to guide us through some of that heavier snow. winter weather advise 54 in effect highlighted in purple. winter storm warning from delaware county westward especially in chester county where we've seen at least 23-inches snow already. right now 28 in the poconos to the north and west of the city temperatures at or below freezing philadelphia 35. the snow still not sticking but it will little bit later on tonight. and still looking at temperatures well above freezing through south jersey and delaware. as we go through the evening, this is our best chance of seeing accumulating snow especially to the north and west of the city. where temperatures are at bore below freezing wine the time midnight 1:00 a.m. comes most of this is moving out perhaps a chance of a snow shower come
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early tomorrow morning. so here's what to expect through the rest of this event. light moderate snow showers with temperatures in the 30s through the evening into the late night hours. the snow will begin to stick this evening especially north and west as temperatures fall. an additional coating to twenty fours of snow expected. that's the very latest from the weather center we'll talk more about the coastal flood problems coming up later in the broadcast and an arctic blast that we haven't seen yet. >> hmm. >> all right, kathy, thank you dropping temperatures and falling snow some drivers could hit slick spots out there tonight. we'll keep an eye on the roads for you. here's a look at route 38 haddonfield road in cherry hill, new jersey tonight. drive carefully out there. we'll keep you updated throughout the newscast. stay ahead of anyone weather by downloading our fox 29 news app. you can get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone search for it in the apple or google play stores. >> authorities pulled a car from the schuylkill river in pottstown and police believe it belongs to a 93-year-old man who disappeared last week.
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harry lister left his chester county home on thursday he never return much his family says he injured his head in a fall the day before. just afternoon today somebody spotted that right there. the car with water up to the roof along schuylkill avenue. witnesses tell fox 29 a body was inside though police have yet to confirm that. a fatal hit-and-run has chester police looking for the driver who killed a woman today. police say the driver in a black nissan hit the 24-year-old at ninth and hay streets just before 8:00 this morning. witnesses say the nissan sedan then sped off. investigators found a vehicle matching that description just a few blocks away and towed it to the police department. police are still looking for the driver. developing to night a former chester county high schoolteacher under arrest randall mitchell accused of of sending salacious text messages to 16-year-old student mitchell used to work at downingtown west high school. dawn timmeney is live outside the delaware courthouse for us tonight.
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dawn? >> reporter: iain, this teacher was very well liked. students trusted him and investigators say he violated one student's trust in the worst way. tonight he's facing child pornography charges. corruption of minors and endangering the welfare of children. just to name a few. after police say he had a year long relationship with a 16-year-old student. >> it just makes me sick and it's so sad. >> reporter: many are expressing outrage ever disgust after learning 30-year-old brandon mitchell a popular chemistry teacher at downingtown west high school is accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to a 16-year-old student. >> there was well over 10,000 text messages ex changed between them not all of them clearly were inappropriate text messag messages. but part of the process of be friending the student. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, one text reads "do you have naked pictures of yourself? you shall send me one" others are far more graphic.
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>> teacher asked specifically for pictures of the student masturbating, videos of the student mass burr baiting. >> investigators say this went on in from may of 2013 until december of present 14. the students parents finding out and notifying authorities. police issued a search warrant on mitchell's hemione east minor street in west chester confiscating his computer and sell phone. >> this is every pan's nightma nightmare. these teachers have position of trust. >> they say it takes a village to raise a child f you can leave your child safely out in that village what is our society become? >> students we talked to are surprised and disappointed. >> i never had him as teacher i always heard amazing reviews on him. he was such a great guy. >> we go and talk to our teachers about a lot of things so like for that to happen, it's not okay. >> reporter: mitchell was suspended from his job in april of last year. and subsequently resigned. investigators worry because he's had contact with hundreds and hundreds of students over the last five years when he was a teacher at downingtown west.
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there may be more victims out there. they're asking anyone who may have had inappropriate contact with this former chemistry teacher to come forward to their parents, the schools or police. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much thank you, dawn. more than two dozen people cannot go home tonight after a fire forced them into the cold in gloucester county. flames broke out at the chestnut lane apartments in deptford just before 9:00 this morning. it took firefighters about an hour to bring the fire under control along delsea drive. investigatorinvestigators are ng into what starter it. >> new hampshire primary is here and now in full swing. people have been heading to the polls there for the nation's first primary of the election. it's a contest that's expected to shrink the pool of presidential candidates. donald trump is the presumed front runner for the republica republicans. bernie sanders is expected to come out on top for the democrats. the other candidates will be watching the results closely as well to see where they stand coming up in just a few moments we'll take you live to new hampshire for the final hours of the voting. >> tonight we're seeing video of the fight that has former eagles
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lesean mccoy under police investigation. t some of z sports released this video forty one side the recess lounge in philadelphia's old city. no one is confirmed if mccoy is in the video. group of men the running back and three other as tacked them over a bottle champagne this past weekend. two men badly injured in the fight turned out to be off duty cops they had broken bones. we're still waiting to hear from mccoy or anyone else will face charges torments a developing story. calls for an investigation into how a cruise ship ended up in troubled waters. royal caribbean anthem them of the seas is scheduled to arrive at its home port in new jersey tomorrow night. it ran into high waves and rough seas on sunday night as storm battered the northeast. lawmakers are demanding the inform tsb investigate. >> they want to know why the ship traveled right into that violent storm? fox 29's bill anderson live in the newsroom. bill? >> lucy, that's what everybody wants to know. it was a nightmare situation. a storm rocked the cruise ship
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out of new jersey passengers were terrified as waves hit the royal caribbean ship. but now that the seas have calmed the question has turned to why were they out in the storm in the first place? royal caribbean anthem of the seas is one of the world's largest and newest cruise ships. but none of that mattered when it was battered by huge waves and hurricane force wind. the ship was scheduled to cruise for seven days from bayonne, new jersey, to the bahamas with one day in passengers were confined that their cabins because of what the captain called unexpected extreme weather. youtube clip shows the captain going on ship tv to try to explain what was going on. >> what we experienced yesterday that was something very special. i honest vol not seen low pressure that was not -- anything near what we actually experienced.
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>> reporter: was the storm unexpected? critics are star starting to question if the storm was in fact as forecast and the decision to travel during that storm ill advised. i asked our own weather authority if in fact the storm was a surprise. >> yeah, i don't think the storm was a surprise at all. meteorologists have been forecasting for an area of low pressure to develop off of the carolina coast and kind of rapidly intensify. there was a forecast, there was an alert, there was a bulletin out for this storm way ahead of time. with more bad weather expected, the anthem of the seas decided to return to new jersey early rather than complete the trip. they're also offering passengers a complete refund for this trip and 50% off future royal caribbean crew cruise. >> if somebody is daring enough to get back on the ship they can use that. they're expected to arrive back in new jersey sometime tomorrow night. you can expect more discussions over the captain's decision making and an investigation who into if anyone was at fault or if it was just bad luck and bad
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weather. iain. >> all right, bill, thank you. there's now a confirmed case of the zika virus delaware health officials say a woman has been diagnosed with the illness. they will announce more information tomorrow. meantime, the pennsylvania department of health is confirming two cases in the commonwealth. they're waiting for test results for more than dozen people. these people were tested because they have traveled a abroad to areas where they have been expected to the virus. most people recover in about week from symptoms that include fever or rash and achy joints. but doctors believe the virus puts pregnant women at serious risks for birth defects. >> a judge has just dismissed a defamation claim against bill cosby's former lawyer cosby himself is not off the hook. model janice dickinson filed the claim against martin singer for denying her allegations of comedian drugged and rape her in 1982. the los angeles judge did not dismiss defamation allegations against cosby in the same lawsuit. dickinson is one of dozens of women who accused cosby of
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sexual abuse date dating back to the 1960s. he faces charges of aggravated indecent assault in a differ case in montgomery county. two men in line at a local credit union. police say the man in the back is about to take the other one on a wild ride at gun point. the daring move the victim finally made to get to safety. >> rare chance for whale watching but what you see happening here is not at all normal. why authorities were watching these whales very closely and the great news that just developed. armed bandits hold up a local deli and security firm alerts police but their call rings and rings before anyone picks up. >> i have been trying to call for few minutes and all did it was ring. >> was anyone reprimanded for the delay and how did it happen fox 29 investigates is ahead. coming up all new at 6:00 armed robbery caught on camera. a gun pulled -- a gun pulled on a store cashier what police say
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the robber had on him they hope will help track him down. ♪
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♪ we're watching the roads for you tonight. we are but you see that image is temporarily unavailable because we're having problems out there. don't worry we'll keep an eye out for you. be careful it could get slick. we of course will keep an eye on it for you throughout the newscast. the man you see standing at the door avenue local credit union is a robbed robbery suspect. investigators say he forced the other man in this video into a car at 19th and market thursday afternoon. he told the victim he had a gun
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and drove him to the prong lynn mint federal union in west philadelphia. victim told the teller he was being robbed. she call the cops but the suspect got away. >> he knows the governor won't go forward new jersey law maker taking a plan to raise minimum wage in the garden state to the people. senate president steve sweeney introducing a cons stool substitution al amend tom raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over eight years it's a move meant to avoid almost guaranteed veto by governor chris christie. sweeney announced today that the proposal will appear on the ballot in 2017. >> there's a reality that the 8,038 cents doesn't work. we're way behind so this gives us an opportunity to go to the people and give workers, people that go to work every single day and work hard an opportunity to live with dignity and respect. >> the proposal includes attacks credit for businesses that pay more than the minimum wage. the most crucial day yet in the race for the white house. it is decision day in a new
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hampshire. people there now get their chance to weigh in on who they think should take the oval office. fox's joel waldman is live in manchester tonight. joel. >> reporter: iain good afternoon to you. the hype is over and the voting well underway but some candidates are remaining on the stump until the last ballots are cast. it's do or die time for a trio of republican candidates. governors chris cress tee and john kasich along with former governor jeb bush all looking for a strong second place showing. staying on the attack against donald trump and marco rubio. >> we cannot highjack or party. our party will not win if we're the reactionary party. >> at least i have record. senator rubio will leave the united states senate and no one will ever know he was there. >> rubio is hoping to put distance between himself and the governors. further solidifying his position as the establishment candidate despite what some experts are calling a shaky performance in the last debate. on the democratic side hillary
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clinton says she'll be campaigning until the end. despite polls showing rival bernie sanders with a double digit lead here. >> we're going to keep working literally until the last vote is cast and counseled and go from there. >> new hampshire voters notorious for making up their minds at the last minute meaning the big wins predicted for sanders and trump are not a for gone conclusion. >> i think these are people just say they want to buck the zap establishment. they want to buck what is going on overall in both parties. >> reporter: new hampshire secretary of state says they are expecting record voter turnout about 550,000 people which would be 20,000 more than the previous record back in 2008. live in manchester, new hampshire, joel waldman fox 29 news. >> all right, joel, thanks. you can watch the results come in tonight right here on the fox 29 news at 10:00. along with the day's other biggest news, weather and spor sports. pennsylvania governor tom wolf's annual budget address to state lawmakers in marge of
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harrisburg sounded like a tongue lash dag. craft year's spending plan is stalled even as this year's plan was unveiled. our bruce gordon is live in the newsroom. bruce? this is most definitely not your typical budget blueprint. >> reporter: no, it was not. the governor has turned over the documents spelling out his spending and tax priorities for the fiscal year that begins in july. but he spent his entire budget speech essentially lecturing republican lawmakers over the partisan deadlock that has stalled several billion dollars meant for state programs and services of all kinds. >> the governor centering the hall. >> reporter: no surprise that a democrat governor and republican controlled legislature don't see eye to eye. but tom wolf's budget speech was remarkable. both in substance and in tone. the governor described the $2 billion hole in the state budget in dire terms. >> this deficit isn't just a cloud hanging over pennsylvania's long-term future, it's a time bomb. it's ticking away right now even as i speak. >> reporter: wolf blamed
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republican lawmakers for slashing school fun funding. leading to teacher layoffs and increased class sizes and the gop's refusal to accept higher tacks at the state level has forced local communities to raise their taxes to make up the difference. >> indeed anyone in this chamber who claims we can simply cut our way out of this mess without also increasing revenue is just ignoring the math. >> reporter: addressing a joint legislative session in the house chamber, wolf said a compromised budget that could have kept pennsylvania on reasonable fiscal footing died when house republicans walked away. >> if you won't face up to the reality of the situation we're in, if you ignore that time bomb ticking, if you won't take seriously, your responsibility to the people of pennsylvania and find another job. >> reporter: a mixture of boos could be heard from gop lawmakers in response to that comment. gop leadership met with reporters afterward to blast wolf's call for higher taxes and increased spending one calling the governor out touch.
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>> the governor can choose we have a tone he wants. we understand he's gone through an entire year of spending millions of dollars instead on education but spending them attack the legislation through mail pieces, tv ads radio ads. we're focused on getting a budget done and actually governing when the governor is willing to focus on that particular agenda item we'll be sitting here as willing partne partners. >> reporter: both sides are calling for compromise but in the world of partisan politics that usually means waiting for the other guy to give in. and there's no sign of that happening any time soon. iain. >> all right, bruce, thank you. a woman loses control of her car and plunge noose an icy pond. good samaritan saw what happened and jumped in to help but the difficult part of the rescue was only beginning. and is your smart phone making you not so smart? new information about how being over connected is changing your brain. huge honor for philadelphia that could have people from all over the world flocking to the city of brotherly love. why that distinction won't actually ab huge surprise for a lot of you.
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and welcome back with live look at absecon. a lot of folks are seeing snow but people in this part of our area could also see some flooding. more snow is about to fall as well season falling in certain areas. the fox 29 winter weather authority has got you covered all night, of course. at least 10 people have died in a head on crash between two commuter tapes in southern germany. investigators are now trying to figure why multiple safety measures failed before the collision. the drains were supposed to pass one another at the station. safety system is moved to brake trains if they end up on the same track. crews are going through the recovered black boxes to find out all that went wrong. >> it's a terrifying picture at the crash site. shocking how the two trains are wedged into each other. one train literal drilled itself into each other and tore apart the cabin of the second train. >> safety systems had just passed inspection last week. president obama sends his
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final budget to congress in the $4.1 trillion spending plan is a record breaker. budget proposal made its way to capitol hill this morning. the plan includes a number of initiatives from a new war on cancer to combating global warming to fighting threats from islamic state militants. it also includes attacks hike of $2.6 trillion. the budget has a slim chance of winning approval and the gop controlled congress. all right. lonely planet just gave a lot of love to the city of brotherly love ranging philadelphia the number one place to visit in the us in 2016. >> no surprise here. the travel guide company says what we already knew philly is on a role right now. lonely planet says quote the city is experiencing a transformation to its urban core yet retaining its deep american history and uniquely gritty flavor. i love that. uniquely gritty flavor. the company noted that philadelphia hosted pope francis in september and will welcome the democratic national convention this summer. in november, it became
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philadelphia did the country's first world heritage city. did you know that? all of this and living here is much more affordable than other big cities in the northeast. all right. a rare chance for whale watching but what you see happening here is not at all normal. why authorities were watching these whales closely and the great moves that just developed. >> a gun point robbery and alert to police and confusion over the call. fox 29 investigates why area merchants are up in arms over what happened on this early december morning. kathy? >> we are tracking a last wave of snow moving through this evening. heavier band moving right through philadelphia across the ben franklin bridge right now. we'll show to you what expect through the evening and for tomorrow morning when we come back. ♪
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all right. here's live look at reading tonight. the snow fell overnight and early this morning. then we got a break. now more snow is coming down. the fox 29 winter weather authority will tell you exactly what to expect. that's coming up in just a few minutes. national transportation safety board may soon be looking into a royal caribbean cruise ship that ran into high winds and really rough seas. anthem of the seas making its way back to its home port in new jersey. it's expected to arrive tomorrow night. passengers were just terrified sunday as waves rose as high as 30 feet. lawmakers are demanding ntsb investigate why the ship sailed into the storm when warnings about violent weather were issued days earlier.
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>> in chester county former high schoolteacher is facing multiple counts of child pornography charges. brandon mitchell accused of sexing a 16-year-old student of downingtown west high school. police say mitchell and the victim exchanged nude photos and that mitchell made other salacious requests of the vict victim. an investigation revealed thousands of text messages between the two. mitchell was suspended last april when the investigation began and has since resigned. >> developing in florida, a mother whale and her calf cannot actually have found their way. it was breaking news just a little bit ago. crowds are catch capturing videos and picture of the family since yesterday. the animals showed up in the sebastian inlet in central florida. >> they did find their way back to sea but not without giving people the chance to see rare beautiful creatures. fox's keep landry is there with the story. >> reporter: this is a whale avid yo debbie buehl lick took this vitter yo of 45-foot whale in sebastian inlet today.
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the mother whale has an 18-foot calf with her. text saw them before 10:00 this morning and they stayed all day long. >> when i was shooting the video it to me the way it laid across the top it reminded me of a huge he'll like i was thinking is this lockness monster or something like that? >> report roar four boats from florida fish and wildlife set up a perimeter to protect the whales from boats. marine biologist observed them from an airplane above. officials say this is not a common sight. >> very unusual. this is the first time i've ever seen one come into an inlet this type of whale white whale come come into an inlet. >> reporter: marine biologists say the mother whale is healthy and this is her first calf. they know this whale as clipper. >> clipper because one of his fins has been clipped. how it was clipped, we don't know but eighths marked whale that they do follow. >> you can see the hole right there. >> reporter: dozens of people took photos of the whales coming up for air in the inlet waters. >> quite a spectacle really. >> it's great. it's very good -- i'm glad i got
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my camera and was here all day to see everything. >> again mother and calf are safely back at sea tonight. fish and wildlife officials kept a close eye on them as you saw but they waited to intervene. they say in situations like this, it's better for whales to find their way home on their own. otherwise they get very scared. very easily with all the raucus and people trying to help them. back to your fox 29 winter wet authority now. basically kathy you guys said it was going do happen the way it's unfolding. >> melting as it hit the ground today in philadelphia. now it's getting colder. so we will begin to see some stick in the city but to the north and west, it is sticking especially in places like chester county, parts of montgomery county, right now we're looking at more snow showers and usually we see the airport but not tonight. because we have snow. we have reduced visibility. we have areas of fog as well right now the temperature 34 in philadelphia. winds out of the northeast. wind chill at 27. but that's nothing compared to what we will be feeling this coming weekend with that wind chill you can see on ultimate
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doppler there's a line of snow a band of heavier snow that's lifting through areas of berks county, right here through montgomery through the central part of philadelphia and heading right across the bridge into camden. we'll take a zoom in on this. because this is some moderate to heavy banding that's going on. this is lifting toward abington, doylestown, could make it to trenton everything moving toward the northeast. so if you live or if you'll be traveling places like east falls, port richmond, palmyra, cherry hill, you're in it right now, it will be lifting into places like medford, mt. laurel, moorestown, delran, since minute son, seeing some of this heavy snow. it's not going last long probably about 20 minutes to half hour. and then it will be lightening un. right now we're looking at snowfall totals so far between about half an inch in philadelphia to nearly 3-inches of snow in at glenn in chester county. hoax hoe kess sin and chadds ford, 1.2. pennsville, 1 inch of snow and counting. flood advisory in effect for the coast until midnight.
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instead of 12:00 p.m. we're keeping an eye on the times of high tide tonight it's the evening between 7:00 and 8:00 we could see some flooding but not like we saw earlier this morni morning. visibility reduced to three quarters a of mile in reading and lancaster with heavier snow. look at pottstown in that band of snow right now. a half mile visibility in wilmington a half mile and in philadelphia with the ban moving through three quarters of a mile visibility. so that will hopefully improve over the course of the next half hour or so. but when all is said and done we add the snow that we've already gotten and some additional snow tonight we'll end up with about a coating to an inch through south jersey, one to three as you head through our suburbs and through to 5-inches of snow northern parts of chester county, land cost county and into berks county. philadelphia i think we'll see an additional inch of snow and end up about an inch and a half or up to 2-inches. right on the low end of our scale. as we look ahead to the temperatures in philadelphia 34 but look at the cold that is coming.
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international falls sick. marquette michigan 12. milwaukee 18. chicago 17. this is some of the coldest air we've seen this season and just the beginning of a major cool down we're talking about an arctic blast a piece of that polar vortex we'll call it the valentine vortex because it will come right in time for valentine's day. look how these lose continue to tumble friday morning 18. saturday morning 16. by sunday morning, valentine's day, three. with wind chills as low as about 15 degrees below zero. that's sunday morning. so it is going to feel very cold. in the city overnight, 31. the suburbs 27. scattered snow showers. that will be sticking especially to the north and west of the city. still in the city through the evening temperatures will be quite mild. i think we'll just be seeing that accumulate possibly on the grass at best. look at tomorrow. 39 degrees in early flurry then partly sunny. as we look ahead blustery thursday. cold friday. frigid on saturday. and a brutally cold day on
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sunday. in philadelphia, 19 colder in our suburbs. late monday a chance of snow late and then that snow could change over to rain with warming temperatures on tuesday. that is something to watch. want to share a few great snapshots for you. this one comes to us from north coventry in pottstown. thank you for that great pictu picture. dawn timmeney sent this from west chester saying big fluffy flakes in that cute town of west chester, pa. so thanks, dawn. >> absolutely. now, quickly i know it said three is a low of sunday. it was seven yesterday. so it's gone down. >> it's gone down. >> could it maybe come back up. >> probably go further down. isn't wow! >> the trend is down. >> at least it's just one day. >> one day. >> i'm hoping -- >> thanks kathy. >> some nuns spent years feeding the homeless. soon may be homeless themselves. >> is your smart phone making you not so smart? information
5:37 pm
about how being over connected and this is bad for all of us maybe changing all of our brains. >> and coming up, new at 6:00 a local convenience store robbed. what cops say this guy left behind that store after it all went down that could help track him down.
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♪ we're watching the roads for you tonight as more snow starts to fall out there. here's live look at i-95 in philadelphia's holmesburg neighbor. most roads have been treated but they can get slick as nightfalls so be careful out there. trouble for a pair of french nuns who have spent years feeding the home bless. >> the sisters say they could soon be homeless themselves. nuns have been feeding the hungry at a soup kitchen in san francisco for eight years. they sleep in the room in the back and make money by selling baked goods at farmers mark. the sisters say their landlord is now hiking the rent thousands of dollars to $5,500 a month and they simply can't c not afford it. >> $2,055 is the increase.
5:41 pm
this is the kind of thanks we get. >> the sisters say if their landlord does evict them they hope that they can find a place nearby where they can continue to feed lunch to the homeless. >> depends on technology could be making you dumb. researchers say digital dependency is causing a sort of amnesia since many of us no longer remember phone numbers. >> so true. >> or find your way using a physical map. if you're not challenging your brain you could be losing crucial capabilities. >> some research shows that cognitively you're gaining skill all the way up until about age 33. and then after that, there's a slow cognitive decline that happens and we think that might be because you're just not being challenged any more. you're probably using crutches throughout the day that are keeping you from learning. >> here's the good news. researchers say most of us already have the memory skills we need just takes a little practice to fire them back up. >> i really need to do that. i'm getting bad.
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>> people in one neighborhood inches closer and closer to the edge. this sink hole is getting bigger and bigger. what happened less than two months ago that created this and what's happening to take care of it. >> armed robber burst noose a local deli dispatchers sent police the calls for help from a security firm left it to ring. >> i'm calling the number it's just ringing. yeah, it's just ringing, cath. >> why some in this town think the public is being endangered. fox 29 investigates is ahead. howard? >> the flyers wayne simmonds defends his sucker punch against the rangers. and cam newton only makes matters worse with his kids act from sunday. that's all coming up in sports.
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♪ large vacant lot in west powelton about to become haven for struggling artists. ground was broken this morning for 40 to 50 apartments. the 20 unit building is going up at 40th street in lancaster avenue. it will provider affordable housing for low income artists. community room on the ground floor will offer arts and educational programming to the public. fox 29 investigate social security looking into the fears of residents and merchants in new jersey town. they believe their police dispatch system needs to get scrapped. >> moments of terror during an armed robbery have exposed some serious flaws. fox 29 investigates is working the story. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: for nearly 30 years the one-stop deli has offered groceries, snacks and gossip along route 130 in penns
5:47 pm
grove. >> we do a good business there. i mean we make living, and we're a part of penns grove community. >> reporter: but now fear is serve the up as well. fear of masked robbers barrel rolling in waving a gun. >> it's hard to sleep now. it's hard to eat now going through that situation alone. >> that's ron with the pistol in his face just before 2:00 on the morning of december 17th, 2015. a worker in the kitchen hit a panic button to prior security firm when the bandits rolled in. he just wanted to survive. >> a lot of things were going through my mine at that time. we're getting robbed and first thing comes to mind after that safety. because, yeah, i don't want to go home with a bullet hole. >> reporter: robbers swiped smokes and cash. they ran out the back door. he called penns grove police and alerted dispatcher michelle alexander. >> penns grove police. >> yes, this is ron from the
5:48 pm
deli we just got held up. >> ron -- >> yes. >> you say you just got held up at one stop. >> that is correct. >> is the person there? >> no. they're gone. it was three younger males and they were armed. >> at about the same time workers with sonitrol monitoring the deli called to dispatcher alexander. >> no one is answering. this guy is filing a police report. he's on the phone with the police. >> but police say because she was on the phone with rough fuss. >> she let the phone ring. >> i'm calling the number. it's just ringing. yeah, it's just ringing, cath. >> deli owner was angry. the calls from the security company she pays to watch over her business and workers rank repeatedly before alexander finally picked up.
5:49 pm
>> penn groves leave of police, alexander. >> i've been trying to call for a few minutes and all did it was wrong. >> my hub went to the dispatch station to get an explanation. >> what did they tell him? >> that sometimes the phone doesn't work. >> reporter: we received the same stunning information from the chief of police. he said they'd been having trouble with the phone at the dispatch desk and a nearby sergeant's desk. he said he didn't know about it but now both phones have been replaced. but the confusion on the morning of the armed robbery calls in to question once again this tiny borough's refuse al to join the salem county 911 system. >> police dispatch. >> the county's 911 dispatch center places at least seven and up to nine state trained and certified dispatchers at phone lines and monitors 24/7. eight of the counties nine law enforcement agencies are part of the system. penns grove is the lone resist
5:50 pm
resistor. records show officials have been talking about joining salem county's 911 since 2010. but have complained the county failed to turn over budget information. the county says it would like the borough in. in a phone call long-time penns grove mayor john amount washington said he thinks his dispatch is faster. >> deli owner believes the mayor is endangering the public. >> we needing to to the 911 call center. not only for the community but for the officers, too. because they have to deal with this every day. >> reporter: i got your drivers transcript here, man. you were suspended. councilman, don't go yet. >> it's not the first time fox 29 investigates has found trouble in penns grove. last we're we reported the councilman carl washington who back then oversaw police was driving around on a suspended license. he locked himself in the clerk's office when we tried to question
5:51 pm
him. >> does that mean you are suspended and you do drive? >> no, it doesn't. >> okay. can i show you the transcript then. >> no, sir. >> reporter: washington said he didn't know he was suspended and later got his license back. there's something else about that armed robbery. penns grove police say dispatcher michelle alexander who the mayor tells us is his goddaughter will be reprimanded for failing to properly handle the multiple calls the morning of the robbery. police wouldn't say what the punishment would be. but they claim her actions did not result in a delay in getting officers to the scene. >> i'm jeff cole from fox tv. >> alexander refused to answer our questions. we wanted to know more about why she struggled to handle the calls that morning of the robbery. >> yes --ing. >> can you tell me what happened, michelle. >> i'm going to call police if you don't get away from me. >> listen, can you please answer that question what happened that
5:52 pm
day. >> i'm calling the police. >> as for the clerk, he's back working overnight at the one stop keeping a sharp eye on the front door. >> they stole more than just money that night. >> reporter: what else did they steal? >> my peace of mind. >> reporter: three teenagers arrested last month and stopped with the one stop deli robbery and two others. means while penns grove's mayor says under pressure from the state he expects to join the county 911 system this year. jeff cole, fox 29 news. it's a mysterious condition that could happen to you. >> especially if you're a woman. it appears it of nowhere burning and your mouth is on fire. it usually doesn't last very long but when it lingers, watch out. >> people literally have said their mouths are burning. >> i can't believe this. it was crazy to me. >> and you never know who is suffering in silence tonight at
5:53 pm
10:00 familiar face in health care and politics reveals her agonizing pain exclusive toll our joyce evans. >> second zoolander film hits movie theater this friday here in philadelphia fans got a special way to celebrate the characters of the film. zoolander truck rolled out temple university this morning. the truck passed out the custom drink by derek zoolander. truck is making several stops to build some buzz about the movie. >> a woman lost control of her car and plunge flood an icy pond. a good samaritan saw what happened and jumped in to help but the difficult part of the rescue was only just beginning. coming up on fox 25 news at 6:00, new video of a brawl inside an old city nightclub. tmz highlights someone involved they believe could be former philadelphia eagle lesean mccoy. what this could mean for the police investigation. >> and police say this guy robbed a store then took off. what investigators found outside that helped officers figure out
5:54 pm
what and why he took off. ♪
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1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i'm not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. live look at allentown tonight after on and off snow. things could soon pick up here in throughout our area. fox 29 winter weather authority is watching the situation all night of course. we'll keep you post the. local students get a chance to leave their mark op mural that will go up at the corner of and frankford avenue. teams at kensington creative and performing arting high school spent part of the day with help from the designers of the the
5:58 pm
mural. the philadelphia federal credit union commissioned this mural. isn't that great? just wonderful beautify the neighbor. it will be dedicated in may. residents of one alabama town are literally living on the edge. a sink hole is swallowing their backyards prattville. a christmas eve stormed turned a small drainage ditch into a gaping hole. city leaders are working on fixing the sink hole but the process will take time. >> in michigan a woman loses control of her jeep and plump noose an icy pond. >> she has a good samaritan to hang for being alive. the 79-year-old driver was completely disoriented in the crash and construction worker who saw it happen says his first instinct was in jump in help so he did. once in the freezing water the good samaritan told the woman how to get that seat belt off. remember she was disoriented. but he had trouble getting the door open in that thick muddy water. >> put my right foot against her,, what would be her center
5:59 pm
beam and just pulled as hard as i could with both hands on that door and it opened up. >> man you know he had that adrenaline going, too. now by that time, the jeep was almost fully submerged and shortly after the worker rescued the woman a ambulance did arrive. the man and woman met again at the hospital where he says she cannot have been more grateful. ♪ torments night at 6:00 our latest winter storm passes through and some may be wondering where is all the snow the final chance for accumulations before some major changes in your forecast. after getting tossed and battered this cruise ship is still in the ocean making its way back to new jersey. but a storm of controversy is now brewing. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at 6:00 tonight watching winter weather. the flakes have been falling throughout the day across the area. not enough to cause any major
6:00 pm
disruptions on your tuesday but ultimate doppler radar shows we are not in the clear just yet. g evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. your fox 29 weather authority called it off and on snow and flooding and here we go again. right now chief meteorologist scott williams and kathy orr are tracking what is yet to come. we begin with scott a lot to talk about. >> that's certainly right g evening, lucy and iain. >> keeping tabs on snow across parts of the area making for tricky travel on this evening commute as we take a look what's happening right now, you can see a lull in parts of south jersey, but look at this band of heavier snow moving through sections of montgomery county, also, as you move in to northeast philadelphia and back into sections of camden county and burlington county. looking at snowfall rates there half an inch to an inch per hour but it's brief. but take look to the south. dover you're looking at mainly rain. moving toward lewes, cape may, and then getting a little bit of a break so this will continue to move into extreme south jersey, rain changing back over to some


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