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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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this season but the defendant we've felt in decades. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney much it's hard to do justice to how cold and how dangerous the weather is about to get. we have live team coverage for you tonight on this arctic blast. sabina kuriakose gathering information on exactly how you need to protect yourself in this weather but let's begin with chief meteorologist scott williams in old city for a better idea of what exactly we are facing because we're talking dangerous conditions. scott? >> that's certainly right, good evening, dawn and chris. temperatures are dropping along with the light snow flurries here in old city. i brought my garden thermometer with me outdoors and you can see the temperatures hovering right around 25 degrees currently here in old city. folks are definitely bundled up as i step out of the way. bracing for this arctic blast. that will invade the delaware valley over the next couple of days. peaking early on sunday morning. let's talk a little before the about the current temperatures right now as you step outdoors,
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because you can see they are dropping. 24 degrees in center city. feels like temperatures already in the teens. take a look at the numbers. north and west we have 20 in pottstown. 13 degrees in the pocono mountains. mid 20s in millville as well as wildwood but you factor in that wind, how your body reacts it already feels like 3 degrees in the pocono mountains. wind chill advisories kick in for most of the area saturday evening continuing through sunday morning. feels like temperatures, get this, from tepp to 20 degrees below zero. and look at ultimate doppler showing a little bit of light snow right now across the area. but bigger snow squalls north and west with that arctic front. we'll talk much more about the danger how to stay safe as well as the potential for a president's day storm when i come inside. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. local communities are going into high alert to deal with this extreme cold this weekend. >> they are worried about vulnerable pop layings like the homeless. sabina kuriakose live outside a
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homeless shelter in chester delaware conte tonight. sabina. >> reporter: chris and dawn, even as we've been standing out here there's actually been a light snowfall happening just as scott predicted. now here at city team shelter they tell me they're at capaci capacity. they're seeing a rush of people coming in looking for a warm place to stay as extreme cold temperatures creep in. now, take a look. people in our area earlier today bundled up against the frigid temperatures as they walk and wait for public transit. these are the coldest conditions we have seen all winter long. it is the kind of weather especially going into this weekend where frost bite and hypothermia are true concerns. ski resorts i spoke with reporting that they are sold out for the holiday weekend so they expect a lot of people to be hitting the slopes this weekend and organizers of tomorrow's polar bear plunge in sea isle city tell me that they actually plan to go ahead. that means more than 2,000 people jumping into the ocean for charity.
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now organizers say they will be reminding people to bring extra clothes and dry off immediately after jumping into the water. still our dr. mike says, in this kind of cold, taking that dive can be dangerous. >> if you jump into the ocean with temperatures this cold, you really run the risk of having a serious problem. i would say just fork up some money to the good charity, stay out of the water. the thing is, if you're wet, that's even worse. you lose body temperature very quickly. the way that you watch out for hypothermia is by wearing layers of clothing, and to be honest with you, get out of the cold. if you have to be in the cold, you need to wear layers. the problem with hypothermia is that the body temperature gets so low that you can get into major problems and end up in the hospital. >> reporter: and along with hypothermia of course frost bite is a major concern. dr. mike saying that these kinds
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of temperatures that can happen within about a half an hour. so if you are out there hitting the sleeps skiing or snowboarding make sure you are heading inside in between runs to warm up, and if at all you're outside this weekend make sure your nose, ears and your fingers are well covered. chris and dawn, back to you. >> sabina, good advice. thank you. now you can stay ahead of winter weather by downloading the fox 29 news app. you can get live radar alerts sent right to your phone just search for in the apple or google play stores. >> happening now water service is back to normal in one philadelphia neighborhood. but this is what things looked like overnight near 63rd and haverford avenue. not a good scene. water from a broken pipe gushing from the ground creating a watery icy mess. >> crews were out there all day making repairs. bruce gordon is there now, in weather west physical. bruce, the break disrupted water service for hours. the vast majority of day
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because of that pipe break and repair work that frankly made much more difficult because of this morning's frosty temperatures. water department crews spent the day replacing a fire hydrant and the 6-inch pipe connecting it to the water main that runs along 63rd street at haverford avenue. after that pipe burst overnight. >> whole bunch of water coming out everywhere. >> instantly freezing. >> instantly freezing. from what i observe observed i t slipped myself. >> reporter: the broken pipe spewed water for eight hours while crews battled frigid temperatures to get at the leak and shut it down. >> the challenges we faced last night were very cold temperatures. it was freezing on the roadway. it covered a lot of our valves we had to turn off. we had crews digging out the valves that was covered under ice. >> the repair work forced cars and trucks to be detoured around a foursquare block area. septa trolley service was trumpeted as well.
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and water service was shut off to homes and businesses for most the day. >> along 63rd street cars were coated with a thick layer of ice while homeowners grumbled about their dry day. >> the water went out at 7:00 o'clock this morning but i didn't take a shower then. >> no water now. >> now, no water. >> it when i went to take shower, no water. >> reporter: dee gross had to buy bottled water from the corner store to rinse off clients at the beauty salon she owns. >> not the most efficient way of doing it but you got to do what you got to do i guess. >> yes, i do. they've been very patient. my clients are pretty loyal and faithful so i appreciate that. >> reporter: well, that appreciation was rewarded around 3:00 o'clock this afternoon when the water service came back on as you can see behind me the traffic detours are now down. septa service back. although in the intersection behind me here atrd and haverford september tra crews are still working to make repairs to the trolley tracks themselves but, again, life pretty much back to normal here
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in this neighborhood aft what can only be described as wet and wild day. dawn? >> that's good news. thank you, bruce. new tonight bill cosby's lawyers are trying to of the sex assault case again the comedian dismissed again. cosby is accused of of drugging and sexually temple university andrea constand back in 2000 sand four inside his mansion. his lawyers claim they had had an agreement with the former prosecutor that the 78-year-old would never be charged. earlier this month, a judge rejected those claims but today lawyers for the comedian filed an appeal to the state superior court. his legal team also trying to get montgomery coup fee district attorney kevin steele dismissed from the case. that motion was also denied by a judge. cosby's lawyers are appealing that decision as well. police in camden county are trying to question a woman about a hit-and-run and they need your help in tracking her down. linden den old police releasing this surveillance video today. they want to talk to the woman shown here for a hit-and-run
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accident that happened yesterday near the wawa on chews landing road. if you know hooshes woman is, please call police. the impact of the death of a georgia police officer is being felt all the way in our area. before serving on the force down south, major greg barney helped protect lives in south jersey. >> he put his live on the line on a regular basis as a volunteer firefighter. bill anderson is live in the newsroom tonight with how those who served with him are struggling to comprehend the loss bill. >> chris they're having a hard time. the loss of major greg barney hit in lawnside, new jersey. although he moved to georgia to become a police officer he remainder close to his friends in lawnside as i spoke to hem it was clear that regardless of where he lived, major barney was still a member of their family and their community. ♪ major greg barney was a veteran police officer in georgia who was killed in the line of duty on thursday. he's remember in georgia as a
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decorated officer who gave his life serving others, but here in lawnside, where he served on the fire department for nearly 17 years, he's remembered as a friend and a brother. >> fun-loving person. >> liked to have fun. liked to joke around. liked to bust jokes and all. everybody just enjoyed him. i know i enjoyed him. i'm really going to miss him. >> reporter: even at a time where they're obviously grieving their friend major barney was remembered for his laughs and for his commitment to service to others. >> he was all about love and laughter. and just doing his job. he would do whatever he had to do to get his job done. >> reporter: major barney's friends heard of his passing the tributes immediately began to show up on social media. black ribbon across the fire station and the lowered flag showed the impact he had and will continue to have on this local community. >> never forgot his roots. he never forgot where he came from, and he was just a fun-loving young man. family man with two twins sons,
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his lovely wife. he'll be greatly missed. ♪ >> reporter: now, gone but never forgotten was the message of the day. those who knew major hardy had the same story. they say he knew at a young age he wanted to work in public service and if he had to die, their proud that he did it while living his life's commitment to serving others. chris? >> all right. bill thanks. and coming up all new at 6:00, a worldwide movement on display in philadelphia tonight. a very special group of people who are about to have a night they will never forget. plus -- do you have weed on you. >> i got weed on me, in. always have weed on me. >> all new at 6:00 suspect in a car chase decides you heard it honesty is the best policy. really opens up to reporters. people around the country cannot believe what else this guy said. sean?
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>> dawn, nba selection 2016 hall of fame final list one philly was robbed because of their attitude. we'll talk about that later in sports.
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♪ a high speed chase in texas leads police through five counties. >> officials say speeds reached as high as 100 miles per hour. the chase started after a traffic stop near dallas during the chase police say the driver went the wrong way, drove on the shoulder of the highway then through a fence at one point tried to avoid police. police tried to get spikes to get him to stop but the driver went on with two exposed rims. officers then shot out the other two tires and then the driver crashed into a guardrail. you have to hear the reason for him taking off. >> i'm new to this state. i moved here a couple months ago. i don't pay attention how texans drive. pulled me over, i got --
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>> you heard the driver admitted he ran because he had marijuana and says he's been arrested for having it before. >> back to your fox 29 winter wet authority. and we are talking about dangerous cold. i took the dogs for a walk today and my face was sticking out. >> you can't stay out there too long, scott you were just out there. >> we're talking about wind chills that could allow frost bite to occur in less than half an hour for a part of the upcoming weekend. we'll get to that coming up but take look at the arctic outbreak the polar vortex is headed right in our direction for much of the upcoming weekend. i mean the arctic front is still off to the north and west. already at out ahead of it we have snow squalls, flurries across the philadelphia area. more intense activity as you move back toward sections around the great lakes. so we'll zoom in right now you can see along i-95 corridor moving into new castle county, delaware also salem county in new jersey we are tracking a little bit of snow squalls so this could reduce the visibility
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just be mindful of that if you're stepping outdoors for your friday evening plans. but challenging records as we move toward sunday morning. the record is two from 1979 in philadelphia the forecast is three allentown your record is one below. the forecast is three below and take a look at reading. you are challenging records by sunday morning as well. wilmington atlantic city i think you'll be safe but still cold nonetheless. 19 in pittsburgh. we have 24 degrees right now in philadelphia. but look at the teens and then take a look at international falls. marquette, michigan, four below. even colder take a look what's happening martin falls, 18 below zero. even colder as you move a little farther to the north. take a look at the current air temperatures right now. 13 degrees in the pocono mountains. 25 in millville. you factor in the wind how your body reacts, not as bad as it will get by the upcoming weekend feeling like the teens and low 20s. but take a look at this as we move toward carbon and monroe counties the pocono mountains saturday morning through sunday
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afternoon, feeling like 20 to 30 below elsewhere across the area a wind chill advisory feeling as cold as 20 below zero so take look as we go hour by hour, saturday at 10:00 a.m. it could feel like five below in philadelphia. already feeling like the teens below north and west. then watch what happens as we move toward your saturday night. feeling like 11 below in philadelphia. and look at the pocono mountai mountains. feeling like well below 30 degrees below zero so that is the danger if you're stepping outdoors for any leapt of time this weekend. so once again frost bite that is a concern. dress in layers. cover up. remember the ps check on the elderly, children, don't forget about the pets and also your pipes you might want to trickle the water a little bit open up those cabinet doors. also, don't forget to check your car batteries and that tire pressure. adding insult to injury as we move toward the holiday monday president's day tracking some energy out of the south. interacting with that cold air starting out as some snow as we
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move toward the afternoon and evening. then eventually changing over to some ice. the pink, the green, rain, so it could be a little icy and dicey late monday into early tuesday. for night single digits and teens. snow squalls. tomorrow 19 degrees but feels like temperatures well below zero. 3 degrees valentine's day morning. 18 for the high temperature and then watching that system monday into early tuesday. before we warm things back up near 50 degrees tuesday afternoon. maybe another wintry mix next friday. >> that is arctic cold. stay warm, stay safe. thanks guys. >> crazy. well the red carpet is rolled out for very special prom tonight in enter city. >> the epic church hosting the big event for those with special needs. our own joanne pileggi live at the glamorous affair right now. joanne. >> that's right, chris. we are here along a very special red carpet it's going on at the double tree hotel in center city right now. this is very special and unique
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party just getting started. guests arriving a very unique prom for those in the city with special needs. now, we can cut to tape. this is called a night to shine. a partnership with the tim tebow foundation epic church. it is a prom experience for people ages 16 and older with disabilities and special needs. now the event taking place here in philly and in 41 states across the country and seven countries around the world. the goal is to give the participants a chance to shine at a very formal event each participant has a volunteer partner who will be with them throughout the night. >> each guest will have a personal host tonight. they're going to meet them at the start of the red carpet and take them through the event they'll bring them in, get them registered. everyone is getting a corsage or boutonniere. they'll walk them through that. walk them through hair and makeup and sue shines. they'll get formal picture taken
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for prom. then they'll go to their table. we'll have dinner. and then folks are going to dance. then we'll have karaoke and limo party bus rides later. we'll do photo booth all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: all right. now, you heard me mention his name. tim tebow former heisman trophy winner and philanthropist. there is some talk it may just be talk but there is talk that tim tebow may show up here for this very special prom tonight. and by the way i wanted to mention our lucy noland helped some of the guests here pick out their outfits for the prom. we'll be here throughout the night. maybe tim tebow will show up. we'll let you know. we'll be back here at 10:00. dawn, chris. >> all right. thank you joanne. looks like a lot of fun. >> sean bell in with sports. this town is buzzing with college hoops. >> couple philly teams in action tonight st. joe's getting ready for a big five matchup tomorrow against lasalle. coach martelli wants to make sure he continues to be the big brother. it's all star weekend in the
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nba. the league announces its hall of fame finalists for 2016. jahlil okafor gets ready for the rising star game. brett brown talks about how he can learn so much about the game next in sports.
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all star weekend in toronto. all the greatest players from past and present headed up
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north. a perfect time to announce the finalists for the 2016 hall of fame class. head lined by shaquille o'neal, tom izzo, eddie sutton the great cheryl swoops and of course philly' favorite son alan iverson. the apps was drafted number one overall in 1996 by the sixers. led the team to final appearance in the last 30 years. that in 2001 when he was the league mvp he went through 11 all star games and averaged 26 points a game. never ever seen a player of his size with that much heart and unlike to he will be a shoe shoe in for the hall. >> also during all star weekend rising star game will be tonig tonight. nerlins noel and jahlil okafor will play a chance for them to get away from this losing organization and learn how winners do things. coach brett brown said a lot should come out of this weekend, all star trip. >> i think that for him to get
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up there and, you know, watch kd and some of those great players navigate that whole scene, um, ask is a good thing. i think he should enjoy the weekend and take it all in from perspective as much as playing. >> in college hoops st. joe's 20-four on their way to ncaa tournament bid take on lasalle tomorrow night in a big five matchup. la sol not having a great season but any team you play a team in philly bragging rights and much more are on the line. >> no one wants to be kick out of their backyard. you know when you were a kid and you were playing, and your brother was whipping on you, and you stood in there and fought because you didn't wanting to home and that's the same thing here. this is backyard fight and we want to be the older brother in this situation. >> and that will do it us here at 6:00. >> see you back here at 10:00 o'clock.
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kanye west, taylor swift firestorm. >> me and taylor might still have sex, -- [ bleep ]. >> that's where taylor swift will be sitting for the grammys. will kanye show up. >> she is featured in a campaign ad for ted cruz. >> now her steamy past revealed. >> does he have any idea that you were a soft core porn actress? >> what if you were sent back in time to stop the assassination of jfk? >> plus, what could possibly go wrong. do it yourself disasters. >> i can't believe that people are doing that. >> then, pig on a plane. imagine flying home and finding yourself sittinne


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