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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  February 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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now now on good philadelphia philadelphia,, extreme. s that that's what feel feel when when you step today today:going to to worse. worse. just temperatures temperatures will will, straight ahead. saying saying good good young young --,, the well well for for a local died died trying trying to to safe his''s life. life. get get up up and come come on, on, let's but but wait you don't leave living living room room. s that,, itself it's a while you while you are are in:coming up. work work out you you watch day day, can can do do. we can l l that that. good every everyone one. i am and wander torsten you you mind coming out hang hanging out
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with day val val day day
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: test test right cure on: test test right now on good day philadelphia weekend, extreme cold. that's what you'll feel when you step outside today. it's going to get even worse. just how low temperatures will drop, straight ahead. and saying goodbye to a young hero own father's life. it's time to get up and moving. come on, let's do it. but wait you don't have to leave your living room. that's right, it's a work outwhile you are in your living room. coming up. > work out while you watch good day, we can do that. we can handle that. good evening, everyone. i'm philadelphia anderson. do you mind coming out and hanging out with me the day before valentine's day. they didn't know back when they scheduled it. here we are on valentine's weekend with some of the coldest weather of the season. weekend wendy has her bathing soot on. with an ocean water temperature of 36-degrees than a wind chill of 8 even with sunshine it is going to be quite a plunge as temperatures plunge as well. look at her smile. we know weekend wendy is going to have a good time. just the toes in the water, sue, this weekend because it could be a little l dangerous. we talk about how quickly frostbite can set in with temperatures like this and wind chills like this doesn't if you're jumping in the water. 20s and 17 at cecil city with wind down blow zero. when you factor in the drop in temperatures. wind chills by tomorrow morning, 20 to 30 blow, 10 to 20 blow
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zero. that's what it feels like on your skin. right now there's the cold artic air. that is about as warm we get today. now we're talking about some winter weather on top of this cold air that's in the seven day forecast coming up. thanks, dave. as he said dangerously cold temperatures have cities and counties declaring cold blue emergencies in our area. shelters have been bracing. everyone off the streets. hypertherm ma are a huge concern as we see temperatures dip 20s. it's the coldest air we've seen all season. if you have to be outside for any reason, take precautions. ski resorts are recording record attendance for the holiday
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weekend. our system is frozen. organizers at that sea isle polar bear plunge say they'll continue on with the event despite the cold conditions. i was with them yesterday. the polar plunge people. >> yes. > they meet up at 11:30 for lunch and they take their shoes off and they get ready to walk into the water at 2:00 p.m. >> that's insane. i understand it's for a good caution. that's good. i'll have to make a donation. get life radar, alerts sent right to your phone, just search for it in apple or google play stores. we're following some breaking news this morning in bucks county. right now investigators are trying to figure out what sparked an apartment fire. it happened around 5. 30 this morning at the fox wood manor apartments on veterans highway in leave town. we do know that the fire started in a second floor apartment and then spread to another unit. one person was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. we'll continue to investigate
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and bring that information to you as we get it. a man is charged in the hit and run debt of a human in chester t earlier this week. investigators say 35 year old bra heme scott turned himself in thursday. he is scotted with involuntary manslaughter and vehicular homicide. he was diving on a suspended license at a high rate of speed and with only one working windshield. this happened at 19 and highland where bennett was trying to cross the street. he ditched the car. john gray worked with the victim at a chester store in chester. he was bubble i. we all loved her. investigators say the accident was three blocks away from scott's girlfriend's home. he'd been there, but left after a domestic dispute. authorities say scott confessed to the hit and run saying he was scared and he panicked. > bill cosby's lawyers are
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trying to have the sexual assault case against the comedian dismissed again. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee andrea constance back in 2004 inside of his shellen ham home. cosby's lawyers say they had a former agreement with the now 78 year old would never be charged. earlier this month a judge rejected the claims. now cosby's lawyers filed to the superior court. he tried to get kevin steal dismissed from the case. that motion was also denied by a judge. cosby's lawyers are appealing that decision as well. the murder of a police officer at a suburb of atlanta, hitting close to home here in new jersey where he's been being remember ebbed for his service as a firefighter. craig barney was shot and killed in georgia while attempting to serve a want on thursday. before becoming an officer major barney helped protect lives in south jersey as a volunteer
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firefighter at the lawnside firefighter for 17 years. former co-workers say they're not surprised that he gave his life in service to others. he believed what he was doing. he touched am people while he was doing that. i can't say anything negative about gray. he helped a whole lot of people. he was friends with everybody. the suspect aus cooed of shooting major barney has been charged with murder. > a special night along the red carpet for special needs people in the city. i was a night to shine. a partnership with the time tea bow foundation and the epic church. it was a prom for patients 16 and older with patients with special needs. it took place here and 41 states across the country. the goal to give philly residents with special needs the chance to shine at a formal event. each of the participant has a volunteer partner who will be
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with them throughout the night. this is jobe ', she's my special night. it's her night to be the queen. > lucky her. >> lucky me. > that's an amazing event. epic church which hosted the local event offers ministry for people with special needs. > that's my church. anthony of the sees expected to set sale again today if the coast guard will let it leave port. what about the passengers came from the last cruz battled the storm. what are their rights? you may recognize her from htgtv she's allison victoria from the kitchen show crashers. she'll be here with me with the five ways that you can turn your kitchen from shabby to seek. > i'm in the middle of a kitchen rehab right now. it's a mess. we also want you to be a part of the show this weekend. it's valentine's weekend. if you have something to say to
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the love of your life. send us a comment, picture or video. you can send it to us on facebook, instagram. i will not put you on the spot. > please do. we'll be right back. find fantasy shows.
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when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance?
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get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. > royal crib ran anthem of the sees expected to sale out on its next cruz today less than a week
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after encountering hurricane force winds and stormy sees. that will all depend on whether or not the more than 1100-foot ship gets the go ahead from the us coast guard. the ship's propulsion system was damaged during the storm and they won't green light it leaving the port in bayonne until its fixed. the passengers from on last week's cruz were refunded and 50 percent off the next cruz. it was a storm going on. people got sick. you saw the video, but can they legal action. attorney hanson shaking her head no. anybody can file over anything. this stuff happens. four people had minor injuries so i know you want them to sue. i do. i want them to sue. > why. >> i want them to sue if you can prove that the captain had knowledge of the fact that this storm was there and made a deeggs to take it on anyway. > listen, the cap and i is
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ultimately responsible, especially in this situation and they have to make these decisions. from what i understand, they knew the storm was there but they did not know the extent of the storm and ships are built to go into storms. the thing you have to consider, too, so am people get angry when their cruzs are canceled. they've paid money for it. you have to weigh the possibility of a lawsuit if you cancel it. this captain saved a lot of people's lives. from what i understand he turned that ship around so it was no longer facing the winds. only four people had minor injuries. if anybody sued it would be for negligent infliction of emotional distress. >> i like that. > in quotes. negligence infliction of emotional distress. >> i thought they did well, they gave full refunds. > no one is thinking of going on another crews after getting off that ship, but it seemed to me they handled it appropriately. >> ultimately it's all about pr. they want to make sure that they
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have made steps toic ma it right. no one was hurt. it's only because of this captain's actions that no one was hurt. people need to suck it up. > is it only because of this captain's actions that they were in that situation. we don't know yet. there's a difference between an active god and negligence on behalf of the captain. >> no doubt about it. ultimately if we were going to trial on that the defense would have an expert saying absolutely no one could have known this. the other side would have an expert saying they should have known this and ultimately it would be up to the jury to decide. you will never truly know if this captain should have known. there's going to be different opinions on each side. because no one was hurt i think you should -- >> happy ending. > ive that you been on a cruz. >> i have not. > i have. >> did you sign that waiver when you get on. >> that's part of it as well. you sign away some of your rights. > always a pleasure. > we're going to turn to dave
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for a look at our interactive weather. it is freezing outside. >> it is freezing. certainly cold out there this morning. here's your microphone. >> here we are. there's sea isle again. a the look of people headed down there for the plunge weekend. i'd be careful if you're doing that. we talked about the frostbite it can happen in less than 30 minutes when that wind chill gets down blow deer on. it doesn't help if you're jumping in the water. they're prepared for it. it's a great cause, but certainly be careful if you're heading down there this weekend. the wind gusts that's what we look at. this is the as the cold air comes in. starting to pick up just a about it. about 20, 30 miles an hour. when you look at the temperatures and you factor in the wind which will increase it's going to feel a lot colder out there. right now, 20s in philadelphia. that's about as warm as we get. so you get everything inside the door you'll need it before you step outside, the hat, the gloves, the scarfs for everybody
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because as you soon as you step outside it's cold. the numbers are in the 20 #-s and it feels like they're down to the single l digits. a little slippery on the rods roadways. we had some snow come through last night. it is so cold and as the cold air comes in we'll get the streamers coming off the great lakes so certainly possible all day today along with the dropping temperatures here, that's one thing to watch, on the roadway. speaking of the roadways, bob kelly is here with a morning update. good morning, everybody. falls bridge still closed to vehicle traffic. this is a project that's going to probably last another month or so. so instead of the falls bridge traffic using the city avenue bridge between roxborough and monument road and presidential avenue there. busy day on the roadways, especially 95. southbound, watch for delays from the walt whitman through broad street, the stadium area. that's all due to a penndot work crew and then a double bubble in
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south philadelphia. we've got the flyers on the ice today at 1:00. we'll clear them out, put down the hardwood and in comes villanova, jay wright and the basketball guys for a big game tonight at 8:00 in south philly. septa is adding extra trains and service to the subway for all the sports fans. if you use dart, heads up, beginning tomorrow there's some service changes and a fair increase goes into place so make sure you're ready for that monday morning rush hour. eny the rest of the day. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning on good day philadelphia sunday. > thank you so much, bob. happening today, a final farewell to a young hero. in just a few hours funeral services will be held for 12 year old sanford harling. he lost his life last week while trying to safe his father from their burning home. jennifer joist is life where
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community and loved one will come together. it will certainly be a tough morning here in norristown for this community. the funeral will start at 11:00 this morning here the at cession network outreach united church of chris, again in norristown. 12 year old sanford harling, the third short life will be honored and remembered today. harling was killed in a house fire on markly street in norristown last week. investigators say harling went back inside the family's burning home in an attempt to safe his father. his father made it out. harling did not. today the boy's father will be coming to his son's funeral directly from the hospital where he's been undergoing treatment. a family spokesperson tells us that doctors gave him special permission to leave the hospital so he can say goodbye to his son. in addition, it's expected that we will see members of the norristown youth eagles football program here today. sanford harling played on the sixth grade team. those who knew harling say he
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was always cheering on his teammates and praying for them. his h spirit was albright. because the family lost so am much there have been ongoing fundraisers for essentials and help cover funeral expenses. in just the last seven days people have stepped up to donate $40,000 to this family. this month of course we celebrate black history month and today we spotlight two people. andrew primarier was appointed the first black person to serve on the federal reserve board. t this was back in 1966. he served on the board until august of 1974. he was born in louisiana to a share cropper in 1926 and attended segregated schools. he went onto college at the university of of washington and taught at harvard university. on the federal reserve board he lead efforts to reserve the country's balance of payment
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deficits. he died at the age of 86, three years ago. sinking my life with his words, killing me softly with his song, killing me softly with this song. > what a voice. we also honor singer roberta black who was born in 1939 in ashville, north carolina. roberta has performed some of the best love soul songs of all time, including the first time of i saw your face and when she's sinking here killing me softly. classically trained on the piano from an early age, roberta flak received a music scholarship at the age of 15 to attend howard university. while she was busy earning her degree, roberta also became the first black student teacher at an all white school in the state
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of maryland. such a smooth voice. >> i love it. > citizens park, financial field, veterans stadium general jfk stayed yup, is that enough for you. last night there was a sold out house, the boss came back. bruce springsteen back in philly. we'll take you to the concert and tell you how he made history. watching tv seems so much better than working out, doesn't it? now you can do both. coming up with an exercise routine all you can do while watching tr. sounds good to me.
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> know you're supposed to be active and exercising, but sitting on the couch and watching tv. it sounds so much better. now there's a compromise sounds better. this is jenn frederick. this is momma log. we're in the men's health workout cave, bj says get your boot tie's off the coach and do some working out while you're much whatting good day. we have moms, too. this is called the single l thrust. i want you to rest your upper
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back on the bench. jen is creating new movements in front of us. you want to come down a little bit lower. your upper back is perfect. you'll start there and lower your hip. ottoman couch, raise up, squeeze the gluts. they've done studies on this, the most glut activation occurs during this exercise even more than squats. in the man cave. you are going to raise up:the gluts are like hotdogs they plump when you cook them. get them all the way up. try one leg at a time. one knee into the chest. give me ten reps. all the way up. get the leg off there. and i'm supposed to do this how often, how many times? you can do this every commercial break, ten to 20 reps total or ten republicans on each side. my head stays on the couch or ottoman. >> your head comes off a little bit. the big thing is the upper back is the pivot point and you're
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moving exclusively through the hips and because you're elevating your shoulders that angle allows for maximum activation of the butt cheeks. you got said it, maximum activation of the butt cheeks. this is mom owe log and he is one body. thank you.
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> i want to get on one of the planes and go right to the sunshine. is that the song who the in the city? >> yes. > someone in the control room has a sense of humor this morning. >> i like it. > it's 10-degrees out. it's who the in the city. whatever you say. we can get on a plane. > we cannot. we're going to be here until 9:00. >> all right. > some people can escape this painfully cold weather. we will get into the weather in just a moment. my mouth is even frozen. let's take a look at some of this morning's top stories. right now, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked an apartment fire. it happened around 5. 30 this morning at the fox wood apartments on veterans' highway in levittown. the fire started in a second floor apartment and then spread
7:30 am
to another unit. one person was sent to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the 100 year old building was once a bank. vaults are going to be used to hold various items. it is a gift from cardiologist. it will hold original signs from connie back stadium and 150 game-warning jerseys. (music playing) there he is, the boss. it looks like he's stealing my smile from today. the boss, bruce springsteen and the he street band. they were killing it. springsteen is of course no stranger to philadelphia. in can fact, he's the only artist ever to perform in every life music venue in the city
7:31 am
over the years. > that is impresive. >> that is impressive. there is a lot of them, philly rich musical history. congratulations to his great show. thanks, sue. > weekend wendy has a lot of adventures planned this weekend, some of it unusual. this one should be very interesting. it is happening at the pennsylvania convention center and the tattoo arts convention is what we're talking about. look closely on wendy's arm. you see a tattoo. it's a little heart and it says mom. but it's a temporary tattoo and that's what the kids will get. you can incorporate yourself up, if you want, but there's all kinds of activities there, including a sword swallower that the family ill enjoy. it starts at 10:00 in the morning. can we show off our tattoos outside. >> definitely not. we keep saying bundle up because we're looking at very cold wind chills. the wind chills, that's the actual temperature, but it will
7:32 am
be down blow zero. it's very cold. here's the cold artic air moving in and working itself its way through the area. this is as about as warm as we get today, 22-degrees and dropping into the teens by tonight. chills blow zero. bundle up, layer up, that chill blow zero, that's what it feels like on your skin. a the look of work has gone in to determining the wind and the temperature and we're looking at a very cold night effect. frostbite, know the signs. it can happen in less than 30 minutes. take some steps to avoid frozen pipes. i'll put this on our facebook page a little l l bit later. wind chills tonight, if you're out, it's blow zero. by tomorrow morning, 10 to 15 blow. 31 bow in mount poconos. a little warmer weather is coming in with some rain and snow in just a little bit later in the seven day forecast.
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hi, mike anal ex. our new mayor gym kenny says that philadelphia schools are a priority. the position is called community schools director. what exactly does that mean? and what is a community school in how is the going to effect your kids and what makes it so different? help joining us to make sense of it all community school director susan. thank you for joining us. first obvious question is, what the heck is a community school? >> a community school is really a strategy for delivering services in a much more comprehensive and aligned way. schools are where the kids are. and one of the obstacles and barriers to learning is that kids have a lot of needs and the city is providing services so we are looking at delivering more city services and non-profit sector services to kids at the school with the school as the unit of delivery. basically the school will be much more than just a classroom for these students.
7:34 am
> that's right. kids have social and health needs. so some community schools and some other places like cincinnati have eye care facilities, food pantries, financial services for parents. > all in the school? >> all using the school as a event ser. it sounds like a shoprite. > we love shoprites. >> they have food and they have a pharmacy and they have a bang. > anyway, other cities -- would you call this a program that would be spread out over all of our schools? >> the goal is to really start looking at our schools in a much more strategic way. a really critical part of the community schools effort and the community schools strategy is getting the local community involved in what the schools' needs are. it won't look the same in every school. one school might say that their focus needs to be on having after school program. another one might say health services. so it's getting the community, that's parents, educators, students and community members
7:35 am
involved in deciding what the needs are and starting to think about how we use the city services that are already being delivered, getting them in there more comprehensively, reaching more people and supporting the l school system so that we can have the kateors can focus on the education. it's really thinking about the holistic needs of kids. how will you determine the specific need in each community will you be talking to the community, open meetings. >> meetings and planning services. they'll have people working with people to help evaluate what's already happening in the school that's currently available, as well as what the needs are. > you would cater to each individual school, cater to their particular needs. >> yes. > what other cities do this? >> there are a lot of cities that are looking at different models. chicago is looking at things. cincinnati has a good model. the mayor went there in the fall. > baltimore and new york. >> baltimore and new york, absolutely. > what are they saying about this? why are you attracted to it? because it's working in their cities?
7:36 am
>> one is again it's where the children are. being aible to meet the needs of children and actually help them become stronger, healthier, ready to learn, more well said. s that that benefits us all and it actually helps them with their school readiness and it helps educators to focus on education. > is there a plan to have every school in philadelphia have this. >> over time. the goal right now is 25 schools in the first four years. > let's get started. >> i got to go. > have we started, though, with a particular area. >> we're starting to talk to schools and identify which ones are working with school communities. the school district is looking at how they engaged their communities more. the city is really starting to look at assessing what's going on in the schoolsment we're starting to think about data systems and what kind of measurements we're going to be looking at. the goal is to identify a set of schools to role this out and then start adding schools over time. > you're a good talker, ma'am.
7:37 am
>> i am. thank you. > thank you so much. >> do you teach? i have not taught. my husband is a teacher. he is in the philadelphia school district. kirk bride, shout out. > keep us up on this progress. all the schools are going to come to you. >> i think we want everyone thinking about what their needs are and what they need to do to get in the queue. > get in the queue. is that out of line? >> no. > she did that right here. >> i know. that's our queue, to be quiet right now. > good job mike anal ex. it's hard to think about the boys of summer. it's the coldest day of the season, but it's almost time to talk about the phillies. the phillies packed up their truck and headed down to spring training in clearwater. what we can expect from our fighting fills this coming up season. >> take a look at this woman. she says her eyes -- let's get her up there. she says that her eyes are one of her most defining features because they make her look like
7:38 am
a cartoon character. i can't disagree. what she's done to go the extra mile. that's come up. on the cold days, you get up, tweet to us, send your comments. carla as that we're all keeping her company while she cooks. it's her number one son's birthday, happy 31 birthday. a valentine's shout jut to my better half. without you i'd be lost. julia says she went out for an early valentine's dinner last night at maggiano's cherry hill, got it started early. whoever took her out, well done. accepted us all of your comments. what you're doing today, your valentine's day plans. we want to hear about it and we'll be right back. find fantasy shows.
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> taking a look there at reading, pennsylvania. that is wawa sue would call deceptive sunshine. that looks like a pleasant, nice warm day. we know better. dave will keep us informed throughout the morning of just how old it is outside. for now you can look at the pictures and enjoy. trending right now, someone who must really love all things disney. this woman right here behind me, 25 year old sarah ingle from denver, colorado, she's a marbling manager by day, but by
7:42 am
night, well, look. she's a disney pennsylvania national particular. she spent more than $14,000 on custom made costumes of disney princess. she is owns 16 different costumes and 17 different wig. the prep work takes 17 hours. sarah says ' has a life goal to one day be employed as an actual princess. look at them. this is her. sarah. she says her eyes make her -- there we go. stretch it all the way out. she says that her eyes make her look like a cartoon character. >> i don't think so. i think she's an attractive young lady with big eyes. but as she goes through the transition. here she is as all of the different characters. this is from frozen. this is elsa, right? >> okay. not too bad. it looks just like elsa. i think so, too.
7:43 am
as i struggle with trying to stretch it out. it looks like elsa. we'll put her back. > what else has she been able to do? she's tried all of these different characters. here she is as snow white. > i think she looks good. >> she does. she looks much better than i do messing around with this. at any rate she has spent a significant amount of money trying to be the different characters. we want to know from you what do you think about her experience, 14 grand at least to be a disney princess. bill, we know this we all need to eat right. that's a fact of life. that means we spend a lot of time either ordering out or in the kitchen. is your kitchen in the need of a makeover. you may recognize her from hytv. she's allison vittoria from kitchen crashers. she will be life this morning to help us turn our kitchen from shabby to seek. how would you like a chance to
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channel your near loop sky walker. a class is going to teach you how to be a jet eye. here's some great benefits. we'll tell you why you may want to sign up. that's ahead. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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> i never see you anymore. come out the door. it's like it's gone away. we wish it was gone away. you guys should hear dave in here syncing. you are taking a life look -- how do you pronounce this.
7:47 am
>> absecon. > absecon, new jersey. i'm glad you guys told me because one time i said something wrong and i got a million tweet about how to say things. you have to give me some credit. i had to learn skull kill, conshohocken. june yacht a. i saw your forecast. man, 16-degrees at 3:00 or something like that. that's just the temperature. you have to factor in the wind. we've been great before, but it's never really been this low. we're looking at pretty bad weather here tonight and tomorrow morning. because of the wind here, this wind chill actually fairly dangerous. you want to certainly take precautions. get everything covered up that you can with the hats, the gloves, the scarfs because it will feel like it's down blow deer on. frostbite can happen quickly if you're outside for a long period of time. keep that in mind. the artic air is moving in, teens and 20s now. the wind will really start to increase and the temperatures will drop. combine those two and you're
7:48 am
looking at wind chills down blow deer on. wind chill advisory, wind chill advisory for this reason. for tonight and tomorrow morning. that's when temperatures will be the lowest. carbon to mineral county 20 to 30 pro. here's where it drops down the most, right in the morning. it's about 10 to 15 blow. by noon, the numbers climbing just a little bit. the wind will start to die down a little bit. it will be a nice improvement as the wind dies down, but the cold artic air is still in place and will barely climb into the teens. the snow is another issue. a little coating. this is from pete. ease ' in new jersey and also we have andrew who sent in a little coating of snow. it's so cold and we'll see more snow showers. the roads could be pretty slippery at times. these are passing showers, but as the cold air really picks up this could start to increase and go over the same area, be more like a snow squall, not just a
7:49 am
passing shower. that will quickly coat the ground. there it is now and it will quickly move through. the seven day forecast we're looking at some winter weather coming in monday. the snow, no question that it changes to rain and a temperature of 53-degrees on tuesday. a few lingering showers on wednesday, but the cold air is today and tomorrow. i consider myself philly tough, 1 degree, that's tough to look the at. moving onto better things. football season now behind us. so let's start talking about some baseball. the fittings, the phillies packed up their gear at citizens bank park to head south for spring training. yes yesterday was the much anticipated pack up day. the philly fanatic helped. with the pitchers and catchers reporting in less than a week, what can we expect from our fills this year. we have sean brace with us here this morning. good morning.
7:50 am
> good morning, sir. the fightings and the phillies, people look forward to pitching and catching. first, there it was a wakeup call that there was no football. first things first, i'll start off on a positive note, the fills won 56 games. they came out with the over all, under all, 64 this year. > you want a direction this year p much that's what you want. you want to change this with the franchise and the new general manager matt line to be. that's what they're showing you right now, a whole new direction. there are some young guys in the minor lesion that could possibly step up this year or even next year, but that's a long way until we get to that point. that's the focus. i'm looking at matt kintock and andy. we don't want to break down individual players. some of the thing we're seeing with the sixers. you're starting to see
7:51 am
excitement, effort and starting to see people get on board with the team. can we expect that from the phillies this year? >> michael franco. last year he played 80 games and 14 homerun runs. aaron knoll owe who i believe made the usa10 top 100 list. you want them to take the next step to provide a little excitement for the fan base. it's a long season. you need some players to step up and i believe franco and nolan. is it said that we as philadelphia sports fans are starting to accept that we're not going to to the playoffs. we're looking for a great day to the ballpark. we don't want to fall into that category. >> of course it's that. it's the sober reality. it's what we have right now. rube in amarrow ran this team into the ground. he made terrible decisions. he opened a checkbook and handed out money, unfortunately not to you and i.
7:52 am
he handed out money left and right. it was a really easy job that he did. this is the reality of the phillies. like i said, there are good prospects in the minor leagues. jp crawford. we've been hearing about this guy for a couple years now. it's tough to say, though. > they said the eagles will win in 2041. pick a year for the phillies. >> let's go five years. > they'll be competing for a playoff spot in three years. >> always a pleasure. philly you can get all the information. check him out. we'll be back in just a moment. uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love
7:53 am
♪ i could rise above
7:54 am
7:55 am
> we are always so impressed with our local high school athletes and this week we are featuring a local basketball superstar. > this is our junior reporter a.m. beer key with our athlete of the week. it's that time of the year where athletes all across the area are committing to schools. but this one special athlete still has winning on his mind before he makes his next move. this week's athlete of the week goes to gentleman conkarly from emotional distress itville high school. he is one of our leaders. he is a motivator type, tries to get on his teammates to get the best effort that he can and then he's leading by example. definitely bias he's matured and his level of commitment.
7:56 am
the six foot guard is known on the court but he's a talented athlete. my son is a winner. he won two championships in the state. i was in ninth grade when i was won. as a junior i wasn't working on my game and during the seasonally was struggling scoring the ball. now as i've been, woulding on my game, scoring became easy. i'm one of the top players in the city. > and it shows. ranked third in class three along with having a 15 to 2 credit. he credits his coach for not just making him a better player, but also a better person. >> the coaches don't just teach you basketball, but they teach you how to be a better person in life. they told me to do the right thing all the time. when i came in i wasn't doing good with school. >> that's probably one of the
7:57 am
biggest things. every year they try to improve themselves as autunite. carlisle has committed to hamilton university, one of the most prestigious black universities in the united states. he hopes to play as a freshman. on behalf of good day philadelphia weekend i'd like to congratulate you on being this week's athlete of the week. >> thank you, i appreciate this opportunity. > fox 29 good day philadelphia weekend, i'm amber key. > do you have someone you'd like to nominate as our high school athlete of the week, why don't you tweet or post-it on our fox 29 facebook page. just use the hashtag, fox 29 good day. find fantasy shows.
7:58 am
7:59 am
when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. > an artic blast grips region. dangerously cold temperatures expected this weekend, how quickly doctors say a life threatening condition could develop. of course valentine's day is the time to show your loved ones
8:00 am
that you really care about them. the one way to do that, be honest with them. coming up, the money secrets you should not be keeping from your partner this spreadsheet. i think i know. are you cooking up a who the mess in the kitchen. we have some help for you, not with your recipes, but with your decor. an hgtv star steps into the studio to help you out. the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia weekend. > stop talking laura. >> i just got the hand. > click your heels three times. maybe i'll end up in atlantic club atlanta. this is a glamorous shoe that laura brought in today. and not wearing them. there's no place like home. > that's true. > i'm going to put the shoe
8:01 am
over here. top stories, dave, is that it's freezing. freezing outside, getting colder. > get colder than freezing, more frigid. bundle up before you step outside. it will not take long before you get the condition, either the frostbite or the hyperthermia. this is what it looks like now, not bad, sunshine out there. even a few floorries trying to float around today and that could be another issue because they will quickly accumulate, making it slippery on the roads. six, these numbers are going down. any activities you want to do today, maybe try and keep them inside. sue has one for you with weekend wendy. weekend wendy really hoping for a win tonight when the philadelphia flyers play the new jersey devils at the wells fargo center. it all starts at 6:00. go flyers. 6:00, that's when these wind chills will really start to drop. look at the temperatures
8:02 am
dropping from the 20s into the teens tonight. a very cold wind chill. bundle up. you don't want to have anything like your fingers or your nose exposed for too long. gusts close to 50 miles an hour, wind advisory in effect today until about 6:00. bring in the colder air and you get the wind chills 20 to 30 blow. carbon and mineral county, 10 to 20 blow, that's what you wake up to tomorrow morning. warmer weather is in the seven day forecast, along with some more wintry weather. i'll look at that a little bit later. we've been having some fun with the weather, but the reality is, it's really cold, dangerously cold. cold blue experience in our area. it can be a problem if you're out in it for too long. city leaders working to get everyone off the streets, hyperthermia and frostbite are big concerns as we see wind chills dip to 20 and 30 blow over the next few days. it's the coldest weather we've seen all season.
8:03 am
experts are encouraging anyone out in this bone chilling weather take extra precautions. one benefits of the cold, business for ski resorts is booming. they report record attendance this holiday weekend. wear the right clothing. you want to layer up. if you're skiing or snowboarding or whatever you're doing, fine, just make one run and then come in. what you want to make sure of, though, with temperatures like this you cover your nose and your ears because you could lose them. > wise words from doctor right. meanwhile, organizers of the city's polar bear plunge say they're going to continue on with the event. i talked to them yesterday. they've said why stop now. we've never had to cancel before. >> that's insane. >> i heard there's a trick, dip your toe in and then run for the hills. > get life radar and alerts sent right to your phone, you can search for it in the apple or governor christie l play stores. at 8:03, right now we're taking
8:04 am
a look at these stories. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked an apartment building. it happened at the fox wood apartments on veterans highway in levy town. information continues to come in. we do know that the fire was contained to just one unit and one person was taken to the hospital. no word yet on their condition. happening today, a final farewell for a hero. in just a few hours funeral services will be held for 13 year old sanford harling. he lost his life while trying to safe his own father from their burning home. > it's a sad story. jennifer joist is life in roxborough where loved ones and community members will come together to help celebrate the life of this hero. >>reporter: good morning, bill. certainly a hero. this little boy ran back into the burning building to safe his father. his father was saved,
8:05 am
unfortunately the little boy did not. united church of chris in norristown. the fire happened last week. 12 year old sanford harling, the third, short life will be honored and remembered today. he was killed in the house fire on markly street one weeing a yesterday. investigators say harling ran back into his family's burning home in an attempt to safe his father. today, the boy's father will be coming to his son's funeral directly from the hospital where he's been undergoing treatment. a family spokesperson tells us that doctors gave the father special permission to leave the hospital so that he can say goodbye to his son. in addition, it's expected that we will see members of the norristown youth eagles football program here today. sanford harling played on the sixth grade team. those who knew harling say he was always cheering on his teammates and praying for them. his spirit was always bright. and because the family lost so much in this fire this community has stepping up. they've been collecting
8:06 am
donations, also collecting gift cards. and in just the last seven days, according to the go fund me page, the community has rallied and raised more than $40,000 for this family. > you would. >> bill. thanks, jenny. stay on top of that. it's great to see how the community israelying in support of this young man and their family. > a man charged in the hit and run debt of a woman in chester earlier this week. investigators say 35 year old braheme scott turned himself in along his lawyer thursday night. scott is charged with involuntary manslaughter and vehicle already homicide. he was driving on a suspended license at a high rate of speed with a snow covered windshield and only one working wiper. that's when he hit marion bennett. it happened the 9 and highland whether been it was trying to cross the street. john gray worked with the victim at a grocery store in chess
8:07 am
chester. investigators say scott had just taken off from his girlfriend's house after a domestic dispute when he allegedly hit bennett three blocks away. they say he admitted he did cause that accident and said he was scared and panicked. > classes could resume as soon as monday for students at your sinus college. however, all activities remain canceled. almost 200 students have reported symptoms of a stomach infection. officials are working to determine the cause of that illness. > you've seen this ship. how many times have you driven by it, the uss united states docked in south philly. this piece of history once destined for the scrap yard may have another life in her. but as our bruce gordon explains people around here have a problem with the plan. and itself a he a problem that happens only in philly. > i'm bruce gordon. let me be very clear up front, i
8:08 am
am not now nor have i ever been a big fan of new york city. the never ending argument over which city is the better sit particular, i'll take philadelphia every time. i grew up around here and have lived here most of my life. but boy i get tired of seeing philly one upped by the big apple. we were the nation's first capital. they were the second. they have the museum of art. but ours is great, but it has a boxer out front. we had of we had significantly less talented brother vince. now it's happened again. after sitting for 20 years as a rusting hulk on the philadelphia waterfront, the ss united states appears ready to reclaim its place on the high cease as a luxury ocean liner with new york as its home port. crystal cruisers appears ready to pour $700 million into renovating the united states and returning it to service as a high-end luxury crews liner.
8:09 am
there are still some rough sees ahead. environmental problems, for example, could subtle the project, but this appears to be a reel plan to turn an eye sore into a site for sore eyes. in philadelphia, after hosting the rotting hulk for two decades really left in its wake. personally i hope the united states sales again. it's got an important and interesting history behind it. it's just that new york city? do us a favor, captain, once you're back in the crews business, perhaps as early as 2018, tooth your whistle as you sale past your old home. only in philly. > and you decide coverage, the presidential raise shrinks some more. former virginia govern jim gilmore ending his long shot forth nomination. gilmore launched his campaign last summer but was never able to gain any traction, never really participated or had any sort of impact in any of the debates or what have you.
8:10 am
a very poor showing in both iowa and new hampshire. gilmore announced the decision to dropout of the raise on facebook. at 8:10, the remaining republican presidential candidates plan to take the debate stage again tonight. it's their first time squaring off since the new hampshire primary. this debate will take place in greenville, south carolina, home to the next primary. > pope francis arrived in mexico for the start of a historic trip. the pontiff arrived last night. and more than 5,000 people lined the route from the airport to the vatican's diplomatic headquarters to get a glimpse of the leader of the catholic church. the pope will celebrate mass at the church of our laidly of grade lieu acin mexico city. > a shoutout to greenville. hipping a ride through philadelphia could soon cost you a little less for few ill people like myself. >> and me. > but there's a catch. >> i think i know what they're
8:11 am
talking about. it's a new service uber is rolling out. it could make their cars a little more crowded but you could seen some more cash in your wallet. >> i like that. > also, it's valentine's' weekend. do you have someone special in your life. one thing experts say you should be completely honest about with your cig other. this is going to be interesting. thank you for those who are sending in their comments. look at this picture of the sunshine coming in from peter. thank you so much for that. it makes you feel warm. this one from andrea, my beautiful grandmother turns 97 today. happy birthday grandma. don't we all love our grand months. absolutely. > look at that one. happy 43. happy birthday to you. they got the hey face going on. > hey.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
> no doubt about it, valentine's day is a big money holiday, but should you use this day of loving and caring to talk about cash with your loved one? well, our financial expert danry cot owe things you should do that. it's time to cash in. dan, are you ready for the big day. >> big day, the entitle was last week. big day.
8:15 am
> come on. a hallmark holiday. this year, lauren, 19 billion-dollar will be spent to say i love you or i'm sorry, depending on your situation. > good for hallmark. >> you got that right. > not good for some of us. >> who are these people, i hope we're doing background checks. here's the deal. i always wonder with my married friends. how do you get a gift without it being a bit of because you're taking money out of accounts that aren't really just his. 13 million americans say they they have a hidden bank account from their significant other. it might not be for their relationships. if you're sharing the sheets you should have one joint account for the things in you have in common, mortgage, things like that. if you do have separate accounts, at least make sure your spouse or your significant other knows about it in case something sort of happens.
8:16 am
>> you don't want secrets. finally, credit cards, if you're a financial train wreck, have a separate credit card that way you can work on building your credit back up without affecting your spouse. when you apply for joint credit, that's when it can hurt you. > good tips. >> happy valentine's day. > all that good advice, now i have to ask you the hard question. what did you get her for valentine's day. >> i'm totally ready. look at this. > i have to help you. >> shopping? > yes. >> we're cashing out. > favorite line. sharing the sheets. you better share that money. > yeah, and the response here in the studio is, okay. i love it. outstanding. a lot of people need to get under the sheets in this cold weather. > the electric blanket or that down comforter. >> nice. > nicely done. okay. you need it. perfect. tell us why do we need all of that. i'll tell you why, you see that
8:17 am
flag flurry,s that's trenton makes you. that's the cold wind. bundle up if you're outside tonight and then stay warm overnight tonight, teens and 20s, that's about as warm as we'll be all day. dropping into the single digits as far as the air temperature goes, but look at this feels like temperature that's when you factor in the cold air and the gusts which will continue overnight tonight down to 10 blow. poconos 31 blow with a temperature down blow zero and the wind continuing to gust. bundle up because if you get numbers like this, it's actually a serious situation. you get frostbite on exposed skin in less than 30 minutes. your knows and ears, bundle up before you step outside. it's only tomorrow morning because it will get a little warmer by tomorrow afternoon. ultimate doppler, a light colding expected. there could be a little squall developing. these are lake effect snow showers. we just had one move through the trenton era.
8:18 am
it is clear now. let's look at this next storm we're talking about, monday and tuesday, warmer air is coming back, but it could start as a brief period of snow. this will be by monday afternoon. the p.m. rush could be a little slippery. warmer air is coming in and no question it is all rain on tuesday and very heavy rain. so that's the big issue there. so it starts as a brief period of snow and then easily changes over to rain. but that rain will be heavy at times tuesday. that could lead to some flooding. look at the temperatures after this rain moves out coming up in the seven day. that's a little bit later. > this is fox 29 sports in one minute. > good morning, i'm sen bell, during all star weekend, the nba finalists for the 2016 haul of
8:19 am
fame. philadelphia's favorite son allen i ever son. the answer was draft the number one overall in 1996 by the 76s led the team. the same year he won lead mvp. he went to 11 all star games and averaged over 26 points a game in his remarkable all-time great career. st. joe's taking on lasalle tomorrow night. interest inner city big five doesn't want to come up short. do doesn't want to be little brother. no one wants to be kicked out of their backyard. when you were a kid and you were playing and your brother was whipping on you and you stood in there and fought because you didn't want to go home. that's the same thing here. this is a backyard fight. we want to be the older brother in this situation. > that's worth a minute. coach martel, he could be the older brother in this situation.
8:20 am
not in my backyard. > car pooling could be a great way of saving on gas, parking and other expenses, but would you car pool with a bunch of people you've never met. i did it in new york city. the ride sharing app uber is hoping you will do it in philadelphia. the new service they're hopeful will keep fewer cars on the road and your costs down as well. ask it also have always encouraged you to taste the rainbow. they certainly did during their superable ad. but could the rainbow be a little less vibrant. some of the changes coming to your favorite candy. >> what? > and you could be the lucky winner. check your lottery numbers. you're going to need it right around valentine's day. look close. we'll be back.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
> keeping with the theme of cold weather music. >> you know that song? > i know it's number forward and sons and only because irin told me. > winter winds by number forward and sons.
8:24 am
getting you up and inspired as you take a look at the ben franklin bridge. you can look at it, but you can't tell what it feels like outside. > stay inside watching us. you've done this before. >> i have. > the popular ride sharing app, uber is bringing new meaning to the phrase ride share. it's called uber pool and just like it sounds it's basically a car pool. you'll now share your ride in the car with someone else who traveling around your same route. uber says it's going safe you 30 percent. the goal is to reduce the number of cars on the road while i affording affordable transportation. it was cool, i did it in new york city. there was a group of us trying to go to some pizza joint. we want to venture down there. >> these were friends. >> yes, but when we got to our location, we had to get back. some other people were going back with us. > this is tough for me because
8:25 am
i'm a combination of impatient and cheap and those two things don't work well. if i am going with uber i want to get to where i'm going. >> it's along your route, so you kind of stop and keep going. > clearly there's a market for it. >> i like it p. i keep telling people i'm in the process of rehabbing my kitchen, a long process. a new kitchen can do a lot for your home, but it is a huge project. do you know that there are some things that you can do to will make it a little bit better. i'm going to help school bill because i'm going to bring in a star. it's from hgtv. victoria. she's a star. she's going to help bill's kitchen from going from shabby to seek. you don't need to go to a galaxy far, far away and meet with yesterday a. find out why so am people are signing up for this unique
8:26 am
class. stalker chaning, does that look familiar? that's from degrees. that's who we are listening to. >> peter gabriel, this is in your eyes. > happy birthday, peter. >> actress, anyone mean a s uva ri. happy birthday. >> happy birthday to anyone celebrateing today. > it looks like we're getting comments coming in. i'd rather be in clearwater beach. i'll make sure they're not there now because i'll be a little bit jealous. that's where they are. they took that huge truck. good morning from ken del and boomer in south jersey. > kathy, what's up girl, happy valentine's day. i love it. love it in the air. keep them coming and we'll be right back.
8:27 am
(vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
8:29 am
> star wars has always been popular, of course the force was ajake end late last year when the seventh movie premoored. now we're bringing a piece of the galaxy, far, far away right to our area. > fox junior reporter, melissa.
8:30 am
you found out you can be a jet eye. you see the hyperover this movie and it's been about ten years since they release the most recent star wars except for the newest one. now you can be a jet eye right here in philadelphia. that sounds like a good workout. in a galaxy not so far away in the city of philadelphia you can finally become the jet eye you've always wanted to be with the philadelphia sports club star wars workout. it is tradition l al exercise but you put a little twist to it. make it fun. make people who normally don't exercise into the gym. in this training session you'll be doing exercises after your favorite characters helping unleash the force. i felt like i could get my geek on. you can't be a jet eye without your trust i life savers. these are included to prepare for battle. you can incorporate life savers into a workout and make it fun.
8:31 am
that's what's appealing to this class. whether you're just starting out or a true jet eye master this goes to show that the force is within you. the class brings together both star wars fans. the music is themed for star wars so that's kind of fun. and i just think i get in a better sweat. and exercise junkies alike, just the novation and something new and different it challenges us on a hire level. i had to check it out for myself learning either do or do not, there is no try. we're in a battle. come on. while the class was high energy with a lot of motivation, rookie calls are not required. > i wouldn't even know how to do it. > that sounds so cool. sign me up. > you can actually go right into center city. it's free for members and even non members. but you have to in zoo up early.
8:32 am
classes are every friday at p.m. it runs until the end of february and it's so popular that they are looking to extend it. > keep us updated. okay, bill. may the force with you. > you can actually do that. friday at 1:00. because you're not tired at all from getting up at 2:00 in the morning go right to jet eye class. i don't know if i could do that. dave warren would like that, though. the force is with our weather. > i can handle it, sure. you want to be up early today, because that is the warmest part of the day right now. the winds picking up and that's bringing in the cold air. these are the wind gusts. there was nothing earlier, but the artic blast, the wind picks up and brings in colder air. right now we're seeing wind gusts close to 30, 35 miles an hour. even hire in dover. right about now is the warmest that we'll see, dropping throughout the day. the wind doesn't die down.
8:33 am
that will lead to a cold wind chill overnight. bundle up annular up because you want to reduce any skin that's exposed. when you talk about the wind chill that's what it feels like on your skin and frostbite when it's this cold can happen in less than 30 minutes when you see wind chills this cold. take some steps to avoid some frozen pipes. drain the pipes and open the facets on the exterior walls because that could be a problem when it gets this cold. if you're out tonight, bundle up because it's cold already. tomorrow morning, definitely bundle up and be prepared for a cold blast as soon as you step outside down to 10, 15 problem warmer weather comes back in the seven day forecast. the numbers are coming up. right now, though, let's go to mike anal ex. > we got something for you to do tomorrow night for valentine's day. or you can do it tonight. it's a neighbor restaurant over at third and chestnut. > love this place. >> little lion.
8:34 am
it's new, but it's on the scene and a lot of people always are going. it's always packed. > we've asked you to make mack and cheese because when you make mack and cheese you have more ingredients in your mack and cheese than i think i've ever seen in my life. look at all this stuff. >> we do a five cheese mack and cheese over at the little lion. > does it start with cream. >> we start off with a base raw actually. we're going to start with a little butter. >> or a loft butter. > pretty much equal parts of butter and flour and whip it into a little bit of a raw. rue. > i've seen -- that's a lot of cream. this isn't a single batch. we're going to get a little bit of pepper into this.
8:35 am
fresh ground black pepper that weigh did before we brought it over here. thatting whys into the base of it. this is also some garlic powder. next is the parm sean. we can put a little bit of that in here. > the whole thing, drop it in there. next we're going to put in some of the salt. >> okay. a the look of salt. > about half of that. > we're going to go with cheeses now. american on the very end. > take the whole thing and dump it right in there. > the more cheese, the butter. this is cheese number two. that is grana madonna:it's real nice. right next to that we have our smoked guide a. > that's really guide a. on top of that we have our extra sharp cheddar cheese.
8:36 am
> i love sharp cheddar cheese. > why don't you mary it. >> maybe i will. > we'll let that meltdown a little bit. >> we do a stewed tomato. > after it's done? >> some tomatoes here, some brown sugar would go into it. some sweat onions would go in there, some salt and pepper. that goes on top and you cut through the really cheesy macaroni. we use a calf tele pasta over at the little lion. it's already been boiled. we have that done here. > how do you know when the sauce is ready. >> this would take a little while to come all the way down. we would actually blend it with the blender at the restaurant just to make sure that we've got it all incorporated through. when it is thick enough for a cheese sauce we would add the pasta into it. at homie wasn't just making this
8:37 am
and putting it into a pan. we put up in the broiler at the end and some stewed tomatoes to finish it up on top. > give that a try. we do it at the restaurant. >> i love the little lion. the best thing about the little lion is that you take what we think are comfort foods and you put a spin on it and make it feel completely different. > i've never had it like this and i really like it. >> so much flavor. > it's called little lion at third and chestnut, old city philadelphia. >> it's a beautiful venue. i'm so excited.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
> i have a sweat tooth like no other. >> i had a big container on my desk that i share with the news room. > ask it also, m & m & ms and r bursts they are all very colorful, but soon that could be different. >> i actually have star burst in my sharing jar. mars incorporated recently announced it will remove artificial colors from its food products. the move is in reaction from what its customers wants. mars is joining other companies that say they're getting rid of the artificial colors. you don't need to start hoarding m & ms, the change could take up to five years. > we asked for it.
8:41 am
they said they are doing it because people asked for it. will they still be colored? >> it's interesting, if you're removing all artificial colors there's some things that don't occur naturally in nature. you can't get some of those ask it also colors naturally. if they taste the same i don't care what they look like. >> you don't have a three year old that dehands them. > let them all come out and be gray ask it also, i guaranty you that kids won't want them anymore. it's our instant l poll. are you likely to eat something if it has no artificial colors? does it make a difference to you. >> vote in the good day section on fox or you can vote on twitter using the hashtag fox 29 yes or fox 29 no. that's going to be interesting. i want to see what people are going to say about that. > did you forget to make reservations for valentine's
8:42 am
day? no fear. you can make your dinner extra romantic at home. just a few quick steps, quick tips coming up next. and there she is. the moment we've all been waiting for. this is allison vittoria as she walks in. how are you? >> good. almost tripped over a million things. > you are having a hair day in this cold weather. >> she's having a great hair day as lauren says and she's going to teach us how to turn our kitchens around. > i'm having kitchen issues. >> i heard. > are you going to help. >> i'm going to charge you. > coming up next. stay tuned.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
> it was quite an emotional reunion in california. a purple heart was returned to a family of a world war ii army vet. it was all possible thanks to a nonprofit that returns lost and stolen military medals to veterans or their families. this world war ii veterans family said having the medal in their possession means so much to them. it brings back my father, it brings back my grandfather that i didn't know. it brought back a family that we didn't know on the east coast. we never knew and it was out of the blue. > i'm here, i could have been there. it's like a hug from the military family. you know. my family just got larger. > in addition to the medal, the nonprofit also returned the vet's personal items including
8:46 am
photos, his hunting license and even his razor. how amazing is that? an amazing story. and the weather looking pretty amaze there this morning. this is our pocono camera and that wind has picked up. dangerous up there with the wind chills already down blow zero, 0 blow is what we could see there, a wind chill warning in effect. we'll put it in the awful scale. it's not bad right now, but certainly not great and it goes down here, tonight, tomorrow morning. that ill with be the coldest wind chill that we feel, that wind gusting still at about 40 miles an hour. the cold air comes in. right now it may not be mad considering what we're heading for this afternoon. this will be as warm as we get right here, mid 20s and teens. these numbers dropping throughout the afternoon and wind chills dropping as well. bundle up because when you get a number like this it's what it feels like on your skin and when it's down blow zero which it will be tonight and again tomorrow morning, frostbite can happen in less than 30 minutes.
8:47 am
the coldest wind chill right there tomorrow morning at 6:00. it does improve a little bit, not great, but it tries to improve a little bit as the wind dies down by tomorrow afternoon. passing snow shower. i had a few yesterday. it can quickly coat the ground. moving through now, you get the cold blast of air, it brings in the lake effects snow showers. maybe a few here around trenton and these can hold together throughout the afternoon, coat the ground quickly. a storm coming in on monday will start as snow, but then warmer air comes in and brings in quite a about it of rain on tuesday. no question it's changing over. the one issue, the one concern is what does it mean for the monday evening rush because it could be a little slippery. snow to rain and rain will be heavy at times on tuesday with a temperature of 53-degrees. a few snow showers, wednesday 43. it's a little chilly, but nearly as cold thursday and friday with highs barely above 40-degrees on friday with some rain coming in by next weekend.
8:48 am
> hi, i'm allison vittoria, buying a kitchen island is easy, but making it your own is stuck to the part. these would be great. for the peninsula. she gives all kinds of tips on her tgtv and diy network show, kitchen crashers, but we can do one better. how about a life in studio demo from the master herself. >> help us turn our kitchen from shabby to seek. > before you start talking about this. you just came back from the beach and now you're here now. >> at least the sun is out. > you are a chicago girl. >> i know, it's 7-degrees there so i'm enjoying your heat waive. > positive energy. you heard me saying all morning that my kitchen needs help. probably more help than this, but you're saying you can turn things around with some easy stuff. >> that's why i'm in town.
8:49 am
i'm at the home show at the convention center teaching people how to not break the bang. > because your kitchen could be a $100,000 deal. on the show we're doing 80,000, $100,000 kitchen so people become skewed and i don't want that to happen. there's some really fun fixes. back slash first, easy, breezy, this is a mesh mount back splash. in this marble, hearing bone pattern. you can find so am mesh mount backsplashes like this. it makes it easier to cover a bigger area in a big period. knowledge meshes these individually? >> that would be a problem. > exactly. you'd have to individually lay this. this can change the whole look of things. this is the artwork of your kitchen. this is a fun way to bring in pattern and color entex tour and it's really simple to do yourself. i did that actually in a home in
8:50 am
memphis and the kitchen looked dramatically different. >> it changes everything. especially if you're a renter, too. > she's showing me up. she did it. you better get mesh mount if you're doing anything there. > the next thing, cabinet hardware. >> you just complimented my ring. that's what cabinet hardware is to your kitchen. from your watch to your belt to your watch, everything. this is the access situate to your kitchen. you can change out the hardware and make a huge difference by dog so. one of my favorite sites is and the throw poll gee. they have the best hardware. you go in there and see little l nobodies. it doesn't have to be that expensive. i could even do that. you can even do that. make sure when you're drilling the holes that it lines up with your old hardware or covers your old hardware who else. so you line that up. > what if changing the hardware
8:51 am
is not enough. >> most people do. > the next step is -- i believe we have a photo of it. >> adding drawers. so there should be a picture of that. here we go. i tell people all the time. everybody has doors, right? well, to be able to have drawers inside of those drawers, it makes it easy to organize everything and give everything a home. we're finding things in the back of the cabinets and we're like so, that's where that is. > i have so am ideas. i'm going home and adding drawers. >> that's something simple to do. find local cabinet companies, which is why the show is so great. you can find local companies that will come to your house, measure and that way your drawers will actually be fit to the cabinet versus a diy and then it's not going to fix exactly. > what's next, faucet. >> that's an easy one to replace.
8:52 am
i don't recommend doing it yourself. if you like electrical, plumbing and any sort of mechanical, stay away from it. leave it to the pros. mix it up. find a fun faucet. again, brass is back. i love brass. i recommend looking into that. i love brass. >> don't do bright brass, but maybe a brushed brass. replace your faucet, find something that works for you. >> this is my favorite. i hate microwaves because they're always on the counter and they're taking up counter space. a great thing to do is hide it away in your cab try if you have the room. i've got mine in my elan. it's easy to do it. you push a button, it opens up and closes up. it's trending in kitchen. my kitchen is going to be modern. thank you very much. > you're at the home show. >> come see me today at the home show at 12:00 and 3:00 and i'll be giving even more tips. > thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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> tomorrow of course is valentine's day. what did you get me? nothing? you may be looking to make dinner with your loved one kind of extra special. our karen hepp takes us around the house to show us some amazing ways to make your dinner table more romantic. good morning. for today's around the house i'm karen hepp joined by david.
8:56 am
>> good morning to you. > good morning to you. we have valentine's on the mind so let's make a pretty table. we're going to use things that homeowners will have around the house. >> great. > we're going to start basically with a runner. hopefully you can pick this up somewhere. maybe even our store right here. it's a simple thing to keep around the house. keep it folded in the drawer and bring it out when you need it. > a nice simple center piece. >> basically everybody has a little foliage in their backyard. we're going to start with some foliage just to float here. we're going to make it as simple as possible. we have a few of these leaves floating. one single large gerber daisy. there are certain flowers that float better than others. gerbers work well, large open roses. a simple center piece. i want to take some white petals because they're going to contrast against the red. i'm going to sprinkle these
8:57 am
around. if you're not using a tablecloth and if you have a food table or other tabletop that doesn't have a clot on it we're going to make our own runner out of petals. the simple center piece will be a few petals in the water in this bowl and we're going to put a floating candle in there. you can get these petals at any floorest. to set it off we're going to take some mercury glass motives and set them among the petals. >> simple and elegant. takes no time at all. > nicely done. >> easy. all we need now is the food. > that's the truth. >> the food and the win. > thank you. that's our around the house for this week. > and we've got our polling results. apparently you don't care if there are artificial colors in your candy. you're going to eat it anyway. > lauren, thank you so much for coming in.
8:58 am
thank you for letting me play with you. >> everyone have a fantastic saturday. we'll see you tomorrow morning bright and early. have a good one.
8:59 am
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alex: coming next... a large-hooded seal is found near death. can rescuers save this animal before it's too late? it's a race against time. this is "animal rescue."


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