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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 20, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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♪ we begin right now with breaking news. skyfox is live over a large brush fire in gloucester county, new jersey. this is at the sunoco eagle point refinery on crown point road in west department for. call coming in just a little over an hour ago. some of these fires are burning along the shore line of the delaware river. fire crews are on scene trying to get an upper hand but you can see the flames just shooting into the sky and thick dark smoke. of course we'll continues to stay on top of this story and bring you any updates as we get them both on air and on fox 29 at tragic discovery in delaware county. so shocking it even had humane officers getting choked up. their trying to figure out who stuffed a dog inside a suitcase. good evening, everyone, thanks for watching. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney.
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spca says what makes this case even more disturbing that dog was likely alive when it was zipped up inside the suitcase. fox 29's brad sattin went to chester today to learn more about this horrific find. brad, this is absolutely heartbreaking. >> dawn, it sure is. heartbreaking pretty disgusting as well. it's not the first time actually this has happened in chester. in recent months investigators now needing the public's help in trying to figure out who did this and that person could go to jail for the crime. >> i don't even know how to explain this i've never come across something like this. it's sickening. >> reporter: that saying a lot coming from delco humane police officer ron regal who investigated 800 cases last ye year. the photos too gruesome to fully show on tv call came into the humane society thursday about a dead dog in a suitcase. it was found here in the 800 block of second street in chester at first. >> i just thought somebody just didn't properly dispose of a dead dog. until we opened the suitcase. >> reporter: that's when he realized -- >> the dog's mouth was actually
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clinched to the inside of the suitcase. >> reporter: which told him -- >> somebody put a dog inside that suitcase when it was still alive. >> reporter: the dog suffered and had been dead for weeks a leg sticking out of the suitcase it bothers the officer it wasn't reported right away. >> we rescued many, many anima animals. we've brought back them to healthy and gotten adopted and severing great. >> reporter: everything is great with duffy here discovered in a sipped dufflebag in chester on hot day last september. sick and dying but found in time. the man responsible has been prosecuted. why did he do it? outrageous as it sounds -- >> they heard how much the vet bills were going to be for a puppy which had parvo, and their eyes, you know, wept really big. my gosh i can't afford that and that was what they thought was the best thing to do. >> reporter: what's best is to bring unwanted pet to your local shelter. the delco spca adopts out nearly 300 cats and dogs a month. but it's the one they couldn't save -- >> we're hoping we can get some
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kind of help from the public. >> reporter: that has them sickened and worried it could happen again. >> we need the neighbors to be on the look out. we need everybody else to be the eyes and ears for when we don't have responsible people. >> reporter: we should mention these two cases are not related this latest one appears the dog may have been a young adult, not exactly sure what kind of dog they couldn't tell. suitcase was navy blue with the words cayman islands on it. if of course if you have any information there's a number call. go to fox for all the details. >> all right, brad, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in pennypack park. authorities say a guy riding his bike near the area of state road this afternoon made that grim discovery and called police. investigators say the span 64 years old but they have not yet released his identity or details on how he may have died. two men are facing charges in connection with the murder of a cape may county teen. in december 15th-year-old nicole's body was found in
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middle township two weeks after her mother reported her missing. police view mirror now arrested derek powers and charles mosley on multiple charges including first degree murder and sexual assault. a massive fire rips through a delaware auto shop this morning. the cirillo brothers in new castle a total loss. 15 fire companies responding to that fire but a broken fire hydrant also complicating the response. meantime hazmat teams were also on scene to prevent oil from reaching wetlands and the delaware river. the search is on for two men accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a center city jewelry store. surveillance cameras were rolling early saturday morning inside barsky's diamonds along philly's famous jewelers row. according to police, two men hot wired the security gate and made their way inside the store before swiping diamond rings and earrings worth some $400,000. the store own are in says the area needs more permanent police presence but police say tight
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budget forces them to prioritize, protecting people over property. >> overnight hours you can't watch every single business and to know what store may be target the, um, but we do have patrol that's taking place throughout the course of the entire city overnight. >> the owner says shops along jewelers row have considered hiring private security during the overnight hours but that comes with a large price tag. developing to night, police are looking for a group of thieves who targeted a shopper at the grocery store. surveillance cameras catching a man taking a woman's wallet right from her basket. police say that thief and his accomplices waisted no time using the victim's credit cards. shawnette wilson live in abington township. shawnette besides the money, the woman is missing something even more precious. >> reporter: well, dawn, it is something that belonged to her father who died 30 years ago. the woman says she's upset after seeing video of what the suspects did to her but mostly she just wants something of sentimental value.
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>> that guy was quick. i was right in front of him. >> reporter: theresa, is stunned after watching this video from grocery store security cameras. police say it showed the man stealing her wallet from her purse sitting in the cart as she's getting bagels from the bakery. >> i was sick. i just, i thought it was going to pass out it wasn't the worse feeling. >> it happened around 1:00 o'clock tuesday afternoon at the wholefoods on the fairway in the jenkintown section of the abington. two well-dressed men walk in and split up. watch as one walks up behind the woman, places the wallet in newspaper as the second suspect appears to block the view of other customers. >> i couldn't believe this happened to me. >> reporter: 30 minutes later, two women go into a target in rite aid. police say they charged more than $1,500 and buy gift cards. but that's not what she's worried about. >> your first thought of course is my god i got to cancel me credit cards and then it hit me that my dad's dog tags were in
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there which are so sentimental. >> reporter: her father was a korean war veteran. he died 30 years ago. >> i would see my dad's dog tags with his picture also in there, um, you know, to have him with me all the time was just the best feeling and now i don't have that. >> reporter: abington police are trying to identify the four suspects but in the meantime they want tore mine shoppers not to leave purses or wallets unattended in shopping carts. >> keep that pocketbook on you and not only keep it on you but keep it zippered closed or snapped closed whatever closure there is and have it under your arm. be very careful about that. >> reporter: and back here live, the woman says her wallet is black, crocodile and has silver around the edges. if you find the military id tags or you recognize any of those four suspects scene in the video, call abington police. explain shawnette, thank you. nearly two weeks after this nasty brawl at an old city nightclub allegedly involving
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several nfl players no one has been. the president of the police union want to know why. one is former eagle lesean mcc mccoy. >> two off duty cops were badly injured in the fight at old city recess lounge. they had several broken bones. mccoy and three other men are still being investigated and despite pressure from the police union, the city's da says his goal to get the case right now get it done fast. >> there would be people would say if it wasn't for the fact they were off duty police officers we would do something or if it wasn't for the fact there was an nfl player we'd be doing something else. again, you can argue that both ways. my job is to get it right, not to get it fast. >> i think they're overlooking, they're over investigating, they're rethinking, they're double thinking, triple thinking all because of who -- of who are involved here. >> investigators say the fight began with dispute over a
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champagne bottle. but mccoy's attorney says the buffalo bills running back was sober and did nothing wrong. police in upper gwynned are trying to find three men who they say created a distraction so they can steal thousands of dollars worth of apple products from phone stores. they say one of those men is 22-year-old delonte davis of bowie, maryland. there's a warrant out for his arrest. police say he and two others stole more than $5,000 worth of phones and i pads from an at&t store on valley forge road and then hit up a sprint store in plymouth meeting mall. investigators say the group may be behind similar thefts all along the east coast. you've heard it before. thieves skimming credit cards and racking up charges on your card. now those criminals are finding new ways to steal your information. the bucks county department of consumer protection says it's received reports of next generation skimmers at local gas stations. and those thieves aren't targeting the outside of the scanners any more. now officials tell us those crooks are opening up gas pumps.
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>> the cam artists learned it it work much better if they get inside the gas pump the average consumer would never really be able to know the does he advice is inside there where their credit card information was stolen. >> officials say one of the best ways to protect yourself is use a pump that's in clear view of gas attendant and of course always check your credit card statements for unusual charges. a long-tim ridley high school fiss sick teacher under arrest in delaware county accused of of having inappropriate relationship with a student. police say 52-year-old gregory stan sick had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student of his. investigators say he became close with that student who is also a member of his track and field team. investigators say that relationship eventually became sexual. he's charged with institutional sexual assault. the district attorney says he used his position as a teacher and a coach to exploit the victim. local high school students
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are devastated after someone destroyed a memorial garden at their school. how they plan to rebuild coming up. all for the children annual penn state dance thon underway to help fight pediatric cancer. it might just make you tired hearing how long they'll be dancing. scott. >> well, dawn it's a chilly friday evening across our area. but get ready for a weekend warmup when it feel more like spring but i'm already track some rain as well as snow chances with the seven day next. ♪
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♪ right now philadelphia police are trying to find whoever is responsible for this. take a look. a muddy mess at a local school. someone drove a car all over the grounds of lang gnaw environmental high school. >> the school grounds students work hard to keep beautiful are ruined. fox 29's joanne pileggi has the story from roxborough. >> reporter: they have no surveillance cameras and all of this happened, all of this damage, to the student's garden and school grounds. and of course everyone is upset about it. >> driving up immediately saw it on tuesday morning. could not believe it. >> reporter: what used to be a man cured park thriving garden and environmental tool is gone. at lankenau environmental science high. >> it's pretty much flattened at this point. >> reporter: decimate beside vandals in four wheel vehicles
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who drove on school property both monday and tuesday nights. the campus located in a secluded area on the philly montco border. >> for it to be destroyed like this that's crazy this just didn't happen in minutes. it took hours. you can look at it and see and it was deliberate. and uncalled for. >> the tracks are so deep. >> reporter: disturbing unnerving for students. they created the garden as part of their curriculum. they grew flowers, plants, vegetables and studied the soil. >> it was heartbreaking just to even look at it. every time i come out of here i get upset. >> reporter: the building doesn't have technology something they'd like to acquire since this was the second time vandals struck driving array cross the property. >> i wish we knew who it was and it would be nice if they had to make restitution and come out here and help to us restore it. >> reporter: yes, $10,000 in damages. if anyone has any information, they can contact the police department or the school. in roxborough, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news.
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we are toll part of those grounds were designated as a piece garden in remembrance of a social studies teacher who passed away in 2014. breaking news right now out of burlington county new jersey. skyfox live over the scene of this condominium fire in florence township. this is on the unit block of florence toll gate place this fire started 45 minutes ago. officials telling it is up to two harms and that fire crews have been ordered to evacuate the building. thon 2016 underway on penn's men state campus. the students spending the freck 48 on their feet dancing to fight pediatric cancer. since 1977 thon raised more than $127 million for the four diamonds fun at penn state hershey children's hospital. so great. they raise millions of year. >> yeah on your radar perfect weekend to make outdoor plans. >> chief meteorologist scott williams here to tell us about a warmup you were telling us about
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earlier. >> yeah, it's a little chilly now, but take a look at this warm front off to the south. that is going to bring warm air basically meaning that temperatures will climb into the upper 50ings 60 degrees for tomorrow. mid 50s for sunday and looking pretty good for outdoor plans. but right now it is still cold and it is still winter. we have 27 degrees in the pocono mountains. 33 in pottstown. 35 currently in wilmington. over to dover. 38 degrees in atlantic city. so for tonight, temperatures dip into the low and mid 30s out there. really not falling too far from where they are at now. scattered clouds and a possible flurry north and west. but look at tomorrows for cat. 60 degrees for the high temperature in philadelphia. breezy winds out of the southwest. 10 to 12 miles an hour. that is a warming wind. headed to the pocono mountains during the day tomorrow, it's going to be a chilly start out there. 34 degrees at 8:00 a.m. by noon breezy sunny, cloud cover moving in from time to
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time. 45 degrees. by four in the afternoon. don't forget those sunglasses. take look at your sunday planner. wake up temperatures still cool upper 30s. by brunch temperatures nearing 50. then clouds will increase late in the day and then take a look at the overnight forecast. rain may be a little bit of wet snow north and west. so tomorrow morning it's dry, it's quiet, a lot of sunshine out there. a few passing clouds during the day. both saturday and then sunday look at the clouds increasing. and look at the clock here. 10:00 p.m. we're looking at that disturbance bringing with it a little bit of rain, maybe some wet snow far north and west. this is monday early at 1:00 a.m. we're still watching it rapidly move out of here just in time for that monday morning commute. so there might be a couple of slick spots north and west but not a whole lot of moisture with that system. then next tuesday, through thursday, watching one area of low pressure that will likely mainly bring rain, maybe some
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wet snow north and west follow #-ded by a second low that will continue into thursday with a chance for some lingering showers. so watching that track trends still uncertain. the speed, the strength, mainly rain for now as that cold air appears to be lacking. the weather authority seven day forecast we'll show you the roller coaster ride. 60 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. 56 on sunday. sunday night into monday a sprinkle, maybe a couple of snow showers north and west. a bit of unsettled pattern tuesday, really through thursday. watching that system. mainly rain but some wet snowflakes certainly could mix in. >> a little of everything. >> exactly. >> all right. thanks, scott. >> sean bell with sports. spring training not what it used to be for the phil. >> not what it used to be. you're not seeing who you used to see. most of the veterans are now at spring training but a couple veterans missing. we'll tell you who and the flyers trying to gain some ground in the play off chase they go for their second
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straight win but defense down the stretch cost hem or could cost them the game. sports is up next. >> now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch out for road work all through the weekend along i-95. both directions right near the betsy ross bridge. if you're looking for something to do tomorrow grab your golden slippers mummers taking over manayunk. 17 spring bands there strut their stuff beginning at 11:00 o'clock so watch for local detours in and out of manayunk there in the main street bridge and septa beginning their new spring schedule on sunday for all the buses, subways and trollies. have a great night. i'll catch you bright and early tomorrow morning for "good d
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the phillies down in clearwater for spring training and you probably wouldn't even recognize 80% of the players. whole new bunch of new blood in the organization and howard eskin looks at a few of the position battles developing down in florida. >> reporter: spring training during the day under the bright florida sun here in clearwater, florida. most of the veterans are here. most of the players are here. two prominent players are not here that. would be ryan howard and miguel franco at phillies spring training. one of the new players here is outfielder peter bourjos likely to start in centerfield the. he played with the angels and last year with st. louis teams that had leaders in the clubhouse. and bourjos does believe leadership can really make a difference. >> i think it play as big difference. i think you have to have a guy
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that, you know, the team can look up to. a guy that will handle the media and take, you know, say it's on me. you know what i mean? i know it's kind of funny for somebody to say that's correct it means a lot. especially for younger guy that hasn't gone through it and for veterans guy to show him the way and show him how to handle himself to the media in the clubhouse and go through full season because it can be tough sometimes. >> reporter: phillies government larry bowa an old school guy is on the same page as bourjos. >> this generation of players a lot them, not all of them, but they want to do, they want to go in the training room and wait out the reporters so they don't have to answers questions but you got to be held accountable. whether it's good, bad, indifferent, and until guys start doing that, you'll have problems, because it's not fair for a young kid just coming up much he's got enough stuff on his platter to be the spokesperson. you need some guy that's been there when you lose four games, five games, six games in a row saying, you know what, it will be okay. we're going through a bad period of time here. it's not up for a young kid. >> reporter: at phillies
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spring training from clearwater, florida, i'm howard eskin fox 29 news. >> all right. the flyers back in action tonight and it's been a rough february. particularly over the last two weeks. they've lost four of their last six and they're now six-points back of the final wild card sp spot. today they take a little inch forward in trying to catch montreal canadiens. the flyers had the two on lead going into the third. canadiens get the power player. max that tied things up at two and that game is now in a shootout. don't know what will happen there. usually the flyers lose that one. let's go to the sixers. back in act after the all star break taking a disappointing pelicans team. davis was supposed to be mvp level. he's come short but that right there shows why he's so good. he has 34 points. the sixers trail with about a minute left. 117-108. don't forget tomorrow villanov villanova/butler at 2:30 saturday right here on fox 29. butler, 18-eight.
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villanova 23-three. butler needs this win to guarantee them a spot in the ncaa tournament. >> of course we're root fog villanova. >> of course. >> they are looking good. >> keep that number one rank. >> thanks sean. that does it for us tonight. "good day philadelphia" weekend starts tomorrow morning at 7am. >> the fox 29 special pet tails is next. we hope you will join lucy noland and me for animal adventures that will definitely touch your march. that's coming up next follow by your life mega millions lottery drawing at 11:00. thanks for watching and have a great night.
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good evening, we are so exited to bring you a a show that is very near, and dear, to both of our hearts. >> it is try, call it a pet project of dawn and mine. tonight we have a full half an hour of amazing animal adventures. we all know the old saying you cannot judge a book by its
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cover. >> especially true with the shelters, where dogs and cats are so scared, what you see in that kennel so often is nothing like how that pet would be in your family. and that is where, the pit bull rescue comes in. >> saving the oven miss understood bull breeds left and ride right even though with bad kennel behavior. that is more of than not. and then, they are just big love bugs. >> whistling. >> come here, bug. >> life only had a few hours left on earth. >> ♪ >> when, then called philadelphia's municipal shelter, offering to sponsor royce. act philly's life saving department got a we'll take him from don't bully us pit bull rescue. >> we're working with right now that we will meet, in a little while, is royce thaw helped with. >> my royce. >> absolutely. >> he is a


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