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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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areas hardest hit by this. good day, it is thursday, february 25th, 2016. here in old city at fourth and market, and driving in it was a little dicey out in the suburbs. but, it is starting to dry out little bitment you can see this picture over the american flag there at sixth and market getting tossed around by the winds. >> last night rain pounded down the winds came hard and fast knocking down trees, even a burger king sign in northeast philadelphia. look at that. turned right over. you can also see our camera at philadelphia international airport caught a light show in the night sky. and sue serio, so many people still without power this morning from that storm last night. >> yes, it was a lot of weather drama, as we say, during thunderstorms last night, because it was so loud, and you will probably have to pick your way through some debris this morning. but weather conditions improving in a way, six out every ten in your weather by the numbers, we don't expect the rain and winds that we had last night, but as soon as
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this last batch of rain comes through the area, still lingering flooding in gloucester county, camden county, part of burlington, philadelphia, delaware counties, under coastal flood advisory until 6:00. for another hurt and then 6:45 lancaster county for the high tide of bodies of water there. still 57 degrees, but we have 21-mile an hour wind, at some point, during this hour, 48 degrees, in mount pocono, in the 50's, everywhere else, but temperatures will fall as we mentioned yesterday, throughout the day as soon as the last of the cold front has passed so we have temperatures falling, winds picking up. so as temperatures drop, the winds pick up. we will see little bit of sunshine. a loft clouds will linger, 32 degrees in the overnight hours it, will get cold once again.
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my husband thought he was going blow off the bridge the winds were so bad, you real had i to hold on. >> those winds will be with us today, knocking over construction signs, i tell you what, everybody was in the bed last night, the kids, the dogs, it was a house party, that is the same scenario maybe that happened at your house when the thunder boomers were rolling through. live look here at i-95 all of the majors are open, bad news getting there is going to be the most difficult part this morning. let's begin with mass transit. delays on all of the septa trolley lines, because there is high water in some of the neighborhoods, across the trolley tracks. so, expect that to set us back few minutes, again, we are the trailblazers, finding a loft stuff out as we go on here in the last hour or so. the lincoln drive, at rittenhouse, we had some flooding, somebody tried to go through it at a high rate of speed. bamm, got in a accident. that's an ex ample of what you want to watch for this morning. those flooding conditions are
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popping up. it will be tough to see them in advance, high water chaddsford, creek road, and route 926 out in pottstown, some high water along 422, and keim street. all of the dot's are out trying to un clock the drains, but do it so quickly and then they move on to the next one leaving behind a lot of the debris like the leaves or the branches could still be in the road surface, and mt. laurel, hainesport, and grant avenue, some downed wires, south jersey, we're flooded all around the areas, the roads leading into and out of the brooklawn circle. and also, in paulsboro, route 44, high watt their at grove street. chris, lauren, back to you. >> 5:03, depending where you live you may be waking one no power. ac electric has about 2300 customers without power, pse&g reporting more than 5100 without power. peco currently the most outages with more than 13,000. ppl in lancaster where the storm hit hard, dave kinchen there, talking about this 1200
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customers right now without power. >> we have crews all over the area this morning as chris mentioned covering storm aftermath. dave kinchen live in lancaster county. we start with steve keeley live in camden county. hi, steve. >> reporter: we are right on the board earn, in camden county by about 6 feet. you can see, 6 feet past us, welcome to gloucester county. and welcome to delsea drive. one of the roads bob just mentioned, that leads to the brooklawn circle, which is like the delaware memorial bridge. it is actually two circles, just like the delaware memorial bridge, two twin bridges. one of the circles completely flooded out. the other, open. and these people, as we tell them, and you hear sue serio say this about 600 times a year, turn around, don't drown. we are watching people drive-thru flooded delsea drive and maybe they are so familiar with it as we show this video, they figure if i stay in the middle, or it is flooded i can get through and get to the circle and hope the circumstance sell not flooded. so you see that guy going, now we come back to the live shot, watch this guy.
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he's coming through, not even slowing down, boom. there is the splash higher than his car, here comes the second guy, you saw that guy go through, at least this guy slowed down little bit. as we told you earlier, there are people who are always in a hurry whether it was the schuylkill expressway or here on delsea drive. and it is fun that i watching the people come out, they are driving around, new jersey department of transportation truck, with the yellow light flashing happen the barricades up, and these people are wise, they are turning around, but others, you never know how deep these roads, are and if you look to the left, of delsea drive, you can almost see the current building out of the big timber creek. and for the folks watching, we are about good stone's throw from the delaware river that's why this is the first creek, first tributary if i can use a word from fifth grade geography class, that comes out of the delaware river. that's why it constantly floods here. , delaware river to the left, close to the philly airport if
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you are wondering where we are here on the woodbury brooklawn border camden county gloucester county border. how is that for geography? >> delaware county in pennsylvania not in delaware, thank you, steve. appreciate it. >> people in lancaster country even more on edge after last night's bad weather. >> the storm damage indicates there could have been a tornado. dave kinchen now looking to this for us, the big fame cyst on the word could. they still have to figure that out officially, dave? >> that's right. the national weather service will be out at some point today to make that evaluation, but let me show you all of the damage here. this is one of many houses in the lancaster county area, with major damage, if not total destruction, you can see, what look like storage part of the house just completely leveled right there, along with the yard that has everything thrown about, to and fro, and we will show you little bit as we pan little bit more to the right. show you the barn, as well, where animals might be trammed
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inside. not sure, but with the farmland, a lot of farms that have been damaged, with possibly animals inside. we know also nearby where we are, two large chicken houses, with about 16,000 birds, in them, were damaged if not destroyed with animals inside, there major concerns there, in terms of animals, people no injuries to humans we're told by county officials near lancaster county, the big question, though, is what exactly happened here. was this a tornado, in fact, a person with a flashlight, pros possibly the property owner evaluating the damage here, told that county officials say insurance agents will be out hereby tomorrow to evaluate all of this but this property here at least a couple in this immediate vicinity, in gap pa where we are, that have reports of buildings completely destroyed, by what could have been, emphasis
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corks have been tornado, national well err -- weather service will mike that determination and we'll go from there. >> dave chin chen, thank you so much. we weren't the only ones suffering from the strong weather. in fact threatened mower than 88 million americans last night with potential for tornados, damaging wind gusts and large hail. take a look i scene here. this claimed at least six lives, in waverly, virginia, at least five buildings damaged by a suspected tornado, there downed trees, debris, closed the roads in and out of the town creating challenge of course for first responders, and high winds also knock over trees, to the south of that. this one hit taxi, and in crumb lea, south carolina. >> i don't even know exactly where it came. from all i know, i'm just thankful that i'm alive. >> meantime, the midwest was hit real hard with heavy snow with blizzard warnings issued in parts of indianna and illinois. take a look at that slide ways
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snow here. the wintery weather extended from michigan, through up-state new york and into new england, all of this just day after at least ten tornados from the same system hit the gulf coast leaving hundreds of homes in louisianna, mississippi, florida damaged plus injuring dozens, and killing at least three people. so far 70 plus homes, about 2700 homes without power. >> and that wintery weather here in the midwest is being blamed for mass flight concellations, talking about chicago airports as well as school closings in several state. >> senators ted cruz, marco rubio have, been fighting for second place, and frontrunner donald trump was not, there both rubio and cruz challenged his ability to lead as president. >> who the heck knows what woe do as president, we need a president we can trust. >> we certainly need to elect someone prepared to be a
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president in a thoughtful and serious way given the threats this country faces. >> the candidates will all take part in a debate tonight, last one before super tuesday. >> all right, want to turn to this now at 5:10, on this thursday morning. court challenges, seeking to knock republican presidential candidate ted cruz and john kasich off the pennsylvania primary ballots have, been scheduled for hearings in a few weeks, the challenge to kasich was filed by a marco rubio activist, and will be heard march the ninth. it questions the signatures collect today get kasich on the ballot for the april 26th primary. >> two cruz challenges will be heard the following day. march 10th. one filing says cruz isn't qualified to run for president because he was born in canada. the other challenges is the signatures collect today put cruz on the ballot in the first place. politics here. pennsylvania wolf made eye opening announce the about his health yesterday with his wife francis by his side. the governor shared the news that he has prostate cancer? so he talked about his diagnosis in harrisburg yesterday. wolf says the first hint of trouble came in a routine
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medical exam last november. a number of recent tests confirming it was cancer. the 67 year old says he's feeling great, and is not afraid. >> what i'm going through is treatable, and actually will not impair my ability to do my duties as -- might interfere with my duties as governor. >> wolf offered few details about his course of treatment except to say it will begin in a couple every weeks, will not require lengthy hospitalization. he assured the press he should not need to turn over power to his lieutenant governor. >> he said he will ' work right through it, getting treatment in york where he was born and raised, and his wife, francis, since 1965, was right there by his side. they look calm. he even joke during the news conference yesterday because he said, women, look, i am not a doctor, i won't get into medical questions. he said wait, i am a doctor, has his ph.d. >> we talk with doctor mike about the treatment for pros
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kate cancer and preston and steve, because he was diagnosed, as well. >> this is a legal fight. we need to have. >> a judge's ruling challenges what many believe is a first of amendment right. should you be legally allowed to record what police are doing in public spaces? giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. so (these are the local storm reports from yesterday. we've got all of the snowy stuff out to the west, these are report of wind damage,
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tornados, and all kinds of other stuff, hail and everything else. look at all of the tornados, i counted 22 yesterday, in north carolina, and virginia, now, this is february. normally, we don't see tornados at all, or not much, in this area, but specially not in february. so, here are the wind and hail reports that we had from yesterday for us, but, the impressive wind gusts in elverson, 63 miles an hour, chester county and 52 miles an hour out in reading, berks county. we had a 47-mile an hour wind gust recorded at philadelphia international airport. about 9:30, 11:00, 54 miles an hour, atlantic city, see everything progress from west to east last night. and we're still not finished with this. we've had stuff, with us, since tuesday. and now it is thursday, and in spring, lancaster, in allentown, still seeing some showers, now there is should be just showers and nothing dramatic. but, it is probably going to be with us for the next couple of hours as the last of that
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system goes through, lingering flooding lancaster county, around the philadelphia area, as well. so, we jump to the seven day forecast, show you temperatures falling through the 50's, and then the four's this afternoon, and it will be about 40, for high temperature, tomorrow. it will be kind of windy tomorrow, as well, so this one is going to be chilly. kind of a shock to the system after 65 degrees yesterday. then we have another chilly day on saturday. by sunday we jump back up into the 50's, and we're leaping into the upper 50's, on monday, leap day. then we start march, i think it will be coming in like a lamb, bob kelly, with a high of 55. >> there go. sue, 5:16. good morning shall everybody, left over thursday, a lot of leftovers out there this morning, some puddle, some debris, so just take it easy and be ready almost like we're going for the driving course test today. here is a live look at 202, and route one, painters crossing area, again, you will hit those puddles along the way as you roll out of the driveway, get ready sue mentioned it, the wind
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knocking over the construction sign our floor director said she passed five construction signs alone on 95 between northeast philly and center sit that i were kick over into the roadway. last week, lauren saw port a potty knocked onto 95, no reports of any flying portapotties. say it again? >> well that stinks. sorry. >> but in all of the work zones like 202, 95, 422, be ready for that obstacle this morning. as you head eastbound on the schuylkill, all of the lanes are open. tree off to the shoulder, i just talk to septa, they had some power issues last night. the yard up here thorndale where they store the cars, so had some trouble getting the first couple of cars out of the gatement some of the inbound trains this morning, will be a few cars short which will lead to over-crowding. my want to jump on and get the
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earlier train. we had delays on the trolleys, all of that high water taken care of so back to normal there. lincoln drive, we had high water caused a accident, example, some of the puddles until we get daylight, you don't see them until you're actually zipping through them. already had one accident on the drivement back to you. >> the pennsylvania department of environmental protection issued boil water advisory for zombies cents in chester county. >> this started after e.coli was detect in the sample every drinking water, the pike land village square in east pike land, now required to provide alternative water to their customers, until that boiled water advisory is lifted, the de pitch says cruz will disinfect nearby well, and if all goes well, the advisory will be lifted if all tests for e-coli are negative for two consecutive days, this is a trouble story, it is a medical warning coming out of atlantic county shore medical center in somers point has notified some patient they may
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have been exposed to hiv or hepatitis in a statement officials say a fired pharmacy worker tampered with medication. >> possible exposure happened 2013 into 2014, medical center, offering free testing it, new jersey department of health and centers for disease control and prevention also investigating this incident. >> cell phone videos, have contributed to discussions about police misconduct. >> but federal judge now ruling your rights about recording in public have a limit. >> neck time you get the turning take a video of a police stop or car arrest, you might want to think twice. federal court judge here in philadelphia just ruled that you don't have a first amendment right to do so without a specific stated purpose for table willing pictures. >> we don't think the first amendment is that limited.
5:20 am
we think along with other federal court, that you have a right to record the police, period. >> a temple student and self described legal observer, at local protest. temple undergrad rick field stopped here along 18th street, off campus in 2013 to take pictures with his iphone, of about 20 officers outside a house party. >> one of the officers is standing up, telling to get out of, there arresting him, putting him in a car, giving him a citation. >> doesn't seem like something that should be allowed, if anything, you should be allowed to take videos. >> amanda videotaping an environmental protest at the convention center when she moved in to get pictures of police arresting a protester. >> she was forbes bridge restrained. >> the best way to record evidence, best way to record anything. so, seems crazy it is not allowed in any casino every
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sense honestly. >> the ruling comes despite 2011 policy from former commissioner charles ramsey, that says officers cannot stop citizens from taking pictures or videos of them, while they work. >> we don't think people should stop recording police. >> this is a legal fight. we need to have. because it is really important to have the legal protections. >> that was dave slight wiser reporting. breaking down the ruling and what that means next. >> delaware county mom demanding ain't cents following her son's violent encounter police, she says, her 22 year olson, has schizophrenia, on tuesday night he called police because he was a little confused well the situation et cetera call ate dollars when the mother says officers forced their way inside her home, well, there are reports that her son grabbed a knife and used against officers. but she says she didn't witness her son's stab anyone, but she did watch as her son was tasered twice and within minutes, he was shocked.
5:22 am
>> scared. i was scared everybody here was scared. even my poodle in the cage was scared, next things i know he was laying on the floor. shot. he was bleeding out. he lost a lot of blood. i didn't understanded why he was tasered twice and then shot. >> he was already falling to the ground. >> while police are not commenting on the case, she said she feels like her son was failed by the system. she hopes her family storm can i help spread awareness of mental health issues all across the country. >> 5:22, villanova takes on xavier last night. could the wildcats beat the muskateers for the second time this season? remember earlier in the year, by 30 points? >> december 31. >> how about this game? >> oh, boy.
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good morning, aim howards eskin, villanova the number one team in the country going into last night's game with xavier. i don't think one after as night. j. wright, talked to the officials, didn't work a lot, because the bad defense right there, by villanova, they trailed by as many as 15 in the second half, they lose it to xavier, 90 to 83. another brutal game to detroit. the turn-over, a lot of those,
5:26 am
the team plays hard. i don't know about. that will they lost 111 to 91, down by 30, to detroit in the second half. the eagles finished up for the front office, scouting, indianapolis. but made a move with one of the players who is an eagle for the last four years, eagles release linebacker rages, not fit in their defense and the eagles save 3.5 million on their salary cap. and, the flyers, play tonight at home against minnesota. without claude giroux, and what i have been told is a concussion, the flyers, how much, call it still calling it an upper body injury. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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>> good morning, just outside our studio, this is the scene, at fourth and market, right here on this block, no idea what this is yet, but boy, what a response, as many as four or five firetrucks have responded to the scene. we'll get more information in just a minute. last night intense rain left roads flooded and major damage to our area. bob kelly and sue serio will have the details on what you can expect for your morning commute. good morning, thursday, february 25th, 2016. >> let's take a look at some videos sent to our "fox 29 news" roomment last night homeowner in montgomery county a big headache on their hands thanks to this storm, tree fell on this home.
5:30 am
this is along new second street, cheltenham township. luckily, no one was reported hurt by this. what a mess, as are so many neighborhoods a mess this morning, lauren? >> sue serio, i tried to take a nap yesterday before things got really bad, but then i couldn't sleep last night because it was really bad. >> you know what? i did the pre-emptive nap. i put the thunder shirt on the dog, all reported on my facebook and twit fresh last night. another epic fail with the thunder shirt, the thunder just too loud for all of us last night, right? so, you might be dragging yourself through the day. but at least bus stop buddy, he's tired but smiling, and there still may be brief need forum bella, this morning. temperatures are in the 50's, our number today is a six, and here's a look at radar, see the last gasp of this thunderstorm most of this is moving toward the northeast, but it is probably going to give us few showers here in
5:31 am
philadelphia, and eventually, but seeing them in berks county, and the lehigh valley and lancaster county, but it is just rain. fifty-seven in philadelphia, temperatures still pretty mild this morning. way milder than they usually are in february. more like april scenario than it is february. so rain around this morning, but temperatures dropping throughout the afternoon, ooh by lunchtime, 45 by the drive time. we do expect the winds to pick up again. not as hi, but could see wind gusts 35, 40 miles an hour, this afternoon. that's your thursday forecast, we will get to your weekend outlook, in just a few minute. as temperatures turn colder throughout the day today. getting words of fire, small fire at third and market, big intersection there, we'll try to get the camera and more info moving on through the
5:32 am
next half hour here. live look at 422, this fellow, looks like he ran over some debris, got flat tire now eastbound side, find the wind knocking over construction signs, everywhere, especially, in the work zones, like about five signs, our floor director saw coming in on 95 between say woodhaven and center city. there is a big tree on the eastbound side of the schuylkill at gladwynn, right at the gladwynn onramp all off to the shoulder but just enough hugging the travel, that divider line there. septa said they had some power issues last night in the thorndale yard where they store the trains, so, some of the first couple of cars will be short by one, two, so that will cause over-crowding, we had delays on the trolleys, on the overnight, and that's back to normal. here is a example why you never want to drive through high water. picture of the lincoln driver, someone tried to go through high water now stuck.
5:33 am
therefore the lincoln drive behind them, all blocked, and better get your triple a card out there. so also an accident, lincoln drive downed trees, downed wires, creek roadblocked at 926 and chaddsford. in pottstown, route 422 at keim, dealing with water, low hanging wires hainesport and grant avenue. also, one of the popular flooding spots here, the brooklawn circle, all of the arteries 130, 47 flooded out, other than the pail old i line, so far so good. off to good start. chris, lauren, back to you. >> plenty of puddles and power outage, in fact, we take a look at them, put them on screen, ac electric about 2,000, pse&g 5100 without power, peco has the most outages, more than 13,000, ppl in lancaster where the storm really hit hard about 1200
5:34 am
customers out. and our coverage continues this morning, in lancaster count. >> i officials say storm damage indicates there could have been a tornado, dave kinchen live there with a look at that damage. hi, dave. >> national weather service will be out this way, a little bit later today to determine if, in fact, tornado did hit this area getting wind and rain right now. look at the damage, one of many houses told about dozens in the area of gap, pa, in lancaster county, where there has been major damage if not destruction, looks like storage part of the house completely destroyed, major damage on the actual home where the rooftop s we pan little over more toward the right to show you the barn also damaged here on this property, along old philadelphia pike, we're told there are dozen of properties, with some kind of damage, if not total destruction, also, told, that a mixture every houses and barnes, and we are
5:35 am
told amish school has been destroyed, as well. an area just north of where we are from gap, pa, area known as white horse, also major damage, and county authorities have told thaws there are two chicken houses, two large chicken house that is have been knocked over, with about 16,000 birds, inside, so, there is certainly concern about animals and all of the farmland here, that maybe trapped in some of this property. we do know we can fortunately report according to county officials there are no reports of human injuries or entrapment, that's what county dispatch tells us. crews will be out-and-out across the country evaluating damage, have more people coming out, when we get some sunlight out here, so that the folks can, the emergency responders, can responds to all of this and get better look at what they are dealing with here. across the state about 60,000 power outages or so, according to fema, and where we are,
5:36 am
some of those here powerful wind, no doubt, knocking down building, knocking down structures at least several dozen homes have been destroyed we're told. the question was it a tornado? they'll be out here earlier today to make the evaluation. back to you. >> dave kinchen, thank you so much. >> next story so sad. right? funeral arrangements made for former miss new jersey cara. >> passed away monday after being critically injured in a car accident. memorial service will take place this sunday, february 28th, at 1st unite methodist church in or can soup, her hometown. mccollum won the 2013 miss new jersey pageant juan was lead anchor for snj today news in south jersey? i had a chance to meet her in person at the red balance last year, nice, nice lady.
5:37 am
such a sad sad story. breaking news we're following for you, live picture for from third and market, in old city. we have a crew headed to the scene. much more information for you straight ahead.
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5:39 am
town hall meeting in houston, last night, senator ted cruz and marco rubio fighting for second place, and frontrunner donald trump wasn't there, both rubio and cruz challenged his ability to
5:40 am
lead as president. >> hot heck knows what would do as president, we need a president we can trust. >> and certainly need to elect someone who is prepared to be president and in a thoughtful and serious and important way given the threats this country faces. >> trump didn't want to evidently face megan kelly yet again. candidates will all take part in a debate tonight. last one before super tuesday, whereas many as 12 states will go to the polls. >> all right, the philadelphia firefighters celebrating a big award this morning, paul grogan, firefighter of the year. >> in january of as last year he went into a burning amounting -- building. despite getting tangled in debris he was able to get to the woman on the second floor and bring her down to safety. he is a ten year veteran of the fire department. true hero. >> you truely love entertainment, do you not? >> dow. >> nine months after 19 kids and counting, was canceled, the dugger's are back, with a full season of jill and jest
5:41 am
a's spin-off series. >> go on. >> ready? full season of counting on will premiere march 15th. march 15th, oh, be aware, eyes of march. according to us weekly the two young mothers will have six of their other siblings stars alongside them. the focus of the show is life after josh dugger's molestation scandal came to life. shutdown due to public demand over that scandal. their sister-in-law, anna, josh's wife, will also participate in this show. they just won't go away. >> you know what? sue loves when you have dramatic voices. >> they're back. >> go on. >> there is only two this time. anthem ' just whisper about one of the other ones, all of the other -- all right, stay ahead of the weather by downloading our fox 29 app. fox 29 weather authority app. just search for it, in the apple and google play stores. you won't get sue's laughing on that app, though, will you,
5:42 am
knew. >> no, you won't. >> you can get her every morning here. >> after the break we'll talk sports. villanova versus xavier. big daddy graham is live on our show. >> what happened? (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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>> lags night, marry eat a, lancaster county, 06-mile per hour wind gust, atlantic city,
5:45 am
a four, reading, 52, at philadelphia international airport, during the height of the thunderstorms, recorded 47-mile per hour wind gust, elverson, 63 miles per hour wind gust, now we have to pick up the pieces looking at the damage throughout the area. not even finished with rain yet. specially west and north of philadelphia, lancaster county, berks county, lehigh valley, still getting some showers this morning. and they're even lingering into the pocono mountains, temperatures warm enough, it is only rain, lingering flooding, in gloucester, camden, burlington, philadelphia, delaware counties, that advisory in effect until 6:00. and then we have flood warnings in effect until 6:00 here in philadelphia, until 6:15 out in mercer county, and until 7:45, with the added rain north and west, and there could be more rain through about 7:00, 8:00 this morning, especially north of the city, but not limited to that. you could see stray shower throughout our area, notice,
5:46 am
temperatures, as we look at the future cents cast, dropping into the 40's, by this afternoon, and then continuing to fall through the rest of the day, as that happens, winds will be picking up as well. so, we will have windy day, going to have a lot of cloud cover, lingering until tonight. and then temperatures will get around freezing in the overnight hours. so still unusually mild right now with 57 degrees, and temperatures in the 50's, everywhere else in the region. winds, though, 21 miles an hour, sustained, at philadelphia international airport. temperatures continue to drop as we said, then we have a chilly day tomorrow. so it will be windy, 40 degrees, on friday. but at least it will be friday. then we head into the weekend chilly. we start off in the 20's on saturday morning. and then end up in the four's by the end of the day. but then hopping up into the 50's, by sunday and monday of next week. that's your weather authority forecast, it is time to assess the damage, bob kelly. >> yes, definitely, sun comes up. let's go back to our camera on rooftop here, updating the
5:47 am
situation, happening right at third and market, i talked to the fire department. a fire, small fire, was reported here in the 300 block of market. the evening for the huge response it went out in the building, shirt corner, which houses cvs and then the ants above. so they sent huge response because it went out as apartment building. but obviously the guys here casino of standing around talking, nothing was found, everything under control, and traffic is getting on through. going to the jam cams now, live look at route 309 and welsh rd. again, until the sun comes up, you are going to find big old puddles, everywhere, the drains are clogged, and i know the crews have been out all night. some of the power outages have knocked out the overhead light, like here, along i-95. so you are going to have different type of view and a feel as you come up 95 from delaware county. do not drive-thru any of the flooded roadways. here is a example of some flooding, on the lincoln
5:48 am
drive, some guy comes around the curve decides to go through the water, now stuck, so we're flooded out and blocked on the lincoln drive at both rittenhouse and the forbidden drive. so one of the obstacles this morning, also the paoli thorndale line, had power issues in the yard last night, so they couldn't get all of the trains fired up. somebody inbound trains will be short carson that paoli line. but you know what? it is less than a month to saint patrick's dayment common. the countdown is on. what are you doing to get ready for the big day? getting the kids their outfits? send us your pictures, also looking for your favorite irish pub and irish restaurant so we can pay little visit. road trip. all i need to you do use the hashtag fox 29 irish, of course the big pardon aid, saint patrick's day parade new hope, fox 29, parade sunday march the 13th, liver on the parkway, beginning at noon,
5:49 am
and we rebroadcast on saint patrick's day. >> bob kelly, villanova titan xavier during last night's game, xavier coming out on top, 90 to 83. they lost both halves. >> yes, so now, the big question, what happens next? big daddy graham if the studio with his thoughts, we know you have them. >> such a he disappoint. >> first of all did bob kelly just how how are the irish preparing for saint patrick's day? as a half irishman, i think i know the answer to. that will what happened to nova? will they be number one? kansas has to lose over the weekend. if they lose over the weekends there is a chance, november a maintains that number one ranking. but let me make this very clear. number one for three weeks. >> first time in the program. >> only happened with temple once before during the season i know nova won the whole
5:50 am
thing back in 85, but, you know, hats off to jay wright and the entire squad down there. you know, kansas doesn't lose, i think kansas will be number one, but way to go wildcats. terrific. >> villanova will take on marquette saturday on fox 29. how are we looking at that much up? >> i think they win that game. i would be very surprised if they lost. how much, they stopped xavier last couple of times they played them. stopped them. >> that's the thing, i think xavier had something to prove this time? >> in cincinnati, did you see those fans? they were going out of their minds. really hostile environment last night. notice i said xavier, just xavier. >> i don't understanded that. >> what? >> x-ray? >> it is an x-ray, not a zuray. >> right. what's a silo phone? >> i'm excited to have you hereby the way. >> why bother with the s? >> let's mover onto football news. are we going to keep sam bradford or not?
5:51 am
>> i'm going to make prediction that he is going to stay here and my prediction has changed. i thought the only way that sam bradford would be back would be with the franchise tag for the first year, but now i don't think they are going to franchise tag him. i think he's going get a three year deal and no where near the money he originally thought he was going to get. >> let's listen to this. >> the front office weighed in on this. >> sam's part of the organization. what he's done in the last half of last year, i think has given him that opportunity to stay in philadelphia. being a player in his shoes, and, you know, you have to want to be someone. and i think sam want to be in philadelphia. >> pretty clear. woe like to have sam back. it is along those lines, one of the great things about the come combine, get everyone together in one place. when you have pending free agents, you are able to talk to those representatives face-to-face. >> the front office can say that. dot fans want him back? >> the fans did? >> they want a win. >> they kind of want him back.
5:52 am
i don't think the fans -- however, he's a good quarterback in a league where getting a good quarterback is really authorities do. >> yes, fans aren't going to jump up and down for a guy who is what seven and nine last year. >> correct. nor are they going to go berserk if they bring him back because there is nobody out there. >> doug pederson new head coach and former quarterback you know this is top of mind for him. all right, let's talk about demeco ryans. >> yes, gone, you know, the great thing about demeco ryans? he proves how much being a good guy can matter. that doesn't happen all that often. epp was good player, played for at love bad defenses, he did. >> great attitude. >> yes. and worth having on the team. but it was time to move on. >> yes. >> i'm not upset that they're letting him. >> now, we have to mover on to the next part of the show, good day philadelphia. before we do, you have appearance coming up? >> i do. well, two saturday march 5th,
5:53 am
tropicana with dom, then two funny philly guys with joe cochran at the colonial in phoenixville, and rate didinger doing stands up. >> love that and love you. big daddy graham thank you for coming in my man. >> i would prefer -- >> let me give you guys little alone time. >> all right. in the next hour, from tornados to snowstorms, severe weather moved all across the country, but with pretty deadly result. we take a look at some of the damage that happened overnight.
5:54 am
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we continue to honor the achievements during black history month there is morning's spotlights, going to take a look at the major milestone of doctor martin luther king, jr., thon day, in 1948, martin luther king, jr. was ordaned a baptist minister. the ceremony took place at ebenezier baptist church locate in the atlanta, george a marty loop err king, jr., only 19 years old at the time. he served as co-pastor alongside his father. martin luther king, jr., went onto become the most prominent african-american leader in the civil right movement of course in the 19 50's, 19 60s.
5:57 am
most famous, i have a dream speech. >> challenges what many believe is first amendment right. should you be legally allowed to record what police are doing in public spaces, a look at that next on good day philadelphia.
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what's the strong, oh, what a night. look at this last night, unreal, hurricane type rain. monsoon rain, jingle rain, nasty severe weather rips through the area, damaging homes, leaving thousands without power. and a report after tornado overnight. >> clean up underway. people waking up and getting their first look at all of the damage. >> oh, there is plenty of it. roads are blocked. trees are down. even cleaning up here in the studioment look at this. >> my driveway! >> could we have a bonfire? >> we do. do you have any marshmellows? >> this is what your road will look like on the way, probably what your road looks like, sidewalk, whatever. trees down all over the place, i hope you are warning, that means you have power probably. >> that's good. but the winds to hear it all last night. >> unbelievable. i kind of got nervous. >> the first crack every thunder, then i heard all of


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